Portland riots
(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)
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“It is not a solution to tell federal officers to leave when there continues to be attacks on federal property and personnel,” [U.S. Attorney for Oregon Billy J.] Williams said. ”We are not leaving the building unprotected to be destroyed by people intent on doing so.”

Protesters filled the streets again into the early hours Tuesday, gathering for the 60th night on the city block where the courthouse is located. They were met with tear gas, pepper balls and stun grenades fired by the federal agents guarding the building.

Hours after the smoke cleared in Portland, Attorney General William Barr appeared Tuesday in Congress and defended the aggressive federal law enforcement response to civil unrest, saying that “violent rioters and anarchists have hijacked legitimate protests” sparked by George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police.

Barr told members of the House Judiciary Committee at a much-anticipated election year hearing that the violence in Portland and other cities is disconnected from Floyd’s killing, which he called a “horrible” event that prompted a needed national reckoning on the relationship between the Black community and law enforcement.

“Largely absent from these scenes of destruction are even superficial attempts by the rioters to connect their actions to George Floyd’s death or any legitimate call for reform,” Barr said of the Portland protests.

– AP in Portland protest groups sue U.S. over tear gas, rubber bullets

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    • The guy in the photo with the antique polish gas mask is using a dangerous Russian GP5 gas mask filter. The filter is lined with asbestos. Those filters are ancient and are novelty items not sold for use. If the liner by chance breaks, he’ll fill his lungs with asbestos.

      • A gas mask failure would leave this person in a hurtlock. That is what we are hoping for. I just takes too long to show results.

        • Rest assured marxists vote democRat and in the end so do self serving gun owners on this forum who concoct pathetic, spoiled brat excuses not to vote to reelect the POTUS.
          For such gun owning bottom feeders who enjoyed the 2A with bargin prices and unlimited supply of guns and ammo prior to covid and now show their gratitude to the POTUS and to his voters with slander and libel that rivals the worst democRat such gun owning bottom feeders can go eat poop.

      • “If the liner by chance breaks, he’ll fill his lungs with asbestos.”


        Serves his punk-ass right. With any luck, he’ll die of lung cancer before he reproduces.

        (I know that’s not how it usually works, but I can dream, can’t I?)

        EDIT – Oh, it’s *Russian* manufacture! That little jizz-stain probably thought he so fucking cool wearing proper ‘Socialist’ gear. May he die struggling to breathe through his asbestos-scarred lung tissues… 😉

        • Yeah, but we withdrew from Vietnam and Nixon resigned in disgrace.

          Some folks just do not understand the philosophy of the antiwar protesters.

          We are willing to die for our beliefs.
          We’re just not willing to kill for them.

  1. If they want to LARP as oppressed victims for social media pellets I say give it to them for real and glass Portland. Literally nothing of value will be lost.

  2. So, after the cops use force against unidentified criminals, the criminals doxx themselves by filing suit against the cops?

    I’ll drink to that.

    • That won’t stop the true insurrectionist (they will just go to ground and work in the shadows) but it will stop all the larpers from playing stupid games in the street. If they want to have a peaceful protest they will be limited to “sit ins” on the capitol steps with no more marching in the streets.

    • It’s just a thought, but maybe they prefer neither lead nor nonlethal methods Deployed against them when they’re exercising their first amendment rights.

      • Maybe they prefer neither lead nor nonlethal methods deployed against them when they’re exercising their first amendment rights.

        “Federal agents likely permanently blinded by Portland protesters’ lasers”

        • If they want lasers, give them lasers. I’m sure the feds have something that will toast them where hey stand.

      • First Amendment“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      • So I can burn down your house and I’m just expressing my 1st amendment rights?

        If it wasn’t for guys like you Trump might not get a second term. Thank you.

        • Too true.

          I have said before and I will say again that if the left had just STFU after the 2016 election then Trump would have done himself in.

          Since they chose instead to go double not so secret full retard many of us who are not always big fans of all of Trumps actions and inactions see no other possible course but to vote for him again.

        • The left is losing its mind now the same way the right lost its mind during Obama’s term.

          Thanks to the latter we got Trump. I wonder who is going to shake out from the left… Joe is not who I am worried about.

