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The Anti-Fancy writes . . .

Texans sport beautiful hardware for their Sunday afternoon pig-in-pit shindigs. And God loves ’em for it.

Where I come from, the best BBQ in town comes from backyards and open garages. Enter the anti-fancy BBQ rig: production grade, popularly priced, and almost-as-pretty-as-the-meat smoker itself.

This Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 4.5 rides in a Simply Rugged holster. It gets plenty of hip time during the many hours of at-home quarantine. She typically holds 22+1 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense. What keeps me smiling at night is that it runs my deeply stacked XTP reloads with the ferocity of a rabid ape.

Some don’t like Springfield Armory. Haters gonna hate. This rig fits the bill for me. As an added bonus, the wife shoots it better than anything else in the safe.

Keep your brisket fat side up and your bullets factory crimped.

This post is part of our series, What I’m Carrying Now. If you’d like to submit a photo and description of the gun, holster and gear you’re carrying in the new world in which we live, send it to us at [email protected] with WICN in the subject field.]

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  1. WTF? I own a couple of BBQ handguns. They tend to sport ivory grips and a little engraving. Custom leather. No plastic in the mix. I ain’t in Texas, but you show up with that at a BBQ and we might let you take out the trash.

    • Kinda what I was thinking as well….
      A pic of the complete pistol outside the holster would’ve been nice also…

      • Exaaaaaaxtly. Think ya need to recheck the definition…

        Supposed to be something shiny, blingy expensive… An xd….. noooooo

        I made some of the best q I’ve done in an old electric stove from a hog butchered on my front porch….

        The spirit of Q is taking cheap cuts, making it edible. not plastic guns, not expensive smokers that you burn hot dogs on…

        Ps. Show me a vegetarian and ill convert em!! Something about smoked meats that makes us realize we are alive!!

        • If the essence of BBQ is taking cheap cuts and making them edible, then polymer-framed pistols are the very essence of it.

        • I have to say I’m with Mr. Ing on that.

          Back in the 80’s I could only afford a cheap handgun, thankfully it was reliable…

        • Ditto on the comments. While that might be a fine gun, it misses the point of a Bar-B-Que gun.

          I have been to many of these functions in Texas. They are typical upper income social functions with a lot of networking blended in to the celebration. I have seen guns on the hip that are worth as much as 20k. The holsters are always leather hip rigs and often custom.

          Engraving, inlay, grips are important. People are judging based on the boots, hats, and guns and rigs. Business connections are being made at these events. I used to attend these events fairly regularly and I had over $5k in my gun rig and gun, another $3k in my boots, and $1K in the cowboy hat, not to mention the Scully shirts and slacks.

        • enjoy your pretentious gathering.
          i like a smoked brisket, but my ribs are sacriligeous (i par simmer and brine) and i’d rather have korean bbq anyhoo.

      • That could well be the best gun he owns, so that would make it a BBQ gun, in my book…

        • Just because you bring a gun to a BBQ doesn’t make it a BBQ gun anymore than someone bringing a hi-point to a competition makes it a competition gun

        • “…anymore than someone bringing a hi-point to a competition makes it a competition gun”

          If he wins with it, it is… 🙂

  2. No experience with the gun, but some with Texans and their barbecue.

    I spent almost a year commuting to Austin every week from my home in PA. Big project. Most people at the client’s IT sprawling IT center got to know me. Every once in a while I’d walk into an area and say “Hey, I’m heading to Franklin’s for some barbeque. Anyone interested?”

    It did not take but a second: “Franklin’s? Why you goin’ there? Everyone know Salt Lick has the best barbeque!” “What??? Salt Lick ain’t real barbeque, I’ll go, but let’s go to Stiles; that is Texas!”….and so on and so on. It got loud, but always good natured. Best entertainment I had during that assignment.

    Truth? It was all better than good.

    Truth: Good people. Good memories.

      • All I remember about Austin: lots of tasty bbq, a few of those “no guns allowed” signs, and The Range at Austin.

        • Didn’t you make the comment quite a while back that about everyone is using either Hornady or HST ammo? I’ve noticed that trend has continued.

      • Kreuz rocks, as does Smitty’s in Lockhart (same family, in original Kreuz Market from 1900), and Schmidt’s in Bee Cave, all the same Q by the same family. Salt Lick is to die for, so is Cooper’s in Llano. Other than the iterations of Kreuz they are all distinctly different and startlingly good. Franklin’s is likely the best in the known universe, currently extra hot because you don’t have to wait in line for 3 hours, you order online and pick up when convenient.

