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WATE of Knoxville, Tennessee breathlessly reports that HUNDREDS of red-clad Moms Demand Action members packed a hearing at the Volunteer State capital. The moms showed up against a proposal to make carry licenses more affordable for Tennesseans.

The only problem for the local news outlet? WATE’s own video betrayed the ‘fake’ in their utterly fake news report.

The story from WATE:

Several hundred people in red t-shirts wanted their voices heard today on Tennessee’s Capitol Hill.

The group called Moms Demand Action on Gun Violence in America packed a House sub-committee meeting on Wednesday to rally against a bill that could change the state’s handgun permit process, making it easier to carry in Tennessee.

“The intention of the legislation is generally to provide a lower-cost alternative for a concealed carry handgun permit,” explained House sponsor Rep. Andy Holt. “It would create an enhanced carry permit, which would be the current permit that we have right now. In addition to that, if the legislation were to pass, then at that point we would create a concealed-only handgun carry permit, which can be achieved at a lower cost.”

“Several hundred” packed the room? Here’s the video. You decide.

I counted barely a dozen people wearing the red “Moms Demand Action” t-shirts, bought and paid for by Michael Bloomberg, along with about as many empty seats.

Why do the fake news media willingly carry water for those opposed to protecting and defending basic civil rights?

And the media wonder why Americans don’t trust them anymore. Donald Trump has made the expression “fake news” a household phrase in America and for good reason.

At the same time, the fake news media wonder why everyday people continue to de-platform from television and dead tree news outlets. And that’s why CBS employees are panicked over that network’s plans for $100 million in cuts.

Lots of fake news media members better learn to code.

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  1. Oh come on John, you’ve got to count the two guys in red shirts to keep things honest. Stop trying to undercount the attendants. There’s at lest 14, not the tiny dozen number you are trying spread.

  2. There’s a reason that CNN and the Washington Post are collectively on the hook for half a billion dollars in compensatory and punitive damages in just one case.

    • I doubt if they’re worried. CNN and the WaPo figure to be bankrupt long before that case ever sees the inside of a courtroom. They’ve only got a year or two of existence left, and they can stall, legally, for a decade or more…

  3. Ah yes,the overblown,pearl clutching Demanding Commie Mommy’s,all for the destruction of the U S Constitution.

  4. Usually I can’t get behind posts that feel too attack oriented. This one however, feels well-deserved.

  5. All you hear from the locals say to the local LE is, when are the Police going to do something about this violence??? But, all one hears the locals say is, “I didn’t see nothing and I didn’t her nothing.
    Now, there’s a big help.

    Never any mention of why locals do not call their local political reps Dems and Reps to step up on handling their own local street crimes????

  6. Surely they wouldn’t lie to us. They must be just really horrible with math and needed a good procter to help them with college admissions.

    • I suspect the room shown in the video was the overflow room. The ‘hundreds’ were probably in the audicafeterium.

      • I will have you know that I played varsity basketball and we won states, I have a picture of me and the team on Facebook…………. just ignore the reverse farmer tan

  7. It’s always been “hundreds”, or “thousands” when in reality, something liberals don’t subscribe to, it’s been a dozen or two…

  8. I sent an E mail to Chris Bundgaard (WATE) whose name appears on the byline of this news report. Asking for a clarification on the supposed hundreds of attendees at this committee hearing. Due to my address being outside of the stations broadcast area. My E mail was denied delivery. Need someone in the viewing area of this station to question Mr. Bundgaard on the accuracy of his reporting. #Fake News

    • Use a fake address; it’ll be befitting of this fake article, and the faker response you receive

    • Sent

      Mr. Bundgaard,

      In your article, you note that “Several hundred people in red t-shirts wanted their voices heard today on Tennessee’s Capitol Hill.” and “The group called Moms Demand Action on Gun Violence in America packed a House sub-committee meeting on Wednesday to rally against a bill…” The video posted shows roughly two dozen people in red shirts, along with a few empty seats. Could you provide some context in the form of photos, video, or text as to where the other hundreds of people were? It would also be nice to know if this group of several hundred activists interested in participating in the Tennessee legislative process were all Tennessee residents. Thank you

  9. To be fair, they could have been referring to ‘hundreds’ in a demonstration outside, the way it was worded.

    More likely you had a writer given a series of talking points to knead into an article, who neither attended this event nor saw the photo that would be paired with his article before it’d been sent to the editors.

