God Guns Gregg Abbott AP
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, with his wife Cecilia, left, attends a primary election night event, Tuesday, March 1, 2022, in Corpus Christi, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)
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Gregg Abbott has earned a solid reputation for leading the great State of Texas in challenging times. In the March 1st primary, he handily fended off challenges from a gaggle of GOPers to roll on to November’s general election. Meanwhile, perennial loser Robert Francis “Hell yes, we’re gonna take your AR-15” O’Rourke won the Democrat nomination.

In November, Texans will vote for either the guy who supports gun rights (and signed constitutional carry into law) or the failed US Senate (and Presidential) candidate who famously crowed that he was coming for America’s favorite rifles during one of the early debates. Before he quit due to an acute lack of support.

Real Clear Politics shows Robert Francis almost ten points down to Governor Abbott. It’s still early, but ten points is almost a wipeout.

What’s worse for the faux Hispanic is that Texans just don’t prefer him on any major issue. On gun policy, voters prefer Abbott by a 2:1 margin per Quinnipiac.  Is it any wonder “Beto” has moderated reformed his position from “Hell yes” to implausibly telling voters, “We need to protect the Second Amendment“?

The AP has the story of the upcoming race for Texas gov via MSN.

O’Rourke nearly ousted Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in 2018 will get the chance to try for an even bigger upset in November. He’ll be an underdog against Abbott, who began the campaign with more than $50 million and staking out hard-line positions on abortion guns and immigration.

One thing remains certain: it will be an entertaining campaign season.

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  1. Interesting that the best Dim party candidate in the entire state of Texas is “Beato”.

    Ten points is not a wipeout, 30-40pts would be a wipe out. Remember that the Dims didn’t even run a presidential candidate in 2020, but the Dims won the election, anyway.

      • “Was it a candidate pool of one?”

        Good question. Haven’t lived in Texas for 20yrs, so I don’t know the answer. Didn’t take time to understand the whole primary landscape there.

        • DO NOT… talk about Beto. He is the greatest thing to arrive to Texas since “cult of the dead cow” – to which he was a member.

          From Beto’s live streaming of his dentist appointment…

          To his messages of cult of the dead cow (cDc), on his board “TacoLand” where he discussed all the video games he pirated, to stealing long distance phone service, under the handle “Psychedelic Warlord” where he described women as “sluts” and mocked them for being abused by “violent boyfriends”.
          He said the best way to deal with women was to tell them they’re “completely ugly” and inform local “Nazi Skins” that the women have “AIDS.”


          Fast forward a few decades and Beto introduces himself as an attractive ladies man, who doesn’t know what to think or believe on a variety of topics, but still does desperately need to be elected, He desires a second chance to “reinvent” himself and a second chance at a first introduction to the american people. The first focused on oppression and Identity politics, was not going as planned, and so he reintroduces himself as the “hell, ya! We are going to take your AR15s.” LOL And so again, some more, Beto has tried to reinvent himself again, a third time, and run for senate. And it should be spectacular! Damn I love Beto! And this will definitely not have awkward stuff, like live streaming personal matters like doctors visits or dentists or whatnot. This is a man whose vision is to absolutely get elected. So vote for Beto!

        • Awesome post lil’d.

          Have you found the proper dose for your meds? Are you getting out of the basement more?
          Have you stopped diddling little boys?
          Or stopped fapping to vids of underage Greta T?


          What have you changed?

    • There’s no such thing as a 20 to 30 point statewide race in Texas. We still have a huge percentage of the voting population that thinks that Republicans are for bankers and Democrats are for farmers and that’s not going to change until they all grow old and die.
      Six points is a solid lead. When Beto lost to Cruz without Cruz even having to run, lberal rags in the state were calling for an autopsy of the Democratic party. Because it’s dead in Texas

      • I agree with you. Not from Texas but I can read. It’ll be closer than people think and he may actually have a chance.

      • “There’s no such thing as a 20 to 30 point statewide race in Texas.”

        Indeed, you are correct, underlining that a 10pt lead this early should not be considered “a wipeout”. A “wipe out” is a wipe out – full destruction, rendered unable to function. But a 10pt lead, plus/minus the “margin of error” is not a “wipe out”; Dems will still be a thing in Texas.

        I worked the campaign for Sen. John Tower when I was in college at North Texas. Tower won re-election, but the whole time we were working on the assumption the Dems could rig a win with a less than 20pt spread.

        To have any hope of suppressing the constant Dem attack on America, “we” would need to defeat the Dems everywhere a 30-40% margin; over and over. Concerned it can’t be done? Where are the Whig party candidates these days.

    • So, everyone forgot who they ran on the presidential ticket just a short two years ago? Once you hack the process well enough, you could run the guy from ” Weekend at Bernie’s “. It’s not the vote that counts , it’s WHO COUNTS the votes. Where do you think a majority of the locusts that left Kalifornikka settled?

