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A man watches a screen that shows an eye being scanned at the spy museum in Oberhausen, Germany. The exhibition "Top Secret" explains the work of secret services and shows unique original details from the Russian KGB, the CIA and the east German STASI during the cold war. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)
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Senator Joe Manchin, whom you may recall from his star turn promoting the failed Manchin-Toomey universal background check push after Sandy Hook, is still busy in the Senate. He’s the “centrist” West Virginia Democrat who, in a 50-50 world, is described by many as the upper chamber’s most powerful Senator. But if those on the right are looking to Manchin as a safeguard against some of the left’s most ambitious attacks on individual freedoms, a bill he just introduced should be cause for concern.

His S. 27 is described as a bill to require reporting of “suspicious transmissions” in order to assist in criminal investigations and counterintelligence activities relating to international terrorism, and “for other purposes.” It promises to do for free speech what Manchin-Toomey would have done to the Second Amendment.

The text of the bill is here, but I’ll give you the basics. If enacted, any “interactive computer service” will be required to report wrongthink questionable posts or comments by a user, content referred to here as “suspicious transmissions.”

The term ‘‘suspicious transmission’’ means any public or private post, message, comment, tag, transaction, or any other user-generated content or transmission that commits, facilitates, incites, promotes, or otherwise assists the commission of a major crime.

That definition is broad enough to encompass just about anything a government bureaucrat wants it to.

Failure to report such “transmissions” would result in the loss of the computer service company’s CDA Section 230 protection against liability for third parties’ speech. To be clear, the speech that Senator Manchin wants to know about here includes commenting on articles such as this one, or even on smaller, personal, noncommercial blogs.

The term “interactive computer service” means any information service, system, or access software provider that provides or enables computer access by multiple users to a computer server, including specifically a service or system that provides access to the Internet and such systems operated or services offered by libraries or educational institutions.

The report of suspicious content must contain the name, location, and other identifying information of the sender of the “transmission.” Since reporting would be mandatory, one assumes that all of these computer services will have to require users to register in order to post comments so they can be identified should they generate any objectionable material. That means the end of Internet anonymity.

Manchin’s bill provides for these reports — spurious or not — to be “referred as necessary to the appropriate Federal, State, or local law enforcement or regulatory agency.” The referring “interactive computer services” would be required to track and maintain records of these reports for five years.

If S. 27 passes, it would be doing a big favor for the tech giants that dominate the online space like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. They’re profitable enough to afford these onerous compliance requirements. Small time bloggers like myself cannot. At a bare minimum I would have to disable commenting on my blog, a move many would be forced to make.

Than again, I may have to shut down the blog completely, lest some left-wing, triggered nutjob report one of my posts to the big eye in the sky. Yes, individuals will be able to rat on content creators who dare to write something they deem dangerous or questionable.

(B) CONSUMER REPORTING —The agency designated or established under subparagraph (A) shall establish a centralized online resource, which may be used by individual members of the public to report suspicious activity related to major crimes for investigation by the appropriate law enforcement or regulatory agency.

Manchin’s bill would return us to the glorious days of the Stasi all over again.

Suppose some busybody hits the report button on a tweet. Twitter then files its report with the state security service. Then, in addition to alerting Twitter, said busybody then goes to the central online snitch line and reports whatever was said in the tweet to the feds again. The feds will have gotten two — or more — reports on the same guy and decide he or she must really be dangerous.

They might then pass that information on to the victim’s local law enforcement agency. Does your state have a red flag law? Do you think your local police might decide that a federal warning about “suspicious transmissions” is reason enough to confiscate your firearms just in case?

That, of course, assumes that a federal red flag law isn’t passed, an effort some think has bipartisan support.

If you are telling yourself that Manchin’s bill will never pass, please consider the co-sponsor: Senator John Cornyn. The senior Senator from Texas — who calls the bill the See Something, Say Something Online Act — is powerful, and isn’t generally a friend to civil rights (see his support of the PATRIOT Act). Watch this bill closely.


