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My family and I just returned from some time in Florida, specifically Ft. Walton Beach. We saw the sights and had a great time on the Emerald Coast, named for its beautiful green water and sugar-white sand.

Some call it the “Redneck Riviera.” No doubt some in “civilized” and woke Chicago look down their noses at the knuckle-dragging rednecks who spend their time on the Emerald Coast. They view Florida as the home of racist hicks and “Florida man” idiots.

Those erudite and sophisticated Windy City residents will tell you they have beaches adjacent to a large body of water, too. So why would they go to the place where woke goes to die? Sure, the water in J.B. Pritzker’s hometown isn’t emerald green and their sand isn’t brilliant white. They try to make up for those shortcomings at their beaches with complimentary sounds of gunfire in the distance and intrusive police checkpoints at the entrances.

Because who doesn’t appreciate the sound of gunfire and intrusive police searches, right?

For most of my trip to Ron DeSantis’ home state, I carried a SIG P365 for personal defense. I’ve shot a lot of guns and the 365 is a fantastic, all-around carry gun that holds two-and-a-half times more rounds than my beloved J-frame revolver in a smaller package. It’s ideal for vacation. Meanwhile, the wife carried a Colt Commando Special. It’s fairly heavy and bulky, but it’s her purse, not mine.

Image via US Navy.

One day on our trip, we disarmed in order to visit the Pensacola Naval Air Station to see the Blue Angels practice along with the magnificent Naval Air Museum which had just re-opened to civilians after its closure during the Wuhan flu lockdown. We even caught up with the Blue Angels pilots at the museum and introduced the 4-year-old twins to them.

Are you still stuck on the “disarm” part of visiting the Pensacola Naval Air Station? John Boch leaves his gun at home? Yep. Unlike in the Land of Lincoln, Florida remains the land of law-and-order and I didn’t feel as anxious about that missing weight on my hip. With crime rates at 50-year lows there, we not only felt safe but we were safe.

No one was shot, stabbed, or killed in Ft. Walton Beach or the bucolic redneck communities near us during our 10-day vacation down there. Meanwhile on just one of those days, the cosmopolitan folks in Chicago reported 30 people shot, four fatally.


Serious crime in most of Florida is low. Serious crime in Illinois is up and in Chicago it’s up…a lot. Thank heavens for Illinois gun control, right?

Heartbreaking to hear about the brutal attack on the innocent man and the mail carrier. We must stand together against violence and support law enforcement in their efforts to apprehend these criminals.
by u/Thompson_Emily in CrimeInChicago

During our vacation, we didn’t have to worry about robbery crews roaring up in stolen cars sticking guns in our faces and taking your property at gunpoint, then beating us down for good measure.

A reminder that compliance certainly does not guarantee that you won’t be physically assaulted. This is most recent upload from Instagram’s ChicagoCritterrr. Happened in Chicago but unsure of where. Last 50 seconds is just dude laid out & people trying to help.
by u/DuPageILLinois in CrimeInChicago

Mobs of hooligans don’t roam the streets to loot stores and trash private property with impunity.

Teen Takeover: 7-11 gets raided last night in the south loop. I just unblocked everyone except for “INate_H*****”. I’d like to keep it that way… just PLEASE refrain from racist or otherwise antagonistic comments🙏🏼 Video compliments of C.C.C. (via Facebook). Please download this clip & share it
by u/DuPageILLinois in CrimeInChicago

Gang members don’t roll up in stolen cars and shoot people in the Sunshine State, at least not the part we were visiting.

We saw no reports of anyone being shot or killed in road rage incidents outside of famous landmarks like Soldier Field – or anywhere else for that matter.

Then again, in Florida, they tend to put violent people behind bars. They don’t bend over backwards to release violent criminals on “affordable” bail with ankle bracelets so they can re-offend and continue to victimize peaceful, productive members of the community.

