Day One of the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot

Hot weather, hot lead, helicopters, attack dogs, gleeful gun writers and a bevy of badass ballistics. Day One of the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot (and they didn’t mean that literally) may not have been the Knob Creek machine gun shoot, but it wasn’t a day at my local gun range either. The Lucky Gunner Ammo […]

TTAG Tasteless Riddle of the Day: Postal Edition

Q: How do you know the Post Office is hiring? A: The flags are at half-mast. Okay, while everyone groans and speculates on how tasteless and tacky that riddle is in the face of the news coming out of Tennessee that two postal workers have been shot, let’s remember that it’s times like this that […]

New Mexico Pulls the Plug on Utah Concealed Carry Reciprocity. Here’s Why . . .

After the MORE button: the official press release from the New Mexico Department of Public Safety re: the termination of The Land of Enchantment’s concealed carry reciprocity agreement with Utah. Let me save you some reading-between-the-lines time. Firearms trainers from Utah (and Florida) have fanned out across the country, offering concealed carry courses to non-residents (including […]