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From SB Tactical . . .

With the release of its Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has left little doubt to its intention to wreak havoc on millions of American firearm owners and devastate the firearms industry through lost jobs and revenue.

The Congressional Research Service estimates that there are somewhere between 10 million and 40 million firearms in circulation with Pistol Stabilizing Braces. Under the NPRM posted to the Federal Register, the vast majority of these would become unregistered short-barrel rifles. This creates a significant burden on legal gun owners, especially the disabled shooter these products were designed to support.

“ATF’s proposal would outlaw the vast majority of pistols sold with Stabilizing Braces, and by ATF’s own admission, would result in more than a billion dollars in damage to the firearms industry and countless American jobs lost,” said Alex Bosco, inventor and founder of SB Tactical. “As the leader in the Pistol Stabilizing Brace industry, we will champion the legal and economic interests of the millions of owners of brace products who are using the device as intended for sport shooting, home protection and to overcome a physical handicap.”

In what amounts to the largest firearms registration scheme in U.S. history, the ATF has explicitly prohibited the grandfathering of existing braced firearms. This leaves the millions of firearms owners, who relied on previous ATF guidance, in legal jeopardy with only a few options, which include adding a longer barrel, surrendering their firearm to the ATF, destroying the firearm, or paying the $200 tax and registering the firearm as a short-barrel rifle.

For owners who added a brace themselves, they may remove and destroy the brace. For the millions who purchased factory pistols with braces pre-installed, there is no option for removal. Only surrender, destruction or registration with no financial recompense.

SB Tactical encourages all gunowners to make their voices heard through the public comment period, which is currently set to close on September 8, 2021. To submit your comments, please use one of the following methods:

Denise Brown
Office of Regulatory Affairs, Enforcement Programs and Services, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
ATTN: ATF 2021R-08
Mail Stop 6N-518
99 New York Ave. NE
Washington, DC 20226

  • Written comments must include the following:
    • Reference agency and docket number: ATF 2021R-08
    • Legible and appear in minimum 12-point font size (.17 inches)
    • Commenter’s first and last name
    • Commenter’s full mailing address
    • Must be signed
    • Must be postmarked on or before September 8, 2021
  • Fax
    • Submit comments by facsimile transmission to (202) 648-9741
    • Faxed comments must include the following:
      • Reference agency and docket number: ATF 2021R-08
      • Legible and appear in minimum 12-point font size (.17 inches)
      • 8 ½” x 11” paper
      • Commenter’s first and last name
      • Commenter’s full mailing address
      • Must be signed
      • Must be transmitted on or before September 8, 2021
      • No more than five pages long

Please do not submit the same comment multiple times or use more than one method. Also, the ATF will not consider comments that don’t meet their requirements or those that contain profanity. Please keep comments on the topic of the proposed brace regulations.

SB Tactical is continuing to encourage the ATF to establish clear and measurable standards for our products. Our partner, the Firearms Regulatory Accountability Coalition (FRAC), is working to defend the American firearms owner and manufacturer from government overreach. SB Tactical encourages all firearms owners to support the work of FRAC as the leading voice in this fight.

We can stop this misguided and unlawful proposal that unfairly targets law-abiding firearms owners and manufacturers. But we can only do this with your help and support. Please submit your comments today and support FRAC as this fight continues.

For more information on the American-made products from SB Tactical, please visit us at

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  1. Sounds like a big ‘ol heap of trouble for the ATF to implement and oversee.

    Also sounds like a good time to overhaul (or remove) the NFA. The arguments that supported that legislation 86 years ago are not applicable to 2021, anyway.

    • Lots of people should address that in their comments. I did.

      This article claims people who bought pistols with braces can’t just remove them (and slap on a bar buffer tube). I believe that is incorrect.

      • Good thing I never bought one pre-configured, then..

    • “The arguments that supported that legislation 86 years ago are not applicable to 2021, anyway.”


      Gangland drive-by shootings are kinda popular these days. The argument to make is that many tens of millions of semi-auto handguns are out there, and are *far* more concealable…

    • choices?….most will make only one choice…ignore the ATF…and keep what they have, clandestinely, if necessary…basically going the bump-stock route…..thus breeding further disrespect for the law…is this what they want?

