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Before manufacturing one’s own silencer or other NFA item, one must file an ATF Form 1 for registration and approval and receive said approval. Through a leap of logic, ATF has begun disapproving Form 1s en masse and it has angered, scared, and confused the homemade silencer market.

Suspicions arose last month, as more and more applicants began to share stories of their eFiled Form 1s taking an oddly long time for approval. Over the last couple years it has been an approximately three-to-five-week process from submission to approval, yet all of a sudden Form 1s from back in December were passing the eight-week point and people started chatting.

At some point beginning a few weeks ago it became clear that these long-pending applications were now the norm, not the exception. Was something going on at ATF? Holiday hangovers? New Year’s resolution to suck even harder? Busy murdering dogs?

Well, on Monday this week we found out. Waves of applicants began receiving Form 1 denials (“disapprovals”) and all for the same stated reason, which is shown in the “Reasons For Disapproval” screenshot above. The text is as follows:


So that’s scary. Effectively the ATF is saying that the applicant already possesses the components necessary to make the silencer and, because those components are intended to become silencer components, they ARE silencer components. And now the applicant is being accused of possessing a silencer(s) in violation of the NFA.

Mind you, NFA violation is a 10-year Federal felony offense. No joking matter. And as it appears that a clear majority of Form 1 silencer applications filed since approximately mid-December have been denied and were issued this same reason for disapproval, we’re talking about a heck of a lot of people. People who were, to be crystal clear, trying their hardest to follow the law in good faith and were seeking to register their parts and pay a $200 tax.

So…if I bought a solvent trap and later filed a Form 1 to convert it into a silencer, have I violated the NFA? That’s the assertion in ATF’s disapproval notice, but there are multiple issues with this claim . . .

First and perhaps most aggravating is that ATF has no clue if the applicant already possesses any of the components he or she intends to manufacture into a silencer. There’s nothing on the Form 1 about this and it’s a perfectly simple and extremely common practice to fill out, file, and wait for F1 approval before purchasing or making anything. ATF is blanket denying peoples’ applications with very specific reasoning that only applies to a subset of those being denied.

Second, but no less important, is ATF’s use of the word “only.” ATF says right in their reason for disapproval that [and I’ve added the bold emphasis in the quote to follow] “…any part intended only for use in [a firearm silencer] assembly…” is considered a silencer. Thankfully, “only” has a very clean and well-defined, specific meaning.

In a law that’s entirely about intent — and I mean 100% completely and totally, exclusively about the possessor’s intent — when a word like “only” is used it makes for a restrictive and extremely specific legal case.

People buying solvent traps are buying solvent traps. If they intend to use them as solvent traps, salt and pepper shakers, cleaning equipment storage as seen in the JK Armament photo above, days-of-the-week pill containers, survival gear storage (matches, fish hooks, line, etc.), water bongs for tobacco, or literally anything else (as my pappy always said, “anything’s a di*do if you’re brave enough”) right up until the point of Form 1 approval then it would appear they’re entirely in the clear.

So, no, people who own solvent traps (or oil filters or conduit or potatoes) are absolutely not in possession of illegal silencer parts. Apparently, because of the use of the word “only,” even if the person does intend to one day manufacture the parts into a silencer, as long as that’s not the only intent for the parts then they’re not in violation. In the meantime make sure you intend to use it as a pen holder or, as actually intended by the manufacturer of many of these things, as a solvent trap.

It’s fair to say that ATF’s contention here is that the very filing of a Form 1 is a clear indication that the owner intends to use the parts for a silencer and, therefore, the parts are already legally silencers. According to some folks in the know, ATF is ignoring their own “only” language and is overstepping.

Obviously if you have concerns about the process and want to be as legally safe as humanly possible, the suggestion is to receive Form 1 approval before acquiring or making anything at all that will become a part of your future silencer. However, ATF is so unhinged that they’ve begun making the entirely unfounded assumption that applicants already possess the parts, and they’re denying people based on this.

Registration, tax, and approval of a safety device is absurd in the first place. The U.S. is the only country in the world where silencers are regulated like this (or regulated at all, in most cases). Heck, much of Europe and some countries like New Zealand, I believe, mandate silencer use rather than regulate and suppress it. Mandatory in many cases for hunting and for shooting range use, both for safety and for noise pollution reasons.

