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By Steve Karnowski and Amy Forliti, Associated Press

Emboldened by their majorities in the House and Senate, Democrats are making a new push to enact the first major new gun control laws in more than two decades — starting with stricter background checks.

The House passed legislation on Thursday to require background checks on all firearms sales and transfers. The chamber was also voting on, and expected to pass, a bill to allow an expanded 10-day review for gun purchases. Similar bills were passed by the House in 2019, shortly after Democrats won the majority, but languished in the GOP-controlled Senate for the next two years.

Democrats now hold the Senate, as well, giving the party hope that the legislation will at least be considered. But the bills would need significant bipartisan support to pass.

The renewed push is the latest effort by Democrats – and some Republicans – who have repeatedly tried, and failed, to pass tougher gun control laws since the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut that killed 20 children and six educators. While enhanced background checks are generally popular with the American public, even with some conservatives, Congress has so far not been able to find compromise on the issue. It is unclear whether Senate Democrats could find deep enough support among Republicans to pass new gun control legislation in a 50-50 Senate, as they would need 60 votes to do so.

Still, the bills are part of an effort by Democrats to move on several major legislative priorities while they hold both chambers of Congress and the White House. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Thursday that the Republican “legislative graveyard is over” and that the legislation to require background checks on all firearms sales will have a vote in the Senate.

“A vote is what we need,” Schumer said, and they will see where Republicans stand.

“Maybe we’ll get the votes,” he said. “And if we don’t, we’ll come together as a caucus and figure it out how we are going to get this done. But we have to get it done.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who has been working on gun legislation with Schumer since the 1990s when they were in the House together, said she and her colleagues have promised survivors of shootings and family members of those who have died that “we are not going away” until the background checks legislation passes.

“The gun violence crisis in America is a challenge to the conscience of our country – one that demands that we act,” Pelosi said during floor debate on the bills Wednesday. “These solutions will save lives.”

President Joe Biden has called for Congress to strengthen gun laws, including requiring the background checks on all gun sales and banning assault weapons. At a speech in February, he said there was no time to wait.

“We owe it to all those we’ve lost and to all those left behind to grieve to make a change,” Biden said as he marked the three-year anniversary of the Parkland school shooting massacre in Florida, which killed 17. “The time to act is now.”

The first bill, which passed 227-203, is designed to close loopholes to ensure that background checks are extended to private and online sales that often go undetected, including at gun shows. The legislation includes limited exceptions allowing temporary transfers to prevent imminent harm, for use at a target range and for gifts from family, among others.

The second bill would extend the review period for background checks from three to 10 days. South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn, the No. 3 Democrat in the House, introduced the legislation after a shooter killed nine people at a Charleston, S.C., church in 2015. The FBI said a background check examiner never saw the shooter’s previous arrest report because the wrong arresting agency was listed in state criminal history records, and the gun dealer was legally permitted to complete the transaction after a deadline of three days.

While the House bills have Republican cosponsors, most of their GOP colleagues are opposed to the changes. During the Wednesday floor debate, Republicans argued that the background checks would not stop most mass shootings and would mistakenly prevent some lawful gun owners from purchasing firearms.

Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry said the bill would lead to more crime because there would be “less people out there defending themselves.”

Democrats are hoping that there’s a gradual political shift among voters that could help them win GOP votes. Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., who has introduced a companion bill expanding background checks in the Senate, said he doesn’t think Democrats should just accept that there aren’t 60 votes in the Senate for the legislation.

“I just think we are living in a different world than 2013,” Murphy said ahead of the House vote, referring to failed congressional efforts to expand the checks after the Newtown school shooting.

Democrats also point to troubles at The National Rifle Association, the long-powerful advocacy group that poured tens of millions of dollars into electing Trump in 2016. The organization has been weakened by infighting as well as legal tangles over its finances.

But change does not come easy in the Senate as many in the GOP base are still viscerally opposed to any new gun control. Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, a moderate, have worked together for years to find a compromise on background checks but have yet to propose anything that will pass.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said this week that his committee plans to have hearings on gun policy in the next several weeks.

Democrats will “test the waters and see what the sentiment is in the Senate,” Durbin said.

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        • That’s why i dont even bother. when the House was making a big stink over Rep. Lauren Boebert bringing a gun in My Rep Jan Schakowsky was one of the 12 cosigners to the bill against Lauren. How do you write your rep when they are the COSIGNER… i hate her…..

        • Me too. They don’t care–that is why their stupid laws only target law–abiding gun owners and not criminals. I can’t wait to move out of corrupt Illinois.

      • NO call the SOBs and give them hell. Having good Conservative Senators (Ernst can be squishy) and a Conservative Rep it is frequently not needed to call. They will vote the RIGHT way.

        In the day we had a far left wacko Senator (Harkin) it was satisfying to give his left wing staffers hell. Insult Turdin’s parentage and choice of animals with with to procreate. The SOB is a despicable POS.

      • Anyone who isn’t a moron needs to leave the blue states. I know it’s sad, it’s home, but guess what, your living there gives them more power. MOVE!

    • This is what continues to happen when Jim Crow Gun Control democRats are allowed to get away with putting a smiley face on Gun Control. Since Gun Control in any shape or form is rooted in racism and genocide it should be just as unacceptable as slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics and other race based atrocities attributed to the democRat Party. You won’t hear the aforementioned from the hush-hush crowd too afraid to speak The Truth About Gun Control….And that’s the problem.

      There is more than enough evidence to turn the tables on the democRat Party and hold the democRat Party solely liable for their long, long history of race based atrocities Instead the democRat Party is allowed to get away with hanging the race card around the necks of everyone who does not bow to them. It’s way past time to put the race card back around the necks of its rightful owners…the democRat Party.