  2. Ummm…I told some clueless yokels the braces they were fondling at a LGS(South County Guns) would be contraband soon. Deaf ears and a “yer a boomer” smirk. I may be in the same camp with an ordinary AR. So when will the shot heard ’round the world be fired?!?

      • I read the Bill. It refers to hanguns (not just pistols), which includes revolvers and others. It also includes restrictions on ammo. However, at the moment it’s just more wet spaghetti on the wall. Unlikely to even make it out of Committee.

  3. Submitted my comment in opposition to the pistol brace proposed rule. Now everyone please go and do the same. Oh, and if you haven’t already, comment on the 80% lower proposed disaster of a rule.

    • The 80% rule turns every semiauto into a machine gun by changing the definition of readily converted.

      That rule makes toys r us, home depot and lowes and alcoa need ffl’s.

      It’s all BS. It’s all imfringement.

  4. So it’s been told that the agency has to answer each valid comment and that the vast inflow of comments for the proposed M855 ban contributed to it being killed (although it’s more likely becaue Trump won in 2016.

    Is there some type or class of comments that people can submit that causes the agency to expend a crap load of time to answer or expend money to answer? Something like referring to a crime report in Podunk, Kansas about how a braced weapon saved the day and then the ATF would have to chase down the particulars of the case. Then you can just get any old crime case numbers and leave it up to ATF to waste time determining that the case doesn’t reply. You know crap like that just to throw sand in the gears until Desantis becomes POTUS.

    • You can also demand what studies were conducted that substantiate each of their claims. Like them saying you only need a brace for a weapon over 12 inches and under 26, and in certain weights over 4 pounds but under 7.5. How many people were in the study? How many studies were conducted? What braces were used on what weapons? What were the ages and arm lengths and relative strength of the participants? And on and on…

      • “You can also demand what studies were conducted that substantiate each of their claims.”

        Even better, demand that the ATF produce a model of a legal braced pistol that can be legally reproduced by the public.

        Listing the exact parts, dimensions, etc…

  5. Nah, I did my Senator thing, no way in hell am I associating with a ATF want your name address deal. The cat was let out of the bag with ANOM.
    Freedom of speech to incarcerate yourself .
    Officer Friendly told me everything I say -Can- and will be used -Against- me.
    Screw your Name and address.

    • This.

      All you are doing is giving them an easier place to look.


      It’s easy:
      I will not comply.
      Come and take them.

      Now all together…

        • And I am sure they take all those comments to heart.

          “Please don’t infringe on us”
          Submitted by:

          About as useful as YouTube comments.

      • F them. They damn sure better have me on a list. A bunch of lists to be honest, but they’re government so nothing would surprise me.

        Better they just shoot me in my sleep because my little AR pistol is not even in my top 10 ways to be a dangerous pain in the ass when the boog kicks off.

  6. Write Deez nuts.

    Oddly enough, same person I put on the ballot since I was old enough to.

    Actually, I think “Mike Jones” was the first.


  7. So the authoritarian bureaucrats are asking the ignorant mob how they should rule you.

    This seems like a great system.

  8. I’m commenting. And l don’t care if they know who or where I am. Because I know WHAT they are,and I’m not in the least bit concerned with their good opinion of me; not that they had one of me to begin with.
    Remember, they know who THEY are,who they work for and what their operational intents are. And have known all along…nope, these aren’t good people. They’re polished turds with Federal Law Enforcement Credentials…if you ever thought that they were worthy of the oxygen they steal with every breath,you haven’t been paying attention.
    They’re in service to SOMEONE…but that someone isn’t us. They’re enemies. Treat them as such in any and all considerations. Because they regard you,me;or anyone not on their payroll and holding our beliefs as enemies.

    • Good point.

      But since when does an enemy ask their opposition what their strategies and thoughts on the war are? Like Hitler meeting with Stalin. All for publicity and a distraction.

