Pack and Load Range Ammo (image courtesy JWT for
Pack and Load Range Ammo (image courtesy JWT for
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Loading AR magazines takes time. Sometimes we need that time to relax and get our minds right, and sometimes we just need to get shooting.

The Right Tool Company has developed a nifty little gadget for the latter. With very little effort, their Pack & Load Range Ammo puts 30 rounds into the full-sized AR magazine of your choice in seconds.

Essentially, the Pack & Load Range Ammo is a play on the age old clip. It’s an ammunition stack surrounded by a plastic form that holds the ammo in place. The stack goes on top of the magazine and the ammo is pushed down and in. It’s simple and effective.

Image courtesy JWT for
Image courtesy JWT for

Take a look at the back of the packaging and you’ll find very specific instructions. If you follow them to the letter, it works exactly as described.

Just take off the paper packaging, pull the retaining tab at the bottom, put the device on top of an empty AR magazine and pull down the plunger. Magazine loaded. That’s it.

I tried the Pack & Load with both standard metal GI Mags as well as Magpul PMags. It fits a little tighter and is more stable on the PMags, but it worked just fine on both.

Image courtesy JWT for
Image courtesy JWT for

After just a couple of magazines, you’ll have the hang of it. I timed myself and by the third magazine it was taking me 10 seconds or less to load 30 rounds, from the moment I picked up the ammunition until it was loaded into the magazine. Taking the wrapper off is the longest part of the process.

It also doesn’t take much strength to load the magazines. If you have limited strength or mobility in your hands or fingers, the Pack & Load would definitely help. There’s a real market here for folks with disabilities. Watch it done here.

There are a couple of potential issues.

Image courtesy JWT for
If that center bottom tabs falls out, so do the rounds. (Image courtesy JWT for

First, see that little retaining tab at the bottom? It’s not locked in place. You just pull it out. That means if you leave a lot of loaded Pack & Loads, say, thrown randomly into a large cardboard box (as the ones I was given were), some of those tabs will likely fall out, spilling the rounds. Keep them stacked upright or packed tightly together and that won’t be a problem.

Image courtesy JWT for
This little piggy refused to go home. (Image courtesy JWT for

The other issue is that sometimes a single round gets stuck at the bottom and won’t push through with the rest of the stack. I had eight Pack & Load stacks and this happened in two of them. It’s not a big deal. You loaded 29 rounds really fast instead of 30 and you’ll need to load that one extra round individually.

This is a good product if you need to load a whole lot of ammunition, especially if you are providing ammunition for a course and you need to get yourself or your students loaded back up quickly.

In addition to pre-loaded Pack & Loads, the Right Tool Company also sells them as empty units. Loading each of them takes some time, but certainly less so than a loading magazine. And then they all load into the magazine in just a few seconds.

If you know you’re going to need them at the range and have a little time between magazine loadings, putting some of these in the range bag and being ready to load wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Of course, this whole idea only works if there’s not a big surcharge for the product. Like most ammunition, Fort Scott Munitions is currently out of stock on their website, but they list the pre-loaded Pack & Loads with 55gr FMJs with a price tag of $18.49 for 30 rounds. That’s not bad. You can buy five empty Pack & Loads for $15.99.

Specifications:  Pack & Load Range Ammo

30-round pack
55gr full metal jacket range ammunition
Price: $18.49

Overall * * *
The Pack & Load is a handy product if you need to load a lot of ammunition quickly, and it doesn’t take up much more space than a magazine. Be careful how you store the loaded clips or you may end up with rounds everywhere.

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  1. With the ammo market the way it is right now, the price of ammo+loader isn’t bad at all really. Sounds like the retention could be fixed in a future iteration too.

    • I’m wondering why one of these is somehow better than simply bringing an additional loaded mag to the range, which costs less anyway.

      But innovation and trinkets, and all that…

      • I hazzed that question, too.

        My, uh, wild hog ammo is loaded in GI stripper clips. Not quite as fast, but I’m not expecting that many hogs after the primary mags are empty.

        There are no clocks at my range. I can see the usefulness if you are teaching a bunch of rookies that never dealt with spoons and strippers.

  2. How many can you fit into a stardard 50 cal can? I didn’t see dimensions on the company’s site, nor on Amazon.

    • Not very many. You’d need to angle them to fit and I’m betting that’s a recipe to end up with loose rounds.

      • Thanks. That’s unfortunate, though. It would have been nice to have as a middle ground between loaded mags and loose rounds for long-term storage.

  3. Hey J Dub, one quick question… are they able to be reloaded after you use them once? I assume that they are, unless the retaining pin is a one and done design

  4. “Loading AR magazines takes time.”

    So, just come to Massachusetts. It takes one third of the time to load magazines here as it takes in most other states.

  5. This seems like a good idea if one just wanted to load 30-round AR magazines only.

    Here is the slightly similar system I use. Non-bulk rifle ammo usually comes in a box of 20. Those rounds are usually held in a 10 or 20 round plastic sleeve/holder inside the cardboard box. For example, Federal ammo usually has two 10-round plastic sleeves and Remington used a single 20-round plastic holder. When people toss those away in the small garbage bins next to shooting benches at the outdoor range I use, I pick them up for repurposing. I load them with my bulk ammo and they fit & stack in 30 cal. ammo cans. After my AR magazines are emptied when shooting at the range, I then use ETS’s C.A.M. Universal Loader for rifles to refill my magazines and get back to making noise. Highly recommend the C.A.M. loader. It takes up very little space in range bag and is a superb ‘time & thumb’ saver!

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