Police officers red flag confiscation order
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“Red flag” confiscation laws are a legal abomination. By design, they deliberately eliminate due process protections by suspending an individual’s Second Amendment rights without a hearing (at least one where the targeted gun owner is present).

Red flag laws, or gun violence restraining orders as they’re sometimes called, also eliminate the need for evidence, since the presence of actual evidence of a true threat is already grounds for a regular protective order under current laws. Laws with due process protections that may include arrest (since a criminal threat is a crime, after all).

As if those features of current “red flag” laws aren’t bad enough, they take just a single type of weapon away from the allegedly dangerous target of the confiscation order, leaving the now-justifiably angry person still on street to use a baseball bat, knife, car, machete — whatever — to potentially act out in some manner.

While those features of “red flag” laws in other states are bad, Tennessee’s Sen. Sara Kyle [D-Memphis] and Rep. Gloria Johnson [D-Knoxville] have found additional ways that would give their state a “red flag” law that’s far worse than any bill I’ve seen to date in any other state or at the federal level.

Their bills (SB1807/HB1873) are crafted in such a way to make it absolutely clear that these are not simply the result of well-intentioned ignorance on the part of lawmakers. These bills are deliberately malicious.

  • Aside from the usual family/household member or police, an order may be requested by anyone who ever went on a date with the subject (any “intimate partner”), any time, anywhere.
  • The petitioner — no matter how spurious their claim — cannot be hit with any court costs.
  • The ex parte (not present) subject of a “red flag” confiscation order, however, is hit with the court costs, including those normally charged to the petitioner (“all court costs, filing fees, litigation taxes, and attorney fees shall be assessed against the respondent”).
  • The target of a confiscation order cannot have a hearing for at least five days, and it can be up to thirty days before one takes place.
  • And the pièce de résistance: An order may be requested by any Tennessee resident against anyone anywhere in the world (the respondent — target — doesn’t have to be a resident of Tennessee, though how they’d enforce those orders in other jurisdictions isn’t quite clear).

If those aren’t enough, an order can be “served” on the target simply by mailing it to their last address known to the petitioner. After that, the poor sucker is subject to arrest for “violating” the order even if he didn’t get it and doesn’t know about it. There’s a good chance of that because according to the bill’s language, “service” is complete upon dropping the envelope in the mail, not when it is received.

Just in case you were holding out hope that a judge would exercise discretion in issuing a “red flag” confiscation order, as has finally happened in Colorado, the Tennessee bills specify that confiscation petitions “shall be liberally construed procedurally in favor of the petitioner.

The proposed Tennessee red flag law also contains other provisions unseen in any other “red flag” bills: specific allowances for destroying the business of targets who are federal firearms licensees. Inventory must be disposed of within 48 hours, or locked in a safe; simply barring the targeted person from the premises while his employees do business is not allowed (unless another person is named on the federal firearms license).

I happen to have a disturbed relative who lives in Memphis. She has publicly and explicitly stated that she hates guns and wants everyone over fifty-five years of age eliminated. She made a point of telling me that on my own blog.

It’s almost as if she contacted her state senator, Sara Kyle, to request a law that would allow her to legally reach out and SWAT me where I live, here in a different state.

Kyle and Johnson should have titled their bills The Vindictive Stalker Empowerment Act.

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    • But don’t you see? That’s the scary part of these laws. THEY ARE. The only way that could ever work. One at a time.
      Just set it up so anyone who hears you mouth off at a bar can leverage the military power of a SWAT team that gets to buy all its equipment straight from The Pentagon and wait 50 years. Probably less. One by one their taking all the guns. No buy back. No puffy words about “revolution”. Just Soviet Union style KGB informants that don’t even have to worry they might have to pay court costs for informing on you.
      How do you prove you never went on a single date with someone if they say you did?

        • Thixotropic… way to miss the point!

          For years leading up to the mess we are now in, clueless arrogant people would say that exact quote…”Nah” they would say, hubris dripping off their words, “this (gun control) will never happen in the here in the U.S..


        • …Continued

          Well it has, is, and will continue to happen. These arrogant people would NOT heed the warnings.


        • was someone else’s problem because they where so c0ck-sure in their stupidity.

          I’m trying to hold back, but quite frankly people like you are part of the problem.

