A Los Angeles Sheriff Sheriff's vehicle patrols the surroundings of the Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, Calif., Friday, Nov. 15, 2019. Investigators said Friday they have yet to find a diary, manifesto or note that would explain why a boy killed two students outside the Southern California high school on his 16th birthday. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)
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By Stefanie Dazio and John Antczak, Associated Press

The death of a 16-year-old boy who killed two students and wounded three others at his Southern California high school has left investigators struggling to discover what prompted the deadly attack.

Friends and neighbors described Nathaniel Tennosuke Berhow as bright, funny, quiet and above all normal before he pulled a gun from his backpack Thursday and in 16 seconds shot five students at random before saving the last bullet for himself.

Berhow died Friday afternoon from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. His mother was present when he died, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

Berhow had shown no signs of violence and didn’t appear to be linked to any ideology or terrorist group, authorities said.

After more than 40 interviews and a search of his home, authorities still were in the dark, Capt. Kent Wegener of the Sheriff’s Department’s homicide unit said at a press conference.

“We did not find any manifesto, any diary that spelled it out, any suicide note or any writings,” he said.

But if the teen’s motivation was murky, his actions were planned and deliberate, Sheriff Alex Villanueva said.

Berhow’s mother dropped him off at Saugus High School in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Clarita Thursday morning, which was his birthday. He walked alone to the center of a school open-air quad. Security camera video showed him dropping his backpack and pulling out a .45-caliber handgun. He began firing, cleared the jammed weapon and kept shooting.

Berhow counted his rounds, Villanueva said, saving the last bullet for himself.

The dead were identified as 15-year-old Gracie Anne Muehlberger and 14-year-old Dominic Blackwell.

Bryan and Cindy Muehlberger said they shared the news of their daughter’s death with “unexplainable brokenness.” They described her as their “Cinderella, the daughter we always dreamed to have,” and said her two brothers were heartbroken.

“She will never get to drive a car, fall in love, build a career, get married, have children and do all the other things everyone takes for granted in this short thing called life,” they said in a statement.

“We miss her smile, laughter, sweet kisses, and her amazing sense of humor,” the parents said.

Dominic Blackwell was a member of the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps.

“I’ve known him since I was five,” student Joshua Mourthi told KABC-TV. “So, he used to be my neighbor. He could make anyone smile. You could be having the worst day and he’d walk up and say, ‘Hey, how’s your day going?’ and you’d immediately start smiling.”

Doctors at Providence Holy Cross Hospital in Mission Hills tell reporters they treated a 15-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl after Thursday’s shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, during a news conference Friday, Nov. 15, 2019 in Los Angeles. The suspected gunman shot five students, seemingly at random, and then shot himself in the head. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

Two girls, ages 14 and 15, were shot in the torso and should be released from the hospital over the weekend, doctors said Friday. A 14-year-old boy was treated and released.

Berhow was a Boy Scout and had previously run track for his school.

Friends said Berhow could be introverted but he had a girlfriend and a good social network focused on his cross-country teammates.

Berhow’s father was an avid hunter who died two years ago. Police said they found several firearms at Berhow’s home and some were unregistered. The semi-automatic handgun used by the boy also was unregistered. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was working with police to determine where Berhow got the handgun.

The common image of a mass shooter is “a loner, someone who is socially awkward, doesn’t get along, some violent tendencies, dark brooding and online strange postings — stuff like that,” Villanueva said.

With this boy, investigators have found “nothing out of the ordinary. He’s a cookie-cutter kid that you could find anywhere.”

The stereotype of the loser sociopath is often inaccurate, according to the psychologist who co-wrote federal guidelines for assessing school shooting threats.

Marissa Randazzo, who has interviewed five shooters, said most of those she studied were academically successful and weren’t social outcasts.

What pushes most shooters is some kind of loss or disappointment, often recent, followed by the inability to cope with a feeling of being overwhelmed, said Randazzo, a former chief research psychologist at the U.S. Secret Service who is now CEO of a threat-assessments firm.

