Biden Sanders Election
Democratic presidential candidates, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., left, and former Vice President Joe Biden gesture during a Democratic presidential primary debate. (AP Photo/John Locher)
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Let’s take a look at the Democrat primary field.

Do you see a trend here? It seems gun control really isn’t a winning strategy after all.

I wonder what happened to the old “90% of Americans want…” justification. At this rate, the only chance the Democrats might have to take the White House is if they nominate Gabbard, despite (because of?) the lack of name recognition or DNC support.

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  1. This is basically the time for the Democrats to “wander the wilderness” and do some “soul searching”.

    The trench warfare that’s about to kick off between the Bernie and Biden camps will either bring the party back to moderation is some regards or split the party between it’s Progressive wing and the rest.

    It’s so bad that people like Cenk Ugyer currently believe that losing 2020 is preferable to Biden because Biden has obviously lost his marbles and putting him on the ticket means that the establishment is cutting the Party’s throat.

    Personally I’m not really hot to interrupt their little civil war.

    • “Personally I’m not really hot to interrupt their little civil war.”

      Agreed. It always boils down to this in any primary (remember how Trump was stirring up the Repub candidate pool back in early 2016?) with fireworks and animosity.

      As I’ve said before, I think Trump will sweep in November because the Dems are now so fractured between the Biden “Old Guard” and Sanders “New Socialist” camps that whichever of them wins the nomination will immediately alienate a portion of the other’s supporters. Even on the Republican side back in 2016, we had people who hated the thought of Hillary winning the Presidency but were nevertheless NeverTrumpers and didn’t bother to vote at all. I knew some of them.

      I think it’s a wonderful show, watching the Dems go through their identity crisis and scramble to pander to the Left by throwing all their abortion, gun control, and taxation cards on the table for everyone to see. Grab the popcorn!

      • Haz and S9. Basically what I’ve been saying for a while now. I’m hoping for a full on fracture and its looking that way. The dnc screwed bernie out of the 16 run and that pissed his base off. It looks to happen again and Milwaukee will burn. The funeral pyre of the Dems as we know them.

        Something else i’ve been saying. Before the end of Trumps second term we will have nationwide constitutional carry.

        • JWM,

          There’s no way in hell CA, MA, CT, NY, MD, WA, OR, NV, (hell maybe even CO), MN, NJ, and Delaware allow that to happen. I’d love to see it, but there’s too much stupidity involved in those states and the reps and senators in each to vote that through. I’d also love to see silencers and SBR/SBS removed from NFA (which I think has a better chance, yet a non-existent one).

        • Jon,

          You listed 12 states that would likely oppose nationwide carry, and you’re probably right about all of them. However, 38 states are needed to ratify an Amendment to the Constitution, so in your scenario we still win.


        • “There’s no way in hell CA, MA, CT, NY, MD, WA, OR, NV, (hell maybe even CO), MN, NJ, and Delaware allow that to happen.”

          And, just how many bigoted southern whites in the 1950s said “No n***er will ever be equal if I can help it!” ?

          …and where are we now?


          It took time and cracking a few heads, but for the most part, they learned to shut the fuck up about it in public… 😉

          The playbook to follow is the civil rights playbook, because guns are a civil right…

        • Jon. Those states will have no choice. 1 right court ruling and they can suck wind.

          It’s all about the judges. Trump 2020,

        • Benie just wants to milk the system for his own personal gain.

          He’s not really interested in winning because if he was…he’d be attacking Biden on his cognitive issues.

          Until he does that, he’s just playing his part in the Democrat machine.

      • Realistically I don’t think this is as much about the New Socialist vs. Old Guard as many people think.

        There are quite a number of “Progressive” people who are essentially feeling that the Democratic party has left them behind and are now exiting the party. It’s not because they really have a difference of opinion on economics (though they often do but are willing to overlook that because Party first) but rather that the SJWs are out of control and anyone who has even a minor disagreement with them has open season declared on them.

