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San Francisco’s Hilda and Jesse restaurant refused service to three of San Francisco’s finest this past Friday…because of their sidearms. What’s more, the new North Beach restaurant proudly stood behind the virtue-signaling decision of their bigoted staff in an Instagram post that caught fire.

The restaurant’s owners apparently believe that feeling “uncomfortable” with the presence of weapons justifies discriminating against uniformed police officers.

Hilda and Jesse bills itself as a “safe space” in the crime-free utopia of San Francisco, where the Soros-funded State’s Attorney releases violent predators and ignores laws he doesn’t like.   Hilda and Jesse’s co-owner Rachel Sillcock says she believes that declaring themselves “gun free” means BIPOC and “queer” folks can feel safe.

Apparently nobody hold Hilda and Jesse’s staff that armed gays and minorities don’t get bashed. And that the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun – not virtue-signaling bigots with Instagram accounts.

The restaurant’s virtue-signaling leftists who abhor guns have no problem with arbitrary discrimination. Clearly their spirit of tolerance only goes so far.

One thing is certain: the owners and staff of this formerly anonymous cafe in America’s crappiest city have earned their 15 seconds of Internet fame. Not all of it positive, however. Still the owners continued to double- and triple-down on their bigotry, defending their actions.

San Francisco’s Police Chief, Bill Scott, called the restaurant’s decision to deny service “personally disappointing.”

The police union, the San Francisco Police Officers Association, released this statement via FoxNews:

“Three foot-beat officers looking to eat where they patrol are treated without any tact or class by this establishment. Fortunately, there are plenty of restaurants that don’t discriminate and will welcome our officers working to try and keep all San Franciscans safe.”

But the accumulation of attention and blowback over the weekend that resulted from the ejection — even in ultra-left San Francisco — caused the restaurant’s owners to backtrack last night.


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Now, all is well in North Beach once again. SFPD beat cops will no doubt be flocking back to Hilda and Jesse to tie on the feed bag and support another new local business.

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  1. This is why decent people do NOT live in San Francisco and do NOT believe the fake apology of the liberal cretins running this inept, biased restaurant. I hope enough people avoid this restaurant to drive them out of business.

    • Probably have the obligatory” This establishment bars blah blah blah” notice hung next to a “Please wipe your shoes” sign, just inside the entrance. On the way out …”Watch your step” – you know, cuz sidewalks in SanFran.

      • “This establishment bars blah blah blah” notice hung next to a “Please wipe your shoes” sign, just inside the entrance.”

        Sometimes I see signs that proclaim, “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” Why would I ever want to eat in a place where the staff don’t wear shirts, or shoes…and won’t provide any service?”

        Ba doomp doomp, crash!

    • As always, go woke and get broke.

      I have zero interest in visiting Commiefornia, but if some necessity required me to do so, I would make a point to patronize ANYONE who is competing w/ this restaurant!

      What we need are a fleet of helicopters.

  2. “In keeping with your desire to be gun free, should you find yourself being robbed, we will rub our healing crystals, chant a mantra of universal respect and support, and send positive vibes your way.” — SFPD

  3. Luckily, no one carries concealed, so restaurant staff always knows who’s armed and who’s not.

  4. SFPD beat cops will no doubt be flocking back to Hilda and Jesse to tie on the feed bag and support another new local business. Yeah, right. I don’t think the SFPD would even show up if this establishment was being robbed.

    • Oh they would show up. In like 45 minutes to take a report afterwards.
      They would be like, well we were on brake across they city so we can as soon as we were back on shift. Sorry Not Sorry!

  5. Hilda and Jesse’s co-owner Rachel Sillcock says she believes that declaring themselves “gun free” means BIPOC and “queer” folks can feel safe.

    I guess they’ve never heard of the Pink Pistols gun group…

    • BTW, I read this story yesterday on another news site, and the “apology” wasn’t an apology at it. It was a definite #sorrynotsorry.

      Kinda like saying “I’m sorry…that you feel that way.”

      • “I’m sorry…that you feel that way.”