So not only are we stuck with ridiculous, onerous, Second Amendment-violating laws, we now can’t even follow the law because of ATF’s malfeasance. This is a bridge too far. This is an incredible infringement.

The best way to push back on this is through your senators and congresspeople. Please email and/or call them today to let them know that you expect action fighting against ATF/DOJ’s gross overreach and violation of our rights.


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  1. I think if I were to make my own silencer I’d probably prefer to keep it quiet.


        History confirms Gun Control in any shape matter or form is an agenda rooted in racism and genocide, that’s chiseled. With that said…Gun Control should not be tolerated in America anymore that slave shacks, nooses, burning crosses, concentration camps, gas chambers, swastikas, etc. Gun Owner failure to properly define Gun Control for the ignorant masses gets zipped lipped Gun Owners the Gun Control they deserve.

      • make it impossible to obey the rules?…then the “rules” become meaningless and will most likely be ignored…they have to know that, yet don’t seem to care…

        • Actually, there’s SCOTUS case law precedent on this already that illegal unconstitutional deprivation of rights administrative, beurocratic, state legislation, or any other so-called ‘law’ is not a law and not to be obeyed if it clearly violates your rights, as all silencer laws do?

          Even the punishment for something that is Not a firearm but technically an accessory AND the violation itself is ONLY a Tax law offense, and a minor one at that, for which a ridiculous punitive sentence that amounts to the punishment given for murder convictions should speak volumes in cruel and unusual punishment violation lawsuits?

          Well, enough’s enough. Like Debbie said, about 9 months to clean out commies and rinos in the midterms, then immediately impeaching this unfortunate case for a president, and quickly, and seriously create the political groundswell for a total repeal of all illegal, unconstitutional gun laws starting with the NFA and the 68 GCA. And criminal prosecution for the actual attempts or raids for those who violently tried to enforce these criminal Deprivation of Rights laws.

        • It’s job security. Like if the same guys that decide the speed limit are also getting money if you don’t follow it.

      • IF you have to ask your employee (pubic serpent) for permission, you ain’t free. wise up sheeople, your nightmare has arrived

    • Well, Gov., if you kept it loud, it wouldn’t be much of a “silencer” now would it???

      Nicely played, Gov, nicely played. You and possum regularly vie for the “Slyest Jab of the Day” award.

      • Well, the notion of even being mentioned in the same breath as the ghost of George Jones is downright flattering.

      • Hey Lamp! You ain’t too shoddy either with your cleverly constructed caustic cut down invective? (no alliteration intended) The one you did earlier this week to one of the trolls: “…point to the place on the doll where the orange man hurt you…” almost ruptured my appendix and gave me a hernia at the same time from laughing so hard!

    • The real dacian here. There is a fake dacian going around pretending to be me. Sometimes he chimes in and says I’m a fake dacian. But I am the real dacian.

      1) You don’t need a silencer. Ever. Even if you own a silencer in accordance with NFA law, we need to track you down, and find/fabricate an excuse to arrest, prosecute, and cage you in solitude for 10 years. Guns and by extension, silencers, ARE the problem. “Freedumbbbbbbbbb” is the problem! And your options need to be limited and regulated over by the collective. And the collective is fragile, finicky, and emotional. And they love democracy and they have votes. And so laws such as these are needed, because you are to be feared, and should be feared, because you are dangerous, and have the capability to resisting ideological change. And that is completely unacceptable. You are an uncontrollable variable out there, floating around in the world of order and control. And things that can’t be controlled, need to be eliminated. And you guys certainly “act” like you can’t be controlled. And we don’t like that.

      So STFU! and accept our legislation, our rules, universal background checks, and safe storage laws, and whatever else we like, or you will be punished.

      • would the REAL dacian stand up and prove they are the REAL MORON….ohh he/she/it/them/ or@#$#%$^ did that already?

        well thanks!

        • and yet, “silencers” aka suppressors are sold routinely over the counter in many countries that have pretty strict gun control laws

      • darcydodo…It’s clear you see this forum as people who just fell off a turnip truck. News for you…The ersatz darcydodo was obvious and could not compete with your level of beto-ish dominatrix insanity. Besides a while back site HQ issued a warning to those impersonating others…Now run along and go play in the freeway.