        You’ve got Antifa threatening the family of the DA in Los Angeles. You’ve got one of the biggest lesbian YouTubers publicly quitting the party. The simple fact is that what used to be “Progressive” is now “intolerant” according to the fringe and the fringe are wild eyed zealots about this and are more than willing to “brick” or bikelock anyone who disagrees with them. Not just “us” but even other Progressives who disagree about 0.01% of the really kookie shit.

        Arielle Scarcella posted a video about it and is still getting vilified for her views, cause ya know, lesbians who don’t want to get banged by a dude who wears a dress are… bigots. She got death threats and, honestly, unacceptable treatment for her view that ““I’m a lesbian, and I don’t think gender is a social construct. I don’t think cis straight white men are evil… I don’t believe that genital preferences are transphobic or that there are 97 genders. I don’t think that male sex offenders belong in women’s prisons…”. Wow! What a fucking right-wing lunatic, eh? Heh, go read what major LGBTQ sites say about her and who they lump her in with. Of course she exited the Left, if she hadn’t they’d have tossed her out for impiety anyway and maybe even done so violently such as in the case of Maria MacLachlan and the whole “Punch a TERF” movement.

        Apparently Acarcella is now a T.E.R.F. and violence against her is acceptable. She’s been targeted for harassment and threats to the point that I’m kinda surprised the cops are not publicly involved in the situation. This is the kind of batshit-crazy that drives away people who actually are pretty liberal. You can see the same thing with Bret Weinstein who was a self-identified Progressive right up until they turned on him. Listen to his interview on the topic with Joe Rogan. He got “woke” but not in the way the Left wanted.

        The real truth is that what’s going on with some people within various Lefty communities is that they’re realizing that their own community is full of people who are more numerous and far worse than “the right” boogeyman that have been the fear for so long.

        Ultimately, IMHO, a goodly number of “lefties” are realizing how intolerant and fucked up the Left has become and recognizing the monster more and more of them are realizing the error of their ways. Some are flat-out having a Colonel Nicholson “What have I done?” moment from Bridge on the River Kwai and are stumbling towards that detonator.

      • “As I’ve said before, I think Trump will sweep in November…”

        Ehhhhhhh, I dunno about that. That kind of rhetoric drives complacency on our side, and we don’t need to do what the Leftists did in 2016, be so cock-sure we were gonna win.

        Is there any *HARD* ‘Super Tuesday’ data on the states that held Republican primaries on turnout? Did the Left or the Right ‘storm the polls’ by notable percentages?

        Who has DEMONSTRATED the motivation to show the fuck up in November?

        • There is. In Texas, for example, where Trump previously had lukewarm support, there was no one opposed at the top of tickers, and very little if any campaigning on the GOP side, Republicans still outnumbered Dems at the polls. And that is despite record breaking spending on the Dems side.
          The media here is just beside themselves wondering WTF went wrong.

          As far as the Dems on gun control, never interrupt your opponent when they are making a mistake.

        • “Republicans still outnumbered Dems at the polls. And that is despite record breaking spending on the Dems side.
          The media here is just beside themselves wondering WTF went wrong.”

          And that smells a whole lot like a 2016 redux, if you think about it.

          Any idea if that was replicated elsewhere?

          I believe spending money on political ads this time is pure folly. If they have money to spend, offer to fill up the gas tanks of volunteers to get people to the polls.

          We *must* have turnout…

        • would appear trump had record turnouts in what was basically an uncontested primary…this does not bode well for the dems…..

        • There was at least one other state where the GOP spent zero money and got more votes for Trump than Dems did for all candidates combined. Think it was NH, not sure, kept real quiet by the media. I voted for Trump in TX, with my wife, bet there were millions more in other super Tuesday states, being kept VERY quiet. He doesn’t need any votes, but we needed to vote for him. And you damn well better believe we will be there in November to vote for him if we are breathing.

    • “Personally I’m not really hot to interrupt their little civil war.”

      And it will be short war my friend. We have nuclear weapons. Too many but they are legit. If the Democrats…er… ohhhhh wait.

      Never mind…. forget that I said anything.

    • strych9 said (on March 7, 2020 at 11:07)

      “This is basically the time for the Democrats to “wander the wilderness” and do some “soul searching”. ”

      For the moment, I’ll assume you are talking about the upper echelons of the DNC, as the point has been made below that there are many conservative Democrats. That being said, my reply is that your comment presupposes that those people have souls in the first place!