“These are acts of suicide as much as homicide,” she said.

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  1. Why do they mention unregistered guns. There is no gun registration in the U. S. even in California. Probably guns inherited or bought privately. Not illegal. I get so sick of the deliberate media misdirection.

    • Unfortunately that statements incorrect. California DOJ’s required a handgun registration system since before the GOPA of 1986, and they managed to keep it since it was grandfathered in.

      They later expanded that system to include long guns in 2014 and got away with it by saying it would simply be an extension of the pre-existing handgun registration system.

      So yes, gun registration is real, especially in the most gun control happy state in the Union.

      • Not quite correct. It was still the same as Federal in that it was required if transferred through a legal dealer. If purchased from a private party and the firearm had previously been registered, the wisest thing to do was to have it legally transferred through a dealer, or you could take it to your local police station and they would be glad to register it for you. I did that with several pistols that I acquired privately. I took them to the local police station. They inspected them, verified the serial numbers (and checked to see if other parts had matching serial numbers) and ran the info through the various systems. Not a big deal!

        • “not a big deal”
          I’m gonna have to disagree with you there. The process may be simple but any form of registration certainly IS a “big deal”.

        • It wasn’t as big a deal back in the ’80s and ’90s when many of the changes were introduced in CA. Things deteriorated rapidly. In the early ’90s, I lived Central Valley, East of the SF Bay Area and tried to run a small FFL business. I never got it completely opened because of one person in the neighborhood that complained that they didn’t want any type of a gun business in the area. I already had all the licenses from the Federal down through the local, all the permits and fees paid, all the inspections were done, everything in place except the final ‘go-ahead’ from the city when the complaint was filed. Everything ended! No appeals accepted! No refunds of any kind! JUST STOP AND PLEASE GO AWAY! I hung on about another 15 years before moving to Oklahoma! BEST CHOICE I EVER MADE!

        • The 2nd Amendment does not say that weapon registration is legal. If you need to “register” a weapon with the state for it to be “legal” it is a problem….

        • Only two types of weapons are registered in California: “assault weapons” and .50bmg rifles. The “registration” that is being talked about here is the state DROS (dealer record of sale) file kept by the California DOJ. It records when a gun a is transfer, in California, through an FFL dealer. “Unregistered” in the common California vernacular means that a gun doesn’t show up in the DROS file, which means the gun wasn’t tranfered through a California FFL since the system was brought on-line for their respective firearm type (handguns 1980-something, rifles/shotguns in 2000-something).

      • Everyone, calm down and ease up on the conjecture and misinformation, especially from those commenters who don’t live in CA.

        I’m a lifelong Californian and gun owner. Registration for handgun sales wasn’t mandatory here until 1991, and not for intrafamilial transfers until 1993. Long guns were added later, the door completely closing on any exceptions in 2014. Then de-facto registration began for guns made from 80% receivers in 2018. So now there are no more ways to legally acquire any gun in any form in this state without the CADOJ knowing about it…if you choose to comply with Sacramento .

        None of my guns are registered due to the fact that all of them are grandfathered from all of the above (inherited pistols before 1993, inherited long guns before 2014, completed my 80% builds before 2018, etc.). No way in Blazed I’m ever buying a gun here, and I have no need to build any more at this time because I have all the guns I want.

        Though I *really* would like to build another 1911 from scratch if our laws are ever struck down…

        • “…no way in Blazes…”

          Wish there was an Edit button… sigh

          Oh, and anything you type in brackets is apparently filtered and removed from your text before being posted. I have to remember to use parentheses instead of brackets.

    • It’s the guns fault this time. 🙄 This wasn’t the Newton killer(won’t mention a name) who fit the profile of loner, psychotic personality.
      They can’t dig at this person so now it’s “unregistered” guns.
      The media has to blame someone or something.
      I agree that that was probably private sale or inherited by the late father.