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  1. Seems like this could work both ways. Democrats/communists trying to subvert the American way of life, freedom and liberty should all be reported. Anyhow this reporting would be so full of garbage, much like Canada’s attempt to keep a registry it will go bust soon after its initiated, not that it should be…

        • Attention Jim Crow KKK Jim Crow Gun Control jack booted joe manchin!!! I have a suspicious transmission to report. We purchased a 700R4 Transmission for our BBC race car and dog gone joe we’ve been suspicious about that transmission since the day we got it. We feel a guy like you joe should come by and get those pansy busy body politician hands of yours dirty installing that suspicious transmission. When it comes to suspicious transmissions sounds like you da man joe.

        • Are you going to have a fresh cup of tea for him? ( eww, now that’s some double navaho code talk right there I tell yah )

    • Will they rendition foreign nationals over forum posts? A lot of foreign countries will give the middle finger on that one. But CPUSA can counter by putting an Interpol D-notice on someone and they will get stopped in international travel.

    • Yeah, the problem is they’ll simply ignore any leftist terrorists or criminals like they did all last year, and focus completely on some drunk dude in the Midwest who got a little fresh online, then give the poor guy 10 years.

      Meanwhile leftist fascists terrorists will continue to murder and burn the country with not only impunity, but support from the government.

      Make no mistake, now that their guy is in power, look for the left to outright legitimize their terrorists.

      • Yup, just like the recent demonstrations by BLM/antifa. They were threatening to ‘Burn it All down’ if they don’t get what they want. Well what exactly is that? Is it a guaranteed universal income, or else? Or is it the defunding the police, or what?

        Not even a peep of censure of these domestic terrorists. Oh, wait, they’re just innocent victims of police brutality and wealthy white supremacy racists. They can’t be prosecuted.

        • The antifa are still doing their terrorist routine in Portland, but the media isn’t hyping up the “resistance” narrative anymore with Trump mostly out of the spotlight nor is anyone paying, so the homeless are mostly just back to being addicts now and all that’s left is the hardcore commies.

          With BLM, the sudden lack of Trump also plays a part, except that their goal always was for the upper-echelon organizers to get a seat in that sweet, sweet bipartisan political graft machine. Mission accomplished, and their woke corporate cronies will be marching in silent lockstep.

        • “They were threatening to ‘Burn it All down’ if they don’t get what they want.”

          Like this –

          “Anti-police, BLM activists marched through the streets of Washington DC Saturday night, where they yelled at police and harassed outdoor diners while chanting various slogans such as “Black lives, they matter here,” and “if we don’t get it, burn it down.””

    • And this is the guy who is supposed to save the Supreme Court from packing and keep the filibuster? LOL


    • Worked pretty well in Cuba, with neighbors informing on one another.. What if they say it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s factual? What if we are nearing the point where “truths matter MORE than facts”? The politicians AND the media have already openly displayed a willingness to ignore the Constitution and, after all, It IS only a piece of paper whose strength is determined by the dedication of those who support it… I guess everyone who held Manchin up as the last line of defense against the gun grabbers might need to rethink their faith and confidence in that one…

    • Before we worry about this, we should maybe be prepared for Sheila Jackson Lee’s (Lee is generally regarded as the stupidist person in congress) HR127. Registration, taxation, UBC, psych exams. everything in preparation for confiscation. Anyone who doesn’t have an off-the-4473 gun, needs to get a couple (at least one in each caliber ammo you have?) I see the next round of gun sales won’t make the news, because they’ll all happen in gun show parking lots between adults who have been paying attention. The gun shows themselves will be ghost towns, but the parking lots?

      • Lee has been regularly reelected for 35 years, making her think she so smart you cannot imagine. It’s her constituents who are stupid as rocks.

  2. just like his favorite communist comrade stalin, manchin opens mouth and inserts foot. he is just one more of the fools that bought into bidens garbage.

  3. The more of this stuff the better.
    It helps to wash out the left/right repub/demo kindergarten partisanship and highlights the real partisanship that is state/individual authoritarian/liberty freedom/slavery.

    Note the bipartisan support for your enslavement.

    I believe there is also a bipartisan bill to require the techies punish thought crime and dissent floating out there.

  4. I suspect the primary reason Manchin is still hanging on to his office is due to all the .gov dependents in squalor holler. People are continuing to allow themselves to be played for suckers by the party of free puppies and candy. Sandy Cortez (AOC) ran on Medicare for all, but has never meaningfully pushed to have it brought to a vote. She is supposed to be Ms. super progressive socialist. I would be absolutely infuriated by this if I was a progressive leftoid voter. These people are all deeply cynical political hacks that don’t plan to do anything but stay in office as long as possible so they can skim money from their perpetual campaigns and get themselves rich.