      • Makes a good story, or at least it would, if you explained why anyone conservative would support Bernie or Biden either one. Or Osama, or Shrillary, Albore, and on and on.

  2. The crazies are calling the demoncrat party home. There are reportedly many Democrats leaving their party and becoming Republicans. Just what we need, more Rino’s in the party. need a Conservative party now.

  3. Most people don’t care one way or the other about gun rights especially compared to all the other reasons they would lean democrat. Hell, just yesterday I was talking with 3 people who don’t like Trump just because they think he’s “mean.” These fucking morons voting based on shallow shit like that.

    However, if Dem does win rest assured he will come after the 2nd and claim his win as a mandate.

    • That’s about a third of their party platform right there. Because he’s mean. There are a hell of a lot of people voting against him because they perceive the no foolishness persona as somehow being mean.

      • Biden is the candidate of wall street…same old…same old…this will not sit well with progressives……

  4. The screaming D’s should stick with Gun Control as an issue, and their strategy with it.

    They’ve declared “If you ain’t with us, you’re against us (you deplorable, you.)” That n the rest is working out pretty well for us, so far.

  5. Democrats on why Booker and Harris didn’t make the cut: Because racism!

    Yet, it’s DEMOCRAT voters that rejected them.

    Democrats on why Warren didn’t make the cut: Because misogyny and sexism!

    Yet, it’s DEMOCRAT voters that rejected her.

    Democrat establishment and media: Oh look there’s still a female person of color in the race. Let’s blacklist her!

    How does anyone take these fools seriously??

    • You can also add Harris to Fauxcahotis MYSOGENY claim as to why she had to get out, those nasty sexist femalel Dem voters.. In fact last night I watched a Woman on national TV accuse two other women of being sexist after they pointed out that Liz failed because she was a liar and her ideas were simply untenable.. Kind of like the black attorney that called Candace Owens (a black woman) a racist for calling out a black politician.

    • This is the most insightful thing I am going to read on the internet all weekend.

      My new response to these complaints is going to be “OMG, ur rite! SO much racism! SO much misogyny! SO much homophobia! We all agree, right? We all agree and realize we’re talking about democrats, right? Because literally nobody except democrats can vote in this circus, right?”

      • “Because literally nobody except democrats can vote in this circus, right?””

        *Some* of those primaries were ‘open’ primaries, where either party could vote for any candidate. Others were ‘closed’, where registered Leftists could only vote for other Leftist scum…

  6. So, fence 22,000 people out of lobbying their own reps, while leaving “space to destroy” for the riot of the moment. Um, good way to demonstrate…

    — Guns aren’t the problem. Neither are lawful gun owners.

    — A bunch of other folks are willing to burn cities, brain journalists n shoot up other party’s reps … to make a point. Shift the power balance in the house. Because its fun. (Run folks who agree witb them off campuses, accoust people’s homes with mobs at night, beat people outside *their own* political rallies … ths list goes on)

    — The govt won’t stop it, will even encourage it. (Justices who vote wrong will reap the whirlwind, says *Senator* Chuckie, Minority “leader”, n face of the screaming D’s for decades.)

    They are demonstrating every consequentialist argument against gun control, every day.

  7. And that is just with DEMS voting…. Throw Conservatives into the mix and the gun grabbers are done…..

  8. History illiterates think the idea for gun control is more or less recent. Democrat Party Gun Control is rooted in racism from the time slaves were freed to Jim Crow. The Democrat Party owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, etc. The history of gun control and those selling it are despicable. Nothing says tyrant, racist and nazi ike gun control.

  9. No. They don’t need to change. They need to keep doing and saying the exact same thing. Honesty is always the best policy.

    “yes we will take your AK 47 and your AR15s.”

    I really do like it when people are honest with me. The world would be a much better place with more honest people.
    Now don’t ever support, vote for, or give money to these “honest” people. And challenge anyone who does. Especially if they are a gun owner. And show up at all meetings.

  10. Dude, let’s be real here. None of these people dropped out because their views on guns were unpopular with the Democratic Party.

