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In a nod to his vocal civilian disarmament constituency, President Joe Biden put on another anti-gun dog and pony show in the Rose Garden this afternoon. Before a crowd of assembled gun control bigwigs and assorted foes of the right to keep and bear arms, the superannuated CinC announced the nomination of yet another candidate to head the ATF (which the Big Guy, once again, called the “AFT”) and hailed the adoption of the agency’s patently unworkable and possibly unconstitutional new “ghost gun” rules designed to outlaw home-built firearms nationwide.

The latest nominee to head the government’s firearms regulatory agency, Steven Dettelbach, a former US Attorney from Ohio and failed Congressional candidate, is anti-gun enough to get the full-throated endorsement of America’s Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex…and without all of the baggage of the clownishly hoplophobic former ATF agent, David Chipman.

While he’s yet to be vetted, Dettelbach’s background in law enforcement and his lack years of employment in America’s gun control industry will make opposing his nomination more difficult than Chipman’s.

Dettelbach was unanimously confirmed to his job as US Attorney. That was unquestionably a large part of why the administration nominated him after the beating they took over Chipman at the hands of gun rights supporters.

ATF Director nominee Steve Dettelbach
ATF Director nominee Steve Dettelbach (courtesy the White House)

Dettelbach — who described the ATF as “dedicated, professional and effective” — is already getting the support of a number of the usual law enforcement suspects who’ve never seen a gun control proposal they couldn’t get behind.

…a number of Republican-appointed federal prosecutors have offered their endorsements for Dettelbach as of Monday morning—including former Trump deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein.

“Steve Dettelbach has spent many years fighting violent crime and illegal guns, and he will continue that important work as Director of ATF,” Rosenstein said.

Kenneth Wainstein, the former assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s National Security Division under the Bush administration; a former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia; and a former counterterrorism advisor to former President George W. Bush also endorsed Dettelbach.

“Steve has devoted his career to public service, establishing himself as a leader with a reputation for building and leading strong law enforcement partnerships, for acting with absolute professionalism and without regard to politics or partisanship, and for always giving his all to fight crime and protect victims,” Wainstein said. “He will be a great ATF Director.”

Another Bush appointed U.S. Attorney, for the Northern District of Ohio, Greg White, also offered his endorsement, calling Dettelbach someone who “respects the rule of law and can work with others in law enforcement to uphold it.”

“I can also say without hesitation that Steve enjoys an outstanding reputation,” he said. “He is widely regarded as being honest, evenhanded, bright, energetic, compassionate and knowledgeable in the law.”

If Dettelbach’s confirmed, he’ll be the first ATF Director to successfully run the confirmation gauntlet since the Obama administration.

Biden Harris Monaco
Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Lisa Monaco (Courtesy the White House)

After Assistant Attorney General Lisa Monaco announced the ATF’s rulemaking actions against “ghost guns’ (and a survivor of the school shooting in Santa Clarita “celebrated progress” by reading a list of White House talking points) Biden took off his Ray-Bans and managed to read a teleprompter successfully enough to say some celebratory things about the adoption of the agency’s new “ghost gun” rules that “update old definitions” to redefine what a firearm is down to the component parts.

Biden mia tretta
President Joe Biden talks with Mia Tretta, a survivor of the Saugus High School shooting in Santa Clarita, Calif. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

He compared building a gun to putting together an IKEA couch kit. Then he wandered away from the microphone (and kept talking) while holding up an 80% frame and jig to illustrate how frightening “ghost guns” really, really are. He then called them the “weapons of choice” of many criminals.

The new rules — cheered by “the strongest gunsense Commander in Chief ever to hold office”) — outlaw 80% receivers, build kits, and homemade firearms, as well as selling them without a background check. Well, legal ones anyway. Try as the anti-gun left will, the signal simply won’t be stopped.

Biden said the new rules would save lives, reduce crime, and get criminals off the streets…claims every single politician has made about every gun control law every passed anywhere.