    • DebbieW.,

      “You have to be dumb as a box of rocks to vote for the disgusting democRat francine o’rouke . . . “. Hence why dacian the stupid and MinorIQ tout him. Leftist/fascists are all about “image” over substance . . . they don’t “do” substance (well, OK, TBH, they mostly “do substance”, but not as I mean it). Their entire political/social philosophy is about their narrative, and how it looks on social media and the “evening news”. If asked to explain it, they can’t. If asked why it has NEVER worked before, they can’t. Their famous excuse is “but that wasn’t REAL communism/socialism/currentflavorofthemonthism!” Yeah, jackasses, let us know when some flavor of your idiot ideology ACTUALLY works. Then we might be willing to pay attention. Y’all pursuing your idiot ideology, in the face of UNIVERSAL failure every time it’s been tried??? Reminds me of a dog chasing its tail.

      You do you, idiot Leftist/fascists, we choose to live in reality.

      Socialism/communism doesn’t work, and never has, and never will. But y’all just keep f***in’ that chicken. I feel sorry for the chicken.

  2. Texas deserves so much better than either of these stiffs. Our political system is broken.

    • Will trade your Abbott for our Prickster any day. Deal?
      At least your governors don’t tend to end up in prison like they do in Illannoy.

  3. “Our political system is broken.”

    Hope you didn’t come to this conclusion only in the last coupla years.

    • Sam,

      Our Founders NEVER imagined something like our current crop of “career” politicians. As long as we have “career” politicians, we will never have a viable government. There are interim steps we could implement, that would help – a simple statute saying that ALL legislators had to abide by the same laws as the average citizen would be a good start (Newt Gingrich tried this in his “Contract with America”, but this was one of the parts he failed on.) Getting rid of career politicians is, IMHO, the first step to actual freedom.

      Putting a bounty on Karens is the second.

      • “Our Founders NEVER imagined something like our current crop of “career” politicians. As long as we have “career” politicians, we will never have a viable government.”

        Wholly agree.

        “…a simple statute saying that ALL legislators had to abide by the same laws as the average citizen would be a good start. ”

        Such a statute would be effectuated and enforced by the career politicians, and the existing court systems. Our love affair with using law to put government on autopilot always works against us. The ugly truth is that the voters are responsible for choosing elected officials. If “we” cannot convince the overwhelming number of voters that career politicians are handing us cyanide pills, instead of candy, then the majority of voters will continue to have the government they want and deserve.

        It is up to “We the People” to safeguard the Republic. It is not the responsibility of “the law”.

      • To be honest, I didn’t know that Abbot drove a wheel chair until he had been in office for awhile. He doesn’t go to any great lengths to show off his wheels. He doesn’t seem to hide them, but he isn’t showing them off either.

        • “To be honest, I didn’t know that Abbot drove a wheel chair until he had been in office for awhile. He doesn’t go to any great lengths to show off his wheels.”

          Kinda like FDR during WWII?

          With FDR, it was policy that the general public was kept in the dark about his Polio-crippled legs…

    • …so you’re a white nationalist AND you’re uniformed? You must be a real devil with the ladies! To be fair I bet the last 35 years have been a blur for you. After all, all those white power rallies didn’t plan themselves!

      • Hey, nameless, brainless troll,

        Wow, your material is stale, stupid, and unfunny. I’d suggest you get a new writer, but I suspect your Sorosbucks don’t stretch that far.

        You are too stupid to insult. Go micturate up a cable. Then go pound salt in your @$$. THEN go join your daily circle jerk with MinorIQ and dacian the stupid. Make sure you get the sequence correct, I’d HATE to have you jizz all over the rope, then p*** all over MinorIQ and dacian. No, actually, that might be kinda funny.

        • The irony of this pretend lawyer a vicious domestic abuser calling someone else’s ‘material’ ‘stale, stupid and unfunny’ is thick. Lamp thinks he’s so smart, but his writing style and content demonstrates he’s of average intelligence…and that’s being rather kind.

  4. “O’Rourke nearly ousted Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in 2018”

    Cruz won by more than 200,000 votes after Horsetooth O’Dork spent $80 million to unseat him, and his party spent more.

    • Beatoff is simply wasting more of his Father-In-Law’s money.
      He should have opened a SkateBoard Shop or Hookah Parlor instead of running for office.

    • AS of the moment, polls suggested that the people of Texas – 38% of them would pull the lever for Beto! And 49% would pull the lever for Cruz. So Beto is doing great and he’s going to win! Vote for Beto!

        • Love it when the two sides of Dacian argue amongst themselves…wonder if his mother’s name was Sybil?

      • dacian, the Dunderhead, You must be a whiz at math. By your own stats, Beto, the fake Hispanic, has about as much chance of wining the governor’s seat as an ice cube in hell.

      • I would agree that anything can happen in this race Herr Dacian. I believe this race will be an indication of things to come – especially in the mid-terms. If Beto pulls it out the whole of U.S. gun culture will be in jeopardy. The push for a civil war by the monster Biden will be unprecidented. This is what the left wants – genocide of the white race and the election of another Idi Amin Dada.

