Colorado Rep Ken Buck
Courtesy Twitter
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Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) on Friday challenged former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to take his AR-15-style rifle from his congressional office in Washington, D.C.

“I have just one message for Joe Biden and [former Rep.] Beto O’Rourke [D-Texas), if you want to take everyone’s AR-15s, why don’t you swing by my office in Washington, D.C. and start with this one?” Buck tweeted.

“Come and take it,” he added. The tweet also had a video of Buck taking the gun off of his office wall and holding it.

– Marty Johnson in GOP lawmaker shows off AR-15 in office, challenges Biden to ‘come and take it’

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  1. Love it ! The same sentiment of our 2nd Amendment in New Mexico, as well, for the protection of our basic human rights and freedoms to defend ourselves and families. Other states SOUIND OFF!

    • We just have to stop electing anti-constitution politicians. They have ended private transfers and passed a red flag law. One cut at a time.

      • You can not stop democrats from electing anti Constitution people, they are Gods to the deaf, dumb, and blind. Democrats refuse to open their eyes and ears or to ask sensible questions. A case of the Halt leading the Blind!

    • You can go to Bidens house and he will come out and fire 2 warning shots with his double barrel shotgun, then you can take his gun easily.

    • Seriously!! Is there some weird innate human need to be told what to do, when to do it, and how? Or is it give me free stuff and you can rule over me? Security in exchange for freedom?

      If I had grown up in which most days I was hungry, I could imagine the pull of socialism as the promise is we are “all the same”. Never the case in practice.

      So sad this great republic is so full of morons.

      Long live the USA, as it was meant to be, full of freedom loving people.

  2. Between Cuckarodo and D.C. I’m not sure he’s “allowed” to have that.
    The phrase “come and take it” is clearly red flagable.

        • This has been documented, DC politicians are exempt from the DC laws concerning guns and apparently David Gregory. Then again he is a propogandist errr… reporter for the Democratic party therefore exempt from prosecution.

        • way to anal.
          any rifle, no sights, 100yds, i will within ten shots ring steel all day. provided the gong is big zildjian sized.

        • @ LC. To be fair, my retort had the similar amount of tact as your sentence “Not that difficult.”

        • he’s (she’s?) so badass it’s more like a groovytar.
          i forget how many genders sheep have. but if i was a lonely shepherd me and my boots and the edge of that cliff would want full auto.

        • @ Grimlock. I have a job, and already put in >40 hours this week. Seeing as it is Saturday I have a few minutes to spare.

        • “Not at all. Figured I’ve been hanging around for almost 10 years I’d do this Gravatar thing.”

          Dan Z. has suggested I do the same, Griz, since *someone* angered by me bitch-slapping them into next week has been impersonating me in TTAG.

          And I probably will. Yours is nicely creative, BTW…

      • You seem to forgetting that rockets are an area of effect weapon and not a projectile less than 6mm. I can shoot a rifle without sights too, but I’d rather have sights for greater accuracy.

        • i concur. advantage sheepy. she might want to flip those muzzles 180 at jambaaahree days.

        • tsbhoa.p.jr, that’s a funny comment. Probably a great self defense tip for any sheep in the wrong neighborhood.

  3. Did you see how he muzzle swept the cameraman with his faggy bedazzled ARE-15? This chicken hawk coward doesn’t know the first thing about guns or gun safety. What a disgrace.

        • Whoa, there tsbhoa.p.jr. Easy on the Muddy Girl slingin’. Bought a 10/22, LC9S, and AR15 in Muddy Girl for my GF. She kits out in total Muddy Girl camo for the range or the farm. I’d dare any man to try to take that AR from her within 600 yds. This girl can lay down suppressive fire and ring steel as well as any man. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Yee-Freakin-Haw!!! Your Gal sounds like a true keeper… God Bless and carry on Sir…

    • Gun safety and education should be part of every school curriculum…since gun ownership is a part of our Constitution and helped free us from British rule in the first place.
      I mean ongoing…not just a class or two. Starting in grade school and continuing through High School.
      Meaningful classes and instruction would go a long way to instill respect for what guns can do.

    • Thank god this politician has TONS more exposure/ attention than you get….
      Go back to suckling your mother’s tit…..
      This LITTLE PUNK is jealous about this guy’s AMERICAN FLAG decorated AR….
      Just because your daddy gives you his “fun gun” every night before he tucks you in, don’t take it out on everyone else… and brush your teeth you nasty mfer….

        • Support it??? They are it!! Let’s recall. Aw, yes, the KKK, Jim Crowe laws, segration, and on and on. All aimed at depriving blacks the ability to self defense and to protect their rights and their families. All created by Southern Democrats…..who largely were the slave owners. But, the northern Conservatives fought to free the blacks from the Southern Democrat Cotton Plantations. Then, 100 years later in the 1960’s, the Democrats realized that there is more power, control, and money in Government than cotton. The Dems placed the blacks….and as many non-blacks as possible…..on the Government Plantation. They could tax others to pay for the shanty shacks, collard greens and sow belly, thumping the mis-guided into submission…….and the Dems get all the black votes. What a plan!!!! And, the blacks keep voting for life on the Government Plantation. Didn’t Einstein observe that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and still expecting a different outcome.
          Now, ole Bolshevik Bernie, Lieawatha, et el want to complete the process of putting all the Little Peeps onto the Government Plantation. Just need to get those pesky awful guns out of the hands of the peasants.

