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Surveillance video showed how Florida Man Edward Alexander Barfield, 35, hid in a porta-potty for hours waiting for the right moment to rob someone outside of a Sanford, Florida bar. When a bartender, Chelsea Putnam, a mother of three, emerged at 2:30 a.m. on Thursday morning after closing, Barfield made his move. Police call it an attempted carjacking, but Barfield viciously assaulting the woman.

“Hands come across my throat. Start strangling me. He wouldn’t let me go and I kind of let out a scream,” she said. He got me on the ground, started bashing my head in, rip my shirt.”

Sanford police said it was an attempted carjacking, but Putnam thinks the stranger had a different motive.

“He picked me up by my neck. And threw me on the ground. My purse and keys were in my hand, and they were dropped. And he just kept on attacking me. That’s why I don’t think it was a carjacking.” 

Unfortunately for the privy-dweller, the bartender’s father had asked her boyfriend to help make sure the woman made it home safely while working late at nigh. And like a lot of folks in Florida, the boyfriend had his carry piece when he showed up after the bar closed.

Seeing his girlfriend on the ground and under attack, he opened fire to end the assault. Mr. Barfield later died behind the bar right next to his porta-potty…which seems kinda fitting.

The bartender, who’s also a college student working on a nursing degree, suffered injuries but is making a full recovery.

Fox35 Orlando has the story . . .

According to police, based on surveillance video, a man jumped out of this portable toilet and tried to steal the employee’s vehicle, and that was when another man, described as the carjacking victim’s boyfriend, shot and killed the alleged carjacker… 

The father of the victim said his daughter suffered mild injuries to her head after the suspect attacked her. He said she is a bartender at George’s Tavern and had just finished her shift. He asked her boyfriend to come by at the end of the night to make sure she got home safely. According to police, when the boyfriend saw what was happening, he removed his gun from his waist and shot the man. 

“Thank God her boyfriend is a special ops guy and come out and saved her life,” Moon said.

Barfield won’t be spending any more time in outhouses, let alone attacking more women in the dark of night.


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  1. That was more than a car jacking. Had he taken her keys when she dropped them he could have possibly been in the car and escaped before the boy friend ended him.

  2. Outstanding. Another life saved. And another life deservedly taken. And the taxpayers saved. I love a happy ending.

    • Don’t know about Florida, but many states don’t allow carry within a bar. I assume that’s patrons and employees both. Maybe her carry piece (if any) was locked inher car?

      • Florida has what they call the ’50 percent rule’, where if bar receipts are over 50 percent of the entire food and drink bill, guns not allowed.

        Bar only, no go.

        But a whole lot of places don’t care, as long as you don’t behave like an ass…

      • In Florida both the owner of and employees that work in a bar. Can legally carry a firearm under Florida Statute 790.25 (3) (n). The drinking of alcohol is expressly forbidden while carrying a firearm at all times in Florida.

      • That was a problem in Texas, a couple decades ago. Not so much today. That stupid law contributed to the Luby’s restaurant carnage – legal carrying patrons left their guns in their vehicles while they ate.

    • BOCH I’d appreciate it if you’d post information about the poor sap getting his gunz confiscated by ILLANNOY state po-leece after supposedly buying the offending gats from a Gunshop after the 10th. Don’t give a rat’s butt about Floriduh man…

  3. Another example of stupid people/stupid place/doing stupid things.

    A “Single mother” out at a bar at 0230? (matters not WHY she was at a damn bar). Where were/who had her THREE kids?

  4. Too bad they couldn’t just stuff back in that hole of blue water and leave him like the turd he was.
    I’m sure someone is screaming in a media camera about him being a good boy and just about to get his life together

    • No need to do that as his legacy speaks for its self, and his family and ‘friends’ and internet is not going to forget it. He burned himself down.

    • That is not helpful. He is gone.

      Let his family remember his innocent youth and mourn for what they hoped he could be without rubbing his bad choices in their face.

