Data Monkey’s ‘Saturday Carry’: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Scot from California’s state capital city shares his Saturday Morning carry via Everyday Carry. Frankly, I admire Californians who can navigate that state’s concealed carry application process and actually obtain a carry license.  Which is probably not valid in the places where you really should carry the gun.  But enough about Cali’s confusing carry laws. […]

Textron Delivers Next Generation Squad Automatic Weapon to Army

Textron has delivered five samples of their “next generation” Squad Automatic Weapon to the US Army for testing and evaluation. It fires a lightweight cased-telescoping round that substantially reduces the load for SAW gunners. Which, of course, just means if the Army adopts this system that SAW gunners will have to be able to carry […]

Here’s Why NOT To ‘Upgrade’ Your Carry Gun

If you want to “upgrade” your recreational plinking or competition shooting guns, have at it. Hot-selling handguns, shotguns and rifles all have a wide range of unique aftermarket parts and accessories available. However for your carry guns, the old saw about keeping it simple, stupid rings true. Yes, a whole industry exists to help you […]

OFFICERS SHOT: Bodycam Footage From Henry County, GA Incident

Police work can prove dangerous.  Especially when an adversary has nothing to lose.  Just such a scenario happened in Stockbridge, GA where a convicted felon barricaded himself in a home after killing his pregnant girlfriend.  At some point in the multi-hour standoff with police, the killer executed the woman’s 16-year-old son. Police arrived to check […]

Guns Save Life Grassroots Gun Rights Comes to Decatur, IL

On Wednesday evening, Guns Save Life, the Illinois grassroots gun rights group, launched its seventh monthly meeting location in Decatur, IL. Nearly 150 people turned out to experience first-person gun rights activism. And GSL didn’t disappoint. Even before the meeting started, attendees enjoyed hearing from a Guns Save Life member Senator Chapin Rose. He now […]