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Unless you’re a really low-information voter, you probably know there’s an election coming up in about three months. This November, our election boils down to a contest between people who love America and people who hate America. Clearly, if you like guns and value your right to self-defense, you should vote early…in jurisdictions that make that possible.

Say what you want about them, but Donald Trump and many Republicans love America and what it stands for. They exhibit unapologetic patriotism. They celebrate our strengths and strive to improve upon our weaknesses. Most importantly for The People of the Gun, they recognize and support our right to own guns and use them responsibly, including for self-defense.

Joe Biden and many Democrats loathe America and what it stands for. They have a seething self-hatred of themselves and all things American. Illinois’ own Senator Tammy Duckworth called George Washington and Thomas Jefferson “traitors” earlier this month.

More and more Dems talk about the need to tear down our nation and rebuilding it from scratch. They call for “fundamental transformation.”

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Much of America could look like Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP/Antifastan if they win power. Or maybe it will look like Venezuela. But one thing is for sure…it won’t look like the America you grew up in and called home.

NRA-ILA image.

Most importantly for gun owners: the left will ban guns and confiscate many of those already owned. They’ve pledged repeatedly to do just that. Many times, in fact. Not only that, but they will prosecute you for defending yourself, your family and your home.

Even worse, they will continue to nurture the “cancel culture” climate where they try to destroy people who dare to disagree with them. If they win, they will hunt “deplorables” down in the streets, at workplaces and in their homes.

This fall’s election comes down to this: one side loves America, the other side hates America and they want to replace it with something that’s unrecognizable to our nation’s founding. And they want to punish those folks who voted for Donald Trump.

You can bet that good guys with guns will not have a part of the Democrats’ new “social justice” nation if they win this fall. You should vote your gun rights as if your life depends upon it. Because it just may.

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  1. Those who love America…

    And those who want to transform it into something else. Something that’s already been tried several times.

    • We have lost the street. We have lost the law. We have lost the courts. It’t time to admit that we have lost the country.

      A Trump re-election will be just a slight bump in the huge slide down. Well, its been a nice ride while it lasted.

      No one to blame except Demonrats.

        • The American Civil War saw between 616,000 and 1,000,000 casualties among combatants and civilians, from combat and disease.

          No way that many Americans are willing to go to war with each other over any of this current noise.

        • “No way that many Americans are willing to go to war with each other over any of this current noise.“

          Enuf you should look into the things Americans were writing in the late 1850s and 1860/1861 just before the war began. Many people wrote things just like you, many also wrote things like “Americans aren’t really going to go war with each other, are they? “

        • I don’t want to speak for SC, but I’ve found that people who believe this to be true aren’t necessarily talking about numbers – but numbers may be high for other reasons.
          We have already seen it – progs are doing everything they can to ruin your life if you come up on their radar. Look up Professor Mike Adams to see what happens when you do.
          As for raw numbers – buildings are being set ablaze in the name of BLM. You don’t think noncombatants live in any of those? Black men in trump shirts are being murdered. Local governments are abetting these actions, trying to keep police from doing their jobs – and murder rates are spiking as a side-effect of this new, uncivil war. They won’t be counted as official casualties, but they’ll still be dead. Loss of an income will not do good things for a family either.
          And all it’s going to take is for a major city to sustain damage to major access points (e.g. bridges used for shipping supplies in an just-in-time economy) – maybe in the name of stopping more federal agents from coming in – and in about 4 days the city will be eating itself.
          It isn’t about the number of people willing to take up arms these days, it’s about the number of people who will die as a result of the few who do.

      • Agree with the exception of blaming only Dems. Plenty of us have stood on the sidelines, advocated for compromise after compromise, and/or continued to vote for RHINO’s. I’d suggest that 80-90% of all of us are to blame…

      • Your pessimism is acknowledged, and not at all justified. All we have to do is take a stand, and these warmed over turds masquerading as protesters will flee as fast as their urine soaked socks and bare feet can go.

      • Trump is nothing but a breath of fresh air while we are waterboarded by altruistic people and the diversity they let in.

      • Er…no. You think Joe f’ing Biden and the corruptocrat party are going to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law?

        That warm water dripping down your back isn’t rain, and that former Navy SEAL ought to be ashamed of himself.

        • All I care about Biden is he’ll get rid of Trump, we’ll fight his anti-gun agenda and in 2024 we start over. That’s if he wins.

          If he loses, Trump wins and matters are orders of magnitude worse for the USofA.

          It’s as simple as that.

        • “…orders of magnitude worse.” Why? How? What is it that will actually get worse under Trump than it would under Biden?

