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The Virginia legislature has passed nearly all of Governor Ralph Northam’s slate of gun control bills, including a “red flag” law and universal background checks. The only major restriction that didn’t get legislative approval was an “assault weapon” sales ban. That bill has been pushed to next year’s session.

The governor issued this statement of appreciation for all of the hard work by the civilian disarmament community in pushing these bills over the line.

This is an historic day in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Every year we lose more than one thousand Virginians to gun violence. Thirty-two lost at Virginia Tech. Twelve people shot and killed at their workplace in Virginia Beach. A nine-year-old girl shot and killed at a cookout. A three-year-old shot and killed right outside his home. And many more Virginians lost every day to tragedies that do not make headlines, but devastate families and communities, nonetheless.

Today, this year, Virginia has said enough is enough. The emergency of gun violence must end. This legislation will help get us there.

Thank you to the many gun violence prevention advocates, some of you still grieving over the loss or injury of a loved one, who have fought for years for today.

And thank you to the legislators who finally listened to the voices of Virginians and voted to pass commonsense gun safety legislation.

These bills will save lives.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam

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    • We didn’t gain our freedom through voting, and it will not be regained through voting. The controls will increase as the locust hordes in the cities and suburbia take over along with unchecked immigration.

      • Virginions didn’t lose their freedom by voting.
        They lost by NOT voting. Turn-out was unusually low in the last election.
        We got to understand the math.

        Suppose a society consists of 100 eligible voters. (Or, 1 million; think of percentages.) Their sentiments are divided. When all of them vote, election outcomes will be 49/51 sometimes and 51/49 sometimes. That’s democracy, or a republican form of government with a democratic franchise.

        But suppose only 20 eligible voters can muster the effort to get out of bed and go to the polls on election day. The outcome may be 9/11 or 11/9. That’s democracy. Whichever side, red or blue, is more successful in motivating that last voter from its constituency of about 50 or so eligible voters wins.

        That last voter is 1 out of a constituency of 50 voters. That’s just 2% of the constituency.

        Gun owners, conservatives, Republican Party members didn’t muster the effort to get-out-the-vote of their constituents. Gun controllers, Progressives and Democrat Party members DID get-out-the-vote. They prevailed. And will continue to prevail unless and until the former constituency votes.

        Getting out the vote doesn’t necessarily mean the vote tally is honest. Election fraud can easily tip the outcome. In Chicago the dead vote early and often. In some precincts illegal aliens vote. In others, individual voters make the rounds of multiple precincts where they have registered to vote.

        Unless and until we get out the vote and strive to keep elections honest, we will have no moral claim should – God forbid – the process devolves to politics by other means.

        • Uh, vote all you want. There are more anti-gun voters who live in the Democrat cities than pro-gun voters who live everywhere else. You will lose.

        • “Uh, vote all you want.”

          We will, and you and all your little shit buddies will be crying crocodile tears later this year, jackwad… 😉

        • Hey, Geoff–95% of Americans don’t own ARs, and over 60% of Americans want them banned. Sorry you weren’t a math major. Good luck being a goober and whatnot.

        • A shame this commentary section is being overrun by trolling millennial morons like cgray quoting made up stats and Leftist opinions.

          ONE troll multiple UserID’s is usually the case.

        • Cgray, sounds like you approve of the substantially higher rate of death, brought to you by the white knights of ex parte fauxderal court. Fit’s right in with the character assassination so common among BA holders.

        • No, Virginians lost their rights because they forfeit them. Unalienable rights are not subject to votes and legislation, what the vote was is irrelevant, the language of the legislation is irrelevant, and the opinion of the Governor is Irrelevant. If unalienable rights were subject to political whims then they aren’t very unalienable, are they?

          The people of Virginia could drag the traitors and wanabe tyrants out into the street and make it clear that their rights are not to be infringed upon, just like the good old days, but we all know that’s not going to happen. Its well known now that ‘we the people’ of today are just a bunch of push overs and hot air; no one is going to risk being separated from their family with a lifetime piston sentence, lose their job, home, or drag everyone around them through the US injustice system. They will roll over like good little tax cattle and hide their guns away like everyone else did before them.

          Playing by the rules in a broken and corrupt system will get you nowhere, that is the ugly truth.