      With all of the known democRat Party race based baggage…Frankly a Black American or any minority belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party.

      • Call or write your anti-gun senators and representatives and call them racists and misogynists’ for opposing guns for minorities and women. See how they like it.

      • Little debee, your asinine takes are almost as grating on the nerves as Moron69er’s bullshit responses. EVERYONE knows you aren’t an evil RAYCISS. Not every fucking gun control bill has something to do with Jim Crow laws or, for Chrisake, Nazi Germany. The only people the dems are interested in disarming and disenfranchising from the lawful practice of their 2nd amendment rights are conservative white males and females that dont believe in their rainbow shitting unicorn takes on life and don’t hate themselves for being white. Are your next “hot takes” going to be calling “democRats” the real racists and saying Antifa are actually “NATZEES”? That will sure show em, won’t it, little debee?

        • She’s not wrong and neither are you. Yes, this IS based on race and class and from more than one angle. Yes indeed they want to subdue the whites they feel is the historical root of all evil. I think Deb has a perspective we all need t9mpsy attention to. Whites also need to realize once they’re figuratively disarmed they will be enslaved in more ways than one for as far in the future as they care to imagine.

        • They want all citizens of the USA disarmed, not just one race of people. They want us disarmed just like every other totalitarian does – so that you can not thwart them when they cram their evil morals and laws down our throats.

        • to Unrepentant Libertarian
          Are the republicans just like the democrats? Do you think Trump was the same as Biden on guns?
          I realize the presidency is more than just the Second Amendment. But we’re talking about guns here on TTAG.

      • “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 100 years.” —
        Lyndon Baines Johnson (the guy who had his own sister whacked).

      • LOLz, as if they care. The “Patriot Act” was unconstitutional too, but try “not complying” when it’s time to open a bank account or time to travel by air.

    • California doesn’t believe in R senators. One of them, DiFi, has said she is reintroducing her “assault weapons” ban next week.

      • We should be able to hold them off this time, but if there’s a mass shooting between now and mid-terms, all bets are off.

        If they can’t get the votes at first, expect loud howls of fake rage that they will use to motivate their base in ’22 to turnout their voters, both dead and alive…

    • >Call your R senators. Now.

      1) I don’t have any, and

      2) My state already has both of these new federal restrictions in place.

      3) Both are condescending Karen’s and DO NOT CARE about any thing they don’t care about. Thanks for calling.

  1. It’s not gun violence. It is CRIMINAL VIOLENCE. Get rid of the f’n criminals. Lock their asses in jail and give them pink jumpsuits and baloney or pbj sandwiches. They don’t fear the system – if (big if) they get arrested/convicted, they will be out in a short time to avoid overcrowding. Who gives a rats ass – put them two to a bunk. If they don’t like it, don’t commit the crime. 🤬

    • Maybe you haven’t caught on to this yet; they intend to make you the criminal and then follow your suggestions.

      • “… they intend to make you the criminal and then follow your suggestions.”


        Like calling us terrorists?


  2. This is the predictable result of a stolen election. They care only about power, which means they must eventually make the rest of us defenseless.

  3. “No more hopes and prayers, thoughts and prayers—a vote is what we need,”

    Is a fuller version of that quote.

    Also, LULZ, but this will never happen? Remember that statement being bandied about a few months back?

    If they decide to “go nuclear” you better hope the R’s can flip a D and/or that Manchin sticks to his guns on this topic. That would avoid changing the rules. Otherwise they’ll ignore Rule XXII and pass this with 51 votes and it will go to the President’s desk for a quick signature.

    If they manage to do that then there’s blood in the water and the sharks really come out to play.

    • “If they decide to “go nuclear” you better hope the R’s can flip a D and/or that Manchin sticks to his guns on this topic.”

      At this point, I’m inclined to believe Joe and the other woman.

      Caveat – One “Las Vegas-style shooting, and we’re likely fucked…

      • It will probably happen. I hate to say it but that’s my gut instinct on this because of how ludicrous the White House is. They’re pretty in your face about things at this point and they’ve been “test ballooning” going this route for a while now. They plan to do it, ot at least give it a good faith attempt.

        Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Or buy a lot of cheap liquor or something.

        Regardless, it’s entertaining to watch everything these days. History happening right in front of you, like watching Rome get sacked or something but with video and internet. Damned interesting times.

        • with the way kids have been treated the past year, whenever schools fully re-open in the big city/suburb districts, I expect to see a school incident again.

          There’s some frustrated kid out there who’s gonna go bad.

        • When I say “It will probably happen” I don’t mean a school shooting.

          I mean they’ll probably pass this in short order.

          Ask yourself why they keep trotting out specific Senators to trash the filibuster. Ponder what states those people represent and what that might mean.

          What they’re doing is obvious. Testing to see how fast they can turn up the heat before the amphibians notice and start feeling froggy.

    • Joe Manchin will flip like a pancake. He was against his own state getting permit less carry.

    • I believe there are five to seven RINOs in the senate who will vote (as always) with the democrats so Mrs harris can stay home and babysit joe.

  4. Looks like some Republicans supported this bill. Told you so, this passed 227-203. I think there were 2 vacant Republican seats in Jan. 2021 out of 213 Republicans seats in the House, so we know about 8 Republicans voted for this crazy crap bill. How many Republicans will crossover in the Senate now?

      • And work hard to primary them in the spring of 2022.

        If they are on the ballot in the general election in November of 2022, it will be them or worse, a Democrat.

  5. Another fake news LIE in this article. NO … most people DO NOT want enhanced background checks AT ALL. I hope whoever votes for this bullshit, as well as those in the media that lie about the facts and try to influence public opinion ALL BURN IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY.