      • Then the open question remains was this kid on some sort of government mandated “mental health” drug?

        The percentage of shooters who were being medicated or treated by or seen by or known to mental health professionals seems extremely high and the known side-effects of some drugs that seem to be producing miracles are also depression and suicidal thoughts.

        Wonder if this will ever be revealed or even discussed?

        • “The percentage of shooters who were being medicated or treated by or seen by or known to mental health professionals seems extremely high”

          I would like to learn more about this, do you have a source or citation with the actual numbers?

        • In reply to Miner49er: Those actual numbers may be nearly impossible to ever know for certain. First, the pharmaceutical and psychiatric care professionals (and their lobbyist) have a direct interest in keeping that information suppressed. Couple that with the anti-gun industry that furthers its goals by blaming the gun and not the mentally ill or medicated person, it’s obvious why that information will not be made readily available.

          This neither proves nor disproves the theory that many “mass shooters” are medicated. What is fact; an FDA approved study did find a causal relation with Anti-psychotics drugs and violence. This was backed by similar studies in Canada, Japan and other countries.

          Another fact; Anti-psychotics and/or anti-depressants were involved in numerous “mass shootings” in the USA:
          April 20, 1999 – Columbine High School Shooting, Littleton, Colorado
          February 14, 2008 – Northern Illinois University Campus Shooting, Dekalb, Illinois
          November 20, 2014 – Florida State University Shooting, Tallahassee, Florida
          February 14, 2018 – Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
          September 16, 2013 – Navy Yard Shooting, Washington, D.C.
          July 20, 2012 – Movie Theater Shooting, Aurora, Colorado

          and the list just keeps going. I am not going to write a full book here, but I am sure you get the idea and can do your own research. Let’s just be honest about what causes these acts of violence, hint; it’s not the guns that cause the violence.

    • I agree. The media can never be trusted not to spin an article to support their agenda. They lie incessantly, or misdirect by deceit. They have fallen so far, they feel no shame with their lies. To them their agenda is more important that the truth.

      • yes, they seem to be pushing:
        1) He ran out of ammo,so mag restrictions work.
        2) Un-registered, Bad. It is much better to be shot by a registered weapon.

        • Even if his .45 were a 1911 with an original Colt magazine, there is a round missing even assuming he lost one in clearing the malfunction, unless he carried it without a round chambered.
          That is why I use 9 round Wilson magazines in my 45acp Colt 1911s.

        • And 3) It’s not just the loner weirdo we need to be afraid of. Any kid can just snap at any time and if he has access to a firearm he will shoot some strangers before he punches his own ticket. Otherwise he will just walk it off and get better next day.

    • NBC aired the story on the news and only described the firearm as a semiautomatic, but while showing a picture of an AK and an AR, intentionally transmitting their agenda subliminally.

      • Also they hinted that if a firearm is unregistered then “it” will be involved in a crime or maybe even instigate it. Damned socialist working on brainwashing the plebians.

    • Ok then explain to me why I have to go down to the County Clerk every time I sell or buy a pistol to have it removed from or added to my permit, or else I become a felon under the NYS Criminal Code?

  2. If only they were registered this all could have been prevented. Apparently. I guess.
    Registration and firearms being “traceable” is such bullshit fantasy garbage.

  3. First word I’d heard about this shooting all day was around 7 PM eastern when they said this kid had died… White guy with an AR is 24/7 until something better comes along, this story ran until about 11:30 PM last night and it was gone, this will be the end of this one…

  4. Daddy died 2 years ago. That’s a giant “red flag”. Does it even matter why?!? This boy was an evil s##t! And the antis’s will use this to ban everything…I’m thinking 1911. Or even a misidentified revolver. RIP to the young victims.

    • Story says he “cleared a jam” so obviously not a revolver.

      But it was definitely a fully semi-automatic 45mm pistol of some unknown brand that will undoubtedly be sued for advertising it as “The pistol that won WW II!”

