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With the beginning of the trail of former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin this week, the mainstream media narrative will force feed Americans more talk of racism and policing. But a recent USA Today poll shows that trust and support for police has steadily climbed to 69% while trust in “Black Lives Matter” has plummeted to barely 50%.

In fact, now that America’s cities aren’t burning every night from violent unrest, most Americans now trust police unions to “to promote justice and equal treatment for people of all races” than Black Lives Matter – by two percent!

From USA Today:

Americans’ trust in the Black Lives Matter movement has fallen and their faith in local law enforcement has risen since protests demanding social justice swept the nation last year, according to an exclusive USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll…

Last June, amid accusations of systemic racism in law enforcement, 60% of Americans expressed trust in the Black Lives Matter movement to promote justice and equal treatment of people, compared with 56% who trusted local police to do that. 

Now, however, attitudes have shifted significantly. Trust in Black Lives Matter has fallen to 50%; trust in local police and law enforcement has risen to 69%. 

Note the language above. Police aren’t tasked with “promoting justice and equal treatment of people.” Their job is to enforce the law and arrest criminals.

It surely looks like the accusations of systemic racism against law enforcement haven’t held water with most Americans. A majority see police as protecting the average law-abiding citizen from criminals and those who prey on others. And after watching violent protests for much of last year, that’s exactly what most Americans want.

(AP Photo/Kathy Willen, File)

USA Today continues by highlighting the difference in viewpoints between black Americans and white Americans.

Black Americans and white Americans now express very different views: 75% of Black people but just 42% of white people express trust in Black Lives Matter, while 77% of white people but just 42% of Black people trust local police.

The McPaper laments that attitudes of both groups “have moved in the same direction” when it comes to growing trust in local law enforcement and growing distrust of “Black Lives Matter.”

But viewpoints in both demographic groups have moved in the same direction compared with the June 2020 survey. Among Black respondents, trust in Black Lives Matter has fallen by 12 points and trust in local police has risen by 14 points. Among white respondents, trust in Black Lives Matter has fallen by 8 points and trust in local police has risen by 12 points.

Obviously, all of America will be watching what happens in the aftermath of the Chauvin trial. Already the city of Minneapolis has taken extraordinary measures to secure the courthouse and surrounding government buildings from more violence that could result, depending on the verdict.

Will those measures be enough for the battle-hardened Antifa and Black Lives Matter agitators who have had months of riot experience in America’s big cities? Time will tell.

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  1. Trust in TTAG blog falls after readers told they are hurting the 2A movement if they don’t accept trannies in their daughters’ locker rooms.

    LOL at Dan Z’s rage at readers not liking it. How dare the goyim question my motives.

    • Why is TTAG so insistent on pushing degenerate liberalism on people of the gun? Why does TTAG hate and look down upon their readers?

      I get that the NRA has issues, and Wayne has a weird suit fetish- but it’s almost as if TTAG is a psyop to fragment and weaken gun owners.

      • What you see as division, the rest of us see as reality.

        Being a gun owner doesn’t meant shit when you are complacent and law abiding.

      • Once you realize that the Greys and the Lizard People from beyond the Ice Wall are actually in alliance with the Jooooooooos and have manipulated the world by creating the illusion that satellites are real you will then understand that everything is a psyop, delivered by 5G in combination with Covid, as part of a mind control system designed to depopulate the world so that only the strongest men and the best “breeders” can be kept as slaves in perpetual servitude to our inter-dimensional overlords who derive their power by consuming the souls of sentient beings from this plane of existence.

        Dan’s in on it because he’s a Jooooooooooooooo!


        • Gingers are just the skin-suits that the GreyJooLizard People wear in public.

          Have you seen the documentary known as Blade Runner? It only scratches the surface (ooOoOOoooOOooOOOoO!!!!).

    • One of these days Black Americans will come to realize they’ve been played big time by the democRat Party, blm et al. I mean it takes a damned fool to belong to the Party of their slave masters. C’mon man…What happened to Content of Character? After all it takes Content of Character to stand up and tell the democRat Party to make Monetary Reparations. Make the guilty party pay.

      BTW daddyo…Leave Big Dan alone…he’ll hurt you bad man.

      • People on both sides are playing to popularity due to a lack of character while ignoring facts. They hear but don’t listen, they see but ignore truth. It’s a very dangerous game and the consequences often grave.

      • > One of these days Black Americans will come to realize they’ve been played big time by the democRat Party, blm et al. I mean it takes a damned fool to belong to the Party of their slave masters.

