Sig sauer p365 9mm gun review
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Most everyone has pretty much the same list of wants in a concealed carry gun. People want a small and light gun, with a good trigger, good sights and a decent capacity. If it shoots well and comfortably on top of all that, well, that’s just a bonus.

It’s akin to wanting your delicious gourmet pizza, fast and cheap, too. It’s easy to want everything, but reality usually gets in the way.

Not any more. At least when it comes to the CCW gun. As for the pizza? That’s another story.

SIG released their new P365 earlier this year to pretty much rave reviews across the board. Rave reviews, however, should be taken with a grain of salt, as many ravely reviewed the original Remington R51. And we all know how that turned out.

The good people at C.I. Shooting Sports in Normal, IL wanted me to try the new SIG. Like many indoor ranges, they have quite a fleet of rental guns you can shoot on their indoor range, including a lot of hot-selling, new guns. And “try before you buy” is never a bad thing.

They put one in my hand right away. It’s almost as if they wanted me to anger my lovely bride by letting another orphaned gun follow me home. Was it really as good as what the salesman said? Was it really “game changing” as the gun rags are seemingly so quick to write about every new offering that comes with an advertising contract?

This gun is better (exclamation point). And nobody gave me a testing and evaluation copy before I wrote this. Or an ad contract.

The P365 embodies everything concealed carriers want most. It’s smaller than most single-stack 9mm pistols, specifically the Glock 43, S&W’s Shield, Springfield XDs-9 and the Ruger LC9. I’ve shot all four of those, too, and the P365 has a better trigger and is more comfortable to shoot.

Gun Review: SIG Sauer P365 Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol

With a capacity of 10+1, you’re also carrying more bubble gum than those aforementioned single-stacks. Because if you don’t have enough bubble gum to go around when things go south, you’re in real trouble. 12-round magazines with about a quarter-inch longer baseplate are available for a cool $48.99 if you want to upgrade by two more rounds.

The P365’s magazines have a unique taper to them, making them a hybrid of both double stack at the bottom and single stack at the top of the magazine.

What’s more, tritium night sights come standard (they’re officially called XRAY3 Day/Night sights). After all, a majority of defensive gun uses happen in low light. SIG made the glowing front sight dot larger than the rear ones. Frankly, the front sight looks like a big, green beach ball out there.

Gun Review: SIG Sauer P365 Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol

At 18 ounces, it’s light enough to forget about on your hip and heavy enough not to beat you up when you shoot it for practice or recreation. (Exotic metal snubbies… here’s looking at you!) The trigger felt and broke smoothly at about 5ish pounds.  Most folks will take this trigger every day of the week and twice on Sunday over a factory Glock.

Gun Review: SIG Sauer P365 Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol

Like a revolver, the trigger breaks after a long, smooth pull (also not unlike the P320). That and keeping your you-know-what off the bang switch is your safety.

It fit my hand almost perfectly and quite comfortably. It’s got a fine texture that helps keep it quite securely gripped, yet (probably) won’t wear holes in your clothes or abrade your love handles. Smaller hands will appreciate the grip.  No, it does not have adjustable backstraps. That is a proprietary accessory rail up front, not a picatinny rail.

Gun Review: SIG Sauer P365 Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol

SIG ships the gun with two 10-round magazines, one with a pinkie extension (see above) and one without that still accommodated most of my pinkie (see below).

Gun Review: SIG Sauer P365 Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol

The magazines loaded without issue and seated on a closed slide. Once loaded, the gun did its thing. Shooting hundreds of rounds had me smiling pretty broadly.

I shot the Dot Torture Drill with the SIG. It’s a great way to get a sense of how well a gun shoots in various grips and exercises (strong- and support-hand and two-handed) compared to my beloved GLOCK.  I shot three shots from perfect at five yards – and none of those fell more than a bullet’s width outside of the 2” circle. Face palm. That’s better than I’ve been shooting with my gat of late, I’m embarrassed to say.

Gun Review: SIG Sauer P365 Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol

Firing ten rounds at five yards (above), one shot each second, yielded a tight group and an even bigger grin on my face.

Field stripping didn’t require me to pull the trigger first (a selling point for safety) and came intuitively. Putting it back together took a couple of seconds longer, but no issues.

Gun Review: SIG Sauer P365 Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol

Specifications: SIG Sauer P365

Action: Striker-fired, recoil operated, semi-auto
Cartridge: 9mm
Capacity: 10+1; optional 12+1
Barrel: 3.1 in.
Overall Length: 5.8 in.
Width: 1 in.
Height: 4.3 in.
Weight: 1 lbs., 2 oz.
Finish: Nitron
Sights: SigLite XRAY3 tritium night sights standard.
Trigger: 5 lbs. (roughly)
MSRP: $599 (as low as $499 via Brownells and $529 via Cabela’s)

Ratings (out of five stars):

Reliability: * * * * *
Flawless reliability (even when dirty). It shot everything I put through it. Nary a hiccup in sight.

Accuracy: * * * * *
I did my part and the gun did its part. Minute of bad guy? More like minute of button. Yeah, for a small pistol with a 3” barrel, it will put rounds in a nice, tight group.

Ease of Use: * * * * *
As expected with a small 9mm pistol. The P365 didn’t beat me up, in fact it’s quite comfortable to shoot.  What’s more, it feels good in the hand and was a pleasure to work with.

Trigger: * * * * 1/2
For a factory trigger without any work, this one is excellent. I’m no trigger snob, but this is the best concealed carry pistol trigger I’ve tried.

Value: * * * *
The gun lists for $599. Given that SCHEELS store in Springfield, IL reportedly has a wait list of 30 people (who may have already pre-paid) at full MSRP, don’t expect to see discounts anytime soon. It’s a good value for what it brings to the table. Of course, it’d be a great value at $499. You get the idea.

Overall: * * * * *
The SIG P365 is like Stacy’s mom: it’s got it going on. For now, it is the gun to beat when it comes to general concealed carry or as a backup gun for the truly hard core. It’s a better pistol, hands down, than all the single-stack offerings by the other major manufacturers I’ve ever shot (which is most of them). I can’t sing its praises loudly enough.

Paired with your favorite inside-the-waistband holster, you’ll be comfortable and well-protected in your daily life. By the way, you can win one of these at the May 7th Sangamon County Guns Save Life monthly meeting at SCHEELS in Springfield, IL.

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  1. I was hard line skeptical when this thing started making the rounds but after grasping one myself I’m a believer. Pictures, video and measurements don’t do it justice. You have to grab it. You have to shoot it. It’s spiritual. Still don’t want to be a beta tester so I’ll wait a year.