        • Does Hickok45 know about these Tennessee bills? I’ll warrant his popularity will make him a prize target for frivolous claims…I hope enough of the TN legislature know about these vindictive and arrogant bills.

        • I hope you’re right but 15 years ago who would have thought the DEMON RATS would go full COMMUNIST? Their LEADING candidates are either COMMIE or PERVERT!! They then try to ACT like they are the arbiters of “MORALITY”!!!

        • Elected Representatives, aka law makers being the strange creatures they sometimes are, would you care to wager a nominal amount, say one dollar? Let me know.

        • Never say never. A registered Independent candidate who is a proud socialist is leading the democrat ticket for president. Look at Virginia’s new gun laws. It is happening.

        • Yeah and just like BHO will never be president! FACE the facts; The powers that be desire to take control over this nation and the world and make it into a Communist controlled New One World Order! This is just one more straw that will break the camels back! In short time, this will happen! It has to happen given the depravity of man and Scripture! See Daniel 3/4:17 and ch 8 as well as Rev 17 KJV The thing is end like this: a one world govt w/a homosexual three part man, (part Jew, part white man and part Syrian)speaking English w/a bad right eye and a bad right arm and a dictator of a communist govt w/a one world monetary order w/all receiving a mark on their forearm or forehead and it will be Catholicism as the religion and it will be servitude to the anti-Christ and he will make all serve and bow to him or else! Many more details but…this is the way it will end up, before the very end! People will fall for this man because he will perform miracles and proclaim himself god, when he is a false god! even some Jews will be fooled, but not all!

        • Bloomberg just bought Va, he’s working hard on Fl and be assured Tn, Ky, W by-god Va and Tx are in his cross hairs… That ass hole makes 2 billion a year and with 150 billion already in the bank that’s chump change to him but it can buy a lot of local elections…. It won’t get him the White House (this time) but over the next few cycles he CAN change the political landscape for decades to come.. Way too much power for a little man with a BIG complex….

        • You’re part of the SILENT MAJORITY which, for all intents and purposes, has lost the race. We were so sure that “it would never happen” that we remained silent and now it might be too late because we are outnumbered by the lunatics !!!

      • These Karens, in this case Sara and Gloria, is what happens when you have a Gyno-centric state. Feminism is beyond out of control, and the balance is gone.

        The squad, Pelosi, the women’s march, Mothers demand action…are acting more psycho by the day, and will continue their march toward tyranny.

        There needs to be a counter culture revolt against these out of control fascists and that revolts needs to be started by sensible women who push back against this insanity.

        • They’re already getting mauled by the transgender activists.

          Look up the term “TERF” as a derogatory word that is also, let’s be honest, a wink and a nod to violence against women who don’t tow the right political line.

          These people are so fucked up that there’s enough fear out there that people reporting on the topic won’t call “TERF” what it is, a slur, because they are afraid the whackos will come after them next.

    • Tennesseans that know about this Legislation have told our Legislators, no many times, NO. Most Tennesseans do not know about this Legislation.Our President wants Red Flag Laws, by and in his own words. Tn Legislators are following his lead and helping him appear to have clean hands on Red Flag laws by not introducing it federally, and signing it. And communications to him about protecting and defending 2A are not acknowledged ,not read. Red Flag Law violate our First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Fourteenth Amendments! That this Red Flag Legislation got so far is an indictment of our Legislators..that support it. Anybody that votes for it will be turned out of office next elections, most especially if enacted. Those who support and vote for this Legislation quoting George Bush are saying “don’t throw the Constitution up to me again. It is just another Goo D—–piece of paper, I’m the President.”
      So many times we witness today Legislators have thrown out, thrown away our Constitution. They become incensed when you don’t agree with “their better judgement over the Constitution and the will fo the Citizens.” The proposition by many that we are ignorant and should be just interested observers is rejected.
      Those that vote for and support this Un-Constiutional Legislation will be turned out of office, and marked as Traitors.

  1. Wow.
    That is one VILE piece of work there by (I assume) a pair of even more vile, sub-human pieces of filth.

  2. Roy Acuff must have come back from the dead. Sounds like the way he ran the grand ole opery and tried to run Davidson county.

  3. What did we learn in yesterday’s lesson, class? Say it with me again…

    Never, never, never register your guns. Period.

