Illinois marijuana attorney gun general
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Illinois marijuana attorney gun general

State Rep. Rod Hamilton, R-Mountain Lake, has multiple sclerosis and is registered in the state’s medical cannabis program. Hamilton told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS he cannot renew his permit to carry a gun or legally use a firearm to hunt in Minnesota because the state and the federal government still list medical cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug.

“The bill I am proposing would make medical cannabis a Schedule 2 drug — legal with a prescription but yet allowing you to renew your permit to carry and hunt with a firearm if you so choose,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said if Minnesota lawmakers make that change it would still contradict federal law.

“We need to do this, along with other states like Oklahoma, to get the attention of Congress in Washington, D.C.,” he said. “It needs to change at the federal level and here so people can legally get their gun permits renewed and so they can hunt with family and friends and not be in violation of the law.  No one in the medical cannabis program wants to be in violation of the law.”

— Jay Kolls in Minnesota lawmaker seeks changes to let medical cannabis patients get gun permits

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  1. Isn’t there a SCOTUS case up for review that may eliminate non-violent convicts losing gun rights if granted cert. and won?

      • We lost the SCOTUS?

        The last 3 justices seated really pissed off the Leftist scum.

        They damns sure aren’t acting like they won the high Court… 😉

        • Yep, I read just yesterday that the Supreme Court balance was and is in favor of conservatives.

        • “They damns sure aren’t acting like they won the high Court… ”


          Packing is still on the agenda. Roberts refused to sit on the next impeachment trial (which is required by the Constitution when the president is in office). The Dims admitted that they are not impeaching a sitting president, but moving ahead anyway. And the latest SC ruling about Californication restrictions on church attendance was an abomination, granting the leftists a victory that states just how people inside a church can worship. i.e., Calif cannot stop church attendance (within unconstitutional limits), but can dictate how worship (for Christians) is to be conducted.

          The Dims are following the example from “The New Deal”. Roosevelt wanted to pack the Court because it kept ruling against Roosevelt’s attempts to run over the Constitution. The SC recognized the threat, and began ruling in Roosevelt’s favor.

        • Sam I Am,

          And the latest SC ruling about Californication restrictions on church attendance was an abomination, granting the leftists a victory that states just how people inside a church can worship. i.e., Calif cannot stop church attendance (within unconstitutional limits), but can dictate how worship (for Christians) is to be conducted.

          I came to post the exact same sentiment. While the U.S. Supreme Court leans conservative (at the moment) and throws us the occasional conservative “bone”, the Court is anything but solidly conservative and their latest ruling proves that. Neither states nor the federal government have any righteous/legitimate authority to tell churches how many people can attend nor how they conduct their worship services.

          The only righteous/legitimate authority that states or the federal government would have (with respect to churches) is enforcing laws against child molestation, rape, assault-and-battery, and murder in the highly unlikely event that some “church” started enacting those crimes as part of their “worship” services.

        • The problem you’ll find with the courts is that the Dems will twist the law in their rulings to match their desired ideology outcome. They think the Constitution is a “living document” that means what they want it to mean now.
          The modern Rep judges tend to be contextualists and originalists, so they will limit themselves to the law as written and won’t rule solely on their ideology or what’s “fair.” The result is lopsided, where Dems are no-holds barred, but Reps are following the rules.

        • “The result is lopsided, where Dems are no-holds barred, but Reps are following the rules.”

          That’s a common theme in multiple contexts.

    • The plan is to get the doctors, shrinks, dispensaries, and pharmacies to report everyone. Soon as there is a compete reporting, and everyone uses the can take all guns away from everyone except the super rich, politicians and Hollywood elite.

      They will not reclass because it is a back door for gun control, no knock wants, seizure, and arrest of the people who don’t vote for them.

  2. it’s ridiculous that that in the land of the free, cannabis is still illegal under federal law.

    i don’t endorse it or use it, but it’s ubiquitous in America. free people should be able to make their own choices as long as they aren’t hurting others.

    • Legalization on a federal level is coming, it’s just a matter of when…

      • Don’t get me wrong as I’m a conservative.

        I also believe that it’s absurd to continue to arrest pot users who are otherwise responsible, law-abiding citizens, regardless of political orientation. But (you knew there was going to be a “But”, right)…

        …But, legalization of pot in any form is much more likely under a Democrat administration that it has been under conservative administrations. And, on this site and others like it Democrat-bashing is not merely common it’s constant. And, I agree with much almost all of it.

        But I’ll enjoy the pure, deep irony when members of this site, including me a staunch conservative, applaud the Democrats on this site for anything whatsoever…hahahaha.

