Riots for Thee, But Not for Me: Washington Governor Calls Out Armed Troops To Protect His Mansion

This weekend, Washington State’s failed presidential hopeful but current Gov. Jay Inslee has called out 750 National Guardsmen, with their guns, to protect the Governor’s Mansion. This is the same governor who slow-walked calling out the Guard week after week of this summer’s riots in Seattle. From the Post Millennial: According to a Post Millennial exclusive, during […]

The Chicago Mass Murder Spree You Didn’t Hear About

The Mainstream Media™ are increasingly selective about the stories they cover. In Chicago this past weekend, a lunatic went on a murder spree killing five and wounding several more. However, given that it didn’t fit the predominant narrative, the media have covered the story with a pillow. Until it stopped moving. The suspect, Jason Nightengale, […]

CHICAGO: At Least 32 Murder or Attempted Murder Suspects in 2020 Were Released Under ‘Affordable Bail’

Playing politics with peoples’ lives, Illinois passed an “affordable bail” law in 2017. It stood as the first step to ending cash bail. Just as other cites and states have seen, the results of this experiments have been a disaster for everyone except violent criminals. In Chicago alone in 2020, almost three dozen individuals who […]

Gun-Hating Chicago Priest Fr. Michael Pfleger ‘Asked’ To Step Away After Child Sex Abuse Allegations

Child sex abuse allegations against Father Michael “Snuffy” Pfleger have caused the Archdiocese of Chicago to remove him from his parish at Chicago’s St. Sabina’s church on the city’s south side. Church officials will investigate the claim, but until it is resolved, Pfleger’s reliable voice against civilian gun ownership will be sidelined. The news spread […]