80% Arms AR-9 Lower (image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com)
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Over the last year, I’ve made a solidly-performing 9mm polymer framed pistol, a fun AR-15 style rifle and a great “parts-bin” AR10 in 6.5 Creedmoor based on kits from 80% Arms and Brownells. For the fourth installment of this loose series, I put together the 80% Arms AR-9 GLOCK magazine compatible braced pistol.

All of the parts from this build, with the exception of the Underground Tactical take-down and pivot pins, came from 80% Arms and Brownells. It turned out great. It’s a fun, accurate, and capable gun.

Image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com

Like the other guns, this one started with a parts kit from 80% Arms, and I re-used the same multi-caliber Easy Jig and router I used on the other guns. Just like those other guns, the process itself was fairly simple and straightforward.

Unfortunately, just like those other guns, I didn’t think ahead to buy a lower parts kit, and needed to wait a while until the necessary items came in stock at Brownells.

Image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com

Once I got all the parts in, this build took a little longer than the others. The milling of the receiver wasn’t the culprit. That was just as fast as milling the other AR-style receivers, and I ended up with an identical quality part.

Just as with those others, the trigger pocket is a little larger than it has to be, but that means it will fit a wide variety of triggers. I went for cheap and whatever was available.

Image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com

If you aren’t familiar with building an AR-9 (and I wasn’t), I would highly recommend watching the multiple videos put out by 80% Arms as well as the many videos available online before buying your parts kit. The 80% Arms AR-9 lower receiver kit includes the magazine release, but you’ll need to source everything else.

Image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com

For the upper receiver, I picked up a now discontinued complete upper receiver from Brownells based on the Foxtrot Mike upper receiver. It’s extremely similar to another currently offered product. The only difference in the one I used is a slightly different handguard and a variation on their heavy “blast diffuser.”

Image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com

To be clear, the “blast diffuser” is in no way a silencer. Forget your ear protection and you will be sad.

Also, if you want to add a silencer, this is not the setup for you. The 5″ barrel ends inside the handguard, and the tight diameter of the handguard is too small to insert a silencer into it.

If you intend to put a 9mm-capable silencer on the gun, you would be wise to pull the handguard and get a larger diameter offering, or a shorter handguard.

Image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com

The hardest thing to source was a heavy buffer. With a standard AR-15 buffer, the gun had some reliability issues. Once that was sorted with a heavy buffer, it never missed a beat with anything I put through it. Steel-cased trash, brass, and fancy aluminum cases all fed just fine. No GLOCK or Magpul double stack 9mm magazine of any size or variety failed to load or eject with a push of a button.

A red-dot optic is ideal for these type of guns. With a Leupold Delta Point Pro on the full-length upper rail, 50-yard four-inch groups from a kneel were not challenging. The precision of the gun is limited primarily by the optic or sights, and if you wanted to mount a magnified optic on the pistol you’d be making headshots for hassenpfeffer at a hundred yards.

Image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com

To complete the pistol build, I slapped on an outstanding SB Tactical adjustable pistol brace.

The total build time for the gun, minus sourcing the parts, was under and hour, and that includes milling and completing the lower.

Image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com

The end product is a reliable, accurate, easy to shoot and very fun little gun…as well as the neat experience of making a gun mostly in my yard and on my porch.

In the end, I have no real use for this gun. I’m still not super into the AR-style pistol. My preferred home defense weapon is a full auto-capable SBR in a rifle caliber. Then again, I live very rural, am very familiar with the platform, and am a grown, able-bodied man.

If I lived in an area where over-penetration was a concern, or was simply older, smaller, or disabled, a semi-auto 9mm AR pistol would be perfect for me. That’s why my 90 lb. mother has one and so do several of my amputee friends.

I didn’t need to use the 80% Arms lower block, jig, and router. I have access to a full machine shop and I have the knowledge and experience to build this gun straight from a solid aluminum billet. (The kind of billet delivered on a big truck.) I can and have done this before.

I also don’t really like the brace, even one as good as this one. No matter how good they are, they are no substitute for a quality stock. I have several SBRs and if I intended to use this gun much, I would definitely go that route.

Which is exactly why I built it as a braced pistol from an 80% kit.

