Federal Announces New Monthly Ammunition Subscription Service

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From Federal . . .

Federal Ammunition is proud to announce a new limited availability monthly subscription service has been added to its robust eCommerce capability. With this new service, consumers can subscribe to receive five boxes of ammunition to be delivered to their door step every month with a 12-month service commitment. This new service includes free shipping for all subscription orders.

“We are very excited to launch this new service which is loaded with benefits for our online customers,” said Jason Nash, Federal’s VP of Marketing. “Interested consumers should visit our web site to learn all the details of the new program. At the time of the subscription service launch, available calibers at the initial rollout will be 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 Auto, with possible expansion into other loads and cartridge options, pending market demand.”

Since early 2020, continual enhancements have been made to update Federal’s web site. This includes increased functionality and enhanced product search to help people find what they’re looking for faster. An industry first loyalty program offers online shoppers the chance to get exclusive merchandise for points and new products and merchandise are added regularly.

Cartridge / SKU / Description / Monthly Price / Quantity / Commitment Period
9mm / AE9DP / American Eagle 115-grain FMJ / $139.99 / 5 Boxes / 1 Year
40 S&W / AE40R1 / American Eagle 185-grain FMJ / $151.99 / 5 Boxes / 1 Year
45 AUTO / AE45A / American Eagle 230-grain FMJ / $169.99 / 5 Boxes / 1 Year

For more information on all products and online services from Federal or to shop online, visit www.federalpremium.com.

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    • “Great Idea.”

      Yeah, for them, not us.

      5 boxes of 9mm at $140 a month is 56 cents a round. Bass pro has the same ammo for 40 cents a round, in stock near me…

  1. So they’re going to capitalize on the current high price of ammunition and lock you in at that price for the next 12 months, and profit when ammo prices slowly but steadily go down.

  2. Oh look, a way to pay even more for ammo!

    I also thought they were backed up with ‘orders for years’. How is it they can take on all these monthly subscriptions? Or are we not supposed to remember those statements while getting hosed?

  3. Golly I bought 6 boxes of Federal 9mm on Black Friday. 300 rds for a bit over $115 tax included. THIS is a deal???

    • well, yeah sort of. They are basically guaranteeing you the ammo delivered to your door. I would imagine there is a bit of shipping cost in their price, but with being basically guaranteed to get it and not having to depend on a source to be in stock or not even if the price is lower or even having to drive someplace to get it … well, what ever that is worth to you determines if its a good deal or not.

      I think its a good idea though.

    • former water walker,

      It is a deal. Whether or not it is a good deal depends on the consumer.

      The primary value of this deal is convenience, price stability, and guaranteed supply. If a particular consumer considers those factors to be really important, then this is a good deal.

      If you have the time and ambition to hunt for lower pricing, you are willing to risk rising prices, and you do not care about guaranteed inventory/delivery, then this may not be such a good deal.

    • “That’s nice. I want primers.”

      Bass Pro is showing CCI small pistol primers at 8 cents ea.

      Still twice as much as they should be…

    • Ditto!

      Let me sign me up for 5k of primers (my choice) every month for a year (60k primers total) and I’ll consider it. Until then, I’ll pass. My local store’s inventory on loaded ammo (primers remain as rare as hen’s teeth) has been improving for months…and the prices have dropped to where they are generally 15 – 25% more than pre-Fauci days. $11.99@20 rds – 5.56, $15.99 @50rds – 9mm…45 ACP / 45 Colt / .357 Mag remain higher in proportion.

  4. Ammo Squared seems to have better selection, pricing and terms.

    More players in this space the better.

  5. This is a bad idea. Want to know why?
    As soon as the lamestream media and anti-gun politicians find out that you can get a monthly subscription to have five boxes (what the media calls “an arsenal of 100 bullets!”) delivered to your door monthly, there will be shrill, hysterical calls to end online ammunition purchases, ban door-to-door deliveries of ammunition, and require all ammunition (what the ignorant media calls “bullets”) to be picked up at an FFL dealer with a background check.
    In other words, what California already did, and what New Jersey’s Governor Murphy wants to do!

    Sorry to be the one to say this, but NJ Governor Murphy didn’t even wait until the blood was dry from this year’s school shooting (in Michigan) before using it as an opportunity to push a whole bunch of new gun control restrictions on law-abiding gun owners during the lame-duck session of the state legislature.

    There are only three types of people who look forward eagerly to school shootings and celebrate every school shooting as a chance to push their pet laws:
    1) Democratic politicians (saying “anti-gun Democratic politicians would be redundant).
    2) The mainstream media (saying “the anti-gun media” would be redundant).
    3) Anti-gun activists.
    All three of these groups rejoice at every school shooting. Gun control groups, Dem politicians, and the anti-gun media were so disappointed at the lack of school shootings during the pandemic, and even wrote articles saying so! They were whining, “It’s going to be difficult passing more gun control laws unless we get another school shooting.”
    Well, mission accomplished for them.

  6. For some reason, I read that as the Federal Government announced a program to distribute a monthly stipend of ammo on a subscription basis. And my initial thought was, “Where do I sign up?” Imagine my dismay to find out it was just an ammo manufacturer. With all the other government handouts available to everyone but me, I think this would be a decent entitlement.

  7. $140 divided by 250 rounds equals $.56 per round.
    It’s a little high as targetsports.com sometimes has American Eagle ammunition for $.40 per round with free shipping if you pay for the premium delivery service

    I assume Federal is willing to guarantee that they will deliver you to 250 rounds every month.
    So you’re protected against an interruption in the ammunition supply, and if the price were to go above $.56 per round during the year.
    But you pay a premium for that protection.

    There is a possibility that the price may go down and supply may remain plentiful.
    I think I will take my chances that the price may go down in the near future.

  8. What a fantastic deal for Federal and for rich people who could care less what their overpriced ammo costs!!!

    For the rest of us, this is just plain lousy. At $28 a box of 50 rounds, that’s about $20 a box more than they should be. The degree to which the shooting public are being ripped off by our own industry is disgusting.

  9. And then…the feds make it illegal to ship ammunition without going through an FFL.

    And they track where those shipments go so they add names and guns to their “to be visited” data base.

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