    • Size weight capacity – Nothing new. Kel-Tec P11 has done it all for more than 20 years now.

      Of course the P11 has a horrible trigger, and looks and feels cheap.

      The P365 looks like a high quality P11. I want one. I own a P11, but rarely carry it, preferring my 642.

      The P365 might actually get me away from carrying my J-Frame.

      • Art:

        I’ve got a P11. It’s not a bad gun for what it is. I carried it in the summers for many years.

        On its best day, it’s still not even close to the same league as the P365. Not even close.


        • John,
          I totally agree. The P365 is vastly superior to the P11. The size, weight, thickness, and capacity though, are basically the same. I own a P11, and have held, and examined a P365. There is nothing groundbreaking about the size, weight, capacity. Sig is just the first company to do it with a high quality pistol. That isn’t to knock the P11. Mine is reliabe, and functional, other than the horrible trigger.

      • I feel like Kel-Tec should become the gun industry’s R&D department. They have great ideas, but I’m always suspicious of their execution. For example, I like the concept of the KSG, I’d just like it better if it were built by Mossberg or Beretta.

    • Having put over 1500 rounds thru my 365 (daily carry) I am more than pleased with it. It took alot for me to go with this Sig since I am a big Glock fan.

    • don’t buy it…you can’t load the magazine..the spring requires Godzilla the follow jams against the magazine walls..the company just smiles at you…they can’t get replacements into stock and the ones out there…forget it..bad ones outnumber maybe working ones six to one…company says get a mag loader…if you can’t reload a magazine by hand you can;t depend on that gun in a fight…

    • don’t buy it the magazines don’t work…followers jam against sidewalls…springs require superman to compress…company just laughs…get a reloading tool…they don’t work half the time as the magazine design is faulty…fix em…factory doesn’t couldn’t seem to care…says they are as they are because they are double stack…really…why are other makers not faulty??

  2. Sounds great…for now my lowly Taurus 709(which runs perfectly) will do. Haven’t seen this Sig in the flesh either.

    • I lucked out and picked up the p365 over the weekend. I got it to replace my Taurus 709slim. As much as I like shooting the Taurus, I do NOT like to carry it. Those rear sights digging into my side is something I never got used to. Putting the p365 in my belly band that I use to carry when I run and just wearing it around the house to get a feel of how it carries… I LITTERALLY forgot I was carrying the SIG! We got into the car and my girlfriend asked how the new gun felt. I had to go back in to the house and get the Taurus. I haven’t shot the SIG yet, let alone trained with it. I’m really looking forward to it! If it shoots half as well as it carries, my long hard search for the ‘perfect’ carry gun will be over! I sure hope it is… I have other things on which I’d like to spend my money!

  3. I’m wrestling with the idea of replacing my G26 with this gun. However, I’m joining the “wait a year” club on this.

    • We have cake at meetings.

      Took a year and two trips to the White Mountains before my 290 was sorted. Having a few more rounds is tempting, but I’ll be chewing slowly while waiting for more history before trading in.

    • I would keep the G26,you and I no it ihas stood the test of time,it shoots ever time
      If you life depends on it you make the choice.

      • I probably will, I have a P938 and I can’t get my head around replacing it or the 26. The 938 is just about the same dimensions as the 365 and carried cocked and locked has 8 rounds. Besides it feels and acts like my Springfield Range Officer Compacts in 9 & 45 so I guess I’ll just admire the 365 from afar.

  4. This looks like a game changer. I really like my XDs-9. But, having a few extra rounds in a smaller package, with a better trigger and night sights?? The slide width on the XDs-9 is 0.9″. I guess a tenth of an inch isn’t a deal breaker. When I want a bit more firepower I usually carry my Kimber pro carry II 1911. And this Sig has one more round than that with a much smaller package (but the trigger won’t be half as good as the Kimber’s). It seems Sig designed a winner.

    • XDs-9 is my daily carry, too, but I really like the looks of this one. I might give it another 6 months or so and see if I still really want one.

  5. I laugh every time I see the “don’t have t pull the trigger to take it apart”. I then wonder how many of you all are not safe in the handling of your weapon. Even before I carried the Glock it wasn’t that big a deal to make sure it was unloaded before pulling it apart.
    That being said I hope it’s a good one and holds up well. A lot of people that jumped on it as soon as it hit the shelf are relying on it.

    • Safe handling or not, pulling a trigger does carry with it the risk that the gun will go bang. Especially for those who are easily distracted, unsafe, or just plain stupid. I know of at least one police recruit who medically “retired” at about age 23. Even before he passed through the police academy, one of the Chicago-area recruits (probably hired by some PC political hack) shot him during the a cleaning exercise. Gutted him pretty good. Not sure if he’s wearing a bag, but I know he’s missing a lot of intestine, and then there’s other problems.

      All because some nitwit didn’t follow the rules.

      So yeah, I prefer guns that don’t require triggers get pulled to field strip.


    • “I laugh every time I see the “don’t have t pull the trigger to take it apart””

      I usually cringe – do they never do dry fire practice? To be fair though, John makes a good point in his reply.

  6. Every concealed carrier wants a small, light pistol? I think not. I have small lightweight pistols for special needs but not every day carry and I know many other concealed carriers who feel the same way. Some of us believe that the difference in weight is not worth the loss of shootability. I don’t care how well the P365 shoots compared to other mouse guns. How well does it shoot compared to G19, XD/m compact, P320 carry or any other compact gun?

    I weighted my daily carry package earlier this year. .

    Browning Hi Power and holster
    1 spare magazine and holder
    Gerber folding knife
    Leatherman micra
    Leatherman Piranha
    small 1 AAA sized streamlight

    Total package weight 4lbs 7ozs

    If I switched to a P365 It wold drop to 3lbs 9ozs. If you can’t carry that difference self defense is the least of your worries. When I switch from my BHP to my subcompact and back again I feel the difference for about an hour or so and then I don’t notice at all. I typically carry the subcompact when I play golf and I usually carry my bag. By the time you get the first tee you don’t even know you have a gun no matter how heavy it is.’

    Would I buy one? Maybe if I didn’t already have a small gun but I see no reason to go and the spend the money just because it is the latest toy out there.

    • My 5.11 pants weigh in at 8.2 pounds. I hear you.

      Then again, I carry 53 rounds, two guns, two knives, two lights, two sets of keys, a lighter, a USB thumb drive, wallet, phone, business card carrier, and spare change.

      And breath strips.

    • I own a P365, as of last week, and have put just over 300 rounds through it.

      It is not at all painful to shoot, although it had a borderline sharp recoil impulse with Gold Dot 124+P, and just a little less with Critical Duty 135+P.

