Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic Delta glasses
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Eye protection is eye protection, but not all eye protection is created equal. After watching Kentucky Ballistics nearly die when his 50 BMG rifle exploded, I began reevaluating my choices in personal eye protection. I had typically used cheap eye protection…whatever was around didn’t cost much. But after the KB kaboom, I figured I might need to reevaluate my eye pro.

[EDIT: Gatorz has offered TTAG readers a 15% discount with coupon code TTAG15]

I eventually got my hands on a pair of Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic Delta glasses. They are a world away from the typically cheap eye pro I used to use. 

I’ve used brands like Oakley for eye protection way back when I was on active duty. However, if I wanted to spend good money on eye protection, I’d like them to pull double duty as sunglasses, too.

Oakley M-Frames aren’t my style for day-to-day wear. The Gatorz Deltas looks a little more casual and can easily serve both on and off the range. From slinging lead to drill pressing an 80% lower jig. I suggest going with Gatorz’s MILSPEC Ballistic models for eye protection purposes, not the regular Delta glasses. 

Delta Protection Specs 

Milspec ballistic sounds dramatic and is often over-used, but in this case, it’s a title that’s earned. The military publishes established standards for eye protection, and the Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic Delta glasses meet the MIL-PRF-32432A standards for impact energy. This standard also states the eyewear must be comfy, functional, have zero bright colors or crazy designs, and need to be capable of being disinfected. 

Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic Delta glasses
Get the MIL-SPEC variant for eye protection (Travis Pike for TTAG)

Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic Delata glasses meets those requirements. Gatorz constructs the lenses from polycarbonate material, and it’s available in numerous colors. I overwhelmingly shoot in bright Florida sunshine during the day, so I went dark. The frames are made of aluminum. Oh, and it’s all made in the United States — many popular brands aren’t — and backed with a lifetime warranty. 

Delta Glasses Meet my Big Head 

I’m picky about my glasses because I have a big melon. My helmet size in the Marine Corps was XXL. As a result, most glasses pinch and poke me and cause discomfort. Outside of some Oakleys and Ray-Bans, dudes with big heads get left in the dark. The main thing that attracted me to Gatorz Delta glasses is that they put the adjustment instructions in the product description. 

Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic Delta glasses
I might not be a good model, but the Delta glass fit my big head (Travis Pike for TTAG)

It’s fairly easy to change the size of the nose piece and the frame and make temple adjustments. I adjusted these to fit my big head without sliding down my nose. Once adjusted, they are quite comfy. They are surprisingly light for the amount of metal used in their construction. 

Use On the Range and Beyond 

Once adjusted, I took them for a spin. The clarity is top-notch, and the world looks clear and crisp. When I look through magnified optics, I can get the distortion-free clarity I need to see the target. I often get frustrated when zeroing using a small bull’s eye target. Adding extra layers of glass between me and the target affects clarity if they’re not made well.  

Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic Delta glasses
The arms can ben dan dadjust for the head and temple (Travis Pike for TTAG)

That isn’t an issue with Delta glasses. An unprotected eye eye looking through an optic is always the clearest option, but the Gatorz is as close as it gets to the naked eye that I’ve experienced. 

After shooting a bit, I tightened the adjustable nosepiece a little more to prevent slippage, and they are rock solid now. The thin arms work well with ear protection and don’t dig in when worn with muffs. They are super thin without any rounding to them. They can be worn under helmets, but I didn’t wear a helmet to test that. 

Off the Range 

I’m attempting to go from a .45 ACP to a 9mm in terms of physical fitness, and my home gym is outdoors. It’s bright out there, and I wore the Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic Delta glasses throughout my workouts and found them quite comfy. It’s nice not to get sand in my eyes while keeping the sun at bay. It’s also nice to have a set of glasses that don’t fog up or slip off my face when I start to sweat. 

Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic Delta glasses
When it gets bright the smoke lenses give me total clarity (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The Gatorz do a great job of staying place and haven’t fogged up yet, even when the humidity is closer to 100 than I’d prefer (that’s alarmingly often here in Florida). Outside of working out and shooting, the Gatorz are great for driving, walking, and doing whatever. I work a day job that requires eye protection, so I like to have one pair of glasses that can take a beating and be used everywhere. 

Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic Delta glasses
If Youtube videos of guns exploding taught me anything its that I need some good eye protection (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The Gatorz MILSPEC Ballistic Delta glasses do just that, and that helps me justify the expense of breaking away from cheaper eye protection. Gatorz offers me a rock-solid set of eye protection that meets established standards, fits my massive noggin, and pulls double or even triple duty with my lifestyle. 


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  1. Damn, I misread the headline as Ballistic Data Glasses and though they would have a cool heads up display with rifle dope for long range shooting.

  2. I’m an 8 1/4” hat, and pretty much everything looks stupid on my head. Gonna have to take a look at these.

  3. Is that a Taurus I see?
    You’re gonna neen MILSPEC! level protection for sure.

    Only thing missing from these is the word “OPERATOR” plastered all over them as well.

    At these prices, I’ll stick with the proven track record of Hunters Gold HD.

  4. Wow, the glasses “meet” one whole clause (4.8.4) out of the entire PRF, and that for the lightest possible (Class 1) fragment. Did they do the actual test called out in 4.8.4? MILSPEC? Sure, so is this bridge over here I want to show you.


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