  4. Sounds like anyone in the country can then swear out a red flag order against both of the two bill sponsors, without any fear of repercussion.

    • ….and do it again and again and again until they can no longer cover court costs. and then again and again and….

      then do it to every statist in Tenn, again and again and again….

    • If it passes. I say we all call in for every anti gun politician and their armed bodyguards personally! The government cannot pass and enforce a law against its pupils that does not apply to them too!

  5. Holy sheepshit Batman, I left a couple of very pissed off young women in Memphis a few years ago, sure hope they got over it….

    • These loons don’t represent the majority, not even close. This would never be voted in, and second of all the governor has already said he wouldn’t sign it. Just a few dem ladies trying to keep up with the Joneses in Virginia.

      • My question is: why would anyone want to live in the mountains? Why would anyone want to live where you must go up and down from Mt. peak to Mt. peak! Mountains, you know are an Obstacle! They are a hinderance! There will be a day when there will be NO more mountains! they will be done away with as at the first in this worlds original creation! I do NOT need to get up high in the mountains, to “SEE” God’s creation in its splendor! I just look up into the Heavens that do declare the Glory of GOD! Psalms 19:1-3 KJV There is NOT a nation upon this earth, that doesn’t have mountains that can’t see what I mean by that last verse! GOD shows HIS Glory by the sun/moon/stars/galaxies etc Even on the FLAT ocean waters this is seen! So one does NOT need the Mountains!

        • You see an obstacle, I see a barricade… Keeps the lazier among you off my front porch,, keeps me from having to shoot some dumbass that can’t read the “keep out” signs…. It’s a win win…..

    • I wouldn’t scratch them off my list just yet. Yes, this bill is insane, but this is not fertile ground for it to take root, yet. A buddy of mine moved to Chattanooga a few years ago from PA. I never expected his wife to get on board with owning a gun. She now has her CCW and she’s an ER nurse. She’s seen what can happen out there and unlike that clueless doc from Johns Hopkins, she made the logical choice.

  6. So, two Democrats who are in the minority propose a gun control bill for pure political grand standing and the gun community snowflakes lose their shit. LOL.

    Go ahead and shit your pants about these two Democrat clowns or stay informed! Your choice!

    • I’m sure that’s what the people of Virginia thought, too. The fact that those two are even in a position to propose it should be a heads up to the voters in Tennessee to be more careful about who they vote for.

      • ANY member of the TN General Assembly can propose a bill! It doesn’t mean it will go anywhere! Short of having a Republican-only legislature, gun control bills will be introduced by Democrats.

        We have a few Democrat islands in TN that do send their Senators and Representatives to the TN General Assembly. We also have a Republican SUPERMAJORITY in the TN legislature and a Republican governor.

        These two bills were introduced by two Democrats for pure political grand standing. They won’t even make it out of the committee. Anyone who actually follows TN gun politics should be more worried about the NRA screwing us again!

        TN HB1553/SB1566 (http://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/BillInfo/Default.aspx?BillNumber=HB1553) enacts permitless carry in TN and has a chance this year. The NRA screwed us last year by backing a nonsensical concealed-only permit instead of permitless carry.

  7. This the most outrageous thing I’ve seen in a long time! I think this will be neutered or just plain old shot down.

  8. If anyone issues a red flag law on me I will shootzen them a bunch of times, chop them up, boil their body and make a fine soup de jour. Then I will go after their wife and kids, the dog too, burn the house down, take a meat cleaver to anybody trying to stop me. I’ma telling you these Red Flag laws really anger me greatly. It’s a good thing I don’t get upset easily. I get to shaking and can’t open the Trazadone bottle

  9. Revolution time. It is past time for a war in our country this is the only way we will get them back to working for us. or we can just keep kidding our selves and say it will never pass.
    You know it will it may not be word for word but it will pass. We have a lot to lose right now but soon they will have it all after they take it all you don’t stand a chance on getting any of it back.

  10. Wow, in the great state of Tennessee. Who would have thunk that there would be such liberal pantywaists trying to outlaw guns one at a time? If this passes I hope the elected officials are the first to lose their rights to own guns. As they say; no man’s life or liberty are safe as long as the legislature is in session.