Right now, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives has proposed a radical plan to eliminate the ability of the average citizen to manufacture their own firearms. The same organization that seems quite proud of their role in burning unarmed women and children to death has proposed redefining both what a firearm is and what are firearm parts. They have also recently proposed to redefine what constitutes a pistol, and would virtually end the use, creation, and ownership of braced pistols.

None of these rules will directly affect me, or tens of thousands of other gun makers and gun owners. Why? Because if you’re a relatively wealthy able-bodied male, you can just buy the free exercise of your rights and enjoy them at your whim.

That’s not the case, however, for millions of other people. There’s a whole lot of people who don’t have the money to invest in a tax stamp, or the time and money it takes to legally apply for it. Very few people have the resources to buy a quality mill and lathe, much less go through the legal and financial difficulty of creating a legal firearms manufacturing company.

These are the people these new rules will disenfranchise. If adopted, they will predominantly diminish the free exercise of the rights of poorer, disabled, and minority citizens. This is so obvious I can only assume the BATFE sees this as a feature, not a bug.

The Biden-Harris administration seems hell-bent on reestablishing an ugly time in America’s history, where rich white men have the ability to protect themselves as they see fit, and everybody else, well…doesn’t.

Image courtesy JWT for thetruthaboutguns.com

What you see above is an American-made gun in the truest sense of the word. Go out and make one if you can. It’s fun and could quite literally save your life.

If you can’t, or you just don’t want to, go out and make sure that other citizens of all walks of life can build one by calling your Representatives and Senators, as well as entering a comment on the ATF’s rule in the Federal Register.

Freedom is for us all.

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  1. I am not familiar with the California rules on AR pistols, but I believe that it is no longer legal to purchase or build one from an 80% kit after the most recent changes to the “Assault Weapons” ban/registration law. And tax stamps are right out as are the firearms that require them.

      • Somewhere I read a post on another forum that the DOJ will not issue a serial number for a pistol build.

        • WHY would anyone contact the ATF JBT (jackbooted thugs) to inform them that you owned ANY firearm? Much less that you had built one? That is the dumbest thing I have read lately (perhaps living in Kommiefornia).

  2. “That’s not the case, however, for millions of other people. There’s a whole lot of people who don’t have the money to invest in a tax stamp, or the time and money it takes to legally apply for it. Very few people have the resources to buy a quality mill and lathe, much less go through the legal and financial difficulty of creating a legal firearms manufacturing company.”

    well if they don’t have the time and money to be doing this, then they aren’t ever likely to …

    “These are the people these new rules will disenfranchise”

    … so in what sense are they disenfranchised?

      • “Re-read the next sentence”

        “If adopted, they will predominantly diminish the free exercise of the rights of poorer, disabled, and minority citizens”

        what, to manufacture their own arms? they’re already not manufacturing them now, and they’re not likely to start.

        • Lots of people can spend the small amount of money required to build a firearm from kits like the ones supplied in the article. Very few can afford the tooling and legal hurdles that will be required under the new rules.
          More and more people are getting into firearms everyday, and more people are getting to firearms manufacturing every day. The new federal rules seek to end that. Unless you’re rich.

        • “Lots of people can spend the small amount of money required to build a firearm from kits”

          really? well, ok. I can barely afford a factory model straight out of the box, all the kit stuff is completely out of reach for me.

    • It would be wonderfully helpful for people building their own PCC, if the article had more detail on the specifics of the direct blowback system, the differences and the ways that the builder works around them. The fact the PCC buffers have different dimensions based on direct blowback, and some details on the weight of the chosen buffer. Just saying. A solid tech article on the subject would be appreciated.

  3. Depending on weight I think this could be a viable home defense weapon for…(someone will get offended I’m saying this) lightly built “people” (a/k/a women folk). My wife weighs a 100lbs on a good day. What would she grab to defend herself besides her HK? Not one of my shotguns (dementia joe method) and not one of my full length rifles I’m sure. I’m not convinced she would even grab her polymer AR.
    Put an (not junk) active laser dot on this one and some Glock mags. Good Stability for people with less upper body strength and can be held close to the body. I would consider building one for her if Creepy Joe and the AFT would just shut up and chill out. I might build a SBR like this one day….hard to justify when the gun control freaks are determined to make everyone a criminal over technicalities.

    • Thinking more about it..a side charger would be pretty cool especially for Left handed people like my wife..