        • @Hannibal: Under NO circumstances did any right-wingers burn down their own neighborhoods over the election of BO. Start a bomb shelter maybe, but none of them attacked their neighbors over it and you should be ashamed for saying so.

        • burley,

          I didn’t say that people burned down their own neighborhoods. I said the right, once the party of reality over idealism, lost it’s damn mind. Take a look at comments here in 2016 before the election. Find how many people were stroking their ARs because they KNEW Obama was going to null the election if Trump won and send everyone to FEMA camps. Read how many posters KNEW he was some secret Muslim Kenyan imposter who was setting up his dictatorship and would find any excuse to ‘postpone’ an election. Somewhat amusing given that he never so much as hinted at sucha thing… yet here we have Donald the bunker boy tweeting about doing just that. And not a word here.

          And you can look back to April when dimwits were posting about how the entire world was conspiring to fake a pandemic to get rid of Donald Trump. I guess those people are slightly quieter now. But they’ve learned nothing.

        • Well, with 150,000 dead from the ‘hoax’, some folks have gotten a little quieter.

      • If the people were only peacefully demonstrating i would agree with you. However the protestors are using violent methods which is not covered under the first amendment.

      • “…when they’re exercising their first amendment rights.”

        Rioting isn’t protected speech, fuckwit.

        You deal with rioter scum by cracking heads, LOL… 😉

      • The right to speak does not include the right to engage in violent acts against police, nor attempts to burn down a federal court house. They stop attacking the building, they can yell and scream all they want, within reason. Even the first amendment is subject to reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions. However, notwithstanding the idiot mayors and city councils’ opinions to the contrary, Antifa should not get a free ticket to attack a federal building and then claim it is the fed’s fault that the building is being attacked.

        And here’s another thought. What on earth does a federal court house have to do with racist acts by local (i.e. municipal or state) police forces? Not a whole heck of a lot, if anything at all. No, what we see is an attempt by Antifa, flying under the smoke screen of BLM, to overthrow federal government institutions in furtherance of their goal to tear down the entire American political system, to end our democratic institutions and replace them with a Marxist authoritarian system of control. They admit it openly.

        • “And here’s another thought. What on earth does a federal court house have to do with racist acts by local (i.e. municipal or state) police forces?”

          According to them, it “Represents Systemic Racism”, and is therefore a legitimate target to be destroyed…

      • You are an ignorant, punk-ass little bitch.
        Your words are filled with stupity, hate and malevolence.
        WE are all worse off for your contribution. Do not pretend you believe
        that burning building and attacking private citizens is covered in the 1A.
        Your failure to accept reality WILL be dealt with by the 2A.

      • “Flamethrowers ?”

        Smoke particulates could damage the fragile environment with toxins.

        Aluminum softball bats thumping heads are much kinder to the environment… 🙂

  3. White Liberals are racist pigs. A blanket statement? Yes it is. Now show me where they support the traditional family of one man and one woman. In the black family? Or anywhere else?
    And show me where they support machine gun ownership for blacks? Or anyone else?

    From a black conservative. Who got stabbed by a white “BLM” protester. audio 8 minutes long.
    Black Rebel

  4. Their strategy is to find a liberal judge who will hamstring law enforcement. They might succeed, for a while. Buy enough time to cause more damage.

    • I doubt it, the Feds will tell anyone else but another Federal judge to FOAD. Messing with the Feds is a sure way to find yourself in prison or a bag. They have no sense of humor and are only bound by Federal law and not state. Interfering with a Federal official in the occupation of their duties is a felony. This is also why it is probably not a good idea to mess with your mailman.

      • I know how to deal with these rioters: Tell the ATF their cutting their shotguns down to less than 26″ overall. That’ll get ’em sniped from a distance. OR< we can tell the FBI that they're teaching their children Bible fundamentals, that'll get them burned alive…

    • Doubt it, the Feds are only bound by Federal Law. It’s also a felony to interfere with a Federal Official in the occupation of his duties. Don’t think these rioters are clearly thinking this through. If you want to end up in a bag or prison mess around with the Feds. They have zero sense of humor and the Government is absolutely 100% on their side, including the courts.

      • A federal court already made a preliminary injunction against the federal agents as it relates to clearing “journalists” and “legal monitors”

        Since anyone can claim to be a “journalist” or a “legal monitor” and write that on a vest, I would say the judges are not doing as good a job as you think.