      • “Who is Manchin’s constituency?”

        West Virginians like ‘minor IQ’, of course… 🙂

        • We West Virginians are a little smarter than you might think. Squaller Holler indeed! Joe almost lost his last election. His opponent, Patrick Morrissey is such a good Attorney General that I suspect that some voted for Joe to leave Patrick in the Attorney General’s job. Morrissey is head of the group that wrote Biden promising to hold him to the Constitution. BTW Morrissey is a strong Second Amendment guy!


          A constituent, who has never voted for Joe Manchin!

  5. Yeah, and I want every dem who’s ever crapped on America to be jailed, think I’ll get my wish?

  6. He really is pushing for decentralization of IT infrastructure on the net and to push almost everyone under ground, isn’t he? This will be the shot that launches a thousand outlaw servers.

    • Yeah that’s not how that works. You’re going to lay tens of thousands of miles of cable to set up a parallel infrastructure, all under the nose of a government prohibiting it? Ain’t gonna happen. RF-based long range networking is slow and transmitters are easily triangulated. Shortwave would be slower still, to the point where you’re better off doing it by hand than hooking a computer into the mix. There’s no way to “go underground” with any meaningful sort of telecommunications infrastructure. You can, of course, maintain anonymity through selective site/service usage while engaging in good privacy hygiene practices (e.g. not accepting tracking cookies, selectively blocking javascript,) and use end-to-end encryption… but both of these have been under attack for decades under the claim that if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear.

      No, there’s only one option left, if we end up with a corpo-government (i.e. fascist) cabal hunting you down for publishing wrongthink, and I pray it is one we don’t have to resort to because it would be the end of the United States as a country.

      • I’m a little vague on why messages couldn’t be protected. If there is no place to hide, then how do scumbag virus and ransomware creators get away with what they do?

    • I’m not sure Oldsmobile ever used a powerglide transmission, it probably was a super turbine or a jetaway.

      Powerglide were mostly used on Chevrolet, I had a ‘63 impala super sport with a two speed powerglide that would do 65 miles an hour in first gear and somewhere above 100 in 2nd, 283cid.

      • A super sport with a two speed. Wow. Sorry for you, the 1965SS Impala I had was a four speed with a 327. Wanna be a race ist?

        • 1965SS Impala I had was a four speed with a 327…

          61 to 64 SS was just an appearance option, bucket seats, console, floor shifted automatic and for some ungodly reason (even though every other GM line had a 3 speed auto) Chevy waited until 1969 to move up to the turbo 350… before that, every Chevy with an auto (including some performance Corvettes and SS396s) got a 2 speed automatic… I had a 65 GTO, 389, 3 deuces and a four speed with a 4:11 posi….

        • Chevy first offered the 3-speed automatic Turboglide in ’57. The “four on the floor” showed up in ’63.

        • I had a brand spanking new, bright red 1968 Impala. (non SS)
          It had a 427ci-425HP engine, the M22 Rock Crusher transmission and dual feed Holley with twin 3/8″ fuel lines!!

          Man, that car was fun….. $3,700, 5 to 7 mpg., with a 25 gall fuel tank. Gas was 20 to 25 cents for Sunoco 260… 🙂

          By the way, that was NOT a suspicious was a very patriotic transmission. 🙂
          Straight cut gears made a wonderful whine..

        • Chevy first offered the 3-speed automatic Turboglide in ’57. The “four on the floor” showed up in ’63.

          The 1st “Muncie” 4 speed was introduced in 63… A Borg-Warner 4 speed was available for Corvette in late 57 and full size Chevys in 58.. The Turboglide was only available from 57 to 61 in full size passenger cars usually equipped with the “Fuelie” 283.. not put in Corvette…

      • A ’65 SS Impala “race ist”… *snicker*… 🙂

        How did you get that in your burrow, anyways?

