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Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie sent out his family Christmas card Friday and it has provoked OUTRAGE amongst all of the usual suspects. Rep. Massie, who’s long been known as one of the Second Amendment’s strongest defenders in Congress, is being pilloried by civilian disarmament types and those on the other side of the aisle for having the temerity to issue the holiday greeting only a few days after the Oxford High School shooting.

Never mind that the photo was probably taken a month ago. Or the fact that, had the Oxford shooting not happened at all, the same people would still be expressing horror at the picture. So…the ordnance-heavy Christmas card has presented anti-gun types and the media — but I repeat myself — with an easy target.

From Slate . . .

Many were quick to criticize Massie, a staunch guns advocate who represents a solidly Republican district, including fellow lawmakers. Rep. John Yarmuth, a Democrat who is also from Kentucky wrote: “I promise not everyone in Kentucky is an insensitive asshole.” He noted that Republicans used to say it was “insensitive” to talk about gun violence after a tragedy. “Now they openly rub the murder of children in our faces like they scored a touchdown,” Yarmuth wrote.

The father of a victim in the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida also harshly criticized Massie for the photo. “That’s a huge part of the problem,” Manuel Oliver said on CNN. “I don’t know if they’re trying to be ironic, funny, or what, but it’s the worst taste ever.” Oliver, who had gone to CNN on Saturday to talk about his desire to meet with President Joe Biden said the photo “should teach us who should we elect, and not.” Fred Guttenberg replied to Massie’s tweet with a photo of his daughter who was killed in the Parkland shooting. “The Michigan school shooter and his family used to take photos like yours as well,” he wrote. Many others also blasted Massie on social media for his decision to post the photo so soon after a school shooting.

As someone once said, there’s no accounting for taste. If Rep. Massie wants to feature firepower in his Christmas greeting, that’s his prerogative. (NB Alec Baldwin: no fingers are on triggers and none of the guns are pointed at the photographer.)

Timing aside, we’re more interested in what the Massie clan is packing this holiday season. Can you identify all of the guns in the photo above? Enter your answer IDing each firearm in the comments below and we might be able to dig something out of our swag bag for the first correct response.


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    • Frankly, seeing this photo on here OUTRAGES ME! I just went back outside, checked my mailbox, double checked USPS Informed Delivery. NOTHING! How DARE the Massie family leave me off their Christmas list AGAIN! I have to turn to social media to see their card.

      Glad I saw this now. I bet you can guess which address is being pulled out of the pile of Christmas cards going out this week . . .

  1. M60
    Thompson M1
    Colt Ar15-Sp1
    FN-FAL Para
    Some sort of CETME abortion with an M4 stock

  2. R/L-R. HK/CETME, FAL derivative (DSA), AR-15A2/M-16A2, AR-15 SP-1/M-16A2. F/L-R. M-60, UZI, Thompson (M-1 I think).

  3. For what it is worth, I’m in a different district of Kaintuck, but the folks down here love Brett and Thomas. What that card shows is seven Americans who support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Most of the folks down here are not scared of gun for no reason and they know people who properly handle firearms are not a danger to others. Just check, no one has their finger on a trigger.

    If we had more politicians like this, the Second Amendment wouldn’t be under constant attack.

      • Wilbert King Not a damn thing! What’s wrong with you? You seem to be very “woke”.

      • I agree. What’s wrong with these people?

        All these forearms, and nary a box of ammo anywhere in sight. I know ammo prices are out of sight; here’s hoping Santa leaves a lot of brass under these patriotic American’s Christmas tree!

  4. Jim Crow Gun Control democRats are in their usual bah humbug mood. Their only option is to wipe the curse word slober off their foul mouths and go pound sand.

    Great Family Christmas Card!

    • If you didn’t lie so much, you might not have got divorced.

      I hope diversity moves in right next door to you.

      • poor poor democRat…Did I say something to get your panties in a wad? If so dial: 1-800-eat-poop.

      • “… you might not have got divorced.”

        She’s most likely much happier divorced.

        And what would someone who has never had a woman he didn’t have to pay for up front with cash know about females, anyway?

        You’re stupid and a fool, and I laugh in your pimple-crusted face, little boy.

        Very little, I bet… 😉

        • Isn’t it terrifying that that could actually be an ADULT, as Derpian claims to be?

          They do walk amongst us, you know.

        • Just what I thought, a do-what-feels-good-now boomer.