    • “I think this could be a viable home defense weapon for”

      dunno, looks like a make-work project to me. hey jon wayne, maybe you could test run it with a few gals, see if they prefer it to a standard pistol, and post the results here.

      • What you call a make-work project, I call something I’d love to have.

        A short-barreled pistol caliber carbine offers great accuracy improvement over a pistol, and unlike my rifles and shotgun, would actually be possible for my wife and wheelchair-bound daughter to use for home defense.

        And an 80% build is something I’ve had my eye on for a while, and only recently became financially able to pursue… At least, I *would* be able to if parts were still available… Unfortunately, I may never get to, thanks to the FICUS and whoever is pulling his strings.

        • “What you call a make-work project, I call something I’d love to have”

          yeah it’s cool and all, but while I feel the “ooooh gotta have it” I’m just not getting the “why have it”.

          “offers great accuracy improvement over a pistol … possible for my wife and wheelchair-bound daughter to use for home defense”

          why not a plain pistol with a laser dot?

        • Longer barrel plus the brace makes it inherently more accurate and helps manage recoil for better follow up shots. Plus they’re just darn cool machines. 😊

    • MJ – This is NOT a SBR (short barrel rifle) it is a longer barreled PISTOL w/a shooting aide (that’s the point)

    • So a single comedian has got all the freedom…and apparently the (rich) white privilege too? Let’s hand him over to the SJWs, and maybe then they’ll leave the rest of us poor slobs alone!

      No, wait…that’s RON White, not Rich. Dammit. Never mind.

  4. Full auto for home defense would be nice. I’m lacking an FFL or 10-50k for the fun switch. There is also Virginia’s offensive or aggressive purpose statute that would prevent such use in Virginia.
    Also, what’s your total cost in this ar9 build?(minus optic)

      • 18.2-291. What constitutes aggressive purpose.
        Possession or use of a machine gun shall be presumed to be for an offensive or aggressive purpose:

        (1) When the machine gun is on premises not owned or rented for bona fide permanent residence or business occupancy by the person in whose possession the machine gun may be found;

        (2) When the machine gun is in the possession of, or used by, a person who has been convicted of a crime of violence in any court of record, state or federal, of the United States of America, its territories or insular possessions;

        (3) When the machine gun has not been registered as required in § 18.2-295; or

        (4) When empty or loaded shells which have been or are susceptible of use in the machine gun are found in the immediate vicinity thereof.

        Code 1950, § 18.1-261; 1960, c. 358; 1975, cc. 14, 15.

        • If this is the entire statute, I don’t see any reason a lawfully owned MG couldn’t be used for home defense. It would be pretty dumb if you aren’t a licensed manufacturer just because of how much they cost and how long it would take to get it back though.

    • “Full auto for home defense would be nice.”

      The next-best thing is a binary trigger.

      Selectable semi-auto and two-round burst…

  5. Congradulations on your gun build!! I will check your previous video builds. I’m not sure myself where to go to find a machine shop to do the mill work around here? I’m thinking about trying to build a gun. And you are correct.
    Rich white folks, criminal or law abiding, will always have guns.

  6. I have a couple of tax stamps but I didn’t know I was rich. I always thought for the most part I was broke. Tax stamps contributed to that.

    • @jwt: You wrote, “ The Biden-Harris administration seems hell-bent on reestablishing an ugly time in America’s history, where rich white men have the ability to protect themselves as they see fit, and everybody else, well…doesn’t.”

      You’re implying that the Biden/Harris gun control push is inherently racist. I’m telling you that it’s a weak argument to make. You’re doing a DR3, “dems r real racists”. It reinforces the narrative that racism is the moral compass which we use. You’re basically saying if something is good for white people, then it’s wrong.

      • I’m not implying anything. I am saying flatly that is racist, classist and ableist.
        Because it is. And that is fundamentally un-American.
        Why don’t you have a problem with that?

      • Because I don’t accept that something being good for white men is, as you call it, “un-American”. What does “un-American” even mean? The founding fathers, the men who wrote the 2A, thought of black people as farm equipment. The USA was a supermajority white country until the 1965 Hart-Cellar act.

        What you wrote implied that being good for “rich white men” was, a priori, a bad thing. I called you out on it, and your best response was “I’m not implying anything”. That’s a cowardly response.