        • blame Hollywood for the sinister connotation attached to these devices in this country…

        • Blame those ranchers who wanted suppressors added to the NFA because they claimed poachers were shooting their cattle and they didn’t hear the shots.

    • got to love those “catch-22’s”…people try to obey the law only to be told they’re already a criminal…

    • The only way you could get caught is if you told on yourself. When you called the cops because a crackhead broke into your home and ransacked it. And they recover your guns with the gun muffler still attached. Right where you left it.

  2. The NFA is unconstitutional and has no effect on actual violent crime. But the sheeple and Congress just don’t care. And masks work, Brandon won the election, and Ukraine is a sovereign democracy. Amen

    • using military equipment and CS gas against citizens in Waco Texas is OK? The FBI entrapping Randy Weaver was a legitimate reason to shoot his son in the back, kill his dog and two days later blow his wife’s head off, from 200 yards away, while she held her 18 month old assault baby in her arms? just asking

  3. If they are denying by saying you already (illegally) possess the part, then I believe the Form 1 would be in violation of the 5th Amendment because you are being forced to testify against yourself (assuming they file charges against you). IIRC, this was an issue with the original NFA (and was struck down as unconstitutional). Congress, with the GCA ’64 (again, IIRC) added the amnesty option (submit a form 1 for NFA items that you currently posses) to “get around” that.

    • 300BlackoutFan,

      I was kind of thinking the same thing.

      Of course what is actually right-versus-wrong and what fedzilla can get away with (dragging you through wringer) are not necessary the same thing.

      While you may have described a viable way to prevail legally, fedzilla would be all to happy to apply the well known result that, “The process is the punishment.”

    • Damn good point.

      Can we leverage that to get the relief we seek (cans off of the ‘verboten’ list) via a class-action lawsuit?

    • yeah, a tyrannical, out of mind & control are going to follow laws…. wake up sheeople

  4. The regime generally doesn’t mind a thing as long as skill and wealth act as gatekeepers ensuring only the beautiful people can participate in said thing.

    Once those two barriers are gone and the filthy masses can participate in said thing the gloves come off and the regime has a problem. You.

  5. Only a gun-ignorant moron (dacian the stupid, we’re waiting for you to chime in with your usual idiotic, counter-factual stupidity) would have an issue with suppressors (damn you, Hiram Maxim, for misnaming these devices in your patent app!!!!).

    Suppressors not only shouldn’t be regulated, they should be standard equipment on most firearms. Only complete, mouth-breathing MORONS oppose suppressors, and that is ONLY to make firearms less easy to use. A suppressor is a hearing protection device that should be used all the time. Even a trained observer can only “locate” an unsuppressed shot to a quadrant or slightly less. The whole “you can’t hear the shot (ABSOLUTE bulls***) or determine where it’s coming from (nope, and you can’t WITHOUT a suppressor, either)” nonsense is idiot propaganda from the hoplophobic Leftist/fascists.

    Repeal the NFA; it was unconstitutional to start with, and Miller is an idiot, irrational, unconstitutional decision of a political SCOTUS. They were freaked out about gangsters who were MOSTLY killing each other.

    • also killing cops that were pretty outgunned to begin with…not much opposition to the NFA when it passed because of little public demand for the kind of guns it included (except for the handgun ban… that was dropped)…

    • “and that is ONLY to make firearms less easy to use.”

      Just like the shark fin grip on Commiefornia rifles. They don’t want you to be able to hit the criminal. Too much paperwork

    • more than half of the murders in most cities ($hit4oles) go unsolved. Those are great odds to any gambler (criminal, thug, savage).

  6. Okay, here’s their logic. Since you intend to make a silencer, any parts you are thinking about using or making are already silencers even if the parts don’t yet physically exist yet. So the mere thought of making a silencer immediately disqualifies you because the parts you thought about magically became silencers when you thought about it. And the government is worried about the metal health of gun owners? The issue is the mental health of the anti-gunners at the BATFE. The NFA needs to go, as does the ATF.

    • “So the mere thought of making a silencer immediately disqualifies you because the parts you thought about magically became silencers when you thought about it.”

