Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell
Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
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From the CCRKBA

Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell’s immediate reaction to Sunday’s triple homicide at a hookah lounge in the city’s Mount Baker area “was a predictable launch pad for an attack on Washington State’s model firearms preemption law,” the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“Instead of encouraging people to help police solve this terrible crime and bring the perpetrators to justice,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “Mayor Harrell reminds us he is ‘partnering’ with state lawmakers to ‘end state preemption over firearms’ so the city can adopt policies which, experience tells us, will only impact law-abiding citizens and not prevent a single tragedy. 

“Bruce Harrell was on the city council in 2015 when they hastily adopted the city’s notorious tax on gun and ammunition sales,” Gottlieb recalled. “In the years since, homicides have more than doubled in Seattle, the gun tax revenue has never come close to the forecast and the mayor and his allies continue blaming guns when they should be blaming the people misusing those guns. 

“Mayor Harrell seems to forget that Seattle did adopt a policy—the gun tax—on the promise it would help prevent gun-related violence and the past eight years have shown it to be a total failure,” he added. “Instead of talking about getting guns off the street, how about focusing on getting criminals off the street?

In a statement posted on his official website, Harrell says Seattle police are “investigating with haste to hold the perpetrators responsible.” He says the city is taking a “holistic approach” to dealing with the challenge of violent crime in the city. 

“The mayor and city council can take any approach they desire,” Gottlieb observed, “but when they promote and adopt social policies which the public, especially the criminal element, see as soft on crime, at the end of the day all they are doing is pontificating. Preemption has provided uniformity in state gun laws for nearly 40 years, and what seems to escape Mayor Harrell and other gun control advocates is that you cannot prevent violent crime by penalizing people who don’t commit crime, or by repealing a law which protects the rights of law-abiding gun owners from one state border to the other.”

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  1. “so the city can adopt policies which, experience tells us, will only impact law-abiding citizens and not prevent a single tragedy.”

    … which, experience, history, and facts tells us, will only impact law-abiding citizens and not prevent a single tragedy. …


      • The video is yes Gun Control is racist but from my understanding sneaky spinning Gun Control zealots want to pick and chose what to keep and discard from Racism in America…In other words they are attempting to keep nooses, chains and whips around for individuals or groups exercising their 2A Right.

        If Racism in America is not enough to bury Gun Control then add Gun Control Genocide to mix…After all the USSC has used foreign law as persuasive authority.

  2. If they’re so intent on punishing people who have had nothing to do with any of the actions of this hooligan population why not go after the parents of these yoots?

    Oh, that’s right. If you’re lucky you might find a grandparent or two. All other genetic donors are MIA.

    • Thats what i wondered too. Is that like herbal supplements and those potpourri sticks or what? I forget what those little sticks are called.
      Hows that holistic approach going so far?

  3. Simple; rid themselves of this ignorant leftist mayor and this nonsense will begin to stop. Clearly nothing about their current laws protects anyone but Bloomberg’s loyal followers whom are bought by and controlled by him.

    • Good luck with that. Why are they stuck with him in the first place? ‘Cause he got ELECTED! The residents are getting the government they voted for. And since I believe in democracy, I’m happy for them.

    • The leftard mayor of Seattle is one of the more centrist politicians in charge of that hell hole. They have full-blown commies on the city council.

      Pretty funny how he wants Seattle to be able to adopt their own policies to stop gun violence, while the Seattle PD was under orders to not interfere with a noted drug lord and rapper handing out AKs from the trunk of his luxury car during the Summer of Love. Without background checks or 4473’s! To underage druggies!

  4. so king county can have their own set of rules which will cause crime in seattle to escalate.
    well thought through.

    • They don’t care. Crime, in and of itself, is not the problem to them. Keeping everyone under their thumb is their problem.

      Whatever it takes to get more power is the only thing that matters to tyrants. And I understand that. What I will never understand are the masses who willingly say – yes, please enslave me more!

  5. This is the reason that reasonable people are moving out of Washington state, just like California and Oregon. They want a dump, dangerous city, they can have it.

    • … except like locusts, they find another state like Wy, Mt, Ut, etc. to ruin before moving on to the next. Better that the entire Left Coast just slides into yhe Pacific.

        • 5.1? Sheet. We don’t even feel those.

          Actually that one was closer to LA than San Fran. Now what is happening in LA is someone finally flushed.

        • Ah, then it’s like a Category 3 hurricane. Not gonna make much of an impression on the residents until it’s a 4, and then people at the beaches are still going to have their “hurricane parties.”

  6. I wonder — what is the process to end the state’s firearms pre-emption law?

    I’ll bet it’s something hard, like getting the citizens to vote on passing an amendment.

  7. Wait a minute. Isn’t Washington state already pretty far along the gun control wasteland road? I know there’s always room to make a bad situation worse, but what more does this clown want? Criminently.

  8. A long while ago, I was training an entry- level Windows Server administrator. He did not follow my instruction and instead made an unintended change in the registry. He blamed the mouse, saying it was not working properly. We found another position for him.

    The mayor of Seattle reminds me of that guy.

  9. The libertarians liberals on the left had made it quite clear. They’re not interested in punishing anyone for the crimes they commit. Because they always complain that there are too many people being locked up in the United States, and they compare our prison population size with other societies.

    So they will try anything else except punishing those that commit the crimes.

    • “So they will try anything else except punishing those that commit the crimes.”

      “But we meant well!” they will say.

      Something, something, road to Hell paved with something… 🙁

      • I really wish “the white saviors” would follow, Doctor walter williams advice. When he was a guest host, on the rush limbaugh show many years ago.
        Stop “helping” black people. And stop “helping” everyone else.

  10. Leave it to a Leftist control freak to try to circumvent the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.

  11. In the Houston area there are often shootings at hookah lounges, lots of fights as well. I suspect the crowd that likes hookah lounges is more the problem than the guns.

    • Is “hookah lounge” just code for as “opium den”? I’ll guess not a place normal people frequent.

  12. This is exactly right. Harrell might as well be Matt Gaetz by Seattle standards. No one to his right would ever have the faintest hope of becoming mayor, or getting on the City Council, in Seattle. His election was seen as a great return to sanity and a big correction to the center.

    In other words, this is as good as it gets, people.

    • This was intended to be a reply to Defens, but somehow ended up floating off on it’s own. Sorry about that.

      • Yeah, happens alot on here, although it’s usually sinking off on it’s own. After enough people chime in you can end up ten or more postings from where you started… very confusing format if you don’t back up and jigsaw-puzzle it back together to make sense

  13. “If you take all the guns off the streets you will still have a crime problem. However, If you take all the Criminals off the street you cannot have a gun problem.” – the late Marine Col. Jeff Cooper

    “Killing is a matter of will, not means. You cannot control the intent by passing laws about the means.” – yeah, Jeff again, circa 1958.

    Thanks Mayor for once again proving Ole Jeffy right…”One of the notable aspects of the democratic process is that one need not know anything about a subject in order to pass laws about it.”

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