    • No state offices are up for grabs in November, and there’s no way in hell the republicans win this state in a national contest.

      All hope is lost for that state. Hell, the Virginia GOP is particularly responsible for this year’s cluster cuss by abandoning almost 30 house seats by not running a challenger against the Dems last November.

      • They did not run a challenger in many areas because of redistricting. Virginia was gerrymandered for the democrats by a Berkeley California communist. Virginia also suffered more than 8 years of illegals, dreamers, and economic migrants being settled disproportionately in red areas. China funded Maoist communist organizations in Virginia to get out the vote among these immigrants and further tip the scales. The Republicans would have been throwing money away in those areas and chose instead to concentrate on the places where they had at least a snowballs chance in hell of winning. On top of that Bloomberg poured tons of money into democrats and finally there was a low turnout.

        • I should add that for all the lame stream media hype about non existent Russian interference in the 2016 election, none of them seemed to care about Chinese meddling in Virginia’s election.

        • When a very large influx of other Americans come from surrounding states and California into Virginia there must be proper representation of the population.

          Stop blaming fictional illegal redistricting and millions of illegal immigrant voters for Republicans not winning after 24 years of dominance.

          The reason Republicans lost to the Democrats was Charlottesville and Virginia Beach. The so called Unite the Right Rally actually united Democrats. Then Virginia Beach made Republicans look very bad, as they refused to debate gun control with Democrats by shutting down the special session immediately.

          The boomer vote is now being rivaled by the millennial vote. It’s not like it used to be. The county has changed, not because of the illegal Mexicans. Two generations of Americans have been raised in a socialist schooling system, designed to make them into good little workers for the party. You can see this outcome in the Democrats’ nomination contenders being Biden and Bernie. The youth want Bernie very badly, violence for some is not out of the question. The elderly want Biden over Bernie. The establishment wants Trump, thus they will likely go with Biden as the nominee…

          Republicans lose because they refuse to do what is needed to win, they intentionally stand down. When Virginia Republicans vote for a bill that allows anti gunners to buy a license plate from the DMV that says “Stop gun violence,” it’s as clear as it gets. When you see numerous Virginians driving around with “Stop gun violence” on their cars don’t be wondering whom to thank for that.

          By the way, it’s not solely the Republicans of Virginia. It happens in every state. Look what they did to constitutional carry in Texas and Tennessee. Look at what happened to Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, etc. So don’t feel like it’s just your people. It’s the entire party. You’re going to be surprised what happens after the next election, I personally won’t because I know what’s coming.

        • but the republicans seldom if ever challenge the redistricting that is easily recognizable as a plot to take over the states . Both sides try it but the courts should not allow it.

      • And this why incumbent political parties should not be allowed to change electoral districts. Downunder there are state and federal electoral commissions whose job is to ensure the districts are approximately the same size for representation.

    • November and what? Voting for the GOP, with some of their people in office who infringe on your 2A rights nearly as much as any gun grabbing libtard? Do you know what happened in Florida after the mass shooting at Parkland H.S in Broward? Both the republicans and democrats voted in favor of anti 2A laws

    • My understanding is that the Virginia state elections won’t be until 2021. Redistricting was also apparently a factor in the last election

  1. People Virginia should be very very mad! You folks should be tarring and Feathering the governor! Oh that’s right they passed red flag laws! So you can’t do that! We want the voters the angry Institute Rebellion against the Supreme Democratic National Party! Welcome to the league, behind the Iron Curtain here in the Eastern Chicano states.. such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts,etc. Residents who’ve lost their rights. Now subject to the whims of a local city and state police departments! Who will now control your second amendment privilege, May issue, May allowed to purchase, may allow you to own, just maybe!

    • Quote: “We want the voters the angry Institute Rebellion against the Supreme Democratic National Party!”

      I wish everyone would use their correct name: What was at one time the Democrat Party is now the Communist Party USA. Democrats adopted the whole agenda of the Communist Party many years ago. The seek the destruction of America.

    • I think there is now 20 states with gun confiscation powers, for police, without due process of law. Thanks to Trump (and the NRA) championing the cause. With 8 years of Trump, I foresee at least 25 states to pass gun confiscation for the incoming blue waves to use.