      The creation of thought crime, their goal all along.

      (Compliments of the ‘Ministry of Gun Safety’ 🙁 )

    • Knowledge as “constructive intent.”
      We’ll all be forced to wear those Harrison Bergeron headsets soon enough.

    • why? is no one talking about what the founders and Jesus said to do? alter, abolish or SEPARATE from such gov’t. “come out from among them and be ye separate” “turn away from such things” “touch not the unclean thing”. how much more abuse can you stand for? ? ? ? April 15 is coming, slaves

  7. Putting silencers on the NFA list was one of the few things the U.S. ever got right about gun control.

    With the out of control gun violence in the U.S. letting anyone buy a silencer over the counter is of course pure insanity as every gang banger and Mass murderer would be buying them up like hot cakes and using them to slaughter even more innocent people.

    And of course we have the bearded, tattooed, pickup truck retarded Hillbilly crowd who thinks that when you lower the noise of a gun shot they can then shoot any firearm in their back yards putting children and people mowing their laws directly in the line of fire and ricochets. The level of stupidity of the Hill Jack is infinite. Their dying like flies because they would not get vaccinated for covid certainly proved that beyond all doubt.

    The NFA system works as it ended, the Chicago style gangland machine gun shoot ups with unregulated Tommy guns in broad daylight were brought to an end as well as assignations with the use of unregulated silencers back in the 1930’s.

    • How many people have been hit by backyard gunfire because someone decided that “they can then shoot any firearm in their back yards putting children and people mowing their laws directly in the line of fire and ricochets”?

      • I bet it happens. It’s probably less often than death from oral sex though. We pays our money and we takes our chances.

    • Are you aware in Finland people can buy suppressors in hardware stores with the approval of their public health service.

    • He loves his Hollywood stereotypes for some. But takes extreme offense if those stereotypes are applied to protected classes.

    • I was wrong. Sorry. Putting Silencers on the NFA list was idiotic from the beginning. Especially now more than ever. Any gang banger that can use a die and tap, or country bumpkin mullet bearing cud chewing hick, could make a silencer for almost nothing (see video below). The only reason silencers aren’t used by gang bangers and criminals, is because the loud sound is, frankly, sometimes desirable, and also, it is more difficult to conceal with giant long silencer on the end. When you are criminal looking to kill someone, the goal isn’t to do it like the KGB on a bond movie here. It is to slaughter them, as publicly and horrifically as possible, so the other gangs can see. And the case with mass shooters too. They don’t want to sneak around and silently take people out one at a time. No. They want to make loud noises. See the fear on their faces. See the panic. Hear the screams. That’s why they did it, in this way. The ease in which a silencer can be made is ridiculous. There is no “unavailability” that can ever be attained for silencers:

    • Once again, dacian the stupid, you prove your COMPLETE ignorance about firearms. A firearm is no more, or less, deadly for the attachment of a suppressor. A proper suppressor, OTHER THAN protecting the hearing of the firearm user, does exactly diddly squat to eliminate the sonic signature of the weapon being fired – it has ZERO effect on muffling the sound of the action, ZERO effect on muffling the sonic boom of a supersonic round (and most rounds are, these days), and reduces the sonic signature of the fired round by AT MOST 20-25 db. Only idiots like you, who know NOTHING about firearms, believe the Hollywood bulls*** about “silent” guns.

      IT AIN’T A REAL THING, MORON. The most effective suppressor in the world, on a single-shot .22 pistol, STILL produces a very distinct, EASILY identifiable, quite loud sound. Is it quieter than an unsuppressed weapon? Yes. Is it “silent”? NO, and it can’t be. Only idiots like you, who actually WANT gun owners to harm their hearing (it doesn’t affect you, because you are an ignorant hoplophobe, who never shoots), oppose silencers. Continue with your fact-free, “but my FEELZ?!?!?!” rants . . . and we’ll continue to ignore you, and work toward a FREE United States, where the clear language of the 2A is respected, and idiot Karens like yourself fare ignored, as they should be.

      You are FAR too stupid to insult. Go pound salt in your @$$.

  8. As I posted yesterday the FEDS now have the names and addresses of those “evil” builders. One has to wonder if those of us who purchased commercially built ones are next up?

