Nika Nicole Holbert
Courtesy Nashville Police Department
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After a Nashville police officer stopped a car registered to a felon with multiple outstanding warrants, an exchange of gunfire took place between the cop and Nika Nicole Holbert who was driving the car.

The shooting and the events that led up to it were caught on the officer’s bodycam and dashcam. The NPD has release the video with a description of what’s known about the incident so far.

As The Tennessean reports . . .

Things escalated when [Officer Josh] Baker attempted to detain Holbert. She grabbed her bag and ran away from the officer, who told her she was about “to get tased.” He pulled out his stun gun, and the woman screamed and ran into the vehicle, at which point Baker deployed the weapon on her, video footage shows. 

Seconds later, Baker took a step back and screamed at the woman “to put the gun down.” 

The footage show the two exchanging gun fire. The shot that hit Baker’s torso knocked him backwards in the parking lot. He immediately called dispatch to inform them he had been struck. Aaron said Holbert threw the pistol into the parking lot, which was later discovered by investigators. 

Holbert then drove the car away from the scene, soon crashing it in the bushes and ditch at the intersection of Brick Church Pike and Moorewood Drive. Emergency crews on the scene rendered aid to Holbert and transported her to Skyline Medical Center where she died. 

Here’s the NPD’s presentation of the video from the shooting. The altercation begins at the 5:30 mark when the officer tried to put Holbert in handcuffs.

Officer Baker was shot underneath his body armor. He underwent surgery and is reported to be in stable condition.

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      • More lyin ass bullshit started by morons that masquerade as politicians and propagated by a corrupt media… Continue to spread the lie, the only one fooled here is the fool repeating the tale… Define “y’all” (actually it’s Ya’ll) as most of the posters here were most likely nowhere near the place… Anyway, outing yourself as a lying POS will gain you nothing AND it won’t help you when THEY come knocking on your door…

        • Nope.
          It’s “y’all”.
          A person with even a basic retention of their education in the English language would recognize the apostrophe in a contraction takes the place of the missing letter(s).

          In this case, the contraction is of “you all”. If the spelling is y-a-l-l, the missing letters are the o and the u from you, hence “y’all”. What two words would “ya’ll” be a contraction of?

          Thanks for the attempt at a correction, but you’re just as dumb as the morons who write “would of”/“should of”/“could of”. They/you write things but don’t even understand their own words. They should stop speaking/writing in public, and resign themselves to their proper role of silent button-pusher at the gas station register.

      • no, THESE riots happens for an entire year. Where the fuck were you during 2020? The “riot” you are talking about was how it should have been done from the start. What fucking moron takes it to local businesses and blocks local traffic? The only thing wrong that happened on Jan 6th, was it stopped and the capital still stands.

        But thanks for the redneck grammar lesson, like anyone gives a fuck.

    • Not trying to be rude… but do they make a bullet resistant vest to cover that large of an area?

    • Hmm, never thought of that. I suppose Fat does conduct some amount of electricity, but maybe not as much as direct muscle conduct that would lock the muscle and connected nerves.
      Heck, I dunno, never been tazerd(sp) Tazed? Tased?
      Kinda interesting.

    • If you are using the taser with remote barbs, not a contact stun, you need some distance for the electrodes to spread out. They don’t work well when they are close together. This is a common problem with officer training, where they deploy at just over arm’s length distance. There’s a bit of a no man’s land where you can’t reach them to contact stun and you are too close for a remote stun.
      Big people, and especially fat people, are also particularly challenging to stun.

    • A good laugh for the morning. Thank you. 🙂 “Extreme Fat Stopped the Taser” Is this an incentive to gain weight if you are a criminal? Lol

  1. I agree with Jimmy Beam up there☝️,
    Fatso broad’s homies will get STUPID & cause more problems.

  2. I am trouble by how often the officer was distracted by communications from the station.
    It may have been because he gave an all clear early on but I cant help but think that the skell was given as much liberty as she was, smoking a cigarette, entering the car to get her phone, moving all about, because the officer was so distracted.

    There is no question that the shoot was good but I think had the officer acted more quickly and definitely early in the incident the skell would have never found herself able to get the gun.

  3. That outcome was utterly, completely, and totally avoidable.

    As far as I can tell from the video, the policeman acted reasonably and did not in any way come across as excessively disrespectful or abusive. I have no explanation for why the woman wigged out as she did.

    • In the last six years, a deputy pulled over our family car twice. (One time was totally bogus, the other time was quasi-legitimate). My spouse and I were in the car and armed both times. Here is how both encounters transpired.

      1) We pulled over and kept our hands clearly visible — driver’s hands on the steering wheel and passenger’s hands on the dashboard. We did not rummage around for anything nor reach for anything other than turning on overhead interior lights for the encounter that occurred at night.

