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After Pat Toomey touted his gun ownership and NRA ‘A’ rating, followed by Joe Manchin stating that “if you want to remember those 20 babies and six brave adults in Newtown, you’ll consider voting for this bill” the Manchin-Toomey background check amendment went down to defeat in the Senate this afternoon. The amendment, which needed 60 votes for passage, only drew 54 affirmatives.

That was despite someone wheeling New Jersey’s Frank Lautenberg in just long enough for him to say ‘aye’ when his name was called. Of course, his vote was offset by Harry Reid’s — yes, Harry Reid’s — no-vote.

Now, despite the fierce moral urgency that demanded the establishment of a national commission on mass violence and all the benefits that confab would have brought the nation, it seems we’ll just have to find another way.

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    • Reid voted “No” as a procedural maneuver that allows him to bring the amendment back up to vote at a later time.

    • Its a procedural move. He can now re-introduce or bring the bill back, which he would not have been able to if he had voted in the affirmative. How he really feels about the bill? Who knows.

      Sorry JTPhilly and Hryan, I stepped away from my ‘puter before posting and didn’t see your posts before mine. You are correct gentlemen and quick, too.

      • Yes it was all stunt he also liked the gun ban amendment but it failed BIG time too. SO he got alot of explaining to Nevada gun owners to do next recess.

    • The senators voted the way thier constituancy told them to this time. No Presidential bs when voters say get it right or your out!

    • It’s a technical thing. He voted “Nay” so he can bring the bill back to the Senate floor at a later date. They WILL keep trying.

    • It doesn’t surprise me. I’ve met Harry in person – multiple times. I know a little about how he thinks.

      He didn’t build a neopotistic dynasty in Nevada politics by ignoring which way the wind blows in Nevada. The only legislators who are crazy about gun control in Nevada are typically east-coast Jewish liberals who have moved to Vegas and then carved out a nice little career carrying water for Vegas interests in Carson City and then, possibly in DC.

      Harry isn’t one of those. Harry knows that he wins elections in Nevada by razor-thin margins… and that the rural area of the state can swing his elections.

      • Okay… Agreed. It doesn’t count for politicians…

        Instead, can this serve as a mandate to shut up all of the anti-gun people I argue with on local forums claiming that the “majority of Americans support more gun control”?

        I’m sure if these Senators received more “Yea” phone calls, they would have passed it. I’m guessing their ears are still ringing from all of “Nays”.

      • The lesson here was invaluable. The ultimate result lies in the mid-term election results. Too bad it wasn’t closer to November 2014. Collectively we tend to have short memories for this kind of thing.

    • It doesn’t mater what the American people want. We are not a Democracy, we are an Constitutional Republic. The majority does not get to trample the rights of the minority! If we’re too lazy to defend that then we have nobody to blame but the person in the mirror.

    • Let’s be quite clear about what is going on here.

      On the one side, you have the American people. They don’t see gun control as a very high priority, and there’s a sizable plurality who really, really, really don’t want any more gun control. The group of people who have gun control as their hot-button issue is below 5% of the electorate. It’s really small.

      But among that number are a great number of the people who make up the news media. There is no more group more vehement in their advocacy of restricting Constitutional liberties (other than those in the First Amendment) than the press. The issue of gun control has been a favorite hobby horse of the press since the 70’s, when Handgun Control, Inc. got going.

      There’s a reason why I smile every time a newspaper goes out of business. Every time a reporter loses their job, every passing of some pearl-clutching liberal like Walter Cronkite, makes me step a little lighter that day.

  1. Good deal, but we’ve got a long way to go, still. Good job, guys, but we’ve got to keep fighting the good fight.

    • Sorry, must disagree with the “cooler heads”. No such thing. All these politicians, regardless of party, have consistently shown they do not truly represent their constituents, nor willing to honor the oath they made to support the Constitution.

      This was nothing but save your butt time for re-election. Each and everyone. (Maybe with the exception of the few that are retiring soon, I think that is 4). But those 4 will probably find some other way to continue being “royalty” and getting paid for being useless.

      • “…nor willing to honor the oath they made to support the Constitution.”

        That’s the kicker right there.

      • If Slow Joe wasn’t happy then I’m happy. His misery is my joy. Still, it ain’t over yet. Aren’t there many more amendments to vote on today? Besides, according to David Codrea Harry Reid gave vocal support for the far worse Feinstein Amendment today. That’s a little scary.

    • Not to be a punch bowl turd, but this is far from dead and possibly (probably) not the worst bill we have in our future. Keep your heads down. They’re just reconnoitering.