        That’s my favorite. I almost never apologize for anything, it’s always “I’m sorry that you _____” fill in the blank with “don’t know any better” or “feel that way” or “can’t keep up” or “weren’t raised better” or “are so insecure”. The variations go on and on!

    • It’s best to avoid anyone obsessed with this progressive identity ideology. These are not rational people.

  6. I love it when two apparent problems solve each other.

    If the DA wants to let criminal scum off consequence-free, what better release point than Hilda and Jesse’s “safe space”?

  7. You can bet the farm that if hilda and jesse scrutinize police officers then they scrutinize everybody…including those that they, “want to feel safe.” Of course “feeling safe” is the opposite of being safe. And safe to most diners would be having 3 armed officers present…just in case.

    But the fact is Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is inherently racist and loaded down with bigotry. There are other ways for bigots to be bigots other than by way of skin color and Gun Control zealots such as hilda and jesse prove it. Maybe too late for an apology when perhaps a discrimination lawsuit is being discussed.

  8. Uhm as someone who has to unfortunately go to San Francisco often, Hilda and Jesse no you don’t get to take it back. You stated your true virtue signaling feelings the first time.
    I support the Pink Pistols and arming LGBTQ+ folks so they don’t get bashed. If that makes you uncomfortable than I will go with my LGBTQ+ friends elsewhere, where they, and I can protect them from bashing without being discriminated against.

  9. Ya don’t eat anywhere in uniform , unless you enjoy spit and who knows what else in your food . I can’t believe guys do in this day and age .

    • Larry,

      That kind of surprises me as well.

      Speaking of, I vaguely remember reading somewhere that many cops will only eat at restaurants where they can watch restaurant staff prepare their food or where the food is already prepared and packaged beforehand.

      • I pulled to a drive though in a unmarked in uniform and the “male,” who had ear plugs and other questionable attire looked suspicious and handed my coffee. I poured it on the ground in front him and never went back. Only go places now I can see the food made and pour my own drinks or the are sealed.

    • That was my thought also. They already hung out the No Guns shingle, then gave a couple of you the bum’s rush. What’re they gonna do to the grub? I’m sure there are places that you already know and trust.

  10. Lucky for this restaurant: 99.99% of violent criminals do not stay on top of current events. Otherwise that restaurant would soon be deluged with very unpleasant violent criminal “visits”.

    Thanks to said violent criminal ignorance, that restaurant may actually manage to avoid the painful lesson that, “Reality is a harsh mistress.”

  11. Come one, come all! Step right up! Hilda and Jesse’s FREAK SHOW is open! The best entertainment in SAN FRAN SICKO!

    • Jimmy Beam,

      I had always heard how “eccentric” San Francisco was/is. Until recently I had no idea just how far off the deep end San Francisco has gone.

      Nothing underscores that point any better than their annual “street fair” freak show featuring totally naked “patrons” as well as totally naked “performers” enduring abuse/torture (often to their genitalia) in the street. And there are “attractions/sideshows” in buildings (with open doors of course) along that street where naked “performers” and naked fair patrons enthusiastically invite other fair patrons to watch and/or do pretty much anything they want. And when I said anything, I meant anything, no matter how disgusting, revolting, obscene, bizarre, or risky.

      • You do realize that it isn’t just San Franfreako. It’s the entire area. Oakland, Berkeley and so much more. You couldn’t pay me live within 50 miles of the city, and it would cost a helluva lot of money to get me to live within 100 miles. Of course, that’s all rather redundant, as you’d have to pay me to live in California.

      • I lived in California for a long time, and watched as a once solid middle class Republican state sunk into depravity and degeneracy. It was bad enough when I left years ago. I’d rather not think about what it’s like now. Calling it a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah does not capture the corruption and filth that dominates that place. Whatever hardships the place endures it deserves.

  12. SFPD beat cops will no doubt be flocking back to Hilda and Jesse to tie on the feed bag and support another new local business.

    Because everybody likes eating food that’s been vandalized by restaurant employees who hate them and everything they stand for.

    • FedUp,

      This story is a bit perplexing in some respects.

      It reminds me of how scrambled, scatterbrained, incoherent, hysterical, and disconnected from reality Far Left minds can be.

