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By Rob Morse

Suppose a criminal commits a crime a gun. Go a step further and suppose he does something truly awful and shoots several people in the process. If you’re an anti-gun politician, the obvious conclusion is it’s now time to disarm your gun-owning neighbors.

Do elected anti-gun zealots care that implementing their bigoted disarmament fantasies not only infringe on human rights, but also leave us with even more dead victims? I doubt it, since what’s out of sight is usually also out of mind.

There’s plenty of blame to go around, but the killers who sit in city hall are never arrested or even charged…until now.

The media is intrinsically biased about the stories it chooses to publish. We’re bombarded with sensational news of violence as the crumbling corporate media struggle to sell advertising and generate clicks. Those who still watch see evidence of it every night in the stories that are clearly designed to sell shock and outrage.

Add healthy dose of ignorance to that corporate bias and we get to the point where the talking heads label any black rifle as an “automatic AR” and every handgun is a GLOCK. The toxic blend of that bias and ignorance help explain why we’re so seldom told about honest citizens using a firearm to defend themselves. Gun control politicians also depend on our ignorance.

Armed self defense, however, is common. Honest citizens use guns to defend themselves about 2.8 million times a year. Of those, rifles are used about 370,000 times. In contrast, FBI statistics show that violent criminals use rifles less than once a day, 364 times in 2019.

That kind of perspective is critically important, but in short supply. We defend ourselves using a rifle over a thousand times more than criminals use them to commit crimes. Even if we include every firearm used in a crime that couldn’t be identified, the criminal use of rifles is at most one percent of the instances they’re used in self-defense.

Disarming honest citizens only makes the criminals’ jobs easier. Since criminals don’t obey the law, it’s questionable whether gun-control disarms any of them at all. Note that we don’t see crime rates fall when states and cities pass gun control laws. The bitter truth is that we can’t solve a small problem by creating a bigger one, yet politicians try to do exactly that, time after time.

Indianapolis City Council (courtesy Indianapolis Public Radio)

Democrats on the Indianapolis city council passed an ordinance banning honest people from carrying concealed handguns this week, even if they have their state license to carry and have passed the FBI criminal background check. They also banned so-called, “assault weapons.” Both measures are illegal and unenforceable as they violate Indiana’s preemption law.

Earlier this year, Democrat-controlled Los Angeles banned licensed concealed carry on county property like public parks, beaches and walkways. The Democrat-controlled state of Washington State banned “assault weapons.”

A recent report from the Evergreen State showed that gun control laws like those have failed to reduce crime. In fact, crime went up when Democrat politicians disarmed honest citizens. Yet the response from politicians to this is to enact still more restrictions on people’s gun rights.

It doesn’t matter if gun control actually works. It only matters that gun control laws produce a good press releases and a prime time interview.

Money talks, and gun control laws are designed to deliver campaign contributions from the base. Since reporters don’t know or care how often ordinary citizens defend themselves using guns, they never point out the obvious contradictions and we’re supposed to ignore the dead bodies these laws leave in their wake. Yet anti-gun politicians advocate for and enact them time and time again.

Disarming law-abiding good guys may play well with the media and rack up campaign contributions, but its gets more people killed. People who can’t afford or don’t have time to comply with the restrictions. We get more robberies, more assaults, more rapes, and more murders when innocent victims were disarmed. Thousands more. Those aren’t just statistics when it’s your family that’s been disarmed and victimized.

Some of those criminals will be caught. If they’re prosecuted, some will be convicted. A few may even do jail time. Unfortunately, unlike some of the criminals with guns, the killers in city hall will never face the consequences for their actions.


This article originally appeared at Slow Facts Blog and is reprinted here with permission. 

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      • noid…Thanks to Gun Control History illiterates Gun Control repeats itself…Take a bow bozo.

        • Lol keep calling things racist Deb that will show them. Go after actual issues of government control or public private fascism? Nope it’s only democrats and their history of racism and genocide. Stuck in chapter 1 and belligerently ignorant.

        • Belligerent ignorance is her calling card. So she lashes out at everyone around her in her rage at her youth leaving her, never to return again.

          Just deal with it debs, just like every other woman has before you. You’re nothing special. Pitch a fit like a petulant two-year old instead of gracefully accepting the inevitable.

          You’re acting exactly like a typical Leftist Scum ™, thinking the rules don’t apply to them. Are you proud of your childish behavior? Are you a ‘special snowflake’?

          Stop attacking people you have a simple disagreement with. That’s supposed to be what they do, not us… 🙁

        • void the noid…The only ignorance is your hilarious ignorance surrounding the History of Gun Control. That’s along the lines of a dumb sob who thinks History has nothing to with The Second Amendment.