  9. Tracking: kpt-0dej-mi6x

    What is the purpose of any regulation of braces if not the first step towards banning semi auto firearms? My across the road neighbor was born without all his fingers and a misshapen palm on his left hand. I have invited him to shoot with me several times, and he is basically unable to effectively manipulate any action other than auto loading and he must remove his right grip hand to do so. When he uses a braced AR pistol strapped to his left arm, he is able to insert magazines and manipulate the charging handle with his functional right hand, then use that hand in a wrapped grip to secure the weapon while he pulls the trigger with his left middle finger. I support the right of all Americans including handicapped to be able to effectively use a firearm. My 70 year old mother who is 5’1” 100 lbs lives alone in a rural area. Due to arthritis, she has a hard time holding most firearms. An 9mm AR pistol with a brace is her choice self defense because other weapons are too large, heavy, lack accuracy in a weak grip, etc. Many non-disabled people such as myself own a braced pistol. The claim is a shorter barrel of an AR pistol makes it more concealable. It’s laughable to think of an AR pistol as “concealable.” (I can jam a bolt action rifle down my pants leg and walk with a limp so “concealable?” A brace makes it that much larger and harder to conceal though, so shouldn’t they be encouraged? The claim is also that the brace makes it “more deadly.” I think what is meant is that a brace can potentially make the weapon more accurate and useable. That’s pretty much the point for self defense. It helps the good guys. Bad guys killing people are not worried about making an illegal rifle with a stock, so taking them away only hurts law abiding. lastly, how many lives will be saved and at what cost? Is this ban the most effective utilization of ATF resources to prevent firearm deaths? I would suggest maybe you look into federally arresting and charging gang members in big cities since that represents the majority of gun homicides and would protect the population that live there. I can only surmise the people that live there aren’t worth saving by the racist ATF because their skin isn’t the right color.

    • “So, when do we use the Second Amendment for its intended purpose???”

      It is up to every citizen to make that choice for themselves.

      Please choose *wisely*… 🙂

  10. How about a “Making All Enumerated Rights Equal Act”?

    With 23,000 laws infringing on the one right that specifically says “shall NOT be infringed”, it is obvious we need to place restrictions on free speech, religion, fair trials, protection against self-incrimination, etc.

    We obviously need a license to speak in public, another license to post on social media, and one to protest. In order to obtain said licenses, applicants must pay a $200 fee, undergo a background check, be cleared by a psychological exam, and display emotional maturity and the right political affiliation. Every post on social media will require approval, and a fee. To earn the right to a fair trial and due process, one must attend 80 hours of training on the foundation of law in the USA, and pay a $200 fee. To practice religion, one must be licensed, insured and bonded. Only approved forms of religion may be practiced… these ridiculous suggestions are not even close to the insane restrictions our arrogant and unconstitutional government has placed on the right to bear arms.

    • You know, by subjecting to the decision of a committee the right to express one’s opinion on social media we are already on this path…

    • Dude, we’re already there.
      Conversely, what if we made all of the enumerated rights truly sacrosanct?

  11. “The Congressional Research Service estimates that there are somewhere between 10 million and 40 million firearms in circulation with Pistol Stabilizing Braces.”

    Somewhere between 10 and 40 million??? The Congressional Research Service? Taxpayer funded, I’m assuming. THAT kind of “research” could’ve been made up by. 5 year old. Way to spend that budget, must’ve gone right from the tax collector to the Congress’s and bureaucrat’s pockets without even a pause to count it. Holy Crap!!!

  12. Thanks for the info.
    I just bought an AR pistol because I am pretty old and now notice the weight of my full size 9 when I have been shooting for awhile (never thought I’d live so long) so I thought it would be a viable alternative and it is.
    Just a consideration for the defense. I am not handicapped but I am old and getting weaker not stronger.
    I still want to be able to defend myself and my home. Sure I can buy a peepee pistol or a rifle but the AR pistol sells because it fills a need. It’s short enough to carry as a usable firearm in my house and I can carry it loaded conforming with state law. Can’t do that with a rifle.
    Also I read over the regs and it is amazing how many of the requirements are qualifiable not quantifiable.
    That is they are subject to opinion rather than metrology.

  13. In light of this fact, when a new owner acquired one of these types of firearms, it was their responsibility to make sure that it was compliant with any applicable laws before taking possession of it. wordle

  14. This is an excellent piece of writing. This is without a doubt one of the most impressive entries I’ve ever seen. Your work is remarkable, and it inspires me to do better. I admire you.

  15. The ATF’s proposal does not grandfather existing braced firearms, leaving owners with limited options such as modifying their Tunnel Rush firearms, surrendering them, destroying them, or registering them as short-barrel rifles with a $200 tax. This presents challenges, particularly for those who purchased factory pistols with braces pre-installed.


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