      Averaged 1144fps over my Chrony Alpha with the Gold Dots, and was very accurate with them.

      It carries small, but shoots like a bigger gun.

      For reference, I have owned and shot guns (in 9mm) ranging in size from BHP, Beretta 92, CZ75 in metal, all the way down to a Kahr PM9 in polymer. The P365 shoots a lot like a P239 in 9mm, as far as accuracy and perceived recoil, but weighs less and has 2-4 more rounds.

      It is much milder, shooting 9mm Gold Dot 124+P, than my 442 with any .38 defense load, and has 5-7 more rounds.

      It is milder and more accurate, for me, than my customized SP101 shooting PDX1 135s, and has 5-7 more rounds.

      It has a better trigger, for me, than the Kahr K9 has, and it holds 3-5 more rounds.

      You get the idea. If you can rent one, you should.

      • Better trigger than a Kahr? Wow I have three Kahrs a 9/40/45 I had thought they were the gold standard of small carry guns.

        • I have only had Kahrs in 9mm (PM9, MK9, and K9).

          Is the SIG trigger as buttery smooth as the Kahr trigger? No.

          Is the SIG reset much easier to work than the long throw of the original Kahr, or the shorter throw of the Elite? Yes, if you want to shoot fast follow-ups, the SIG trigger is better.

      • I guess a tenth of an inch isn’t a deal breaker. When I want a bit more firepower I usually carry my Kimber pro carry II 1911. And this Sig has one more round than that with a much smaller package (but the trigger won’t be half as good as the Kimber’s). It seems Sig designed a win I gave the Wife a S&W Mod 640-1 which is the .357mg version in all stainless steel. I have a Mod. 340PD which is a titanium/alloy hybrid in the .357mg. Very lite and a hand full shooting the magnums. I bought oversize Pachmayr grips to help tame the recoil.

    • I knew it was only a matter of time before someone trotted this out, and misapplied the term “mousegun[s]” to the p365 or a similar micro- or sub-compact. Come on. It is an absurd and undeserved appellation. A 9 mm Parabellum handgun with a 12-round capacity is a mousegun (!) because it is SMALL? You misuse the English language. Let’s stop the trend here and now.

      For the record: I regularly carried a S&W M14 .38 Special K-frame with a 6″ barrel for many years as my CCW gun, because that was all I had in double action. It shot beautifully. So I do respect full-sized handguns in all roles, and consider the Hi-Power a truly dependable classic. It represents J. M. Browning’s most advanced thinking. But the P365 is nonetheless eminently shootable, even at 25 yards. It literally will go the distance. Don’t try to write it -and those who chose to carry it- off with an undeserved slur.

      And please don’t come off as if you are saying that those who carry compact and smaller handguns for CCW are the odd ones out. It makes you look silly.

  7. This looks like the perfect carry gun for my wife and daughter. Of course, we will rent one to compare With the G43 and G 26. But from the review and everything else I’ve heard, I might just replace the Ol’ G43 with this, too.

    • Not a bad idea. They halted shipping (resumed shipping again in February) on them due to issues with the sights and reported problems with failing to return to battery.

  8. I was able to try the P365 and while it seems like a decent pistol it is not for me.

    The trigger reach was way to short for my larger, but not huge hands. In comparison I shoot my 9MM Walther PPS much better as far as speed, accuracy, and precision. It is always nice to have more rounds but for me not at the expense of shooting ability. I would rather carry an extra magazine for my PPS or my Glock 19 if I felt I wanted to have more rounds available.

    It is always nice to see more options available though as far as firearms. I am a big fan of the classic P series SIGs but not the newer ones so much. Even if I was considering the P365 I would wait at least 18 months given the poor history of new releases from SIG and reported problems with the P365 that now include broken firing pins. There is also the question on the reliability/durability of the new magazine design over time.

    • About the same reach as g43 and shield, its main competitors. I have all three. I have medium fingers and no problem

      • Yeah, but the travel is longer. It’s a bit better than P290, but not like PPS or even Shield.

  9. Me want. does this thing fit in a front pocket? if “smaller than a G43” that sounds like it may be a possibility. I carry a G42 now in front pocket, and if this is not significantly larger it may be doable..10rds of 9mm over 6 of .380 would be a game changer.

    • My LGS had one, I compared it to my G43, they are literally almost identical in size (the P365 is a bit shorter length wise). I dont know how they did it, I think black sorcery was involved.

  10. I thought my M&P Shield was the be all, end all. Had to switch to a light CCW weapon do to neck and hip problems and the Shield proved to be perfect in a belly band. Now I can get the same weight in the 365 with 2-4 extra rounds. I’ll give it a little time, let the excitement fade and hopefully pick one up a little cheaper.

  11. Too rich for my blood. Cheaper better options out there for me. (LC9s with 9rd. mag., Kahr CM series)
    Sigs & Blocks are overated and over priced for me. My two cents.

    • Apparently the Sig is single stack 9mm width (1″), not double stack like the G26 (1.2″). And it’s 0.6″ shorter in length than the 26. Narrower and shorter makes it that much easier to conceal/ carry.

  12. Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys … enough of this rational, informed discussion of what this model does or does not. Will it bullet-hose? How does it fire held sideways? Fetish-level? Bling-factor?

    Y’all are falling down on being mouth-breathing reactionaries buying — er — marital aids.

    • zzzzzz. Sig had one problem with one pistol that failed a very strange drop test AFTER passing Maryland and Mass independent drop tests — and we never hear the end of it from some glock fanboys.

      Newslfash: Several glock models have had problems on introduction

      Go back to complaining about irrelevant bore axis

  13. I got tp play with one at a gun show last weekend and try with all 3 available mags. Local door cop bought one and we tried it out- very nice.

    I started carrying with a Detonics 45 (way heavy but a man’s gun), switched to a 638 Airweight, then to a Glock 43 when they came out, which I thought was the end of the road. Looks like the Glock’s going into the large pile in the safes now, just after mastering the trigger. Only way this could be better is if it was .45 ACP, but with today’s 9mm ammo, it’s a different ballgame to carry a mouse gun.

    • Give the 45 Shield a try, I was impressed with how well mine handled recoil for the size, particularly compared to the XDs in 45.

      • I haven’t tried the Shield in 45, but I love my 9mm Shield. I do have a M&P compact in 45. With target loads it shoots like a dream. But with Federal HST 147 grain it is not at all fun to shoot. Forget double tap as the recoil makes that impossible.

