Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: The Risk of Second Amendment Rights in Schools

“In school districts, it’s very politically driven and school district administrators get pressured by boards and communities to do one thing or the other, and that’s generally driven through the lens they’re looking through for the Second Amendment. But this isn’t a Second Amendment issue — it’s a risk management issue.” – Alan Harris in […]

Defending Innocent Life: A Perilous Choice At Best

Nothing good happens after using violence in self-defense…aside from living another day. Real life isn’t like Hollywood. In the real world, the good guy doesn’t walk off into the sunset with the pretty woman to live happily ever after. In this world, following a bloody, violent incident in which the bad guy is struck down […]

EDC Update: Tennessee Likely To Ease Knife Restrictions

A Tennessee CCW permit lets you carry a full-size 1911, a semi-automatic pistol with a five-inch barrel. So far so good. But if you carry an automatic knife like this Benchmade Adamas you’re probably breaking the law. This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but fortunately the Tennessee legislature is in the process of fixing […]