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We told you recently how anti-gun Democrats in the Colorado Legislature had passed a semi-auto ban in the State House of Representatives and are considering a measure to expand the number of “sensitive places” where citizens cannot carry a firearm for self-defense.

Over the weekend, the state House passed three more anti-gun measures that would severely infringe on the rights of law-abiding Coloradoans while doing nothing to affect violent criminals.

One measure, HB 24-1270, would force gun owners to purchase a liability insurance policy. The measure states: “A resident of Colorado who owns a firearm shall continuously maintain in full force and effect a homeowners, renters, or other liability insurance policy from a non-admitted insurer, as defined in section 10-5-101.2, or an insurer authorized to do business in Colorado that covers losses or damages of at least $100,000 to all persons arising from any one incident to a person, other than the insured, who is injured as a result of an accidental or unintentional discharge of the firearm, included, but not limited to, death, injury, or property damage.”

If passed and signed into law by Gov. Jared Polis, the law would take effect on January 1, 2025.

Another measure, HB 24-1349, would levy an additional excise tax of 11% on firearms, firearm accessories and ammunition in the state. Commonly called a “sin tax” but targeting a constitutional right instead of a “sin,” this bill would hike the price of practicing a right protected by the Second Amendment substantially, with the largest effect being on poorer gun owners who are least likely to be able to afford the price jump. Most of the money would go to the state’s crime victim services fund, even though lawful gun owners had nothing to do with the crimes that made victims of those who are helped by the fund.

Comparing the tax to a federal excise tax that provides funding for conservation projects in the states, the measure says: “This act will similarly place a reasonable state surtax on firearm and ammunition industry members that profit from the sale of firearms and ammunition in order to generate sustained revenue for programs that are designed to remediate the devastating impacts of these products on families and communities across the state.”

If approved, this measure would go on the state ballot in this November’s election for a vote of the people.

The third bill, HB 24-1353, would create a state permitting system for gun dealers who are already strictly regulated by the federal government under their Federal Firearms Licenses. As NRA-ILA put it in a recent update to members, “The new permit adds one more layer of scrutiny and potentially state sanctioned harassment of these already highly regulated businesses.”

If passed and approved by the governor, the law would take effect on July 1, 2025. All three measures will now be assigned to a Senate committee for consideration.

Incidentally, two other bills passed by the House earlier are also eligible for final reading. HB 24-1174 would increase training requirements for concealed carry permits and require instructors to be certified by the Colorado Bureau of investigation, while HB 24-1348 would require gun owners leaving a firearm in an unattended vehicle to keep the gun in a locked, hard-sided container that is kept out of view or locked in the trunk of the vehicle.

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    • We prefer to simply ignore the laws, as we’ve been doing for a decade.

      And, here’s the funny part, there’s nothing they can do about it because of how widespread it is. On top of that, LE doesn’t even follow the laws and, in fact, openly tells other people not to follow them.

  1. No sympathy. Coloradans deserve the tyranny they allow and their 2nd Amendments Rights are just a part of the tyranny they have accepted. In trade for Comfortable Subjugation.

    • No one in Colorado really cares about your sympathy.

      Though some might note that your entire House delegation is Republican and 100% of them openly voted against the 4A two weeks ago. You guys elect some amazing Conservatives, almost as good as those folks in Utah.

      The rest of the country awaits, with bated breath, the hefty consequences that the great, Conservative people of the state of Iowa will impose upon these scofflaws in the upcoming election.

      • We are removing the cancer that is liberalism and progressiveism from our state as fast as politically possible, but make no mistake if necessary their are those who are willing to go father. We are doing far more to protect and defend our Constitutional Rights than whiners like you that only bloviate on the interweb.

  2. Darkman, I think the tyranny moved there from the west coast. Maybe they should build a boarder wall. I know I wish we had one. From Jax to Pensacola. And a flotilla off the coast. However, freedom of movement within our boarder is our right.

    • Any state is at most 2 generations away from Colorado if enough of the woke want to move there and most are less than 1. Of course many wouldn’t live to see the change so who cares not their problem. I do appreciate Florida (and others) doing what it can with the illegals though. Even just the clear message of you are not welcome and will find no support or resources here absolutely helps.

      • Funny how they want to move away from the problems they create and then bring the same problems, with the same half-@$$ed solutions, to the new place.

        Pr0gtards are a s0cial disease worse than herpes or syphilis.

      • Actually the states with the low birth rates are probably the ones that are losing their rights the fastest.

        It has been interesting watching the number of public schools close in the city of San Francisco. Obviously the people in San Francisco are not reproducing. And they’re not interested in reproducing.

        There are no future generations of human beings that will save them.

    • The tyranny was home grown just like in numerous other states in the liberal/progressive democrat educational indoctrination system. Formally known as public education and it was allowed to happen by their parents and their parents. I spent a lot of time in Colorado in the 80s and the societal landscape looked nothing like it has over the last 20 years. The same cancer has been allowed to metastasize in numerous cities and states, because it was easier to look the other way hoping it would go away. Rather than put an end to it before it took root. Comfortable Subjugation is as dangerous a cancer as the cancer that is killing our society.

