Smith & Wesson Announces Recall of Some 2020 M&P Shield EZ Pistols

Smith & Wesson has announced a recall of some of their M&P Shield EZ pistols made in 2020.  The issue involves potentially cracked hammers that may, in worst case scenarios, cause multiple discharges without pressing the trigger. Consumers can call 888-871-7114 or go online to the S&W Shield EZ Recall website to enter their serial […]

What’s The Right Age To Teach Kids Gun Safety?

Here’s an inconvenient truth: firearm safety education saves lives. However, some people fear them and don’t want anything to do with teaching their kids gun safety. At the same time, others agonize over when to start teaching firearm safety in their home. What’s the right time to start teaching your kids to respect firearms? Yes, […]

72% of Americans Expect Political Violence: Take Steps to Protect Yourself From Riots and Violent Protests Now

Political violence isn’t supposed to happen in America. U.S. history is characterized by peaceful changes of power no matter the election results. However, in the age of President Donald Trump, things have changed. A new poll commissioned by the UK’s Independent shows some shocking results: almost three-quarters of Americans worry about political violence on election […]

BREAKING: Louisville Already Sees Unrest, Police Make Some Arrests

With today’s announcement that only one of three Louisville Metro police officers involved in the raid at Breonna’s Taylor’s home will face charges, it seems as though unrest in Louisville tonight was a foregone conclusion. Right on cue, it didn’t even take until sunset for the assembled crowds of “peaceful protestersᵀᴹ” to start causing mayhem […]

BARELY PEACEFUL, THANKS TO GUNS: Back the Blue Rally in Bloomington Sees Harassment, One Arrest

An armed society is a polite society. Robert Heinlein offered those words decades ago and they remain true today. In Bloomington, Illinois, last weekend’s “Back the Blue” rally to support police remained mostly peaceful, sort of, but only because malcontents and troublemakers knew that participants had guns. Lots of guns. And the will to use […]

BREAKING: Kyle Rittenhouse’s Extradition to Wisconsin Delayed At Least Until September 25

Much to the chagrin of some, an Illinois judge has delayed the extradition of 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse to Wisconsin to give him time to secure private legal representation. Rittenhouse allegedly shot three individuals, killing two and wounding one Tuesday night in Kenosha, Wisconsin while under attack during rioting. The extradition hearing is now scheduled to […]