        • Short barrels rob velocity. For these small 3″ to 3.5″ barrels, stick with a max 124 gr to get enough velocity (1000’/sec+) to assure your HPs expand. I saw an ammo test of 147 gr Gold Dots recently with a short barreled pistol, and the velocity was down in the range of a .45 (850’/sec). That should handle the pain factor as well. 124 gr is what I load in my Kahr CW9 (3.5″ barrel).

          • Not sure I’ve seen those low weight loads for the 45 ACP. I’ve now gone to the new 9mm Liberty Civil Defense +P. Don’t have a chronograph, but they’re a 50 gr. advertised at 2000 FPS with a 12 inch penetration in ballistic gel. They shoot well in all my 9mm’s including my Ruger Carbine. I’ve shot them into water melon and pumpkins. Holy crap! Entrance about 45 cal., exit in water melon about 4 inches. Pumpkin, exit about 3 inches. Look them up on you tube, if it’s still allowed. pretty impressive. Made for most handgun calibers and some rifles. The reason I used the Federal HST was because that was the issue round from my department. They did quite a bit of research and this was the round they chose.
            Pick up a box of this Civil Defense in 9mm and you think it’s an empty box. My 9mm Shield is only 18 oz, empty. 9 rounds of this stuff makes hardly any difference, which, due to my hip and neck problems is a big deal. For 40 years, I’ve carried a horizontal shoulder holster, which I can no longer do. Getting my neck fixed, but not with an MD. Hopefully, soon I can go back to my beloved shoulder holsters and heavier pistols. My favorite is my Sig 220 XT. Weighs a ton, but shoots like it has a brain of it’s own.

  14. Will post this here as well…Was this a Sig sent gun you tested? Because the one I just shot 100 rounds through this past weekend was hard pressed to get through a mag without a malfunction. It was having failures to extract every 3-5 rounds. The bullet of the round in the mag was pushing up on the spent shellcase with enough force to hang it up and cause the extractor to pull around the rim. When the slide tried to come forward, it was attempting to push the round into the chamber but blocked by the shellcase still sticking a third of the way out of the chamber. Only way to clear the malfunction was to lock the slide back, drop the mag and cycle the slide to extract the brass, then reinsert mag and load the next round. Not what I want in a carry gun. American Eagle and Winchester 115 gr ball–two of the most common 9mm options out there. I was shooting a new gun at the range before buying. It was there about 3 days and had around 200 rounds through it before I put my 100 through. Very concerning performance, and I really want to like this gun

    • Negative. It was a rental gun at a LGS/Indoor Range. CI Shooting Sports, specifically.

      I have yet to do a review on a provided T&E gun. Getting a free gun just introduces a “bias” factor, intentional or not.


  15. .I shot a rental gun at Howell’s in Maine and bought one the next day. Put 350 rounds through the rental. Took my lovely wife to Howell’s to show her the place and the P365 and she instructed me to get one for her immediately. I’ve got about 100 rounds through the new pistol and had one malfunction. Trigger is very “clicky” and the scale confirms a 4.75# average pull weight. It’s much smaller than my Glock 26 as concealable as my Airweight. If you have a new “micro-compact” pistol, I wouldn’t expect you to trade it in for a P365. If you are going to buy one, the P365 checks all the boxes

  16. It really is perfect…Absolutely no complaints. I am normally not a huge fan of polymer striker fired pistols. So this is huge change for me. I am used to safeties, 1911 style. Carried sig 938 since they came out on the market. Sig 238 and colt pocket-lite (mustang) prior to that. I am converting. I love my 938 however I can shoot the p365 way better. I have only been to the range twice with the 365 and I am only about 600 rounds. No issues and this thing is a shooter! I am surprised how much I like it. I bought a glock 42 Winthrop leather iwb for it and fits great. The extra rounds in the 365 got me to buy it. The fact that its actually a good shooter is the reason i will replace my 938 as my carry. I am going to make a few more trips to the range before i make the switch. So far so good. One thing for sure I don’t think a large handed person will like the 365 as much as say the shield for example. Perfect for small / medium sized mitts!

  17. My son did a lot of studying about the 365 and was impressed with what he read about it so he put the money down and was put on the waiting list he had a couple less expensive 9mm pistols that he sold to offset the price of the Sig! The his gun came in today and he will pick it up next week. I’m excited about it and can’t wait to go to the range with him and shoot it! I’ve always been impressed with the Sig pistols and a few years ago bought her a little Sig .380 so I hope my son likes his Sig as well as my wife likes hers.

  18. CI Shooting Sports is an awesome range! I live closer to Peoria but drive out of my way to go there instead. Nicer range, fewer idiots.

  19. tt33, Reeds ammo, a rifle in your pocket. Until a gun company can come up with something slimmer and as robust I see no need to buy anything else. And a hot loaded .38 specials ballistics are way beyond any 9mm Luger. Nien nien nien, America wants das nine, more shootzen for das stoppenz

    • False. A hot loaded 38 Special out of a service revolver out performs most 9mm rounds. Out of an Snubbie it barely out performs a 380 from a pocket pistol. Revolver cartridges are designed for long barrels. All you do is blow powder out the front end in short barrels and never make up for the loss of energy through the cylinder gap.

      • Don’t throw facts at this poor old troll, you’ll just confuse him. He’s got 5 empty cylinders just spinning and clicking over there…

    • If you’re not sure, drop the mag and work the slide, you’ll be able to see. And ask yourself what you did wrong, that you could possibly not know.

    • It looks like the top-mounted extractor might serve as a loaded chamber indicator.
      If anybody knows, feel free to chime in.

      The proprietary rail seems unfortunate as it will limit options to SIG products, this may deter some buyers. (Not me, I don’t use a light on my carry guns.)
      As with the Glock, aftermarket parts and mods may become available in the future. But the P365 looks like a solid design that will require very little in the way of upgrades.
      This is the first SIG product that has caught my eye in quite a while. If it proves reliable it should be very popular.

      • From what I read on this blog, and looking at photos of handguns, SIGs seem to have a shape that puts the bore axis higher than it should.

          • Not a quality judgement. Not a claim. An observation.

            Blow-back designs seem to sit lower in the hand. Caracal sits lower in the hand. SIGs just seem to sit higher than they should.

            • SIGs do sit higher than GLOCK, M&P, and others, though the P365 sits lower than most SIGs.

              The question is, for the typical shooter, does it really make a practical difference?

              • “The question is, for the typical shooter, does it really make a practical difference?”

                What I read indicates that recoil management (second shots) is more of a problem, than with lower bore axes. At the distance that majority of DGUs take place, maybe recoil isn’t even noticeable. Having no experience with such (outside the range), I just have curiosity. I hated qualification courses with a Combat Masterpiece in the military because the grip was so small, the revolver moved in my hand, requiring resetting the pistol between each shot. But those shots were for 50ft. At ten feet, maybe even the mishandled revolver would have let me be accurate enough for defense.