          You have a very selfish outlook on life, Geoff the boomer troll PR.

          Is divorce a conservative value now?

          You doing a reverse mortgage so you leave your kids no inheritance?
          I have 2 kids. Still married. GWOT Vet. OG. PEQ2 100mph taped to an A2. Trying to raise 2 kids in this liberal degenerate hell hole you boomers created with your no-fault divorce and selfishness.

    • More like 2 gerbils and your only guns are on a video game. And she’s not your wife she’s a hookeryou pay with the allowance your mom gives you

      • RE: “I have 2 kids. Still married. GWOT Vet. OG. PEQ2 100mph taped to an A2. Trying to raise 2 kids in this liberal degenerate hell hole you boomers created with your no-fault divorce and selfishness.”

        The only thing you clearly have is poop for brains that leads a sick pos like you to play slanderous guessing games.
        I am not the least bit impressed with your “qualifiers.” All of that leaves the room when you start talking from that anus below your nose.
        You want to call me a liar or anything else you can imagine then you click reply and you produce evidence to back it up or gfy.

        • All the accusations from a gutless wonder…From my marriage status, catering to libs accusation, diversity to being called a liar…And yet not one viable reply from the loser who cannot use their regular moniker or perhaps a visitor who has to concoct slander and libel to have a moniker.
          I’m still waiting to see evidence that debunks anything I post and backs up the turd who has to present qualifiers thinking that is going to fly…Sell it somewhere else.
          Simply post a reply to debunk what I post or stfu, take a ticket and step to the rear of a very long line of gutless wonders just like you.

      • Funny how you hit harder right than you do left.

        This board freaks out at anyone more right wing than the 92 Clinton/Gore platiform.

        Think about that, divorce reverse mortgage boomer.

        • Let me guess: You’re stupid enough to believe the NAtional soZIalistische deutsche arbeiter partei is the epitome of right-wing virtue.

  5. PTR91 with a M4 stock, AR15A2, FN FAL Para, AR15 SP1, Uzi, Thompson, and M60 with a partridge in a pear tree.

    • Daniel, I don’t know the Massie family either, even though I have heard of Rep Massie and you too Daniel, but do wish them and you a Merry Christmas!

  6. This is a political statement.

    It’s something I would never do but they can do whatever. I see no connection to any school shootings at all. For that to be part of this discussion is ridiculous. But then this family invites such things by doing this. I’m happy to know they can defend themselves.

  7. Rep. John Yarmuth, a Democrat who is also from Kentucky wrote: “I promise not everyone in Kentucky is an insensitive asshole.”

    Nah. You have to be a Democrap for that.

    • That was basically my first thought as well. It takes an insensitive asshole to publicly call out someone else as an insensitive asshole. As a Kentuckian, I can assure you Yarmuth is right in that we aren’t all insensitive assholes. He represents the district with the most though. It was getting so crowded there I guess they elected to send him to Washington de sleaze to keep it nicer for the rest of us.

  8. If I have a Christmas card picture with my wife and I in front of a new car… about 2,000,000 people are injured in car accidents every year and about 1.2 million or more will later die as a result of those injuries – is my Christmas card in bad taste?

  9. A la democ rat:
    Assault rifle
    Assault rifle
    Assault rifle
    Assault rifle
    Machine gun, with thingy that goes up
    Assault rifle
    Assault rifle
    Assault Christmas Tree
    Assault couch
    Assaulting my feels, I’ve been microagressed…

    • Psst! None of those rifles was an “assault rifle”. Except of course the M-60.
      But then you have no ide of what an “assault rifle” really is?
      Is it because the weapons are all black?

        • Sorry, Jeff in CO but all my weapons are black. Nice try and thanks for playing. Again, do you even know what an “assault rifle” is? I guess your definition of “assault rifle” is what the Leftist-Socialist masters and the Lame Stream Media have told you.

  10. Envious. Wish I could trade him for the scum-sucking, prevaricating, pandering, dark-money grubbing POS Montana Senator Jon Tester (D).

    A buddy has a Thompson 1928 Navy model…heavy, clunky and sooo much fun to shoot.

  11. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Massie Family measures their onhand ammo supply by weight. Just as most pro-2nd A families do.