  5. Of course, according to the (A)sshole (P)ress, anything a Republican stands for is a hard-line position. Meanwhile the outrageous crap the Democraps put out daily is just a normal position, right?

  6. I am on the Dumbocrat’s mailing list. I amuse myself with their “polls” and such. I like to come up with insulting crap to tell them. In the past four days, I guess I’ve seen five different polls and questionnaires. When O’Cork shows up, I click the “other” box, and tell them that “Beto needs to die a fiery death” or similar.

    It’s only amusing because I imagine some progressive twit reading my responses, and suffering a massive stroke on the spot. Imagine the snowball effect: one drops dead, gets carted away, and the replacement sits down to take over the data processing, and drops dead in turn. How long until the Dumbocrats figure out that sitting at that computer terminal causes death? I might kill HUNDREDS!!

  7. Missing punctuation always makes for great reading! A missing ‘comma’ in this case. I had to go to the MSN article to see if it was missing there and it was. The article on MSN says it’s from AP News. Tried to find the exact article on their website but unable to. Anyways, I’m off to make some popcorn. By the time I’m back, I hope there’s a ton of commentary on the following from the article above: “…staking out hard-line positions on abortion guns…”

  8. Well if you consider that the Democrats wouldn’t give him a position in the administration that should tell you just how bad Beto really is. He is a loser and we have enough of those in the Country already and Texans don’t need another Leftist there to mess things up like they do everywhere else. Vote for Gregg Abbott if you value your Freedom.

  9. Beto does have one advantage: all those signs from his previous campaigns can be recycled for his new one, thereby saving tons of money on advertising.

  10. Will Robert Francis lead the stack thru some front doors during the “Imma take your AR” policy enforcement?

    Seems like a good “photo op” for his political career. 🤔

  11. Other than the citizen-disarmism of the D platform, what is O’Rourke’s appeal to (presumably urban) Texans?

  12. Abbott should be re-elected but the fly in the ointment is that the Fraudulent Mail-In Ballot Harvesting System of the democrats has been fine-tuned and will play a part. Hood rats go through the neighborhoods making sure everyone and their deceased kinfolk are registered, then collect the signed ballots and fill in the preferred candidate prior to delivery to the government. Anyone in the hood who complains is “shunned”.

  13. Master Beto will lose again and will likely be able to make millions during and after the campaign for himself and his family. Running for office as a DemoRat is a profit opportunity, even when you lose. Not like he has a real job or anything.

    Until he gets a nice job on Communist News Network (CNN) or PMS NBC, he will just keep running for office. Probably his only chance to win would be as Mayor of Austin Texas. Stay tuned,

  14. Do not rule out O’Rourke because Abbott has made sex slaves out of women by outlawing abortion and has went all out to prevent people from voting. He is perhaps the most hated Texas Governor of all time.

    People have not forgotten all the people he froze to death last winter because he was too cheap and stingy to fund adequate money for enough electricity to see them through the high demand for electric power during the snow storms.

    • dacian the stupid,

      You would probably be SHOCKED to know that many (most???) Republicans aren’t all that hyped about Greg Abbott. He’s not quite a RINO, but dangerously close. But anyone but a COMPLETE idiot (like you) can see that Beta O’Jerk is incapable of tying his own shoes, let alone running a state. Abbott is going to win by 8-10 points, AT A MINIMUM (and that is actually “landslide” territory, in modern times in a state as heavily contested as Texas).

      Beta the Fake Mexican O’Jerk has approximately as much chance of winning the governorship of Texas as you have of actually developing a functioning brain. You will make a cogent, rational point before Beta O’Jerk wins for dogcatcher, dacian the stupid.

      Perhaps we should have a “slate” – “Beta O’Jerk and dacian the stupid for Gov and LT. Gov of Texas – hire the (mentally) handicapped!!!!”. Lemme know how that works out for y’all.

      You really are too stupid to insult. Go pound salt in your @$$.

    • “……..made sex slaves out of women……”

      The horror, this must be causing nightmares lil’d.

      You and all your NAMBLA buddies know that only little hairless boys should get that title. 😜

  15. More and more folks from blue states are moving to Texas which may explain why Beto made it past the primaries.
    My suggestion to the the state of Texas is to impose a gigantic immigration tax on those from the blue states. Might help put a stop to this foolishness.

    • Catboss,

      That, and his daddy-in-law indulging his (obviously retarded) daughter, and paying for her boy toy’s repeated efforts to achieve relevancy. That the Dimocrat Party continues to back this jackass just proves how DESPERATE they are for ANY warm body to run.

      I think we’re up to 31 (or is it 32, now??) Dimocrats in the House who’ve chosen NOT to get publicly curb-stomped in 2022. Beta will, after this loss, be toxic. Even the Dimocrats won’t back him again. Daddy-in-law will have to give him a job licking stamps, or something similar that he MIGHT be capable of doing.

      • DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) has a job he’s qualified for.

        Sucking farts out of foam cushions.

        I wonder if Ft Worth Area Rapid Transit goes by FART. 🤔


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