        Then you go off on “ racist, classist and ableist.” What kind of intersectionality/Critical Race Theory crap have you been polluting your mind with? You’re a cultural Marxist, whether you realize or not.

      • You’re inventing arguments and then arguing against them. Read better. Be smarter.

  7. A few things-
    at least 4-6 quarters with a regular buffer are required. I prefer a heavy buffer like the solid 8oz buffer. I broke an last shot hold open without it.

    The bolts are somewhat complicated. If you run single stack or double stack mags you need to be aware of the bolt at time of purchase

    If you want to run a stock fcg you need a ramped bolt. Otherwise a notched hammer is required.

    For mag adapters I have had good luck with the Promag. I use ASC mags. The last shot hold open works well. I also cut the tabs off and use a set screw instead to make swap over easier so I can use it as a bottom feed. It uses a stock bolt catch unlike some.

  8. Too clever by half, “Ryan J Soap.” Not everyone who disagrees with you is a libtard in the grip of CRT training.

    First, asserting that gun control is a racist enterprise that only benefits rich white dudes is not the same thing as saying that whatever benefits rich white dudes is bad. Basic logic: A+B=C doesn’t mean A=B. This is the same fallacy the progtards always fall into.

    Second, this isn’t about “the real racists.” It’s about a thing that simply is. Racism — treating certain races as superior and others as inherently inferior — is a real thing. Gun control in the US is purely racist, and that’s a fact. The Democratic Party is run by racists, for racists. Also a fact.

    It’s true that saying so is usually a losing argument. Democrats don’t believe they could possibly be racist (because only bad people do racisty things, and they’re convinced that they’re good people) and most people can’t see through the smokescreen of propaganda. It’s an argument that falls on deaf ears and usually looks weak, besides.

    However, many of the people who read this article could be thinking for the first time about the true effects of gun control and what those effects say about the “principles” of the people behind it. In this context, calling out gun control as a tool of rich and powerful racists who want to remove freedom from “people of color,” who can’t be trusted to make their own decisions, could be an effective tactic.

    • “..Gun control in the US is purely racist, and that’s a fact. The Democratic Party is run by racists, for racists. Also a fact….”

      The first statement is true without explanation needed. The Democratic Party’s Racism in the latter is the racism of ‘Low Expectations’. “Black folks too stupid to use internet.” “Black folks too stupid to get free ID card.”

      If someone insulted me like that that you can be sure I would not vote for them. They could not buy me off either. How any Black person can vote for the Democrats is beyond my understanding.

      • “How any Black person can vote for the Democrats is beyond my understanding”

        simple. free money. they (as a group) have no concerns beyond that.

        “Democratic Party’s Racism in the latter is the racism of ‘Low Expectations’. ‘Black folks too stupid to use internet.’”

        no. it’s not about blacks, that’s just a diversion. the racism is that of the ones behind the left in favor of themselves and against everyone else. the target is you and yours.

  9. I’m 2a all the way. However, and I know this is a pisser offer, I see SBR’s as drive by specials.
    The M1 carbine with folding stock was quite popular in the circle I ran with at one time.
    Okay, let’s say that’s all their good for. Does that mean you cannot process one? Certainly not. Shall Not Be Infringed, who am I to judge.

    • Agreed. But we typically know who the drivers and passengers are likely to be ahead of time. Nobody takes up drive by shooting as a hobby overnight. Let’s keep a closer eye on them instead of legal gun owners.

    • This is NOT an SBR it is a pistol (and in a wimpy pistol cartridge).

      A 5.56 is an excellent choice or home defense. The most significant “issue” is the lenght of the standard weapon. As relevant range is typically measured in feet (vs yd or m) does not need standard length barrel. Unless the ATF jackboots (Congress) has mandated some arbitary NOT SBR length.

  10. Again, read better,. The argument that you made up was that by implying that something is good for white people it is bad. I never said that. You did. Then you argued against it.
    I do argue that by creating a system that only allows rich, white and able-bodied men to have the full free of the rights endowed by their creator is fundamentally un-American.

    • You keep saying un-American. The Founding Fathers thought of black people as 3/5 a person. Are they un-American?

      Also, seriously: why are you using intersectional/cultural Marxist language?

      All you can do is call me names lol.