    If you are a Democrat in 2020, you support ending the 2nd Amendment, confiscating guns, and murdering people who resist. Period.

    There are no “moderates” in the party. The moderate position is preserving our remaining 2A rights.

  11. Seems rather justified to me. 2 old white guys. The bane of the young progressive movement. One who is tearing what’s left of the party in two. And the other who won’t remember running after the election. Old Communist against Crotchety Dementia Patient. This my well be the most entertaining election of my life. I do feel sorry for some of the residence of Milwaukee. I believe if Bernie gets screwed we’ll see Chicago ’68 all over again. That one was a hoot. had real police back then. It’ll be interesting to see how they handle it now. In the Anti Law Enforcement world of big city Liberal control.

    • ” we’ll see Chicago ’68 all over again ”

      You’re assuming there will be a Dem convention. I fully expect that to be cancelled using coronavirus as the excuse – never let a crisis go to waste, ya know.

      Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the Democratic Party is acting more and more like the Chinese Communist Party?

  12. This may come as a suprise to many of you, but there are many conservative democrats in the Deep South. I’m one of them. This bit of irony exists for a couple of reasons. First, Lincoln was a Republican. Second, most local elections are decided in the primaries. Win the local Democratic primary; you’re the de facto winner in November. (That’s been changing over the last couple of decades, but will never change in the county where I live.) National and state I have always voted Republican. The Democrats in the South are about evenly split between minorities and transplant Yankees and people like me. Carrying the South in November will go a long way toward who leads the Republic after November.

    • GF,

      Thank you for calling attention to the conservative Southern Democrats. Their existence is a clear sign that the Democratic party has no interest in representing its broad constituency. The party should find it no surprise that its remaing presidential candidates have narrowed to an aging, corrupt socialist, and an aging corrupt and perverse former VP who is stumbling towards senility. Ever since Trump decided to run for President, the Democratic party has cultivated and recruited people who:

      1. Want to hunt Republicans.
      2. Are willing to verbally and physically harass conservatives.
      3. Believe conservatives should be silenced in all medias and in public speech.
      4. Like to dress up as vaginas and dance in the street.
      5. Will censure, assault, and ruin the careers of anyone who believes there are only two genders.
      6. Want to replace good middle-class workers with workers who have entered this country illegally.
      7. Want the government to provide free food, clothing, shelter, and cash to people who have come here illegally.
      8. Believe the Constitution of this country is meaningless and should be ignored.
      9. Are willing to surrender their freedoms to get free stuff from the government.
      10. Believe you should not have the right or means to defend yourself.
      11. Are actively attempting to subvert Christianity, Judaeism, and other faiths that hold to traditional views of family and society.
      12. Advocate a racist policy that stipulates caucasians as somehow inherently evil.
      13. Do not have a problem with killing birthed babies who survive an abortion attempt.
      14. Promote promiscuity through all media.

      After years of cultivating such a constituency, the Democrats should not be surprised their party is falling apart.

      • Advocate a racist policy that stipulates caucasians as somehow inherently evil.

        Yeah, a white guy telling a black guy that white people are evil, Kind of like a short black haired Austrian Jew telling tall blonde blue eyed Germans that short black haired Jews are evil… Sound familiar? Maybe folks should pay more attention to the person speaking and less to what they are saying, could save themselves a shitload of pain and suffering later on…

      • “4. Like to dress up as vaginas and dance in the street.”


        Some red-blooded American men *like* dancing vaginas!

        (As long as they are dancing for *me*, in the privacy of my home, that is. Dancing auditions by appointment… 😉 )

      • @LifeSavor Not so much falling apart. As eating itself from within. The very Frankenstein’s the liberal democrats have spent the last 60 years building. Have finally came to the self realization phase of their metamorphosis. Deciding they no longer need the host that created them. They have assimilated into the New Borg with Bernie as their leader. Whose sole mission is to either force assimilation on the populace or destroy those who resist. Milwaukee is going to be a real Hive-fest.

        • Darkman,

          “…eating itself from within.” Yes! That is a more accurate way to put it. Also, the mixed metaphor ‘from Frakenstein monster to Borg assimilation actually works. Those created by the party, have taken over the party, destroying those who will not assimilate.

