Hot weather, hot lead, helicopters, attack dogs, gleeful gun writers and a bevy of badass ballistics. Day One of the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot (and they didn’t mean that literally) may not have been the Knob Creek machine gun shoot, but it wasn’t a day at my local gun range either. The Lucky Gunner Ammo Girls kept us hydrated and our guns well fed while we transformed a peaceful Smoky Mountain meadow into Lead City. Unfortunately, the Ma Deuce machine gun ran out of ammo before I got to it [ED: not so lucky gunner now, eh Mr. Bond?]. And the cannons missed the minivan. A tank operated by WW2 re-enactors took it out instead. The video above only shows a fraction of what went down in that Tennessee┬átract. Stay tuned to TTAG for more in depth coverage.



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