    • They have infiltrated ALL the great Citadels of Conservatism, some even disguise themselves as moderate Conservatives to spy on the opposition, these two idiots just exposed themselves prematurely and they will fail, but you can bet your ass they won’t give up as long as they are in a position of power…

  11. Non-explosive physical retribution is called for if this ever goes through. Politicians like these need to lifetime physical impairment.

  12. Aww, thats cute. The people who support this thinks it won’t be used against them. Is TDS enough to warrant a RF order?

  13. “Aside from the usual family/household member or police, an order may be requested by anyone who ever went on a date with the subject (any “intimate partner”), any time, anywhere.”

    You know, I find this part of the proposed bill particularly interesting. As it turns out I know someone who has dated every member of these congresswomen’s security teams. Literally every single one. He was left behind the dumpster at a truck stop with a black eye and missing teeth every time… Said they didn’t even pay for dinner.

    • an order may be requested by anyone who ever went on a date with the subject (any “intimate partner”), any time, anywhere.”

      Sounds like these two have a PERSONAL axe to grind…….

  14. Interesting that you should mention that only firearms are confiscated; other weapons are ignored.

    A friend of mine in New Jersey, many years ago, was going through a divorce. The wife told her lawyer that her husband owned guns and she was afraid for her life. He never lifted a hand against this woman, despite hearing her admit that she had sex with men who ate at his table.

    The local police showed up and confiscated all of his guns, taking them from their cases and tossing them unceremoniously into the trunk of a cruiser. He asked, “What about my bow?”

    “Oh, we don’t care about that”, which he thought was odd, considering that he had killed at least 10 deer with that bow, and only one with his shotgun.

    When the divorce was over, he went to court to get his guns back. He presented his New Jersey Firearms ID, his hunter safety course certificate, letters from friends attesting that he was a good citizen, a letter from the chief of police that he did not consider him a threat to any one. The prosecutor looked at his Firearms ID card, and said “I have no idea what any of this means.” She turned to the police officer who came with him to court, and asked, “Do you have a problem with him getting his guns back?” He said “No”, and she granted his request.

    Mind you, this was way before the “red flag” laws existed.

    P.S. – The thing he was most worried about, is he had a .22 rimfire rifle he bought from a neighbor who retired to Florida, and since it was a person-to-person sale, he did not have a NJ state form for the transfer. I explained to him that no one cares, but that did not calm him at all.

  15. You think this is CRAZY? Check out the more than 4400 word “NEW WAY FORWARD ACT” in the U.S. House sponsored by 44 House Dems including Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar…..

    • They have lost their minds. They’re perfectly okay with chaos and more crime as long as they get their power. I don’t know how anyone could take them seriously anymore.

    • To all: In my humble opinion, our great country is very close to turning into the 1933 Nazi Germany. At that point all bets are off. This is no conspiracy theory either, because anyone who know a little WW11 history knows that’s true. PS The only thing that will be the saving grace is God/Lord/Jesus when he comes.
      God speed,
      Gary G. Cramer, Tmc

      • And when these individuals do get this New One World order, of the anti-Christ, there will be so much hell to pay, most will not make it! most will take that Mark of the beast and be doomed! All the rich will perish in Hell and the poor will not! As you KNOW, to be rich, you must take the mark, or the name and the number of his name, then you are doomed! I am not worried about this, I will be gone by this time…Even so, come, Lord Jesus. Rev 22:20 KJV

      • This appears to be what’s happening and I’m not a conspiracy nut either. It’s right before your eyes.

  16. It is too easy to get ‘swatted’. It’s disgusting to me that SWAT can be sent to an address on the most frivolous of reasons. To the point that hackers can send them to internet rivals. The gun owners might be just becoming aware of all this but it’s been going on for a while. It’s almost as if they have no reasonably intelligent adult controlling where and how things are done.

    It isn’t so much about red flag law type craziness. Many people that don’t own guns have been swatted. Being a gun owner just gets used as a reason to do it.

    The funniest thing I ever saw on tv was a line of swat team soldiers going in a building. One guy loses his magazine (just fell out and on the ground). The guy behind him picked it up but the man that lost it didn’t even seem to realize that it was gone.

  17. Stay sharp, everyone. Bloomberg just set up a new office in Knoxville and he is dumping a lot of money into TV and social media advertising, right now. I believe they are timing the release of these proposed red flag laws to be in sync with Bloombergs spending campaign. And Tennessee’s Republicans are soft, too soft to trust entirely.