              • At this point, I think I have owned and/or shot* 9mm pistols including:

                * indicated a Navy gun, not my personal firearm

                Beretta M9* / 92 / PX4c / PX4sc
                CZ 75B / P01 / 75 Compact / SP01 / CZ Custom SDP
                Glock 17 / 19 / 26
                Walther P99 / P99sc /PPQ / PPS
                HK USP9c / P2000sk
                FN FNX-9 / Hi Power
                S&W M&P9 / M&P9c / M&P9 2.0
                SIG P239 / P365 / P228*
                Kahr PM9 / MK9 / K9

                I shot an LC9 once, to test its sigts for its owner. One shot, ten ring, sights were fine but long trigger and did not appeal to me.

                I had good or better accuracy out of all those guns.

                Shooting IDPA, I had similar results from G17, P01, PX4c, and M&P9. I never tried a full size CZ75 variant at IDPA.

                But for me, the lower bore axis of the Glock was offset by the better triggers or grip ergos of other guns.

                Having owned a G26, I would say I would prefer the P365 for a BUG competition, once I am sure of reliability.

                Then again, I liked the PPS better than the G26, too.

  20. Six weeks ago I purchased the second one my favorite LGS received. I was interested in the P365 already and when I picked it up…the deal was struck. Every time I go to the Range someone asks about it…they put a mag or two downrange….and then head out to the store to buy one. With about 450 rounds through it with NO malfunctions of any kind, I am happy that it is a performer. Mine likes 115 gr the best. The IMI 115 gr die-cut JHP’s shoot very accurately. I tried the ARX and TNQ’s 9mm offerings – they all fed and shot well, but, 115 gr conventional ammo is sooo much cheaper to practice with. I strongly recommend that any new owners pick up a couple of the 12-rounders ($43.95 / no sales tax in MT). The P365 has supplemented my long-time carry partner, a S&W 642, for everyday concealed carry. Aker Leather tells me that they will have a Model 268A for it soon.

    I have one suggestion for Sig if they read these comments…please extend the mag release just a smidge and make it a rough-textured flat top rather than the curved button it currently is.

    My purchase price was $519.99…the same dealer is currently selling the P365 for $529.99.

  21. I haven’t handed one yet but this looks like a winner. Early reviews are positive.
    Slim, compact DAO with tritium sights and increased capacity mags. Operates like a DA revolver or a Kahr. Priced about like a Glock. No trigger safety (I consider that a plus.)
    I look forward to getting my hands on one.
    Until then I’ll continue with my 3913.

  22. I used to love Sigs(P210 target,P225, 226, 550) but every Sig I have purchased since 2004 has been a piece of crap with cheapo MiM parts. Couple that with the failures experienced by compact models during the US Army rials do not inspire confidence.

    The size and feel of this pistol are great, the apparently high bore axis and recently acquired Sig reputation for mediocre durability/reliability mean I probably won’t be risking my hard earned money on one of these until they have seen several years of hard use to regain my trust.

    • I’ve got 3 Sigs. A 226 purchased in 1988, A 239 purchased in 1998 and a 220ST in 2003. All are outstanding weapons and all with 1000’s of rounds run thru them.

    • I love my P365! I bought 2 of the 12 round magazines. In addition to the 2 10 round magazines that came with it. The 1/4” or so of length it adds to the grip make it fit my hand better. And of course 2 extra rounds in case of bad guys is never a bad thing.

      Although I have an IWB holster I rarely use it unless I’m wearing jeans. In dress pants, cargo pants, or running shorts I pocket carry with a Clinger soft holster and it is practically invisible and easy to draw.

      This is only my 2nd pistol, my 1st a S&W M&P Compact.40. The SIG conceals better and I am more accurate with the slightly smaller P365 with 9mm at the range so I figured giving a little firepower for accuracy wasn’t a bad idea. The M&P is currently my backup in my truck.

  23. Even if NSSF wins the case seeking to rescind California’s microstamping law (we should know soon), this gun will not likely make it here. To qualify, it would need an LCI, an external manual safety, and a mag disconnect. Which is too bad, this seems like a sweet little gun. Oh well. Maybe my daughter, who lives in a free state, will gift me one (yeah right).

  24. There is a Sig Sauer P365 Owners forum on Facebook. It is worth reviewing the feedback from those who own the gun. Some have experienced feeding and cycling issues as well as silly thing like sights falling off or so loose they slide around. I am surprised to see this with a Sig Sauer but it does seem to happen when someone releases the “Next New Thing” and production is throttled up to full speed from the get go. I recall the Remington R51 fiasco. Although Sig would manage better than Remington did, there are similarities in problems encountered and production pressures.

    I plan to buy one but it seems prudent to allow time for the issues to be fully resolved.

  25. I had the pleasure of renting/ trying one of these side by side against my XDS 3.3 9mm last week. I love (loved…?? 😉 my XDS and I shoot it well. Well, my XDS and I are filling for a divorce. The divorce may take a few week as my new ( smaller, younger but better ) bride isn’t here yet. ( please don’t add any Russian mail-order bride comments…..I don’t need my attorney’s office searched 🙂 )

    As per the author’s comments, the trigger is rather amazing. Especially for an out-of-the-box firearm. While the lighter weight made it a “slight” bit snappier, I had no problem shooting it more accurately with much tighter groups than my XDS. Adding in the 10+1 capacity made another irreconcilable difference with my soon to be ex…..

  26. Do all of the Sig P365s come with the XRAY front sight? I know they all come with SIGLITES, but I thought I read somewhere at launch it would get regular SIGLITES and for an upcharge they’d throw the XRAY front on the gun.

    Either way, if I live in a neighborhood that needs me to CCW, this is the gun full stop.

    • All current P365’s are sold with the XRAY. Sig is upgrading ALL P365’s to offset the initial bad press over some failures to go into battery (Sig adjusted some spring rates in January / February 2018 – appears to have corrected the issue – zero issues with mine).

      I considered the XRAY sights icing on an already good cake when I bought mine six weeks ago!

  27. Mine has a birthday of 3/9/18 and has been FLAWLESS. The article references the sights as “Siglite” but the BXR model being sold right now actually has Xray3 sights (thats what is on the pistol in picture above too) I carry it with the flush fit 10 rounder and a caddied 12 round in a AWIB rig from StealthGear. Such a light gun and a dream to shoot for its size. Would highly recommend for sure. I paid $599 with no tax and free shipping because I didn’t want to be on any waiting list

  28. Nice gun for those with regular size hands. My hands are bigger than normal. I have not fired the gun but have handled one. It’s too small for me. Even the ‘Pinkie Extender’ magazine did’t have room for my pinkie.