      • If you mean are black people un-American, emphatically no.
        If you mean were the founding fathers un-American, the answer is still no. But being American meant something a little different then. That’s why we are trying to create “A More Perfect Union”.
        I don’t think Biden is trying to disenfranchise all poor minorities, just the ones who would use such a weapon to shoot up a school or knock over a 7-11. But that ignores the reality that most mass shootings are committed by disturbed white men.
        I’m of the opinion that until proven otherwise, anybody should be able to have any small arm they like. But I think we should do a better job of “proving otherwise” to keep those same weapons out of the hands of disturbed folk, regardless of race. That means that folks who demonstrate violent tendencies (not to be confused with patriotic preparedness) should be fairly and carefully evaluated to make sure they are qualified for the grave responsibilities of gun ownership. Just my thoughts, your mileage may vary.
        One more thing. I would be amused to see how your statements about black folks as farm animals and 3/5ths of a person would go over in a crowded African-American bar.

      • Idaho Boy,

        I’m not so sure that most mass shootings are carried out by disturbed white men. If you take a look at Heyjackass.com, just in the city of Chicago there have been a shocking number of multi-victim shootings that never made the national news.

      • Read More, Be Smarter:

        “ Often misinterpreted to mean that African Americans as individuals are considered three-fifths of a person or that they are three-fifths of a citizen of the U.S., the three-fifths clause (Article I, Section 2, of the U.S. Constitution of 1787) in fact declared that for purposes of representation in Congress, enslaved blacks in a state would be counted as three-fifths of the number of white inhabitants of that state.

        The three-fifths clause was part of a series of compromises enacted by the Constitutional Convention of 1787. The most notable other clauses prohibited slavery in the Northwest Territories and ended U.S. participation in the international slave trade in 1807. These compromises reflected Virginia Constitutional Convention delegate (and future U.S. President) James Madison’s observation that “…the States were divided into different interests not by their…size…but principally from their having or not having slaves.”

        You can read more about why enslaved blacks were counted as 3/5 of a person at https://www.blackpast.org/african-american-history/events-african-american-history/three-fifths-clause-united-states-constitution-1787/

        (hint, it had nothing to do with racism)

      • Your knowledge of history is severely lacking. Look up why it was called “The 3/5 Compromise” Franklin himself became the leader of the abolitionist society and petitioned Congress to grant freedom to all of the slaves. Or maybe look up the founding fathers who had children with slaves. Do you really think they assumed they were having sex with “farm implements” ? Do you really think they believed that shovels bore them children?
        Maybe also just go ahead and read the Constitution. It’s right there in the beginning. “That all men are created equal…”
        And if being insulted hurts your precious widdle feelings, run your mouth less.

      • Idaho Boy,
        “But that ignores the reality that most mass shootings are committed by disturbed white men.”
        Please go ahead and look up the uniform crime reports released by the FBI. Most mass shootings are committed by young black men. These are overwhelmingly gang related and concentrated on just a few zip codes.
        If the Biden Harris administration wanted to keep guns out of the hands of people who would shoot up a 7-Eleven, they would focus on incarcerating the people who had previously committed violent crimes. That is not what they are doing. They are instead focusing on people who have not committed any crime and also do not have the means to create and purchase the same firearms that wealthier able-bodied people can.

      • Lol JWT- I think you got butthurt because Ryan J Soap called out the holes in what your were trying to say, and all you did was call him names… like 3rd grader.

      • Haha U mad JWT.

        All you can do is call me names. Like a 4th grader.

        Who uses cultural Marxist/Intersectionalist vocabulary on a gun forum? Is that what you learned when you used tax-payer money to do online, for-profit degree mill college? Did you learn it from your J3w1sh wife?


      • JWT, many of the claims of founding fathers having children with slaves are BS propaganda. Jefferson, for example. All that can be confirmed is that male descendants of the last child of Sally Hemmings carry a Jefferson Y chromosome. None of the descendants of her other children carry any Jefferson DNA. There were 8 Jefferson males in the area at the time who could have provided that Y chromosome, since the Y chromosome is passed on from father to son virtually identically. Thomas’s brother Randolph liked to spend time with the slaves and taught all of Hemmings children to play the fiddle. Thomas Jefferson wrote things about black people in many letters that indicated that he did think of them as livestock. Do you really think Thomas Jefferson got busy with the livestock? It seems more likely that Randolph Jefferson was diddling as well as fiddling.