    • Makes sense. The problem is too many republicans take democrats seriously. I believe Lamar Alexander is a good man, but he should have seen that the impeachment was a scam from the very beginning.

  18. Heroic women who stood up against Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein taught us one thing:

    We must believe the women.

  19. “…though how they’d enforce those orders in other jurisdictions isn’t quite clear.”

    Soros and Bloomberg purchased DAs all over the country might be willing to help, even if they have to employ extra-legal procedures. This Bill won’t pass, but what if they introduce a bill modeled after this to the CA legislature?

    • Who has cert? Who can claim to be directly impacted and wronged by the law? Has the law passed and is enforcement shown to be in violation of a constitutional right ? The 2nd is a right to bear arms but the problem is the 2nd is restricted in certain circumstances. Until they deprive a person of life, liberty, property and due process WRONGLY the case can’t even be created. These situations can have a single flaw in them that ruins the case.

      Where is the money for a court challenge coming from? it costs a fortune to run a case up to the SC.

      Should this law be signed and acted upon there might be a case in the future. But it takes years to get to that golden moment when the SC says it’s wrong.

      And then we’ll see if the decision is respected because we already see other decisions being ignored

  20. This is in Walker Co. GA.
    A contention divorce. The wife and children were staying with her father. A family member in another state called and requested a welfare check, that she was threatening to kill herself and the kids. The cops responded and beat on the house. Grandpa looked out the window from inside holding a gun. There had been threats. The cop shot through the window and killed him. The family inside thought the ex showed up and had shot him, they found out later it was cops. The county decided the cop was justified.

  21. While the text of that proposed bill is seriously disturbing, what is significantly more disturbing is that the bill’s sponsors are comfortable actually publishing their bill and supporting it publicly.

    I have stated on occasion before: it is only a matter of time before Progressives pull out all the stops and do anything and everything they can to suppress, squash, silence, neutralize, exploit, abuse, imprison, and/or murder their political enemies (either directly or through proxy). We would be wise to acknowledge this emerging trend and begin planning how we want to respond.

  22. A problem for the people of Tennessee, who have the ability to contact their legislators, elected representatives and voice their objections, assuming they find this proposed legislation other than to their liking..

  23. Wisconsin’s recently elected gov. Tony Evers was trying to pass red flag, and other anti-gun laws under the cover of darkness. They didn’t pass, but you know these commies will never stop. Hopefully the stars never line up for them.
    p.s. Join every gun owners organization you can afford to, and stock up on ammo.

  24. You think your mail in ballots are safe from corruption ? a woman in Florida was arrested with two ballots she didn’t own and they were for two women , one blind the other Alzheimer’s in a rest home. Think about that and wounder if it happens in your state. It does here in Washington.

  25. We have allowed this to happen, weather it’s Tennessee with their crazy socialist women. Or it’s Virginia with the total disregard of the people which they are suppose to represent. We the people have at our disposal the greatest item invented. The internet, where we can and are able to research all individuals running for office. And check on the ones already there. NOW THE QUESTION IS DO WE GET OUT FROM IN FRONT THE BOX THAT DICTATES OUR LIFE LONG ENOUGH TO TAKE THE EFFORT TO INSURE OUR CHILDREN ARE RAISED UNDER SOCIALIST OR COMMUNIST.

  26. From my Cold Dead hands. I dare them to take my guns, it would be their last day on earth. I Will separate their body from their G.D. soul.

  27. One of thee days your gonna need a good ol 2nd Amendment Rally like we had in VA. The legislature there is still eat up like a soup sandwich but the state senate is not passing the stupid bills they send up. Northham is having a Napoleonic melt down. Boo Hoo Give everyone a months notice and we can come on over for the rally. Hey, Northam wasn’t in Richmond for the rally. He escaped through the tunnel system that runs in the area from within the state senate room. It was closed to the public in 2011. But like a rat he ran away using it. You all’s state capital doesn’t have something like that does it?

  28. Sounds crazy, right? That’s because it is. The idea (which has been quite successful over the decades) is to throw rediculous requests into the bill, then, when it comes up for debate, those particular requests will direct the narrative. This will give the politicians “talking points” to feed us while they are voting on the real (doable) bs they can get passed. It really doesn’t matter what passes though, just that it did. Now they have precedence, and, therefore, a path to keep adding to the red flag law.
    People fall for it the majority of the time. I hope this is one that never hits the floor.

