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Courtesy Allen M.
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[This post is part of our new series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

Allen M. writes . . .

I haven’t changed anything in my EDC. I feel like I already have the best combo (for me) that I know about. My firearm is a SIG P365XL, my blade is Rick Hinderer XM-18(3 in), my ammo is Federal HST (147 gr), and my holster is from R Grizzle Leather (cow/elephant).

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      • I liked the realistic PDOTD posts (and the EDC Backpack dumps), but not the ridiculous/artsy-fartsy/4-knives EDC’s.

        • Yeah some of those fancy Damascus steel $700 pocket knives…I was like RIGHT!!! My ass they are carrying that around. Certainly they were nice but I’d never spend that kind of scratch for a pocket knife.

  1. Cow/elephant holster? Really? Was the elephant used in that holster harvested legitimately? Its hard to find that today. So please use cow and Not elephant. Shark is ok, nobody likes sharks

    • A lot of Zoo elephants are dying off. Maybe they are using the leather from them? I’d imagine people can get a lot of hide from a single elephant.

    • Gerard, you have to be kidding. Or, you’ve drank the kool aid. Elephants are no endangered. The meat goes to the locals. Which they desperately need. I have three ivory gripped handguns that I wear with pride. Better read up on sharks. Big movement to preserve them. BTW, I have shark skin holsters, belts and mag pouches. Everyone should have a BBQ rig.

      • Yeah, I have become reinterested in BBQ since I saw a report on the new Python, ordering 2 of the 4.25″ (may take a while!), will look into how fancy a holster I can find/afford. No, no, I can see your minds cranking around a 2-Python rig, but no. The second one is for the bride, just a crossdraw or multicolor, exotic, wondering and considering is fun.

    • Everyone has different views. I have elephant: boots, shoes, belts, and holsters.

      I like his choice of handgun and ammo as well.

      • Because there’s fishing and there’s being a dick. Just as there’s a difference between cleanly dropping a deer with a 30-30 and snaring it and dragging it behind your truck.

      • That guy deserves it, a real pos. Anyone who willfully hurts animals or acts in any way with such cruelty deserves a big kick in the butt. I hope the court destroys him.

    • I have a beautiful Custom Black Elephant Ear Holster Rig made for me by Sam Andrews at http://www.andrewsleather.com/.

      He is also making me a Custom Monarch Shoulder Rig for my M1911’s out of what he describes as ‘the most beautiful piece of Elephant Ear’ he has ever seen.

      Sam is an artist and has make numerous rigs of all types for Hollywood. He is the only artist I know who uses WHOLE EXOTICS and not just patches on cowhide.

      Take your leftist conservationist fantasies someplace else.

        • I really enjoy squid, but I’m with you on octopus. Oysters I can only do deep-fried on a Po Boy sammich.

      • Ron is right, although I have a hard time telling shark and swordfish apart.
        Nobody is killing elephants for their ears. The poachers let all of the non-ivory parts rot where they lay. I wish they would do the same thing to the poachers.

        • The biggest difference between swordfish and shark I’ve noticed is that swordfish is a lot more forgiving on the grill. It’s a somewhat fatty fish, and is forgiving of a bit of overcooking. Shark is ultra-lean, and turns to shoe leather very easily.

      • I’d have to be real hungry. Hard times for a couple years when I was a kid. Somebody gave us a freezer full of shark, sword, and mackerel. Not telling how long it had been frozen. To a 6 year old kid it was just AWFUL. Scarred for life.

    • I like sharks but I don’t have a problem with eating them provided the whole animal is being used.

      Usually it’s not, instead the creature is generally finned and then thrown back to drown. Those engaged in finning can be keel hauled on a ship that hasn’t been de-barnacled before being beaten with a cat-of-nine-tails and tossed overboard and dragged behind the vessel for several hours for all I care.

      • Agreed. I’m appalled at the waste of “finning.” Eat the whole critter, or leave it the hell alone.

  2. Looks like Jason Moon was well ahead of his time. That’s a Kahr reference, if I was being a tad obscure.

  3. Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm with 124gr Federal HST in a Relentless Tactical IWB…

  4. The P365 is one I’ve been thinking a lot about. The XL might be a little better with it’s longer barrel.

    Federal HST is a good round to carry. These days it’s Hornady for my needs though.