    Expecting jack-booted thugs breaking down doors in 3…2….1

      • Well really it should be sires only, only those who’ve had the opportunity to ensure the survival of their line.

        Now you do want your bachelor officers in the missile silos, they are much more likely to push the button when directed, then an individual who has children.

        • MinorIQ,

          For a guy who likes to CLAIM that he is rational, your above comment was supremely stupid. Obviously, you are not a parent, so you blather out some insane drivel, WITHOUT SUPPORT, that is obviously false-to-fact, as any parent could tell you. I thank you, and Darwin thanks you, for not further polluting the gene pool. You remain too stupid to insult, and have fun at your daily circle jerk with your fellow Leftist/fascists, dacian the stupid and the nameless, brainless troll.

      • I got really excited about sleepy Joe wanting the UN to come get our guns. Went to practice shooting blue berets, IT was awesome !

  9. Wow, this is a perfect Catch-22 by the government.
    If you file a Form 1 in order to comply with the law, the government replies by telling you that you are breaking the law, because anyone who files a Form 1 to comply with the law is actually breaking the law.

    So, if you want to build a silencer, you have two choices:
    A) Build a silencer without filing Form 1. You have broken the law, a 10-year felony.
    B) File a Form 1. The BATF says you have also broken the law, a 10-year felony!

    If it’s a felony either way, why should anyone go to the trouble of filing a Form 1? All that you’ve accomplished by filing a Form 1 is given the BATF your name and address so they can come and raid you, search your home, and lock you up if they happen to find an oil filter, fuel filter, MagLite flashlight, solvent trap, potato, soda bottle, or anything else that can possibly be made into a silencer!

    The BATF (as noted in a previous TTAG article) is also sending out threatening letters to anyone who bought ANYTHING from Diversified Industries or any other companies that have been shut down by the BATF. I know because I received one of those letters from the BATF telling me that I (allegedly) have “illegal silencer parts.” The funny thing is that I don’t remember ever buying anything from Diversified Industries, and I’ve never bought “silencer parts” or solvent traps from anyone! Maybe the company had me on their mailing list, that’s all I can think of, but I never bought anything from them.

    • these are the same tactics that Direct TV employed…if you bought a certain part you must be illegally stealing their signal…even though that part alone would do nothing…they acquired your name from mailing lists then sent you a letter saying send us $3200 or we will sue…a carefully calculated figure that approximated the amount of legal fees it would cost you to fight them in court….

    • I did a little digging into this. Apparently the ATF is about to come out with some “additional guidance” shortly.

      Long and short, you’ll have to document that you are going to make a can from scratch; i.e., CNC, 3d print, or machine it from basic materials. What they are going after are the solvent trap or similar “kit” suppressors out there . . . even if you get your Form 1 approved before you purchase them. Basis for this is the idea that if such materials *could* be used to make a suppressor, then they *are* a suppressor ab initio.

      This is complete balderdash. A test case against ATF in ND Tex. Fort Worth Division is needed . . . .

      • “Basis for this is the idea that if such materials *could* be used to make a suppressor, then they *are* a suppressor ab initio.”

        By that ‘logic’, a vehicle’s engine oil filter qualifies as an NFA device, no?

    • The shadow ban implicitly puts all “parts” manufacturers out of business. Since you can’t get a Form 1 permit, you can’t legally buy the parts. If you can’t buy the parts, the only commercial survivors will be those who build and sell complete silencers.

      The solution? 3D printing. And sue if ATF doesn’t process your application after you advise them that the parts for the build do not exist and are not in your possession.

  10. Jeremy, you’re absolutely right that they’re assuming you already have purchased the parts they already consider a suppressor. However if they’re calling the parts to make a suppressor a suppressor purchasing them from a manufacturer then requires a form 4. They’ve figured out how to essentially shut down form 1 suppressors by a redefinition, if it stands.

  11. I guess Jiffy Lube needs to get rid of those oil filters before the ATF comes a knockin.

    • Home Depot and Lowes are in big trouble too. With all those “unmachined tubes” laying around they have both unregistered machine guns and unregistered suppressors.