      • “I’m not so sure that most mass shootings are carried out by disturbed white men”

        by the fbi’s definition of “mass shooting” 3/4 of all mass shootings are by blacks against other blacks.

      • Soapy,
        Daw… I’ve got another Nazi stalker, how cute. Thanks for the clicks, princess.
        And btw, my degrees are from TCU, a private university here in TX.

      • I’ll call you a name… idiot! Why don’t you crawl back into whatever hole you came out of? Apparently, you think you’re clever, but you’re not!

      • @JWT
        All you can do is call me more names, “Nazi” and “princess”. Sad!

        You used the phrase, ” racist, classist and ableist.” Are you familiar with Intersectionality? Intersectionality is an analytical framework for understanding how aspects of a person’s social and political identities combine to create different modes of discrimination and privilege. It’s a derivative of Marxism. Why are you using vocabulary from Marxist framework/theory to criticize my argurments (when you’re not namecalling)? I’m not letting you off the hook on this. Do you realize that your entire framework for moral decision making is based on Marxism? You didn’t it call un-Christlike, you didn’t cite John Locke, you didn’t call it illogical- you literally used a Marxist criticism of my argument. Look- believe whatever you want, but you’ve watched so much TV that you’re now a Marxist. I know this might sound crazy to you now, but I really think you should self-examine how you formed your moral compass.

        I hope you find Jesus. I believe He can redeem you from this.


        JWT- forget all this stuff. Just answer us one question, are you a Christian?

      • Soapy, your arguments have moved from ridiculous to just plain stupid. Terms like racist and racism existed for a long time before Marx was ever born. In fact, if you look at Benjamin Franklin’s petition above, you’ll see that kind of language. Was Franklin a Marxist?
        Yes, I am a proud Christian. You have consistently mocked my wife for sharing the same ethnicity and faith as Christ. No Christian would do this.
        And yes, despite what names you use, I recognized your stormer coded posts from your very first comment.

      • JWT, it looks like we have something in common besides an interest in firearms. My wife also shares the same ethnicity, as well as nationality, as Christ. We’re not religious though, just cultural.
        Also, I should have been more specific. I was referring to the minority of mass shootings committed with AR-15’s that make the news and get folks riled up. Those appear to me to be mostly disturbed white men. I agree that most of the other mass shootings are committed with pistols, and are not typically the work of disturbed white men. But those don’t make the headlines.

      • Idaho Boy, you’ve just proven my point.
        Middle class able-bodied men are the people who are not affected by these regulations. If the goal was to keep people from shooting up a 7-Eleven with these weapons, they have built the regulations to make sure that the people you think are committing these crimes are the only ones still likely to be able to get these weapons.

      • “I hope you find Jesus“

        Hell, I didn’t even know he was lost!

        Who’s turn was it to watch him?

        All right already, what’s my grid number, I’ll get to it.

  11. I have to agree with Ryan J. The goal should be refuting the left’s hysterical use of crying “racist!”, not adopting it. As he said, they define everything now. No far-left politician will change their mind on gun control just because a pro-gun blog said it was racist.

    You can’t fight hyperbole with more hyperbole.

    • “The goal should be refuting the left’s hysterical use of crying “racist!”, not adopting it.”

      you don’t get it. the ones behind the left are flatly racist and tribalist. they’re not against racism/tribalism, they’re against YOU being racist/tribal and thus successfully opposing them. to them this is war, tribal war, genocidal war, winner take all, and they yell “NAAZI NAAZI NAAZI!” at you to cow you and prevent you from organizing and fighting back. refuting it will require adopting it.

    • Ah! I think I see, maybe JWT can get with us this way. Jon, his argument is with the “white” portion of your argument, and from here he might be right. Did you have some manner of evidence that a rich black man could not do the same things you did? You have a valid point about disenfranchisement of the poor, but what does race have to do with it?

      • It is the same effect as a poll tax, just with your second amendment rights. Any time we make the free exercise of any right more expensive, we disproportionately affect anyone in the minority, be that a race, disability, age, etc. This is why the poll tax is unconstitutional.