The difference between Florida and Illinois — specifically Chicago — is as stark as night and day. Remember the woman who stabbed a Chicago Transit Authority employee in the throat a couple of years ago and was charged with a misdemeanor? The same woman, Quinton Joiner, later moved to Florida and randomly stabbed two more people in a single day, critically injuring them. Maybe the stabby former Chicago resident thought she’d catch a similar break down south. She’s now a long-term guest of the state of Florida and won’t be poking anyone else any time soon.

In addition to a more rational criminal justice system, an average of one in five adult Floridians (roughly 2.8 million as of July 31) has a license to carry a firearm. We surely had ours. Heck, as of the first of July, Florida residents don’t even need a stinkin’ license to pack heat any more.

Folks might remember this would-be armed robber from Chicago who drove down to Florida and found a surprise awaiting him when he walked into a convenience store toting a shotgun. He didn’t expect the Florida store owner would have a gun of his own. “I’m from Chicago, bro,” the robber said while staring down a determined clerk’s heater.

Ron DeSantis didn’t bring violent crime rates down to 50-year lows in the Sunshine State all by himself. But unlike Illinois’ governor and Chicago’s feckless mayor, Florida’s Gov. DeSantis saves most of his compassion for the law-abiding rather than the criminal population. That’s a distinction worth noting.

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  1. No I ain’t moving to Florida Boch. Moving along for the trek to Indiana. Also with so-called constitutional carry. Eff ILLannoy!

      • Florida is one state we are looking at, Alabama and South Carolina are up there as well. But see where the country is in 15 years.

        • Come to Alabama. Im north, in a pleasant big ish city that i shall not name, but is quite an engineering and aerospace hub 😉

          Firearm owners arent looked down on here. , the governor actually carries a piece in some of her commercials.

        • South Alabama is growing. The area is picking up industry rather nicely. Airbus and Austal are both expanding. University of South Alabama is also expanding. Decent Med School and engineering school there.
          Only real draw back is the occasional Hurricane. Lower Alabama is also included as part of the Redneck Riviera. Sugar sand beaches etc. Toss in Mardi Gras and not far from the Miss. Casinos if you enjoy that stuff. Managed to get out of the snowdrift and leftist paradises of the great white north and haven’t been sorry.
          Georga, outside of Atlanta looks pretty good, as does the Florida panhandle or even Mississippi if you stay clear of Jackson and Vicksburg.

  2. We do have more than our share of skeevy individuals here in Florida, but even they are circumspectly subdued in a way you don’t find in the “vibrant” blue urban areas.

  3. of course, walton beach… john boy.
    now do florida city, miami beach, orlando, lake city and cocoa.

  4. Stay out of the blue areas and you’ll be fine.

    Bad news: Jacksonville is one of the largest cities in the US and has a high number of homicides, over 100 per year for the last decade.

    Good news: The voters just elected a new Donk mayor to run the city — a former news anchor who cheated on her husband, the sports anchor, to take up with the weatherman. She has already held a press conference to trumpet that her administration is “15% more diverse than the previous mayor’s” and has added three new positions to the already-bloated city government, including a new Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity.

    Due to her extensive experience in government and crime prevention, locals expect the homicide rate to drop to zero.

  5. “They view Florida as the home of racist hicks and “Florida man” idiots.”

    Jive-ass turkey!

  6. Wow! Look at all the usual suspects! Maybe if we did something about them we wouldn’t need guns at all!

    Just sayin’

    • What a disgusting thing to say. What do you mean by “did something about them?” some abusive apartheid or genocide? What in your twisted brain justifies the abuse of millions of your fellow Americans for sins that are not their own, but done by those who simply look like them?
      Do you honestly look at countries like the U.S.S.R., China, and Germany and somehow conclude that the United States would somehow benefit from massive abuse and human rights violations of its own people?
      News Flash: People of all races and ethnicites commit violent crimes in the United States every day. Your theory doesn’t hold up to even the slightest bit of scrutiny.

      • Johnny L is right, the usual suspects. If you can’t admit that there is a known, proven, problem with a certain demographic in mostly dem controlled large cities. then you are part of the problem in this country.