  29. All of these red flag laws are unconstitutional and it is going to have to take someone who loses everything to haul the state somehow into court all the way to the supreme court. What are the republican parties in the states doing. I would think they would have the ability to haul their state legislatures or governor into the courts and go up to the supreme court.

  30. Fortunately the TN legislature is majority GOP and these liberal Democrat bills usually do not pass any more. That being said, you still need to contact your state rep and senator and light a fire under them.

  31. If this passes “someone or everyone” should file a red flag against the two witches that proposed this bill. They would have to pay all the costs to defend against it.

  32. Since there is no penalty for the petitioner, flood the system with complaints against liberals. Overwhelm it.

    • Woman in Colorado was just charged with fraud for filing a false report under their Red Flag law….

      • The proposed Tennessee bills protect the person filing the complaint from such prosecution. Don’t let Colorado’s laws stop you in Tennessee. Gloria Johnson and Sara Kyle should be made to understand that if they ever succeeded in passing this legislation they would be first on the list to be red flagged.

  33. Massively RED STATE. Snowball’s chance in you know where of passing, and not the town in Michigan.
    Senate – 28 Red to 5 Blue.
    House – 73 Red to 26 Blue
    Republican Governor. Republican Super Majority.
    Don’t worry about it.

    • Virginians used to say things like that. Tennesseans should absolutely worry about it. Bloomberg can buy your state too if you remain apathetic. Get a roaring fire of activism going while you’ve got time, because this war is coming to your doors whether you like it or not.

  34. All bogus unconstitutional tyranical laws end or begin with the order followers. If every LEO in the state said we will never enforce it then the “law” would end right there. But they dont. They will kick your door in and execute you in a heartbeat because that institution is just as corrupt as anything else these days. Its already happening all around the nation. Stalin, Hitler and Mao all had millions of order followers in fresh pressed uniforms and shiny badges. “Order followers” are the key ingredient to an attempt to destroy freedom.


    • Kurt Cobain commited suicide April 5 1994 (26 years ago) by a single gun shot to the head (shotgun). Heroin residue was supposedly found on the trigger….

  36. I know two people who have been red-flagged in TN already. One was on pain killers to the point he may have been a genuine danger. Seemed to be a really nice guy, marksmen, and prolific gun owner. His wife called the police and they took all of his guns. He lost his guns, his family, and his home. Never got his guns back.

    The other was my sons boss, ex military, business owner, gun smith, and according to my son a great guy. He found out his wife, the book keeper was misappropriating the money from the business. He raised his voice at her and told her to fix it now. She called the police on him had his guns seized and his FFL revoked. The shop all but closed as the partner still retained control of part of the business. My son of course lost his job he could not even get his W-2 to file his income taxes. The man took his wife to court but his partner has not even heard much from him. Red Flag already exists in TN!!

  37. My wife and I retired here to the Tri Cities in December 2018. Since then, I have tried to contact my State Representative and my State Senator many times (at least a dozen times) all on specifically Second Amendment issues and neither has responded to me. Not once! I just learned that one is running for the US Senate to replace Lamar Alexander and the other has issues with the IRS. Since I’m new to the state, I have no idea on possible primary alternatives to support, but these two aren’t going anywhere with my vote. I’ll voice my opinion at the next local meeting of the Republicans.

    At the Federal levels, my great representative Dr. Roe has just announced his retirement and I couldn’t be PROUDER of Marsha Blackburn.

  38. Since you idiots refuse to comply with the United States Constitution that reads in the 2nd Amendment shall not be infringed NOT shall be infringed since you won’t comply we will just make up our own laws we are keeping our firearms we don’t give a rats butt who doesn’t like it end of story do the math we outnumber you by larger numbers

  39. Our governments, National, State, County, and city are of ‘fellow’ citizens elected to represent their fellow citizens according to the Constitution, not dominate them over their own thoughts. It has taken decades, but it seems the communist party has finally gained much control over most of our governments and is ready to take control of the people by taking control of their guns. .. like it has done in several over nations. It ain’t gonna work in the USA. Our founders created our nation by rebellion and we have learned a lot about rebellion in our history.