He then regurgitated his administration’s anti-gun “priorities” including throwing more money at cities and states to hire more cops (many of which have cut their own police forces), outlawing high capacity magazines, and repealing the PLCAA (while repeating, once again, the same tired lies about the industry’s immunity).

Biden ghost gun
President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

The ATF’s new rulemaking will be the subject of a number of lawsuits that will likely play out in the courts for years. However the New York gun rights case goes, it won’t affect the regulatory deference shown to agencies like ATF when they arbitrarily and capriciously make new laws at the waive of their wands.

Gun rights orgs like Gun Owners of America, the Firearms Policy Coalition, Second Amendment Foundation and others have been loading their legal weaponry in anticipation of the battle. Here’s wishing them luck.

Are today’s moves good politically in the run-up to the November election? The big brains at the White House apparently think so. Along with the economy, crime is one of the biggest concerns on the minds of most Americans. Yet gun control has lost popularity in the last two years as people have been buying firearms in record numbers. And as polling shows, Americans don’t trust Democrats to do anything meaningful about “gun violence” — or any other kind of crime, for that matter.

So will the fearmongering campaign about the alleged threat that “ghost guns” pose to law and order mean that today’s announcements will move the electoral needle enough to lessen the anticipated damage anti-gun Democrats — which includes pretty much all of them — will suffer at the polls in November? Don’t bet on it. It just gets the gibbering gibbons of the gun control industry off of the administration’s back. At least for now.

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        • In my personal summary, their declaring the reciever to be what houses the trigger mechanism, but giving themselves the ability to define other ‘lone parts’ as firearms in the future (Barrels, Firing Pin) thus needing registration based serial numbers.

        • It allows rights violating random, arbitrary, and capricious subjective home invading, dog murdering swat Raid enforcement of an illegal law by the current Marxist administration.

        • The lower receiver with the trigger group defines the firearm. Everything else is just parts.It has been that way since U.S. citizens started building their own firearms hundreds of years ago. FJB wants to unilaterally ban ghost guns,which aren’t the problem,and is illegal and unconstitutional.Firearms can only be banned through an act of congress,which they won’t do because it is political suicide.The ATF wants to name every part within a firearm a “GUN”,which they aren’t, in an attempt to control the sales of all parts and track them through serial numbers when they are purchased.The problem isn’t ghost guns,the problem is firearms that have the serial numbers illegally ground off by criminals to sell on the street to other criminals,which are what FJB and other anti-gunners are calling ghost guns.A real ghost gun starts as a legal 80% lower which has to be completed by the builder for personal use only,which is legal,but not to sell,which is illegal.What they are attempting to do is find out who has firearms through registration of parts.Registration leads to confiscation.The jackals that don’t want us to own firearms want to start a civil war so they can have the POTUS call “Martial Law” and have the military go around and confiscate legally owned firearms of all citizens.Tyranny will then reign in the USA.

    • The Final Rule has not been released, only the Proposed Rule is available on Regulations dot gov. It will be a few days before the Final Rule is available for the Mandatory comment period. And of course there will be an avalanche of law suits shortly thereafter.

    • All that’s missing in that Whitehouse Gun Control circle jerk were sheets, pointed hats, cross burning, swastikas, etc. Of course in this fight for freedom gun owning bigots don’t see it that way and that’s just as much of a problem as joe et al.

      BTW…I want to see Jim Crow Gun Control joe assemble an 80% in the 30 minutes he claims it takes. Frankly Jim Crow Gun Control joe’s 30 minutes would be better spent dumpster diving for hunter’s guns.

      • Well technically I did my pistol in less than 30 mins but after putting the parts in. I still have to troubleshoot. On top of that, part fitment is likely a problem. So if anything I know criminals aren’t building 80% like they say. There’s always exceptions especially if you have the knowledge. They can never take that away from you.

      • Dyspeptic Gunsmith has a lot more to be dyspeptic about in that abomination.

