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Q: How do you know the Post Office is hiring?
A: The flags are at half-mast.

Okay, while everyone groans and speculates on how tasteless and tacky that riddle is in the face of the news coming out of Tennessee that two postal workers have been shot, let’s remember that it’s times like this that black humor helps us deal with tragedy. And this has all the markings of another sensationalistic tragedy.

We don’t have many details at this point…what we do know is that two female postal workers were killed inside a Tennessee post office in Henning, TN, 50 miles NE of Memphis, around 9AM this morning. So far we have no motive, no perp, no other info. Could be anything…but we know it’s a tragedy.

So what to think. Well, obviously, shooting another human being for any reason other than self-defense is wrong. (Well…okay, if you’re in the military, and you are shooting people shooting at you that’s A-OK with me. So TWO reasons. Still…) We know the FBI is on the case. Apparently, a technician from a pest control company found the bodies and phoned it in. That’s all we know. For now.

Until we do, here’s a plea that will likely go unheeded from anybody else in the media: Could we please put a hold on any gun control/gun rights talk until we know what actually happened? Not likely to happen, but I had to ask.

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  1. I want to know how the perp shot people without a gun? After all, US Post Offices are gun free zones, so the killer must have used a really powerfull slingshot or some other device. We must find out what he used so we can ban that device and prevent this tragedy from being repeated.


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