A(nother) Word on Church Security

Six seconds. Thankfully, it took but six seconds for an armed good guy to put down the would-be spree killer at a Texas church on Sunday morning. Sadly, in those six seconds, the killer managed to kill two good men. By now, you’ve probably seen the video of the attack. (CAUTION: Some might find this […]

VIRGINIA: All Hope Is Not Lost

Watching from afar as the radical wing of Virginia’s Democrat party tries to put the screws to gun owners, I can’t help but compare Virginia with Illinois. And if what we’ve learned here in Illinois remains even partially valid for the Old Dominion, all hope is not lost for gun owners there. Yes, radicals in […]

VCDL: Please Don’t Bring Long Guns To Jan. 20 Lobby Day

With radical Virginia Democrats pledging all manner of gun control following November’s election, the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) has planned a lobby day for January 20, 2020 in Richmond. In their press release, they wisely urged folks to leave their long guns at home. The Virginia Citizens Defense League has a proven and distinguished […]

Walmart Really Is Dumping Ammo at Fire-Sale Prices

Yesterday, that evil Travis Pike posted a deal alert.  Walmart, he wrote, is dumping their handgun and evil black rifle ammo nationally at fire-sale prices.  It sounded almost too good to be true.  500 rounds of 9mm for $45?  Defensive ammo for $5 per box? Well folks, it’s true. When was the last time you […]

Virginia’s Democrats: Send In The National Guard to Enforce New Gun Laws

Sanctuary resolutions, which originally began in Illinois in early 2018, have swept the nation.  However, no state has outdone Virginia in quickly passing these “don’t tread on me” resolutions.  And now, Virginia Democrats have decided to push back, threatening those sanctuary jurisdictions and law enforcement agencies who refuse to enforce their new gun control laws. […]

Mexican Drug Cartels Run Roughshod Over Disarmed Civilians and Ineffective Local Governments

While millions of Americans enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend holiday, the Mexican drug cartels invaded and shot up a small town in a “safe” Mexican state. In the end, twenty-two people died in the violence, including two innocent civilians and four police officers. Plenty more suffered bullet wounds. The mystery here is…how can this kind of […]

Red Flag Law Abuse: Lawsuit Plaintiff Files Dubious Red Flag Action Against New Jersey Man

Red Flag laws, or so-called “extreme risk protection orders” strip gun owners of their gun rights without any due process to confront their accusers. And just like traditional “orders of protection,” abuse runs rampant as people use them as bargaining chips in personal disputes and legal battles. That’s exactly what appears to have happened in […]