  7. It seems domestic spying is all the rage these days. There are laws against it but don’t think that will stop them from trying. Well there is always our trusty Supreme Court standing ready to defend us. Maybe.
    I like how he uses loss of 230 protection as punishment for failing to cooperate. Nice touch there.
    Statist tyrant. He’s in till 2024 and nearly as loved as Byrd was. I hoped he would flip to R for a fat payoff but probably not.

      • It’s been going on for decades. They are just being blatent about it. They are probably tired of the Brits, Canadians and Aussies spying on us for them to avoid domestic limitations.

        And once again they don’t think it will be uses against them or their supporters in the future. Best part of left thinking is the short term nature of so many decisions.

  8. It’s worth noting he voted with the Dims on their last vote because…wait for it…he’s a DIM. Just like SCOTUS they all suck. And lie. Civil War II coming in 5 4 3 2 1…

    • Nobody is going to get off their fat ass to do it though. The only ones that came close to action were the Capital hill guys and we all seen how successful that was in regards to “coordination” and aftermath.

      • Except the Capitol Hill gang were largely Antifa, BLM, JBGC, and a few other assorted lefty groups in the mix. Also some boog boys. Save for the latter, all of them lack the ability to coordinate a serious op. The whole purpose of J6 was a false flag to justify the rollout of this new police state on steroids. It was the Commiecrat Party’s version of the Reichstag fire. Except the agitators were not successful in instigating massive loss of life because conservatives don’t roll like that. The only people killed were killed by the government. As a result the Commiecrat Party (CPUSA) could not plausibly justify initiating martial law and outright suspending the Constitution. Dont worry though, they will get some useful idiots to conduct another false flag.

        • “the Capitol Hill gang were largely Antifa, BLM, JBGC, and a few other assorted lefty groups“

          Oh yeah, keep rolling with that one. It will keep you distracted while the authorities roll up the rest of those who aided and abetted the insurrectionists.

      • I’m already doing somthing about it. I spray painted HELL NO WE WONT, on the stop sign down the street. Tomorrow night I’m hitting the speed limit sign. Speed Limit 30 now 80. Nobody’s stopping at the stop sign, people driving 80mph, I’m going to keep the cops so busy they wont have time to worry about gunms.

        • Opossum, you be careful fool in’ with those stop signs, you’ll catch yourself a manslaughter charge.

          “Three friends in their early 20’s were sentenced to 15 years in prison today for removing a stop sign as a prank and causing the deaths of three teen-agers who drove into the path of an eight-ton truck in February 1996.

          ”I understand your parents love you as much as these parents loved their children — there are no winners in this case,” Judge Bob Mitcham of Hillsborough County Circuit Court told the young woman and two young men who were convicted last month of manslaughter.“

  9. Fuck the government. Boogaloo. Bomb. Insurrectionist. Trump. Patriot. Democrats are confederates. Pelosi sucks. Assassinate biden and harris.

    Just a few “questionable” keywords for whatever fed boi is assigned to my postings for the day. Enjoy your corn dogs.

      • Actually Montana is right, that is how it works. If you remember the whole Snowden thing. Most people have forgotten already.

        You say or type a certain key word or phrase and it flags the conversation for review by AI and then an actual NSA member.

      • It was a joke, not a dick. Try not to take it so hard

        And yes, that’s exactly how it works. Same back in the days when they used keywords over the phone and the recording started…

        My chairs pretty comfy bruh…

        • It was a joke,

          Think they will care if you’re joking or not? If one of the illustrious TROLLS around here turn you over things WILL get pretty fucked up in your world AND every post you’ve ever made will be scrutinized… Those camps are gonna be full of comedians because of their jokes…. Why do you think those clowns are still hanging around? Hint, it’s not because they enjoy our company…

        • “Those camps are gonna be full“

          Yes, the tunnels under the abandoned Walmarts are being prepared with three level bunkbeds and solitary confinement units. Each cell is equipped with a Koran, and there will be daily memorization tests for each meal ticket.

          And that Koran is what you will swear upon for your forced same-sex marriage under the great horned God’s altar.

          Once you have received the Mark of the beast vaccination, you will be a fitting sacrifice for the sleeping God who will rejoice with the purity of your essence.

          And the Kraken shall consume your living brain as darkness engulfs your wasted soul.

        • The funny part is, they are already doing all this. How do you think they found those “boogaloos” with pipe bombs?