    Buy it cheap, stack it deep. 👍

  12. But is it an electric car? If not you are driving a dagger into the very heart of Gaia herself, how could you?!?

    The outage doesn’t make any sense, none of those guns were used in the referenced crime that took place in another state, the Kentucky congressman didn’t say anything like “check out my guns, coming to a school near you” or anything like that. But anytime a crime like this takes place, we are all supposed to have a struggle, search our souls, do something, cancel guns, etc. How could you possibly like guns after what happened, a couple kids died… Which is sad but it doesn’t mean that a crime involving a gun implicates all gun owners and gun companies, so we shouldn’t talk about them, advertise them, buy them for Christmas, etc.

    Except to the gun controllers, yes, you should feel bad, you gun owners are the problem, you must renounce the error of your ways. Only when a white kid shoots up a school though, nevermind Chicago has equal if not more deaths, even involving kids, on any given week, every week. But those don’t matter, business as usual.

    Anyway, yes, we need some actors to melt down some guns, maybe Facebook to block a few sites, YouTube should cancel some channels, maybe get some articles from a “gun guy” who decided with all this violence he is putting down his guns and giving money to every town. Only that can purify our souls.

  13. I suppose the Karens would be happier if they were all holding Maos little red book or Das Kapital? Lord knows those texts never resulted in any deaths.

  14. Ghost gun, ghost gun loaded with cop-killer bullets, weapon of war, military grade weapon of war, fully semi-automatic military grade weapon of war, annnnd that prop gun that went off by itself because Alec totally didn’t touch the trigger.

  15. Has anyone gotten a Christmas Card from dacian? I’m guessing him(?) and Moxie Cowsnofski on a unicorn with antlers taped to its horn. Snow gently falling in the background. Lots of glitter.

  16. Can the Republicans get any more bizarre than this????????

    House Republican posts photo of his family holding guns days after Michigan school shooting

    WASHINGTON — Rep. Thomas Massie, R-K.Y., is facing backlash from Democrats after posting a Christmas photo on Saturday of his family smiling and posing with an assortment of guns, just days after four teenagers were killed in a shooting at a Michigan high school.

    “Merry Christmas! ps. Santa, please bring ammo,” Massie wrote on Twitter.

    Of course only paranoid, lunatic nut cases on the Far Right fail to see how crass and depraved this picture was in the aftermath of the most recent school slaughter. Of course as long as its not their family being slaughtered they would say “Losses can never be too high”. They l love quoting Hitler as he believed in everything that they do.

  17. 911 Center Shooting Sees One Dispatcher Accidentally Kill Another While Trading Guns: Police

    A 911 operator inadvertently killed a coworker at a dispatch center in Kentucky on Friday, police said.

    The Bell County Kentucky Sheriff’s Department said that two dispatchers at the center were trading firearms when one of the guns accidentally discharged and killed 23-year-old Kyle Garrett.

    Sheriff Mitch Williams said that Garrett and Colton, the other dispatcher, were “cousins and best friends.”

    “They grew up together and shared the hobby of casual gun trading,” he added. “This is a tragedy that you can never prepare for. We are asking for prayers for the family of Kyle and Colton. We also ask that you pray for the dispatchers, deputies, and first responders that work alongside them every day.”

    Protocols that prohibit non-sworn personnel from bringing weapons into a 911 center were not followed, he added.

    The incident is still being investigated, and an autopsy will be performed on Garrett.

    The tragedy follows several accidental gun shootings occurring during the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. In Georgia, a 3-year-old fatally shot his 5-year-old cousin, using a handgun that belonged to his father. More proof we need safe storage laws. Now tell me oh demented far right nut cases how you are supposed to teach 3 & 5 year olds about real guns not being toys.

    Meanwhile, a teenager accidentally fatally shot a 5-year-old relative in Minnesota. Police said that he was “attempting to make a social media video” and that he was “handling a gun” at the time of the incident. Again it never would have happened with safe storage laws.

    Another accidental shooting involved a father in Texas who unintentionally shot and killed his daughter with a high-power rifle during a hunting trip. The girl had suffered life-threatening injuries from the gunshot and couldn’t be saved at the medical center that she was transported to.

    Also last month, a man was accused of accidentally firing a gun at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Kenny Wells was at the security checkpoint when a TSA worker thoroughly searched his bag after seeing a “prohibited item” in the X-ray. Though the agent told him not to touch the bag, Wells pounced to take the gun out of the bag, causing the gun to discharge.

    Consequently, thousands of people were running in panic, while Wells fled the scene with the gun and threw it away in a trash can before he left the airport. Authorities found the gun a few days later. Law enforcement kept searching for Wells until he turned himself in at Clayton County jail on Tuesday.