  13. If the place is run by and for BIPOC and queer people, it’s likely that one or more of the cops were also of that ilk. After all, it is San Francisco, Babylon-by-the-Bay. So maybe they cops just weren’t gay enough to satisfy the gay nazis, just like black people who don’t vote Democrat “ain’t black” enough to satisfy Joe Biden.

    It’s fun to think that the two witches who run the restaurant are eating their own. But I do wonder how they cook them.

    • I don’t think that’s fair. Unless there’s a sign up that declares the place as a gay haven, you might not know anything about the gayness. Maybe the cops in question are all gay, and maybe they went to this restaurant because they knew it caters to gays. But, there’s nothing to suggest either here. Except the name of the city.

      • Maybe it’s more about the specific location within San Fran. But I get the sense that Rachael Sillycocks-Trix-R4-Lezzies and Kristina Lyingdog-faced Pony Soldier wanted to communicate that intent by “declaring it gun free means BIPOC and queer people can feel safe” as the dead giveaway. Call it a hunch.

  14. Pancakes are $18, steak and eggs is $39…PLUS a 20% Service Charge added to ALL cheques (I wonder if they also add 2.9% for the “privilege” of paying with a credit or debit card?).

    That makes a plate of pancakes $21.60 before any taxes are added in…and don’t forget to tip your Server.

    May the Bluebird of Happiness fly up their arrogant, condescending noses.

    • Old Guy in Montana,

      Those sorts of prices always baffle me.

      I would never dream of spending $5 to $6 on a “gourmet” coffee or iced-tea drink. And yet the drive-through line around my local $tarbuck$ is always 10+ cars deep.

      If patrons are stupid enough to pay $21.60 on a plate of pancakes at that restaurant, I say more power to them.

      • I’ve worked on and off as a server since I was 18. Blows my mind daily to see what people would rather have than money.

        • @Uncommon_Sense & Carolus Rex

          When I’m out and about, I listen to people complaining about not having enough money to pay the rent, pharmacy, gas, etc…yet, many of these same people purchase one or more Starbucks per day and eat at restaurants (sit down and fast food) 5 – 10 times a week. It boggles my mind how much they spend computed on a monthly basis.

          I keep reminding myself that every person has different priorities in their life. For me those priorities included: a roof over my head, food to eat, providing for my spouse & children, some $$ in savings / checking to cover unexpected stuff that happens. I try to purchase thinking long-term; plan on keeping vehicles 10 -15 years, learned how to repair things around the house, buy when desired items are on sale…this is not rocket science and I’m certainly not a rocket scientist, but, we made it work.

          One of the best high school classes I took was Principles of Home Economics and Budgeting (elective class – my GF was taking it. The old teacher conducting the class was outstanding). Took me a few years out on my own to fully understand and embrace what she had taught…this class has probably gone down the same drain as Civics, the Constitution and Geography.

          Apologies for an Old Man’s Rant.

        • @ Old Guy in Montana
          I know some people who eat out twice a week and get Starbucks three mornings a week because it’s their only way to dodge some of the stresses of life. They know they’re spending more than is sensible, but they have to manage their stress.
          I know another guy who gets a Starbucks drink about ten times a week — it’s his way of fighting the temptation to indulge in a much more expensive and far less legal habit.

        • @Old Guy in Montana

          You don’t need to apologize for that. Its not a rant even, its simply fact.

      • I have dreamed of paying Starbucks for some expensive gourmet coffee. Wanted a cup of coffee, looked around, and the only thing in sight was a Starbucks. I asked for coffee, and the waiter didn’t seem to understand me. I ended up paying for something I never heard of, with a 15 syllable name. Took one sip, and poured it out on the pavement. Thus ended the dream.

        • Basic error: never pay for something you’re going to ingest without requesting a sample. I don’t know if Starbucks still does samples, but they did when I was getting my last university degree — I went through four samples on day before finding one that I liked.
          Though even then the coffee shop three blocks farther from the university was better — if you could describe what you wanted they’d attempt to make it, even! I spent a half hour with one barrista getting the flavor of a “Monterrey Mocha” to match what I remembered from an academic trip to Mexico, and he dutifully wrote down the result; next time I was there studying through the wee hours of the morning I looked over the menu during a break and they’d put it up there!