          I don’t actually like or trust Trump, but aside from the bump-stock thing (which is almost enough to lose my vote by itself), most of what he’s actually done in the way of governing looks pretty damn good to me. I’d take it over Obama 2.0 or the Biden/Sanders Marxist unity platform or whatever else Creepy Joe drags in on his coattails any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

          The only thing I can think of that will get worse if Trump wins, sure as night follows day, is the behavior of the all the people who truly do hate America. But that’s not really a bad thing. Better to have them out in the open, drawing a bright line for everyone to see, than back to business as usual, covering for all the evil the progressive corruptocrats are up to.

        • enuf:
          If it were that simple, we would not even be having this conversation. This is NOT about Trump. If THAT’s all you care about then THAT’s the problem.

        • Never fear, Donald Trump is fighting the demons that steal your sperm at night and take your hard on!

          “A Houston doctor who praises hydroxychloroquine and says that face masks aren’t necessary to stop transmission of the highly contagious coronavirus has become a star on the right-wing internet, garnering tens of millions of views on Facebook on Monday alone. Donald Trump Jr. declared the video of Stella Immanuel a “must watch,” while Donald Trump himself retweeted the video.
          Before Trump and his supporters embrace Immanuel’s medical expertise, though, they should consider other medical claims Immanuel has made—including those about alien DNA and the physical effects of having sex with witches and demons in your dreams. 

          Immanuel, a pediatrician and a religious minister, has a history of making bizarre claims about medical topics and other issues. She has often claimed that gynecological problems like cysts and endometriosis are in fact caused by people having sex in their dreams with demons and witches. 
          She alleges alien DNA is currently used in medical treatments, and that scientists are cooking up a vaccine to prevent people from being religious. And, despite appearing in Washington, D.C. to lobby Congress on Monday, she has said that the government is run in part not by humans but by “reptilians” and other aliens.”

          In sermons posted on YouTube and articles on her website, Immanuel claims that medical issues like endometriosis, cysts, infertility, and impotence are caused by sex with “spirit husbands” and “spirit wives”—a phenomenon Immanuel describes essentially as witches and demons having sex with people in a dreamworld. 

          “They are responsible for serious gynecological problems,” Immanuel said. “We call them all kinds of names—endometriosis, we call them molar pregnancies, we call them fibroids, we call them cysts, but most of them are evil deposits from the spirit husband,” Immanuel said of the medical issues in a 2013 sermon. “They are responsible for miscarriages, impotence—men that can’t get it up.”

          Dr. Donald Trump is a genius, the smartest guy in the room for sure, just ask him!

        • “…All I need to do is help Trump lose, fight the winner on gun rights for four years, and we get another run at the White House….”

          enuf you are a Son of a B .. itch, because you know the truth of what the Dems will do if they gain the White House (Not to mention the Senate) and you straight out…LIE.

          What will the Dems do with the White House? They said their intentions; this should be easy for you, as you have in the article above figured out how Ceberus used a shell company to destroy Remington.

          They will open the boarders, flooding the country with “new voters” making sure they never lose the White House again. This is how they flipped California (Which then flipped at least 5 nearby states).

          ***** As for gun rights, the Dems said if they gain the Senate the Filibusterer is gone, and with it gun rights. Only 50 Senators and Biden’s VP will be necessary to pass California gun control for everyone.*****

          This is in addition to adding D.C. and Puerto Rico as states, the economy crushing Green New Deal, packing the Supreme Court, “Free” Health Care for anyone in the world, eliminating the Electoral College, plus much much more.

          But what enuf does any of that matter to your hate (and stupidity)?

        • “most of what he’s actually done in the way of governing looks pretty damn good to me.“

          Dr. Trump has diagnosed your problem, a demon has been visiting you in your dreams taking your sperm and causing your wee-wee to go limp while you sleep.

          No you just hush up and take your quinine tabs, and keep those cards and letters coming to our campaign slush fund, Trump/Putin 2020

          Geez oh pezz, what a doofus.

      • Biden can’t even read the, you know the thing,did you know the kids like to play with his leg hairs in the sunlight and the nurses blow air in his nostrils,oh yeah he’s got everything in check.

        • Don’t give a shit. Don’t like Biden. Don’t want him in office. Hope he wins because that means Trump lost.

          Patriotism sometimes demands hard choices. Nobody is asking me to storm a beachhead or take out a Nazi machine gun nest. All I need to do is help Trump lose, fight the winner on gun rights for four years, and we get another run at the White House.

          Good enough.

        • enuf:
          THAT’s the problem. You don’t care about anything else. As long as Trump loses then your happy. It isn’t about guns either way. You just want Trump gone. That’s it. Nothing else matters.

          Trump WILL be. He is not a permanent fixture. But the USA is. You act like the entire thing is about Trump when it’s actually about the future of the USA.

