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Despite vocal protests from those opposed to the bill, the Tennessee House, led by Republicans, advanced legislation Tuesday permitting certain trained teachers and school staff to carry handguns on campus. This move, supported by proponents as a step toward enhancing school safety, particularly in rural areas, has sparked intense opposition from Democrats, some students and gun-reform advocates.

The bill, identified as HB 1202/SB 1321, was passed amidst chants of “Blood on your hands” from dozens of protesters in the gallery, leading House Speaker Cameron Sexton to direct state troopers to clear the area. The disruption underscored the divisive nature of the legislation, which could become law within weeks as Governor Bill Lee, who has not vetoed a bill during his tenure, considers his options.

Under the legislation, armed teachers would not be required to inform parents or most colleagues of their capability to carry firearms, with the exception of necessary disclosures to relevant law enforcement and designated school staff. Proponents, like state Rep. Ryan Williams, argue that the measure will enhance security and act as a deterrent against potential threats, citing insufficient staffing of school resource officers as a gap this bill aims to fill.

“This bill is permissive,” Williams stated, emphasizing that no school would be mandated to allow firearms but must consider requests from staff wishing to carry them. He further criticized the concept of “gun-free” school zones, suggesting they serve as targets for potential assailants.

Opposition to the bill remains strong, with critics concerned about the adequacy of the required training and the potential risks involved, including the accidental discharge of firearms and the possibility of guns falling into students’ hands. Democrats attempted to amend the bill to include measures such as mandatory secure storage of firearms and civil liability for misuse on campus, but these proposals were rejected.

“The secrecy clause that prevents general disclosure of who is armed within our schools creates an unacceptable risk,” argued Rep. Justin Pearson, reflecting concerns that parents should be informed about firearms in their children’s classrooms.

The bill has already faced opposition in the Senate, where parents of school shooting survivors and other advocates have voiced their fears and called for lawmakers to reconsider. One notable opposition came from Covenant School parents, who delivered a letter with over 5,300 signatures urging the defeat of the bill, citing concerns over the challenges and dangers of teachers taking on dual roles as educators and security personnel.

Tennessee awaits Governor Lee’s decision, while the debate continues to polarize communities across the state, reflecting broader national tensions over how best to protect students and staff at school.


What Do You Think? Should teachers be permitted to carry in schools or are other options such as armed guards or resource officers in school or no guns at all by anyone a better option? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I am awaiting liberal gun owner and TTAG writer Elaine D, and her reasoned explanation. As to why teachers should not be armed in schools.

    Perhaps the other liberal gun owners can give her a hand. And help her to explain why teachers should not be armed in the public schools.

    • I’m just waiting on more of ElaineD’s ‘hook’ avatars.
      ManOMan like a big ole beaudark fence post.
      Till the cows come home.

      • I am a very patient man. I have always been waiting for the cows to come home.

        Because I like reminding them of the things they have said.

        • How many times has “blood in the streets” been predicted but never happened?

          Or every time a new proposed law will solve or stop crime that also never happened when implemented

  2. Be interesting to see if this gets signed into law and if Tennessee has the Utah experience going forward.

    • As long as he does not veto, the bill will become law.
      The governor has 10 days(Sundays excepted) to sign or veto.
      After the time limit passes a bill becomes law.

  3. “…could become law within weeks…”

    I will anxiously await news of this being signed into law. Until then it means little if anything.

    • Yeah because protecting your children is a bad thing to leftards. You know the baby murder mob🙄

  4. Are parents informed about all the people carrying around their children everywhere else they go in their daily lives?

    Dem is just mad he cant pull up a convenient list of targets to bully and shame. Their most oft and sadly useful tool is basically getting into peoples faces and being assholes. Somehow they’re still the sad pity-farming underdog victims as they do this.

  5. “…citing concerns over the challenges and dangers of teachers taking on dual roles as educators and security personnel.”

    Well, that’s the thing. Teachers are not taking on “dual roles as educators and security personnel”. They are still only teachers, but prepared with the best chance of survival for the kids and them selves if the threat shows up.

    Look, when parents send their kids to schools they are already surrendering the responsibility for the safety and security of their kids to teachers every school day. But suddenly those very same teachers are not good enough to have the best means to provide safety and security to their kids in the event the threat arises?

    It doesn’t make sense that parents send their kids to schools and surrender the responsibility for the safety and security of their kids to teachers every school day, yet not let the teachers be armed with firearms to have the best chance of ensuring that safety and security of their kids if that threat is imminent.

    Take a look at Uvalde, those kids had zero chance with around 300 law enforcement officers at the school, some right outside the door. If that teacher had a firearm it would have at least given them a chance.

    • “…where parents of school shooting survivors and other advocates have voiced their fears and called for lawmakers to reconsider. ”

      Did you ever stop to think that the ones who did not survive may have had a better chance with an armed teacher?