  4. hahahaha that was funny! I dont really care for that dipped flag pattern but I have seen some tasteful flag ones out there.

  5. I won’t even drive through DC because I can’t be absolutely sure I don’t have any spent brass in my car (had a bag of my empties fall over in the back) and yet this guy has an ar15 hanging on his wall. I guess laws (even repugnant ones) only really apply to the little people.

    • “I guess laws (even repugnant ones) only really apply to the little people”

      Not if the little person’s name is Bloomberg.

  6. Even replica guns are prohibited in those office buildings. He’ll look like a fool if someone really does come and take it. I get the posture, but fight smart.

    • Aye you TRULY that stupid????
      This guy HAS AN OFFICE in D.C.
      You DO NOT so yes, you’re right, you’re a “little man”….. and he’s an elected official…. the same rules DO NOT APPLY to him….
      How fkn dumb are you people??? I’m going to assume you’re a child or mentally challenged….jeez

        • Lay off. He’s only just turned 12 and his body is going through some very confusing changes right now.

      • If this guy is flaunting the fact that he lives by a different set of rules than the rest of us, then I don’t think I would be high-fiving him for this little stunt. Unless he’s busy fighting to overturn these two-tier laws, then he’s just another D.C. hypocrite.

        • Don’t forget he’s also a draft dodging coward who hid behind daddy instead of answering his country’s call to service.

  7. I appreciate the sentiment.

    Yes, the presentation could have been better. At least a simple gun rack rather than those two dry wall screws the gun is balanced on. Put some sights on it. I don’t even mind so much if the innards were removed for this show, but the charging handle would look better if closed and secured.

    So points for effort and the message, not so much on the details.

  8. I love the sentiment. If that is a >10 round magazine in DC he may have some problems.

    You can tell he’s not a shooter but who cares? Every ally we have is one more that they don’t have.

    • I’d love to see DC police try and indict him on less evidence than had for David Gregory for what is clearly political speech
      (“looks like” is insufficient for proof. They’d have to get a warrant, secure the object, and actually be able to provide it as evidence. Otherwise he could just say it’s a pinned magazine or whatever else would be necessary)

  9. I’m on the edge of his district by a couple hundred yards. Both Buck and my Congressman have some strangely shaped districts.

    But at least Saudi Aurora doesn’t dilute either of them. Small mercies and whatnot.

  10. Here’s a man telling Jim Crow Gun Control Joe and the pervert beto to take a hike and you have slackers on this forum nitpicking over nothing. Put on your big boy pants and show some respect for a man who could have just as easily said nothing and gave the rhetoric of Jim Crow Joe and beto a pass.

  11. Maybe others will take a hint and start publicly opposing the likes of creepy grabby joe and commie sanders. They better understand though that the lapdog media will try and demonize them to the public.

    • I prefer “Bolshie Bernie”, but Creepy Joe allying with Beto MS-13 is a worry. Senility and overzealous combined.

  12. So basically a toy. Some balls…As If. Grow some and put a Real AR on the wall. Unless of course the good BCG is handy. Which is doubtful. Playing games especially by the Enemies rules is never a winning strategy. Words mean nothing to an Enemy who neither Fears or Respects the speaker. Idol actions mean nothing to an Enemy. Who knows they are hollow. Keep Your Powder dry.

    • my congressman has a real one….even showed him shooting it in his campaign ads…and he’s a democrat!…

  13. I have ben wanting one for a while but they only offer the same old 2 calibers. If they decide to make one in 10mm, with a Glock magazine I will be sure to buy one.

  14. The PEOPLE of DC need to remove the unconstitutional laws that dispense of their rights to “bear arms”. Remember that the Constitution was written in the 1790’s and that the CHOICE of words was EXACT. The closest English dictionary is the Webster’s FIRST EDITION of the American English Language (1828?). Bottom line is that the FOUNDING FATHERS never suggested that ANY weapon would be banned against self defense. In fact there was never an argument about self-defense at all.
    The question was how to assure that the GOVERNMENT was ALWAYS afraid of the people and the people NEVER afraid of the government. The result was the right to bear arms. Arms being EVERY weapon of armament available to the government at any time. Including Cannon, Mortar, SHIPS OF BATTLE, RIFLE, PISTOL and any other arm available to government that could possibly be used to place the foot of government on the neck of the people. The founding fathers themselves actually OWNED each of these weapons.

  15. Let me tell you all something. They came in the early morning hours, 27 of them, to Roger Stones home and rousted him out. Keep running your mouth. They burned women and children alive at Waco. They murdered right down to the dog at Ruby Ridge. They shot LaVoy in cold blood. If they want this loud mouth’s gun they will get it.

  16. Listen, If YOU let them( Democrats) Take your guns, then they can have total rule. Then they can stop your freedom of speech. Do you all under stand that you give the government 1 inch they take a mile. You all know it . To keep our guns is the only way we have a chance. Say what you want laugh, joke whatever, But you know guns are what the Government fears. They do not have control over you, YET

  17. They wont come they will send young people that grew up democrat ; most should tell the do it yourself.

  18. They would send Tulsi Gabbard, who would just shoot them in the face and take over the Dumbocrat party, as the only man with any balls and actual ability, experience, and debating skills. Assholes.


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