Virus Outbreak Australia police
Australian Defence Force staff (ADF) and Victorian police are seen on patrol as a lockdown of Melbourne forces people to stay at home if not working due to the continuing spread of COVID-19. (AP Photo/Asanka Brendon Ratnayake)
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In a knee-jerk reaction to a massacre committed by a madman in 1996, the Australian government banned most civilian ownership of firearms. Those still retaining them after all these years face serious penalties if they’re caught with a firearm.

Yet to no one’s surprise, many Aussies persist in keeping their guns hidden away. Despite all this, the tyrants who currently run the government in Oz aren’t satisfied. They believe over a quarter million “unregistered” guns remain in circulation. And they want them…badly.

The government has come out with a new campaign, smack in the middle of their authoritarian COVID mandates, to have folks turn in their guns — or turn in their friends, neighbors and family members who still own firearms.

Because nothing says “I’m a good friend/neighbor/family member” like snitching on your friend/neighbor/relative — Stasi-style — for owning the means with which to protect themselves and resist government tyranny.

From the UK’s Guardian:

A national gun amnesty has been launched across Australia, with holders told to surrender their illegal firearms or face the full force of the law.

The three-month campaign is encouraging people to surrender any illegal guns in their possession and dob in neighbours, family and friends to Crime Stoppers.

It is estimated more than 260,000 unregistered guns are in circulation in Australia.

Home affairs minister, Karen Andrews, in Melbourne on Thursday to announce the amnesty, said there was no excuse for anyone in Australia to have an illicit firearm.

“Our message today is simple … hand it in,” she said in a statement.

“If you surrender it, you can do so without penalty. The alternative is a knock on your door from the police and the potential for serious criminal penalties, including imprisonment.”

Because they haven’t faced the risk of a knock on the door for the last twenty-some years?

If anything, the heavy-handed authoritarian response to COVID should serve as a huge reason why good people should keep their firearms down in


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    • So Fascism has this orderly regimentation of society as a trait of it’s existence. Fascists also are marked by a centralization of authority, a capitalist country subject to stringent government controls, suppression of the opposition (sometimes violently), and a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

      Let’s think about this for a moment. We all know democrats are wildly racist. They are incapable of being race blind and seek equality of outcomes through discrimination of race. Now you think nationalism as something on the right. But it is pride in ones country on the basis of ideology. And that is the left too. The left wants nothing more than their agenda realized. Whereas republicans want gridlock. Republicans want freedom and options.

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

        I would think, if enough ‘snitches’ start to get ‘stitches’, the snitches would become far less likely to snitch… 🙂

        • Ooooooo, what a cool and edgy guy you are lol.

          Seriously, ‘man’’ we all know you’ll be among the first to surrender, comply and narc on the true patriots. Well you’ll probably outlast Haz and Pretend Attorney at Law Lamp.

        • Hey, Geoff, our nameless, brainless troll is now stalking me, too! I am so skeered the little onanist is going to actually come up with an actual insult, I just don’t know what to do . . . other than mock his drive-by, illiterate, idiocy every chance I get.

          Hey, troll, how’s that GED comin’?? Any chance you’ll complete it before 2030?? Figured out Balaam’s off ass, yet??

          Go visit the cable. You are too stupid to insult.

        • “Executive removal” of snitches was practiced by the Irish revolutionaries seeking to drive the British out of Ireland in the early 1920’s. It worked wonders and British intelligence in Ireland dried up.

      • Some Republicans want freedom and options. Many Republicans Want total control over the masses, they are politicians, afterall.

      • ‘Fascists also are marked by a centralization of authority, a capitalist country subject to stringent government controls…’

        Calling a fascist country ‘capitalist’ is about a step and a half too far. The fascist model (i.e. Mussolini’s Italy, Hitler’s Germany) allowed for the politically connected and aligned to prosper off of private enterprise but was socialist at it’s core. Similar to the modern CCP. It may not have been quite as economically radical as Soviet socialism but it was hardly ‘capitalist’.