        It’s hard to get someone to disagree with the source of their paycheck.

    • You sure imagine powered a whole lot into both stories that wasn’t there. Imagine that, creating your own narration and then getting mad at the people who never said any of the things you’re mad about lol.

      • @BeoBear

        That’s what Rf* trolls do. They create and push narratives that never happened to further their ideology…all the while claiming to be “victims” of any opposing ideologies.

        *Rf – Rat fink…coincidence?

    • It’s a shame to see a falling decrease in people’s trust in BLM. It is an important social movement that protects black people. I think everyone knows Malcolm – I read a lot of free essay examples on Malcolm X on and it was this man who inspired me with his civil position. He actively advocated for the protection of a wide category of human rights and refused to divide people into black and white.

  2. I remember when TTAG encouraged murdering your husband because he said something you didn’t agree with aka “verbally and emotionally abusive”. Now they want your kids in drag queen story hour. Makes you think.

    Murder is a mortal sin.

    Remember the USS Liberty!

    • Oh ya- that was Kat Ainsworth. She had to take a year off after that. The comment section responses were straight up BULLYCIDE. She claimed she ran marathons at 250lb. LOLOLOLOLOLOL


      In 10 years you’ll have to be gay to buy a gun.

        • probably… kind of like your Dad…. he’s like 50 years ahead of that curve 😉

        • Awww. A mimic, the sincerest of the flatterers. So cute. I’m, like, totes blushing.

          Funny though, at 83 my dad probably is still capable of literally raping you. Of course, you can’t rape the willing…

  3. So Trump and Republicans lose control of the government and things flip around when Democrats control things? Sounds like a nightmare for Republican voters. Oh, wait… It’s not because Republicans love them some authority, therefore, making it easy for Democrats to win (again and again).

    High level intellect from Americans.

    • Well since democrat-controlled cities are in democrat-controlled States, there should be Utopia now, that the dreaded Donald Trump is out of office. But oh wait! Portland is still burning isn’t it. And the other democrat-controlled cities are not far behind.

      I say let them burn. I’m very comfortable with Americans burning down there own cities. This is like Detroit. Only now the skin color of the people doing most of the arson has changed.

      • edit:
        I’m very comfortable with Americans burning down their own cities.

        Now can we just shoot rioters on sight? Since the cops aren’t going to do it???

  4. It appears that the anti-gun / anti-TTAG trolls are out in force today.

    These trolls are mere receptacles, coughing the spew out of their throats, from Liberal billionaires wet dreams…selling the USA out for an already failed (repeatedly) Communist / One World ideology.

    • This is all just one weakling sitting at home in his mom’s panties posting under various names.

    • @UN (…just a coincidence??)

      You represent the worst of what I was writing about…a Libbie word quibbler.

      Try reading my comment (again)…this time read for comprehension.

      Your new posting name is: Pyrus calleryana halitus

      • I’m not a communist. I reject UN/NWO/Z0G/Liberalism.

        I dislike TTAG for promoting transgendersism. How does that make me a liberal??? TTAG is “Libbie”

        The people you call trolls are rejecting the J3wish Transgender UN industrial complex! You are carrying water for TTAG-liberal-transgender-Z0G machine.

      • @Why can’t you read boomer?

        I can read quite well…thank you for noticing.

        The pattern of your answers indicates that you are a “special” commenter called in by your masters for attack purposes.

        To be compared to Gunga Din is quite an honor..thank you again.

    • “…your kids have to be trannies now…” The only person who has ever said that or even implied it here is you. Is it painful being that stupid?

    • Based on the comments in this article I must assume there was some ad that my blockers prevented me from seeing. Either that or it is trolls just spamming off topic memories from another discussion.

      To the topic, it is nice to see reports of sane thinking starting to sprout.

    • That was my thought too. “Cleanup needed in the comments aisle. Cleanup needed in the comments aisle.”

      I agree with TTAG’s general hands off policy towards the comments section and truly appreciate it. But there are those times… like this…

      • actually no….. there are no times when censorship or violating the FIRST AMENDMENT is ok…….. ok dilrod?

        • Accept the first amendment (and all others) only apply to the government so therefore they wouldn’t be violating the first amendment.

    • Given the current Secretary Of Defense behaving like the Chief of the old STASI from the former Communist Dictatorship of East Germany, the falling support for the Military is likely worse than the Polls suggest, and will only get worse.

      The Command Sergeant Major of The Army and other top Pentagon Brass are more interested in fighting Fox News and coddling Communist China.