    • @GF…Democrat by birth. Conservative by conscience? I can understand that being the case. Know a few people living in that political world. Makes family gatherings a bit complicated. Also ruined a few.

      • Darkman, not really. My mother is the matriarch of the extended family. Everyone gathers there for Thanksgiving. All are registered Democrats. All are conservatives. Except Aunt Evelyn. Every family has one nut job. She’s learned to be quite.

        • Same. I was the first in my extended family I know of to vote Republican. Poor Southern whites, rural, farmers, all Historically voted Democrat, Republican was the rich man’s party and designed to keep you down. In my lifetime I’ve watched that dynamic shift almost completely, driven by identity politics. The D party changed, not the people. Only urban centers vote blue and not all of them.

  13. What the Hell are u doing in America if ur against Natural Human Civil Rights from God!

    Every Gun Law is illegal!

    • Socialists and Communists care not for God or your belief in One. And as history has shown God has been used to control the populace as often as Tyranny. I respect your Right to believe in a deity. Millions all over the world do. Unfortunately invoking one holds no sway to the non believer. Such is the world of Free will.

  14. Tulsi Gabbard is not a moderate! Her very website that you linked to shows she is a full on supporter of universal background checks for every single gun sale, including the one when you give your old beat up 10/22 to your brother or son. That’s pretty damn extreme already!

    • Yeah, looking at what is presumably her site, she’s just as bad as anyone else with assault weapon bans, etc. Maybe just doesn’t trumpet it as much.

    • I thought her website was a porn site, she probably got her job Kamala Harris style. Most people, including democrats (assuming they are people) probably never cared what Tulsi had to say. People just vote with their emotions, not their reason. You’d nominate the janitor of the local DNC office, millions would vote for him/her over the greatest GOP candidate in the history of the nation.

  15. I wish some polling company put Walter Mondale (Who actually seems to be in better state than Biden mentally or Bernie physically) as an option when polling. I’m genuinely curious how many would pick him over Biden and Sanders.

    • Ah, Mondale! I had just entered the workforce, when he promised every American a roof over your head, food in your mouth, and a college education for your kids. I told my bride I would retire the day he was inaugurated. Seem to recall he won one state.

  16. Bernie wants to tax your farts and queefs. Biden had a great idea, but he forgot what he was about to say. Anyway, folks are making a huge deal about the corona virus, I’ll take that over a bad case of libtardism.

  17. The Dems fell apart after Slick Willie convinced everyone that he was a Southern Democrat. Biden may have been there before Willie got into power, but he is just Clinton 3.0.

    Better Bernie wins the Dems and takes the party down, just like Trump has done with the Reps.

    The sad thing here that no one of you want to believe is that no politician wants guns in the hands of the unwashed masses. All of them want “Guns for me, but not for thee!”
    Trump says one thing from one side of his mouth, but then supports slide fire ban and red flag laws. These politicians are all the same! (Two sides of the same coin), we must get rid of these 2 parties and start over. Civilians are not military and civilian LE has no business having “special gun rights” over other civilians.

  18. yeah,..not really sure what a second term for trump could mean for us….but changing the courts could be a big plus…

    • Let’s start with the secure knowledge that a first term from either biden or bernie would be a disaster. Nothing Trump can do can possibly be as bad for the country as those two getting into the office.

  19. Can’t you apply this logic to all of the pro-gun candidates that dropped out of any presidential race?

  20. Trump LOSES 2020, unless:
    * electronic voting is made illegal nationwide and only paper ballots are legal
    * very aggressive, far-sweeping action is taken IMMEDIATELY to stop voter fraud
    * free speech on the Internet is FULLY restored for all, regardless of political orientation

    2020 will see the largest, most far reaching voter fraud ever seen. It is the Dems’ Trump card. Massive election fraud was perpetrated by the Dems in the 2018 mid-term elections, and nobody got in the slightest trouble for it. You can bet your life this was seen by the Dems as full permission from the American People to commit any level of election crime they want. Remember Obama said “Vote early, vote often”.


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