  40. Australia is a good example of some success with gun control.. citizens are allowed to have sporting weapons in their home…no concealed carry allowed.. yIf an intruder breaks into my home I certainly need to defend my family…Why would an individual citizen need multiple weapons??? No doubt that some neighborhoods are hi-risk.. I recall that the 2nd amendment guarantees the right to bear arms against government violations…The right to protect one’s family is governed by thousands of years of tradition and custom…

    • Why would an individual citizen need multiple weapons???

      Because mechanical stuff (no matter how well built and maintained) breaks at the most inopportune times and a backup or two or three is nice to have… Another way to look a it…. Because we can, or how about different guns for differeent purposes, you would not hunt a squirrel with a .308 nor would you hunt a deer with a .22… and you can’t conceal an AR/AK for every day carry… Hope that helps answer your question…

      • The situation in Australia has exactly ZERO relevance to the United States. I love the Aussies. Trained with their military several times when I was an Infantry Officer. But their heritage is based on government control. Founded as a penal colony originally. Their current government is one that could be a poster child for the New World Order and as such, gun control is a key factor. Remember something that has borne out over world history in terms of firearms:
        Registration =
        Confiscation =
        Subjugation =
        Eradication (Final Solution).
        Then read Federalist Paper 46. Then take a deep dive into the term: UNALIENABLE. It means granted by God and only able to be rescinded by God.
        I speak by the way, as an award winning albeit retired educator from the fourth largest school district in the nation and I spent 30 years teaching American Government, World and American History, Psychology, Sociology and Economics. I also taught Law Studies.

    • Australia isn’t the shining beacon of gun control.

      “ Mr Dawson said that while the report estimates that there are 260,000 illegal guns in Australia, if a United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime calculation to estimate the number of illegal guns in any given country was used, that number could be as high as 600,000.”
      “ As many as 5000 illegal handguns were imported using these loopholes, which remain in place in Western Australia and South Australia, although both states are exploring ways to tighten laws.

      The report identifies that another state issue impacting the national approach to firearms is inconsistencies in the collection of data and effectiveness of each jurisdiction’s firearms registry.
      Illegal importation and 3D manufacturing are responsible for only a small number of firearms.
      The circulation of longarms, such as rifles and shotguns, is on the grey market; the term given to weapons which were not registered or handed in to authorities during the 1996 national gun buyback.”

      “ The full report wasn’t made public but key data was released by Jason Clare, then police and justice minister.

      It found:

      There were 2.75 million registered guns in Australia held by 730,000 licence holders
      Conservatively estimated there were 250,000 long barrel guns and 10,000 handguns in the illegal firearms market
      Guns in the illegal market stayed in circulation for decades – the oldest traced gun was a functioning revolver manufactured in 1888
      Like the institute’s study, the commission’s report showed that theft was a greater source of illegal guns than those illegally imported, and by far the biggest source was guns not surrendered or registered in 1996.”

  41. Call me to congress to give them an idea of what passing this law doesn’t mean!
    I personally cant carry or possess anymore after shooting a man in the middle of trying to rape my wife but due to not having an attorney I payed for it and went to prison.
    Since then I could give two shits less, I have been arrested 70 times in my life from 18 to 25, I’m now 35 and don’t live the same way.
    What I will tell Congress is that after taking my gun rights I only got more angry and of the many times I have been arrested more than half of them are for assault charges WITHOUT A GUN! Without my gun I was more likely to go after someone for whatever my crazed mind decided to being I didnt have to be as responsible as when I did carry. If you think for a second that anything besides the chance of there being a firearm on the other side of your door is stopping every criminal that can’t feed their family,drug habit,or curiosity from kicking in your backdoor with you home being they will still have theirs then your crazy!
    As soon as this government final takes our guns there will be more crime and killing of innocent people than we have ever seen before in our existence as a nation not to mention this may throw us all back into civil war once again, We as a Nation have become so dependent on guns to keep people honest we would implode without them and our civilization will turn to a third world country!

  42. Do not blame ALL women. Women need the protection of a gun. Look what Hitler did after confiscating guns from citizens.If you don’t want a gun don’t get one but do not deprive me of having one. It should require a medical examination to determine if a person is too impaired to own a gun.

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