LA District Attorney’s Husband Points a Gun at Black Lives Matter Protestors on His Porch

One might think that a prosecuting attorney’s husband would know the laws pertaining to armed self-defense, but apparently not southern California. There, when Black Lives Matter protesters showed up on Los Angeles County district attorney Jackie Lacey’s home early Monday morning, her husband David pointed a gun at them and ordered them to leave. Police […]

‘Criminal Justice Reform’ Traced to Seven Horrific Chicago Crimes in the Last 60 Days

An 18-year-old felon (pictured above) out on $200 bail for attacking police officers (allegedly) shot his Michigan State University girlfriend in the face with a handgun, killing her. Cops say another man also free on $200 bail emptied his illegally possessed revolver into another man, killing him. Then there’s the 19-year-old out on $500 for […]

Bloomberg on ‘Stop and Frisk’: ‘I think we disproportionately stop whites too much, and minorities too little.’

Michael Bloomberg has already spent over $300 million in his race for the Democrat nomination for President.  So far. But he can’t outrun his past advocating race-based policing, something that doesn’t play will with the far left wing of the Democrat party, a significant factor in the 2020 nomination process. Not too long ago, Mayor […]

Some Rural Virginia Democrats Not On Board With Gov. Northam’s Gun-Grabbing Plans

Virginia Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam suffered another defeat Monday. Lost among news of the Democrats’ disastrous Iowa Caucus fiasco, Old Dominion lawmakers blocked another of Northam’s gun control proposals. Northam wanted to make it a felony for gun owners to allow their minor kids access to firearms for self-defense or other lawful purposes. Or even […]

New York State Files Charges Against NRA for Selling Insurance Without a License

New York State’s Department of Financial Services has filed civil charges against the National Rifle Association over some of the Carry Guard insurance products sold in the state. Translation, the Empire State’s ultra-partisan, hoplophobic government officials want the NRA to fork over millions of dollars to the state in “civil” fines to make this “complaint” […]

Virginia House Approves Seven Gun Control Measures

Virginia’s House of Delegates approved a ban on private firearm sales, a red flag law and gun rationing among others on Thursday.  This despite the massive rally on January 20th that drew tens of thousands of angry gun owners to Richmond. The disgraced governor there, Ralph Northam, has followed through on his pledge to impose […]