    • Some (questionable) surveys say there is widespread support, but even the fair ones show that the divide is about 50-50 between the pros and cons.

      • Once it is explaind as to exactly what’s involved, support drops to under 50 percent…

    • If you’ve ever been involved in, or studied, psychology and polling, you know it is possible to create a poll to generate almost any result you want. How questions are worded, what questions precede and follow the relevant question, where the poll is conducted, WHO conducts the poll (I saw a study that showed that the EXACT same poll can be conducted in the EXACT same location by two different people, with different appearances, and get significantly different results), even the tone of voice of the polltaker (if done in person or by phone).

      I have gone to the extent of studying the wording of several of the poll questions that supposedly support that conclusion. To say the least, they are NOT designed to get an accurate read on actual public opinion on the question of “universal background checks” (which is a canard in and of itself).

      OTOH, Americans have been so brainwashed by Bloomberg and his fellow travelers that it may not be that difficult to get that result.

      The only real, serious policy question on the subject would be “How in hell are you going to enforce that???”. I belong to two different gun ranges. I know a fair number of people at both. While MOST of us are more inclined to buy than to sell, I probably run across a couple of people a month contemplating selling a particular weapon. If I decided to buy one of them, how in HELL would the idiots at BATFE (1) know about it, or (2) regulate it????

      Or, to put it another way, p*** off, BATFE. I’ll sell or buy guns, and you can go pound sand. The fact that I CAN (and have, multiple times) pass a NICS check doesn’t mean I want my name on some (illegal) government database. I buy privately, these days, for exactly that reason.

      • If any (or all) of this communist bullshit passes you can look for the guvmint to hire a whole lot of ATF Inspectors, Agents, and support staff to include attorneys. What is really something to find out is IF these personnel were hired BEFORE these bills were first drafted, or even better some time after the beginning of the current federal fiscal year. If so, then I can safely promise you that ATF plans on significant undercover operations being conducted ONCE IT ALL PASSES … (have you caught on to what I’m building up to yet?). If so then it clearly indicates this was all planned and the stats they’re quoting is simply an attempt to cover their crimes after the fact. Clearly, accurate or not, it’s all a smoke screen. The undercover operations will be successful enough and make enough examples out of FFL(s) and non-FFL(s) to scare most of the masses in to compliance, grudgingly or not.

        Yes, I agree with that point(s) you’ve made. I also remember how the Hughes Act was passed via “silent voting” and I look for something equally despicable to happen again.

        • I may be naive, but I don’t think BATFE or DoJ have any intention of trying to enforce this abortion, except as an “enhancement” to any other charges brought. After all, now many of the “disapproved” NICS applications were prosecuted over the last few years?

          Since you are already required to go through an FFL to “sell online” or if you are a “dealer”, this literally only applies to “face-to-face” transfers – which are, by their nature, unenforceable. This is just bullshit, designed to show us Neanderthal gun owners “who’s the man”.

          F*** ’em; I have no intention of complying with this crap.

    • “Its a just a tax.”

      That’s how semi-autos get put on the NFA.

      Worse, since it’s fiscal, they can ram it through on cloture, AKA, “ObamaCare”-style…

  6. They just passed the background check bill, too. They know this won’t work; with the next tragedy they will push for more laws. They are using the blood of the victims to push tyranny.

  7. There will be AT LEAST 5 Cowardly Bush/Romney/McCain/Rove type Republicans that will help pass the Bill. Even the “Conservative Patriot” Wing of the GOP is proving itself to be be a noodle-arm wimp brigade in their campaign talking points against these bills.

    “This bill will do nothing to curb crime”. “It’s misinformed”. “It won’t save lives”……Same old soft-ass, wimpy, wet-noodle talking points, when they should be saying things like;

    “This will create a National Gun Registration Database. It will be a tool for enforcing Police-State Implemented, Door-To-Door Gun Confiscation Laws to violently erase the 2nd Amendment from our Bill Of Rights”.

    Some good ‘ole, extortion, bribery, blackmail, and threats will likely get an additional 3-4 GOP Scum to do some “Go-Along-To-Get-Along” yes votes on these Bills, for the sake of…….”National Security”………FUCK THE GOP ESTABLISHMENT!!!

    • They proved that in 2020.

      The parties have been failing for a long time. If only more people would stop voting for these ass clowns.

    • Some RINO’s have sold us out. They have been a problem all along, and it reinforces that this isn’t so much a battle of R’s vs. D’s, it’s Good vs Evil. For those of us following the news over the last four years now, it’s a battle against compromised politicians who sold out in BOTH parties and the few actual friends of Liberty remaining.

      Why we aren’t all working together is simply based on the fact that too many are just trying to go along and get along. They think appeasement and glossing over major usurpations of their liberty to get a small measure of safety are perfectly ok. They have to be dragged to the brink of the Gates of Hell to wake up. Only then will they see how badly things are going and that they MUST stop their cowardice.

      It’s far more than simply disarming us – which won’t happen – it’s a provocation to get us to overreact and use our law enforcement institutions against us. They have to have an enemy to be justified, and if the Democrats can tee up Patriots as terrorists and criminals, too many will stand by as examples get rounded up. Where the CA AWB and NY SAFE Act have proven to be massive failures, the political impact of seeing Patriots opposing the Blue Line of Safe Living would be a huge setback.

      The danger is just how close we will come to allowing this Administration to succeed just to show how badly they need to be defeated.

      In order to enjoy liberty our Founding Fathers were disobedient, and after a year of being beaten down with Covid, masking and now, mandatory vaccination, you have to ask, what was the pandemic’s REAL intent? To soften us up for the takeover?