    If you have large hands decide for yourself. I will stay with my baby Glock.

    • Did you try it with the 12 rounder? Fits my hand better than the flat and pinkie 10-rounders.

  29. Two points of correction. It is not smaller than the LC9. Nor is the trigger better than an LC9s. Don’t get me wrong. I prefer the P365 overall, but the LC9s trigger is the best of the micro 9 crowd, with the exception of the long-ish reset.

    • I seem to recall seeing an image with the outline of the P365 against the aforementioned models, including the LC9.

      As for triggers, uh not in my opinion. I’ve shot an LC9s. Quite a bit. It’s got a (pretty darn) good trigger, but I prefer the Sigs. In the world of fine triggers, they have different flavors in how they pull, break and reset. I simply prefer strawberry to vanilla. YMMV.

      My Glock’s target trigger is a bit lighter, but not nearly as smooth as this SIG’s.

    • I feel like the use of the word “micro” to describe pistols is not even remotely standardized and used way too often. If this is micro, then what is the word for “fits in a front pocket”? I would consider G42 or Kahr P380 to be Micro. this just seems like “sub compact” to me at 1in wide and significantly larger than those pistols. We need to get some calibration standards around this marketing mumbo jumbo.

        • Have not held one, but if it is even remotely close the difference in firepower is significant over the G42. The article compared it to the G43 as a comp which does not really fit in my jeans so that is what i was basing my comments on. Since my preferred carry method is front pocket with a pocket holster, I need to find out because this would be a game changer if it fits. Looking at specs the G42 is smaller in terms of Width (.94 vs 1) and height (4.13 vs 4.3) but P365 wins in length (5.8 vs 5.94in). That said, hard to know for sure until I pop one in a pocket. if it works, nothing but sheer sorcery is at work since one has a 6rd mag of .380 and the other a 10rd mag of 9mm.

  30. I amazed at the large number of people who commented on this who have that kind of disposable income. For the rest of us $600 ($599, whatever) is a month’s rent or more.

    You can argue about quality all you want, but most of us can’t afford a BMW or Audi, no matter how good the car is compared to a Ford or Honda.

    • The reason l might buy one is because I don’t drive a BMW or an Audi. Of course, according to my LGS, it will be a long time before I even get to hold a 365. He has so far received 6 orders and, zero available through his distributors. The comments I’ve read here, tell me I may want to wait so Sig can iron out any problems with it. Besides, according to my LGS, it’s about the same size as my M&P shield, and I love that weapon, so I really don’t need the Sig. But need seldom comes into play when it comes to firearms.

    • Casey gotta say I drive a pre owned cpo diesel 2014 BMW. With 29000 miles it cost me $29000. Priced a Ford F-150 lately?

  31. Looks like a nice gun, if you like plastic and strikers. I’m not going to trade in my P938 any time soon, and very unlikely the P365 has a better trigger. 10+1 would be comforting.

  32. I am a mature gentleman who began shooting handguns with a CW surplus Whitney. Currently carry S&W snubbie. Really like a gun that only requires: 1. Draw 2. Pull trigger, in order to go BANG. Do not need two hands to make this happen.
    All these P365 articles seem written by professionals who teethed on a Browning HiPower, or some such.
    All I wanna know is, can this P365 be carried with a round in the chamber, and with reasonable safety like my S&W 5-shot snubbies?
    I assume if I ever have to use it in self defense my mind will be useless, my clothing in need of attention & I’ll not do so well trying to figure out what this or that button/switch does. Pull trigger, BANG. Think that’s the best I can expect.

    • I haven’t seen the new 365, however if they are like all the previous Sigs, it is absolutely safe to carry with a chambered round. Like a revolver, just draw and shoot. I have 3 Sigs, and none of them even have a thumb safety.

  33. I have a 365 borm 3/30. Yes it will fit in a front pocket if you dont wear skinny jeans, forget its there IWB, its amazingly accurate for its size, its been 100% reliable in 430rnds. Love this little thing and Im typically not a SIG fan.

  34. I am fortunate enough to live in New Hampshire and Maine before that so I have been carrying for years. For a while it was a Smith 380 bodyguard sometimes in an ankle holster sometimes in Thunderwear. Then I managed to find a used Kahr CM 9 which blew me away with its quality and trigger. That was my every day carry. I am not law-enforcement not military but I am a fairly decent shot having initially trained at Lethal Force back in the 90s. I live near sig Sauer so it is sort of the local favorite and I have to say although I have no real favorites I’ve always been impressed with the fact that I’ve never had a failure with a Glock at the range. But when I first picked up a Sig Sauer it suddenly became clear what everyone was talking about. The quality is a step above – not to slam glock Cz Smith ruger or Springfield. Not at all. But it is like going from a seiko watch to a Patek. I’d pick the seiko (or Glock) if I only had one to choose but what do I know.
    The p365 was irresistible and I bought one last week from a local dealer. I took it to the range today and put 150 rounds of 9 mm reloads through it. Absolutely zero problems. If feels bigger than it is, with the small magazine it’s substantially smaller than a Glock 26, it weighs in at less too. Being 63 and using one of those neon splatter burst targets I couldn’t even remotely see the front sight. However at 12 feet, first shot ever, went dead center. After that various drills, at seven, 12 and 20 feet pretty much blew me away especially again considering that I never could see the front sight. It’s as Accurate as anything I’ve ever shot in any range. If I could actually see the front sight it would probably even be better. I bought it anticipating it would replace my Kahr and I just finished loading all three mags with federal HST and it will be going in my ankle holster in about an hour.

    • Good for you Joe. I’ve been a Sig fan since the 80’s. They have never giving me a single problem. Like you, I’m getting on in years and injuries and can’t carry the heavier weapons. I just wish the 365 came out earlier. I settled with the M&P Shield in 9mm. I love it and it shoots very well. I’ve owned S&W’s since the early 70’s and never had a complaint, but there’s just something about the Sigs. If the 365 had come out earlier, I’d have bought it, but I’m not ready to retire my Shield.