    • You need to make sure the folks whose door you’re gonna break down are young, like 20’s, maybe 30’s. Those of us in our 70’s don’t have much to lose, will likely remove your head as you illegally enter. You kill us, OK, when the next jack booted thug decides to break down a door, he’ll have enough warning to make sure his affairs are in order first. The one after that may assign a junior member of the JBT team to go first, if he can find one stupid enough. Eventually, they’ll discover (as they have for centuries) that the home is empty and without firearms, without coming within a block of it, nothing to see here, move along.

    • It isn’t, really. Neither is it fading away. It only retreats after an apparent setback–it’s never a defeat–when necessary (‘Two steps forward, one step back; That’s the means of our attack!’) to regain its strength, replenish its coffers, recruit more disciples and useful idiots, before coming back with a vengeance–perhaps under a new name, with some new faces, but always the same end game.

      They’ll be back.

  1. Stasi? Nah just a penal colony continent. Barely a whimper during their covid ‘carceration. It’s funny but I have couple Aussie fakebook “friends” who tell me how wonderful Australia is compared to America. Duh…

    • Its funny that the home secretary is named Karen.

      Perhaps the Australian people might consider offering a brief period of national “politician amnesty” across Australia, with office holders told to resign their posts immediately or face trial for crimes against humanity.

      One way or another God will “Psalm 2” His enemies. I would strongly suggest surrendering to The Son now.

      • If you’re waiting for a superstition to save you from reality, we are indeed lost. It’s gonna take real people with real actions, and that does not mean secret prayers.

        • He’s a bit crass, but he’s not wrong. If you wait for a ‘god’ to save you when your house is afire, or you’re drowning, or if your government is tyrannizing you, just remember that a certain deity instructs you to help yourself and not to rely upon his good graces in a pinch. Prayer is wonderful, but a reliable handgun is better in some circumstances.

          You can’t call Ghostbusters, either.

        • “Disobedience to tyrants is obedience to God”- Ben Franklin, one of our foremost Founding Fathers.
          Franklin thought this would have been a good national motto.. I don’t think he was “divorced from Reality”…

  2. “If you surrender it, you can do so without penalty. The alternative is a knock on your door from the police and the potential for serious criminal penalties, including imprisonment.”

    Aren’t they all pretty much imprisoned already?

  3. Crazzzey,
    In a country that has some of , if not the most deadliest animals in the world , including insects, snakes, & crazy people, you’re not able to protect you & yours,
    Totally insane… but someone had to vote these politicians into office, so maybe they got what they deserve…
    & any neighbor or Karen’s that would turn you in needs a serious attitude adjustment.

  4. I’m sure with Aus going full dystopia with their lockdowns, surveillance and movement restrictions people will be super eager to turn in their guns.

    • Australia and New Zealand will be Chinese Provinces by 2030 or 2035.
      Their politicians are acting so as to preserve their positions under the eventual rulers.

  5. Summary: Australia’s 1996 National Firearms Agreement (NFA) banned several types of firearms and resulted in the government buying hundreds of thousands of the banned weapons from their owners. Studies examining the effect of removing so many weapons from the community have found that homicides, suicides, and mass shootings were less common after the NFA was implemented

    Australia confiscated 650,000 guns. Murders and suicides plummeted.

    It is worth considering, as one data point in the pool of evidence about what sorts of gun control policies do and do not work, the experience of Australia. Between October 1996 and September 1997, Australia responded to its own gun violence problem with a solution that was both straightforward and severe: It collected roughly 650,000 privately held guns. It was one of the largest mandatory gun buyback programs in recent history.

    And it worked. That does not mean that something even remotely similar would work in the US — they are, needless to say, different countries — but it is worth at least looking at their experience.

      • to Southern Double Cross

        Hey you Moron. Southern double cross. Look at the graph in your own link you idiot. The graph shows an overall steady decline in homicides since Australia imposed gun control. And the 4 years mentioned above that graph show a decline in all but the last year.

        • Firstly gun violence is not a thing, violence where firearms are used is a thing. Australia banned all semi auto long guns and all pump action shotguns after the Port Arther massacre in 1996. They conducted a “buy back” using tax payer funds, again one can’t “buy back” something that was never theirs to begin with. Australia has conducted four additional “buy backs”. Australia had/has noncompliance within the gun owning population but no violence this simply would not be the case in the US should this ever by tried.