      • “fully semi-automatic 45mm pistol”

        So he was carrying an antitank gun, I didn’t see that in the video? It looked to me like he had a .45ACP pistol, but one can’t be sure until they see the actual barrel diameter.

        It is easy to see how the narrative can become confused in the retailing.

      • actually it was a 45 “caliber” pistol…. Just a rough guess but 45 millimeters would be about 1.75 inches, think 9MMx5, (ballpark).. that would be a kickass round but not one I would want to fire from my handgun… 10MM to 44 magnum is pretty much my limit…

    • What it actually means to be an introvert seems to be one of the most GROSSLY misunderstood ‘conditions’ of modern times.

      I say this as a rather textbook (if extreme end) introvert myself.

  5. No AR, no story.
    2 dead 3 if you count the POS kid.
    Need 4 dead and an AR to make in the media.
    There is no story here any more time to move on to the next batch of bloody t-shirts.
    As long as there are gun free zones.
    There will be a next one.

    • why aren’t these kids scanned before they enter the school?…or was the “resource officer” having a cup of coffee?…strange no one brings this up….

    • After taking care of thousands of individuals on psychotropic medications, I can say that not a single one of my clients have ever gone on a shooting spree… People already have evil in them before they do evil things.

      • If this were a 26-yr-old, I’d immediately agree about the ‘evil’ part. But he had just turned 16. Young, immature, insecure kid who made a very poor decision and horrendously affected many lives.

        Just yesterday, a 9-yr-old brought a BB gun to a school here in SoCal and fired it. Police are not pressing charges (though he’s going through the school’s disciplinary procedures) because they viewed his actions as immature and misguided, but not evil. Different shades of opinion when the subject is younger.

        I know this is a sensitive topic that can go on forever in this comments section, and I’m not arguing that the Saugus shooter didn’t act in an evil way. I’m just saying that we’re seeing our youth act out in desperate ways they never attempted just twenty years ago. Now they seem to think it’s an option for attention.

        • “I’m just saying that we’re seeing our youth act out in desperate ways they never attempted just twenty years ago. Now they seem to think it’s an option for attention.”

          The Leftists desire to be rid of guns has them sensationalizing mass shootings, to tug at heartstrings so guns can be outlawed.

          The blood is on the hands of those sensationalizing violence for political gain.


    • If someone is crazy enough to go on a shooting spree I don’t know why it would be suspicious that they were crazy enough for someone to try putting them on drugs.

  6. Another shooting in a gun free zone. Their logic ( politicians and public) defies explanation or belief. If you leave yourself and others defenseless, what do you think will happen when the nut job decides to act. If it were me, I would look for a gun free zone. Duh!

    • As much as I completely agree with you (gun free zones are simply free-kill zones), it sounds like the whole ordeal took all of 15 seconds. By the time any defender could assess the situation and get a clean shot off the shooter would be done and have turned the gun in himself. Some things simply can’t be stopped once the wheels have been put in motion.

        • I agree with Bob, except for the fact that this was clearly a suicide with the added benefit of going out in style, and taking some anger out on someone besides himself. Most of these school shootings remind me of the ‘suicide by cop’ epidemic some 20 plus years ago. The perp wants to die, and he wants someone else to suffer with him/her.

        • “The perp wants to die, and he wants someone else to suffer with him/her.”

          That’s exactly what these shootings are. Armed teachers and security would only matter if the perp had more magazines and ammo to shoot. The only prevention would be entrance security with metal detectors.

        • “Armed teachers and security would only matter if the perp had more magazines and ammo to shoot.”

          Read something awhile back, about an actual life goal for kids now is to be ‘famous’. Not find a spouse, have good kids, etc.

          Thank you Kardashians, Facebook, Instagram, et all.

          Armed school staff will make it highly unlikely the next school shooter won’t break a record, and therefore won’t be “Famous”.

