Chicago Has All the Gun Control Laws. Result: 4 Dead, 46 Wounded Last Weekend

While anti-gun hysteria continues after the El Paso and Dayton shootings, Chicago’s traditionally bloody summer continues apace. Despite strict Illinois gun control laws, Murder City USA racked up another five dead and 46 maimed in mostly gang-related violence this past weekend. That includes a six-victim “mass shooting” on early Sunday morning in the 3500 block […]

Mexican Drug Cartels Agree: American-Made Guns Are the Best

Newsweek, the defunct print magazine, reports that Mexican drug and crime cartels prefer American-made guns to use against their rivals and innocent Mexican civilians. In fact, according to Newsweek, cartel criminals view American guns as status symbols because, well, they work. Of course, that’s not primary the message Newsweek and the mainstream media (not to […]

Jack Ballard Trashes Pro-Gun Credentials in Montana Senate Campaign Interview with Tom Gresham

Outdoor writer Jack Ballard has launched a campaign for the Democratic nomination for US Senate seat in Montana. In an interview with Tom Gresham on Sunday, Ballard indicated his support for Democrat-backed gun control measures like magazine capacity limits and more. In other words, outdoor writer Jack Ballard has outed himself as a virulent Fudd. […]

Universal Studio Scraps ‘The Hunt’ After Massive Backlash

Listen carefully…that sound you hear is Universal Studios flushing tens of millions of dollars down the toilet. Bowing to outrage over the upcoming movie ‘The Hunt’ that featured liberal elites hunting red state “deplorables” Most Dangerous Game-style, Universal has pulled the release of the film that was slated for next month. Here’s the announcement from […]