      2) We waited for the deputies to come to our window. We promptly informed the deputies that both of us have concealed carry licenses, both of us were armed, and neither of us will reach for anything unless the deputies ask us to reach for something. Deputies promptly and genuinely thanked us for volunteering that.

      3) When the deputies asked us for driver’s license, concealed carry license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance, we informed the deputies of the locations of those items and asked them if/how they wanted us to reach for them. They provided simple instructions and we followed them.

      4) Deputies returned all of those items to us, thanked us for a pleasant/respectful exchange, bid us a good day, and sent us on our way. And they did not give my spouse a ticket for the driving violation.

      • This is my point nearly exactly. I am a white guy with a cop (retired) for a father. You hear everyone these days that isn’t white insisting how they had to give their kids “the talk” about “police” – I had those talks *ALL THE TIME* as a kid, teenager, young man, etc. – I used to get stopped *ALL THE TIME* in my hometown because my Dad was a bigshot in the capital city, and they just wanted to halfway act like they were giving him a favor … “You tell your father I stopped you for doing 25 in a 24 and I gave you a warning!!!” – And I’ve been stopped out of town and out of state and for speeding or cracked windshield or registration whatever- AND NEVER ONCE HAD A PROBLEM. Yes Sir, No Sir, etc. and that’s that. And if you DO SOMETHING ILLEGAL, you can’t get mad if and when they arrest you. I admit these days, I couldn’t care less about weed. But , it’s illegal, the woman had it , and she was going to be arrested for it. She decides to resist, and then shoot a cop. I am sorry how that makes the least bit of sense to me. *and if you know your boyfriend is a 6-time felon who deals every drug in the pharmacy*, DON”T DRIVE HIS CAR WITH DRUGS IN YOUR POCKETBOOK. And then don’t shoot the cop!

        If you go back and look at just about *every single* police shooting over the last decade , that the media has promoted and started riots over etc- almost *EVERY SINGLE ONE* involved a criminal doing something criminal who then resisted arrest and then violently resisted arrest and wound up shot. And they’re made out to be saints. It’s ridiculous.

        • “If you go back and look at just about *every single* police shooting over the last decade , that the media has promoted and started riots over etc- almost *EVERY SINGLE ONE* involved a criminal doing something criminal”

          Philandro Castile?

          Timer Rice?

          What were they doing that was criminal?

        • to miner49er
          Philandro Castile was a permit carrying pothead who was inrtoxicated and refused to follow an officers instructions. Go back and watch the video. The officer tells him he does not want to shoot him. “Stop moving around.”

          What happened to Timer Rice was wrong. Im glad the officer was fired. He violated standard approach procedures. And I believe he lied in his report. Or he lied to get hired in the first place.

        • “give their kids “the talk” about “police” ”

          I never got that talk from my parents or anyone else. I’ve had more interactions with the police than I care to admit. I was never in danger simply because I never acted like a moron. My parents never even told me, “Dude, don’t act like a moron if the police pull you over.” My parents also never said, “Dude treat this type of person different because they’re [fill in the blank].” It’s almost as if all you have to do is be a non-moron role model for your kids. Complicated stuff…

        • “The officer tells him he does not want to shoot him. “Stop moving around.”

          He shot him because he wouldn’t stop moving around?
          Did he ever present a weapon or speak or act in a threatening manner towards the officer?

        • If I remember correctly, it was the rookie in the passenger seat who shot Tamir (not “Timer”) Rice. His training officer rolled up on the scene putting the rookie right in front of Rice who drew on him. Piss poor tactics on the part of the training officer put the rookie in an impossible situation.

          The rookie was fired for falsifying his application to the Cleveland Police Department. He failed to disclose that he had been fired from a previous police job as emotionally unfit for duty. He wasn’t fired for shooting Rice. The CPD failed to perform a thorough background check before hiring him.

        • This times 1000. All these things these people complain about, I dealt with when I was young and dumb.

          -Pulled over on motorcycles – officer directed to turn of bikes, throw keys in road and put hands on head. Simple speeding issue. Yes sir, no sir after. We were not shot.

          -Pulled over in cars more times than I can count for speeding and other road violations, been made to sit for 30 minutes while officer bsed and wasted my time. Yes sir, no sir. Didnt get shot or arrested.

          It’s pretty simple if you follow directions, you don’t get shot. It is really not a complicated science. I don’t give a f@ck what color you are. Stupid transcends all colors and these days color is just used as an excuse for stupidity and self righteousness.

        • @miner. He said “just about” not “every single.” Statistics do bear this out. It also doesn’t mean that someone getting shot is due to the “racist police” either. Castille is a great example, I think the officer handled that incredibly poorly, you can not treat a stop both as a felony stop and as a routine traffic stop which he did.