          That sounds like an honorable goal to me…

        • @Dude
          Because thete are never any kids to be shot in front of the entrance, waiting to get through the detector.

  7. LE check and release info on murderers social media but we don’t get info of the other influencers, the ones that make life cheap, reward violence and killing, dull and desensitize the aversions to blood and gore: video games. They take murder/shootings viewed on TV and movies and put it in kids hands to control and act out thousands of times. Every use is a dress rehearsal for those inclined or swayed to act out in reality what is so easy in video games and projected on TV and movie screens every day.

    LE and Military have had first person responder/shooter scenario video training systems for years. You can’t say these systems have a training benefit and video games provide none!

    Add a person with poor coping skills, emotional or mental instability and firearm access may create a perfect storm. Thousands of people can have checks in all the Boxes for these contributors and not become a mass murderer but a few will.

  8. Dang, I was hoping he would make it, and have excruciating physical (and maybe someday emotional) pain for the rest of his life.

      • There is no evidence there is a hell, much less there any particular person goes to it.

        Nope, he stopped breathing and his brain stopped functioning, end of story.

        • You might want to do a little more research on that one Miner49er. I used to believe there was no God. And if there’s no God there’s no heaven or hell. But I got some new info that led me to consider the possibility that there is a holy God in heaven who loves me and wants the best for me. I believed what He said in the Bible and received Jesus as my Lord and Savior and I know that I will go to heaven when I die. And if He says there is a hell then there is one whether you like it or not. If I’m wrong no big deal. If you’re wrong very big deal. Eternity in pain in hell. Choose wisely.

  9. No reason or, perhaps no politically correct reason. 🤫🤔 My wild speculation: I wonder what his relationship was like with his mother. A lot of these young male shooters have no male figures but only overbearing female figures in their lives.

    • Or maybe his mom checked out after his dad died. Or maybe they were divorced? A common theme seems to be poor family relationships. Two parent families have been declining for decades, and no one is sounding the alarm bells. As a matter of fact, the left is cheering and promoting single and non-traditional parent families.

  10. 1st…..at least the shooter is dead. I am glad that society will not have to care for him and put him up for life and release him early into our communities. F’ him!

    As far as registration in crapifornia, Regardless of the laws, grandfathering, etc., where registration bites you in crapistan is when your guns come into contact with the police (who I am constantly told support the 2A and won’t take your guns……but they do). When anything occurs and an officer gets your gun in his hand and runs the numbers and IT IS NOT REGISTERED / TRANSFERRED TO YOU they will treat it as a stolen gun and though they won’t charge you (as if it was reported stolen) YOU WILL NEVER GET IT BACK. Crapifornia registration operates AS CONFISCATION.


  11. Welcome to the hellmouth.

    A great many in the mandatory school incarceration system aren’t well-adjusted, happy, socialized, academically successful, or the rest, though they look that way at a glance. They’re passing, to try to limit the awfulness they can’t escape.

    They are barely getting by behind the cheerful facade. How do we know? Sometimes the facade crumbles. Sometimes, when they break it comes out in destruction.

    A potentially very useful exploration of this came out in online comment boards post-Columbine. Then got tangled in bad execution, squelched, and finally memory-holed.

    Some are born broken, but some *are* broken, and some just weakened; programmed to be plugged into the sheeple machinery of firemen burning books, n fake family on the video wall, they’re fodder for any other offer of faux meaning, and temporary relief. Or just find their own solution.

    I do wonder how those shooting-only numbers compare to other suicides, not even counting the slow ones.

    • Entirely at random (<- sarc) I find myself thinking of Hogg-of-Harvard, of no more interest now that The Icon Greta has emerged. They really only need one at a time, so the unselected stock gets culled. Or the selected disgarded once used up.

      This dead shooter may have the better of it — used after he's dead; fast suicide vs. slow murder, his own hand vs. death by "helpers."

      Or maybe that's what he thought.