        • Australia is an ISLAND. So is England. Much easier to control the borders in those places because they are islands. there. would never work in the United States. Guns would still pour in across thousands of miles of porous land borders. Basically it would turn the US into Mexico, which has some of the world’s toughest gun control laws and, also some of the most horrendous levels of violence. No Thanks.

        • Why don’t you look at the homicide rate for the US for the same period when there was no gun control…It shows precisely the same trends. The homicide rate dropped by over 50%, but has shown a small increase in the last two years. Hmmm, are there possibly other factors at work here? Don’t think for a moment that correlation = causation.

        • Excuse Me? What link? I never posted any links today.

          Stop mixing your meds with Thunderbird.

          There was on ongoing downward trend in crime and murder statistics long before 1996. The trend continued. The National Firearms Agreement did not significantly alter the trend. The Australian Bureau of Statistics noted the trend was not significantly altered.

          Before 1996 in New South Wales there was a change in the licensing process with a three year change over from the old to the new licensing (three years being the maximum length for the old licenses). The new system changed the requirements such as club memberships and minimum attendances. Shortly after the introduction Wade Frankum did a spree killing in Strathfield. The media proclaimed the new licensing system was a failure completely ignoring the killer was still on the old licensing system.

          The 1996 NFA in NSW took the previous system and changed the firearms categories in line with the NFA.

          Considering drugs can enter the country by the container load (only 3% of incoming containers are actually searched) any seizures are from tip-offs. It would not be difficult to bring in illegal firearms. One group was known to have brought in at least 200 Glock handguns but the real numbers from that group could be at least several times that. Other gangs are known to have done the same.

          Cottage industry sub-machine guns have been seized in raid on Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs. More pre-ban guns turn up in these raids too.

          Mass killings still happened. But with arson. Look up the Childers Backpackers Hostel fire. And another where an aged care facility was torched by someone trying to cover up thefts from the facility.

        • No, you blithering idiot, it shows a steady decline going back well BEFORE the ban, continuing during the ban, and actually trending UP the last couple of years.

          dacian, tell us you know nothing about statistics or data science without SAYING you know nothing about statistics or data science. Oh, you just did.

          You’re too stupid to insult.

        • to Mark

          quote————– but has shown a small increase in the last two years. Hmmm,———–quote

          Try again with the lies. The pandemic resulted in an explosion of increased gun violence. What planet do you live on???????

        • To the Lamp that went out in his head

          Have a 4th grader explain your own link to you. Look at the graph you Moron. It showed a steady decline ever since the gun ban went into effect.

          And you are too stupid to know when you have been insulted.

        • dacian, you complete mental retard,

          The graph starts in 1990. The ban came into effect in 1996. The graph CLEARLY shows a decline from 1990 to 1996 – so of course an idiot like you jumps right on the “False Cause” fallacy. Notice there is actually an UPTICK from the implementation of the ban, for a couple of years, then it returns to a downslope at nearly the same trend line as the six years before. See it now, nitwit???

          And YES, there has been an uptick in violence in the last couple of years, worldwide. You’re too stupid to see how that uptick WORLDWIDE, INCLUDING in places that have implemented your jackass “gun control” “solutions” – which, if you had an ounce of wit, would demonstrate to you that the “solutions” are complete horsepuckey.

          So, my graph proves EXACTLY what I said it did.

          Go visit the cable. You are too stupid to insult.

        • To the Lamp that went out in his head

          quote————–So, my graph proves EXACTLY what I said it did.—————quote

          No Moron the graph shows a steady decline in mass killings with the most dramatic “after” the ban went in you idiot. The entire graph shows a steady downward slope with only a minor small uptick in one of the very last years measured. Lie all you want because of your mental illness but that does not change the facts of your own graph. You really are demented.

        • Good sweet Baby Jesus on a f***ing nuclear-powere pogo stick!! dacian the stupid, you’re not too stupid to COMMENT, you’re too stupid to BREATHE!!! What an IDIOT!!