          Michael Brown was guilty as per the evidence, Trayvon Martin was as well and a dozen other people that Democrats told people were shot in the name of racism. Cities were burned in these peoples’ names and they should have just been left to die off in the tragic obscurity they deserved or at most made into a moral parable about why you shouldn’t steal, do drugs, kidnap children and then resist arrest or otherwise try to hurt people.

        • “at most made into a moral parable about why you shouldn’t steal, do drugs, kidnap children and then resist arrest or otherwise try to hurt people.”

          Why are these never teaching moments? Answer: Because the powers that be want this to keep happening. If you loved your children then you would want them to learn from the mistakes of others. Democrats do not love their flock; they use them to maintain power. Divide and rule.

        • I just love how all over twitter it’s “the cop had no right to search her or detain her”

          Did they miss the entire cause for the stop? Bruh, just the way she drove through the lot and parked then hopped out says more than a million words can. Guilty as fuck.

          Only a black person could get away with so much. Hell, it’s only because of black people overreacting that their lives are in even more danger to begin with. TBH, If it’s dealing with tyrant police or crackhead homies, I’d gladly take the police. Because the law will still fuck you for dealing with crackhead homies yourself and then you are raciss too… Well, I guess either way you are raciss…

      • “turning on overhead interior lights for the encounter that occurred at night.”

        I never thought of that. A great idea I will use if I have to.

        • Agree with Klaus, I do the same since my windows are somewhat tinted from factory. Windows down including the back, I changed out my interior lights for ultra bright ones since factory lights suck anyway, ..and hazard lights go on.
          I have my Lic/stuff and CWP on top. It’s easy to spot since it has a black border. We have a duty under law to inform we are armed, which is ok since it’s assumed everyone has weapon in car (No CWP required) By the time the cop gets out of car I’m plenty visible.
          Some might see my actions as unreasonable or submitting to the State, Being a beta/eater of soy. The thing is I don’t want the cop to see me as a threat. I do not want to get shot and I don’t want to take the ride to the Detention Center..getting some punches on the way since upset cop now has called all his bored shift partners to the stop.
          It’s not a fight I want to start. YMMV.

        • Most times I am doing something reprehensible, I am driving a convertible. I have wondered if dropping the top would be a good idea, am afraid it might startle the officer. But ALL of us have had that “talk”, I had it first over 60 years ago when I was 14. And being picked on extensively because you’re related to somebody or your skin is the wrong color is very familiar to me, since I experienced all of those despicable assaults during my youth. Then one day it occurred to me that I was a nobody of a white boy, all of those excuses did not apply, whereupon it struck me that perhaps my BEHAVIOR had some small amount to do with my problems. After that revelation, my life went a lot easier.

        • While you’re at it, grab your license, registration, and insurance so you don’t need to digging around with the officer next to you. It’s not an admission you”ce done anything wrong and is SOP for them to check.

        • Anymouse, that’s what I do. Registration and insurance is kept in a slot on my visor so I don’t have to mess around my glove box. My wallet is always handy. I keep a spare proof of insurance in my wallet. I usually have everything in my hand with my window down before the cop gets there.

    • due to the political climate (WE TOLERATE) she felt entitled and invincible due to her pigmentation

      • I look forward to hearing about the autopsy and the toxicology report. Because if she was loaded up with fentanyl or some other substance? It will explain her mindset and actions. But that is something the drug legalization crowd will refuse to admit it was an issue.
        Alcohol, marijuana, heroin, crystal meth, it doesn’t matter what it is. You get intoxicated, you do stupid sh!t in front of the cops, and it increases your chances of getting shot.

        • And doing stupid shit in front of cops possibly SHOULD get you shot, but deliberately putting drugs in your body should not, that is your business and no one else’s. Look, robbing banks is against the law. Whether you are high on some drug or another does not make it legal, feel free to punish the bank robber for robbing banks, not for possession or use of drugs.

    • Based solely on the poor fitting romper she chose to die in, I would suspect poor choices were habitual for this woman.

      • That really was an awful outfit. That was the first thing I noticed when watching that vid.

        • an awful outfit. That was the first thing I noticed

          Really? You jumped straight past all the lumps, rolls and sagging body parts that that poor piece of clothing was straining to contain?…

        • The same could be said for both of them TBH… the officer wasn’t exactly in top condition either… His attire just happened to be chosen for him… by the king(s).

  4. Why don’t most police depts. have a height weight standard for their officers? Is it that hard to recruit?

    • Texican, because less and less people want to be cops, at least in trashy urban areas where you’ll have to constantly deal with scum and your employer will not hesitate to throw you under the bus as soon as you’re accused of “racism.” Some agencies will soon have to hire former drug addicts, guys with DUI/DWI on their records, spouse abusers, retards, people totally out of shape, non citizen, etc. I am thinking LE agencies in Detroit, Memphis, St Louis, Chicago, Philly, Oakland, etc. I cannot think of any reason why a normal person, a good candidate, would want to be a cop in some of these sh*tholes!