        • If Biden wins and the Dems have any majority in the House and Senate, expect to see the filibuster removed and the Supreme Court expanded and filled with Dems, especially if Trump gets to replace RBG. Simple Dem majority then passes any legislation they want. Heller/MacDonald/Miller get reversed and 2A only applies to National Guard. How do you fight anti-gun policies then? Are you expecting to wait 4 years, win them all back, make the Supreme Court even bigger, and roll back all the policies they made?

      • And with that you’ve finally outed yourself to what you really are. Just like Miner, Chief, and Vlad.

        A Democrat McChrystal Shill.

        • At least John Weaver had the honesty to follow the law and publicly register as a foreign agent.

          How many of trumps administration have been acting as foreign agents without following the law and registering, Rudy Giuliani for one.

          And remember that nice picture with General Michael Flynn sitting next to Vladimir Putin at the dinner table? General Flynn received $40,000 from Russian government television, but failed to register as a foreign agent.

          Our intelligence agencies have information showing that the Russians are offering a bounty to the Taliban for every American servicemen killed in Afghanistan but Donald Trump won’t even raise the issue with his daddy Vladimir Putin, now there’s real patriotic leadership, looking out for the troops!

          You sir, have been snookered by a con man.

          Tell me, did you attend trump university? Do you fly on trump airlines? In the evening, do you enjoy trump steaks and Trump vodka for dinner?

          Probably not, those Trump businesses, like his casinos, are bankrupt. Driven into the ground by his self dealing corruption and incompetence.

        • And Putin’s agent at the White House continues to compromise Europe’s defense against Russia’s imperialistic strategies:

          “The U.S. announced plans to withdraw about 12,000 troops from Germany, a shift that Defense Secretary Mark Esper said would bolster NATO and deter Russia but President Donald Trump signaled was largely about punishing Germany as a defense deadbeat.
          Esper said Wednesday that about 5,600 troops would be redeployed to other nations in Europe, including Italy and Belgium, while 6,400 would return to the U.S. Even as Esper was pitching the strategic benefits of the shift at the Pentagon, Trump was at the White House undercutting the military’s case.”

          Well, so much for Ronald Reagan’s ‘evil empire‘, now Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will be celebrating soon in Trump Tower in downtown Moscow.

      • If Barkhuff believes that America is a nation of laws, then he would have expressed outrage over the Obama administration’s spying on and setting up of the Trump administration.

        Noone who understands and respects our foundation can give a pass to what Obama, Biden, Comey, etc did in 2016 and 2017.

        Note: The Lincoln Project has been exposed as mercenary grifters. Dan, are you throwing in with them? Is that your legacy?

      • Yet more proof that as there always have been, there is some fucked up thinking in the minds of many of our military. Since Obama stuffed the officer corp with bleeding heart liberals, we see more and more of these ass-wipes showing up and offering their version of diarrhea of the mouth.

        A question – now many freaking former Navy Seals are there? A vegetarian, a homosexual, and a former Navy Seal walk in a bar. How do you know? Because they tell everyone there in the first two damn minutes.

        Speak your mind young man. You have the right – thank God. You might consider not sullying the reputation of the Seals any further.

        • “Since Obama stuffed the officer corp with bleeding heart liberals”

          Please, could you explain just what you mean by that statement? I’d like to hear more about what process President Obama used to “stuff the officer corp”.

          Are you speaking of the bleeding heart liberals who snuffed Osama bin Laden?

    • Good lord the Democrat funded McChrystal Shills are out in force on this thread. I’ve only got this to say.

      Look everyone, TTAG puts up an article about Trump, then suddenly, a huge wave of self proclaimed “conservatives” show up to voice their support of Biden… 🤣

      Right. Troll away libbies. Earn that dollar hoe.

    • Notice how the democRat Party lint lickers happened to come out of the woodwork all at once to form an impromptu circle jerk to denigrate the POTUS. Chances are good one troll could become five shills.
      One highchair nitwit who thinks he can look down on the POTUS wants to fix it in 2024. Notice the nitwit does not mention any names or provide any details. He has nothing but what he can pull out of his rear end.
      Frankly anyone who assists a marxist democRat in any way stabs Your Rights and America in the back.

  2. > Say what you want about them, but Donald Trump and many Republicans love America and what it stands for.

    He demonstrates, daily, that they care for absolutely nothing but himself. He loathes you. And he only cares about this country as a means to an end: his personal enrichment.

    • “He loathes you.”
      No, ALL men loathe you, because you’re a fat, blue-haired witch with a desiccated, unusable womb.
      Women think you’re a freak, and men hate you.
      Sorry, not sorry.

      • So you attack the messenger (who you know nothing about), rather than refute the claim?