        Perhaps soon they’ll have no building to judge from.

    • I recently used the “burned house” analogy in a discussion with someone to explain the absurdity of the Left’s current tactics. The Left (and Dems, by default) is so intent on kicking Trump out of the coveted house at the end of the street, that they’re smashing the windows, killing the grass, cutting down the trees, and spraying graffiti on the exterior. All in an attempt to rouse all the neighbors to anger in the hopes that they’ll petition (vote) for Trump to be removed so that someone else can occupy that house.

      Everyone can clearly see that the Leftists are the ones causing all the damage, and if successful, the new owner would be taking over a massively damaged and devalued home. Yet the vandals disregard this and continue unabashed.

      • Then they will point at the destroyed property and say “See what he just did? He made us do it!”

        That is the fucked-up logic of Leftist scum…

        • That train derails on reality fairly quickly. Just look at the major new homeless camp in Denver. The city is disbanding it and cleaning up because reality has set in.

          Why? Because IRL 70% of the people there have Trench Fever, a disease spread primarily by lice. It’s bacterial, so theoretically treatable but it’s also Gram negative, limiting treatment options to some degree. The best choice is tetracycline but that isn’t something you can give to heavy drinkers or people with liver problems and the homeless tend to drink pretty heavily so it’s not good.

          And the City Health Department is asked “How could this happen? Denver hasn’t had an outbreak of this disease in decades!”. And the Department is forced to say essentially “Well… uh, embarrassing, but, uh, well… you know we, um kinda focused only on CoV-2… even after we knew it wasn’t that dangerous and… uh, yeah, we a kinda dropped the ball. Also, uh… have you… um, uh, ever heard of… uh, Typhus? Or TB? Or… Yeah, we… well, look here’s a list of the balls we dropped… It’s uh, well… not good. Have we started working on other diseases again? Uh, heh, um… define “other and “working” for us if you would? We uh, ordered a shitload of delousing powder… and called the CDC…”

        • “That train derails on reality fairly quickly. Just look at the major new homeless camp in Denver. The city is disbanding it and cleaning up because reality has set in.”

          They migrate, following the seasons. Around late September, they start showing up around here in Florida, where they stay until March or so…

        • You miss the overarching point which that Left logic, even in a big liberal city eventually runs face first into a wall of reality. The media just doesn’t report on it much.

          Eventually the ignorant will start asking uncomfortable questions and then the real fun begins. Unless of course it all goes pear shaped before that.

          Also, Denver’s homeless don’t tend to migrate. In the winter they was swarm the mental health facilities for free food, warmth and lodging when we have a storm.

    • You really do not wish to rely on LE for exactly that reason. When LE is forced to stand down for whatever reason, these rioters with their baseball bats and bicycle locks will get a big surprise around here. Short lived, but a surprise nonetheless.

    • Chris is a closet liberal who is self hating. He also has severe mental illness in case you have not figured that out yet.

    • Black Lives Matter supports Marxism and destruction of the nuclear family. Try to keep up with your foes. They are dumb enough to say this openly but liberals are too stupid to read and see what they are really trying to do.

      • Their plan appears to have elements of the Soviet Bolsheviks, Maoism, and the Khmer Rouge. The latter with their policies of Year Zero and dissolution of the family unit.

    • Let me try and explain, just how it has worked, in the USA for 200 plus years now, to you. In the traditional family structure. The man was the protector. He provide the home, food and protection, guns, and anything else the family needed. In the Liberal white world utopia, the father has been replaced by a government check. From the Welfare Industrial Complex. And his guns have been replaced by the, government guns, of a big city police department.

      Now do I need to provide examples of white Liberals saying a father is not necessary to raise children to you???
      Or are you going to admit that white Liberals did in fact say this???

      White Liberals democrats run the major cities. They are the only ones as mayor and city council members. They write the policies for the city police departments. They wrote the manual that says its ok to put your knee on the neck of a suspect. And hold it there until he stops moving.

      The cops who murdered George Floyd are going to be waving that democrat party police manual around in court for everyone to see.

      • No one murdered Floyd. He was dead before the police pulled him out of the patrol car. His mind and rest of his body just hadn’t caught up to the drug induced heart attack.