        • I’m no staunch partisan –

          I’m socially-liberal, fiscally-conservative who believes in a original interpretation of the US Constitution…

        • I have zero tolerance for a self serving azzhat that mixes drugs and booze with firearms, vehicles and things of that nature.
          Nonetheless Sen. R Hamilton sounds like the kind of slave who sits at a lonely isolated red light @ 3 in the morning and waits for the light to turn green. Such lights should be set to blink yellow at that time of the morning. Should you get a ticket for such a red light explain the circumstances to the judge and if he does not throw the case out then sue the city for endangerment. When seconds count don’t sit there like a fool and invite some criminal into your life.
          You are an adult Sen. Hamilton and for the time being you need to determine your own state of mind when using your prescription and proceed accordingly.

        • Don’t really have a dog in this fight, aside from generally wanting a government that abides by the Constitution and protects individual rights and freedoms.

          So I’ll happily applaud the Democrats for anything they do that helps — and continue hoping that their party dies in ignominy. I’m fair like that.

        • ” I’ll enjoy the pure, deep irony when members of this site, …, applaud the Democrats on this site for anything whatsoever ”

          As soon as the Democrats do something worth applauding I’ll put my hands together.

      • Elizabeth Warner tried to get marijuana laws nuked under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments last year. He supposedly democratic colleagues weren’t having it.

        As my dad said when he left that party, Democrats are no longer democrats.

      • Of course. And I’m going to lose my favorite argument against anti-gun pot smokers: “Well, at least YOU are prohibited from guns.”

    • Are we still considered the land of the free? I haven’t felt like we were in the land of the free for about 15 years…

  3. It does not work that way, but good luck. Maybe they should also reclassify all machine guns as semi automatic too. Pretty sure either will get the same reaction from the Federal Government. Bottom line if you use pot and are in possession of a firearm you are committing a felony. I don’t agree with it but the only way to change that is at the Federal level.

    • “. . . the only way to change that is at the Federal level.”

      Technically, you are correct. But practically, I’m not so sure.

      Nullification – the concept that states can “nullify” a federal law – seems to be working with pot legalization. It’s really hard for the Feds to enforce the pot laws against individual users and even dealers when they can get no cooperation from state LEOs.

      The gun+pot laws are a much tougher nut to Nullify. Because gunzzzz. And, because of the paperwork of a pot-permit making one automatically a documented prohibited person.

      State legislatures are going to have to think through how they want to advance their Nullification policies. For example, by abandoning the “Medical Marijuana” policy (mandating documentation of a pot-permit) they could adopt a “Recreational Marijuana” policy. Thereupon, medical users could cancel/vacate their pot-permits and end the paper trail for the Feds to follow.

      By now, pot liberalization at the state level has etched the handwriting on the granite wall. There is no where for the Feds to go except to liberalize the pot laws.

      I suspect that trying to attack the Pot-YES/NO-Guns law is scaling the mountain on the north face. Instead, decriminalization of pot generally should – sooner or later – eliminate the prohibited-person consequence of using a controlled substance.

      As of January, 2021, the leftists are in complete control of Congress and the Presidency. Leftists want to liberalize at least the pot laws. With the Powers-that-Be deliver on leftist demands for pot? Or, will these Powers insist on maintaining control for control’s sake; their constituents sentiments be damned.

      There is the soft underbelly of Pot-YES/NO-Guns. But we PotG are stubborn. Most of us will insist on scaling the north face. Winning isn’t everything; PRINCIPLE is!

      Here, I take no position on the use of pot. It is another failed prohibitionist Progressive idea. No matter how noble and correct it might be, We the People will not condone pot-law prohibition.

      • As someone who has very good knowledge of the Federal Government I assure you they will do what they want regardless of state laws. Thinking because your state made it legal will protect you is a fool’s errand. Just ask the guys in Montana who were manufacturing silencers how those laws worked out for them.

        • That’s different becuz gunz. Not a single person got arrested for pot once the state laws went through in WA, OR, CO, CA, but if it’s something that should be protected by the Second Amendment, the feds will FIND a reason to get you.

          Although the situation might arguably have been different if Montana had a law specifically stating silencers could be made in-state; the fact that the Second Amendment applies and the interstate commerce clause doesn’t offers no protection against the regressive/progressive government, where everything not specifically permitted is forbidden.

      • Personally I favor an “Herbs of the Garden” policy: if it can be grown at home and is edible, it’s legit. I know the Puritan streak in the country wouldn’t like that, but I recall someone with significant authority said we can use all the things that grow in the field and garden.

