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Chicago’s brilliant leader Brandon Johnson (Let’s go Brandon!) and his fellow radicals running America’s Murder City have rolled out a new strategy for dealing with the ever-growing crime plaguing the city. Instead of arresting offenders and incarcerating them or urging locals to embrace their right to keep and bear arms, the new strategy simply normalizes the insane violence the woke “criminal justice reform” has fostered.

For instance, one extra special snowflake alderwoman says she’s no longer going to post news of crime sprees in her district.  The Windy City political hack does not want to unfairly burden people with bad news about their neighborhoods. As if ignoring the proliferation of shootings and serious crime rates at their highest level in half-a-generation will somehow make life better.

Hate to break it to you, Ms. Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth, but denial has no survival value.  Denying the bad guys in your midst doesn’t make anyone safer.

From CWB Chicago:

CHICAGO — In a North Side ward where four people have been shot in the past week, and robberies and sex crimes are at their highest level in over a decade, the local alderman announced on Wednesday that she would no longer post crime alerts on social media or send crime alerts to her constituent email list.


Something about racism and her belief that “over-reporting of crime leads to an inaccurate public perception about crime rates.”

Do you know what else leads to a perception of high crime rates? High crime.

Which alderman with a skyrocketing crime problem is going to start playing “hide the football” with the people who elected her? Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth (48th), whose ward includes much of Edgewater and parts of Uptown.

How bad is it in the City of Murder? Well, the locals celebrated high school graduation at the Simeon High School like this.

Just in case you were wondering, according to the Illinois State Board of Education, while 89% of Simeon High School students graduate, exactly 3% can read and 2% are proficient at math. Thanks to WirePoints for the research.

Screen cap by Boch via WirePoints.

Speaking of WirePoints, their guy Ted Dabrowski was on a Chicago talk radio show and explained how murders are down a little, the rest of violent crimes remain high, including robberies that are way up.

Meanwhile the crime continues at an unrelenting pace. Two career criminals on parole mortally shot a man walking to work in a botched robbery.  As the victim Zeb Rodriguez lay dying, they rifled through his pockets while he yelled for help. Then the thugs left him.

Cops caught up with the duo and took them into custody but later released them because the Soros-funded DA wouldn’t prosecute the case.

From CWB Chicago:

CHICAGO — Two men with extensive criminal records, both on parole, robbed and murdered a young father as he walked to work on the Northwest Side last month, prosecutors said Tuesday. Both men were arrested within hours of the murder after police watched them clean their getaway car for four hours, officials said, but prosecutors refused to file charges, and they were set free while detectives continued to build a case.

Judge Mary Marubio detained Justin Redmond, 41, during a hearing at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse earlier today. Divonte Calhoun, 32, did not appear in court because he was hospitalized for an undisclosed reason, according to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. He will be held until he can appear in person for a detention hearing on Thursday.

The bottom line? Chicago is a crime-infested hellhole. The Democratic National Convention is coming in two and a half months and the likelihood for serious violence remains very high.

As for the good people? I’m recommending that folks don’t travel to within a quarter tank of gas of the DNC Convention in mid-August.

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  1. Simian High School Graduates must scream and fight to establish their place in the troop.
    Chicago was a lot nicer when Al Capone ran things.

    • simian :
      adjective – relating to, characteristic of, or resembling a monkey or an ape.

      5th edition, American Heritage Dictionary

      … how appropriate that they slightly misspelled the school’s name.

    • Dead men don’t buy your contraband booze, so Capone had some incentive to keep things running a little above pandemonium level.

      • Kinda like Vegas before the corporations took over. The crime was kept in check because it’s bad for the gambling business. The mob had interesting ways of dealing with people who caused them problems .

  2. Survival, education, civilization, thriving.
    We have up in those years ago.
    We’re experiencing the event horizon of complete collapse. The roller coaster is creating the peak.

    You can see a complete lack of effort and caring in all things in all places right now. As if everyone is just phoning it in because the asteroid is on its way. Just a hint of denial keeping the ship right while the crew has stopped repairing and cleaning. Once the asteroid is visible in the sky things will get really wild.

  3. Gee I lived in Edgewater some 40 years ago. It majorly sucked then too. As did Uptown which has been a hole far longer. What was(mostly) missing was all the young punks shooting,killing,robbing & assaulting. Worked out at a gym near Senn HS home of gangs n murder. It won’t be fixed especially with the huge influx of the south of the border gang’s.

  4. The roots of all of this were planted in the 60s. The Snivel Rights Act, feminism, the immigration act of 1965, we are living the logical end of that communist cultural revolution.

    Tribe up. It’s the only way you’re going to protect yourself from chaos.

    And GTFO of commie run cities.

  5. chicago’s lily white Leni Manaa-Hoppenworthless is a deranged democRat who wants to Control Free Speech like democRats want to Control the Second Amendment. Only way to fix nitwits like leni Hoppenworthless…

    TRUMP 2024.

    • I thought he was running for President of the United States not a political position in Chicago?
      Uggghhh, humans confuse me.

      • They just need to be given total autonomy free from cracker influence. A national safe space. *Looks at Monrovia.

        Okay, maybe they need it already built up then handed to them. Then they’ll surely care for their gift and thrive the hard work having already been done for them. *Looks at South Africa and Zimbabwe.

