Bernie Sanders Socialist gun control
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., (AP Photo/John Locher)
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From the CCRKBA . . .

Targeting what it calls “harmfully misleading” information, Twitter has identified a tweet from presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders that shows he was all wet when he claimed 40 percent of gun sales in the U.S. didn’t include a background check, so the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is calling on Sanders to correct the error and apologize.

“Truth always seems to be the first casualty when gun control advocates start talking,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “but Bernie ought to know better. That 40 percent claim has been debunked so many times in the past, especially when Barack Obama used it, that one would think Sanders might have heard about it. The Washington Post Fact Checker took Obama to the wood shed when he repeated the claim a few years ago, and surely Sanders must remember. He can’t be that long in the tooth.”

Sanders’ Twitter post said this: “Forty percent of the guns in this country are sold without any background checks. We have to end the absurdity of the gun show loophole.” NBC News first reported on the Twitter effort Thursday.

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“Bernie’s estimate comes from a very small telephone survey done more than 25 years ago, during the Clinton administration, and it has been discredited,” Gottlieb noted. “But for some reason, this 40 percent claim has become something of an urban legend that too many people persist in repeating. Maybe they think that if they say it often enough, it will become the truth.

“Frankly,” he added, “we’re delighted Twitter is trying to identify disinformation, and using Bernie’s bogus tweet as an example just might send a message to other people—especially his rivals on the Democratic presidential campaign trail—to be more careful, especially when talking about Second Amendment issues.

Bernie Sanders False Gun Show Loophole
Courtesy PolitiFact

“It would help for Sanders to come clean and admit the mistake,” Gottlieb suggested. “Then, again, he’s running as a Democrat Socialist, so we probably shouldn’t hold out much hope.”


With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

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    • Doesn’t matter. bernie ain’t getting it. The dnc, bought by bloomberg will bend bernie over again. The party will fracture and the gop will own America.

      • The big question will be when the Republicans actually take back the Senate AND the house, with Trump in office, will they actually do anything to expand our 2A rights? If they don’t pretty quickly, we need to burn up their phones with our ire!

      • I wouldn’t bet on unoposed Republicans to return us to gun rights state as it was before 1934. Even now they just barely hold the status quo whenever they are holding the power and they never push back against existing infringements. If GOP doesn’t have to distinct themselves from Democrat gun grabbers by posing as defender of (remaiders of) our RTKBA, why would they?

        • As I keep saying. It’s all about the judges. Trump is remaking the federal courts. His picks are young enough and conservative enough to have a positive effect for two generations to come.

          The alternative is bernie or hillary or bloomberg picking those judges. Who would you rather have in the oval office when rbg goes to her reward?

  1. Lies are all they have. And it will show in 2020. MAGA(honestly, I’ve thought America has always been great.) But MAGA anyways, motherphucker.

    • I am often reminded of Reagan (not the first to say it but most widely heard) saying “I told the Democrats to stop lying about me and I’ll stop telling the truth about them.”

  2. Back in the USSR…breadline bernie 2020. Obviously breadline’s followers are history illiterates and do not know the roots of gun control are in racism and genocide.

      • As a Vermonter,who never voted for said Communist crumudgeon,if the worthless,carpet bagging, cork sucker were to ever obtain the presidency,America would feel the Burn because he and his sandernista’s would burn America to the ground.

        • May I introduce you to Elaine Chao, better known as Mrs. Mitch McConnell.

          You may recognize her name, she’s a cabinet secretary for president Donald Trump.

          Secretary Chao and her father are billionaire business owners in Communist China. Republican Mitch has received millions in gifts from his father-in-law in China.

          But of course, Mitch actually sleeping with the communist Chinese is not a problem, no conflict of interest here! Fake news!

        • … and the standard leftist racism comes out. Just because his wife is Chinese doesn’t mean she or her family work for the CCP.

        • Miner while there is a potential connection in the McConnell it doesn’t seem to translate into our playing nice with China in various negotiations thus far. Now about Bloomberg and his glossing over every misdeed of the commie oligarchs, yeah think we will take our chances with Ms. McConnell.

        • It makes sense that miner and his ilk would be looking for a Chinese collusion angle because they couldn’t squeeze any water out of the Russian collusion rock no matter how long and how desperately they tried.

        • Whiner49er is just pissed at how Elaine Chao made the antifa fags back down when then confronted her and Mitch after dinner (while walking to their SUV). This happened a while ago, but the vid is still online.
          antifa tried to block them from accessing their vehicle, but Elaine didn’t back down, actually got right up in their faces. Must see video IMHO.
          Good for Elaine.
          Seeing her taking heat on TTAG from the likes of WHINER9er makes me respect her even more.