        Bro, I love guns and freedom and I think Biden is a GIANT step backwards and I won’t be voting for him. But that doesn’t mean that Trump isn’t a dumpster fire.

        If you can’t see that you are blind. He may be our best option (currently) but that doesn’t make him a saint.

      • The “mainstream” left, just like the right, cares only about the equality that is popular among their team (blue team and red team).

    • Unlike many Presidents before him, Trump doesn’t get rich off his office. He is losing money serving this Nation.

      How did Clintons make $200 millions and B.H. Obama $50 millions?

      • And yet, I have to listen to Progressives talk about how Trump belongs in jail for using his office to make himself rich…

        There’s no reasoning with most of these people.

      • Well Bill brought home a check from Moscow in the amount of $500k for a speech he gave right after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denied a request for Russian sanctions. Purely coincidence, right? Totally not buying influence because that would be wrong, and everyone knows how ethical the Clintons are.

        • I don’t understand this logic: the Clintons are bad so Trump is good? They’re all con men, and belong in jail. The rise of Whataboutism has led to the decline of morals and the rule of law.

      • Don’t much care, this has never been about the money.

        Besides, as much as Trump lies about his net worth, the almost half a billion he lost of his father’s fortune, why would I believe anything he says about his money?

        • You don’t. You can observe the results of his actions such as the lowest unemployment rate ( pre-covid) in decades, the return of manufacturing jobs to the USA that some other president said “is gone”, getting the USA out of agreements that hamper our progress or help out enemies (Iran deal, Paris accords) and the fulfillment of a promise several presidents made before him but never did, moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. If it was not for the roadblocks put in front of him by the Democrats, he would have massively curtailed ILLEGAL immigration as well.

          Yes he lies, yes he is boorish, yes his twitter certainly lacks class. The man for all his millions/billions can’t even buy a tie with a proper length but the man gets results

        • THAT’s the problem….You don’t care much.

          No, it isn’t about money. The size of your bank account is irrelevant. The size of mine is too.

      • Partial list of trumps profit from the presidency provided by open secrets:
        Partial list of trumps profit from the presidency provided by open secrets:

        “Total payments to Trump properties:
        From Trump-related committees:
        From the Republican party:
        From Republican candidates,
        elected officials and leadership PACs:

        From Democrats:

        Top committees spending money at Trump properties
        Committee Party Amount
        Donald J Trump for President R $14,848,983
        Republican National Cmte R $2,633,747
        Trump Victory R $2,546,164
        America First Action $542,922
        Great America Cmte R $237,731
        Protect the House R $232,838
        Senate Leadership Fund $94,627
        National Republican Congressional Cmte R $82,057
        Women Vote Smart $54,877
        Rudy Giuliani Presidential Cmte R $53,686“

        • Those numbers represent expenditures of various groups at Trump owned properties, They do not represent a direct profit to Trump… But hey, thanks for showing you are still concerned about educating the lower life forms even if it is with your usual deflection/disinformation, copy/paste bullshit, oh well.. Try again..

    • jsled,
      You haven’t been paying attention to…reality. Forbes estimated Trump had already lost $200 million by 2018 due solely to running for and becoming president. That figure doesn’t include lost opportunities like international deals which they voluntarily gave up on. His companies also couldn’t access the virus relief funds like other major organizations could, putting his business on an uneven playing field. I thought you lefties hated that sort of thing.

      As far as democrats having a monopoly on compassion, that is pure propaganda. I could write a book on this, but I’ll be brief. Trump doesn’t punch down to the American citizens like Obama, Hillery, and Biden. Trump goes after the elite, including the lying press that spent 3 years telling us Trump colluded with Russia and stole the election. Those liars rode that propaganda wagon all the way to victory in the 2018 mid-terms. That was all they talked about then. Now, they can’t be bothered to talk about, not only why they were wrong, but the criminal and unethical behavior surrounding it (because they’re aren’t interested in a story unless it hurts Trump).

      Democrats punching down to Americans
      Obama: “desperate clingers”
      Hillary: “basket of deplorables”
      Biden (when he isn’t challenging someone to a fight): “Lying dog-faced pony soldier”

      Hey, it’s almost like they don’t care about us. If you think that’s bad, you should look into their policies that helped to destroy middle class America, and their plans to seal the deal.

      • “Partial list of trumps profit from the presidency provided by open secrets:

        “Total payments to Trump properties:
        From Trump-related committees:
        From the Republican party:
        From Republican candidates,
        elected officials and leadership PACs:

        From Democrats:

        Top committees spending money at Trump properties
        Committee Party Amount
        Donald J Trump for President R $14,848,983
        Republican National Cmte R $2,633,747
        Trump Victory R $2,546,164
        America First Action $542,922
        Great America Cmte R $237,731
        Protect the House R $232,838
        Senate Leadership Fund $94,627
        National Republican Congressional Cmte R $82,057
        Women Vote Smart $54,877
        Rudy Giuliani Presidential Cmte R $53,686“

        • Both history and accounting, don’t have room for original thought, it’s a record of events.