      • Like everywhere else. The best people for any job will leave a sh!thole if they can.
        Years ago a story came out that the police department in D.C. had many who were convicted felons. Because the cops who had complaints lodged against them all had felony records.

        • It should also be said that the ACLU began suing local governments to force the lowing of physical miminuin standards for all job candidates. Staring back in the 1990s. Because they know that local goverments don’t have money for lawyers to defend themselves.

          They went after Fire Departments first. And then militarty physical standards. They went after the Boy Scouts. Which they destroyed. And who’s primary mission was marksmanship training and gun safe handing for young boys. And it was how an inner city kid like me was about to shoot his first gun. An air gun. Libertartians, Liberals and the Left don’t believe in having minimuim standards. Becasue they supported the ACLU lawfare attacks.

          Newsflash to some people. Men and Women are different. The weight standards were done away with because they needed to get more women hired in these traditional male jobs. Because it is a natural occurrence that women gain weight when they begin having children. There’s nothing wrong with a woman gaining weight having kids, people. And it’s very difficult to lose weight after having children.

          It is how a woman is built. Or created. To have and care for children.
          So fat guys can get hired as well. And what about attending a Police Academy you ask? Many departments will hire you with a requirement that you attend an academy within a two year period. So all you have to do is quit every couple of years. And go from department to department.

          That is how standards get lowered. Or eliminated completely.

      • That’s why I think that police officer salaries should be doubled, along with requiring a minimum four year degree in criminal justice, pre-law or related field.

        We have too many meatheads on the force

        • Sounds just wonderful. Like you will EVER find someone with a BS in criminal justice who will take a job as a police officer. And what with “defunding”, doubling salaries will result in cutting 75% of the force. No, the answer is going to be the same as it was 200 years ago, people will need to protect themselves, with a small force paid to clean up the mess afterwards.

        • Unpopular opinion: CJ is a near useless major for 90% of those who will work in law enforcement. It has some usefulness to those who end up working in an investigatory capacity or end up in a high enough administrative position that they can effect or set TTP’s. The average beat cop would unironically benefit much more from some training in psychology or communications, not even necessarily a degree, in order to allow for de-escalation in situations which allow it. There is no de-escalating people who, through drugs or mental illness or both, are utterly detached from reality. Likewise for those who are perfectly sane and have simply made a calculated decision to use violence regardless of whoever stands in the way of what they want because “they aren’t going back to prison” or some other rationalization.

        • requiring a minimum four year degree in criminal justice, pre-law or related field

          Due to people and professors with your type of “thinking” most college graduates are dumber after four years of college indoctrination.

    • Texican,

      As JT indicated in his reply, several law enforcement jurisdictions are having a really hard time hiring highly qualified people. The natural consequence of that means jurisdictions being short-staffed or having less than ideal employees.

    • What are you some kind of fat shamer? You should know by now it’s wrong to expect people to conform to a norm that disenfranchises them from being on the team. In case you miss it /s.

    • Yes, it’s that hard to recruit. It’s not the Army or the Marine Corps. Cops aren’t paid badly in big cities but working conditions suck.

  5. Another scumbag outta the gene pool, but yup, gonna be more midnight shopping I’m sure!!

    • It looked to me that the policeman had no legal justification to search her purse.

      Regardless, as I stated in my comment below, the wise course of action is to play along and let your attorney petition the court to toss-out any case based on an obviously illegal search (“fruit of the poisoned tree” and all that).

      • He did search her purse illegally, so she was defending her bill of rights utilizing her Second Amendment rights.

        Thus to all tyrants, right?

        Oh wait, she’s not allowed to defend her bill of rights utilizing the Second Amendment, she’s black…

        • Miner49er,

          How much melanin that lady had in her skin is irrelevant.

          If the search was illegal, then I empathize with her resistance. I also criticize her resistance since it was a foolish way to resist (that was virtually guaranteed to — and did — end in her demise). She, “won the battle and lost the war,” as they say.

          Putting it another way, she failed to employ the principles that Sun Tzu laid out in his ancient book The Art of War. The primary principle that she violated was fighting her enemy on his terms rather than on her terms. That was a tactical error which, as I stated, has absolutely NOTHING to do with how dark her skin is.

        • Oh yeah, had she been white that cop never would have shot her after being shot himself. Why are you leftists obsessed with peoples skin color? It’s seriously a problem for you. You just can’t get past skin color. Get help.

      • I do not know whether he obtained her permission to search her bag, so I (at least) will not say the search was illegal.