    • The super Spark’s Notes Version.

      Certain elements on the Left have created a myth that the Western world started to go downhill when we got away from Matriarchy. This is something that Engles wrote about.

      The fantasy is that the best societies were organized around a matriarchal society where women were not monogamous and slept with multiple men. This resulted in no one knowing who the father of the child was and therefore the entire village caring for the child as if the kid was their own. This is the root of the Left’s “it takes a village” mantra.

      Now, such societies did in fact exist in Germanic Europe during the Roman Empire. In the late 160’s they were a small portion of the alliance that attacked the Roman Empire’s provinces along the Danube. The clans in question were not major players, tribes (note the distinction with clans, which are smaller and less organized, poorer and weaker) such as the Marcomanni were the power players here.

      Regardless, there’s a myth that these semi-Nomadic clans were “the best” even though they were essentially hamstrung by a lack of development and at the mercy of the larger, richer, better equipped tribes in the area even during “good times”. The clans were known essentially for three things. A total lack of self-regard on the battlefield (but also a lack of discipline), a love of gambling and a predilection for excessive drinking. They were part of the Amber Road out of Northern Europe and where they made any money off the trade they were known to drink it away rather than buying useful things the way the larger tribes did.

  5. I see the ‘Christians’ are out in force celebrating grievous injure to their fellow man. Some are even wishing the people had been killed. Just what you’d expect from sock sniffing MAGA people.

    • I actually plan to pillage and enslave you feminized weak liberals, then trade you off to the Rus, or maybe the Ottomans, for silver and gold.

      • What Ragnar said, but doubt we will get much for them. The majority of these rioters er, protesters have never done an honest days work in their lives. Even for manual labor they are useless.

        • “What Ragnar said, but doubt we will get much for them.”

          Uhm, what’s this “we” shit?

          You are one of the ones to be sold, nitwit… 😉

        • Slavery is still legal in some parts of the middle east (I am referring to the Arabian peninsula, not Ohio). And the slaves will learn quickly under the lash. Some Progressives may even enjoy it.

    • “I see the ‘Christians’ are out in force celebrating grievous injure to their fellow man. Some are even wishing the people had been killed.”

      The reasoning behind this post: “Maybe I can use the Christfascists beliefs against them to help my fellow Marxists”.

      • I know its really terrible that Christians have such a negative reaction to american atheists acting like Muslims. As the atheists tear down monuments and religious sites. Just like Muslims do.

        • That’s the Taliban method. Destroy history you don’t like. And since Islam came late to the party, that is a lot of history.

        • “Late to the party”? WTF? Christianity was only invented around 500 years before Islam, and that was 800 years before the Protestant religions. The only ones late to the party are the REAL religions, worshiping the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    • I have been telling you commies for years that once good people were roused it would be easy for it to go off the rails and very difficult to stop it once it did.

      I do not wish ill on anyone. If the left would stop their violence then the response and reaction of good people could be mitigated and proportioned. However the left will not stop thier violence and it has become clear that only violence by the right can counter violence by the left. Given that, it will be almost impossible to stop over correction and revenge.

      NB; Anyone who would sell you into slavery, especially to the Muslims, is no Christian

      As you sow, so shall you reap.

      • What crap!! Christians have been buying and selling slaves since the time of christ right up until today. A large part of Christianity was developed to indoctrinate slaves so as to not murder the massas, work hard and make more slave babies.

  6. The moment one of these terrorists throws brick or frozen water bottle, moltov cocktail, points a laser at the eyes of Law Enforcement or anyone else, or directs an industrial type fireworks mortar at anyone, SWAT snipers need to shoot them dead.

    Calling them “protestors” or anything other than what they are – Violent Marxist Insurgents and Terrorists – plays right into the fake news media lie that these traitorous violent criminal Terrorists are simply “protestors”.

    • Exactly. When a protestor rioter insurgent uses a weapon that can cause serious and/or permanent bodily harm or death, that legally justifies lethal self-defense.

      And since they’re working hard to eliminate all less lethal means of defending against such attacks…

      • The Seattle city council did just that. Police aren’t allowed to use anything other than batons — or bullets, I guess. They still do have those.

