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If there’s a city in America that can’t afford to fire half its police officers, that would be Chicago. Yet here we are. Nearly half of Chicago’s 13,000 sworn cops have declined to share their personal health history regarding vaccinations with the City of Chicago by last Friday’s deadline. Now, they face termination by the corrupt city’s hapless government.

As if firing nearly half of the force’s cops isn’t bad enough, the remaining officers now have been forbidden from taking time off for any reason.

Doesn’t that sound like America’s employer of the year?

The nation’s largest open-air shooting range, otherwise known as Chicago, has chalked up 684 homicides to date under the “leadership” of Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot. That represents more homicides than 46 states had for the all of 2019.

Screencap from

Cook County’s soft-on-crime State’s Attorney Kim Foxx (brought to residents by $2 million of George Soros’ money) bears plenty of responsibility for the spiraling violent crime as well, failing to charge violent felons who spray bullets through neighborhoods and calling it “mutual combat.” It won’t surprise most able-minded folks that one-third of known murder assailants were out on “affordable bail” for other felony arrests.

Meanwhile, this latest battle between Chi-town and its police union continues to heat up. Before a judge yanked the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police Lodge President’s right to free speech, John Catanzaro told his officers to follow their conscience on the matter.

But now the dispute has gone international with the UK Daily Mail picking up the story:

Chicago’s police chief is threatening to fire officers who don’t comply with the city’s COVID-19 vaccination police and warned their retirement benefits could also be yanked.

In a memo sent Sunday night, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said that those officers who do choose to retire rather than comply “may be denied retirement credentials,” the Chicago Tribune reported.

Chicago is restricting cops from taking time off as the city prepares to ax up to half of its 13,000 officers who are yet to declare their Covid-19 vaccination status.

In a memo issued by the city’s police department a day after officers were required to disclose their vaccine status, officers were informed elective time off will be restricted, according to WLS.

‘Until further notice, the use of elective time by sworn CPD members is restricted,’ the memo obtained by the local network said.

‘Furthermore, the use of elective time will require prior approval from the Deputy chief or above within the requesting member’s chain of command.’

As for those cops eligible to retire who don’t want to get the vaccine, the city is threatening to withhold retirement credentials. While that doesn’t sound like much, those credentials allow them to carry a firearm for the rest of their lives under LEOSA or HR-218.

Lori Lightfoot
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (AP Photo/John O’Connor, File)

Regardless, if the Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot does indeed follow through and fires half of the police department, imagine the chaos that will likely erupt. In the meantime, those who haven’t yet availed themselves to firearm ownership in Illinois are likely out of luck.

After all, in the Land of Lincoln, a person needs a Firearm Owner ID card to even touch a gun, much less buy one. The good news is that Illinois State Police will likely issue a new card within 30 days to a new applicant. Even if they have a FOID card, they will need to wait three days to take their new purchase home with them.

In the meantime, they can hope and pray that violent criminals don’t pick them as their next victim.

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  1. There is no reason for any American city with a million residence population, to have an armed police force.
    Disarm the police.

      • Can Big Brother order you to be a guinea pig for an experimental vaccine that you and yours have no legal recourse should you drop dead following the vaccination?

        If enough cops, etc. stick together and walk it sends a long overdue message to sickos who think they own you. Anything could come down the line following injecting something into your body. Look at down the line lawsuits filed against zantac, chemicals, etc. The vaccine has not positively been shown to work or prevent spreading covid. And the current 3rd out of the blue “Booster Shot” says something is not clicking.

        Who knows? There could be another virus out there designed to latch onto those who have been vaccinated. When mixed it could work like a 2 part epoxy and start a zombie apocalypse.

        • “Can Big Brother order you to be a guinea pig for an experimental vaccine that you and yours have no legal recourse should you drop dead following the vaccination?”

          sure. whether the order is obeyed or not is another matter.

    • There it is, ladies and gentleman. If you’ve been wondering what the solution to a sky-high murder rate and out-of-control gang violence is, look no further. Our only hope is to disarm the police.

      • I came to support disarming the police after the police did nothing to stop the Ferguson MO. riots years ago. I also support the death penalty. But If anyone does not support the state executing criminals???
        Then you should supporting disarming the police too. Since they kill the innocent and the guilty, all the time.

        In fact the police kill far more people than convicted criminals are executed.

    • Chris, are you going to volunteer your time to investigate crimes? You know take time off from work, get out of bed in the middle of the night? Answer hot calls with shots fired. That kind of thing? If so, by all means defund/disarm law enforcement. I know I’ll sleep better at night knowing I can count on you.

      • I like the police very much. I think Libertarians Liberals and the Left are full of sh!t. Their hatred of the police is irrational. But they are against the law abiding killing to protect private property. And are comfortable with only the government killing to protect government property.

        Many of them are uncomfortable with law abiding civilian open carry of long guns. They are happy with only the police and military, being the only ones allowed to open carry machine guns.

        • “Their hatred of the police is irrational”

          not at all. what they hate is police that they don’t control. the left wants a nationalized kgb so they can repeat in america what they did to the russian people, and the libertarians want to be the police (and the law, and the justice system, and the execution system) all by themselves.

        • to rant7
          You are correct the Liberals and the Left want a nationalized police force. And the Libertarians are so blinded by hatred, they can’t see the truth.

        • “the Libertarians are so blinded by hatred”

          seems to be driven mostly by drugs and speeding. it’s like they got caught drunk and high the first time they took the family car out for a high-speed spin and it psychically damaged them or something.

        • Leftist hate the police because they are lack political awareness and social justice which would have them let off criminals while punishing the victims.

  2. Add extortion to the City’s looong list of criminal activities. Denying creds to an eligible retiree is extortion.

    Lightfoot, you and the rest of the Chicago City Fathers [sic] can go straight to Hell….or better yet, walk downtown, at night w/o your armed guard escort and see what happens.

