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They didn’t stand a chance. Still, it’s nice to be outside.


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  1. I went snipe shooting once, and it couldn’t have been more frustrating.
    My friends said to walk down one side of the big field and they’ll walk the other side.
    “Just remember, if ya flush one out … No shooting 90° to your right, so ya don’t shoot us.”, they said.
    Every once in a while I would hear a shotgun report on the other side, back by the campground. I walked that field for hours and never saw a single snipe.
    Got back to camp and the beer was almost gone! None of them got a snipe either but they all seemed to not care so much…

    Ah, those were the good old days.

    • many came away from summer camp wary of snipe (paper bags, flashlights). but, like carolina rail, they are very challenging to hit on the wing.

  2. One can also go Beau hunting but you may end up with a restraining order issued…

    BTW- if you’re an NRA voting-elligible member, don’t forget to vote for Board. Ballot is in the latest publication if you are elligible. It’s rare for members to tear them out, vote and return them.

    Sitting it out or writing crap that no one will read on the ballot, which goes to an accounting firm, NOT NRA, does nothing except make some people think they’re doing something positive…

    If no one else is asking for your vote, why vote for them? Aside from the political activities in IA and at Fed level, I’ve spent 35+ years recruiting membership and it’s to those members that my loyalty stands. As far as I’m concerned with the general, annual member, YOU are, and I am, the NRA. Craig Swartz, Adel, IA.

    • NRA was a bigger opponent to my state’s constitutional carry and federal nullification bills than any gun control group was. The NRA can get bent. FPC and GOA all the way.

    • Craig,
      Just read your bio on the Iowafc site. It was looking good until the defense of Wayne Lapierre. I will not be voting for you.

      • Somehow I doubt that there are any anti-LaPierre candidates, although I intend to go through he list and see what I can find or interpret. I have donated to more second amendment groups than ever recently, but not a penny to support Wayne, his mistress, or NRA until that whole mess is cleaned out to my satisfaction. I saw a similar situation play out over several years in one professional organization I have been a member of since the 70s and this is almost a repeat with a few notable differences.

      • I’m not sure what bio you’re referring to. I’m a member of IFC and Mike Ware and I are pretty much of the same mind in many ways so I know he doesn’t oppose me. I have a bio in the NRA pubs as a candidate.

        If there is some reference that NRA due process as per NRA Bylaws must be followed in dealing with WLP I’d stand by that. Firing/dispensing with him/terminating contract/wth ever without doing so would likely only add yet another lawsuit to the ones we face with NYS, AckMaq, several past Board members and donors- there’s no sense in that. I’m on record stating this can can’t be kicked further down the road and a hearing must be held. Not doing so would likely end with NYS or some other entity having jurisdiction over all future actions and no one on the Board, nor no member in their right mind wants that.

        The Board will have to deal with all of these issues and that’s where I am. They’ll have to deal with them by the book and the current lynch mob mentality that’s been present at a couple past Annual Meetings will only deepen NRA’s legal problems. To do otherwise is to take on the same tactics and actions of the Ferguson, MO “hands up, don’t shoot”, Or Freddy Gray, or Kenosha gang, or Travon Martin/George Zimmerman bunch. We’re all better than that and while we all think we know all of the evidence like the rioters obviously did in those and other cases, we aren’t even qualified to be jurors if we can’t even start from a sense of impartiality. We owe it to the Reginald Denny’s of the country. There can be justice, even within NRA, but only if the “rules” are observed. Me, and flat out bullying do not go together.

        And once again- if you are a voting member and do not vote, even if it’s for someone other than me, exactly what are you doing to solve a huge problem? And, I’ll state it yet again and hope it never comes to it, but should these forces be successful in cancelling NRA; GOA, SAF, NAGR, FPC- all of the other “gun groups” will fall like dominoes in a couple months. They could never withstand the pressure or legal fees were everything not always directed at NRA.

        After years of fighting this cause it’s obvious to me that there is no way the people always claiming to be sending “their money” to other groups instead because of this or other issues would even consider sending enough to those smaller orgs to save them.

    • Hey, Craig in IA,

      I always read your posts…usually good stuff. Cannot go with you on the NRA….prefer and send my dollars to feistier organizations who like to get their hands, and their cheap suits, dirty to get the job done.

      God be bless you if you and others can fix the NRA.

  3. I just started to learn the bow and arrow last week! There is alot to it. One thing I learned already. Don’t buy a used bow. Have your bow adjusted to your body and pull strenght first!!! Before you get a used bow from a pawn shop.

    • Chris in K,

      Have fun!! See if you can rent a long bow. Way more funner than a compound. Be a Samurai.

      • I took up the bow after I retired. After starting with a light recurve I moved up to a Bodnick Slick Stick. Which is a type of long bow. Unfortunately the lockdown closed our local ranges and I have not had a chance to practice in a long time.

        I don’t care for compounds. Stick and a string for me.

  4. Funny!!! Chuckled and chuckled again. Thanks!!

    I learned to shoot with a long bow. Pissed off my instructor because I used my thumb and pointed finger and was still the best in our group. Never used a compound bow, especially never with a scope. If I ever go back to bow and arrow, it will be a long bow. But, I have some more firearms to buy, first. Seems there is always one more.

    BTW, picked up 500 reman 9mm Buffalo Cartridge today. 35 cents a round. Saw Winchester white box at 48 cents a round.

    Think I’ll hit the range.

  5. Yeah, pretty easy to kill defenseless bows with a knife.
    How about you try that with a bowhead whale. Um yeah , uh uh.
    “Damn you whale I stabbeth thee.”

    • [quoting from Melville’s Moby Dick] To the last, I will grapple with thee… from Hell’s heart, I stab at thee! For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee!

      • A shower cap?. Never heard of that. I know what a shower is though, its a light rain that quite dont get all the soap suds off.


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