          I’m not worried or scared. If they can’t take a joke, fuck em. I’ll take as many with me as I can I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • “Boogaloo” garbage is so cringe. Remember: all your gear won’t help your soy-fed, out of shape body.

      • ….vs the beer gut, neck beard, overweight fat asses. Like the other guys are any more fit for combat.

        • And you think somebody gives a fuck BECAUSE……….?? I couldn’t give two shits about a bunch of Boogboyz or who they are affiliated with…. Try something that is actually NEWS next time….

        • ROFL. Vice “news” is a communist propaganda outlet, and idk about those boogs, several were disgusting 20-something fatbodies. At least I have an excuse with advanced age and serious physical disabilities.

          And I bet 90% of theme never spent a day in uniform and learned how to march in a straight line by the numbers, let alone gained any experience.

        • I was kinda getting into it until I heard a goat moo. WTFking kinda city slicker sht iz that? God help us.
          Goat milk and Biden
          I had a pet goat once, and her hair smelled purty, but everytime I asked her she said Naaa.

      • The fact that you believe the joke that was “boogaloo” is cringe. Also, I find the one usually calling people fat online, are the fatties. No, you can’t have any of my chicken tendies – they are for me, your wife and your sister only.

        • I wasn’t trying to be rude… We had it out years ago. Traded the old bag for a couple newer versions. It was an ugly divorce and I think he’s still salty about calling me daddy for so long.

          “The Truth About Why Some-Guy Is At TTAG”

  10. Senator Mansion can bite me. And a big shout out to all the folks protecting me from my messages in Virginia and Utah! The thought police!

  11. Just wait until Alexa gets this installed. I’m betting it’s already there, just waiting to be fully implemented.

    • Just wait until Alexa gets this installed.

      Who is stupid enough to have one of those things in their home?…

      • My family. I raised hell, they don’t care. They also watch the NFL, shop on Amazon, and use facebook. Complacency. My mother uses the marketplace in the winter when the Farmers Market is not operating to generate a little extra keeping her livestock, canning, and hydroponics hobbies afloat and my step father uses facebook the same way 99% of people use it. I cannot even tell you how many times he’s texted me asking if something is true… “Hey Alexa, play back last nights recording of our private conversation”… drives me nuts. They also have cloud based security footage.

        I can just feel the fedboi shaking at his desk his desk from here, smacking away at those Cherry MX Blue’s…. like “oh shit, I finally found a way in”. lol. Aloha, fuckface.

        • They also watch the NFL

          For there first time since 1971 I did not watch the Super Bowl… I closed my Amazon accounts last year… Never had a presence on Facebook (or any of the other Socialist Media) and I’m in the process of moving accounts FROM Bank of America (after a 50 year relationship) to USAA…

        • I’ve had USAA for a very long time. I’d drop them in a heartbeat too though, as with any bank, and as with BOA a very very long time ago… like when I was 19 before the military. Truth be told, USAA is just easier for insurance. Plus, they have handled fraud for me very well in the past, and for whatever reason, still call me SGT… it’s been 9 years lol… But yea, any bank that charges fees I’ll pass. USAA also “refunds” money from ATM’s since they don’t have any, anywhere… Kind of the downside if I need to deposit cash and forces me to find a local option.

        • Amazon Echo devices, if you have them, store at Amazon everything you’ve ever said to them, ostensibly to they can better understand you. However, you can reduce the time they store it or turn off storage altogether. So they claim. How many times have to had an Echo device just start talking for no apparent reason?

          Remember, AWS is the largest Internet cloud operator in the world, with fully a third of all web information being at Amazon. And Jeff Bezos is a hardcore Socialist Democrat.

        • My wife has an Alexa, several times we’ve talked about something random (wood floors, Western boots, DEF fluid, Ozark) and the next day she or I get an ad popping up online. Too often to be coincidence.

  12. Unity by coercion. That will make everything better, for the democrats. We are starting to map uncharted territory in our lives. Democrats are saying screw the Constitution and Bill of rights.