      And just how did your kids survive? It most likely was because police with guns showed up. But how about those that did not have a chance while waiting for police to arrive, those that had no means to provide them the best chance of stopping that imminent mentally ill killer? Police show up with guns because they know the truth, and that truth is that a firearm offers the best chance of stopping these mentally ill killers. Police don’t show up armed with black board erasers and books to throw at the bad guy for a reason, yet you want the teachers to not have the means to have the best chance of stopping a mentally ill killer.

      You need to stop listening to the ‘advocates for disarming teachers’. You love your kids then every day when you send them to school and surrender responsibility for the safety and security of your kids to teachers every school day, then give the teachers the best chance they have of stopping an imminent mentally ill killer if that arrives – let teachers be armed.

    • “a better chance with an armed teacher“

      Yes, teachers are so trustworthy:

      “Teacher who pleaded guilty to attempted murder freed on parole

      Chris Hayes and Megan Mueller
      1 day ago

      FREEBURG, Ill. – The crime made international news in 2006 when a now-former Freeburg, IL, high school teacher tried to end an affair with a student by killing her.

      Citizen’s Park in Belleville was the scene of the attempted murder. It’s where Sam Shelton said he’d killed a 17-year-old.

      Investigators searched the woods, looking for Shelton’s victim. Former St. Clair County Sheriff’s Investigator Steve Johnson, who’s now Fairview Heights police chief, made the astonishing discovery after 30 hours of searching.“

      • So law enforcement shouldn’t have gunms either?
        Or how about people that own cars, a house, a business?
        Golly gee for just about every profession somebody has fucked up somewhere.

      • So you’re saying that teachers are evil and not to be trusted.

        Probably because the majority identify as liberals.

        • The propagandist media has conditioned everyone to equate the Catholic Church with pedos. The Church has nothing on school teachers and staff. Why don’t people (including those on TTAG) automatically equate the school system with pedos in the same way, or more so? Because propaganda works.

      • And he was only able to shoot that victim because they allowed teachers to legally carry in schools?

      • Well then miner49er. I expect you to support disarming police officers. And issuing them night sticks and the training to use them.

        Since cops shoot the innocent and the guilty all the time.

        Of course you are a hypocrite. And would never support that. You’re just a “happy” fascist. Like the German Ernst Rohm. He always wore a very stylish Brown shirt.

      • “Many states across the country allow teachers to be armed to varying degrees, and there has yet to be a single example of one shooting a student.

        Even if such a crazy outlier did ever happen, it would still have to be weighed against the deterrence value teacher carry provides against would-be school shooters. And it should be noted that no school shooting has even been attempted at a school that allows teachers and other school employees to carry firearms.”


  6. The state of Utah has had this in effect in the classroom for all levels of education since 1986 hasn’t been an issue.

  7. Yes teachers should have the option of armning themselves as long as they do not buy sale or trade another teacher for a gunm.
    If they do that then the BATFE would have to come in and shoot up the school, the teachers and the students. There are no innocent when it comes to gunms and the BATFE.

  8. Tennessee passes bill that would allow school staff to carry concealed gun > https://6abc.com/what-states-allow-armed-teachers-that-tennessee-should-be/14726482/

    states that allow people with permits to keep guns locked in cars on school grounds > https://cdn.abcotvs.com/dip/images/14726514_042424-wpvi-concealed-carry-in-cars-school-img.jpg

    states that allow schools to give permission for carrying concealed on campus > https://cdn.abcotvs.com/dip/images/14726515_042424-wpvi-concealed-carry-on-campus-map-img.jpg

    states that allow public with permits to conceal carry in schools > https://cdn.abcotvs.com/dip/images/14726556_042424-wpvi-guns-on-school-with-permit-map-img.jpg

    • The progressives in general do not have children. In fact very few self described progressives have children. If they do have children, they make sure their kids attend a private, lily white school. Where the other children have one man and one woman as parents.

      Like michelle and barack hussain obama had their children attend a private lily white progressive school. With all the other progressive parents.

      And of course the children at the obama’s school were surrounded by armed guards.

  9. I should warn everyone in case you don’t know.

    The newspapers in Tennessee years ago published the names of all the concealed carry gun owners, in the state of tennessee.

    Because the newspapers for example, believe they have every right to publish the locations, of where all the jews are hiding. Or the newspapers believe they have a right to publish the money safe bank combinations. Or the security codes used by the police department and the military.

    So I fully expect that the press will use its claim of the “First Amendment.” To publish the name of every teacher who has a gun in the state of tennessee.

  10. “Educating Amy: The incredible history of a DC public school that taught a president’s daughter”

    A platoon of secret service agents carrying guns simply “melted into” the school building with Amy Carter. President Jimmy Carter’s nine year old daughter.

    No one saw the secret service agents, but they were there. Nobody saw the secret service agents guns. But their guns were there as well.

    It seems the white liberals, the white left, are only interested in providing armed security for the children of selected government white people.

    From 2017


  11. “The secrecy clause that prevents general disclosure of who is armed within our schools creates an unacceptable risk,” argued Rep. Justin Pearson

    Exactly. Not knowing who can shoot back creates unacceptable risk for potential spree shooters. It’s like Pearson almost gets it.

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