  6. I don’t understand how so many people freak out at police encounters.

    It is really simple. Calm down and sit still. Do only what the police officer asks (and confirm what they want you to do before doing it — if in doubt just be still) and you will be on your way in a few minutes.

    Worst case, if the police claim to have reason to arrest you, play along and let your attorney do the heavy lifting afterwards. Right or wrong, it is utterly asinine to resist arrest in a random circumstance where law enforcement have insurmountable advantages. Better to live to fight another day than to die in a futile effort at giving The Establishment a proverbial middle finger.

    • “Better to live to fight another day than to die in a futile effort at giving The Establishment a proverbial middle finger.”

      Yes. I recall a t-shirt graphic that was popular among certain folks a few decades ago. It depicted a rodent flipping off an eagle that was about to grab him with those nasty talons. “Last Great Act Of Defiance” or some such. I suppose, if it makes you feel better about the indigestible bits of your carcass being pooped out two days hence.

      • “I suppose, if it makes you feel better about the indigestible bits of your carcass being pooped out two days hence.”

        I believe that was a scene out of one of the first or second Jurassic Park films.

        • Probably, or something like it. This explains why that sentence popped up from my subconscious with need of little editing, as I was typing “rodent.” My subconscious catalogs tidbits like that for future use. Good catch!

        • @Chris and Nero

          That particular comment along with Nero’s response made me think of Sir Terry Pratchett’s character quote regarding rodents…“Don’t eat the green wobbly bit.”

          I miss Sir Terry’s acutely humorous observations of human nature…Roundworld and Discworld will never be the same.

    • “if in doubt just be still) and you will be on your way in a few minutes.”

      Except this isn’t always the case. Let’s not gloss over that bad actors, in any profession, are real. Let’s not pretend that, for instance, and Oklahoma police officer wasn’t convicted of multiple counts of rape, (accused of 17,) when he pulled over women for made up crimes and then raped them, some right there on the side of the road at night.

      Don’t pretend that some cops aren’t rapists and thieves and murderers. Because some of them are. These officers are not the norm. They are incredibly rare. But their rarity doesn’t matter to their victims.

      I have been a military police mentor, I’ve been a city police officer, and I am a current training officer for a statewide agency. And I’ve had cops pulled me over for bogus charges and flat out lie to me. I’ve had an officer attempt to illegally detain me. I got a sincere apology from his department and his chief’s challenge coin. We should always be polite and respectful. Always. But also be wary of anyone attempting to control us by force or the threat of force, regardless of the uniform they wear.

      • the dirty cops (and tales to accompany) that i know of in chitown and the surround know no bounds because it is a continuing saga. sure, consent decrees and bodycams serve to moderate some of the nefarious activity.
        none of the above serves to modify my behavior during a show and tell.
        which is to say, without using the word obvious twice, what is the list of things that are “always the case?”

        • “Earlier this month, 33-year-old Sarah Everard went missing in south London. She was last seen leaving her friend’s house at 9 p.m. on March 3. On Tuesday, a serving male London Metropolitan Police officer was arrested on suspicion of murder in connection with her disappearance. A woman was also arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender. Police said that both remain in custody, as a search for Everard on Wednesday uncovered unidentified human remains in a wooded area near Ashford, Kent. On Friday, assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Nick Ephgrave said, “I can now confirm that it is the body of Sarah Everard.”

      • Mr. Taylor,

        I am, if anything, pragmatic. Of course there are dirty cops. One such deputy pulled our family over for speeding (at a claimed ridiculous speed no less) several years ago when we were NOT speeding (and it was obvious). And there were no other cars around to claim that laser/radar picked up their speed.

        Realistically speaking, what are your options when a dirty cop pulls you over?

        1) Resist and have a 95% likelihood that either the dirty cop or his/her responding partners shoot you multiple times. I don’t consider that a wise course of action.

        2) Even if you resist, incapacitate that dirty cop, and escape — face a 99% likelihood that law enforcement captures you later (with body and vehicle camera video evidence) and at best you go to prison for decades.

        3) Be as friendly as possible, hope that you survive without any serious permanent physical injuries, and facilitate appropriate consequences for the dirty cop later at the time, place, and manner of your choosing.

        Let’s be honest: a dirty cop stopping you is no different than turning a corner on the sidewalk only to suddenly face a violent criminal with a shotgun pointed at your head. Sometimes, bad guys get the drop on you and all you have are really terrible options. My strategy is to bide my time and look for the best possible opportunity to fight back — which might never occur. Sometimes life sucks.

        • There is no one right answer your scenario. There are too many variables. if you think someone is about to violently assault you, it is up to you whether or not you should defend yourself. It does not matter what uniform they are wearing.

          Do you believe all of the women who were raped in Oklahoma should have just laid there and taken it?
          Many of them did file complaints to the department, and were ignored. It wasn’t until more than a dozen women came forward that any action was taken.