      How does Virginia go down in flames when the big bad conservative NRA is headquartered there? Why didn’t the former Democrat legislative aid [Wayne] fight like hell to defend their home turf? How can the NRA claim to be all powerful if they can’t even keep their state out of the hands of gun grabbers?

      Red flag laws have never been for the ex-wife to use on her dumbass ex. It was designed for the police to always have the power to decide who gets to have guns. Every red flag law allows the government to confiscate on their own. They don’t need an ex-wife to file for the order of confiscation.

      Virginian Republicans (mostly the white ones) truly believe that law enforcement won’t enforce what they already have been enforcing [gun control]. They think West Virginia will come to save them or they could simply flee there for sanctuary.

  2. I wonder if the firearm crime rate will go downing VA in the next year? Of course not, and the gun grabbers will blame guns from other states coming to VA.

    • Ironic, as NY has long blamed VA as the source of its illegal guns, but history has shown gun control advocates to be completely blind to irony.

      • And statistic on crime guns in both NY and Chicago show that the vast majority come from within New York state and Illinois.

    • The reason they used to limit sales to one gun a month was saving other states from Virginians’ stolen guns being smuggled into anti gun states.

      So… Anti gun states have a problem with gang violence and the guns they have come from other places? Well, sounds like Virginia residents should be punished. It only makes perfect sense. They shouldn’t be owning guns in the first place. Luckily, we now have gun confiscation powers to allow us to take their guns before they do bad things. Ain’t a police states so great?

  3. Well. Isn’t he special.
    In a year or two, after some people’s rights are violated and maybe someone dies when the cops come to seize property without due process, we will find that these new laws did absolutely nothing.

    Kabuki theater.

    • You look at it from your perspective. Looking at is from theirs, you will see the laws are working as intended.

      Democrats are not stupid just because you want them to be. They’re highly intelligent and clever. They’re evil geniuses that can slip in without waking the victim. Once the victim awakens they have already been violated too many times to notice when they haven’t.

      • “Democrats are not stupid just because you want them to be. They’re highly intelligent and clever.”

        Yeah, we saw how smart and ‘clever’ they were in the 2016 election, running against a reality TV star who brags about grabbing ‘pussies’.

        And the democrats managed to fuck that up!!

        So smart! So clever!!!

        And you know what? They are gonna fuck up the 2020 election, as well!!!

        • With Trump they have gotten more gun control than they could with Obama. The debt increased way more than previous administrations. Military operations increased compared to Obama’s. Corporations are being favored over the American people.

          These are all things Democrats wanted. They got it.

          Bigger military, more militarized police, state level gun confiscation powers, arbitrary gun control, gun control and red flag federal enforcement teams, etc.

          Have you ever thought running (the highly hated) Hillary and stealing the nomination from Bernie was intentional? Remember when the FBI/Democrats came out right before the election to say Hillary’s email scandal was worse than thought?

          Now they are trying to gift Biden the nomination. They know Biden cannot win against Trump. They were told to stiff arm Bernie and Bernie was told to fall in-line (again). Bernie has a chance to beat Trump if the voters show up.

  4. The silver lining is the one handgun a month rule. As a gun nut, I interpret that law to mean it is my civic duty to purchase a handgun every month. I shall aspire to be one of those “law-abiding gun owners” I’ve read about.
    I’m not in VA, but the beretta M9A3 is my choice for March.

    • The Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion is my March Gun of the Month. Ordered and paid for. Just waiting for my FFL to receive it. Only question now is, what to do for April? Smith and Wesson 686 in the 5-inch barrel version? It’s on my short list for sure.

    • Try to escape to Arizona as soon as possible. They need the help and they are one of the best for guns. Don’t be fooled into moving to Texas or Florida.

  5. The people of Virginia and all these other slave states. Have to try and vote these retards out of office as soon as possible.
    Get the right folks and their collective asses in the proper chair and vote these assnine anti people laws out. If not. Grow some ballz and show a little civil disobedience.
    I dont live in any of these states but having stage 4 cancer Ive got nothing to loose if it comes down here while I am still alive. Id show them some civil disobedience for sure. I have my list premade.

  6. You’re welcome Ralph… *sniffle* …. you’re welcome. It’s nice to know SOME people are grateful for all my hard work.

    • Double down with more laws.