          I understand most here would have a problem with copy and paste, it doesn’t give you opportunity to fudge the numbers were spin the facts.

          Trump has made plenty of money during his presidency, the interesting angle to his financials is his debt load to China.

          “ Trump’s outstanding debt was at least $650 million in August 2016, in addition to an outstanding loan of $950 million to the Bank of China and Deutsche Bank (among other creditors) on 1290 Avenue of the Americas, in which Trump is a minority owner.[33] In April 2020 it is reported Trump is tens of millions of dollars in debt to China. In 2012, Trump’s real estate partner refinanced Trump Tower for almost $1 billion. The debt includes $211 million from the state-owned Bank of China, which matures in 2022. Trump owns a 30% stake in Trump Tower.[35][36][37]

          Trump reported a yearly income of $362 million for 2014[38] and $611 million from January 2015 to May 2016.[39][39] Trump and his family reported more than $500 million of income in mid-2018 financial disclosure forms.”

          China sure does hold a lot of paper on his ‘empire‘.

  3. Strong conservative here. Absolutely can’t vote for Trump. Hopefully we can fix it in 2024.

      • Hi McChrystal ….and Hi to your web bot Scott, and web bot DK.

        Trump has been the most conservative President in generations.

        Results matter to Conservatives.

    • Unfortunately we’re short on good options this election cycle, we need more moderate politicians with strong bases of support to become viable candidates over the next 4 yrs…

      • IMHO, we don’t need any more politicians. We need statesmen.

        A politician puts his own interests first, above those of the people.
        A statesman puts the peoples’ interests first, above his own.

      • Moderates stand for nothing. Have you read the book “Great Moderates in American History?”
        I didn’t think so, because they don’t exist.

    • lol that shits funny.
      I’m in rural Quebec and we haven’t voted Dem in 500 years but this time we have to because orange man really really bad and conscience and morals and ethics and cable tv and whatever. hurr durr we roll with joe.

      • I’m sorry you have to see us like this, Canada. Orange Man/ PP grabber is real bad. I’m not convinced Biden is better.

        I think the responsible thing to do is get out of this binary blue or red mindset. I’ll continue to vote libertarian in the hopes that one day we’ll have 3 options to choose from.

        • 3 options to choose from? You already have 40 or more in most states- have you ever looked at the ballot??? If you want 3 viable candidates, you’re also looking to elect some freak with only 34% of the vote. That’ll really fix all of the partisanship and under-represented, dis-enfranchised people. Brilliant! While everyone is entitled to their opinion, there ought to be some basis in knowledge and common sense in forming those opinions if convincing others of yours is what you seek… To begin with- what even makes you think you’d be in that 34%?

          Idiot people all around this site who think somehow there will come forth a candidate who will propose or agree with everything the voter will want. How in the hell do you ever get along with your spouse? You always agree with him/her/it? Or anyone, or anything else? 51% is a starting point, anything higher than that is a bonus. No wonder the more conservative side has a tough time winning elections- uninformed geniuses argue among each other endlessly looking for something that cannot exist. And on the left? They’ll happily vote for anyone who isn’t a conservative or traditional American- even and especially for those who want to burn their own nation down.

          • By your logic, there are far more than 40 options. Don’t forget, you can pencil in Kanye if you really want to! But yeah, I meant at least 3 viable options. And your math only applies to the popular vote, in which case Hillary would have won in 2016. Yikes!

            If you must know, I’m happily married. But keep propogating misinformation and throwing out personal attacks like POTUS. Good work!

        • “…I’ll continue to ̶v̶o̶t̶e̶ ̶l̶i̶b̶e̶r̶t̶a̶r̶i̶a̶n̶ ̶ bash my head against a concrete wall in the hopes that one day we’ll have 3 options to choose from…”

          Fixed that for you! YW!

          BTW…Write to us from the Left’s Re-education Camps…ok?

          • Oh yeah. Good call, Red. That must’ve been what I meant.

            No need to write though. You’ll know how I’m doing from the sting of my purple whip on your red neck.

        • Wow that whip comment said it all. What a very Leftist thing to say…

          Already have your (purple) whip assigned?

          Guess you are preparing to be a Aufseherin or a Kapo at the camps.

          • Yeah, I’m told I’ll get preferential treatment for not committing a crime against humanity (voting for Trump). When the work day is over and I think you’ve had enough of the whip, look forward to my warm breath and gentle touch of my left hand. Shhh… It’ll be ok, Red. It’ll be ok.