    Cow hide is more my thing but exotic leathers might be a consideration later on down the line.

  5. Im just another boring loser that carries a g19 with gold dots. Got a g48 recently, maybe give that a go once i get a holster for it.

  6. Is this a Barney Fife situation where he’s carrying the bullets around in his pocket?

    • Likely showing the ammo box to show what it’s loaded with. Not an uncommon practice when showing pictures.

  7. I just picked up a P365XL. Felt better in my hands than the P365 or Hellcat. It’s  comfortable to carry IWB and easy to conceal. 12+1 and a spare 15 round mag isn’t too shabby.

    My only gripe:  mine shoots low. So low I’m developing bad habits compensating for it during practice. So now I need to buy a sight pusher and a different rear sight to fix it. Oh, and the $50 mags, two gripes I guess.

    • Or send it back to sig on their dime.

      Have you had someone else shoot it? I ask because I don’t know your skill level. You could be awesome or not. But I’ve been asked to shoot a lot of low shooting guns and found they were fine.

      Their owner had a push. Usually confirmed when I sneak the round out of the chamber, put the gun down and say “Its ready to go. Just pull the trigger.”


      No disrespect intended. Just trying to eliminate a cause.

      • I’m no operator operating operationally, but I’m pretty darn solid with a handgun as long as you don’t put me under time stress. Still working on that…

        I noticed its tendency to impact low so I sat down and shot slow off a rest at about 15 yards. The groups were nice and consistent, but were barely on paper. I switched to 5″ steel targets and had to completely change my sight picture to get hits at 10 yards. Front sight had to sit well above the rear sights to get hits.

        Not sure that I want to try and send it back to Sig right now or if it would even be eligible under the warranty. I guess it’s an excuse to buy another gadget and learn how to swap out pistol sights.

    • My two S&W Shields shot low before I changed out the front sights for Ameriglo sights. There has to be something for your gun given it’s strong aftermarket support.

  8. I think what I’m carrying now seeks to eliminate the money clip and rolex crowd from the running. ha.

  9. I’ve got a similar setup, 365xl in a R Grizzle Leather holster (horse). I swapped the grip frame on my 365xl for a 365 grip though. I can change my level of concealment just by changing the mag, 10, 12 or 15 round.

  10. EDC depends on if I can get away with a shoulder rig or I have to carry in my backpack. Shoulder rig is comped VP9 with laser and light, Trijicon Suppressor sights, and 3 mags. Backpack is a 365 wearing the Sig Laser loaded with a 12 rd. with several 12 rd magazines loaded with Civil Defense and HST’s. They both stay in the torso at 25 yards so it doesn’t really matter which spare I grab with multiple targets. I just picked up a PMR30 with a couple of mags. I may switch the backpack to it if I can shoot as good as it does. I think I have 5 knives in my pack + a multitool, so I am not going to list them here.

    Thomas Jefferson Gun Quotes
    “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.”

  11. Held that sign xl several times and really liked the feel. Then out of the corner of my eye calling out to me was a cz75d compact. I regret not buying two. Dropped in a carbo spring kit for $20.00 and am very satisfied.

  12. Paul Harrell says HST ammo is over priced and not much improved performance over the white box pew pews… And when Paul Harrell speaks, Chuck Norris listens.

  13. I carry what I did last week, and last year.
    Mostly, it’s none of you business what I carry.

  14. I really want a Sig P365 XL. Have 2 P365’s, purchased 6 over the last 2 years ( kept getting newer ones ). Really wanted the SA Hellcat OSP since would like a micro red dot. However went and shot the Hellcat 9 days ago after my CCW renewal test shoot and it really, really pinched my right pinky finger. Tried numerous ways to compensate but kept going back to my P365 EDC. So now I’m sold on the P365 XL, probably just get the one at first and sell one of my regular P365’s and then eventually have 2. With all that’s going on with Covid-19 I’m probably going to have to wait. Just need one more thing to build my custom AR9 which is my priority right now.

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