      That’s the only play aspiring authoritarian governments know until their economy is trashed and their citizens starving and the benevolent Chinese or some other government restores order-for a price.

  7. Looking forward to hearing from you about your retirement plans now that Virginians will remember to vote next time you are up.

    • It might be too late. The 2020 census will redraw some lines and with the blue legislature, they will redistrict in a way to prevent Republicans from winning. Also look at the overall state. When was the last time a Republican held a state wide election? 2019 was the year the Republicans needed to retain at least one of the VA houses to have a seat at the redistricting table. Now they will get whatever they want shoved down their throats. While everyone was focused on gun laws, they passed a lot of other bad laws in the shadows that nobody noticed.

      • Virginia Democrats got a double win thanks to a Wisconsin SCOTUS redistricting win. Virginia was redistricted by an Appeals Court order that let a bunch of leftwing academics tilt things in favor of the Democrats. Then after the Wisconsin case went to SCOTUS and they ruled in favor of the State the Democrat controlled legislature now gets to retain and strengthen that advantage.

  8. It was not a good year for Virginians but Northam did not get his most important piece of gun banning legislation through the Legislature — the AWB and magazine limits. And he won’t get it next year because it’s an election year.

  9. So far almost a flawless victory. Yet Republicans still believe their cute “I will not comply” rally (where they complied with all the rules) actually did something. Republicans still believe their so called sanctuary letters have any legal standing and the promises of sheriffs (up for reelection) will matter in the end.

    It’s very simple: you will comply or you will die. That’s what your “necessary evil” brings every population eventually.

    The Dems got like 8 out of 9 of the gun related bills they wanted. The other is likely to pass depending on polling for their reelection. There is a good chance they go 9 for 9.

    Republicans are such winners. Got to love how the boomers gifted us such a great position to fight from.

  10. cgray said, “Hey, Geoff–95% of Americans don’t own ARs, and over 60% of Americans want them banned.” Math is not an issue and is mute. Keep in mind that there are: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics!

  11. The democrat VA Gov. Is nothing more than a Jim Crow Gun Control Racist. The fools who voted for him are members of the KKK by default. Gun Control…its roots are in racism and genocide.

  12. Those bills will not make a difference with crime in Virginia. It is just a smoke screen for the gun grabbers. Let us have some real metrics to determine if they worked and we will find out they did not. But, they would not repeal bills that are passed if they do not work.

  13. I am noticing very few Virginians have anything to say about the big L they took. Maybe that has to do with the fact now they can’t open their mouths without risking their guns being confiscated. Or they could have stopped paying attention after they claimed victory for postponing 1 bill.

    Now all those Virginians that danced the boogaloo at the capital have to be very careful due to the government having their facial scan. I’m sure they will like to pay a visit to Virginians that were suspicious and this time around they could bring an order to take your stuff. Don’t expect to make a Youtube video telling them off and mentioning how your daddy was a cop.

    You will learn what the police were created for.

  14. I was at Richmond and the cops I talked to were very supportive. They can have my face scan, I live in Illinois.

    The governor got EVERYTHING he wanted. The assault weapons ban was a ploy and we fell for it, hook line and sinker. Now all we have to do is wait for John Roberts to save us.

  15. @chief
    You will comply or you will die?
    Naaaa I’m thinking not.you must have me confused with some of your relatives. I sincerely hope you can show up to my door one day, I’ll ask you now 10mm or 300blk which would you prefer? .357,,,.44mag jus lemme know.you keep complying like you always have done and I’ll keep doing my thing. Dont threaten me boy feed your ass to the pigs.

  16. I grieve for gun owners in Virginia. I used to be one but had legal residency in another state where fortunately it has not happened yet. Low conservative turnout is one problem. The concentration of federal employees in NoVA and the Tidewater is another. Frankly, with the demographics, Republicans have been naively stupid to go with rabid right to life candidates as Lt. Governor. It helped them lose the last two elections. A number of you will disagree because for you abortion is a litmus test issue. It also is for the female voters in the NoVA and Tidewater suburbs. And it puts looney Democrats like Northam into office. Republicans need to look at the electability of anti abortion candidates in states with demographics like Virginia. That’s a lot of states. I know this comment will bother some of you. But do you want more like Northam to be elected?

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