    • Looking at the data, as I do, I’m not entirely sure that the entirety of “the tyranny” can be blamed on movement of people. Some can, no doubt, but the Democrats in Colorado have used some interesting tactics to concentrate and solidify their power.

      As I’ve pointed out several times, 24/100 of the current State Legislators are appointed. Even moderate Democrats (whatever that means these days) currently holding office are openly condemning both that situation and the process that allows for it.

      But it does allow for some very interesting maneuvers. For example, (and this happened at least once of which I’m aware) let’s say the party wants a twofer in the Legislature.

      Well, if the Governor appoints a Democrat from the Senate to some other position then that Democrat has to resign their seat in the State Senate and the Democrat Party gets to choose that person’s replacement. Now, if they were to choose someone from the House to replace that Senator they then get to pick the replacement for the House Member.

      So, you take someone who’s unelectable in a Senate race for being too far Left and you “promote” them to the Senate. You then replace them with a Lefty activist in the House. You’ve now shifted the Party to the Left. Rinse and repeat as often as possible.

      Which is how you a get a bunch of Legislators, all appointed, who have office doors that are decorated to look like a mix between ComIntern propaganda and a kindergarten Thanksgiving craft project.

      While it is true that, within Colorado, this process gives incumbent advantage to the appointee there’s a pretty serious question going on here because some of these people have districts that wouldn’t seem amenable to what’s being pushed in the Legislature. It would seem that they don’t care as much about reelection as they do about a power grab.

      Which isn’t shocking for a group of people who believe that there is no truth but power and that power is meant to be exercised. Both things that are utterly foreign to GOP thinking.

      It also doesn’t help that the Colorado GOP is mostly run by geriatrics who don’t understand tech. They just developed their first piece of serious mobile data collection software last year. Dems have had that since at least 2010.

  3. Copying California, I see. We now have an 11% additional tax on firearms and ammunition, massive restrictions on places where firearms may be carried by those with CCWs, once city has passed the insurance mandate (that will have negligible effect given the relatively small number if accidental shootings in that community), and a doubling of the training and class room hours needed to obtain a CCW.

    And no, none of these laws can be anticipated to reduce criminal shootings, as CCWers are very law abiding. The point of these laws is to discourage ownership and carrying of firearms in public by licensed individuals.

    We keep hoping that SCOTUS will intervene, but the Ninth has been craftily delaying entry of final judgment in an ever increasing number of cases to delay or prevent just that. At present, there is one lead case (Duncan v. Bonta, already argued twice, once before and once after Bruen) with all the other cases stayed pending resolution of the lead case. This includes the cases challenging the new CCW restrictions that have been declared unconstitutional in the trial courts, but whose judgments have been stayed pending appeal.

    • P.S.: Duncan was argued in March. Given its “normal” turnaround time, I wold anticipate the decision being issued in another year to a year and half. If the trial court judgment in favor of plaintiffs is overturned (as probabilities suggest), there will be an immediate appeal to SCOTUS. Although obtaining a grant of cert is a shot in the dark, there are several cases in other states/courts of appeals raising the same issue.

  4. Having a homosexual atheist governor was the most important reason, why they voted for this guy. And he supported making pot legal.

    That’s all the Colorado voters ever cared about. And yes there are residents who disagree. As opposed to people who vote. Because many in Colorado don’t think voting matters. Well in an atheist society, which Colorado is.
    I don’t think voting matters.

    The Colorado Governor and the government there. Are as anti-civil rights as any former Confederate States of America state government.

    And they all knowingly and enthusiastically voted for it.

  5. “Comments Moderation”

    Or in other words an inability to be intellectually honest with yourself.

  6. Having a at.heist governor was the most important reason, why they voted for this guy. And he supported making pot legal.

    That’s all the Colorado voters ever cared about. And yes there are residents who disagree. As opposed to people who vote. Because many in Colorado don’t think voting matters. Well in an ath.eist s0ciety, which Colorado is.
    I don’t think voting matters.

    The Colorado Governor and the government there. Are as anti-civil rights as any former Confederate States of America state government.

    And they all knowingly and enthusiastically voted for it.

    • I remember when people on TTAG use to get after each other. For their poor grammar and poor spelling in comments they made.

      Interesting now how it’s become actually acceptable and promoted to do the opposite.
      My english grammar teachers are probably spinning in their graves. How sad.
      It’s amazing we still have National Spelling B contests.

      And the smartest people in the room will actually say this is not censorship.

      • Some of us misspell intentionally to avoid censorship. I can still understand what peeps are sayin. Y’all neeed to chyll.

    • Let me get this straight: “He supported making pot legal,” but he’s “anti-civil rights”?
      No, like all partisan politicians in both parties, he’s against certain civil rights that he dislikes (the 2A) and in favor of other civil rights that he likes.

      If only both parties would follow the 10th amendment, we’d be a much freer country.

      • A typical liberal response. Your civil right to legal pornography will keep you safe. You obviously don’t need guns.

  7. It’s really amazing. How so many people are really afraid, terrified in fact. Of a national divorce.

    And those same people who are so afraid. They are just expecting you to give up your civil rights. Because they are the ones, who are so very afraid.