        The police chief, who actually seems to have her head on straight, sent a letter to downtown business owners telling them they’re on their own when it comes to crowds in the streets, because the cops are now basically not allowed to enforce the law against a mob. She didn’t seem very happy about it.

        I haven’t seen any news on the outcome of that yet, but it can’t be good…

        • It means the shooting war between armed citizens defending their own lives and property and violent Marxist and Anarchist terrorist mobs has has officially started.

          This is precisely why the 2nd Amendment and its direct and attendant rights exists.

          My money is on armed citizens. Always has been, and always will be.

        • A federal court put a restraining order on the City Council’s law. Until a further ruling is made the police are not enjoined from using less-lethal crowd control methods like OC.

      • The Palestinians have proved a rock thrown by a sling can be lethal out to 100 yards.

        And ANTIFA use the Quickshake as an improvised weapon. A milkshake with quick setting cement added.

  7. A part of me wonders that, in the extremely unlikely event of Biden winning, will these panty-fa sink back into the woodwork?
    Or, will the dems try to wrangle in their pet mob, only to find themselves unsuccessful?
    They let the mob taste blood, and they’re no longer satiated by soft socialist pillow talk from the likes of Bernie or AOC.

    • They are stupid enough to think that they can manage these anarchists and use them as stormtroopers. The problem with this will become evident when they turn on their supporters in congress. Creating another monster that will get away from their control and turn on them.

      • Hmmm… I still can’t make myself do anything other than puke at the thought of Biden and his corruptocrat cronies in office, but Enuf might have a good point about some of the potential benefits. Conservatives (never the brightest bunch) might actually start fighting someone besides each other — and success might be the worst thing that could happen to the Democrats. Anything that’s bad for the Democratic Party makes me happy.

      • I have little doubt that you are correct. The Dems are using these radicals to their advantage against Trump–which is why it is supposedly Trump’s fault that these people are burning and looting–believing that they will be able to placate them after the election with promises of reform. What they do not seem to understand (actually I think it is willful blindness) is that the only thing that will placate Antifa is the overthrow of all government. Local, state, federal. This will be followed by a period of chaos (“the troubles”) akin to civil war that will end when a new Marxist society emerges from the ashes. I’m not making this up either.

        • No, you are not. What has always grabbed me is that Marxism will somehow, magically, just appear in all its glory, fully formed and wonderful, directly from burning, looting and murder followed by years of starvation and murder accompanied by pestilence and murder. Then POOF! Love and sunshine, a land of plenty, music everywhere. I’m not exactly sure why we need all the murder and stuff, why not have it magically begin right now?

    • History has shown that the mobs will happily turn against allies who are not ideologically pure enough. There are a majority of Dems that aren’t Marxists who will learn the hard way. They might not be the first ones up against the wall, but they have a place in line.

  8. Yesterday, AG Barr was dragged in front of Congress. It was a shit-show.

    It’s telling when even a Leftist rag like ‘The Atlantic’ admits that they blew it by dragging Bill Barr in front of Congress for a ‘hearing’, that wasn’t a hearing. Congressional Leftists took their allotted time and decided to ‘lecture’ the AG, and interrupt him when he tried to answer them.

    It’s election trope to claim that “this election is for all the marbles”. I’ve been hearing it for every one since Regan’s election. Never have I been more afraid for the fate of America than I am now. At least this time around, I have a few hundred pounds of fresh ammunition sealed up in cans…

    • Yeah, Congress yesterday was the best application of the term “shitshow” I have ever seen. Couldn’t watch it all, had to turn away several times to avoid puking.

  9. The rioters should know this..If they lose their cases, the could be sanctioned to pay all legal expenses of the defendants..Through the entire appeals process too..

    • Doesn’t filing suit mean the feds get access to lots of information during the ‘discovery phase’ of the case?

    • Not. The federal civil rights law so provides, but is interpreted to mean that the defendant s pay if they lose, but plaintiffs rarely are required to pay in order to promote the resolution of serious civil rights issues.

  10. Anyone on this site that thinks these jerks are peaceful protesters is one of them or worse , a S J W or maybe just retarded.