        • Their coffee isn’t even good. I drink it black without cream and sugar to mask bad coffee. I like Panera’s.

    • I have no idea of what menue prices are in San Fran, but, I do know what costs, through being in the industry for many years, are to the business. Even considering expenses of overhead, a stack of hot cakes should cost no more than a buck fiftey. Figure standard mark up, should sell for 5 or 6 bucks. Side of meat or eggs kicks it up a couple or 3 bucks. Coffee, a buck and a half. So, the prices you state are double what they should be. Great if they can develop a customer base that will pay those prices, but, would never work in anywhere but a coastal Dementiacrat dominated crap hole.

      • take all that and multiple by 7 to fund SF’s minimum wage law, mandatory health insurance law and outrageous rents.

  15. Reading the article, one finds the apology is a conditioned apology.

    Boycott Hilda (especially Hilda) and Jesse’s restaurant.

    Why are cops spending any money at all in an expensive and snotty beanery?

  16. They really stepped in it, up to the knee. They’ve invited every criminal and would be robber to feast on their restaurant & customers, and alienated the very folks who could have made responding to their 911 call a priority.
    That’s just stupid.

  17. Several angry community members left 700 one-star Yelp reviews, members of the community were going to boycott the restaurant, outraged foodies wrote so many unpalatable reviews for the restaurant that Yelp issued an “Unusual Activity” alert, one reviewer called it “$39 steak and eggs with a side of discrimination”, the restaurant was quickly roasted online, many on line calling for a boycott and for police to refuse to respond to future emergencies there.

    Their ‘bread-n-butter’ $$$ bottom line was threatened, that’s why they are sorry for the way they acted.

    • It’s about time those chickens came home to roost. The leftoids aren’t the only ones that can play the canceling game. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander and all that.

  18. I spent many years in the restaurant indutry. I not only welcomed law enforcement, I usually fed them for free. A couple armed, uniformed officers is the best security I could have.
    For several years I managed a bar and grill in ST. Paul MN. While I seldom had any problems, a couple restaurants in the neighborhood were robbed. A couple were within sight of a precinct office. Of course, I also hired off duty officers as security on weekends for security/doormen when we had live music.

  19. Bigots gonna bigot. Is anyone surprised? Would you also be shocked to hear that a gay coffee shop owner kicked out a group of customers because he heard they were outside handing out Christian brochures? No one was forcing him to participate in a Christian marriage. They just wanted to get some coffee and snacks.

  20. Sounds to me like they just don’t want cops. All the cops in my family carry off duty, and I think that for some it’s a requirement.

  21. It’s simple to stop this really. When they call – don’t come.

    It would only take that happening to a couple of restaurants before it changed some attitudes.

    ” the cops don’t need you, and man, they expect the same”
    Bob Dylan – Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues

  22. I wonder if the “no guns in here” sign is large enough and displayed prominently enough to make sure that would be robbers/lotters/bad guys understand the rules and leave.

    • Sign large enough? Mmmm. I admit that I don’t read signs. If I’m looking for a drink, I look for a word that means “we got alcohol”, and stop reading. If I’m looking for food, I find a word that means “we got grub” and stop reading. If I’m shopping for a car, I look for the words “car sales” or similar, and there is no need to read anything else. I don’t care, don’t want to know much of anything beyond the fact that they have what I’m looking for.

  23. “I wonder if the “no guns in here” sign is large enough and displayed prominently enough to make sure that would be robbers/lotters/bad guys understand the rules and leave.”

    Wrong think. Those signs assure “robbers/lotters/bad guys” the place is safe to enter.

  24. They certainly wouldn’t like my idea of a “safe place” — that would be a business where at least half the employees are armed and there are certificates displayed showing their training achievements, and any NRA, GOA, or JPFO members would get a 10% discount.

  25. If I were a bad guy, this sounds like just the place to rob. Pretty sure the cops won’t be in a hurry to respond. They kind of painted a big sign that said come rob me!

  26. I don’t know why everyone is saying they’re hanging a big sign “no guns in here, come rob us.”

    It’s San Francisco where they do not give out concealed carry permits.

