David Chipman ATF
Courtesy CBS News
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By Larry Keane

David Chipman is proving – again – why he was never fit to be Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Chipman spoke with CBS News claiming the firearm industry, “profits by gun violence itself,” and that U.S. senators that doomed his nomination are complicit in allowing criminal activity to continue. “To oppose me must mean that you’re not for preventing gun violence.”

Chipman claimed, without a shred of proof, that the firearm industry sells guns to criminals and, “the reality is in much of America it’s easier to buy a gun than a beer.”

That’s patently untrue — and he knows it — since beer sales don’t require FBI background checks. It’s more than that though. Chipman smeared the firearm industry, describing it as complicit in crime. He claimed that fear of regulation was the impetus behind the firearm industry’s opposition to his nomination.

“The fear is, it’s going to be harder for people who sell guns to sell guns absent any accountability from profiting from selling to criminals and terrorists,” Chipman claimed. “The reality is in much of America, it’s easier to buy a gun than a beer.”

The Truth

The allegation is as disgusting as it is false. Firearms are lawfully made and sold through an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification. They are only sold to those who pass that check – lawful gun owners. Prohibited individuals such as convicted felons, the dangerously mentally ill and domestic violence offenders don’t pass those checks. Again, Chipman knows this.

David Chipman ATF
Courtesy CBS News

A point-of-purchase background check was an industry concept that predated the Brady Act. It was NSSF that led the charge to improve the background checks so they work as Congress intended. Through FixNICS, NSSF changed the law in 16 states and in Congress to get all disqualifying records, like adjudicated mental health and convictions, submitted. That’s resulted in a 270 percent increase since 2013 from 1.7 million records then to over 6.14 million today.

That’s not all. The firearm industry has for over two decades partnered with ATF in the Don’t Lie for the Other Guy campaign to prevent illegal straw purchases of firearms. NSSF also partners with ATF in Operation Secure Store to improve security at firearm retailers to deter thefts and burglaries by criminals. As part of this effort, NSSF matches ATF reward offers to lead to the arrest and conviction of criminals and the recovery of stolen guns before they can be criminally misused.

The firearm industry, through Project ChildSafe, has partnered with 15,000 law enforcement agencies all across America to distribute over 40 million free firearm safety kits with locking devices so firearms are properly secured when not in use. The firearm industry also partners with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to have a brave conversation about suicide to prevent the tragedy of suicide.

Those are Real Solutions.

The Lies

Chipman’s arrogance and narcissism was on full display during this CBS interview. His demonstrably false lies about the firearm industry exposed it.

“I have, from 25 years as an ATF agent, and largely for ten years after that, committed myself to one thing: preventing gun violence in this country,” Chipman told “CBS Evening News” anchor and managing editor Norah O’Donnell.

That’s a false choice and Chipman knows it. Chipman never garnered support of all 50 Democrat senators or the usual law enforcement agencies that would endorse an ATF nominee.

“The resistance I met… senators like King in Maine was, ‘I’m concerned you will not play nice with the gun industry that you regulate.’ And that was shocking to me.” Chipman accused Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) and the other senators who did not support his nomination of not being opposed to gun violence?

In fact, Michael Sullivan, a former U.S. Attorney and ATF Acting Director, wrote that Chipman’s gun control agenda would harm the ATF. So did several other ATF agents. According to Chipman, his former colleagues are in favor of gun violence.

There were other reasons not all 50 Democratic senators lined up to vote to confirm Chipman. Norah O’Donnell never bothered to ask him to back up his wild allegations. Nor did she question Chipman about credible allegations that he made derogatory comments about African-American ATF agents who scored well on advancement exams.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) demanded information regarding the allegations from the Department of Justice, but Chipman’s nomination was yanked instead.

More Lies

Chipman also mislead CBS to believe the firearm industry doesn’t want a confirmed director. That’s false. The fact is NSSF has never opposed a nominee until Chipman and has actually supported all nominees for the position to come out of Senate Judiciary Committee.

First was Michael Sullivan, nominated by President George W. Bush, and later B. Todd Jones, nominated by President Barack Obama. Jones was confirmed to the position by the Senate. NSSF also supported the nomination of Chuck Canterbury by President Donald Trump. The firearm industry believes strongly that ATF needs – we want – a qualified, unbiased Senate confirmed director.

Chipman proved in this interview – once again – why he was never qualified for job of ATF Director. He continues to lie, telling any reporter willing to let him rehabilitate his shattered veneer of a benevolent law enforcement professional from what America truly saw. Chipman is, has been and always will be, an advocate for gun control who would have used the ATF as a cudgel against the industry that provides the means for Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

The problem with Chipman’s nomination was Chipman. In this interview, he made that case against his own nomination better than the industry ever could.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Sorry lying treasonous bastard. I hope he rots in Hell. Glad we were successful in derailing his pathetic presence from gaining more power.