        • Racism is gay and if you’re offended you are retarded. History has a lot to do with gun control you are stuck on a small footnote while ignoring the bigger picture and being a useful idiot sowing division. Now read some pre 16th century history and see how relevant racism was to gun/weapon control, slavery and genocide.

        • oldshtforbrainsgeoff…Wipe the crybaby snot off your face…There’s not a dime’s difference between you, aq, void et al.

          You can post all the guesswork and tough guy f-bombs you want but according to your democRat level of slandering POTUS DJT and his voters it makes you the biggest democRat Party lint licker on this forum.

          You owe it to people on this forum to lay your politics on the table and not just when you think you have a sucker on the line who is prone to fall for your anti POTUS DJT demoCrap…Try responding with the truth about your politics or be a coward and spin your reply like your pathetic butt buddies void et al.

        • Oh lord Debbie is on a racist democrat diatribe…or should i say when is debbie not on a history is rooted in gun control is racist diatribe.

          Hey at least she actually took a # and got in line this time and didn’t ride the first posters coattails. Baby steps.

        • state…So Racism is gay. Do you just like looking stupid or are you competing with void for dumbazz of the day?

          I have been around long enough to know anything you know about the History of Gun Control you got it from me. I mean it would be a cold day in hell before you stood up and brought the subject to light on this forum or any other forum…sit down.

        • aq…Which one of your like minded mealy mouth Gun Control History illiterate butt buddies are you going home with? All of them?

        • Been around long enough to get the dementia apparently. Racism is dead for anyone under 45that is honest so yes being racist is gay as is crying about it and anyone getting offended over it is retarded. If the shoe fits Deb if the shoe fits. Also lol your clinging to your false religion.

        • …….k not quite how I would put it there Void but close enough I guess. Would probably go with 40 but nitpicking depending on region.

        • Debbie to expand racism is a control word that was invented relatively recently even in American history and is very useful in shutting down discussions of topics that are dangerous to those in charge. It became profitable for extortion purposes later on and is widely used in inappropriate applications to shut down speech that threatens narratives so yes gay and retarded. History is heaping with examples of slavery and genocide of like groups that dwarfs the limited race based slavery which lately is more relevant in the Middle East that the Americas and even in the Americas Brazil was far more relevant in terms of slavery than the US. But as other posters have noted follow the money. I do not subscribe to the narrative of those who seek to be my masters but you seem to worship it. Make of it what you will but for God’s sake do some reading.

        • Damnit Debbie i get it. Gun control is rooted in racism and genocide. But what the heck is it that you want me to do about it.

          Just run around saying it is not enough methinks. I juat wana hear more about the execution of the plan and not just the title of the monologue.

        • Much like your empty message, not sure if posturing or virtue signaling but what can I say I am drawn to hollow statements.

        • @void. Ha Ha Ha. Snowflake…The only thing hollow is your head. Much in the same vein as Al Capone’s vault.

    • take heart!….some, even on the left….are beginning to wake up to the fact gun control is a fool’s quest when it comes to stopping crime…of course that was never their intent to begin with…lust a mask for their true agenda

  1. So what criminal in city hall was charged with a crime? Needs to be more and go waaaaaaayyyyy higher.

    • The state of affairs chronicled in that video bring to mind this little gem from our United States Declaration of Independence:

      He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.

    • As long as 3d printers, hardware, craft, and home & garden stores exist, disarmament will not be a problem.

    • kristalnacht in slow motion.

      and Dopey Joey is probably laughing into his greasey sleeves.

  2. One of the issues I’ve realized that really pulls my chain, is how we pay, through our Tax dollars to defend the Unconstitutional Laws, while paying to challenge and defeat the Unconstitutional Legislation through Dues and Donations. Talk about a F*ck You.

  3. Kill a man, go to jail.

    Kill thousands or even millions and maybe the Hague will want to talk to you but realistically you’ll grow old and wealthy maybe even be lauded as a hero and die peacefully at home.

    Don’t war monger and everybody will hate you and call you evil. War monger and you’re a defender of democracy.

    • It’s easier to get away with stealing a million, than ten bucks…

    • “The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of a million is a statistic.” Joseph Stalin

      “Kill one man, and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill them all, and you are a god.
      Thoughts of a Biologist”
      ― Jean Rostand

    • And someone will fund the making of a statue of you to put on a pedestal in the town square. For a couple generations. then another lot of scundrels will come along and tear apart that statue of you.