      Are you starting to wake up finally?

  8. “designed to close loopholes to ensure that background checks are extended to private and online sales that often go undetected”

    Last I checked, you couldn’t buy a gun online without having it go to an FFL for a transfer.

    • The ignorant masses don’t know that. If you listen to some of these people Amazon is shipping full auto M16 and Tommy guns directly to their homes

  9. How about the states have an up to date data base of people that are NOT allowed to purchase a firearm? That would be ex felons, mentally troubled and the illegal drug addicted.
    Also an FFL3 should be enough to bypass the background process as should a CCW.

    The purpose here is to have a registration list so that when they do come to take our guns, they will know about all of them. They also like the money they get from the fees you have to pay for this check.

    Many of us have a safe or 2 full of firearms, so why should we have to go through the background check again? In Ca, we have to go through it just to buy ammo, be sure you don’t buy ammo for firearms of a caliber you do not have registered.

    Even though there are collectors of obscure ammo, Ca doesn’t like collectors of weapons.

  10. Gun control is not crime control. It is control of the law abiding citizens. We do not need more laws telling us what to do. We the government to enforce the current laws and to keep gun offenders in prison.

  11. Hurd voting for it doesn’t surprise me. He’s shit and is a traitor for the Democrat Party. His district carried Hillary in 2016 so they most likely have more dirt on him that a garbage dump.

    I just hope it gets stopped in the Senate.

  12. Honestly It doesn’t matter what they Do or Pass. I’m just Don’t Care. The Liberal/Socialist Democrats have been picking this fight for as long as I can remember. Longer than most of the posters on this sight have been alive. They have become more emboldened over the last few years because all their hard work is coming to fruition. Raising and Indoctrinating their Acolytes through the use of the Education system, the MSM and the Interweb. With the advent of the Interweb they first used PC culture and now Cancel Culture to effectively transform Society in Their Own Image( the Nazi’s would be proud) and this isn’t even the worst part of what is becoming a new Transformed America. The worst part is POTG have been watching it happen with everything from disbelief that it could/will get that bad, Screaming at the Interweb, to Out Right Complacent Cowardice. We’ve allowed The Firearms Community to become the background to their Victory celebration. They have come to understand and expect little or No push back from substantial parts of the Nation or the Firearms Community. They have now become so confident it’s no longer necessary to hide their intentions. Simply because they No Longer Fear any reprisals from the 2A Community. As We stand around screaming at the sky and bickering amongst Ourselves. Their Tyranny festers and metastasizes into Total Control. They have the Will (Socialism), the Acolytes (HOR Senate and Courts), the Storm troopers (BLM,Antifa), the Gestapo (DOJ with Merrick Garland as A.G.). Our Nation is in much the same situation as Europe was in the late 1930’s, Much divided along Ideological, Religious and Cultural lines. Not really paying attention to the Evil that was brewing. (1)Being blinded by the daily struggle to survive, (2)hoping it would remain (Over There) or(3) Not believing It Could Really Be/Get that Bad. We see before OUR eyes History Repeating Itself. As it always does when not taken seriously. So where does it go from here? 1,2,3 or Something Greater than Oneself. That can only be answered by (YOU). Complacent Cowardice or Courageous Sacrifice. If not for You think about the Nation and Culture your children and grandchildren will have to survive in…In Liberty…Keep Your Powder Dry.

  13. OK, let’s face the fact that Trump’s exceedingly poor administration lost to the Demoncrats all houses of Congress and the Executive branch of the Federal Government and that he, PERSONALLY, is responsible for the crap the Dims can now do to all of us.

    By his own hand, he built, through neglect and miss-management, especially of the pandemic, the never-Trump movement. And, that meant that members of that movement didn’t show to support his reelection on voting day.

    I don’t wish him well.

    • Did you forget the sarcasm font, or is that you enuf? Everything is Trump’s fault right? Grow up.

      • I dunno man.

        A kid at the store the other day opened a bag of Cheetos and spilled them all on the floor, and while I can’t be 100% sure, I’d be willing to testify to a FISA court that every single one of those little orange bastards had a Hitler mustache.

      • The Democrats are scum, for sure. Trump didn’t win the election and the losses extended well beyond the WH. It was his own doing.

        What we’re seeing now is a brazen attempt by that scum to rewrite the Constitution by nefarious means and Trump’s loss, caused exclusively by him, is the reason our gun rights are endangered.

        Given the stranglehold the scum have on the Federal government now WHO THE HELL KNOWS WHAT OTHER CONSERVATIVE RIGHTS THEY’LL GO AFTER.

        Screw Trump.

        • Post 1990, it has become common for the Party that held the White House to lose House and Senate seats in subsequent elections. That included Obama and Bush, but it has only seem to accelerate due to the growing ideological divide in this country.

        • “…losses extended well beyond the WH. It was his own doing.”

          You mean like picking up House seats? Trump brought more people into the party. The Never Trumpers are a tiny minority. They only seem like half of all Republicans because the media lifts them up to fool people like you. Turn off MSNBC every now and then.

      • Sounds just like ‘enuf’.

        Regardless that President Trump kept us out of expanding Middle East Ops or starting new conflicts, or the Treaty’s he brokered, and a multitude of other accomplishments, it’s Orange man bad!

        I would really like to see any of the ‘never trumpers’ do as well as he did.
        All they do is talk and talk is easy. Doing is much harder.

        • Truth be told, the most annoying thing they say is “It’s going to take decades to reverse the things that trump did”

          Like what? Name 3 things. Hell, name 2.
          Guaranteed to be opinionated babble that never actually happened and most of it will come in copy and paste form from liberal opinion pieces.