        I can’t wait to see his comments on that abortion.

        Like on this :

        “Department Response
        As stated previously, the Department agrees with numerous commenters that
        there should be only one “frame or receiver” in a given weapon or device. The
        Department has, therefore, added a new definition of “frame or receiver” in 27 CFR
        478.11 and 479.11, as described herein, that focuses on one housing or structural
        component of a particular fire control or internal sound reduction component for a given
        weapon or device. Because of these revisions, there would almostalways be one unique
        serial number marked on any such weapon or device, even if the components of a split or
        modular weapon were removed and reassembled using different components. To ensure
        that industry members and others can rely on ATF’s prior classifications, almost all
        classifications and variants thereof have been grandfathered into the definition of “frame
        or receiver.” Frame or receiver designs that have been grandfathered under the
        definitions may continue to be marked in the same manner as before the effective date of
        the final rule. This change should address concerns raised by manufacturers that their
        costs would increase in order to mark their existing frames or receivers with the new
        marking requirements or to record multiple markings in connection with complete
        weapons or complete muffler or silencer devices, and by retailers that would have been
        required to run more background checks for more items classified as the “frame or
        receiver” under the rule as proposed.”

        So, only one part per firearm needs to be marked? Isn’t that what we have now?

        • “So, only one part per firearm needs to be marked? Isn’t that what we have now?”


          The answer is “No” because they also in the rules define various other parts as a ‘firearm’ also, for example, the upper receiver on an AR-15 also become a “firearm” thus subject to the serial number requirements as well.

  1. Good luck Joe, Worry about Hunter’s laptop computer, not our guns. The real crimes are documented on your son’s computer, implicating YOU, you POS.

    • Just leaked yesterday , an video of Joe totally naked while using a belt to whip a totally naked underage female (looks to be an hispanic girl.).whose hands are tied to a tree limb above her head, and then he “fondles” her privates. Yes his face is shown to the camera and it is Joe Biden . What a scumbag perverted pedo POS he is.
      If anything needs to be “reignedin” it’s his sorry ass.

        • Country Boy just confessed to watching child porn, that’s what.
          It doesn’t matter to the FBI whether the child porn is a deep-fake video that superimposed Joe Biden’s face onto the body of a rapist, it’s still child porn in the eyes of the law, and Country Boy just confessed to watching it.

  2. Typical Biden speech. First he yells to make it appear he’s passionate, then he goes into lean forward and whisper routine like he’s letting you in on a big secret. Next we get the imaginary hunter story and then the lies about the AW ban of ’94 and the total exemption from liability that the gun industry doesn’t have. This doddering old fool is a liability and we need a Congress prepared to keep him in his place and prevented from him from doing further damage. November can’t come fast enough!

    • This moron talked about the settlement between Remington and the Sandy Hook parents, then told us gun makers can’t be sued for firearm liability. Which is it, Joe?

  3. “Cheers New Rules That ‘Rein In Ghost Guns’”

    Ok, here is whats going to happen by extension when they get frisky about it and decide they have this authority if they courts do not render it unconstitutional or congress stops it….

    These new rules make an upper or lower receiver a ‘ghost gun’ if they don’t have a serial number.

    Under the new rules a finished upper receiver of an AR-15, or is on a commercially manufactured AR-15, is also a firearm. Which means that millions or law abiding citizens will become felons overnight for simply having an AR-15 upper receiver without a serial number, they will be in illegal possession of a firearm or as the new rules relates them a “ghost gun”.

    As you may know, upper receivers for an AR-15 are not manufactured with serial numbers.

    Biden essentially bans millions of AR-15’s by reclassifying them as a ‘ghost gun’ even though people obeyed the law and purchased and transferred their AR-15’s legally when they were received. Your options, surrender the firearm or have it confiscated and face arrest and prosecution and a remaining lifetime of being a convicted felon.