  4. I don’t understand why TTAG can moderate comments, but can’t keep SPAM off the site. Is TTAG being paid to allow it?

    • TTAG isn’t doing the moderating, it’s the back-end code doing it. Since TTAG doesn’t require a sign-up process to comment, it’s far easier for automated crap to get through…

  5. From this article:

    Money talks, and gun control laws are designed to deliver campaign contributions from the base.

    And there you have it ladies and gentlemen.

    Remember the directive (now decades old) if you want to understand what is going on: “Follow the money.”

  6. FBI Director- Warrantless gun purchase information shared to FBI by Banks is “Completely LEGAL”

    • I’ll bet if the FBI got information for cell phone and computer purchases from BOA this way…every liberal and left wing and ACLU and ‘free speech’ advocate would be wanting to hang the FBI director.

        • He’s already sent Special Forces there to help train Ukrainian Troops. Sound familiar.

      • Izzat why y’awl are s’ slow? Alladem BeeBees rollin round in yer craw. Enuff ta slow a body down a mite a mite. Speshully a body whut’s alreddy use ta goin slow

  7. If the folks in city hall (state house, DC, whatever) are criminals then so are their enforcers who execute their crimes: the cops. Be consistent.

  8. Let’s get to the root of literally all the problems in any subtype of democracy. Number one, the idiot class rules with their overwhelming majority. Second, the idiot class becomes idiots due to low education standards and arguably bad teachers, (not all- trust me, some of us try really hard). Third, inadequate education is due to low expectations developed by teacher unions and education boards at state and local levels. Lastly, teachers unions and school/education boards are routinely overseen by straight up devout communists. So….. as usual the root of all our problems are communists. Until communists are purged from society, every single day will be a fight to win over or out maneuver idiots. You’re welcome for the free REAL education.

    • While we will also need to be able to identify the communist origin and nature in a way that the average American will need to understand yes you are fundamentally correct. That business and government are likely to run cover for the teachers union will not help but there may be an opening with their dedication to grooming kids towards trans mutilation.

      • “we will also need to be able to identify the communist origin and nature“

        No problem:

        “A “whistleblower” who has repeatedly accused the Bidens of corruption has been charged by the Justice Department with arms trafficking, acting as a foreign agent for China and violating Iran sanctions.

        Gal Luft, who is a citizen of both the United States and Israel, is accused of paying a former adviser to Donald Trump on behalf of principals in China in 2016 without registering as a foreign agent.”

        • accused? That’s it, the best you can do is ‘accused’?

          The left wing standard posture is to accuse… accuse accuse accuse … and so far their track record is not too good for all the stuff they ‘accuse’ like for example, accusing that guns are the number one killer of children and that ‘accusation’ turned out to be a lie,,, and another example, accusing that guns are the the cause of violent crime when its been debunked and turned out to be a lie and its been discovered they deliberately defunded police and played games with the numbers, and the amount of police officers being decreased as a result of defunding, that rate, matches the rate of the violent crime increase and its was the lack of police officers and them playing with the numbers and not guns but they lied and used that increase in violent crime to say guns did it when they intentionally caused it. And the list goes on and on with their lies. Yet for some reason the only thing you are concerned with is ‘TRUMPPPPPPPPPPPP!’

          But there is actual evidence of what Biden did not having to do with the ‘whistleblower’, and the best you can do is ‘accused’?

          Grasping at any straw to scream ‘TRUMPPPPPPPPPP!’.

          Seriously Miner49er …. you need to have this very unhealthy obsession of yours dealt with, go see a mental health professional.

        • “accused? That’s it, the best you can do is ‘accused’?”

          Of course. Indictments, accusations, charges — all are proof of guilt before Liar69er if he is opposed to the accused. Violations of process crimes (perjury traps, “obstruction,” errors of omission) are evidence of guilt of a serious offense even if it is not in the listed charges. Trial? Not necessary. Innocent until proven guilty? He never heard of it. Due process? A quaint concept. Deciding guilt or innocence by the media? He’s all on board with it.

        • MINOR Miner49er, with the DOJ’s history of political prosecutions, I’ll wait to see if they really convict this guy.

  9. Our Leftist “comrades” are quick to blame the gun. They can’t seem to grasp that a gun can’t do anything without a human holding it.

  10. This article is a disappointment. I read:

    “There’s plenty of blame to go around, but the killers who sit in city hall are never arrested or even charged…until now.”

    …and thought, cool, some leftists are getting the bum’s rush. So I read, and read, and read, but only about how bad it is everywhere, and then got to:

    “Unfortunately, unlike some of the criminals with guns, the killers in city hall will never face the consequences for their actions.”

    Whatta letdown.

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