        • The black and brown ones are the absolute worst. They’re ruining almost every US city. The Europeans should have never drug the darn things here on boats and they won’t stop breeding. If one breaks into your house it’s best to eliminate the threat. Just cross the street if you see one. Darn rats.

        • When it comes to self defense it works this way…Bigoted holier than thou white rats who point fingers at skin color are prone to be eaten by their fellow white rats.

          Racism, discrimination, bigotry, etc. are the foundation for Gun Control…And not one of you Gun Owning blowbags has the balls to say a damned thing to the finger pointing bigots that permeate this forum…pathetic.

        • The “worst” are the obese college “educated” black women running the prog “diversity” organizations. Including college DEI scams. ALL funded by tax and foundation” $ and “organizing” the hood. To vote demtard. Continuous bitching, whining, and complaining.

      • Well…
        Since the topic was basically “no prosecute == high crimes and misdemeanors” vs “prosecute and toss’em in jail == low crime”
        I’m going out on limb and stating you didn’t read the article nor did you stay on topic.

  7. Just last week, a husband and wife neighbor of mine received an awful text message from their young adult daughter at 6:30 a.m. The daughter told her parents that if someone murdered her, it was virtually guaranteed to be her newly discovered stalker.

    Historically, the parents did not like firearm ownership and did not own any firearms. To their credit our recent Summer of LOVE Rioting (in calendar year 2020) opened their eyes to the utility of firearm ownership and they started buying firearms. Now they fully support firearm ownership and will be helping their young adult daughter take the plunge to purchase her first firearm/s.

    Fortunately, their daughter is a Florida resident. And thanks to Florida’s July 1st Constitutional carry law, she can immediately start carrying a handgun for self-defense in case her stalker moves on his urges. (Well, almost immediately–she has to wait three days to pick-up her handgun after paying for it thanks to Florida law.)

    Imagine the parents’ relief when I informed them that their daughter does not have to wait several weeks/months for a concealed carry license to legally carry a handgun for self-defense. That would NOT be the case in Illinois.

  8. Once upon a time, the three states with the stiffest criminal sentencing laws were California, Texas and Florida. California dropped out, at least in the democratic controlled counties. Not so much in the redneck Republican counties. Most of the “catch and release” are out resident homeless population that the police keep trying to encourage to leave.

    • they must not want them to leave too badly. if they did, they would make life as difficult as possible for them.

  9. Interesting that the “discussion” here is just sniping at other commenters.
    IO come here for news and interesting opinions, but recently most opinion are like a$$ holes; everybody has one, but most of them stink…

      • noname…Instead of asking me about Chip Roy why don’t you save it and drop him a note of gratitude?

      • noname…Now I see the basis for your dumbfuk question…Who Chip Roy supports does not detract one ioda from his Uvalde Speech. Like I said before…Get Another Moniker.

        • Roy doesn’t represent my district — I have no reason to thank him for doing his job for the citizens of Texas.

          I am surprised, however, that you don’t attack Roy for not endorsing Trump. You have a tendency to attack anyone on the forum who doesn’t jump abord the Trump Train soon enough to suit you. You’ve questioned forum members as to their voting choices over the past 8 years. Why not the same treatment for Roy? He was the first Congressman to endorse DeSantis.

    • prndll…Never mind white whitey…Is it this is the reason or they are the reason? Please advise.

  10. CrimeInChicago Thompson_Emily implores us “to stand together against violence”.
    I do that every damn day by carrying 8 plus 7 and teaching responsible firearms use as often as I can. Six students in class today.

  11. Those videos are awful. I cant even watch them but some were on auto play and I couldn’t help but see. Geez Loo eez

  12. P365 is a fraction of an inch shorter than a J frame, but not an overall smaller package. In a pocket holster, it’s a solid block while the J frame’s contours melt into one’s body. Model 642/442 also doesn’t have a corner to catch when drawing.