        • DK what a typical angry leftist. Complains Craig is “throwing out personal attacks” and then three posts later talks about being a Nazi guard in a concentration camp, whipping and raping people.

          • No, Red started the camp fantasy. I only finished it.

            As for rapping, I don’t have the skill set. But I do enjoy it in my playlist more and more lately.

        • It’s obvious you’re not the sharpest tool dk, or you would have realized that post you answered from Shire was sarcasm. You took a knee and said you were sorry ( to Canada ) to a sarcastic comment..

          However, even pretending in jest to be part of the horrific extermination of over 6 million people is sick and revolting.

          Not much of a surprise you have a problem with Trump.

          • No Red, you started the sick fantasy of putting me in a camp. Good to know it’s OK for you to head down a dark path, but pretend you think it’s offensive when you get bested.

            I’ll let you have the last word now. Your supreme intellect has convinced me to vote for P.P. Grabber no matter what comes next. Thanks for helping me through all this.

    • Please read the Biden/Sander’s “Unity Platform” and see if that changes your mind.

      • You haven’t been paying attention. The conservatives and independents that will vote against Trump do not care what Biden’s positions are. We all know if he wins we will have to work against his legislative agenda, just as we always have to do when any Democrat is in the White House.

        So there’s that, back to the same old fight we all know well. At least the Republic will be safe from Trump, that’s the main thing.

        Everything else can be fought for as it has always been fought for, in Congress, where all Presidential Big Plans go to die.

        Or did you think Biden was going to win and carry along Senators and Representatives to gain a 2/3’s majority of seats in both houses of Congress?


        • Other than mean tweets, boasts, and boorish behavior, what are you so scared of from Trump? I don’t love the guy, but there’a nothing about him that makes me think electing Biden and then trying to undo everything I just voted for would make any sense at all… Trump’s a flawed guy, but far better on policy than I would have thought. And the alternative, Democrats… well, simply put, they HATE me. They hate who I am, they hate me for my race, they hate me for my love of country, and they hate the things I love and care for. I know how much they hate me because I work at a university: the burned out, cratered aftermath of a battle we lost decades ago, the training field for blue-haired brown shirts.

          No, Trump isn’t the one holding a knife to my throat and a gun to my head, threatening to deprive me of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Trump isn’t the one encouraging murderers and arsonists to destroy courts and churches and our history. Trump isn’t the one bowing and scraping to foreign enemies, much as the Democrats like to lie and project about that. So I know who I’m scared of and why, and it sure isn’t Trump.

          I don’t understand your fear at all.

          • So I know who I’m scared of and why, and it sure isn’t Trump.

            You could be the NEXT victim, outed, forced to resign, strangely committing suicide right after you ink a $500,000.00 cash retirement deal… Hmmm a conservative on a college campus truly a dying breed…. Careful, you every reason to fear…

        • Yes sir Trump and his entire family are just as honest as the day is long, and haven’t profited at all illegally.

          “A New York judge has ruled that President Trump must pay $2 million in damages to settle claims that the Trump Foundation misused funds. The money will go to a group of charities, and the foundation is in the process of dissolving.

          The case is tied to a televised fundraiser for veterans held by Trump in Iowa when he was running for president in January 2016. Trump had said the funds raised would be distributed to charities. But according to court documents, the Trump Foundation improperly used $2.82 million it received from that fundraiser.

          According to the judgment, that money “was used for Mr. Trump’s political campaign and disbursed by Mr. Trump’s campaign staff, rather than by the Foundation,” which is unlawful. However, Justice Saliann Scarpulla says the funds did eventually reach charity organizations supporting veterans.

          Trump Foundation To Dissolve Amid New York Attorney General’s Investigation
          Trump Foundation To Dissolve Amid New York Attorney General’s Investigation
          “The Trump Foundation has shut down, funds that were illegally misused are being restored, the president will be subject to ongoing supervision by my office, and the Trump children had to undergo compulsory training to ensure this type of illegal activity never takes place again,” New York Attorney General Letitia James, whose office filed the case, said in a statement. “The court’s decision, together with the settlements we negotiated, are a major victory in our efforts to protect charitable assets and hold accountable those who would abuse charities for personal gain.”

          You have been fooled by a con man.

        • “You are going to have a very un-merry christmas.”

          That all you got?

          You’re not even going to try to defend Donald Trump and his family, explain why he was stealing millions from disabled veterans?

          Yeah, just ignore it, that’s so patriotic, Huzzah!