    • The above article is referencing changes from June 2020 to now and the NBC article you cite references changes from 2018 to now. Since the time frames are different they could both be correct.

    • Well, I’m not surprised. The military is poisoning its own people with bad food during the occupation of DC. They’re also going full woke with special trainings based on race. Trannies will be getting surgeries on the taxpayer dime rather than the mental health discharge that they need. They’ve even introduced maternity flight suits so enemy fighter pilots can score 2-for-1 kills.

      In the mean time, many of the good cops have left the force after the George Floyd riots because it’s just not worth it anymore. They’re also enforcing unnecessary and hypocritical corona-tyrrany.

      Why anyone would place any trust in our intuitional systems right now is beyond me.

      • The USAF has allowed pregnant air crew members to fly well into their third trimester for the last couple of years. It’s part of the USAF’s plan on inclusion.

  5. It didn’t start with BLM. White Libertarians Liberals and the Left have been undermining the police for as long as I’ve been alive. And yes, there are bad cops out here. In fact the Black For Panther Party for self defense use to kill bad cops. The Jewish Defense League use to blow up their enemies all the time. In this country. Even organized lesbians were forming terrorist’s groups.

    Is that what you want? To go back to the days when we as a society would shoot law enforcement, good or bad, several times a day???

    • The nation was founded by men undermining the police. Being Anti Cop is Pro American.

      • Eh, I’ll support cops when they perform their necessary function in the manner that they should. I oppose them when they become an arm of oppression.

        So I’m not a big fan of theirs under the current circumstances.

        • Right? Who was it that forced thousands of of small businesses to go under by (illegally) shutting them down? What about the group who chose to stand by and watch while people (illegally) rioted, looted, and burned, but then arrested anyone who dared to (legally) defend themselves against those same thugs?

          2020 proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that when the rubber meets the road, 90%+ of police will happily side with the government against the people. If the politicians say “enforce this thing that isn’t a law” the cops will do it, and if the politicians also say “don’t enforce this thing that is a law” the cops will *also* do it. They’ve voluntarily chosen to act as enforcers for the political class in exchange for exemption from the rules they enforce on us, so yeah… any self proclaimed “patriot” who trusts the police is a modern day Torrie

  6. Hmmm…did I miss something? Where the eff did all this tranny/lockerroom BS come from?!? Was it some kind of. intrusive poll question that popped up midway into an article(I don’t do random poll’s). FWIW I trust neither or have confidence in BlackLootersMurder or 5-O.

    • I am gun-owning, Bible reading, Trump-voting taxpayer! I think abortion and pushing kids to be trannies are wrong. It is perversion.

      If Dan Zimmerman really believes in Jesus, he wouldn’t publish such degenerate filth.

      • Did you know that Dan journeyed to the ice wall and made a deal with the Lizard People over 2000 years ago?

        In return for immortality he actually, personally, nailed your Savior to the cross!

        He’s not just a Christ-denier, he’s the OG Christ-KILLER.

  7. “…75% of Black people but just 42% of white people…”

    Why is “Black” capitalized while “white” is not?

    • Keep in mind that’s a direct quote from a “mainstream” newspaper that follows the AP style guide. Knowing that, you now know why.

    • “Why is “Black” capitalized while “white” is not?”

      Like Ing said, it follows the AP guide. They made the change last year during the Summer of Murder and Rampage to Honor the Memory of George Floyd. It’s all part of the Cultural Revolution the Dims are pushing.

      • Yep. That’s the why. Black (capital B) is a proper noun for people with power and dignity; white is a mere adjective with no humanity or intrinsic worth.

    • take a guess……..
      i’m telling you people…… if you’re a certain color or class, you better start watching your back!
      stay armed AT ALL TIMES…… ALL TIMES

  8. Someone in these comment sections has entirely too much free time. It’s kinda funny tho…

    Like a shitty version of miner, enuf, idaho boy, vlad, chief and serpent…

  9. I fail to see how 50% or better support for either group is a good thing at this point in time.

    • Yep! Ironically, the two groups have a weird symbiosis. If not for active police protection, BLM would have been culled a long time ago by a handful of people. And the police choose to protect BLM by allowing them to burn, loot, and murder at will while happily arresting anyone who dares to defend themselves against the thugs


  11. Long before BLM was created. The white Libertarians, Liberals, in the Left have always complained and undermined the police. For as long as I’ve been alive. The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense used to shoot bad cops. And yes most cops are the good guys. But the Jewish Defense League used to blow up their enemies. They said they were bad people too.