    • The real advantage to a 442 is that if you have to fire it from your pocket without drawing it it will function just fine. I’m not sure a semi would do that.

        • It won’t cycle is the problem. One shot may or may not stop the threat. And if you’re having to fire in the pocket it will be close and fast and getting a semi untangled could be fatal.

        • I’d like to see some YouTube attempts at firing a semi automatic under and against a pair of jeans or whatnot just to see what happens. Because ive always heard alot about this. I tend to think you may get a shot off but there will likely be problems. Not much room to eject being one. Or would it be powerful enough to make its own room.

      • “The real advantage to a 442 is that if you have to fire it from your pocket without drawing it it will function just fine.”

        Ruger LCR in .357 is the same way. Nothing to hang up on when firing inside a pocket… 🙂

    • Not sure what you’ve been looking at but a P365 has a 3.1 inch barrel while a 642 J Frame has a 1.8 inch.

      The P365 is not shorter. But then there is a variety of J Frames out there.

  13. I sure miss them giant oranges they grow in Florida. So good. Can’t get em out west cuz of some bug problem.

    • You can blame the EPA for alot of the current produce supply problems from Calif. theyve banned all kinds of products that used to easily kill off these insects and fungii etc, and still kill them off easily in other states.

      Theyve also shut growing acreage down to protect different species of lizards, bugs, and you name it. Lots of farmers have said screw it and sold their land to non farmers. For other reasons as well.
      I may not know the truth about guns but i do know a little bit about produce.

  14. Has anyone found one of those ‘apocalypse rivers of blood flowing in the streets’ anywhere in Florida yet, that anti-gun always claims will happen if there is permit-less carry … any of those rivers of blood due to there being permit-less carry in Florida?

    If ya find one in Florida or any of the permit-less carry states, let me know.

    Meanwhile in Chicago, Illinois being one of the bastions of the most severe gun control …. where they kinda want you to have a permit to have a permit then want to tell you how useless your permit is because they frown upon you carrying anywhere – its not exactly apocalypse rivers level yet, although they are working on it in the ‘justice reform land of Lincoln’ where the criminals not prosecuted for crimes now outnumbers by 2:1 the numbers that are sometimes prosecuted, but the blood flows freely when ever the gangs and criminals choose, ’cause racism and police and inequality and misunderstood youths and BLM and justice reform and (to continue the list insert rest of long list of Democrat prog made up fantasy reasons here)’, choose to prey upon the innocent – yes, the Land of Lincoln, Chicago,… yet another Democrat strong hold where the criminal is guaranteed defenseless prey by law and stupid voters keep voting for it.

    • Best I can do: Bloody Bucket Road over the Wauchula River, which is haunted. “There’s a bridge in Wauchula called Bloody Bucket Bridge and if you go there at certain times and look at the river water it will be red like blood. This happens only when the moon is full and you have to go there at night because in the daytime you can’t see it.”

      Weird Florida —

      We also have the Matanzas River in St. Augustine, the site of a bloody massacre of French colonists by the Spanish. (But it translates to “slaughter river.”)

      Kentucky has a Blood River — did they also loosen their handgun restrictions?

  15. Mr Bosch, Panama City Beach is what we call the Redneck Riviera. South Walton is considered a bit more sophisticated. Especially the Hwy 30A area. Be sure to visit Greyton Beach also. I haven’t been to Red Bar since it burned and rebuilt, but it was always good. Cafe 30A and Paradise are outstanding, but you should make dinner reservations now for next summer. Great Southern for breakfast. Eggs Benedict and corned beef hash with a bloody Mary is highly recommended. My sister owns a condo on 30A that sits empty most of the time and a friend owns a house there also. Makes it convenient for me to visit but I never go over there during the summer or holidays. Can’t stir the tourists with a stick. You’re right about the beaches. The gulf coast along the panhandle are the best in the state. I hope you took a day to charter an off shore trip. The fishing in that area is as good as it gets.

  16. In all categories crime is actually DOWN in Chicago except for car thefts and battery (mostly husbands beating up wives). Its DOWN for murders, sexual assault, burglary, and theft. Look at Bochs own chart in the article.