  11. I’m continually astonished the po-leece & feds don’t use real ammo. Resurrect Richard J. Daley! Rioters & looters need a lead enema…

    • I would be happy with just a fixed bayonet charge. It works every time it has been tried. And nobody got stabbed in the process. Amazing how the sight of long knives coming at you gets rioters to stop and go away.

  12. The mayor of Portland supports these peaceful protestors and has pulled the police back. Trump should move the feds out of the city and then bill them for the building once it is burned. Once the voters see the failure of the democrats things may change. I am just afraid that it might be too late, Biden’s VP will become president and the real Sh!tshow begins.

      • Politico accidentally published that, although she could still be the nominee. They probably have the same story written up for all front runners so they can put it up as soon as the announcement is official. It’s like at the Superbowl where championship T-shirts are printed for both teams ahead of time. Once a team wins, their shirts go on sale and the others are donated to 3rd world countries. It happens with obituaries too. I’m sure every paper has a standby article praising the life of RBG that is ready to run as soon as she kicks it.

        • For RBG? Really? What a waste, I’ll be too drunk to read it for a week, partying my life away.

  13. These same people hated the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge incident (Bundy Standoff).

    At least there were no damages, and it was largely peaceful…..

  14. Once upon a time, a guy named Vin said, “We deal in lead, friend” (Steve McQueen in the Magnificent Seven). What is this rubber bullet crap?

  15. You so-called defenders of the 2A are a laugh a minute. You sit behind your little computers safe and sound while we leftists take to the streets to riot and protest. You got no ballz. You fear confrontation with BLM and ANTIFA. So scared are you of our bottles and rocks that you quietly “protest” behind your little monitors. Timid and afraid to venture into the streets where we control the action you call out the government for not doing enough. Where is your representation in the cities? Where are your mighty AR’s? Where is your protest? No where to be found. We control the cities of America and when Biden is elected we are coming to a rural community near you. Watch in fear as we burn down your small towns and farms! Afraid and whimpering in the corner like little children we will destroy everything you hold sacred. “A well armed militia” my ass. You haven’t even the ballz to face us in your own cities. On your hands and knees you will submit to us with your guns on the ground. Mark your calendars 2A conservatives your end is at hand.

      • Ding! Guess this guy hasn’t heard that all the cities in America where this crap is happening are controlled by Democratic majorities. But if these anarchists start shooting, all bets are off. Especially in all the little towns and rural communities where nearly everyone is armed. Until then, none of us want to go to jail for murder trying to stop your (so far less lethal) misconduct.

        • And also knows how to actually shoot. For you soy boys, anything over city block or drive by is a long range shot. For hunters and competitive target shooters, we think 200-300 yards is a short distance.

    • This guy has to be making a funny…He sounds like some low budget movie script.

      So, here is your answer kimber…At this point and I’m speaking on my behalf only, I have too much to lose by engaging in a confrontation with communists. At this point the Govt. and police are doing a satisfactory job of containing the commie wave. However, when it comes to my city and they threaten to destroy my house, my business, FEMA camp me or kill me, well that is when you will find out what kind of rifle I have and how big my balls are! I’m not afraid of dying and I will take some of y’all out before I take a dirt nap. It will get costly on both sides but in the end you will lose. When the gloves finally come off there will be no where you can hide from us patriots. But at this point the patriots are constrained by laws and the threat of arrest or financial ruin. When that matters no more you will find out there is a hell. Keep pushing us soy boy, keep pushing….

    • Larry Correia got it right (as usual) when he noted that for Leftists, agitation is a knob they can dial up and down, from protests all the way up to mob violence, arson, and murder, and back down again, at will.

      For America’s political right, on the other hand — the conservatives and constitutional libertarians — there are only two settings: vote and shoot fucking everybody.

      We’re all still in the “vote” phase. For now.

    • You haven’t come to our cities yet we don’t reside in your shithole metropolis When you have the balls to leave your safe zone and come to rule America you will find a real fight you will be exterminated for the cockroaches you are ! The police is what keeps us at bay but the day is coming where that won’t save your commie asses. We are just waiting for the flash point then hell will descend upon your minion just remember when the real combat starts you no longer make the rules!! USMC vet.

    • Because we respect RULE OF LAW. And we know in the current climate taking direct action will have consequences. So we sit and wait for you to make the first big mistake. When the stuff really starts, you will be surprised.