        Okay, well, maybe they just need to go away.

    • That alderman has a more powerful reality distortion field than that used by Steve Jobs.

      Her rose-colored glasses are pinker than Barbie.

      And she certainly doesn’t suffer from cognitive dissonance but thoroughly revels in it.

  6. “the new strategy simply normalizes the insane violence the woke “criminal justice reform” has fostered.”

    I knew this was coming when the mayor of London about 2 years back said about skyrocketing crime (along the lines of) “This is a part of big city living, just get used to it”.

    We saw the same in the Kenosha Wisconsin trial of Kyle Rittenhouse when a prosecutor said (something like) “Everybody has to take a beating”.

    Fuck. That. Noise.

    No, we do NOT have take that beating, a woman should not have to rely on the ‘advice’ of soiling herself to deter a rapist (as some on the political left have actually advised), the person subjected to that beating or rape should shoot the attacker dead instead.

    I would rather live in a world where a potential attacker has to makes the mental calculation that “If I do that, I might get my sorry ass shot dead, so I won’t do it”.

    THAT is the world I want to live in, not the one where the Fascist Leftist Scum ™ want us to live, cowering in fear of violent assault.

    Fuck. That. Noise. (Maybe F**k. That. Noise. for the actual item).

    (That really should be a conservative slogan, on T-shirts and bumper stickers as a rejection of the actual Fascism they want us to happily live under. We want better… 🙁 )

    • Mercy Geoff, I can’t remember you getting this riled up before.
      Mellow, mellow, Ohmmmmm.
      President Biden is the Greatest President America has or ever will have
      President Biden is the Greatest President America has or ever will have
      President Biden is the Greatest President America has or ever will have.

      • “Mercy Geoff, I can’t remember you getting this riled up before.
        Mellow, mellow, Ohmmmmm.”

        I am riled, I refuse to accept I will live in the dystopian hell-hole they want us to live in. 🙁

        Sometimes I wish I could just live out of a dumpster like you, Possum… 😉

    • “a woman should not have to rely on the ‘advice’ of soiling herself”

      And Solzhenitsyn burned in the camps with this friends. Shouldn’t have, but did. For eight years.

      There’s “Should”.

      There’s “Could”.

      And there’s “Fuck you, I/we have the power“.

  7. Well How about that. One guy gets robbed while walking to work, walking to Work, and the two guys that done the robbing clean their car, clean Their Car.
    Who says crime don’t pay.

  8. So there they was, burning trash dumpsters jumping up and down on cars smashing out storefront windows chugging 40malt passing the crack pipe trading gats trading shots, chanting Make America Great Again.
    Somthing should be done to those Trump supporters before it gets out of control.

  9. Mayor Brandon says kids will be kids. They are just getting rid of excess energy. Let them express themselves and they’ll be fine.

  10. Now I don’t have to tell you good folks what’s been happening in our beloved little town. Sheriff murdered, crops burned, stores looted, people stampeded, and cattle raped. The time has come to act, and act fast. I’m leaving.

    Holy underwear! Sheriff murdered! Innocent women and children blown to bits! We have to protect our phoney baloney jobs here, gentlemen! We must do something about this immediately! Immediately! Immediately! Harrumph! Harrumph! Harrumph!

  11. So only 3% of them can actually read the diploma they were just given? That their is a problem. I mean that’s incredible.

  12. Wife has been wanting me to take her into Chicago for a couple entertainment events. I told her “sorry dear, but no F*ing way will I ever step foot into that cistern of a city again. After I explained it to her more she understood why.

  13. There is nothing wrong with the State of Illinois that detonating a few dozen neutron bombs over Chicago wouldn’t cure.

  14. Denying the bad guys in your midst doesn’t make anyone safer.

    No, but it does make you feel better.

  15. I’ll ignore some of the butchery of English in this piece and actually focus on content.

    “Hate to break it to you, Ms. Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth, but denial has no survival value.”

    1. Your survival has no denial value. Confusing statement? Figure it out, people.

    2. “Ms. Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth”. JFC, Elon Musk is a damned prophet. (But his businesses ain’t non-prophet.)

  16. As usual, some soft brained Dementiacrat wants the citizens living in their crap cities to just suck it up and live with the crime, filth, and other issues while the politicians happily live in their secure high rises or gated estates.
    Crime, and the rest of the problems are for the lesser beings and has nothing to do with the lives of the elites. Until it lands on their doorstep. Then they demand government forces be unleashed and anyone not in their blue bubble be eliminated.

    • Didn’t obama once live in (declare residency) Chicago, I guess he prefers Marhta’s Vinyard and Hawaii.

  17. “If you go outside, and sometimes even if you dont, you will probably Die,
    but thats ok, its normal around here.”

  18. I called the city where I live about a small plague of stray cats in my neighborhood. I was informed that such felines are now officially known as “community cats” and that the city takes no action to control them. See? Problem solved … until they cause a rabies outbreak. On the other hand, when a proximate neighbor had night herons nesting in his tree and pooping on his grass, the city sent a swat team of animal control officers, four trucks, numerous times over two years, to blast away with 12 gauge blanks to scare the birds away. I mean, who can question the wisdom of The City, huh?


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