  10. This proposal is just begging for crumbs and pissing in the wind. What those bureaucrats in the TN state assembly and our newly elected RINO governor should be focused on is constitutional carry like what was signed into law in Kentucky. I could care less about getting robbed less for a govt permission slip to exercise an inherent right.

    • Is this bill about saving residents money or is it a way to get rid of open carry? You don’t get a conceal carry permit in TN, you get a handgun carry permit. In other words, you are allowed to open carry. They said when they pass this less expensive (they call it enhanced) permit, it will be for concealed carry only. Most people will opt for the cheaper option. So the question is: Is this a round about way of chipping away at current carry regulations? Not that most people want to open carry; I just don’t trust the people in charge.

      If you choose the cheaper, concealed option, do you run the risk of accidentally violating it?

      • I read the proposed bill several times and the only benefit I see from it is it enables an individual to take a hunter safety course or an online CCW course to qualify as the “training” needed to get a carry permit. It’s more or less for people to be able to get a carry permit without doing the state mandated 8 hours of training. At least in my interpretation the difference I see between this new permit and the “enhanced” one is the 8 hours of training. To me that bill is a sham I would consider it an enhanced permit if it enabled one to carry on college campuses or something.

  11. The Mom’s spokeswoman in the interview with WATE admits that her sister in Knoxville, TN went through the training class and has a carry permit. Family Feud?

  12. Why do the fake news media willingly carry water for those opposed to protecting and defending basic civil rights?

    Because the fake news media are key members of those opposed to protecting and defending basic civil rights.

  13. 1. The news has been fake for a long time.
    2. It’s getting faker.
    3. More people are aware of it now.

    1. There is no famine in Ukraine, Soviet society is a utopia (The New York Times, Pulitzer Prize!)
    Fidel Castro is a democrat, not a communist (The New York Times).
    Dallas schoolchildren cheered when learning of JFK’s death (CBS/ Dan Rather).
    Goldwater vacationed in Germany to link up with Nazi elements (CBS/ Daniel Schoor).
    Ford Pintos exploding. Ford trucks exploding. Audi 5000s accelerating on their own. Texas Air National Guard papers that looked like Microsoft Word. The list goes on and on.

  14. “Why do the fake news media willingly carry water for those opposed to protecting and defending basic civil rights?”

    The short explanation is that they all live in the same bubble. Same private high schools, same colleges, same cocktail circuit etc. They don’t leave it and they don’t meet people with very dissimilar situations to their own. No matter where they go they hobnob exclusively with like-minded people.

    I’m always amazed by the number of Lefties I meet who think they’re worldly because they’ve been the Paris, London, Sydney or Cape Town. Yet not one of them has been to a bad part of those cities at 0300. None of them has gone off the “beaten” path. They stay at ultra-nice hotels in nice tourist areas protected heavily by governments. They intentionally avoid anything that might pop the bubble that is their worldview.

    I have yet to find one who’s been to Johannesburg, Montevideo or even the not-so-nice parts of Auckland or Berlin. Jaco, Costa Rica around bar close? They don’t even know where that is.

    I only met two liberals in Zimbabwe were both drunken housewives who didn’t want to go out and do anything, were not happy to be there, had “already seen the animals” and were more interested in 10am cocktails than anything else. Sloppy drunk by elevenses. Met the same ladies again, randomly, in Cape Town. They were happy as clams to go out shopping. Because shopping in Cape Town is the entire reason they went to Africa.

  15. Maybe they were counting all the undercover body guards there were guarding all those mad mommies they brought in from other states

  16. Just another show of Toxic Femininity. Nothing to see here.

    I strongly suspect that at least 9 of the 12 that showed up were bussed in from across the state.

    We need to start a counter movement — Dads Demand You Back Off!

  17. What news is real these days? It might be more relevant pointing out the real news, if you can find any.

    • That would do no good for anybody.
      All it would be is changing out one nanny for another. Some nannies are indeed better than others, but the main focus needs to be on growing up enough to make one’s decisions about what to believe for oneself.
      IMO, naturally. Once grown up, nannies of any type become superfluous. The whole point of adulthood is to no longer need a babysitter.

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