  12. ATFyou and the ca doj have been going to gunstores and ffls for years and photographing the hard copy 4473’s and compiling lists. Now with the 4473 being done by and on computer it’s a no brainer.

    Never let your kids buy guns. Be your children’s private straw buyer. Commit to registration dieing with you.

    Don’t be naive

  13. The mother is Japanese and the father is white. Sounds like a stereo type…

    The father was some kind of Republican hunter type of guy, possibly a NRA member. He put his son into boy scouts. He taught his son about firearms and took him hunting. Sounds great? Well, his father was an alcoholic wife beater who died early because he drank so much and had a bad heart due to his lifestyle. The son found his dead body.

    Before the father’s death the wife wanted to get a divorce and take the kids. There was some domestic violence but she refused to charge. Before they could completely separate he drank himself to death. The family got all his guns after his death. It appears the mother was not into guns (being she is Japanese) and didn’t get rid of them nor lock them up from the kids.

    His friends said he was not acting like himself, he seemed depressed, he changed. They are still interviewing his girlfriend to see what else they can find out about his depression and why he would murder innocent people before he committed suicide.

    I am not surprised that a young American male would commit murder then kill himself. This is normal now. Asians usually just kill themselves, but he wasn’t completely Asian and he was born/raised in a western culture. American kids rather pull a Columbine and go for that high score.

    Raise a male in modern American culture and give him a gun, he may murder someone. Whether that be a gangster or a boy scout. Only difference is where they do their shootings.

    So I guess we need to ban Democrats and create a single party nation. Then send the kids to the scouts and teach them how to kill with guns. I’m sure that will cure America of its current culture. See, we got to improve other people not ourselves. Do as I say, not as I do.

    • [I am not surprised that a young American male would commit murder then kill himself. This is normal now. Asians usually just kill themselves, but he wasn’t completely Asian and he was born/raised in a western culture. American kids rather pull a Columbine and go for that high score]
      WOW, that has got to be the most ignorant statement I believe I have ever had the displeasure to cast my eyes upon… especially that last sentence, The fucking kid took a 45 with one mag and reserved the last round for himself, so exactly what “HIGH SCORE” was he shooting for? Dumbest Asian kid ever? was he that bad at math? did he think he could line kids up and take out two or three with each shot? I don’t know where you are from, but kids committing murder/suicide is a pretty rare occurrence in my part of the world

      • If you knew anything about the younger generations you would know what “high score” is about. Apparently you are from the older generation.

        He began firing, cleared the jammed weapon and kept shooting. Berhow counted his rounds, Villanueva said, saving the last bullet for himself.

        I also heard he reloaded, but we can’t rely on statements from government or witnesses.

        Kids committing murder suicide is rare? Does that imply adults do more murder suicide than “your” kids? How about just murder? Do you have “kids” running around the neighborhood shooting people every weekend? Do you have people (statically) every month, whom have bad parents, that go to public places to shoot innocent people dead? Is that rate not slowly increasing and has become normalized while other violence is going down?

        I guess America doesn’t have a culture problem. Glad to know Democrats and Republicans have done a great job designing their society. If only they could pass more laws to improve it further.

    • There is no “modern American” culture, just a toxic, incompatible mix of multiple cultures that liberal orthodoxy demands we all treat as equivalent. If Americans had their freedom of association restored and had real school choice folks would naturally segregate according to their ideal cultural preferences. Instead of these awful mega schools we should have hundreds of smaller schools serving their students better. Right now only the rich still enjoy freedom of association, being able to send their children to exclusive private schools or constantly moving to schools in “better neighborhoods.” Everyone else is stuck sending their kids into a socialist egalitarian post-modernist nightmare.

      • So white men are awesome and everyone else can’t compare? Well, this kid’s father was a white male with “yellow fever” who was a drunk wife beater that died of a heart attack at 55 because he didn’t take care of himself. Great culture right there. If only his wife wasn’t Japanese he would have done an even better job. Good old NRA hunter boy scout gun owner who loved the red, white and blue.