  12. They are deleting good faith, respectful dissenting comments again on this left wing blog. 🙁

  13. I have an 80% arms 9mm lower waiting to become a .40 S&W lower if/when the .40 S&W parts I want come back in stock. Then, clearly, I will need to order another one to make a 9mm version. Then I will eventually get around to .357 Sig. Why? Why not? I can have an AR pistol to match every configuration I can have for my Glock 23. Oh, wait, I’ll need a .22 as well. A .22 AR pistol that takes Advantage Arms Glock mags. Which will provide me the excuse to order the 25 round Advantage Arms mags. Should have them all done by the time I am 75. Life is good. You don’t need to be a rich white guy. Being middle class of any race in America, with time and determination is all it takes to do this stuff.

    • That’s not the case if these new rules are adopted. You would not be legally allowed to do any of the things that you have listed.

  14. The whole race bait headline was really unnecessary.
    Where I’m from the Black people are the privileged ones.
    I live in Chicago and Black people here are never charged with gun law violations, those charges are exclusively reserved for the White privileged.
    Plenty of Blacks and other “minorities” here with more money then me too. I’m sure they can afford tax stamps, lawyers, etc., as much as any pandering self abasing well off White person.

    • No, it’s completely necessary. We have to continually show the plantation politics and hypocrisy of the Biden-Harris administration.

      • Problem is it’s silly, ineffective, and they don’t care. They know they are terrible hypocrites, they don’t give a tinker’s damn. They operate according to power and self-interest with few morals. If they can act hypocritically and get away with it, that is just them flexing their power on us.
        When we argue that their schemes are racist, sexist, classist, discriminatory, etc. it only concedes the argument and assumes some of what they believe. It’s like trying to fight them on their own turf with one hand tied behind your back. If you fight them with progressive thinking you’ve conceded half the field.
        The whole “Democrats are racist, plantations, KKK” thing is also silly. American history isn’t some epic battle between evil devil horned Democrats and angelic Republicans. The 19th Century Republican Party was extremely corrupt and just as racist as the Democrats. Just look up how Benjamin Butler felt about African Americans living in the DC area, his sentiments would make David Duke blush.

        • This is a sentiment I really just can’t comprehend. There’s nothing “Progressive”about seeing the evils of the destruction of American civil rights.
          This is a fundamental belief of conservatism. The belief that we are all endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights is not a philosophy owned by the Democrats. You’re not conceding anything there.

        • There’s nothing silly about the liberal side of the mostly phony political dichotomy in the United States. Anyone with an internet connection and a good dose of curiosity can make great use of documents located online in the US National Archives, and declassified documents in FOIA libraries, online reading rooms, located in federal government websites such as FBI.gov & CIA.gov or another of hundreds more and read for themselves the facts never mentioned by political representatives, never covered by TV news media or written in any newspaper large or small. Those things, historically relevant issues aren’t so easily dismissed by the wave of one’s hand while declaring them silly. I’ve read for countless hours the past six years since learning of our freely available access to those massive collections of formerly classified documents. The most astonishing things about our past are revealed, one most disturbing to myself is how much of what we’ve been led to believe is historical fact was actually part of an ongoing regular practice of deception. The Democratic party, to me, was the people’s party, while the Republicans were the party of aristocratic fatcats, cigar chomping old money bankers, but the documents now available to everyone today prove those roles were in reality the opposite of our misguided beliefs. Even worse, they’ve been little more than a collection of overlapping systems and interlaced institutions serving to keep the massive divided, lesser educated, anxious, angry and easily manipulated and controlled. The truth is of little importance as long as we are blinded to the greatest deception since Satan’s convincing most of humanity he doesn’t exist.

  15. We have gone through this before, my wife is Messianic. Try and keep up.
    Why do you think Thomas Jefferson is a Marxist? Why do you continually espouse to Nazi ideology? Why do you hate America?

    • How could Thomas Jefferson be a Marxist? Marxism came much later? Thomas Jefferson owned black people as slaves, so wouldn’t that make him a “racist” under your framework?

      Now you’re calling me a “Nazi”. What makes me a “Nazi”? Rejecting Marxism? Seriously. I’m genuinely curious why you think I’m a Nazi, and why you choose to call me that name. Is that a name the TV told you was the worst insult? Seriously, I’m asking in good faith.

      “Why do you hate America?” How do I “hate America”? Is anyone who disagrees with cultural Marxism an America hater? All I did was point out that the “democrats are the real racists” argument is weak and wrong. And you unloaded with name calling and ad hominem attacks. You should reflect on why you seem to hate me so much. I’m not a left winger trying to take your guns away. I’m a fellow gun owner and veteran. You seem to punch right harder than you punch left. Think about that.