        • “Like what? Name 3 things.”

          Well according to them, it’s more about who he is…
          1. He’s a traitor
          2. He’s a wannabe dictator
          3. He’s a racist

          You know, all of the things Joe Biden actually is.

          The Never Trumpers never made any coherent argument for upholding conservative values by voting for Joe Biden. It was all a ruse.

  14. HR 1446 also passed the House a few minutes ago. The Senate is the last chance to kill both of these bills, unless SCOTUS weighs in down the road.

    • SCOTUS under Roberts control, we will not see very many 2nd Amendment cases at the Supreme Court.

        • I hope scum like you gets cancer… 🙂

      • If these get to Scotus and they fail to uphold fundamental Rights, then only one option remains. Take it to the streets – accompanied by music.

        “Papiols, Papiols, to the music!
        There’s no sound like to swords swords opposing,
        No cry like the battle’s rejoicing”: Ezra Pound, Sestina Altaforte

  15. “ The first bill, which passed 227-203, is designed to close loopholes”

    Don’t use their language. It’s not a “loophole”, it’s the express intent of the law, and also a reflection and recognition of our natural inalienable rights. Once you start to adopt their terminology and narrative, even accidentally, you allow them to continue the ever slow closing of the grip around your throat.

    • Every time you see clearly manipulated language like that on this site, scroll up and take a look at the byline. It’s almost always something quoted from the Associated Press.

  16. The left is clearly using 1930s Germany as the template for their destruction of our freedom. Fortunately we have more and better tools to resist. Write and call your Senators even if they are Democrats, they need to know people are paying attention and may spend the effort and money to unseat them. Otherwise real violence will be the result.

    • And 1920s and 30s Soviet Union. Wait for the eventual purge. Will their Stormtroopers (ANTIFA) get their own “Night of the Long Knives”? At some point ANTIFA’s usefulness will end and they will be a liability.

  17. Anyone care to provide a link to where in the constitution or 200+ years of jurisprudence there exists a government right to interference in a private contract between 2 individuals? Or is this going to be another one of these “we need to pass it to find out if it’s constitutional or not” type of bills? Frankly I don’t trust our courts to do the right thing anymore. Our government is fundamentally broken.

    • Commerce Clause. Wickard v. Filburn (1942).

      Not too many rulings the other way since… so it’s basically carte blache to do whatever they want.

  18. Pigloosi, it’s not “gun violence”….it’s “Defective Citizen” violence!!!! But, that’s not the agenda, is it?
    If the weather is overcast or there’s precipitation, the anti gunners say it’s cause for more gun control. Sunny weather is also a reason for gun control. Stub your toe: gun control. Maniac with knife, truck, or fire: gun control. Police shoot unarmed person: gun control for public, not police.
    A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
    He only controls the good guys, which is his true agenda.
    “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
    A legislator with a bill is far more dangerous to the populace as a whole than a citizen….good or bad….with a gun. The bad guy with a gun poses short term danger….the worst damage he poses is loss of one or several lives. The politician’s danger impacts the whole populace, growing constantly, lasting forever, and posing loss of Liberty, Freedoms, and Rights……enslavement on the Government Plantation…..and, history shows even loss of life for dissenters post-gun confiscation. Life without Liberty, Freedom, and Rights is worse than no life, akin to living Hell on Earth. A bad guy with a gun can always be shot by a good guy with a gun. A politician…not so much so…yet.

    In 1958. the late Col Jeff Cooper, handgun expert and founder of Gunsite Academy, stated, “Killing is a matter of will, not weapons.
    You cannot control the act itself
    by passing laws about the means employed.”
    The bad guy with a gun…..or the gang member with a gun…. the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the TERRIBLY DISTRAUGHT FAMILY MEMBER OF A GUN SHOOTING VICTIM…….or a gun violence survivor……or the Feelz-Gooder Social Do-Gooder….. or the the “hair-on-fire, we’re-all-gonna-die” contingent……are the politician’s easily manipulated Useful Idiot Tools to achieve his power and control agenda.
    The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible.
    History has repeatedly demonstrated that disarming good people in the name of making bad people harmless only eventually facilitates politicians shooting their own countrymen. History…learn from it or be doomed to relive it.
    And there, boys and girls, is the Xiden?KmelHo/Pigloosi?Slummer Gun Violence Prevention Plan in a nut shell. It’s all about protecting Libtard/Socialist anti-America tyrannical politicians’ asses from American Patriots with AR-15s.

  19. Got to establish a consortium of gun manufacturers and states that have their own set of gun laws where the citizens will be able to buy and sell those manufacturer products. To simplify the new rules, no NFA like restrictions. Declare the federal rules invalid.

    If the Left can do it for pot, we should be able to do it with guns.

    • The Left also not only ignored federal immigration law, but they even went out of their way to sabotage illegal immigration enforcement.

        • It’s up to the States using the 10th Amendment.
          Tell the Feds the answer is ‘No!’ Stay out of our business. Since SCOTUS stated Texas had no standing then neither do the Feds.
          Courts also ruled that President Trump administration could not withhold funds if a city declared themselves sanctuary for illegals, so what stick can the Feds use?
          States need to grow spines and have at it.

        • Manse:

          If only rules applied to both sides, eh? They don’t.

          Like it or not, want to believe it or not, you’re living in a post-Constitutional banana republic at this point. Plan accordingly.

          Shit’s gonna get pretty wild here IMHO.

  20. So the Dims are minting new felons huh? Good luck waking up a sleeping giant(if the lazy idiot’s had held their collective noses we could have kept the senate). Civil War in 5,4,3,2,1…

    • In for a penny, in for a pound.

      When the aggressors put their victims in a place where they have nothing left to lose things get ugly quick.