  13. And so the dem fascists will create a new secret police to monitor our speech just like in every communist country!!! People will be reporting neighbors or other “enemies of the state” to get even/revenge or just political hit jobs. The secret police will then be charged with picking you up for questioning! Your 1st amendment rights are gone. Then they confiscate your guns because you are a “suspicious” person using the Red Flag laws and the precept for confiscation. Your second amendment is gone. So is your right to due process and confronting your accuser such as is guaranteed by the 6th amendment. Your 5th amendment is also gone because your written comment will be a statement used against you in order to convict you of a thought crime!!

    If this doesn’t tell you what the Dems really have in store for the US Constitution in their march to a 1 party dictatorial rule then you are either an idiot or in line with them on this!! Wake up, people. War is coming. (Note that this type of statement would have to be reported if the bill becomes law!!!))!!

    • Itd be a one sided war . The surveillance advantage alone would stop an uprising of “the peasant “.

  14. My only hope is that some commie creep thinks I’m sufficiently good looking to be sent to a reeducation camp.

      • I don’t think most people will willingly consume opossum twice, it’s just not very tasty.

        Please don’t take this wrong, but I am familiar with the taste of opossum, groundhog, coon, squirrel, etc. from growing up in Appalachia and none of it tastes like chicken.

  15. Who cares?

    Anyone in his right mind who’s posting already has overseas VPNs, encrypted emails, multiple URLs, etc.

    This has been coming for a long time. Now that it’s here, I hope all of you have prepared. If not, your WRONGTHINK postings will pinpoint you as a white supremacy insurrectionist and anti gubment terrorist.

    Based on the National Defense Authorization Act / Patriot Act, you may be held in unknown locations for an unknown amount of time without a trial and due process and with your own family having no knowledge of your whereabouts.

    Right now, many people (conservatives mostly) are probably already under the watchful eyes and ears of the NSA. Also likely, there is a cadre of “trolls” on sites “of interest” who are really agents of gubment agencies. Heed my warnings and take care……..

    • Don’t be concerned, the holding facility will not be unknown. President Biden is just going to continue Donald Trump‘s plans, why would conservatives be upset about that?

      “This morning, I watched President Obama talking about Gitmo, right, Guantanamo Bay, which by the way, we are keeping open. Which we are keeping open … and we’re gonna load it up with some bad dudes, believe me, we’re gonna load it up,” DJT

      I love it when a plan comes together.

      • And you are self-pleasuring at the thought of applying enhanced interrogation to all those insurrectionists. The more you look, the more “enemies of the state” you will find. It will be a never ending task but you will keep following the conspiracy.

        • “The more you look, the more “enemies of the state” you will find.“

          No, it seems from self incriminating video, surveillance video, cell phone tracking, etc. that about 800 to 1000 individuals were involved in criminal behavior as a part of the recent insurrection so the number is not infinite.

          And wouldn’t it be ironic if Biden’s department of justice did indeed follow Donald Trump’s precedent regarding going after terrorist families and incarcerating them at Guantánamo Bay?

          Like Trump said, “When you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you just seen them thrown in, rough. I said, ‘Please don’t be too nice,’” he said.

          “When you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head you know, the way you put their hand over [their head],” Trump continued, mimicking the motion. “Like, ‘Don’t hit their head and they’ve just killed somebody, don’t hit their head.’ I said, ‘You can take the hand away, OK?”

          • There is an important detail regarding the Capitol riots that is buried in the eighth paragraph of a CNN article with the headline: “Investigators struggle to build murder case in death of US Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick.” The article states that U.S. Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who died during the storming of the U.S. Capitol building, was not killed by blunt force trauma.

            From the CNN article:
            According to one law enforcement official, medical examiners did not find signs that the officer sustained any blunt force trauma, so investigators believe that early reports that he was fatally struck by a fire extinguisher are not true.

        • And wouldn’t it be ironic if Biden’s department of justice did indeed follow Donald Trump’s precedent regarding going after terrorist families and incarcerating them at Guantánamo Bay?

