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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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While none of the candidates vying for the Democratic presidential nomination can be said to be anything but bad on Second Amendment rights, there’s always that one.

Eric “Duke Nukem” Swalwell ran his low-single-digit campaign on a platform of enforcing unconstitutional edicts with overwhelming military force. He was the stalking horse for other, more credible candidates.

Once Swalwell was laughed out of the race, Robert Francis O’Rourke became the low-polling equine extra; “Hell yes, we’re gonna take your AR-15.” Extra, exit; stage left.

I believe Cory Booker is the next understudy to assume the stalking horse role, so let’s see what he’s been up to while being upstaged by the others.

Cory Booker Confronts Meghan McCain, Says Guns Have Killed More Americans ‘In My Lifetime Than in Every Single War Combined’
“We’ve had more people die in America in my lifetime than in every single war combined.”

And several times as many killed by medical misadventure; 200,000 to 400,000 every year. Shall we ban doctors?

“Machine guns—we don’t have them on the streets anymore, because in the 1980s, we banned them. We had a practical way to do that.”

Well, ignoring for the moment that FOPA only banned new machineguns, we never had very many “on the street.” I’ve only found five confirmed criminal uses of machines since 1934, all but one of which was after passage of FOPA.


“Shahad Smith was killed on my block by an assault rifle last year.”

Wait. Booker just told us that we don’t have machineguns on the streets anymore, but then claims Smith was killed “by” a machinegun? (Of course, we know he meant “assault weapon,” but deliberately used the wrong term to sow confusion in the minds of the uniformed.)

And this brings us to the real meat of Booker’s position. His citation of the Shahad Smith case is very telling. Who was he?

Smith, the sort of person whom Booker believes should have been protected by restrictions on lawful firearms owners, was a convicted felon with a history of arrests on drug and assault charges.

Just think, Booker thinks that fine criminal could still be walking around if only his proposed victim disarmament laws had been in place. Except…New Jersey already has an “assault weapon” ban. Yet the law didn’t save him from other criminals.

And Booker knows it.

“What I saw when I was mayor is how easy it is for criminals to get their hands on guns,” said U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J. “People who would not pass a background check, how easy it was for them to still get a gun.”

Ah, the Democrats’ notion of less extreme positions.

Swalwell: I’ll send the military to kill you.

O’Rourke: I’ll only steal your stuff, and send the police to kill you.

And now the “more reasonable” Booker: Only honest people obey laws, so I’ll steal their stuff and let my criminal constituency steal the rest.

Booker will milk that for campaign donations until the return on the time investment eventually forces him to drop out of the race, too. Then we’ll see who is the next candidate ordered to fall on his or her sword.

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  1. “But…

    “Shahad Smith was killed on my block by an assault rifle last year.”

    Wait. Booker just told us that we don’t have machineguns on the streets anymore, but then claims Smith was killed “by” a machinegun? (Of course, we know he meant “assault weapon,” but deliberately used the wrong term to sow confusion in the minds of the uniformed.)”

    Apparently the informed are confused too. Either your Booker quote is wrong, or your analysis failed.

    • Booker doesn’t know the difference. or is being disingenuous and trying to finger ‘assault weapons’ rather than actual assault rifles, which the article acknowledges.

      • Don’t forget Booker supports putting little girls in prison for making a finger gun.

        The insanity of the left is going to destroy this country if they ever get the kind of control they want.

    • In what way is my analysis of that pair of statements incorrect? Assault rifles are machineguns. Booker said machineguns are no longer on the street, but said the person was killed”by” a machinegun.

      • Language. What we know, what they know, and how they hope to dupe those who don’t know. While our side screws around arguing semantics, they’re gaining ground. You know what Booker meant. He differentiates between machine guns and “assault rifles” to facilitate further infringement of the right recognized by the 2A.

        My point is you are playing games with words just like he is. They got the machine guns. They want everything. Don’t think they don’t know the difference.

        • No, I am using words correctly. “Machinegun” is a legal term defined in US Code. “Assault rifle” is also a specific technical term, and falls within the legal definition of machinegun. Booker knows that, and he is deliberately misusing the term assault rifle to confuse the poorly informed. The specific technique — using words to cause people to think they are speaking of banning automatic weapons rather than semiautomatic firearms goes back to the 1980s HCI.

          He could have used the term “assault weapon,” since that is a legal term defined in New Jersey law. He chose not to.

  2. Booker may be a disingenuous, opportunist who uses race, hatred, and fear to promote himself, but there are some mighty fine Portugese restaurants in his district. Paella heaven!

  3. Ban Tobacco and stomp down on PREVENTABLE medical mistakes and we are approaching upwards of the 1,000,000 deaths a year.
    Oh but wait just a dog gone second, GUN Control is so much more headline grabbing fun! I mean, Tobacco is big big dollars and going after doctors would go over like a fart in church. But guns….and couch cough assault weapons….what ever those are but I have several in my closet I think, that’s gets the medias attention and gives the high paid mouths go juice. Pitbull attacks and plane crashes is so yesterday but GUNS….oh boy, that gets the passions going huh!
    C’mon Booker, open your mouth. We need a new whipping child.