    • All good, but real barbecue is PORK and MEMPHIS style.
      And the concept of a barbecue gun is one that sits in the safe and only comes out when you have people over for a barbecue, sort of like a Safe Queen. High-end, but not practical for day-to-day.

  3. Smurf Springfield! My BBQ is alway going to say wilson combat on it somewhere. They also go in the carry rotation because its wilson COMBAT, not Wilson Target.

  4. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for a BBQ show off, but I love my XDM.

    Now that I think about it, I guess I don’t own a proper BBQ gun. I suppose I could bring my 6″ GP100 but I wouldn’t feel right about it.

    I would definitely bring my XDM to any shooting competition and I think that’s what matters.

    • I have a Vietnam Special Edition, 1 of 200, .45 Colt with extensive gold inlay and rosewood grips, but have never actually worn it to a BBQ, probably should sometime!

  5. 😦…😳….🤔….Nope!

    Sorry. Wear what you like….but that ain’t no BBQ gun…..not even a single action.

    • I got the rule book right here, don’t have to be single action, just visibly fancy-ass, so much so that you’d be ashamed to wear it to a gunfight. Preferably in equally fancy leather.

  6. The best BBQ is… Meh, BBQ is overrated.

    The best gun is the one that works for you. If this one works for ya, fantastic carry on. Fuck the naysayers and their fashion accessories.

    • I’ve seen a lot of ugly, nasty, disrespectful and un American posts on this board… but to insult the good and honorable name of BBQ… have you no decency?!?!?

      • None, apparently.

        I also happen to think that 95% of Americans like food that’s way, way too salty.

        Also, technically I didn’t insult BBQ or it’s fans. I simply said I think that many hold such cooking in a higher esteem than is deserved.

        • I like BBQ, occasionally that is, and not covered in any kind of sauce to the point that’s the only thing you taste. We really aren’t a worldwide reference when it comes to food and beverages guys, let’s be honest. Of course it’s a matter of tastes and opinions but if I was forced to stick with one kind of food, everyday, for the rest of my life, I would pick Italian (real pasta and pizza) or French (the cheese, bread and pastries alone would be worth the sacrifices).

        • “I also happen to think that 95% of Americans like food that’s way, way too salty.”

          Quite possibly. I have *zero* problems with blood pressure or other health issues that may or may not be salt related, and I like the taste of salt.

          Most food tastes lifeless to me without salt. I don’t enjoy it without it, and enjoying food ranks high on my list of quality of life.

          (I don’t dump mountains of it on food. Sushi and asparagus and other foods tastes fine without Na Cl…)

        • Have you ever eaten a no-salt potato chip without any dip?
          I did. Once. There will be no twice.
          I hot environments, salt is necessary for good health.

        • Strych, you have obviously never had good BBQ. Which, by definition, is beef brisket. I had a family member from NC visit for the first time just before the shutdown, he’s about 70. Took him to Schmidt’s here in Bee Cave to pick up dinner, stayed for a sandwich since we were already hungry. Leaving, he allowed that was the best sandwich he had ever eaten. Around 70, and from NC for the last 40 years. Best he had ever eaten, not just BBQ.

          And asparagus is best swimming in butter with plenty salt.

          And M, the best Q is best with no extra sauce, served the way it was cooked.

    • Such an erudite response. Classy.

      Expected if you dont think BBQ is an artform.

      • So the intelligent and educated response is to encourage someone to carry a gun that sacrifices the person’s capabilities to run it well in favor of a bauble that impresses other people with aesthetics and/or price point?

        • Can usually tell when you’ve had a bad day.

          Acerbic post and not the faintest glimmer of a sense of humor or jesting.

          Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

        • Sorry Specialist, I’ve had a great day actually. If I’ve had a bad day I won’t be on TTAG because days like that I can’t be bothered.

          Go back over the six years I’ve been here and you will not ever find me advocating for carrying anything other than the best tool for YOU in your situation. If this is the best tool for him in his situation then it is what it is. In that case anyone who tells him different is, by definition, telling him to sacrifice his own safety for something else, so yeah, fuck those people.

          I’m also not going to voice adoration for foods that I personally find mediocre. Especially when they’re both mediocre and basically designed to cause atherosclerosis at the fastest rate possible.

        • Moderation is the key. French foods have plenty of fat but they are of small portion.

          But I’ll admit.. small portions aren’t American. American is always bigger, faster, and louder… even if American food was healthy, it would be the largest possible serving of healthy food smothered in an extreme amount of overpowering and conflicting flavors, provided in about a minute and thirty seconds.

          “Twice the calories, twice the carbohydrates, twice the caffeine, and twice the taste!”