        • “Realistically speaking, what are your options when a dirty cop pulls you over?”

          They save the speed they clock you at on their equipment. Ask how fast you were going, then ask for him to show you that recorded speed. If he’s expecting that, he might be able to save a previous speeder’s data. If that’s the case, then you go to court. The judge may not believe you if your driving record looks anything like mine.

          A cop once told me that if they don’t occasionally catch speeders, then they might be asked what they’ve been doing with their time.

        • Mr. Taylor,

          I agree that there are countless variables and it is impossible to give a pat answer. Whether or not it would be productive to fight back is anyone’s guess — and mainly depends on just how far your violent attacker will go — which is also anyone’s guess. All you can do is try to read your attacker as best as possible and guestimate just how much more likely it is that he/she will ultimately severely maim or murder you if you fight back ineffectively versus not fighting back. There are no guarantees.

          As for the women who were the rape victims of that Oklahoma police officer, I really cannot comment since I do not know anything about any of those cases. In general I believe women have the greatest probability of surviving an attack with the lowest level of emotional and physical injuries if they fight back against a rapist with everything they have. Whether that would prove true in any specific event, I have no idea. As I said, there are no guarantees in life and sometimes you will find yourself in situations with only terrible choices.

        • “Realistically speaking, what are your options when a dirty cop pulls you over?”

          Have a video recorder running and do what he says.

          There are dash cams available that can record the driver, as well as what’s in front of you…

  7. Lady…The next time any cop pulls you over and is nice enough to let you call someone and smoke and get in and out of your vehicle just return the respect and politely comply. Oh I forgot…There won’t be a next time.

    • Hey, she got a last cigarette and got to talk to her mom… 🙂

  8. Every day when I put on that uniform, I always thought the body armor was a waste of time.
    After 27 years, I was right.
    Now it’s hanging in the closet.

    • Tom,

      I don’t believe that is a fair assessment of this encounter. More information is needed. However, I am not certain the officer was struck on his armor. If I understood the spokesman, the bullet struck him in the side.

      Vests, plates, and plate carriers have changed the way we approach these incidents.

    • I hope you re-think your decision to stop wearing body armor. Please. It was stated that the officer was shot in the side of his torso. As mentioned many times, this officer was waay “ oversized”. I’m willing to bet that there is no armor available that would provide him with wrap-around, overlapping protection. I guess if you are hit under the armor it can be seen the same as getting hit where the armor does not provide protection.

      Also, I don’t believe it was mentioned that the officer left himself terribly exposed. He was a sitting duck if there had been any further shooting from the car. I have a friend, retired LEO, that pointed out the officer did not continue to fight, he had essentially given up. My friend teaches classes alongside other officers, himself included, who have been shot in the line of duty. All have one thing in common. Even though gravely wounded they were able to use their IFAK and still remain in the fight.

      BTW, even though I am not a LEO I have been shot and I have experienced the psychological and physiological effects that a GSW will cause. In my case the people that were around were not in a state to provide aid. I almost had to drive myself to the hospital before one of them “snapped out of it” and was able to drive.

      • I was also amazed that the officer got hit, went to the ground and stopped shooting. He gave that woman a lot of time to do something worse even though she didn’t.

        Don’t misunderstand, I’m really not armchair quarterbacking this I’m just not used to seeing officers literally stop fighting when bullets are flying. It was weird and a little scary to see.

  9. Am I too late to start a GoFundMe for that righteous Nubian queen so I can pocket $20mil in the name of justice? Clearly she did nothing wrong as the video shows.

    • Hmmm, not a bad idea there. The left are all about the transfer of wealth, correct? Let’s transfer some of it back to us, eh?

  10. That cop definitely need a dunkin donut break after that exchange.

  11. The video seems to gloss over entirely why the bag was searched in the first place. All we hear is him say “just bring your bag out here” , she holds it out, and he takes it from her. I don’t hear him explain why he is taking the bag, and I don’t hear her give her consent for the search.
    That’s pretty important, as it may help us understand why the woman freaked out the way she did. If it was an illegal search, she could have real reason to fear that she was in danger from an officer acting outside of his authority.

    • Whether the search was legal or not. Then was not the time to dispute it. Her refusal to follow the instructions of the police officer only escalated the situation. Continually returning to the interior of the car again and again escalated the situation and reinforced the officers belief of possible danger. Which proved to be justified when the perp produced a firearm. Which ultimately resulted in her becoming room temperature minutes later. She was ultimately the architect of her own demise. Life is about Choices and Consequences. It’s always best to make the choices you can Live with or are willing to Die For. Questions of legality should be dealt with by your attorney.

      • Except that sometimes it can’t be dealt with your attorney. Sometimes they rape and murder you instead.