    • Wow man, like, National Divorce sounds, like, wow man, Revolution. I’m all for that, just as long as I don’t lose my food stamps, foods like, really expensive.

    • “National divorce” is just a longer way to spell “war”.

      I’m not sure why that’s so hard for people to grasp. Almost like, maybe, they don’t know any history. Or maybe they have zero idea what they’re actually up against.

      You don’t get to walk away from Commies in full Revolution mode.

      • Most people still think right and wrong are relevant in a power struggle (see also knife fight in a telephone booth). Live or die the USA will not be splitting up so much as balkanizing and even that would be debatable in relevance when one looks at the history of how the USSR consumed land over time.

        • History???
          People wanna compare the United States communists to what happened in the USSR. The problem is that American Communist have a very long history, of rejecting the Second Amendment.

          And they have very effectively demonized the police. To the point where the police are simply turning away from crime.

          Yes, I know. The american communists have their revolution fantasies. But I would direct you to the historical event in North Carolina. Where the american communists met the ku klux klan. The klan left several dead communists on the ground. And they were also found not guilty when charged with their killings.

          The ivy league communist simply doesn’t think like the ordinary american. They don’t have guns and they don’t control the police who have guns either.

          And in the end the ivy league communist is going to lose.

        • You do realize American communists are only one offshoot of a much larger group right? You are correct that most of the idealistic true believers are not combat relevant but we sure are getting a large number of imported “new americans” in the midst of increasing chaos that we will obviously need to give up some freedoms to save us from. Personally I think we will see less of a Soviet overthrow and more of a Soviet collapse scenario for how the control freaks are trying to tear things down. Outbreed, starve, and cut off from productive employment over time until there are not enough to resist even if they figured out the game.

        • I should add that it’s pretty obvious if you’ve been paying attention.That the second amendment has split the country in two. And just as the second amendment has now become a state’s rights issue, so has the subject of abortion.

          Some states have the second amendment. Some don’t. Some states have abortion?
          Others don’t or it’s very difficult to get an abortion now, in those states.

          Perhaps the states are going to a version of an “La Carte menu” of civil rights???

          That would be our 10th amendment future.

        • to SAFEupstateFML
          Well, let’s try to be honest here and say something that needs to be said ok.

          The white ivy league communists are racists.They believe they can control these “new” americans. Just like they thought they could control any other racial minority, because of their “vastly superior” communist education.

          Yes, they have been successful at flooding the United States with unproductive people mostly criminals.

          Unfortunately there are gonna be a whole lot of skirmishes, that will happen in the future. Because they have allowed these criminals into the country.

          Like it or Kyle Rittenhouse was only an example of people fighting back. People openly carrying guns during the riots. Because the police refused to stop the criminals, is another example of people fighting back.

          The libertarians at liberals and the left are disconnected from the majority of americans. They believe americans will not fight back. And fighting back can come in many different forms.

          Some of the states have already fallen. Orders I don’t believe are gonna fall. Because the free states have “liberty” in their blood flow still.

        • edit
          The other states , I don’t think are going to fall. Liberty is still in their blood flow.
          And I’m sure the communists believe they can infiltrate those states too. The problem is the communists have pulled their masks off, so they’re easily identified now.

          • Before anything else I do hope you are correct, with that said I would have to ask with what relevant population of fit combatants of military age? In case you haven’t noticed lately we are seeing a sudden and unexpected drop in able bodied men.

  8. Demtards will never think a law goes too far. They always think it wasn’t far enough and moar laws are needed. Rule by regulation.

  9. Another measure, HB 24-1349, would levy an additional excise tax of 11% on firearms, firearm accessories and ammunition in the state. Commonly called a ‘sin tax’ but targeting a constitutional right instead of a ‘sin’ …”

    Ha ha. As far as Pr0gre$$ive Democrats are concerned, owning and possessing firearms is a major sin. Thus taxing and “regulating” ownership and possession out of existence is a noble endeavor in their warped minds. (Can we even say the Pr0gre$$ives have a brain?)

      • Without consequences, nothing matters. The SC should be using US Marshall’s to enforce Bruin!

        • With what systemic support and/or popular opinion that even begins to equate to the civil rights era analogs? Sorry man but this one is a game of delay and pressure with a election on all levels being “important” unless the mask is thrown aside entirely in which case things are a whole different level of fucked.

  10. 15lb viki frac eggs.
    You see in America, land of the Free, a person must be able to purchase Constitutional Rights.

  11. It’s interesting that they’re allowing testimony on these bills and following the rules. They didn’t do that back in 2014.

    Numerous people have expressed hope that this means the bills can be stopped. Worth a shot but I’m not very confident on that.

    There’s also the question of Polis. Some people have voiced the opinion that the raft of bills that have been produced this year are too much for him. Again, I’m not sure about that, the dude’s signed six (IIRC) bills into law that target gun rights.

    Not much, politically speaking, has made sense in Colorado since 2020.

  12. It seems the DEMONcRATS in Comierado are desperate to have theird “law” thrown out by the US SCOTUS. The tax provisions might stand, but the rest of it is doomed to be declared unconstitutional.

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