    • I am in support of decriminalizing CBD (medicinal) strains, especially if under a physician’s supervision. There are legitimate applications of certain strains of cannabis.

      I am *not* in favor of changing the status for THC (recreational) strains, however. I’ve seen too many people succumb to classic “pot” and destroy their marriages, careers, finances, families, and in more than one case even their own lives.

  4. The conservatives’ opposition to the legalization of marijuana is the height of hypocrisy.

    Is it more or less government to tell citizens what plants they can and can’t grow on their own property?

    The Republicans always talk about private property rights, why does the government have the right to tell me what plant I can grow on my private property?

    And the prohibition of marijuana goes against the word of God, which the conservatives claim to support, it’s just more hypocrisy.

    Genesis 1:29
    King James Version

    “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.“

    • You are making the same mistake Strych 9 did when he started to use bible quotes that have nothing to do with guns. And justify government tyranny, with the lock downs. As far as legal pot smoking goes. Pot smokers have never supported Liberty. I feel very comfortable saying that having grow up in California. With pot smokers (socialist progressive in their political orientation) controlling the state. Everyone now see’s the results.

      • Don’t you have a dildo to sit on and a pride parade to attend? Like the kettle calling the pot black. As someone who has lived in multiple states including California people who smoke pot tend to favor freedom over the Government slavery a statist like you prefers.

        • I have yet to meet a pot smoker that doesn’t support large collectivist style government programs. Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, nationalizing Healthcare, you name it and they support it.

        • I’m not holding my breath waiting for the “progressive” states who legalized pot to change, THEIR STATE LAWS, allowing user residence to buy guns. Also its a “special” charge when you are caught with guns and drugs together in these same states. And they are not interested in allowing convicted drug non violent felons getting their gun rights back.

          You are full of sh!t. And these states are full of sh!t.

          “16-Year-Old Burglar Keeps Yelling ‘I’m So High!’ After Being Shot”

    • Let’s be honest. The push for the legalization of marijuana is the result of lobbying money and the promise of more tax revenue. It has nothing to do with freedom.

      • That is the truth. And the legalization crowd is just made up of liars. Who are trying to change the historical record. They have NEVER supported Liberty. They would sue to force a “No smoking allowed” Landlord to rent to them.

    • Miner49er,

      Be careful painting with those broad brush strokes.

      I am somewhere on the Libertarian/Conservative spectrum and I enthusiastically support marijuana being totally legal even though I have never used it, have ZERO use for it, and think it is bad/destructive on the whole to an individual person.

      I know other people who are conservative and support full legalization of marijuana.

      • I would support legalizing weed. Hell I’d support legalizing every other drug. That said if you fuck up it’s on you. I shouldn’t have to subsidize your visit to a rehab clinic, and you shouldn’t have to subsidize my ammunition. But since the govt is subsidizing rehab for people then no I don’t support legalization. Even more so since I ain’t heard of a single bill to support my ammo costs.

    • Legalize everything. Meth, crack, heroin, et al

      My objection is not to free people making free choices. My objection is to using the state to come in and clean up the messes these junkies leave behind.

      Be free to use your drugs. You have my blessing. Leave me out of it when your finances, health and family are in shambles.

      If you insist government be there to wipe your ass, dose put methadone and foster your kids then If have to support all out prohibition. You junkies want it both ways. You want your freedom to use and you want everyone else to pay for the troubles your using creates. Selfish children.

      • Actually in a lot of cases they want other people to pay for the habit itself, which I’d say is more objectionable.

        San Fran hands out on the order of 4.45 million syringes a year.

        • If our current policies are an indication of where this inevitably leads, we’ll be subsidizing marijuana purchases in other countries before long.

        • Libertarians Liberals and the Left, were very supportive of using tax payer money to hand out needles. But they forgot about what would happens when drug users are done with those same needles. They called it a “needle exchange program”.

          They expected people who don’t bathe, don’t brush their teeth. People who sh!t and piss in public, The three L’s believe these people will have the common courtesy and public hygiene concerns, will return or dispose of a used needle properly???

        • to Dude
          “If our current policies are an indication of where this inevitably leads, we’ll be subsidizing marijuana purchases in other countries before long.”

          The Libertarians will support this. Just as they will eventually support sending American soldiers to protect poppy fields in Afghanistan.

        • “If our current policies are an indication of where this inevitably leads, we’ll be subsidizing marijuana purchases in other countries before long.”

          Or subsidizing them growing it for “economic development” with an exchange program for blunt wraps, bong parts and money in the form of rolled up dollar bills covered in snot on one end.