    • Isn’t it smelly down there in Mom’s basement? Any one of my sisters could take you skinny halloween-costume fakers.

  16. This what We are up against. Young Offendials with Skulls Full of Mush. The Adults in the Room get what is happening.
    County board asked to amend reopen Hancock proclamation to remove perceived racist statements (copy) | Daily Gate City | mississippivalleypublishing.com

  17. I look forward to the white Libertarians liberals and the Leftist going to federal prison for the very first time.

    Crazy things I experienced in a Level 4 Pen – Prison Talk 13 minutes long

  18. .30 cal. Machine gun and poison gas would help get our Country under control! Get this riff- raff off our Streets. This is just worthless thugs having fun! No body trying to stop it.

  19. If this happened in the 80’s they wouldn’t think twice about using real bullets. They should do that now, and see how long the riots will last. Bet they would stop real quick.

    • While common in Europe in the 70s and 80s, I’m surprised they didn’t get used much in the US.

      For added effect, use cold brine with marker dye and a touch of CS powder

      • Make that UV dye. They won’t notice it and won’t change/washout clothes. They will be readily identifiable under UV lighting, possibly even days later.

  20. So the headline mentions rioters suing, yet there is no mention of it in the article.
    What kind of posting is that?

  21. I’m just wondering what is taking them so long to break out the high pressure water cannons, at least the rioters will get a bath…

  22. These punks and trash that line our streets thinking that they are doing us great favor in the streets..Shit back in the 70’s you would be dead as hell by tragically insulting out police and law enforcement..These are not protestors!! Just a bunch of hot head potheads(yeah!!) Legal state for drugs..weed..Over some dam statues and history that can’t be changed..We are too nice to these radicals..friendly protest my ass..Piss of democrats,you snowflake bitches..Not even real men or women..Just some losers out there who have no purpose in life..If they don’t leave soon the boyz and our vigilante groups are coming there from the South and join the federal troops to clean this vermin off the streets..I stand for the USA..if you don’t like it here..move your ass to your favorite place China..

  23. “Foster was visibly carrying an AK-47 rifle — which is legal in Texas — as he pushed his fiancée in her wheelchair across an intersection in downtown Austin during Saturday’s protest, according to The New York Times.
    A motorist was attempting to turn his vehicle onto Congress Avenue and honked at protesters, who were in the crosswalk, according to a video of the incident filmed by independent journalist Hiram Gilberto. Michael Capochiano, a demonstrator at the scene, told The Texas Tribune that protesters including Foster surrounded the car after it hit a traffic cone and the driver stopped.

    “What [the driver] did was he intentionally, aggressively accelerated into a crowd of people. … He threw his turn into a bunch of people and almost ran a bunch of people over,” said James Sasinowski, another protester who was at the scene.
    There are conflicting accounts about whether Foster raised his gun at the motorist, who was also legally armed. Police said the driver shot at Foster, fled the scene, called 911 and told police he opened fire because Foster pointed his rifle at the car first.

    Both witnesses interviewed by The Texas Tribune said they believed the driver’s behavior to be threatening and intentional.
    “He incited the violence, it was intentional, he knew what he was doing,” Sasinowski said. “He was driving into a crowd of protesters. No way that that was just like a traffic thing. There’s 100 people in front of you, you don’t drive into them.”

    Austin police said earlier this year that a police officer’s killing of an unarmed Black and Latino man was justified because his attempt at driving away from police who had just shot him with a lead pellet-filled bag constituted using the car as a deadly weapon against law enforcement.”

    “Foster had been crossing 4th Street on Congress Avenue with his wheel-chair bound fiancee Whitney Mitchell, 28, and hundreds of other demonstrators when a motorist sped towards the crowd and began blaring its horn.
    Protesters – who have been marching for 60 days – say the car swerved towards them and Foster has jumped in front of Mitchell, a quadruple amputee, fearing she was a target.
    Police declined to say why the driver was where he was and whether his intent was nefarious. Witnesses told the Austin American-Statesman that the car sped through the protesters before it apparently hit an orange barrier and came to a stop.
    The majority of the demonstrators scattered, however Foster, who was dressed in a military green T-shirt, baseball cap, bandanna, and wielding an AK-47, approached the driver’s side window.”


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