          They’d need a hell of a lot more room if they started rounding up the REAL domestic terrorists (Antifa/BLM and the Boogboyz) families… No Bidens handlers have a much more permanent SOLUTION to the problems caused by their opposition… Too bad we won’t give them our guns to help make their task a bit easier

        • Again, Miner seems to have missed the point of surveillance to share his disapproval for one event. At least find a legit event. Want us to share months worth with you? They were all over 2020’s summer of love. Did you bat an eyelash when they tracked an ANTIFA member through her online purchases and tattoo’s? No, in fact I recall you being vocal about how messed up it was. The hypocrisy within your mentality is highly annoying. I know I get under your skin just from the way you reply to me, and I think we all know that’s they only reason you keep coming back. You have a mental instability you just can’t avoid being the outcast. If this were reddit, you’d be downvoted to oblivion and you’d quit eventually because your rating is in public disapproval. You can remain in a state of unawareness here, as in your regular day to day stuff. People like you are the exact opposites in real life. It’s sad really. I can judge the type of person you are outside of your alter ego online. I am willing to bet your co-workers fucking hate you, and your family is pretty fed up with your bullshit too. But you are not stupid enough in person to open your mouth about the stuff you say here, because you know where it will land you. This is like a way for you to assure your narcissism.

        • Your political masters AOC and Pelosi see a wide ranging plot so your arrest quota will be a lot higher than 800 or a thousand. What if your quota is 2000 or 5000? You will be expected to meet your quota or you will be arrested too. Hint the family of those arrested is a start. Along with any other names from the enhanced interrogation. Such is the life of a Special Commissar.

        • I enjoy reading your speculations about me and my situation, it is so entertaining!

          But I want to address something more interesting:

          “From the CNN article”

          Just think, if CNN was part of some leftist conspiracy, why would they print the truth about the pathology report regarding the capital police officer?

          They were the first, and I haven’t seen this on Breitbart or Fox, it seems that CNN is an objective news source that isn’t afraid to print the truth even if it flies in the face of your leftist conspiracy delusion.

      • What? gee whizz minor49er , do you own a gunm? Is it government issued? Do you believe the Constitution needs to be changed? How can you have so much hate for a person (DJT) when they’ve never personally done nothing to you? Your post seem to delude you will be immune from any gunm confiscations. What’s good for the goose will be good for the gander.
        Lucky for all of humanity, my Perpetual Fusion Neutrino Blomb is non planet discriminatory. Possum Power. To save Earth from the planet Slug the oceans had to be salinienated, your welcome and I need a medal.

        • “do you own a gunm? Is it government issued? Do you believe the Constitution needs to be changed? How can you have so much hate for a person (DJT) when they’ve never personally done nothing to you?”

          Not anymore.

          To clarify, I do not hate Donald Trump or any human. I am disappointed that Donald Trump’s policies and actions have had such a negative impact upon myself and my fellow citizens here in America, that is why I oppose him and his policies.

      • Miner sez: “Don’t be concerned, the holding facility will not be unknown. …..I watched President Obama talking about Gitmo, right, Guantanamo Bay, which by the way, we are keeping open. Which we are keeping open…. I love it when a plan comes together.

        Miner, if you were German in 1939 you would have had the pleasure to adore the fuehrer (Biden), and shove his enemies in ovens or showers. I can actually hear you salivating when thinking about it and doing this to ALL 80,000,000 conservatives.

        As you say : “I love it when a plan comes together.”…

  16. Kinda tempted to set up a throwaway email account, sign up for Joe’s mailing lists, and set a rule to auto-forward the messages to whatever the reporting inbox is.

  17. Universal??? Not according to the link provided:

    “under their plan all transactions through gun stores, on line or at gun shows would be required to pass through the NICS system. Sales between individuals, though, would remain off the books”

  18. If I was in charge of an “interactive transmission service,” I would flag and report EVERY post, comment, transmission yada yada by everybody about everything. How would I know what secret words, hidden messages or crypto-nuttery are contained in a message?

    Maybe “go to the grocery store and pick up a bag of nuts” actually means “go to DC and kidnap the Democrat leadership.”

    Or maybe “Joe Manchin is a true thoroughbred” really means “Joe Manchin is an inbred horse’s ass.”

    Anyway, a total info dump would chill this idiotic idea fast. Oh, and Joe Manchin is, in fact, a horse’s ass, but I’m not sure how inbred he actually is. Maybe only a little.

    • Let’s go to the grocery store and pick up a bag of nuts.

      An info dump wouldn’t chil… It would employ more tyrants. Until they find something exposing themselves, shut it down and destroy the evidence along with the people who leaked it. Sounds familiar…

  19. Just like a chicken killing dog. You can’t train it out of them. You can’t beat it out of them. You’ve got two choices. Either chain them up for the rest of their lives or you end it. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • I have a chicken killer I rescued. She has an outstanding personality. She got pregnant at about 8 months of age, killed a chicken so they took her to the pound and dumped her, where she raised her pups and I adopted her.