  5. Technically a sticky wicket I suppose but states could just legalize marijuana across the board and decline to prosecute any “marijuana related crimes” for lack of resources.

    At that point you’ve basically got legal weed and no gun charges for pot+a burner unless you get popped by a Fed.

    Why not? It’s not like states have been enforcing federal immigration laws and there doesn’t seem to be much Fedzilla can do about it once the cooperation stops. Besides, after 2020 it’s pretty obvious that “rule of law” is essentially a joke anyway.

    • “Besides, after 2020 it’s pretty obvious that “rule of law” is essentially a joke anyway.”

      This is very, very true.

      • “Besides, after 2020 it’s pretty obvious that “rule of law” is essentially a joke anyway.”

        Ain’t that the truth.

    • “At that point you’ve basically got legal weed and no gun charges for pot+a burner unless you get popped by a Fed.”

      And that’s exactly what happened to Kyle, AKA ‘FPS Russia’.

      He’s announced that at the soon-to-be end of his parole for federal weed charges he’s moving from Georgia to your neck-of-the-woods, Colorado.

      And if cert. is granted on that 2A challenge for loss-of-gun-rights for a tax conviction, he stands a fair chance of being back to his business of doing in-character ‘FPS Russia’ gun videos on YouTube again, if that case is won.

      If that case gets won, there are tens of *millions* of potential new gun owners (who also can’t get guns or ammo)…

  6. I’m far more concerned with the states respecting private property rights by not compelling landlords to accept their tenants or their tenants’ “patients” using rental property for growing pot. Aside from the fact that the Feds will eagerly invoke civil forefeiture, an improperly managed marijuana grow is a conflagration waiting to happen. The damage from molds and chemical contamination are a big issue as well.

    There is a valid argument that just as guns and booze don’t mix (the ATF demonstrated this at Waco) guns and pot don’t mix. Ditto for other drugs. Laws against carrying while intoxicated, similar to laws against driving under the influence of Intoxicants, would address this issue. Of course we need laws making Adjudicating Under the Influence of Intoxicants a felony to keep our judges under control.

    • How come you just dont tell them tenets to get the fchh out! That’s what I’d do, and if they dont leave , set fire to the house. Fckit

    • I wonder why the same people who want to legalize drugs also don’t want you to have machine guns???
      They don’t support open carry. They don’t support concealed carry. They barely support you having a gun in your own home. Together alcohol and machineguns were legal at the same time, in this country, for about 12 or 15 years. But if you count the Gatling gun, its been about 70 years being together legally.

      Now the government wants a special tax on alcohol and machine guns.

      • You expect intellectual consistency from a guy who runs around engaging in obvious libel when under his own “rules” the people he does this to should be allowed to hot him twice in the head and not be charged with anything?

        You’re one damned generous marsupial.

        • You are quite a “spin” master. As I said before you “talk a pretty good” game. But you let your guard down when you got the opportunity, to agree with government tyranny, and tell Christians to stop going to church. I never supported the forced government lockdowns. But you did.

          You supported multi-billion dollar companies being allowed to stay open and small business forced to close and be destroyed. But you weren’t the only Libertarian who supported this government policy.

          Because Of my 12th grade HS education, I know germs and a virous are things I can’t hide from. I know wearing a mask all day long is useless.
          I even knew that in the 6th grade.

    • The stupidity never ends with you does it. Your a statist and hate freedom the irony is unbelievable.

      • Aren’t you one of those atheists who supported the government telling Christians to not go to church? But you supported Walmart being allowed to stay open???
        Or do I need to go back and look up what you said???

    • Pot smokers supported expanding government. They supported raising taxes. Until those taxes effected their legal pot selling business. Then they left California and took their politics with them to low tax Colorado. And then F’ ed up that state too.

      They said “if we can just make pot legal?” “There will be no need for black pot dealers to have guns.”
      “And there will be less violence.”
      Now go ask the Mexican avocado farmers about there being less violence, when pot laws are not enforced, at the local level???

      I believe the legalization crowd is just as racist as the KKK. With the same goals of disarming “a certain select portion of the population”. Have they changed after having this policy from the very beginning? I don’t know.

      • BTW
        The cover of the January/February 2021 issue of Recoil Magazine. “All Gun Control is Racist”. Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter, is on the cover. And on the inside, The “Liberal Gun Club”, story can be found.
        By a copy and send it to a gun grabbing friend. I’m sending out four copies.