  12. Given the basis for the denials how then do manufactured suppressors escape this stupid rule interpretation?? They are manufactured from parts that are made and intended for the exclusive use as a suppressor. The applicant is purchasing same for the exclusive use as a suppressor? Is the ATF intending to go after ALL silencers and suppressors using this interpretation? Their interpretation is in effect a circle jerk because everyone including commercial manufacturers either make or buy individual parts or components for the purpose of putting them together to create a silencer/suppressor. That means once you have the individual components which are not yet assembled you already have a suppressor!! If commercial manufacturers are exempt from thisapplication of the Rule that is an equal protection problem for the ATF!! The individuals who have been denied can file a class action suit against the ATF for violating the Equal Protection claus of the Constitution by the disparate application of the Rule they claim to be enforcing. This would also seem to be an interpretation that is intended to favor the commercial manufacturers! We will see as I have had a stamp application penidng since September in relation to the purchase of a commercially manufactured suppressor!!

    • under the Trump administration ATF was very close to de-regulating suppressors…(they regarded the paperwork as a useless expense of time and resources)…but now there’s a new sheriff in town and the priorities have changed…this agency is very dependent on funding and doing something to justify their existence…so they do as their told…

      • F-Troop bend with the political wind. With Biden, they are not only bending over backwards to accommodate his demands, but forwards as well.

    • “Given the basis for the denials how then do manufactured suppressors escape this stupid rule interpretation?? They are manufactured from parts that are made and intended for the exclusive use as a suppressor.”

      The difference is, those companies are BATF-licenced to manufacture silencers on a volume basis…

  13. But ok, you haven’t built a suppressor and don’t have any parts for a suppressor – the letter says that you need to contact the ATF within 30 days to surrender any ‘suppressor’, so everyone (even if you did not submit a form 1 and didn’t want a suppressor) go buy an oil filter and turn that into the ATF with a copy of their letter (from on line articles) and note that says “I was thinking this might be a suppressor. Can you tell me what else I’m thinking?.

      • not really just that, if the filter portion is intended for a suppressor it too is a suppressor, under the NFA if the thing is painted or marked (e.g. name etc…) the paint and markings are also suppressors.

        Just get any old oil filter. Buy a cheap one, or get a used one for free from the local oil change place if you don’t already have one.

        Under this NFA rampage of stupid, I’m thinking its probably focused on people who have actually purchased ‘solvent traps’ or ‘suppressor kits’ or ‘pre-machined/made suppressor focused’ parts already (e.g. quick connect adapters, end caps, outer tubes, baffles etc…) – probably/maybe imported but just don’t admit it – and that’s probably where the ATF got the names of most of these people to send these letters to, imported products from names of companies known to supply such things (yes, these are recorded when that product gets imported), after matching them with the submitted form 1’s because NOT ALL FORM 1’s for home made suppressors have been denied. Mine and several others I know of got approved during the period these others got disapproved – none of us had purchased anything yet that was suppressor focused related, yes we bought from U.S. based general industry commercial suppliers some titanium tubing and some other titanium to be machined but that’s not ‘pre-machined/made suppressor focused’ parts so there was nothing to match to the form 1 which indicated we already possessed suppressor parts.

  14. Attention FPC, MSLF, GOA . . . test case in a favorable jurisdiction for a plaintiff who filed a Form 1 before purchasing anything needed!!

    • ” …test case in a favorable jurisdiction for a plaintiff who filed a Form 1 before purchasing anything needed!!”

      At the expense of years of time expended.

      Neither you or I (or anyone else, for that matter) are getting any younger… 🙁

  15. Waiting for the BATF to come visit me. I have a blacksmith forge, decent steel, and a milling machine, and lathe. Also was in business as a gunsmith for 20 years. I might be able to make the scary bits and pieces for any number of things. Might or could make. Guess now they will outlaw milling machines, drill presses, metal lathes, and blacksmithing forges and tools. Because someone could think about making something, or have the ability to make parts, or complete items.
    Wonder if any of the bureaucrats at BATFE have ever used an actual suppressor/silencer? They don’t work like in the movies and just make a heavy caliber firearm go PHHHTTT!!! As with a car muffler, it just brings down the noise level to where it may not wake the dead for 5 miles and ruin your hearing.

  16. “First and perhaps most aggravating is that ATF has no clue if the applicant already possesses any of the components he or she intends to manufacture into a silencer.”