      • Nope. You said my language was “Marxist”. And yet Jefferson uses the same language in his petition to abolish slavery, posted above.
        You are apparently too stupid to get the point. Hating the ignorant and lazy values of racism isn’t Marxist, it’s fundamentally American.
        Again, you keep quoting something I never said. Only you said “democrats are the real racists.” I never so much as wrote the word Democrats. And then you argued against it
        literally arguing against yourself.
        As far as your national socialist ideology, did you forget this isn’t your first post here? Did you forget that, after all of your childish arguments were rebutted, you turned to insult my family because of my wife’s ethnicity? The first thing you did was blame the Jews.
        And the whole time crying because you got your feelings hurt.
        I don’t own a TV, haven’t in decades.
        Humble yourself and realize that you’ve guessed wrong about my education, my religion, my wife’s religion, my TV usage, and literally everything else. You’ve been wrong with every single point.
        Please, cry more, un-American trash.

  16. Intelectuales => intellectually*

    Sorry- I have Español autocorrect on my phone. I guess I’m one of those Nazi Mexican immigrants :/

  17. You’re full of shit bro. This site never deletes a comment that I’ve ever seen in my years of commenting here. You must be mentally ill.

    • John Deere tractor in background is actually a toy model. I’m not a rich white guy, but even I could afford one… just sayin’.

  18. You proved to be a classless clown, insulting both me and my family. Only then did I point out your national socialist roots. Your argument was fantastically stupid from the start, and it only got worse. You deserve to be mocked. You deserve to be made fun of. I’m glad I was available to do it.
    Please cry more. Or, grow up, apologize, and be a man for once in your life.

    • Also- @jwt, I’m willing to Skype with you or meet up in person to explain this. I want to make you more effective with your goal of preserving our 2A rights! I’m on your side!

      I’m often in the TX area for biz- will you go to church with me?

    • All you do is call me names, hide behind your wife, and end sentences in prepositions.

      Your argument, that gun control advocates are the real racists, is flawed. As someone who supports the right to keep and bear arms, it’s sad to see this. The right would much better off if they punched this hard against the left. Instead, you bring out all the punches because I criticized you from the right. You attack people using Marxist thinking and are too proud to recognize the error in your ways. I suspect I must have stuck a nerve, since the traditional Internet wisdom is to not feed the trolls.

      I know you’re too proud to admit you made a mistake, but I sincerely hope next time you write an article you think about what I was trying to say. Maybe there’s a kernel of truth in there.

      Do abortion advocates argue like this? That the pro-life people are the real baby killers? Does BLM call cops the real cultural Marxists? Well- then what makes you think calling the Biden Harris gun control Agenda racist is going to work? Your answer was that if we point out their hypocrisy, then we’ll win. That is demonstrably false; conservatives have been that for decades and have lost on every major issue.

      I’m trying to make your message more effective, and you lash out at me 100x harder than you do against your actual opponents. Think about that.

      • You and the racist unAmerican trash like you are my actual opponents. I will always be against you.

    • JWT. lots of people here have your six. That troll is no better then Bidens antifa and their jihad allies.

  19. GREAT clickbait title, throwing in a swipe at whiteness and richness…

    American politics is and for some time HAS BEEN nothing more than an argument between conservatives and liberals over which group loves the blacks more and better and which group has a better plan for raising them up from their present condition.

    Great job TTAG, way to be formulaic, predictable and completely unnecessary.

    By golly, just as soon as we prove to (somebody I guess) that WE love the blacks more and better and harder than the libs we’ll certainly win this culture war and ring in 1,000 years of conservative bliss. Just got to think of a few more ways in which we love the blacks more…

    • The funny thing is people are calling the author out on this, and it’s going completely over his head. I like that Ryan j Soap guys’ argument:

      Do pro-choice people call the pro-lifers the real baby killers?

  20. I enjoyed reading about your experience and advice about your build experience. I don’t understand why you single out “white men?”

    I have black and Hispanic friends who are firearms enthusiasts just like me. There’s absolutely no reason to make the legal enjoyment and inalienable right to enjoy firearms a racial thing. Unless you’re race-baiting to drive web traffic.

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