  21. If they thought “gun violence” were the problem they’re claiming it is, they wouldn’t have survived to be reelected.

    • In my postcode (zip code to you Americans) in URBAN Sydney there are over 15,000 registered firearms. If these were causing a problem, there wouldn’t be anyone left to complain.

      My postcode covers 10 suburbs.

      • The difference is between Americans and you Aussies is simple; regardless of what the passed law(s) is, for every 15,000 of you that will comply and register there’s 30,000 Americans that won’t. I am in the 30,000 that will not comply with this communist bullshit regardless.

        • Better than 10 years in prison. Penalties for breaches of firearms law are more than that for assault, armed robbery, and manslaughter.

      • That’s Australia’s problem. And I don’t appreciate some of the nosy smartass liberals in your country running their stupid damn mouths with statements like; “What will it take for Americans … do they love their children”, and so forth whenever there’s a mass shooting here. SCREW YOU DAMN SUBJECTS – MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS. Our rights, laws, culture is not subject to your liberal and apathetic fucking discretion. Y’all can all go straight to HELL too. Pathetic damn globalists.

  22. The only thing they stated as a problem was the South Carolina incident. They also state that they never seen his previous record because the wrong agency was listed in the report. How is that grounds to take rights and make laws against the law abiding citizens? The only thing that would have stopped him from passing the check would have been if the agencies would communicate better. Therefore putting the blame on the system. Shouldn’t we look at the system first? I am a gun dealer. I can see these problems in the system. How about that nobody will let the background system know if someone is restricted due to mental illness. I/We do not need to nor do we know why anyone is denied. When I run a background check I get an approval a denial or a undetermined. That is it. Then the person goes to the state to see why. If it is medical they can be referred to the doctor. There is no reason doctors can’t call in my case the state police and tell them to put this person on the list as a denial. Therefore eliminating at least part of that problem. Them move onto fixing something else. Step by step much of this can be fixed without a bunch of new laws.

    • The system still sucks and is unconstitutional because if the wrong person is denied then justice is denied. This background check and NIICS bullshit never should been voted in to law to begin with because it has never functioned as it was intended. I’m also not in favor of keeping the NFA in place just so an FFL can stay in business. You all and all your family members can starve before I get denied a Constitutional right and/or have to pay something for it. The whole damn NFA needs to be repealed even if it takes a hot Civil War to do so.

  23. The eight Republicans were Vern Buchanan of Florida, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Maria Salazar of Florida, Andrew Garbarino of New York, Chris Smith of New Jersey, Fred Upton of Michigan, Carlos Gimenez of Florida and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois.

    3 RINO’s from the “gunshine” state

    • Best States for Gun Owners (2020)rankings…..

      Vern Buchanan of Florida, Maria Salazar of Florida, Carlos Gimenez of Florida

      (#25. Florida)The biggest news for gun owners in the Sunshine State came in June when the state Supreme Court removed a serious gun control proposal from the November ballot. The measure would have amended the state’s Constitution to prohibit possession of “assault weapons”. The state’s Attorney General challenged the proposal and the majority of the court agreed that the ballot summary was “misleading” and took it out of consideration for this election. (2019 rank: 24)

      Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
      (#31. Pennsylvania)Since our last report, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shaprio issued an Opinion declaring that partially-manufactured firearm components including so-called “80% receivers” qualify as firearms under state law, and should be regulated as such. A bill that would prevent the Governor from restricting firearm rights during an emergency has passed the House and currently awaits action in the state Senate after advancing from the Judiciary Committee in September. (2019 rank: 32)

      Andrew Garbarino of New York
      (#51. New York) No relevant outcomes in 2020. (2019 rank: 51) Bottom 5 – Worst Gun-Friendly States

      Fred Upton of Michigan
      (#28. Michigan) No relevant outcomes in 2020. (2019 rank: 27)

      Adam Kinzinger of Illinois
      (#41. Illinois) Legislation that would ban private transfers and “reform” the state’s FOID (Firearms Owner Identification) system were been carried over from the 2019 session but did not pass. The Illinois Legislature can meet year-round, so the fight is never over. (2019 rank: 41)

      Best States for Gun Owners (2020)rankings…..

      Vern Buchanan of Florida, Maria Salazar of Florida, Carlos Gimenez of Florida

      (#25. Florida)The biggest news for gun owners in the Sunshine State came in June when the state Supreme Court removed a serious gun control proposal from the November ballot. The measure would have amended the state’s Constitution to prohibit possession of “assault weapons”. The state’s Attorney General challenged the proposal and the majority of the court agreed that the ballot summary was “misleading” and took it out of consideration for this election. (2019 rank: 24)

      Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
      (#31. Pennsylvania)Since our last report, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shaprio issued an Opinion declaring that partially-manufactured firearm components including so-called “80% receivers” qualify as firearms under state law, and should be regulated as such. A bill that would prevent the Governor from restricting firearm rights during an emergency has passed the House and currently awaits action in the state Senate after advancing from the Judiciary Committee in September. (2019 rank: 32)

      Andrew Garbarino of New York
      (#51. New York) No relevant outcomes in 2020. (2019 rank: 51) Bottom 5 – Worst Gun-Friendly States

      Fred Upton of Michigan
      (#28. Michigan) No relevant outcomes in 2020. (2019 rank: 27)

      Adam Kinzinger of Illinois
      (#41. Illinois) Legislation that would ban private transfers and “reform” the state’s FOID (Firearms Owner Identification) system were been carried over from the 2019 session but did not pass. The Illinois Legislature can meet year-round, so the fight is never over. (2019 rank: 41) JSON