  3. Newsflash! Good ol Uncle Bernie has been doin this same sh*t for 50 years. He never gets called on it because his supporters are either all too stoned or mesmerized by his “passionate sincerity”!

  4. That guy looks like a mad scientist about to apply electricity to his monster that he made out of a bunch of non matching monster parts.

    • Hey, that’s not fair. Mad scientists are honest, hard working folks. I know a few.

      You try and make a flesh golem outta spare parts starting to get a little . . . stale . . . and we’ll see how well you do.

      No self-respecting mad scientist would touch Bernie with a 10 yard pole. That much stupid would ruin their monster and they’d have to start over from scratch.

      Show a little courtesy, will ya. 🥴🤣

    • No, he was only issued a half cup of that horrible environment eating stuff by AOC since more than that would violate the rules of her latest five year Green New Deal Plan. He ran out when he reached 66 miles per hour, she has promised to let him use her steam locomotive once they get some of that high-speed rail line track laid. Her buddy Omar offered to help but misunderstood and got busy laying pipe with her brother, but that is a story for another day!

  5. So what if it was true? It’s none of your business who buys and sells guns to begin with.

    But I will give Orville Redenbacher a pass here on account of the Alzheimer’s…

  6. People can argue all day long over the discredited 40% figure, but that really misses the point. That figure is discredited on the basis of the specific study’s weaknesses. Fair enough. However, the fact remains that some firearm sales–whatever the percentage of total annual sales transactions of all types–do take place without a background check. The point is background checks themselves, not particular percentages.

    Yes, calling this a “gun show loophole” is not a mere misnomer, because it’s blatant and willful and therefore qualifies as a lie. Gun shows confer no special exemption to any firearms law, of course. Nevertheless, you’re just not going to make any political headway with anyone on the basis of arguing over an outdated study’s flawed statistical methodology. You need to make the case that background checks themselves are useless as a security measure and sinister as a firearms freedom infringement measure.

    Consider this: there’s a jack wagon competing in the Texas Republican primary for the U.S. Senate seat held by John Cornyn. This guy is a “I support the Second Amendment, but….” guy. His “but” is that background checks should block purchases by people with “terminal diseases.” Whoa…………big fella! Presumably he wants to save the terminally ill from committing suicide. Never mind what constitutes a terminal illness, since even the healthiest human specimen on the planet is mortal and destined to die someday. Let’s assume he’s referring to those with a documented six months left to live. Soooo…….does he envision linking the NICS database to everyone’s health records, or does he want doctors to report such people individually?

    This is the kind of slippery slope that “universal background checks” presents. He’s also a supporter of background checks blocking anyone on the so-called terrorist watch list. You know that one; that’s the secret government list you don’t know how you got on, how to get off, or even whether you’re on it. Yet, some would wield it as the basis for depriving you of your constitutional and civil rights by way of……..background checks. The checks are the problem, not the stats describing them.

      • Both ideas are beside the point. Nobody enforces background checks now, and nobody will when they are “universal”, as in prosecuting violators trying to purchase guns while prohibited. That’s not what it has EVER been about. It is about proving the extreme *need* to have those “universal” checks since that requires a registry. The registry is the goal, and always has been. Because that unlocks the confiscation option.

    • Right you are. Asking for a permission slip from the government to exercise a constitutionally protected human right? To buy guns we need to keep the same government on short leash? It doesn’t make much sense. It’s only natural that the government will add more and more disqualifiers to finally choke the gun trade altogether, with the usual exception for agents of state.
      The only thing wrong with any percentage of gun sales without background check is that it’s not 100 percent.

  7. So the claim is that 40% of gun sales in the USA or private sales between individuals?

    That would be two out of five transactions, correct?

    Personally, a much higher percentage of my firearm purchases have been private sales.

    I wonder if anyone on this list will be honest and provide a rough estimate of their own purchase history, private sales versus retail…

    • Mine may be what he’s talking about, mine are largely retail without a background check, since a background check is not required when you have a carry license.

      • Mine too, over 2 dozen purchases in ’18 & ’19. No background check due to a Texas LTC.
        I wonder if my European purchases fall into bernies “no background check firearms” numbers too. No check is done at time of P/U from my FFL, but BATFE/DOJ paperwork (including End User Certs) are submitted and approved before export/import (EU to US) of purchased firearms.