        Even so, my comment was speaking to her state of mind. Any legal search should set off alarm bells for anyone. She could have legitimately been fearful and responded poorly.

        • Sorry “any illegal search”is what I meant.
          She was clearly in the wrong. She had no reasonable reason to behave the way she did.
          It is important for everyone to recognize when someone isn’t behaving rationally, and mitigate their fear when we can.
          1. Don’t scare people.
          2. A key component to law enforcement training has to be to recognize when people are irrationally scared.

    • There are several other audio segments which go to probable cause to search the bag. Unfortunately the video apparently has been edited but
      1. Reference by officer to address other issues.
      2. Officer asks what the driver removed from bag.
      3 Just prior to searching the bag the officer asks the driver “is it in here” driver responds “yes”
      Appears officer developed probable cause during conversation not on video.

  12. The officer was courteous and acted for the most part reasonably but I want to know what was his justification for the search of her purse was. If he hadn’t searched the purse they both would have gone on their way.. not sure it was worth it, especially given how the encounter turned out for both of them. The officer is also very lucky she didn’t decide to make him street pizza after their shootout.

  13. 1. Before I even watched the video I knew the female was black.. 2. The officer should have had her in handcuffs way before he attempted to put them on. 3. Where the fuck was his backup?!

    • He called off backup on 2 separate occasions when speaking to dispatch. Did you even watch/listen to the video?

      • Which is an issue. Take help when you can get it. There really is no such thing as a “routine stop.” It’s at least not routine for one of the people involved.

  14. One of the biggest problems we have in our society is that people are encouraged to be rude, mean and nasty. The “Freedom of Speech Freaks” started this. The Anti-authoritarian crowd encouraged people to be disrespectful at the start when dealing with the police.

    Being nice. Being courteous. Being respectful to strangers whether they are in Authority or not, is something that is discouraged in the world of the Libertarian, Liberal, the Left, Socialist, Communist, etc etc.
    Unless they are the ones in charge. Then they will demand that you give them respect.

  15. Cop ran plates on car. Came back to a known felon with active warrants. Of course his Spidey sense was raised. Regardless of who is driving.

    Probable cause to search established. Duh. She could be running trips for her boyfriend oh,….with active warrants and a convicted felon.

    He tried to be nice. She kept fidgeting he should have paused and waited for back up. Radio chatter had 2 officers 4-5 minutes away. Let her chat on the phone smoke a cig box her in as armchair quarterbacks go, and go from there.

  16. Pull gun on police and fire,,,,,,, well. Play stupid games, win the Darwin award. I’m sure he didn’t intend to shoot her, but she initiated the response.

  17. Horrible shoot. The cop seems unaware of the Floyd Amendment: Blacks have the right to refuse being arrested.
    Big payday for the family, the cop will rightly be imprisoned for the Floyd violation.

  18. There are a lot more good police officers than there are bad ones.
    I am glad ev”rything’s on video .
    My prayers to the cop and his lkved ones.
    May God forgive that lady!

  19. As previously posted. CVS, Walgreens, cars, Antifa\BLM and small business looting(sorry, shopping), and BBQ as the buildings burn down to start soon.

    It’s like a tee time for them.

  20. I’m very familiar with law enforcement and I feel that this officer didn’t control the situation in properly and I don’t know he didn’t wait for backup. Why was she allowed to re-enter her vehicle multiple times. This is one insane shootout video.
    That said we’re praying for his recovery and feel that this woman got what she deserved.

    • He was likely trying to ride the line of being too lax and being highly authoritative and controlling every aspect of the stop in hopes that being more relaxed with fewer commands would ease the tension of the stop. Given the political/racial climate police are operating in I can understand trying to be more “friendly” in order to avoid potentially aggravating a situation as opposed to trying to be officer Dredd and taking immediate control of the situation. Further it’s complicated by the fact that it appears to be a traffic stop and not a felony stop (although context is missing), yet the car is registered to a repeat felony offender and its being driven by his girlfriend. In this case it seems his call to try and be lax and de-escalate backfired, and he’ll be armchair quarterbacked into oblivion.

      Unfortunate reality of the current state of policing is that there is no win-win, someone will always claim the choice made was wrong/racist/inept/transphobic/Islamophobic/colonialist ad nauseum.