      Gun Ownership Registered Guns 2021
      Alaska 61.70% 15,824
      Arkansas 57.90% 79,841
      Idaho 56.90% 49,566
      West Virginia 54.20% 35,264
      Wyoming 53.80% 132,806
      Montana 52.30% 22,133
      New Mexico 49.90% 97,580
      Alabama 48.90% 161,641
      North Dakota 47.90% 13,272
      Hawaii 45.10% 7,859
      Louisiana 44.50% 116,831
      South Carolina 44.40% 105,601
      Mississippi 42.80% 35,494
      Kentucky 42.40% 81,058
      Tennessee 39.40% 99,159
      Nevada 37.50% 76,888
      Minnesota 36.70% 79,307
      Texas 35.70% 588,696
      South Dakota 35.00% 21,130
      Wisconsin 34.70% 64,878
      Colorado 34.30% 92,435
      Iowa 33.80% 28,494
      Indiana 33.80% 114,019
      Florida 32.50% 343,288
      Arizona 32.30% 179,738
      Kansas 32.20% 52,634
      Utah 31.90% 72,856
      Georgia 31.60% 190,050
      Oklahoma 31.20% 71,269
      Virginia 29.30% 307,822
      Vermont 28.80% 5,872
      Michigan 28.80% 65,742
      North Carolina 28.70% 152,238
      Washington 27.70% 91,835
      Pennsylvania 27.10% 236,377
      Missouri 27.10% 72,995
      Oregon 26.60% 61,383
      Illinois 26.20% 146,487
      Massachusetts 22.60% 37,152
      Maine 22.60% 15,371
      Maryland 20.70% 103,109
      California 20.10% 344,622
      Nebraska 19.80% 22,234
      Ohio 19.60% 173,405
      Connecticut 16.60% 82,400
      New Hampshire 14.40% 64,135
      New Jersey 11.30% 57,505
      New York 10.30% 76,207
      Rhode Island 5.80% 4,223
      Delaware 5.20% 4,852

      • Keep in mind, that is registered. Those numbers are about to fall off a cliff. Most of us will not ask for permission. The last gun I bought that way, I can remember the last time I saw it… on that boat before we capsized…

        But seriously. Come and take them. I am not hiding and I am not asking for permission. Take your privacy invasion and shove it up your ass. From the state level, to the federal level.

        “Alexa, what is the best way to sell a gun” (lol, jk).

      • “The Florida Attorney General challenged the proposal and the majority of the court agreed that the ballot summary was “misleading” and took it out of consideration for this election. (2019 rank: 24)”

        It gets re-submitted this year after being re-drafted.

        It’s coming back…

        • Can’t go with a source of known fake news when I got the information from another site of lesser fake news. This becomes difficult as now I can’t hardly trust ANY news source. It does appear however that Hurd is no longer in office so I’m sure my initial source was indeed WRONG.

          MY APOLOGIES

  24. California has had a universal background check law for twenty years. The fact that that law has had no effect at all on the crime rate tells you everything you need to know about the purported efficacy of these law. Most mass killings are perpetrated by persons who obtained their firearms lawfully and with a background check, including Mr. Root,the guy who shot Giffords, the Aurora killer, and the Las Vegas murderer.

    Since it can be objectively demonstrated that universal background check laws are ineffectual for their intended purpose, the only reason to have them then is to create a registry of firearms. By the way, California has one of those too….it isn’t working either, even though the State keeps jacking up the fees to buy a gun purportedly to pay for agents to seize guns from prohibited person. (Last I heard, despite millions spent, the backlog hasn’t gotten appreciably shorter since they first grabbed excessive DROS fees that had been illegally collected.)

    • The hypocrisy behind our drug laws are almost as bad as the ones behind our gun laws. You technically should not own a gun if you are an MJ card holder, but you can still drive… I’d say the chances of getting behind the wheel while under the influence are much more likely than any gun use other than defensive. Then again, that’s facts, and those are not welcome in progression.

    • We need background checks for Congress. Long overdue as is term limits. Two great reasons to have a (hot, if necessary) civil war.

  25. H. R. 1446 Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2021
    MAR 11, 2021, 12:29 PM | 117TH CONGRESS

    Passed 219 – 210

    TWO Republicans voted with the Commies

    Fitzpatrick Republican Pennsylvania
    Smith (NJ) Republican New Jersey

    TWO Demtards voted against

    Golden Democratic Maine
    Kind Democratic Wisconsin

  26. H. R. 8 Bipartisan Background Checks Act
    MAR 11, 2021, 10:48 AM | 117TH CONGRESS

    Passed 227 – 203

    EIGHT RINOS voted with the Commies

    Buchanan Republican Florida
    Fitzpatrick Republican Pennsylvania
    Garbarino Republican New York
    Gimenez Republican Florida
    Kinzinger Republican Illinois – This leftist SOB AGAIN
    Salazar Republican Florida
    Smith (NJ) Republican New Jersey
    Upton Republican Michigan

    ONE Demtard voted against

    Golden Democratic Maine

  27. I thought these goons were supposed to be for anti racism and they go and pass a racist bill..the hypocrisy is monumental…

  28. Democrat Socialist are not coming for your guns! sarcasm.

    Embolden Democrat Socialist Feinstein now says she’s coming for “assault weapons”, my guess all semi-auto firearms and magazines over ten rounds.

    The time to surrender arms or take up arms is fast approaching.


  30. At this point, it does not matter what law they pass concerning firearms. It simply does not matter. These new laws are cleary violations of the 2nd amendment and we don’t need a lawyer to explain it. Let them come, it’s go time. Over 30 shootings in Chicago last weekend and they are concerned about legal firearm owners? Really, Come and take it. Let’s see what happens.