        • “Especially when they’re both mediocre and basically designed to cause atherosclerosis at the fastest rate possible.”

          Am I ever glad my family history is mostly free of heart disease, cancers, and cognitive decline. And members tend to live an annoyingly long time…

        • You wear your BBQ gun to a backyard party consisting of you and your (probably close) friends. You wear your BBQ gun because you don’t get many chances to do so, and you are prepared to “OOo” and “Ah” over your friends’ guns, especially if someone has a new one. The concept of WWIII beginning while you’re pigging out is not a big consideration, but 5 or 10 friends packing $10-20,000 worth of guns can probably handle any situation likely to occur.

  7. Not the traditional definition of bbq gun but if you’re carrying a gun and eating/cooking bbq, congrats, you have a bbq gun!

  8. Ooooo, Springfield Armory! In what other ways do you let the world know you’re not really a supporter of the 2nd Amendment?

    • I heard he has a safe full of Smith & Wesson, Ruger, and Daniel Defense products. Everyone knows Real Patriots only use GLOCKS.

  9. “Some don’t like Springfield Armory. Haters gonna hate.” Translation… some people support the second amendment and remember just a few years ago Springfield Armory donated money to support gun control in illinois to get an exemption for themselves. Now FFLs in that state are feeling the results and going out of business because they can’t afford the fees that Springfield Armory helped push through.

    • Agreed. What they did is far more aggressive and treasonous then S&W merely putting a lock on their guns. They actively pursued harsh gun control in order to give themselves an advantage. The hate levied towards them is justified.

      • FFLs were going out of business in Illinois before Covid. They don’t even have a chance now thanks to lockdowns, SA and RR. I wouldn’t contaminate my BBQ with anything from SA.

        • it’s the onerous fees and hoops.
          surprisingly, they’ve been open and essential since the “floppy boot, stomped down, to the ground.”

    • I agree, Springfield lost whatever money I might have spent on their products. I don’t care if it’s the latest and greatest Pew-a-matic, screw us once, shame on you. Screw us twice, shame on me.

  10. Guess it depends on friends and location…here in coastal Alaska most BBQ guns are fired from the shoulder….lol

  11. Lake Jackson Georgia. Dirt parking lot. Boat dock in back. Fat black dude with a permanent smile manning the grills. Cannot for the life of me remember the name of the place. Was only there once.

    But the food was gooder than hell.

    • Probably some piggy. Piggies can be OK if no brisket is available. Franklin’s has really good ribs and pulled pork both, for some reason I cannot eat brisket 3 meals a day, no matter how hard I try.

  12. Most these comments is why I don’t want to be around people and don’t do gathering BBQs or anything else like it. This just re-enforced my thoughts.

  13. The only OWB holster I own carries a S&W 686, which is also the prettiest gun I own. I’d love to go to a BBQ/gun show.

  14. Wouldn’t you want a gun that still functions when it’s got BBQ sauce all over it? Glock comes to mind…..

  15. I spent the bulk of my life toting 1911s and short barreled 357s, until I tried an XD-9 and XDM-45. When it comes to poly framed guns you can’t beat a Springfield for natural hand fit and pointing. My most carried pistol these days is a stock XD-9.

  16. When I first read the title (pics pop up slow on my old tablet), I laughed and thought someone had a handgun shaped Bar B Q lighter 😂. Once the pics came up I understood the title better. It works for you, and that’s really all that matters. Keep on Bar B Qing!

  17. I think I would opt for my Ruger Vaquero stainless/Mernickle high ride holster. Not expensive but very sharp looking.

  18. Everyone killing this as a BBQ gun. The way I read it was this is “Anti-fancy’s BBQ gun”, therefore subverting the Normal trope of steel and bling with a plastic workhorse. Did I misunderstand that?

  19. Hailing from the nigh side of the Mississippi, where BBQ is pork or chicken, I will admit: Texas brisket is the benchmark. Best I’ve had was on a 2017 trip to cover Mississippi State at Texas A&M (kindred schools indeed). Place called Sheps in Palestine.
    Stopped at a cinder block shack, faded out sign, parking lot that in a distant era was asphalt…then smelled the fragrance from the waste bins outside and saw cords of hickory in the back.
    Yep. This Free State of Jones boy found sublime brisket I could cut with my finger. Left a hefty tip that wasn’t even asked for.
    As for a BBQ gun, well, my taste is obviously weird as I use a Sig P250 best. But as others say, whatever is the best anyone can carry, that’s their BBQ gun. Whether sauced with mustard or tomatoes.

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