  2. biden is not qualified, nor is kamala, yet they both have the job. chippers is just pissed kamala gives a better bj than he does.

  3. It’s scary that these are the type of people who are considered for top leadership positions in the government, and explains why the nation is in decline.

    • Every nomination from Biden has been the most radical person possible. Screw things up as much as possible. The agenda is very clear, though Biden, who has never had an original thought in his life, is too stupid to come up with it himself: “fundamentally change America.”
      The ol’ plagiarist drifts whichever way the political winds blow in order to survive decades on the government tit, and the fix was in when the DNC saw Bernie was going to win. “We’ll put you in, Sleepy Joe, but you gotta run moderate and act Commie once in office.” Bernie is worthy of more respect, because you knew what he was. He called himself a Socialist. Biden is much more despicable, he’d shoot his own mother to stay in power. You know his mother, she was something else before electricity.

    • Yes war is scary.

      The Marxist Democrats are at war with America.

      They seek its destruction.

      They are attempting to collapse the country’s economic system with an invasion of over 2 million (and counting) illegals.

      • You can’t be the real Miner, you’re actually telling the truth this time. You forgot the part where that idiot Biden wants to give children separated from their parents $450,000. Yes this asshole is trying to collapse the system.

  4. If we reduce all commerce to its most basic level then the best anyone can conclude is that buying a beer is equally easy to buying a gun or heroin or cocaine or a child or a prostitute or a bad of chips.

    Artificial obstacles to this unfettered commerce have been put in place by man. How many obstacles block each item? Beer is not easier or equally easy to buy than a bag of chips. Both beer and chips however are easier to buy than a gun. To make his lie true we have to put all things on the same level and shock the media with statements like “buying a bag of chips is just as easy as buying a child.”

  5. If buying firearms were easier than buying a beer then why don’t Gun Stores sell beer mr. chipmonkey? Perhaps because the very ATF which you wanted to head would have a cow or more like it, a herd of cattle.

  6. Chip man was working for ATF when they permitted straw purchases and lost track of them and they wound up in Cartel hands

    • Says he worked for ATF 25 years. If there were any way to check, I’d bet serious money he should be serving 20-to-life id his crimes were known.

  7. So, we already know Chipman is a liar and he’s no longer in the running for ATF Director. I saw the idiot interview in question- what would we expect from a liar like Chipman or a network of liars like CBS?

    As per the comment on how easy it is to buy a gun, a few years back during caucus time a WSJ reporter following some demcrats around stopped at our NRA booth at a Cedar Rapids gun show and started the same BS- “it’s as easy to buy a gun as it is a cup of coffee”… I challenged him first to buy me a cup of coffee, afterwhich we would go around the 400+ tables and see if he could buy a gun from anyone there.

    I got the coffee; he gave up and ran off after trying to buy guns 3 times. I asked him to print his “experience” but never saw any sort of article.

    It’s all what we’ve come to expect. Kipling put it best: “Yours is not to reason why, …”

    Let it go… We’re winning. Let’s not forget that.

  8. Biden’s choices for directorships in all of his cabinets’ agencies have one thing in common: they are hatchet men. They are all averse to the industries they ostensibly govern. This is in keeping with the Marxist goal of fundamentally transforming America — out with the good, in with the bad.

  9. Ms. O’Donnell is an unabashed liberal Dem and avowed Clinton supporter!! What did you expect from the Democrat propaganda media? Honesty?? Hell no!! The main stream propogandists want all guns yanked from everyone to better allow the globalist cabal to take over the country without but a whimper of resistance!!!

  10. In America it is easier for anti gunner activists and crooked politicians to lie, deny us our rights, and make money hand over fist corruptly…than it is to buy a beer.
    There Chipman FIFY

    • To Chipman, it is always someone else’s fault or a conspiracy against him and his lofty goals. It is never him. The embodiment of a narcissist.

  11. Chipman is a sociopathic asshole who wants to save the world through repression. The ATF chief would never have been a big enough title. There is nothing he sees that he doesn’t want to control.His ego is on par with a Hillary Clinton.

  12. Just look at Chipman’s stupid face. You just know that’s exactly what that enfeebled geriatric Geoff looks like when she’s on the can 🤣!

  13. As a Gunsmith that has worked in this industry for many many years, I can tell you that Gun manufacturers barely are surviving due to regulations, competition and most dealers only get a 3 to 6% markup on all Guns sold even we Gunsmiths are hurting because of the lack of parts and the firearms being made of material that can not be repaired.
    His BS that we don’t want more regulations because we are getting rich is way off the track.

  14. Does NSSF really want to brag about how they pushed for mandatory background checks, and then again for making them tougher by denying more Americans their rights?

  15. Criminy, this guy is getting scarier by the day. He’s going from “unfit to lead” to “the nice men in the white coats will be here in a minute” in very short order

  16. “…committed myself to one thing: preventing gun violence in this country…”
    great job you did there, chipgopher. let’s name all the violence that he prevented.

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