  35. I will stick with my Zev enhanced Glock 26 using G19 mags and a Pachmayr mag sleeve or even a G17 mag with the appropriate sleeve. Years of 100% reliability, abuse tested by hundreds and the Glock always goes bang and can be had stock for much less than the current price of this Sig De Jeur. I will take my 3lb trigger and my either 16 or 18 round capacity in an over proven Glock any day. Holsters, aftermarket upgrades, aftermarket useless accessories……Glock has Sig beaten to death. Am I a Glock fanboy? Not really, my favorite gun is a SAR K-2 .45 that I polished the internals on. Great gun if you buy a VERY stout belt and aren’t afraid of offending the millenials by carrying OWB even if you accidentally hike up your ratty t-shirt. If the price drops I MIGHT consider a Sig 365 for a pocket pistol/backup but I prefer to use a small 5 shot ultra light for such purposes. Can’t beat a revolver if you have to drop a perp and don’t want to spend the next six months to 3 years of your life in court. Don’t have to worry about policing your brass after a self defense un-witnessed shooting when you carry or are forced to use a revolver to save yours or a loved ones skin….just walk away. I do of course like a larger capacity so I generally do rely on my Glock26 with longer mags and my CCW insurance.

    • Love the 26. Just too big for me to carry discretely. Like I said if I had to bug out I’d take a 26 or 19. I’ve completely disassembled my 19and you can appreciate the genius behind its simplicity. But the 365 is something else too.

  36. I agree with all of this article except for when they compared the P365 to single stack competition. How does that make sense? I mean compare it to double stack subcompact competitors. The Glock 26 is 10 rounds with a slightly smaller pistol being .2″ shorter than the P365. The subcompact double stack XD mod 2 has 13 rounds basic and 16 in extended mag with only .4″ more height than the P365. The only specification on paper that the P-365 is way better at than the comparable Glock and certainly the XD is in weight. I have not shot a P365 yet but I do not see how in looking at all of the specs how it is such a huge game changer. It is just like when any company comes out they all act like their product is a game changer and it really isn’t.

    • I owned a P365, briefly, and your premise is flawed. The P365 fit in my MK9 holsters. It is single stack sized, but has double stack capacity.

  37. just an update; again i’m not LEO or former seal or a Mossad assassin, just a regular schlub who believes in 2A for a lot of reasons and am in no mood to put myself at risk of an active shooter whether it be in my house, in a traffic jam, at work, or at a burger king. I like mechanical stuff although I’m no wizard, and I like guns. I just took this to the range again with my 320 .45 and put 150 rounds of handloads through each. The 320 just for info, jammed all the time but they were all handloads and the oacl was 1.266, which was at the extreme of what a .45 round should be, so I suspected it was the ammo and not the gun. Next day I took another 100 rounds of handloads .45 oacl about 1.185 and a box of commercial mixed .45 (glasers, federal) with nary a problem. But onto the 365. Put another 150 rounds through without a hitch. Not one. unbelievably accurate, and surprisingly comfortable. So I’m selling my Kahr and my Shield and my beretta and going to buy another p365. As for my 26, well, it’s still probably my favorite all around firearm, but I have to say I have a G42 and there’s no comparison to the p365. The single stack pocket 9’s days are numbered I suspect and I’m sure the future will be all the manufacturers redrawing their pocket 9’s to have similar double stacks, so Sig will get their legal department revved up. But the 365 exceeds expectations, and frankly, just an FYI, I do not believe a lot of the stuff from the sig haters out there about dropped guns, failed 320’s, etc. . Some people just hate certain brands. My range – the staff HATE ruger. Absolutely passionately hate it. They say they’ve never seen a single gun from ruger that didn’t need adjustment or repair. So there you go.

  38. I’ve been active law enforcement agent for over thirty-five years! I’ve never found a micro 9mm that offered me the reliability and advantages over my S&W 340 five shot revolver till now! The Sig Sauer P365 is the first micro 9mm that does. Last year I had bought a Glock 43, it was adequate but still subpar to my revolver, and then I heard from a DHS Special Agent who test fired a P365, he raved about it and convince me to buy one! I bought a P365 what a little gem, it accurate, comfortable to shoot and offer capacity advantage over the five shot J frame! And after firing a couple of hundred rounds it’s extremely reliable (as long as you don’t ride the slide release like some guy on YouTube). I immediately sold my Glock 43 to a friend ASAP after firing the P365, it out class the Glock in every respect!

  39. My P365 just arrived with a born on date of October17, 2018. Wow. Only a few days old makes me think this latest – greatest should have the kinks removed. Can’t wait to hit the range next week and break her in!! Got a deal as well at $499. Sweet!

  40. I am interested in the current status of any problems with recently built Sig P365s. I have reviewed several Utube videos that suggest failure to shoot occurs after 1000 or so rounds.
    I have a Ruger LCR in 38 spec. and I would very much appreciate the increased capacity and quick reload of the P365- as long as I know I can depend upon it to function if needed.

    • Right at 1200 rounds through my P365 with zero issues. Carry load is Federal HST 124 (standard pressure). Practice ammo being the cheapest 115’s on sale or Win NATO 124’s.

        • Don’t know manufacture date…purchase date was 21 March 2018. Three friends have more recent purchases on P365’s and they’ve had the same experience that I’ve had…with the expectation that the reliability will continue as their round counts increase (FYI – we range from late 50’s to mid 70’s)

          I am not aware of any newer issues with the P365 other than the original spring-rate issues which surfaced immediately after it’s roll out in Jan 2018.

          The owners manual suggests that the recoil spring assembly be replaced at 2500 rounds. The assembly is not searchable on Sig’s website…however, if you call them they have the SKU and item in stock for $25 (+PHS). I ordered one to have on hand for when I reach 2500 (put fifty rounds through it after it arrived just for grins and giggles – no issues).

          The 12-round magazines and how comfortably the firearm fit my hand are what won me over originally….palm sized and 13 rounds are a great combination for a micro EDC firearm. The fact that it is a soft-shooter is a big plus (I’d rather put a box of ammo through my P365 than six rounds through my LCP).

  41. Just adding one more affirmative. I have a dozen guns and this is the best overall for combined form, funtion and utility. There are a few guns more fun to shoot. Love my p7 python and several p239’s. I’m partial to dak and lem triggers – the 365 in next best trigger. Handling is great. Maybe 3 failures in 2000 rounds. If I have one concern, the trigger is too short and light so it stays holstered tight always. I’ll put a tcp in a coat pocket – not my 365. Anyway, great gun.

  42. Have any new reliabiliy problems surfaced in the more recently manufactured P365s. Or old problems re-surfaced? Are you conservative gunowners in TTAGs blog ready to own a p365 for a CCW. ?

    • My P365 that I bought last week has a “born on date” of February 6, 2019. I shot 300 rounds of assorted 115 grain and a magazine of Hornady Critical Defense with no hiccups of any kind thus far. I plan to shoot at least 300 more rounds this week and will stop back with an update. Loving this gun so far! Got it for $499 at Academy and spent another $40 on a 12-round mag. I have large hands and the 12 rounder fits me perfectly. Stay tuned.