          OK, “Reading a Chart 101” – The chart begins in 1990. Look at the first two years of the chart, f***tard – both DOWN SLOPE. Now look at the third year (that would be 1992-1993 – don’t want you to have to count on your fingers, you dolt). What does 1992-1993 show??? An uptick (they say 9.43%, I didn’t check the numbers). We’re now still three years BEFORE the “ban” was even adopted. So what does 1993-1994 show, dacian the unaware??? OH, lookie here, another DOWNTURN – three years before your beloved, idiotic ban. Fancy that!! Now look at 1994-1995. What does that show? Another slight uptick. But STILL lower than the levels in 1990. Did you happen to notice that, you dolt??? We have another downtick, don’t we??

          NOW let’s look at 1995-1996. What do you see, dimwit?? Another slight downtick, BEFORE the ban. Got that? NOW, you absolute, mouthbreathing MORON, look at the five years following adoption of the ban. Are your eyes working, you inept buffoon????? What does 1996-2001 show???

          WHERE’S YOUR STEADY DOWNTREND, you @$$wipe??? 1996-1997 shows a slight downtick, 1997-1998 shows a GREATER uptick.
          Seeing this, chucklef***???? Now, follow through to 2001. WHERE’S YOUR “STEADY DOWNTREND”???? Or are you just a liar and a fool?? OK, I answered my own question. Now, finally IF you know anything about trend-line analysis, the ONLY anomolous portion of the graph, deviating from a STEADY downtrend trend line across the entire period, IS THE FIVE YEARS AFTER ADOPTION OF YOUR IDIOT BAN – oh, other than that pesky UPTICK over the last two years, which should be unpossible, because your fellow travelers implemented your beloved ban, which was going to solve ALL our problems.

          Good Gawd, dacian, if you can’t even read a freakin’ chart, don’t get into an argument about the data it supposedly presents, you’ll make an ass of yourself. Oh, sorry, too late, you already did.

          Go micturate up that cable, dacian. You are too stupid, uneducated, and generally worthless to insult.

    • I’m not sure it would scale up. And the cost would be astronomical, assuming you’re paying folks for their guns. And you’d need to pay pretty good money, because every gun out of circulation makes the remaining guns more valuable. And once they exceed a certain black market value, the risk/reward of smuggling and illegal manufacture will tip. It’s a wate of money and effort. Spend that money on the schools and healthcare and you’ll get better returns.

      • Back then they did pay above market rate. That was the carrot. The stick was heavy fines and long prison sentences if caught.

        The dog in a gun owner was proposed previously and the police said don’t because it would be a massive waste of police resources with the false-positives.

      • You need a source of REALLY CHEAP guns, even if all they can do is blow up if you try to fire them. Like millions of them, just keep selling them to the government until they get tired of paying for them.

    • darcydodo…RE: “It is worth considering, as one data point in the pool of evidence about what sorts of gun control policies do and do not work.”

      Never mind Australia let’s get close to Your Home…Fetch yourself a box and go door to door in your neighborhood and demand residents put their guns in your box. Should you find yourself headed to an ER take a minute to let us know how your impromptu gun control policy did and did not work.


      Paste the full summary you loser! You deleted important parts!

      Summary: Australia’s 1996 National Firearms Agreement (NFA) banned several types of firearms and resulted in the government buying hundreds of thousands of the banned weapons from their owners. Studies examining the effect of removing so many weapons from the community have found that homicides, suicides, and mass shootings were less common after the NFA was implemented <—

      ^ You stopped here. Right after that it says:

      …although such incidents were declining prior to 1996. The strongest evidence is consistent with the claim that the NFA caused reductions in firearm suicides, mass shootings, and female homicide victimization. However, there is also evidence that raises questions about whether, for at least firearm suicides, those changes can be attributed to the NFA or to other factors that influenced rates of these outcomes around the time the NFA was implemented.

      You are so full of shit it’s ridiculous.

      • The term “firearm suicide” is a false terminology. There is really no such thing as “firearm suicide”. There is suicide by use of the method of firearm, but its not a ‘firearms suicide’ and its just suicide.