      There’s alternatives to “ending it”

      Now for some of these politicians, “ending it” sounds rather……….palatable.

    • I took the dead chicken and beat the dog until it went nuts and attacked me then I beat the piss out of it some more. That dog never went after another chicken.
      Maybe theres a moral to that story.

      • Never had much luck beat’n them with the dead chicken even though We tried it a couple times. Back in the day there was no such thing as a pound. Dogs were kept for 2 reasons on the farm. Hunting and varmint control and nobody else wanted your chicken killing dog. Sometimes you just have to end the problem rather than push it off on other people or let it fester until it gets out of control. Much can be learned from the old ways of dealing with bad dogs and bad people. Keep Your Powder Dry.

        • It was a high dollar Walker from my uncle, we tried everything. Dead chicken around the neck only made him worse. When I say beat the piss out of it I mean it, he was a good dog on not snapping at you and stuff, like in dog fights. But he’d had enough, he lost it and came at me, I beat the sht out of him with the chicken.
          Oh, and on a rooster that attacks you, if you grab them by the legs and whirl them in the air a while they wont do it no more. I’ve kicked them and broom whacked them, throwed water but the whirling in the air stops it. I had Lacys , Kelsos , and Blue Minors .

    • I had a German Shepherd killing my guineas til I caught her in the act. All I did was fuss at her and she never bothered another. Then I had a Catahoula Bulldog kill two turkeys, caught her with the second one, same thing. None of that going on now, with peacocks, chickens, turkeys, etc., free ranging. Dogs protect from coyotes, coons and bobcats, mostly.

  20. TPTB want to go back to an pre-Internet world where the narrative was enforced from the top down. They’ll fail. Logless VPN anyone?

  21. “universal background check push after Sandy Hook,”

    It is always something devised to make it appear that positive action is being taken. Never is it something that carefully analyzed and addressed the cause of the incident.

    Sandy Hook happened because an insane young man went without mental health care for years. In spite of his mother’s many efforts and pleadings, the “safety net” services in place were entirely inadequate, ineffectual and powerless, In the end it was the killer’s mother’s very efforts to get him help that triggered him murdering first her and then attacking the school that she loved.

    No gun control law would have done shit about that.

    A substantial improvement in funds for and laws to support mental health would have.

  22. So, I propose a solution that a lot of people won’t like but I’m fairly confident this is how it’s going to go like it or not: Paywalls.

    I belong to a few sites that use this technique, it’s not terribly expensive, maybe $20/year but it keeps out bots and trolls. You’ll cut down the chances of users being “reporters” or “informants” by using such a technique, especially at more like $10-$20/month.

    The whole concept of being an “internet sleuth” loses a lot of appeal when it’s costly and has no monetary return.

      • Before I knew internet there were only two trolls, one was a fairytale and the other was fishing,,,grrrrr, now that’s phishing . When a mouse was a rodent.

      • You could just ignore them. It’s free. I’ve advocated this for how long?

        But a huge percentage of the people here are, apparently, incapable. They’re addicts. Online drama addicts.

  23. “Failure to report such “transmissions” would result in the loss of the computer service company’s CDA Section 230 protection against liability for third parties’ speech. ”

    Tell me how this bill doesn’t effectively do just that.

  24. Hey Senator Manchin or anyone else in “government”, would you be so kind as to precisely define “suspicious transmissions” as well as the basis for the referenced “suspicions” and “suspicious” to whom. Seems to me that the above mentioned are not to much to ask.

  25. His S. 27 is described as a bill to require reporting of “suspicious transmissions” in order to assist in criminal investigations and counterintelligence activities relating to international terrorism, and “for other purposes.” It promises to do for free speech what Manchin-Toomey would have done to the Second Amendment.

    Concerning the above, excerpted from what claims to be a detailed description of S.27 I find myself rather curious as to this “for other purposes”, a phrase appearing many legislative proposals. West Virginians, who recently reelected Senator Manchin, perhaps erroneously, might well address questions to him regarding this of his.

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