      • She’s SHIT … ABSOLUTE TRASH. What is even worse is she’s committed acts of treason with a Chinese spy and is under investigation for fraud and embezzlement along with her husband and the rest of Congress allows her sorry presence to still files bills to take away our freedoms. She actually thinks we will turn in AR15(s) if such a treasonous act again unlawfully passes like BETO thinks they will be confiscated if we don’t comply. We either stop these traitors or they will ruin our nation beyond any salvation whatsoever. Just look at all those like them now pouring over our southern border. Even the Mexican President is warning us about these turds.

    • All the current active companies making any of the products, should get together and form a manufacting coalition to fight this bill as ALL of them are being affected. IF they do something together it’ll send a huge shockwave to the politicians and the public. the amount of sway, money and influence would be unseen in history. But of course that’s never gonna happen due to any person/group initiative to start the effort to create such a group. They could have easily countered the bill and many other coming forward and also influence the public with a joint statements. Will the US ever see such a group mobilize???

  31. Sorry but they work for ME, the people of America, and the people of America the larger percentage of THE PEOPLE, has NO confident,nor trust IN OUR corrupt political system, as FAR as THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, WE don’t have a president, a house of representative, Senate, house leader, or spokesperson, all WE have is a abomination group, there’s not anyone Shane enough TO be writing a Bill little less signing one into law. People who ARE NOT IN their right mind ARE NOT legally able to write or sign any legal Documents, .

  32. What the hell is wrong with you people? many states already have this law, it only fixes the loop hole. you all are butt hurt because they’re passing new laws. What is wrong with having a background check be done with a PRIVATE sale through a FFL? All the legal people buying guns through a gun store have no problem with it, they have to do it. only the people doing illegal things have a problem. If your not supose to have a gun don’t do illegal shit. The crime rates are very high, fixing the loop hole will help that problem. and I know some idiotic group of people are gonna say it’s unconstitutional(Which is silly) or I don’t get it(more than you know), or some other nonsense (from the gun rights fanatics). so you have to wait a few days for it to clear, big woop. why the hell do you need a gun the same day?? dummies

    • Are you that stupid? Every “question” you asked is already answered in the comments above. You clearly don’t write that well, which is fine, but you need better reading comprehension.

    • Well, Wayne, I have to give you props for accomplishing what I would have believed impossible – you made our resident moron, Miner49er (popularly known as Minor IQ), look like a somewhat intelligent commenter (at least he can spell and punctuate, most of the time).

      Rather than comment on your pathetically stupid comment, I refer you to this:

      It accurately describes a rational reaction to your ignorant, irrational, poorly worded and poorly spelled rant. If you have another “thought”? Let it go. No one needs to hear or read it.

  33. Wayne Roberts you’re either very young and inexperienced or a natural-born idiot. The same communists that initially and falsely claimed the NIICS checks would solve all mass shootings are basically now falsely claiming this legislation will fix what the last damn lie they told failed to accomplish. All it does is give them more power and WE THE PEOPLE less freedom. If you don’t see a problem with this then I have to ask WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? As far as I’m concerned you can join them all in burning in HELL for all eternity. I hope your wretched descendants are the first to suffer loss of personal freedoms the worst, all in your pathetically ignorant honor.

  34. Just curious, but where is our resident moron, Minor IQ, to explain how this is actually a good thing, and our benevolent gummint is just trying to protect us. ‘Cause we all KNOW that Minor Annoyance LOVES him some gummint!!

  35. They do realize that the reason behind gun owning is so the government can NOT get away with passing these so called safety of the people gun laws, who will protect these people when the government reaches farther than it legally can… glad I live in ” the old West ” state of Arizona…we carry proudly and so do most of our state representatives..

  36. Glad this was brought up. As I have always seen it, weed and guns have one thing in common; it’s not that they should be “legalized” as much as neither one should ever have been outlawed to begin with.

  37. Private gun sales are, by definition, private. And they should stay that way. Do we really need a law that begs to be broken? We tried that with alcohol, and the law was enthusiastically ignored and/or violated.

  38. Dems started the first civil war and lost! They want a loseover! Foreign and domestic!!!% I predict gun sales will go up higher than before!

  39. Sen. Feinstein finally introduced her dreaded federal “assault weapons” ban. And it’s even worse than the 1994 ban.
    Feinstein’s bill is a whopping 125 pages, and among the most expansive gun bans ever introduced in the U.S. Congress.
    What Sen. Feinstein’s bill would do if passed:
    • Ban your AR-15s, other rifles, AR pistols and even some shotguns
    • Federally define “assault weapons” the same way states like California and New York do
    • Ban standard-capacity magazines that can accept more than 10 rounds
    • Force you to obtain a special license keep your so-called “assault weapons”
    • Mandate “safe storage” of your firearms
    • Institute a ludicrous “buyback” program for your guns
    And much more, She has tried to push this through since 2004 and might have finally found the right bunch commies to get it done

    • the thing is that DiFi, like Joe Biden, is no longer all there. She has been yelling at her staff for not briefing her on topics that they just briefed her on, and supposedly Schumer privately told her it’s time for her to retire.

      So someone else is helping to pull the strings on this bill.

  40. What they DON’T tell you is that when this FAILS to make a difference they can claim it NEEDS a National Registration data base to be effective… And when THAT turd flops? Well, all that’s left is CONFISCATION based on the National data base of “registered” firearms that was needed to effectuate the “enhanced” background checks… A very STEEP and very SLIPPERY slope indeed…

  41. “ they would need 60 votes to do so.”

    unless democrats do what they have been threatening to do and eliminate the filibuster. That would turn the Senate into merely a smaller House of Representatives, but they might do it anyway.

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