        Suicide is carried out by the means the person selects. The number one choice for suicide attempt still remains drug overdose even if a gun is available. The number one choice for suicide completion still remains hanging even if a gun is available. Guns are more immediately fatal 99.9% of the time for a suicide, and people who attempt suicide frequently want to be found and saved before they die so they are less likely to use an immediately fatal means of a firearm. A suicide attempt by drug overdose in which the person is not found and saved before they die is called a suicide completion even though its most likely an accident because the person did not intend to die but rather was a cry for help and wanted to be found and to live.

        It is false (and a false cause fallacy) that the presence of a gun increases the risk of suicide. A person at risk of suicide is still at risk of suicide even if a gun is not available.

        Attempted suicides are not suicides, they are attempts that are more likely to have used the least immediately fatal means. It is overall false that a person at risk of suicide will attempt suicide with a firearm even though a firearm is available.

        Over 60% of deaths initially reported as suicide with a firearm are later found to be either accidents or homicide and sometimes as yet undiscovered causes. This is because when such a death is encountered by law enforcement the initial assessment is assumed to be suicide and the investigation ends there. Its only later if there is reason to take another look at the evidence that these are discovered to have been accident or homicide and if the evidence points to other than suicide but the reason can not be determined its considered “undiscovered causes”. These are never removed from stats for suicide, thus falsely inflating stats referred to by the emotional appeal hook as “firearms suicides” in an attempt to make firearms presence the guilty party.

        • correction:

          “Over 60% of deaths initially reported as suicide with a firearm…”

          The “60%” should have been 66%

        • My experience says I am forced to agree. I have had guns around for over 60 years, and not one has ever killed itself. Or anyone else!

  6. As I have said here many times I don’t like our gun laws post 1996 at all.

    But there are still a million plus legal gun owners (about 1 in 20 people). Have to be 18 for a full Licence and no criminal record.

    There are officially more firearms now than before the “gun steal” Estimate is to 4 to 5 million.

    Laws vary by state. Victoria in the article has always been fairly anti gun despite being a very pro hunting state. I had not heard about the latest amnesty rubbish from them.

    Where I live (rural) there are no Covid lockdowns, restrictions on gathering etc. and surprisingly little problems. Victoria is in there 10th plus lockdown.

    There are five gun shops within an hour of me not counting local hardware store that sells .22, .223, 308 & 12ga.

    Because there were no restrictions except full auto in most of Australian before 1996 there was not an equivalent to the NRA and government could ignore us. Even now SSAA has only 200,000 members.

    • RCC, if you have local access to .22 LR, .223, .308 and 12 ga. you don’t have a lot to worry about. I can feed most of my most important weapons with that ammunition. But, where’s the pistol ammo? I’d like a little 9mm/40/45 or 38/357 for around town or .44+ for the bushes.

      • Gadsden

        The only problem I have locally is feeding the couple of 30-06’s I have. I mostly reload so not a major problem. The only component not made here are primers.
        Local cases and projectiles maker just a couple hours away.

        Someone in Winchester USA office shut down and sold off all their Australian facilities just before the Covid / Biden gun rush.

        They used to make a lot of .22, 12 ga and primers for export plus local use.

        There are still several factories making from .223 to 155 mm for the Army. They also sell hunting .223 and 308 rounds but not primers.

        They also make various rifles for sale here. Two custom gunsmiths in the area.

        9mm etc aside from own reloads would be a 45 minute drive each way.

      • Retails at $30-80 per box of 20 depending on the brand.

        Again, reload if you can find the .311-.312″ diameter projectiles.

        Or use something different if it is cheaper.