        • Yes, really. Joking with your buddies or on an enthusiast website is worlds apart from seeking out a funeral home’s memorial page to directly taunt bereaved family members.

          Fred Phelps comes to mind. He may have “won” in his mind, but illuminating his depravity only damaged his cause. Don’t be like Fred Phelps.

  5. Ironically, since Barfield was using his bare hands, if he had succeeded in murdering Ms. Putnam it would not be recorded as “gun violence”. However, since it meets the basic definition, his death will be recorded as a “homicide with a firearm”. Shows you what the value of statistics is.

    • Yes, it will go into gun-violence stats as ‘homicide’ without differentiating that is was ‘justified homicide’ (in defense of another) which is not a crime or criminal charge. Over half of the gun-violence ‘homicides’ in official ‘homicide’ stats are ‘justified homicide’ (self/home/other defense) but anti-gun spins it as ‘criminal homicide’ (e.g. murder).

  6. Some moons ago I worked at a band bar and getting home safe late nights was at times high adventure…Perp deserved exactly what he got.

    • The funeral home is moderating the comments.

      The last one posted is under his pic on the main page. It says

      “He died doing what he loved”

      They don’t realize it, but the person who posted it, their real sentiment is “He died doing what he loved, attacking women and trying to rape and kill them then steal their cars.”

  7. Surprised Miner or Dacien hasn’t chimed in telling us how she should have just given the poor criminal what he wanted and been a good witness.

    • Yes, dacian would be posting all sorts of bogus studies and telling us how compliance is the answer to avoid harm in a violent criminal attack. I’d like him to face the ~464,000 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault annually and tell them they should have complied to avoid that violent harm because compliance means the criminal doesn’t harm the victim because dacian’s bogus studies say so.

      Miner would be blaming it on Trump and religion and taking each word out of context trying to launch into a different subject and move the goal posts.

      By the time dacian and Miner49er get done with their insanity the victim here would be a far-right wing radical white supremacist religious fanatic who wanted to have Trumps baby and invited this to happen just so they could get someone killed.

  8. I forgot to ask….Why no photos of him as an innocent little tyke in his elementary school? That does seem to be the trend! Hope he rots in hell.

  9. The only tribute on his death page that was slightly positive (delusional, leftist, WOKE) was a teacher who probably knew him when he was jus’ a Yoot!

    Honestly guy’s that is extremely sad. But then again I hope it was a closed casket ceremony.It will be really difficult to get that blue gel crap and grey matter outta his knotty pine box for resale value to the next ‘Porta perp’ who will need one.

    may GOD have mercy on your soul you piece of shit.

  10. I see two separate DGU in Phoenix this weekend ending properly according to icky MSN home page news. Didn’t click on them to read further as that does weird things to my computer.

  11. Good Morning all, Just for giggles I went back to this POS’s ‘Tribute’ site and knew what I wouldn’t find… My post was deleted. It doesn’t matter really, He got what was coming to him. The book is closed on him by his own hand.

    • What did you put on there there are some savage posts on there to begin with?……….potentially by the victims boyfriend at that

      • Safe: If you get this. Nothing I wrote was nasty, racial or out of line…paraphrasing my own comment it had something to do w/ congrats to the BF, wasn’t just a “car jacking” and hopefully the last thing that went through old Edvards mind was the BF’s bullets…and oh yeah…”may god have mercy on your soul, rest in piece you piece of shit!……something like that, it was posted under “Don”


  12. that nasty porta potty.

    I wonder if in his final moments if he saw a sreamer of toilet tissue stuck to his shoe waving in the breeze like it was mocking him with “You’re a looser.”

  13. Lead therapy, always 100% effective! That was going to be an abduction, rape, homicide and then stealing the car. The boyfriend not only saved his girlfriend’s life, he saved Florida taxpayers a lot of money.

  14. Wow, what a callous, crazy, scumbag…glad it ended this way. Glad she’s ok and blessings to both of them for going through this.



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