        • Dems already have a majority in the House, so they just need to keep what they hold. Flipping 4 Senate seats gives them a simple majority there. If they decide they don’t want the filibuster rule, they can eliminate it. Then, they don’t need 2/3 majority. They could pass anything they want without any input or impediment from Republicans. Then how do you fight their changes, other than hope Republicans can take everything back in 2024, or start a war?

    • Strong Conservative? You look and sound like a self serving, politically inept democRat Party lint licker or exactly like the twerp whose moniker is enuf…what a pos he is.

        • Imagine being the poor geezer that lays down with that miserable, foul mouthed crone!

          • I don’t think any of us planned to imagine that. But it’s good to know where your head’s at, Debbie.

        • You’re welcome…Speaking of having an effect on minds look at the loser who stoops to steal my moniker. That’s expected from someone with a small mind like enuf who wears a propeller cap and dreams of the day when he can exchange photos with anthony weiner…poor poor enuf thinks contributing to himself is contributing to America and it angers him to hear that fact.

        • To me she sounds like a woman as they say, to ride the river with, one that would have your back.

        • Debbie is part of the reason I have never voted for the two parties. It’s people like her on the right, and people like you see in all blue cities burning them to the ground on the left.

          I’ll just never do it. I’ll never support either side enough to give them a vote. I’d rather “throw it away” at someone actually middle grounded. I mean, you are throwing it away anyways because no vote is going to change what this country will go through in the next decade, and if you are not already prepared to lose everything then you might as well make sure you save those last rounds for you and your loved ones to commit self die, because you won’t make it. Nobody is going to help you. Certainly not a politician.

          • My apologies for sounding blue, Montana. I have 4 cans in jail right now and I’ll vote libertarian like I did almost 4 years ago. Keep on keepin’ on.

        • @DK I just scrolled down after seeing your Nazi rape fantasies above, I;m pretty sure after reading that you shouldn’t be giving Debbie any shit.

      • You often sound like a leftist Debbie. It’s really hard to tell the difference at this point.

    • Scott & DK
      Your both full of shit. If you can’t vote forTrump then you might as well turn in your guns now and get it over with.Your not conservatives at all because there is no other choice this election. Any other vote or no vote is a vote for the left or are you to stupid to understand that?

      • I always thought of being conservative as staying true to my values. I think it’s important to separate that concept from being part of a clique, like being Republican. I’d like the Republican candidates to earn my vote, not just just hug the flag or hold a bible in front of a church to get my blood pumping.

        But my apologies for sharing my shitty opinion. Please, carry on.

        • Men sacrifice even when the odds are against them. Death before dishonor. No reason to fear death if you are a believer in God. Another Democrat in office is not the end of the world, it’s only the beginning of an awakening from the right.

        • I really don’t like a lot of things repubs do either but at this point it’s the only choice conservatives have. Rinos are the worst there are. I expect shit from dems but the backstabbing rinos are the worst. Its always been voting for the lesser asshole. I never liked Trump but I despise hillary and biden is no better. No need to apologize you are entitled to your opinion. For now.

        • “Men sacrifice even when the odds are against them. Death before dishonor.”

          And that is why we will win.

          We follow Gen. Patton’s advice, the object is not to die for your country, but to make the other poor son of a bitch die for his country.

          If you’re dying, you’re doing it wrong.

      • I’m not at all full of shit. I’ve put a lot of thought and careful consideration into the decision. We’ve had four years to listen to and observe President Trump. I respect your opinion. I just can’t bring myself to vote for a racist person.

        Furthermore, he has been a terrible president overall. You can quibble about policy, but his accomplishments are few, and the tenor of his leadership has been borderline foul.

        Thankfully, history will treat him very poorly.

      • “If you can’t vote forTrump then you might as well turn in your guns now and get it over with.”

        Or you could just wait for Donald Trump to take your guns:

        “Why don’t we just take the guns first and worry about the courts later.“ DJT

        Have you turned in your bump stock as president Donald Trump has ordered? Or did he make you a felon for exercising your liberty?

    • Your Utopia is never coming. Ronald Reagan supported the Mulford Act as California governor. The “conservatives” always conveniently forget that part. And IT should be said that white Liberal gun owners supported the Mulford Act as well.

      In fact the racist Liberal whites who control California now publicly endorsed the Mulford Act.

      Trump 2020!!!

      • Right now I see way more Democrats defending people like Garrett Foster. They are defending the first and second amendments more than the Liberal Republicans who want Trump are.

        Record guns sale are because of the left. If the left is forming militias and open carrying “assault” rifles, there is no way Biden could pass gun control. Biden is a racist and an old dirty man. Black people and women will not put up with him passing gun control, but Republicans will argue Trump’s gun control is 4D chess.

        Under Obama things were much better. He couldn’t get the gun control he wanted even after little kids were murdered in mass. The Bundy standoffs were won by the people when Obama decided to pull the federal troops back so there wouldn’t be an insurrection. We had pandemics from China but no economic shut downs.