      • Thank you Bohucka for your comments. I would appreciate hearing how your P365 performs as you get to the 1000 round experience.
        Has the Striker drag changed. Anything new or changed in the past mentioned problem areas?
        Thanks again.

        • As mentioned before, I’ll be shooting another 300+ rounds this week. I’ll hold off on posting till I get close to 1000. The striker drag issue still exists, but I don’t know how to post a pic of my brass, however it’s no worse than the drag I get from my Glock 43, so at this point I am not concerned. My G43 didn’t make it through its initial 300 rounds without a stovepipe, so I’m definitely leaning toward making the P365 my EDC.

          Stay tuned (again)…

          • 1800 rounds through mine…zero issues…carry daily. Hardly know that it is there on your hip it is so small and light. Floppy T-shirt covers well – zero printing. Hope your experience mirrors mine…great EDC weapon.

  43. I rented one at the gun range. Shot it side by side with my P320 full size.
    I was impressed. My groups with the 365 were as tight as with my full size P320 at 7 and 10 yards.
    I like the trigger too.
    Gotta get my wife to shoot it. She likes the size and the available 12 round mags. Her issue may be spring tension. Arthritis in her wrists. Loves her Walther CCP. P365 is smaller and carries more.

  44. This is an old thread, but for those reading it….

    Just bought one about a week ago, shot about 150 rounds through it, so far it hasn’t been as accurate for me as my G43 but I figure I just need some more time behind the wheel. It is definitely comfortable to shoot and will become one of my carry guns.

    Having said that, and since nobody has brought it up, the magazines are really hard to load by hand… like really hard. If you have arthritis or any hand/finger issues you will probably need a loader. I’ve never needed one, but am getting one for this gun. People say online that if you leave it loaded it gets easier over time, I’ll have to see it to believe it.

    • I’ve used an UpLula loader ever since I purchased my first semiauto. It makes the 365 mags just as easy to load as my Glock 33-rounders. Personally I don’t know how people survive without them.

      • Gonna try one of those UpLula loaders. Getting the 12th round in my 365 magazines was a problem for the first several months with each one. I have 6 of those now. Speeding up the reload process and a less sore thumb getting those last few rounds in the magazine seems to be a win/win situation.

    • The 12-rounders get easier to load as time goes by…that said, a mag loader makes life easier (and saves your thumbs).

      1900+ rounds through my P365 with no issues so far (pretty much affirms the weapon reliability).

  45. After making my purchase, I initiated my break in with 250 rounds at the local range. Results as follows.

    Winchester 115 grain brass full metal jackets- 100 rounds. 2 rounds misfed. They loaded, but the slide didn’t fully lock in completely.

    Blazer 115 grain brass full metal jackets-50 rounds. 2 rounds didn’t eject completely.

    Remington 115 grain brass full metal jackets. 50 rounds.- 1 round didn’t eject.

    Monarch 115 grain brass full metal jacket. -50 rounds. Good run. No misfeeds, or ejection problems. I will say that these rounds were the last to shoot, allowing the gun time to work. Overall I like the weapon.

    • Winchester was the only brand that I had any mis-feeds within my first 1500 rounds. 4 of them to be precise. All within the first 300 or so rounds.

      The Winchester and Blazer were 115 grain. Everything else was and is 124 grain.

      No problems with Hornady, Remington, Blazer, Aguila or Sig Elite Performance.

      I’ve not used any Monarch

  46. I bought the P320 and P365 Nitron on 7/3/20.

    Finally got some good 9mm at a good price and so I am loading the mags. No major problem on the P320 standard 17 and the two 21’s that came with it except that I cannot safely get the last round in each of them.

    On the P365 however, I could not safely get more than 4 rounds in either of the standard 10 round mags. After an hour and writing a review on Sig’s site, I tried to load more rounds. Now I was able to get a 5th round in each with the same force that it previously took to get 4 rounds in.

    Is that how their standard 10’s for the P365 work? After 4, you must wait 45-60 minutes to load a 5th, and then repeat for the 6-10th?

    Sooooo…. the P365 is an excellent low profile conceal and carry, unless there is a possibility of needing to reload. Or you can cancel out the low profile by carrying extra mags at a premium price.

    Apparently, some other models have had this problem too.

    Something is very wrong here.

    • I concur on the Uplula, at least until the 10 or 12 round mags have been fully loaded several dozen times. They seem to loosen up a little over time and use without compromising the feeding capability.

      • Thanks! That seems to be the primary remedy after reading some more on the issue. I just now was able to fit a sixth round in each with the same effort that the initial load of the 4th round took.

        It is very interesting that this issue is several years old and also that it continues to be a hit and miss issue with various Sig Saur mags. Some people have no issue and some of us have a major issue.

        As someone who is only lightly familiar with weapons relative to others who may comment here, I do not know enough myself to be able to accurately judge each weapon by technical specs or by technical evaluations. I do know that even the best of manufacturers make mistakes. Those that can be trusted, fix their mistakes and do not pretend they do not exist.

        It really bothers me that SS seems to be pretending this issue is not significant, especially since they do not seem to be remedying it. Considering how much magazines cost and how much the remedy costs to for buyers to correct it, this is completely unacceptable.

        Lastly, even if SS had included a cheap loader to compensate for the temporary shortcomings, the idea that you would sell something that one could not load by hand for some time would still be unacceptable – at least for those who have bought them primarily for self-defense and not for sport.

        I doubt I will be buying Sig Sauer again.

        I did not really have a choice in this case as I had only researched the P320 out of the two, and I had intended to buy something better. But, I waited too long. Covid and Marxist insanity were well in gear leaving both as the best choices of what was left at Bass Pro, which was way better than what was left at my local gun shops, and I still feel darn lucky to have even gotten these. The P320 was the last one and the P365 was the second to the last one from an order of 20 each that came in 2 days before, and in which they had been waiting “at least several weeks for”.

        • I haven’t noticed my P365 mags being any harder/easier to load than any other of my assorted brands. Perhaps SOME of your frustration is due to the fact that (as you stated) this is still new to you. At any rate, please do invest in the UpLula, and you will agree with the rest of us that it is money well spent.

          • Thanks!
            Getting the UpLula is not really an option, it’s more of a forgone conclusion. 🙂

            I assure you that NONE of my frustration is due to the mags being new. Besides having dealt with new mags on a few occasions before, I also have 3 new mags for my new P320. I could not get the last bullet into either of the three (17/21/21 loads) and which I assumed would likely be because they are new and therefore had no complaint about them.

            Any suggestion on where to get a genuine UpLula (not a knockoff) at the best price?

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