  21. So at roughly $137,000.00 a pound (George Floyd settlement) what’s this porker going to bring?

  22. I am glad the officer is doing well, and is expected to make a full recovery. Im also very upset with how this stop went down. This is a perfect example of how a good officer was afraid to do his job and “be the police” because he was scared of losing his job, as a result he almost lost his life.
    Officers across the nation are scared to do their jobs out of fear of being called a racist. Administrations are quick to fire officers at the drop of a hat when the “woke mob”, BLM, social justice warriors and the media decide that a shooting might fit their narrative. This officer was being WAY too nice, and had very little control over this woman from the moment he pulled her over. He allowed her to reach inside her vehicle way too many times (once is too many) he allowed her to dig inside her bag, he had no control. And it resulted in her getting back inside her car for the last time, and she drew a pistol and shot him. I would love to see the left-wing liberal, soft on crime, metro Nashville government stand in front of a bank of news cameras, and fully condemn this woman for the attempted murder of the officer, along with the weed and cocaine she had in her possession, but I highly doubt that will happen. God forbid the Nashville Mayor should actually put the personal responsibility where it belongs. Again, I am very happy that the officer will be ok, prayers to him and his family. Fingers crossed that the MNPD will un-apologetically back up their officer.

  23. Only in America is it entirely unsurprising to see that both the cop and the suspect are obese.

    As for the stop and surrounding politics… meh.

    • You have been overly concerned about other people’s personal choices lately. I’m skinny as hell so I’m not taking personal offense. What up with you man? I usually like your comments

      • @GM

        Noticed that myself. Starting a couple of weeks ago. Many possibilities: screen name hijacked, major life change with attendant personality changes…or, my favorite, he has been replaced by a seed pod ala Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

        Sadly, I pretty much ignore his comments anymore. He used to have some of the best, concisely expressed, well written, opinions on the blog.

      • If you think it’s a personal decision at this point, well, you ain’t paying much attention. What, you think those people pay cash for $10K/month in long acting insulin and another $5000 in other drugs? Think they stored up the money for that triple bypass? Heart meds? Cholesterol drugs and high blood pressure meds? Think those 400+ pound T2’s pay out of pocket for their amputations that cost tens of thousands? LOL. No, everyone else pays for the lion’s share for all of that.

        Also, there’s a straight line from those obese folks to the current fleet of gun control bills if you bother to actually look at the past year and connect the dots. Fauci’s even said it repeatedly. Fat people are like Arby’s “We have the comorbidities!” and that means they have to be protected, apparently at all costs.

        Well, those costs are steep as hell. Just one of which is that this idiocy put us in “need” of stimmies, which is a big part of how the promise of $2000 checks changed the outcome of the Georgia Senate elections and… what did that do to the Senate?

        Then there’s the whole culture thing which I’m not even going to bother to dissect in detail because it would take pages, but suffice to say that this lifestyle doesn’t dovetail with personal responsibility in any way, which is exactly why the Left promotes that “body positivity” feelz shit. Because it makes it way, way easier to attack the entire BoR. Or do you think the folks at Cosmo are promoting personal responsibility by putting a 400lb lady on the cover and telling women that this is normal and attractive?

        Or do you suppose that maybe that’s another front in the culture war that we’re generally losing?

        • “…No, everyone else pays for the lion’s share for all of that…”
          Absolutely 100% Correct.

        • Same for tobacco users and those who imbibe alcoholic beverages.

          The Liberals have consistently promoted the regulation of both tobacco and alcohol, including legislation to place appropriate warning labels on both products regarding their very great cost in misery and treasure to our society.

          And it wasn’t the liberals who were ‘outraged’ by the idea of a sugary drink tax…




  25. Family is suing.

    2 years later they will settle for millions and erect a statue of this degenerate where a previous statue of a great leader once was.

    Placing bets? Anyone?
    “But I read on TTAG that trust in BLM is only at 50% and cops at 69%” – said no one smart.

  26. As soon as the officer knew the driver was not the felon that owned the car and verified it was only the woman in the car the officer SHOULD have said, ‘have a good ma’am’ then he should have got in his patrol car and leave her alone.

    • Yup.
      Your not the guy were looking for, have a nice day.
      No instead Cop had to search her bag? Why.
      Because there might be drugs, me makum drug bust.

      • The cop was in the wrong for detaining her after learning she did not have a open warrant, pawing through her purse is known as a fishing expedition.

        This American citizen used her Second Amendment rights to resist the unlawful taking of her constitutionally guaranteed liberties.

        Yet many on this list condemn her actions, as if the bill of rights did not exist.

        How many on this list will meekly surrender when the police come with their red flag order to confiscate their guns?

  27. Big man Baker was out of the fight as soon as he took a hit. Just watched as a dangerous criminal drove away from him.

    This after he lost control of a situation he should have had a handle on.

    The positive outcome was simply luck, not design.

    • Positive outcome? A woman got killed for driving a car. What’s positive about that. The cop had no right to search her bag.

  28. We don’t have to worry about this sort of thing until the midterms come closer, maybe the next presidential election in 4 years. This will stealthily disappear in a day or two if it makes the MSM at all.

    • Agree. Nashville is not a tinderbox like a lot of cities. Now our friends in Memphis down the road is a different story.

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