        The Republicans have to be forced off the couch for things to get done. The only way they will get up is when there is someone they don’t like in office. Same applies to the NRA (haven’t seen them in a long time).

        • Let me tell you that very few blacks believe Obama helped blacks in general. They do know he helped white LGBTQxyz crowd. But he only made matters worse for poor people.

          And he is a 1/2 black racist who thinks poor law abiding black people don’t need guns.

        • Let me tell you that very few blacks believe Obama helped blacks in general. They do know he helped the white LGBTQxyz crowd. But he only made matters worse for poor people.

          And he is a 1/2 black racist who thinks poor law abiding black people don’t need guns.

        • Do you remember the H1N1 flu pandemic during Obama‘s administration?

          In 18 months, total deaths 12,000.

          Under Republican president Donald Trump, the democratic hoax virus has killed more than 150,000 Americans in just six months.

          That is quite a surprising total for a hoax, but many people are saying it could only happen under Donald Trump’s administration.

        • “But he only made matters worse for poor people.”

          There is an interesting assertion, I certainly would like to learn more about that.

          Perhaps you would be kind enough to provide the information and evidence that substantiate your claim.


        • If you think Biden is a “racist”, I’m gonna guess that you are probably pretty young and have lived the vast majority of your life in a major metropolitan area (not that there is anything wrong with that). That guy ain’t nothin compared to what’s out there. He holds the exact same views (his actual views) of almost every member of his racial, generational and class peer group.

      • For those who do not know, the Mulford Act ended the right of Californians to carry guns. Reagan supported it, the NRA at the time supported it. It was 1967, and it was supported by both political parties.

        Most people are ignorant as a brick of their own history, but they arrogantly think themselves experts.

    • No, you aren’t a strong conservative. Our options for 2020 are Trump or Biden. If you can’t vote Trump 2020, you aren’t helpful. I actually am a strong conservative, and support as many conservative politicians as possible, including Trump. He’s the most conservative on the ballot, therefore he gets my vote. If he does something I don’t like, I use his contact like I do for multiple politicians.

      Your complaints here are just as “helpful” as your vote for Biden.

      • It will be really interesting to see how much you love Trump after he causes the loss of the Senate and the presidency. I’m not voting for Biden I’m voting specifically against him. This is after a lot of careful consideration.

        • You’re voting for the radical left. Biden is a Trojan horse. He’s not a moderate. He’ll be pushed even further left by the AOC wing who are quickly becoming the majority of the democrat party. If you care about the constitution or founding principles of this country you can’t justify a vote for any democrat.

    • Well I hope youre happy being complicit in aiding those who want to destroy us by not voting in the last actual election that will happen in our country. There will never be another conservative elected in the US after this election (regardless of the outcome) and this silent majority bullshit is just cowering hoping things will go away. You are part of the problem.

      • How old are you? Too old to wait another four years to fight back against your government? Should we wait until you die to start cleaning house?

        Cowards run from the inevitable.

    • Everyone I knew that was okay with the “outsider” winning no longer wants him as president. The older people are so pissed that he lied to them about the virus and masks. The youth hate him.

      It’s hard to see Trump winning since the pandemic hit and the civil unrest sparked off. He handled everything the worse way he could. It was very predictable. It’s as if he watched V for Vendetta and thought it was an a live action instruction manual.

      People wearing masks and dressing in black, a cop did something stupid, things turned nasty, then Trump was forced to do the only thing he knows how to do…

      Life shouldn’t be like a movie.

    • If Trump does not get re-elected there will never be another chance for a Conservative to win an election. While you may not like him if he does not win….forget about a Conservative future.

      • If Trump wins the damage he has done will be multiplied. I can deal with opposing Biden’s legislative plans for guns. I cannot do a damn thing to oppose Trump’s daily incompetence on every issue should he win.

        If we never have a Conservative President, it will be the fault of Trump and his supporters for doing such ruinous damage to the conservative cause. Many were the warnings in the 2016 election season, but even his attacks on veterans and the parents of service members killed in combat could not sway you people.

        If the worst happens, take a look in the mirror, you did it four years ago and now it’s time to pay for your poor judgement.

        • Yeah great 2A strategy. What’s wrong with you? How exactly will you fight a gun ban and universal background checks and registration? Biden or the people actually making the decisions will also likely have two or more Supreme Court picks. Wake up.

    • Hopefully, you can bask in the warmth of your self-righteousness as your dragged off to reeducation camp.
      “At least I didn’t vote for the bad orange man.” Hope that brings you solace.

    • What do you think will be left of America if Biden wins?
      Take a look around and multiply that a hundred times.