  4. Time for an uncivil party…we’ve been way too nice. Ya know the folks with 100’s of millions of gats!

  5. Rosenstein belongs in jail along with a whole bunch of other feds for the Russia hoax and the bunch who used their positions to hide the Hunter Biden laptop issue.

  6. “…known for always giving his all to fight crime and protect victims”

    Is that so? Then how many gun owner victims did he protect by indicting criminals for Deprivation of 2nd/A rights under 18-USCC 241-242.

    None, you say? Why NOT! Is he that bad of a cop that he can’t even look to the right or left of him and get out the cuffs as soon as the speech was finished?

    No fucking Confirmation for him either.

    Besides, why are we even wasting time with a lengthy, costly confirmation process when from my observations the AFT might not be around too much longer after the midterms. I’m aware of some heavy legal hitters getting up the momentum to be ready for some serious new ‘reversals’ and repeals when Congress and the Senate get back to a Constitutional Libertarian majority.

    By the way, there is no such thing as an ‘illegal gun’. Guns always were and still are supposed to be of ‘Uninfringable possession’, and Constitutionally protected as such. It’s just the bad ‘behavior. of the person who happens to have one, that might be illegal.

  7. Here’s the problem with that:

    The statute defines what a “firearm” is pretty clearly and explicitly.

    And that can’t be changed by executive order.

    Don’t like it? You’ll have to get something through Congress. Which would be difficult.

  8. What about the (tens of)thousands of 80% Firearms that are already on the street? These rules won’t affect them in the hand of criminals at all and won’t “rein” in anything at all. They still have the guns, won’t register them. It’ll only affect the “Law Abiding people” Like always. Dumb.

    • I, for one, will cross the line from law abiding to criminal if this goes into effect.

      “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” -HL Mencken


    • Not only do you insist on shouting at us, you’re also clinically insane. Please go away and spread your climate cultism elsewhere.

  10. “Americans don’t trust Democrats to do anything meaningful about “gun violence” — or any other kind of crime, for that matter.”

    Americans don’t trust Democrats to do anything. FIFY. A few people that haven’t been living under a rock understand that things were going fine at home and abroad for a good three years after Trump was elected. If you didn’t know the daily sky was falling narrative was a lie at the time, you do now. Ever since the Puppet assumed office, they’ve stumbled from one crisis to another, at home and abroad. We don’t have to live like this.

  11. Law is a lot like playing a board game. There are clearly written rules that come with it. There are family rules that are followed but not official. There are cheaters that are tolerated and cheaters that are not. A player can be asked to leave the game. How do you make the player leave? That’s up to the host.

    Here the family rules have become so absurd and contradictory they aren’t worth following. If the host decides not to tolerate my cheating he can ask me to leave. If I choose to stay he can try to make me leave. I never wanted to play his stupid game anyway but the rules force me to sit at the table so here we are.

  12. I don’t pay much attention to “rules.” If they can get Congress to further infringe on our right to keep and bear arms that is another matter, and we can let Congress to feel our ire and wrath for anything like that. What’s to say they won’t come up with some kind of “rules” that ban other homemade defensive weapons like spears. Replacement parts for firearms should not be regulated because they may be needed for repairs. Surely, they don’t want us citizens to have firearms that unsafe to fire! I know the spendthrifts in Washington don’t mind spending a lot of taxpayer money to buy new ones when theirs wear or malfunction, but some of us citizens can better afford repairs than buy new.

  13. The dumb@$$e$ in the WH,U.S. Senate,U.S. House,ATF,and anti-gun groups don’t seem to understand,or maybe they do,that it isn’t ghost guns that are the problem,but that it is the criminals who sell illegally altered firearms,(ground off serial numbers),on the black market to other criminals on the street so they can use them in heinous crimes against others.Neither the ATF or the POTUS can unilaterally outlaw legal firearms.This can only be done through an act of congress,and they won’t touch it with a ten foot pole.They know if they do ban ghost guns, which are legal to built for personal use,but illegal to sell,they will be signing their own political death warrants in the up and coming elections.


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