    • Keep ignoring him. He’ll eventually go away. They always do. Besides, it pisses him off to be made irrelevant.

      • Gadsden Flag, dacian the dunce is a troll. Trolls don’t go away. They look to harass people and try to convince the fringe people who don’t really know about firearms.

    • dacian the Dunce, After reading the first paragraph of the “article” by another of your favorite Leftist Lame Stream Media, you might note that the incident is described as an “accidental discharge” (should read a NEGLIGENT DISCHARGE). For your continued education about firearms a gun can’t fire itself. You must be one of those who believe your fellow Leftist, Alec Baldwin.

  18. Guns do not “accidentally discharge”. Someone had to release the hammer with the safety off, somehow. These things do not just happen. Of course, some handguns can fire if dropped on a hard surface, while there in a cartridge in the chamber. That is not responsible firearm handling

  19. The article did not say which type of gun was used in the dispatcher killing but I am willing to bet money on it that it was a Glock or copy cat version of it. I would also say both the child killings were probably also done with a striker fired gun that had no manual safety. These guns are notorious for causing such accidents. If guns came under the jurisdiction of the Federal Consumer Safety Division they would never had been allowed on the market without a manual safety and a safe take down system, again something that the Glock and its copy cat variants do not have.

    • Glocks have three safety’s. They can not be fired by shaking, dropping, slamming, or just sitting there. The trigger must be pulled. Period.

      However anything made in CHINA is unsafe, dangerous, and sick. They steal others technology and screw it up when they try to copy. LOL.

    • dacian, the Dunce, I’ll bet you think that a gun can fire itself just like your Lefty buddy, Alex Baldwin. Glocks like all other guns don’t go off by themselves. But you sure do.

  20. MSNBC has done the work for us. The guns are:

    Cannon of death
    Atom bomb
    Automatic murder banshee
    Yeet Cannon 2.0
    Spray fire baddy awful gun
    Phased Plasma Rifle 40watt

  21. Great way to celebrate the birth of the ‘Prince of Peace’!

    The girl with the Uzi looks about as old as this girl with an Uzi:

    Of course, none of these folks actually own these weapons or have ever even fired a weapon like this, these are all just posers in a photo op publicity stunt…

    Just like Hollywood actors…

    • Miner49er So what? According to you Anti-Gun Radicals, no gun is safe in anyone’s hands. You sure they don’t own the weapons shown?
      You act like you know what you are talking about?
      Tell me what makes you such an “expert” about firearms? You are scared stiff of them.

      • “According to you Anti-Gun Radicals, no gun is safe in anyone’s hands“

        I have never advocated that viewpoint, I think every sane, adult non-felon in America has the right to own a gun.

        I do believe, just like Justice Antonin Scalia and the rest of the United States Supreme Court, that every right is subject to limitations and the second amendment is no different.

        I believe there should be mandatory classroom training on the rights and obligations of carrying a firearm, as well as proficiency tests on a live fire range, before an individual should be allowed to carry a weapon in public spaces.

        • Miner49er Oh, but you have. You don’t come right out and say it but the implication is there. It seems you have never read the ENTIRE McDonald or Heller decisions? How about the Wren decision? What part of “shall not be infringed” don’t you understand? Again as usual, you anti-gun radicals, take the statement of Justice Scalia out of context. It’s what you Lefties do on most issues. Proficiency? Who measures what is proficient or not? (I happen to be an NRA Certified Instructor in 7 Disciplines)
          I’m sure you oppose Constitutional Carry, open carry etc.

        • @Miner49er


          not commenting on training… but … you wrote…

          “… I think every sane, adult non-felon in America has the right to own a gun.

          I do believe, just like Justice Antonin Scalia and the rest of the United States Supreme Court, that every right is subject to limitations and the second amendment is no different.”

          But many times you have commented that gun possession is only for a “well regulated Militia” … as you keep bring up time and time again in many comments. But now from you its you “think every sane, adult non-felon in America has the right to own a gun.”

          Scalia also pointed out; The Second Amendment refers to “the right of the people.” When that language is used elsewhere in the Bill of Rights—in the First and Fourth Amendments, for example—it plainly means a right that belongs to every individual, as opposed to a collective with special properties, such as a militia. A prefatory clause mentioning a purpose, Scalia argued, is not sufficient to overwhelm the commonsense and contextual meaning of a right guaranteed to everyone. Furthermore, he said, contemporaneous usage makes it clear that the phrase bear arms cannot be restricted to a military context …

          So you support the limitation being a “well regulated Militia” or “… every sane, adult non-felon in America has the right to own a gun.” ?