        It must have been those liberal darkies that made the brown haired Asian eyed kid shoot up the school. Maybe he ate way too much soy and snapped? Because it’s always the liberals’ fault, they always do the shootings, it’s never a right winger… A fascist white nationalist society with forced religion would be so much more peaceful.

        • I didn’t bring race into it, my friend. In a more sane world, this kid might have attended a smaller school specialized to his needs where someone with empathy would have understood him and paid attention to his specific problems. Instead we force kids into big factory public schools only concerned with indoctrination and the lowest common denominator of achievement. When you treat children like interchangeable eggs in a carton, don’t be surprised that some crack.

    • “American kids rather pull a Columbine and go for that high score.”

      Congratulations, you just made the case for armed teachers and school staff.

      Guns inside the building make it *highly* unlikely the shooter will get that ‘high score’, and therefore be less likely to even try in the first place. Some will die, but not dozens.

      You’re finally starting to come around, ‘censor’! You will be pulling that lever for Trump in 2020…

      *snicker* 😉

      • I am not anti gun. I am very pro weapons for the individual. I am pro open carry of any weapon you feel like. I don’t want laws controlling weapons such as full autos. I don’t want licenses to carry or own weapons. I want all import and ammo restrictions gone.

        I don’t like Trump and I don’t like Republicans as much as I don’t like Democrats. I see no forward progress with either of those groups. All I see is a slow degradation of individual liberty and justice.

        I won’t vote Trump 2020 because he is anti gun and he hires anti gun people. If Trump wins all the NRA members will sit on their asses as they watch gun control get passed on the state level again and again. The rich will continue to disarm the workers by buying gun control laws.

  14. Just to be clear relative to my last two comments in this post regarding ca registration equaling confiscation I want to ad the following qualifier(s)

    1) (at this time in ca) the only “lawful” method of transfer without using an ffl is Parent / child
    So the ONLY GUNS NOT REGISTERED TO YOU that come in contact with the police that you will have any chance of getting back (still depending on the levels of financial dificulty the state or municipality put you through) are guns transferred from parent to child (or child to parent)

    2) relative to my suggestion that PARENTS SHOULD BE STRAW PURCHASERS FIR THEIR CHILDREN;
    See above…….the only legal non required reported transfer is between parent and child.

    TEACH your children the evils of registration and for their sake, let you be the death of it.

    Hope this is clear

  15. It is still much too early to say there were no missed signs from the killer. I can accept they have not found any yet, but that doesn’t mean they will not in the coming weeks.

    Mass murderers do not simply “SNAP” over some triggering event that suddenly makes them go out and kill people. There may well be a trigger or multiple triggers that move them forward to taking action but there is also planning, preparation, an evolution from thought to action.

    There is no way this killer simply woke up that morning with the sudden thought to get a .45, go to his school, kill his classmates, counting his shots to save the last round for suicide. He had to build up to this action, as in all cases they all do.

  16. At least the little shit died. Thus saving the tax payers millions of dollars and preventing defective genes from being passed on to the next generation.

  17. I’m betting he was pissed at one person. The media wouldn’t know how to describe a gun if you pointed it at them.

  18. Im wondering if it didnt have somthing to do with his fsthers desth. Now to be sn a$$hols— So he shot himself with a .45 , so much for his soul and going to heaven

    • our kids are exposed to much less religion these days…if any at all…in some respects, we’re raising a generation of moral idiots…gotta’ believe this is a major factor in culture change and the rise in narcissism….we just don’t seem to place the same value on the lives of others….

  19. So because he shot himself with a .45 he and his soul would not be going to heaven. You should have told him to use a 9mm instead.

  20. The guns are not unregistered. Just undocumented. They’re dreamer guns. They deserve the same chance at happiness and good life as everyone else. Those guns are refugees fleeing oppression.


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