    No one in any restaurant or store in San Francisco has a gun.

    Unless they are from out of town from a county that does give out cc permits, or an off duty cop, no one in any establishment is going to be armed

  27. Maybe it dawned on H&J that several weeks of 3x daily unannounced health checks might be a problem.

  28. Whatever. Cops are better off *knowing* not to eat there. Probably get something in your food you didn’t order.

    If the police have an official reason that they have to go in there (i.e. someone calls 911 because they are being assaulted, etc)- a place open to the public- they are going in and anyone trying to stop them is getting arrested. If they don’t have a reason to go in they should avoid it like the plague.

    And if the place calls the police for non-emergency calls they should be told that the police are not responding. Some cities have already started doing this because of manpower concerns. Trespasser? We’ll send someone when there’s literally nothing else going on. Someone walk out on a bill? Feel free to call the telephone report number.

  29. I have eaten in restaurants in San Francisco where there were police present, both in uniform and not in uniform. Some of those police are straight-up belligerent jackasses, even when they don’t need to be. It’s easy to understand how they can make the staff and other patrons nervous.

    While I support the Second Amendment (and would love to see ‘willful carry’ in California), I also support the rights of property owners. If a property owner chooses to ban guns, that’s their call – not mine. My option then becomes whether I want to patronize a target-rich business. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had to explain to people “If you want to prohibit guns in your establishment, I won’t be able to provide you with my business.” It’s pretty-much the same reason I’m now boycotting Levi Strauss, even though I was a loyal customer for decades.

    It seems to me that the author of this article is a little too quick to condemn the management of the restaurant. I can see where the staff might have had good cause to feel unsafe with the police around.

  30. The real truth is that when you own a restaurant in a city, not out in the sticks where people are basically uneducated in the ways of the “real world” cops in your restaurant are bad for business. People do not feel comfortable with cops sitting next to them and the majority of people these days fear cops and fear leads to loathing and hate with the general population.

    I do know some cops and no they are not all bad. But most are. One cop I knew told me “In all my years of being a police officer these days when people look at me I have never seen such hate in their eyes”.

    A good friend of mine told me once told me decades ago “Cops are nothing more than thugs in uniform”, and the last people on earth you want to call for help are the cops”. How true I eventfully found this to be.

    There are subtle ways to cleanse the place of this ilk without risking backlash from cop lovers on the internet and one restaurant owner I knew years ago simply fed them food so bad even a starving dog would not have been able to stomach it. As you might guess the dumb ass cops never guessed what was really going on and they never came back and we all had a good laugh over that one.

    In my neck of the woods so to speak in high school all of the bullies, sadists and crooks when they graduated all became cops. I remember taking a good looking Doll to the movies years later and as we watched the Stanley Kubrick movie “Clock Work Orange” it mirrored what I had seen in high school. The Doll Baby turned to me and asked “Are Cops really that bad”? I said “No honey they are far worse they murder people and get away with it most of the time”. I was remembering a fellow student stopped for a burnt out license plate bulb. The cops shot him in the head and got away with it.

    A friend of mine once lost control of his car decades ago and mowed down some guard polls not guard rails. He got the hell out of there fast because he knew he would have to pay for their repair. The next week he stopped to talk to the cop that was directing traffic when the repair crew was putting in new poles. He said to the Cop “Looks like there was a bad accident here”. The cop said “Don’t “you all” worry because I will catch that law breaker for sure because I can smell a criminal a mile away”. My friend and I have been laughing about that one for 50 some years.

  31. So you are a ventriloquist? I wonder what the other patrons think of an older momma’s boy out with his inflatable doll?

  32. John, you can’t even write a good article without your biased opinions showing through.. what kinda writer are you?! Did you even listen in college?! You’re a weak writer. Get better writing skills where your not biased and writing this very opinionated. This is where bad articles and fake propaganda comes from. Biased opinionated writers like you. Do better, and write better. Don’t be biased if you want to write articles. This is weak and you need to be fired asap honestly.

  33. I would not be surprised if the police are hesitant to dine their unless they post signage welcoming police.

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