  7. There is no DEADLY animal in Australia bigger than a mediumsized dog otther the the Salt Water Crocodiles [‘Salties’-which are aprotected species ] Rather large SPIDERS and some snakes. The largest land mammals areKing Kangaroos. Wild Horses [Brummies[ and believe it or not the biggeest camels in the worldand few feral pig and some wild cattle The Australian Aboriginers got rid of any predatory animals 40, 000 yrears ago The two exceptions are the WOMBAT and the Dingo [an introducerd non-marsupial canine] neither of which are a danger to man. Any changes to gun law will be in one of the most ferociously DEMOCRATIC nations of Earth be put to the people and the people will decide, The majority will a in most of the civilised world accept the Democractci descision. To sugeest that there are more than a very few illegally held firearms in Austraia is ridiculous.It is actually not that difficult to obtain lecense for firearamd given JUST CAUSE and there is very little JUST CAUSE for hand guns.
    Criminal elements will always find a way but the fact is that gun crime in Australia is extremely low and punitive measures with full backing of the Austrailain public very very harsh.
    Americans simply do not get the fact that in most of the civilised world Draconian Gun Controls are NOT SEEN AS A A RESTRICTION on CIVIL LIBERTIES but the exact opposite.

    It mattters no a Kangaroos Cock what a few Aussies think. The majority rule If those Aussies have ‘just cause’ they CAN get licenses. My Brother-in Law in Aus had a hunting licence for Brummies[wild horses’]. feral pigs and for Camel Culling but I doubt he’s ever fired a handgun in his life.

    • Wow, Albert the Subject, that was quite a rant. Apparently, you were so verklempt your fingers stopped working.

      Couple of points. Australia purports to be a representative democracy – what we folks who first put it to practical use like to call a “republic”. A tyranny of the majority is exactly what we didn’t want, and Aussies SHOULDN’T want, if they’re smart.

      Second, the Aussies lack our “negative rights” Constitutional history, and our Second Amendment.

      Third, I guess it’s to be expected that folks who have a history of being subjects of a monarchy without rebellion would be amenable to fascist authoritarian government policies. It’s of a piece.

      Finally, thanks for telling us all what we “need”, but we stopped giving a s*** about your opinions in 1776. Have fun, subject.

  8. Just my guess, but this may be a precursor to aggresssive enforcement. Possibly authorities have been monitoring social media and other inlibe activities, and are confident they know who owns what.

  9. If you know where a Jew is hiding turn them in to the nazi SS. If your know where an escaped plantation slave is hiding turn them in and there’s a reward for you. If you know your aussie neighbor has a firearm in their home turn them in for a reward.

    The response to the aussie nazi kkk government and their thugs…You Want ’em Come And Get ’em…Bullets First mate.

    • We hope due diligence is observed with the name and address being verified with Firearms Registry before the break out the MRAP equivalent and bring up the SWAT teams.

    • One of the prime snitching social sites is Nextdoor dot com. Full socialist agenda put forth as a neighborhood discussion media and full of low class people wanting to control your life.

      • We have recently discovered it is impossible to get away from the “Nextdoor” jerkoffs; disenroll, block, block domain, just keeps on coming.

  10. Fred to possum- ” How much you want for that .22 bolt action?”
    possum to Fred- $125
    Government to possum ” How much would we need to pay you for your .22 bolt action?”
    possum to Gov- Oh , seeing that it’s you guys, might consider $125,000,000,000. Let me think on it a bit, the price of relinquishing a constitutional right is pretty high, ehhh come to think of it , it’s not for sale at any price, but thanx anyway.

  11. Read up on what happened to the real Crocodile Dundee if you want to see a case of insane government overreach. And they did it to a living legend that represented Straya like no one else ever could! Always remember you are next on their list if you let them do it to people like that!

  12. “It is estimated more than 260,000 unregistered guns are in circulation in Australia,” so saith the article. But I’m curious. If Aussies are hiding their guns by whatever means, how it it that those guns are actually “in circulation?”

    Does the gubmint there think that outlaw Aussies are swapping, trading, even buying and selling guns among themselves??? Keeping guns hidden, maybe even buried — literally — doesn’t sound much like “circulation” to me!

    My Dad managed to buy a huge tract of land in Australia back in 1970, which the government there matched acre for acre. And my family was within an eyelash of pulling up and leaving America so my Dad could fulfill a dream of his to be a cattle rancher. At the last minute, my mother pulled the plug. She said there was no way in hell she could possibly move that far away from her elderly parents, who were in poor health. I thank God Almighty that Dad backed down and let Mom have her way. I can’t imagine living there today.

  13. “Locals have been advised to avoid central Canberra”

    Translation: we don’t want more protestors.

    And how do locals avoid where they live?


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