    I’m throwing the BS flag at that assertion.

    Wasn’t it here in TTAG where I read about people getting letters from US Customs saying something arrived that the the letter recipient needed to produce paperwork for to take possession?

    If so, it’s clear US Customs is tracking such shipments, and do know if a ‘solvent trap’ was being sent to someone…

  17. More circular logic from the Department of Redundancy Department. We’re from the government and we’re here to help. Remember who their boss is, and remember how half the folks at his few campaign ramblings would toot clown horns at him. And then remember how most of those local election boards are still run by dems. And then get angry, and perhaps we can end this nonsense at the next couple elections.

  18. Now they have their list of lawbreakers, they can get the dynamic entry teams ready for some “shock’n’awe”.

    • I was wondering why my fed acquittance has been so busy on poker night lately. Makes sense.

  19. Just goes to show you how all Federal Law Enforcement agencies have been weaponized against the American Citizens in this Country. My advice is if you live in a Castle Domain or Make My Day law State and they come to your house to try to make trouble for you, call local police first and have them verify if they are ATF or whoever and if they have a valid warrant. If not and they try to enter your home treat it as in invasion of your property and use the rules of engagement in your State to deal with them. They can’t simply change their interpretation of an existing law to suit their own purposes. If you’re going to be in trouble because of their interpretation, you are not a whole lot worse off for engaging them if they break into your house. Its time to fight folks and everyone needs to make their own choices but I would not trust any Federal Law Enforcement agency as they are all corrupt.

  20. “Constructive possession”.

    People wondered if silencer components lying around the house would result in violating NFA. This is how government does things we think crazy.

    Curiously, the denied applications seem not to have resulted in criminal charges for possession of an illegal silencer.

    By extension, every commercial manufacturer falls under the same restrictions: if they have parts for manufacturer that do not individually have Form 1 approval, the manufacturers are chargeable for unlawful, constructive possession of an NFA controlled item.

    Do not equate evil with stupidity.

    • “People wondered if silencer components lying around the house would result in violating NFA.”

      In that case, every car-truck owner (that’s not electric) has an unregistered NFA device on their vehicle, and Discount Auto Parts has shelves stacked with them…

      • “In that case, every car-truck owner (that’s not electric) has an unregistered NFA device on their vehicle, and Discount Auto Parts has shelves stacked with them…”

        Precisely. Selective prosecution is a thing.

  21. I’ll get an email off to “my” guys Toomey and Casey immediately. I’m sure they’ll be on this like Feds on a chihauhua.

  22. So the good Germans are trying to make it impossible to follow the law. Job security for the pooch shooters no doubt.

  23. On one of the boards I’m on someone got a letter they posed which indicated that they want pictures of the parts you intend to use to construct your suppressor from. WTF? Are they high now? I wouldn’t buy the stuff in advance (just insane considering that the ATF will take a person and make a crime to fit) and like hell I’d take pics and send them to the ATF if I did.

    The NFA is functionally absurd and I would argue designed to manufacture criminals.

  24. “The best way to push back on this is through your senators and congresspeople. Please email and/or call them today to let them know…”

    The best way would have been through statute, taking this issue away from the ATF altogether. Perhaps when the GOP was in control of the senate, house and presidency.

    • Yeah, because when they had a larger majority, our Republican senators and congresspeople did exactly jack shit. They TALK a good game, and do nothing. They did not pass concealed carry reciprocity. They did not remove “silencers” from the NFA, or pass the Hearing Protection Act. They did not remove the idiotic regulations limiting imported firearms. They did jack diddly squat.

      I hate the gun-grabbing Dimocrat @$$holes, but the loudmouth RINOs are barely an improvement. All politicians could improve the world by decorating lampposts.

      • “Yeah, because when they had a larger majority, our Republican senators and congresspeople did exactly jack shit.”

        The republicrat party is about partying. Both parties are bent on destroying America as founded, they simply argue over the speed of it.

  25. It would be interesting if you put in the application that you.

    1) at the current time do not own any components.
    2) intend to machine the silencer out of a single piece of aluminum.

    Would they deny it then?


    • Still haven’t managed to fix that stuck caps key, have ya, NTexas. Either fix it, or stop posting.

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