    As far as comparing Chicago to Florida its like comparing apples to oranges. Chicago has a very high poverty rate while Florida is booming with jobs and this tidbit will really piss the Far Right Racist Fanatics off and that is that Florida has a much higher population of illegal immigrants that snap up those low paying jobs and work hard in Florida. The stats prove we need MORE IMMIGRANTS not less and that pisses the Far Right Jackbooted Racists off with a passion.

  17. Trying to shoot it out with a criminal who wants your moth eaten wallet, especially if your family is there, makes you a double idiot because the stats prove you are far more likely to survive by NOT shooting it out. The advantage always lies with the criminal because he knows you cannot be 100% vigilant all the time and time is on his side as he can pick the moment to attack you. The old cliche by the Star Trek Borg “Resistance is futile” is more fact than fiction.

    Of course the Far Right mentality is that your moth eaten wallet is more important than your life or the life of your family. Of course paranoia and racism cloud the common sense judgment of the Far Right because they have no common sense.

  18. Against my habit/better judgement, I’m forced by work to run into a Southern suburb of Chiraq this week. 1st time in years I gone near the cesspool. Going to make it quick and I’m not inclined to leave my car carry handgun at home (judged by 12 vs carried by 6?

  19. In all categories crime is actually DOWN in Chicago except for car thefts and battery (mostly husbands beating up wives). Its DOWN for murders, sexual assault, burglary, and theft. Look at Bochs own chart in the article.

        • Well a quick glance up at the data set above shows only murder went down and at best one other category stayed flat with everything else (largely major if not violent crimes) on the increase but just trying to evaluate if he even knows how to play two truths and a lie.

        • What, dacien lying?!?

          Must be a day that ends in ‘y’.

          Admittedly, he doesn’t usually lie about stuff **DIRECTLY FROM THE ACTUAL ARTICLE**, though. Even by his ridiculous standards, that’s pretty blatant.

        • Very good now expand to the other categories of crime and compare to your previous statement. At least put some effort in you have a chance to beat out Miner as he seems to be slipping.

        • Asshole, you suddenly changed your tune — you were caught in a whopper of a lie and now you’re trying to cover your ass.

          “In all categories crime is actually DOWN in Chicago except for car thefts and battery (mostly husbands beating up wives). Its DOWN for murders, sexual assault, burglary, and theft.”

          Asshole, we’d tell you to read the chart posted at my link, but apparently you’re not intelligent enough.

          The rest of the chart: “Chicago crimes up 34% over last year, after 33% rise the year before.”

          Criminal sexual assault — up 6% (2021-22), up 1% (from 2022)
          Robbery — up 17%, 18%
          Aggravated battery — (-7%), +9%
          Burglary — 32%, 0% (rate stayed the same after the ’21 increase)
          Theft over $500 — 66%, 10%
          Motor vehicle theft — 51%, 113%

          And this is only comparing the first seven months of the year in each case — there are still 5 months left in 2023 to pump up those numbers.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD You have been paying too much attention to your girl, Lori Lightfoot. According to real stats, crime is rising in Chicago faster than the rest of the nation. But then you are Lori have a thing going?

  20. But Desantis still hasn’t done a damn thing about getting rid of ERPO’s in Florida that his good buddy Sen Scott put in place after Parkland. Desantis didn’t/couldn’t even get full CC ( permitless carry) passed in his state. (OPEN and concealed carry) …just another damn RINO.

    • You do know that the Legislature passes laws and not the Governor, right?

      Don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good. Do you have permitless carry in your state?

  21. And, re: Chicago crime statistics, look at some of the Chicago sites like CWB, Chicago Contrarian, or Second City Cop blogspot, and read about the non-charging and undercharging of crimes there, as well as the Chicago Coroner listing murders as “death from unknown cause”.
    Foxx (DA) seems to believe that if her office doesn’t charge someone for a crime, that it never happened.

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