  2. Can we get a list of those who voted Yay? I’m predicting McCain was of course a Yay, but I just want to make sure before I make some more hateful posts about the man πŸ™‚

      • How can the people of AZ keep voting for that useless pile of flesh? I respect his service to his country in the military but I do not believe he is the hero that many make him out to be.

        • Because he is a sleazeball with an extremely deep war chest. He spent more money fighting for his seat with sleazy attacks against J.D Hayworth in his last primary than he did when running against Obama.

        • So in other words either people are too stupid to find out stuff for themselves and they believe anything they see or people can be bought.

      • Wow, no Lindsey Graham in there? I’m astonished the surly little homunculus didn’t follow the voice of his master McCain.

      • Last week I got an email response from McCains office stating flatly that he did not support anymore gun control measures. What a lying sack of fecal material. How can someone like that be elected Senator from a state like Arizona?

  3. Harry Reid was the last to vote he knew it wasn’t going to pass. He just saved himself the trouble of voting for a dead bill. Let’s be clear his vote did not change anything.

  4. If the Grassley-Cruz substitute amendment passes does anyone have any more info on the interstate transfer and sales portion?

  5. They finally got the Senate to vote on this after all the guilt trips and “shame on you” speeches from O’s teleprompter….only to have their BS bill shot down (no pun intended). Over half the nation my ass….

    It looks like “common sense” did prevail after all. At least they got that right. Now, maybe they’ll move on to working on something productive? Or just do nothing at all? At least then our tax dollars are only wasted on their salaries instead of piling whatever they “accomplish” on top of it.

  6. i dreamt the antis would give up. nah. 40 years from now they will still be trying to overturn Heller. This is more like the end of the beginning.

  7. I 1000% support laws that keep weapons out of the hands of those bent on evil without sacrificing a millimeter of our Constitutional rights.

    • In other words, you support “shall not be infringed.” Evil is all around us. It always has been and it always will be. There is no law that can keep weapons out of the hands of those “bent on evil.” No law passed in America has ever kept weapons out of the hands of those “bent on evil.” To believe otherwise is to buy into the delusion of the anti-gunners.

      In the eyes of the left, those intent on restoring the Republic are “bent on evil.” Those who wish to gather in the name of Jesus are “bent on evil.”

  8. Poor Toomey. Betrays his conservative base at home, only to have his amendment fail. Now he will certainly face a primary which, even if he survives, the loss of a substantial portion of conservatives will doom him in the general election. Super!!

  9. YAY! YES! In your face libs!!! Woo-hoo! Kiss my keister all 54 of you that voted for this heap of crap!

    • It is not over. There are 6 more amendments up for consideration this afternoon. These include a constitutional concealed act at this moment. Schumer currently talking crap against it.

  10. Laws won’t stop the False-Flags and states from enacting their own draconian gun laws, which by the way is already underway in the East-German States of America. And it certainly won’t stop Obama from writing executive orders and giving underground orders to the Schutzstaffel (DHS) which is by the way ALSO happening as well already. Again, prepare and beware. The rules are: there are no more rules.

  11. Anyone seen a list of the 54 that voted “yea” ? There are some upcoming elections that it may be helpful for.

  12. Just found this:
    Four Republican senators voted for the measure: Toomey, Susan Collins of Maine, Mark Kirk of Illinois and John McCain of Arizona.

    Four Democrats β€” Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Max Baucus of Montana, Mark Begich of Alaska and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota β€” voted against the measure. The first three face re-election in red-leaning states

  13. Glad to hear it, of course anyone who has ever bought a gun online knows the weapon has to be shipped to an FFL, and pass background before you are allowed to walk out the door with the gun. Really surprised 2nd Amendment supporters did not throw a flag for the deceit of anti-2nd Amendment folks.

    • When they say “online” they don’t mean having something shipped. They mean when you put up a for sale add on your local gun board (or church bulletin board) and meet in person at the local meeting spot.

  14. Praise God and Jesus for giving us this victory today!. We won for today and I think this year. It looked bad but we called and rallied and won praise the LORD!!!!

  15. You know, I am going to go out on a limb and say this is going to bite us in the ass big time. We won this round, but I think just like the tabacoo stuff this may be a phyric victory. I think the next go round is going to be even more extreme. Remember the PATRIOT ACT was proposed by Clinton in 90s, worst law ever, then 9/11 and boom that shit is passed in 2 seconds. Let’s say the boston bomber is a timothy mcviegh, or there is an adama lanza 2, the grabbers are going to come harder and faster, and we may not have a say at all. We should have given up a brackground check, with a no national database provision, and then all of the libs could have gone home and said done deal… Great to have won this one, but I am doubling my ammo and gun counts, because they may be gone next go round.


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