          So you are an “anti-gun freak” that’s still in the closet and peeks out sometimes?

        • I understand the responsibilities of being a resident of America can sometimes be confusing, let me lay this out in a manner that hopefully is clear enough to understand.

          First, what is the militia? Let us turn now to the United States code regarding the militia:

          “10 U.S. Code § 246 – Militia: composition and classes
          U.S. Code
          prev | next
          (a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.
          (b) The classes of the militia are—
          (1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and
          (2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard”

          As you can see, just about everybody in the United States is a member of the militia. Yes, the language is a bit archaic by not including females who haven’t volunteered to join the militia (NG) and setting an age cap of 45, but the spirit of the law is clear.

          The ‘unorganized’ militia is the just plain folks of America, We the People (not just US citizens).

          As the Second Amendment begins with a reference to a ‘well regulated militia’, everything that follows must be viewed in this context.

          Furthermore, the Constitution gives Congress the authority to regulate and set the discipline for the militia, which means both classes, organized and unorganized.

          If you are an able-bodied adult human in America, you are a member of the (unorganized) militia and subject to the regulation and discipline of the United States Congress.

          And the actions of Congress are subject to review by the Supreme Court of the United States of America, which is the ultimate arbiter of all issues under law in the United States of America.

          If these clear articles and clauses of the United States Constitution are not acceptable to you or anyone else, please feel free to either begin an attempt to amend the constitution under the process set forth therein, or may I kindly suggest one find a different country of residence.

        • WoW! Miner49er… you sure don’t seem to fully under stand what you posted. So can I still expect an actual answer to my question? Do you want me to explain the question to you?

          “If you are an able-bodied adult human in America, you are a member of the (unorganized) militia and subject to the regulation and discipline of the United States Congress.”


          The unorganized militia encompasses able-bodied male between the ages of 18 and 45, free U.S. citizens who have NOT made any legal or constitutional obligation to subject them selves “to the regulation and discipline of the United States Congress.” These simply exist as citizens that can be called upon and are considered “militia” only when called upon.

          I think you missed the many parts elsewhere that describes the unorganized militia is only treated as a “militia” when they are called upon to perform as “militia” and until then they are not “subject to the regulation and discipline of the United States Congress.”

          have you ever heard of the term “freedom”?

          So if I am age 45 or older I can’t have a gun? I think you missed the part about the second amendment being an individual right not connected to service in a militia. Remember that Scalia guy?

          How long have you been anti-second amendment?

          “Furthermore, the Constitution gives Congress the authority to regulate and set the discipline for the militia, which means both classes, organized and unorganized.”

          False. This is only when called upon to act as a militia, not because citizens exist.

          and the rest, deflecting false.

          Gee whiz … all you had to do was answer the question, and not burden us with all you don’t know.

        • Miner49er I have a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you, sonny. 10 US Code 246 does NOT apply in re the 2nd Amendment.
          Again, have you ever bothered to READ the Heller, McDonald and When decisions? Are they too difficult for your Leftist mind to comprehend? If you ever rad any of the writings of the Founding Fathers, they considered EVERY American a member of the militia. As back then the government did not arm the State of independent militias each citizen (that is what we are; NOT “residents”), owner his own firearm. Since our founding, the US has only been invaded twice. Once by the British in the War of 1812 and once by Poncho Villa and once by the Mexican-American War. Each of which was repelled. IN the case of the War of 1812, the British were repelled TWICE, once at Baltimore, and the 2nd at the Battle of New Orleans. Poncho Villa invaded Columbus New Mexico and kidnapped 18 American CITIZENS (NOT RESIDENTS). That raid resulted in The US Army launching a punitive expedition with the goal of capturing Poncho. The raid was not successful as Villa evaded capture.

          Now that you have had your History lesson, it’s time to point out that the 2nd Amendment has two intentions. 1) That citizens be able to defend themselves and 2) to arm the citizen militia.
          NOTA BENE: I said CITIZENS not “residents”.

  22. Great photo of a great American family, however mom needs to move the barrel a bit, she’s muzzle covering her son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. The thing I find offensive about this photo is that there is not one magazine, good scope, or suppressor in sight.

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