    No matter how you spin this…it ain’t Trump’s fault.

  3. The police took pay checks to prevent Christians from attending Easter services. While Walmart was allowed to stay open. They took a paycheck to stand down and watch Trump supporters be attacked. They watched as cities were burned and property owners were murdered.

    If it takes refusing to take the vaccine, to force millions of cops to quit? Then I totally support not having cops.
    This libertarian has the right idea. Sadly most Libertarians don’t support this.

    “Sure. Defund the Police.” video 2 min long

  4. She’s doing this to create “evidence” that guns in the hands of civilians will result in rivers of blood in the streets. If all those cops are gone, I guarantee that she’ll get her “evidence” and she will use that to declare martial law and bring in the NG to quell the inevitable violent unrest. She wants a war in the streets of Chicago, but doesn’t realize she’ll get a war she won’t believe.

    • “How can the Democrats be so stupid?”

      they’re not. they’re hostile subversives, and they’re doing a bang-up intelligent job destroying this country.

      until you realize that, you’ll remain confused.

  5. Checks out. According to the hype being in a gang run city awash with drugs is a welcome diverse cultural experience of the sort that wealthy bohemians would top dollar to experience while catching covid has proven to be a death sentence without exception.

  6. “With 684 Homicides So Far, Chicago Threatens to Axe Half Its 13,000 Cops Over Vaccine Mandate Refusals”

    do it! DO IT! I wanna see what happens! DO IT DO IT DO IT!

  7. Why is this a problem? The more those college hopefuls eliminate themselves, the better. Just late-term abortions, nothing more.

    • Breaking:Chiraq cop shot in the face a few hours ago…meanwhile da mayor threatens to fire any cop who dares defy “her” MANdate. And they’re having a parade for those big gals who just win the WNBA title.Tomorrow.
      Fun times in The City.

        • i saw (could not hear- jukebox…) an interview with, and i’m not making this up, deshewanna bonner (thanks, i’ll pass) and nonica mcnutt, somehow relevant to the team.

  8. Mike Rowe “Dirty Jobs”. Policing really is a dirty job. But someone has to do it. It’s never pretty to use overwhelming force to stop a crinimal.

  9. At this point, they should just let the SEC handle criminals. They didn’t even wait two days before fining UT $250,000 because fans tossed some trash onto the field. Has anyone tallied up the total amount the government fined the mostly peaceful protesters for the Summer of Love and Destruction in 2020? Their bail doesn’t count. Que Mala helped them out with that.

  10. “In a memo issued by the city’s police department a day after officers were required to disclose their vaccine status, officers were informed elective time off will be restricted…” WTF is going to happen when the soon to be remaining cops burn out, get injured on the job, get sick, family emergencies, etc? I don’t think, even Hollywood, could come up with such a jacked up shit show situation. If this was California there would be a speed-of-light demand to recall Lightfoot.

      • The lamestream media will just tell everyone, “There aren’t any. That simply doesn’t happen!”

        (Lifts edge of rug, sweeps debris the truth under…)

      • I am sure the 0% of officers who would die from the vaccine would massively reduce the workforce. However, COVID-19 in the last 18 months has been the leading line of duty caused mortality for police nation wide. It has caused roughly twice as many line of duty deaths as ALL other causes combined. Homicide, accident, heart attacks, etc.

        Police or so scared of everyone they have to shoot first and tell a suspect to stop second because they tried to scratch their nose. Yet apparently half of Chicago cops are too scared to protect themselves, neighbors, citizens, fellow officers, etc. they aren’t willing to get vaccinated for a vaccine that has a serious rate of complications somewhat south of winning a BJ from a Victoria secret super model.

        Same thing happened in the 50s with the polio vaccine where it eventually had to be mandated because of people resisting vaccination. And Smallpox.

  11. “just do what they tell you and everything will be fine”

    Seems like police and their defenders aren’t quite so keen to take this advice when someone else is calling the shots.

  12. “ Retirement credentials “ as the article stated are typically a retired PD ID and a little retired badge . I can’t find anywhere they’re talking retired pay and benefits.

  13. Unbelievable, with all the problems Chiraq has a vaccinate mandate is the most important issue…?

    Elections have consequences.

  14. Only half? Those are rookie numbers!

    Some big city fire departments have way more than half of their firefighters not disclosing their vaccine status. I mean what are they gonna do? Fire all firefighters? Good luck with that.

  15. Be safe Chicagoans, stay right up Lightfoot’s ass, her armed detail will be there too! Tell them FOID cards will be ignored till the murders go to Zero. Kinda like the COVID mandates. Arm up and use ARX rounds if you can get them!

  16. I’m not sure it matters. CPD has been crippled and even if they catch murderers the loony state’s attorney will declare that the drive-by was a case of ‘mutual combat’ and refuse felony charges.

  17. This is all about the feds taking control of local LE. They have all kinds of tough guys ready to be cops living in the projects – just lower the standards. So what if they were caught carrying a gun, unless they are white, that is a good thing, right? These jobs pay enough that the criminals will stop their bad behavior, or at least hide it, so the public won’t see it. A win-win for the most corrupt city in the country.

    Isn’t it great here in the USA? Somebody give me a cheeseburger!

  18. Chicago has to be run by the most stupid bunch of individuals to graduate from the DOE WOKE SCHOOL of Brain numbing reeducation.

  19. Sorry but as a retired L.E. officer I think this is great for blue states. Only you who are so stupid, voted for this, live with it. I hope it is long and hard. You wanted, violent crime, failing schools, poverty and decent people fleeing for a better life, Well, just keep voting democrat. Be careful for what you want, you are getting it.


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