    • Here in Illinois we can’t even legally touch a gun without FOID card, which requires background check. All firearm sales at FFL take not only BC, but also 72 hours waiting period. Private sales require approval from the state police which checks if buyer’s FOID is valid. Seller must keep record of this approval.

      These commonsense gunsafety measures makes us the safest state in the Union and Chicago has no guncrime whatsoever. Wait,…nevermind.

  8. Have you seen the huge crowds at the Bernie rallies?

    The People have heard the Message Of Bernie.

    And the MOB is spreading.

    • Yup… we’re going to need an awful lot of piano wire and lamp posts. But it’s ok, we kicked your commie faces in once, we can do it again.

    • “Have you seen the huge crowds at the Bernie rallies?”
      Yeah, about 1/20th the size of Trumps crowd.
      It’s rumoured a few in bernie crowds ACTUALLY have jobs, are NOT stoners, and are NOT suffocating under a mountain of student loan debt while living in their moms basement.

  9. Sanders is the only candidate that understands and wants to protect the constitution of the USA. He has to have some gun control policy to win the democratic nomination. He’s our best bet for not loosing our rights. Trump is a looser and an embarrassment to our nation. He hasn’t done anything to support our 2A rights. And as a republican I will not vote for that vile crap of a human.

        • What all of you are missing here is that nothing will happen that is not suppose to happen to Gods Will. President Trump is Gods anointed servant, and he has him right where he us supposed to be. Do you not see that he is protected from the long arm of the Law, he has defeated every thing that has come up against him. God is not a socialist and his word never returns void. God uses people for his Will and believe or don’t does not matter because what is suppose to happen will happen some will like it and some will not, but know this we are not in control of what is to happen but you can rest assure that if those that want to be so social leaving God out of the equation you will pay the fiddler take it as you will believe as you will but know this you are not in control and what you say does not matter because everything will happen just as it is supposed to happen. This is a true statement just as the statement you are where you are. Just as you can’t escape yourself, you will always be you, you can’t be me but you will be you this just the example that what will happen will happen. GOD IS IN CONTROL GET USED TO IT THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN SAY OR DO TO CHANGE THIS FACT.

  10. $8650/month?

    That’s a lot of two-dollar head jobs! How do you deal with chapped lips?

    Oh, never mind – I don’t really want to know.

      • Midnight shift change at the troll farm.
        Look at the times these two first posters dropped comments on TTAG.

        “shheh says:
        February 23, 2020 at 00:42
        trump ha not done shit. google the economic growth line. and you can thank obama. its downhill from here you retard.”
        AND “ya says:
        February 23, 2020 at 00:37
        trump is. married to a russian whore. he sucks purltin off. gets peed on.”
        Welcome to TTAG girls.

  11. Back in 2016 we had a lot of fun with the “gun show loophole” crap on our NRA recruiting table at Iowa gun shows. I brought couple boxes of FrootLoops and we handed them out at the show. Even showed up at a couple democrat “rallies” and passed them out. We also had an offiicial wicker “Basket or Deplorables” we picked up at a Goodwill store. Got to have fun mocking these freaks.

    Interestingly, now that the Iowa Caucuses are over, Bloomberg is blanketing the advertising airwaves with his crap. A bit late here, but I’m not certain he’s all that bright, and when you have money to burn, go for it. The other democraps ought to hit him for this- think of all the “good” he could be doing with that dough. Think of the children, the women, the minorities…

  12. Sanders’ entire economic program was “debunked” in Ukraine in 1930-1934. Nobody should be surprised that his views on gun control are equally contemptible.

    Of course being a supporter of the “Green New Holodomor”, he has to know that he can’t impose a combination of the Holodomor, Hitler’s Hunger Plan, Mao’s Great Leap Forward and Pol Pot’s Year Zero on people can resist with armed force.

  13. You people underestimate Bernie. He has the support of 80% of the youth. That means Greta and Mr. Hogg and their followers. America is ready for a Socialist leader and Bernie will prevail in November. As Stalin stated, “There is no murder in paradise.” You fools are obsolete.

    • “You people underestimate Bernie. He has the support of 80% of the youth.”

      And they are gonna be pissed when the DNC hands the nomination to Bloomie at the national convention this summer that will be brokered… 😉

  14. It should be a CRIMINAL ACT to use a known false statistic for political purpose and change.
    The charge should be criminal acts to harm the Untied States of America with intent to violate or change the United States Constitution. The minimum prison sentence should be that of violation of civil rights under color of law, There should be a requirement that maximum prison sentence be invoked.

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