    • You left out the largest contributor to the murder of children. One the Booger supports. Abortion…Which kills on average 500,000 victims each year. Over 600,000 last year based on CDC numbers. Over 45 million since 1970. Abortion is a court mandated right. The 2nd Amendment is codified in the Constitution.

      • Darkman, trust me when I say I find that number disgusting. Needless to say I am anti-abortion with few exceptions. Abortion when as used as birth control is a piss poor excuse for it. And NO I DON’T believe it is a woman’s right with this horse shit “her body” It is my belief that an unborn infant has rights.
        When we look at these numbers and then you have these jackass politicians talking about banning this or that when the numbers don’t make sense statically, that is nothing more than a popularity pissing match,
        but the result would INFRINGE ON MY RIGHT? They can just go F— themselves.
        Pardon my language, heat of the moment passion.

        • You wouldn’t be so angry if you knew what it is to have the company of a woman (without paying her).

        • Oh Heywood, that’s so clever! Did you think that up all by yourself or did you need help from some bar-hag you found?

        • Hey! Nothing wrong with a bar hag. I married one. She carried an m&p 40, and favored a win 30-30 in the field.. she could do the rifleman spin-cock thing.

      • Instead an article not too long ago that said that Planned Parenthood alone has killed more African American babies since it’s founding than there are currently living African Americans. Of course there are other causes of death than abortion, but still, Planned Parenthood has killed a number approaching half of our countries African American population. I find that fact pretty repugnant. And it puzzles me how, in light of such facts, and others, that Democrats can claim to support minorities?

      • 72+ million legal abortions since 1973 Roe vs Wade was enacted. A large percentage of them being minorities. Talk about genocide.

    • remember what happened to [the cinematic] Spartacus…soon it will be his turn on the cross…..

    • You would have to wonder how many medical incidents would not occur if trainee doctors were not required to work 40-80 hours, often non-stop, because of “tradition”.

      I think this would cease when the hospital administrators had to work the same hours.

  4. Pelosi, when discussing impeachment and her hypocritical consistent references to constitutional obligations when they want to climb all over the Second Amendment. Don’t tell me you honor the Constitution and attempt to negate the 2nd.

    • The Constitution is not an à la carte dinner, it is a table d’hôte or prix fixe event.

  5. Booker is a joke. The dumbest man in government. Nothing original to say about anything, parrots party line about every issue, truely a “woke” jerk off.

    • True.
      Booker’s constituency is what you’ll find in the depths of Newark and Camden. People in flyover country think he’s an urbanized East Coast NJ retard and will never identify with his idiotic Prog ideas – or his constituency.

    • Patron49ift,

      Oh, you would be wrong when you say that Booker is the dumbest person in government. United States Congressman Hank Johnson holds that dubious distinction.

      During a Congressional hearing about a possible new military base on the Island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean, Congressman Johnson asked if the added weight of the military base would cause the island to capsize into the Pacific Ocean.

      I kid you not. Video of that hearing with Johnson asking that question is readily available on YouTube.

  6. The Hughes Amendment was not legally passed into law. End of discussion.

    Btw, the human sack of waste known as Congressman Hughes died a few days ago. Good riddance.

  7. Just another run of the mill Communist looking to radically trans form the nation as Obowelmovement started,Eff em all each and everyone of them.

    • So. What exactly makes him a communist? Or are you just throwing around some term you heard on the radio that sounds derogatory?
      Let’s see.. does he want to do away with all social classes? Abolish all forms of currency? Get rid of the government itself? Those are the goals of communism.
      Hell he isn’t even a socialist.. he is just an idiot..oh and Booker is one too..

  8. An Obama wanna be who thinks he’s qualified because because they did a tv show on him running newark new jersey.

  9. CA-15 has elected Duke Nukem four times in a row, he has the luxury of being an idiot.
    Bobby Francis O’Puto is out of office, having lost his attempt at the Senate.

    But Booker has something to lose. New Jersey is Dem slanted and anti gun, but they recently had a nominally Republican governor and Republicans still have the potential to win statewide elections, especially if the Dems running against them make an extra effort to prove how stupid they can be. Either he’s counting on NJ to forget all this lunacy by 2024 (probably a safe bet, unfortunately), or he sincerely expects to be the 2024 Presidential nominee and no longer cares what the folks back home think.

  10. democrats really need to get a real party platform. I mean “trump bad” and “tax the rich to give to the poor” are not serious party platforms that will gain votes with the masses. sure these two items will invigorate the select few that don’t understand economics. the democratic party is at the same place the republicans were several years ago–ruled by extreme factions.

    • While you are right that their platform is pretty lame, it does seem to resonate with enough voters that they keep getting elected. I often wonder how. I was rather shocked when they regain control of the House in this last election. I don’t think the Republicans have ever been led so far astray as the Democrat party currently is.

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