    Releasing prisoners from jails, emptying them, as the three L’s have called for, has not kept the crime stats down. They have gone up. And since the cops have been ordered to stand down. This is another reason why crime is up in many cities.

    Many people are now experiencing the utopian view of the Three L’s, who believe the police should be defunded. And the public doesn’t like it.

    • “Releasing prisoners from jails, emptying them, as the three L’s have called for, has not kept the crime stats down.”

      Don’t look now, but they’re empowering the drug cartels since the southern border is open for business again.

  12. @BS (…coincidence…again??)

    Your are too funny.

    Every generation complains that they are facing hardships that their parents / progenitors never had to face…that’s bullshit!

    Reading your whiny BS does serve to remind me of how poorly we (as a generation) have done to prepare our children for Life and the changes that come with every day you’re above ground. You have no moral or physical resilience to cope with that change…so you withdraw into your “Egocentric ‘Me’ World” and spend your time kvetching through the Internet / social media striking out at everyone who does not give you instant gratification of your selfish, unrealistic desires.

    Just a suggestion: Back away from the computer, get off your arse and get a real job that involves you actually putting forth some mental / physical effort…you, too, can be part of the American Dream rather than Mao’s dream.

    • Your playing into generational warfare here and you probably don’t realize it.

      I’m not going to write a book here, but I’ll say that the mentality you espouse here simply is not true for a huge number of people under the age of 40.

      But in reality, a lot of older people are likely to feel A LOT of pain here pretty quick too when their retirement savings get incinerated by Fed policy, Congressional spending and a generally incompetent government at all levels.

      ~$230 trillion is owed at this point. That’s ~$741,200 for every man woman and child in this country. But only 152 million people are of working age, so more than double that number to ~$1,513,000 per person.

      Those under 40 are about to get soaked for the vast majority that, and that’s going to “come off the top” through a variety of governmental policies.

      Well, they’ll try, until the whole house of cards comes down.

      • Can’t / won’t disagree with most of your suppositions.

        I probably won’t live long enough to watch “their” children lambasting them for their messed up policies / politics and how, when it’s that generations turn, they will straighten it all out.

        Welcome to the mad house.

        • IMHO, no one’s going to straighten out a damn thing.

          Exponentially degenerate systems don’t tend to be rescued for fixed. They tend to collapse, quickly and violently.

          And the media has done an A+ job at setting people against each other based on age, race, socio-economic status etc. so instead of actually taking action against the things that are likely going to fuck us all we’d rather fight each other.

          Combine that with “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” and the trolls promoting generational warfare will keep most people’s eye off the ball until it’s too late.

          Kinda like how gun-folk often would rather engage in caliber warz or Fudd v. Mall Ninja bullshit rather than actually fight the antis.

        • @Responsible Father

          An emphatic “Yes!”.

          Our children have all surpassed the home they grew up in…in converse, can I afford to purchase the homes my children have…an equally emphatic “No!”.

          On a related note: what is your proposed solution to procuring “affordable housing for all” since that seems to be the gist and direction of your question.

  13. So, if TTAG mails the Dorr Brothers a check for $5, will they call off the dogs?

    Asking for a friend.

    We know they’re grifters. Just trying to negotiate their price.

      • I’m in the same park as you with this. First I heard of them was in Dan’s article about calls for heads n’ stuff yesterday. I’m still clueless as usual.

  14. “…trust in “Black Lives Matter” has plummeted to barely 50%.”

    Apparently 50% of people slept through 2020.

    • How can they sleep? They are woke.

      The saddest part is how much we could all actually have in common if they didn’t buy into the bullshit, especially the race baiting and divisions to turn us on ourselves. We all know who the enemy is, some just refuse to accept it and take the easier route instead.

  15. I just can’t trust somebody that wants me to snitch out somebody so I can get out of trouble.

  16. I’m glade to see the demonization of the police having less effect. What I’m not happy to see is police departments across America ignoring the Constitution and enforcing Governor issued edicts that ARE obviously unconstitutional. I haven’t removed my thin blue line flag, but I have it upside down until the police understand who their friends are, and where their support comes from.

  17. Sorry brain washed victims of everything, you’re being used by the democratic party.
    White people don’t spend all their time trying to hold you down, look for ways to make you miserable. If you break the law, resist arrest, attack law enforcement, pull guns and knives on them….. and get yourself killed, you’re just a victim of your own stupidity. Grow up, most people are sick of the whining

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