    • Then why did the Founders grow medicinal hemp?
      You are an ill educated no neck fudd.
      If you so much as touch a can of Bud you are a liar and fraud.

      • Pot heads don’t know that Industrial Hemp was grown for use in making rope and making writing paper. They only know about smoking THC.

    • In general, this is true.

      There are exceptions (I personally know a couple), but most of them — judging from people I’ve known and from the way potheads tend to vote — think freedom only exists in terms of their “right” to do whatever they personally enjoy, and they do not extend that “right” to anyone else.

      They’ll happily watch the government roll you up for “hate speech” or exercising your Second Amendment rights or going to church in the time of Covid, or any other thing they don’t agree with.

      • Lol. That’s how 95% of people feel about a ton of things. It’s in no way unique to people who smoke dope.

        Most people want what they like to be legal and what they dislike to be illegal. Liberal, Conservative, doesn’t matter. They mostly think the same way but about different things.

  7. The grass roots(did I say that?) supporters do support liberty, it is the government that wants taxes from it’s sale. I quit smoking reefer 40+ years ago, but watching my brother die of MS related causes was hard.
    I don’t care if it really made you hooked and crazy like in Reefer Madness, if it gives any relief for those so afflicted, so be it. The plant is a blessing. Why should someone be denied self protection because they also wished to feel better? Why should they have to make a choice?

    • You do have a choice, you can do as the government says, and retain your bill of rights, or you can do as you choose, and lose them. I hope you see the irony in that.

  8. I wouldn’t care if pot was legalized and i support removing question 11e from the 4473 entirely. Carrying under the influence is a different story, whether drinking, smoking pot or even taking prescription pain killers, people act or react in all kinds of ways. I get the idea of someone having a beer with dinner being fine but how do you gauge how much is too much when it comes to drug consumption?

  9. As a Mn. resident , I don’t recall Hamilton’s name being attached to any past progun bills, but he has been an outstate rep for the last 30 years so I don’t know much about him . I suspect that his bill will only have a chance of getting passed if attached as a rider to a bill by the DFL currently up for review to legalize pot and get past convictions expunged because it “unfairly criminalizes minority victims” and will restore their voting rights. (gee, I wonder whom they believe that those votes will be apt to be directed to?) I wish someone would think of the rest of us gun owners, maybe try for getting back to castle doctrine rights in the state, after the “mostly peaceful spring/ summer of 2020” – can’t wait for the next shit show with the start up with the Chauvin trial in a couple of months!

  10. Sure, I find chronic users to be dolts, but using the product shouldn’t be illegal. Period.

    Marijuana prohibition is merely another control mechanism. It helps nobody but the G. Jamming people up because of a blunt is an exercise in political overreach by politicians, cops and courts acting together to enhance their power at the expense of human freedom.

  11. Carry a package of Oreo cookies from now on. Stoners love them, and you don’t have to plug anybody. Unless they try to steal your Oreos!

  12. I totally support legalizing all drugs. As long as I can shoot drug users dead on sight. When they rob, rape, murder, steal, break into and or vandalize private property. Also no government welfare. No government aid of any kind.
    But the legalization crowd has NEVER supported any of that. They are socialist progressive in their political orientation. They have NEVER supported the 1A or the 2A.

    • You remind me of an abortion activist. They screech about pro lifers hating women and not caring about the kids after they are born. If they repeat these broad generalizations enough they convince themselves that they are true. You do the same thing with whoever the boogie man of the day is for you. “Pot smokers don’t support liberty.” First of all that an insanely broad statement. Do you know who smokes pot? Military veterans, bernie sanders hippies, average gun owners, professors, house wives, trade workers, criminals, cancer patients, rednecks, white collar workers, NRA GOA FPC members, your neighbors, minimum wage workers, and millionaire CEOs. That’s just to name a few. Millions and millions of red blooded Americans smoke weed and support liberty full heartedly.

      • Suuure they do. Yet I don’t see a one of them campaigning that we, the non-users shouldn’t be liable for the societal costs of their usage. It’s us that picks up the bill for the treatment centers, the social services, the insurance claims, all the millions of ways our Socialist States of America makes the innocent pick up the tab for others’ bad behavior.

  13. I’m neither expert in the law nor in medicine. Still, it appears that the Federal Classification of Marijuana as a Schedule 1 Substance these days makes no sense at all given it’s increasing medical use.

    I don’t know if the appropriate change in this Schedule business requires action from the federal bureaucracy of from The Congress. Whichever it turns out to be, possibly both, they need to pull up their socks and get moving now, not some time in that never quite arrived at future.

    • The DEA can change the schedule as they wish.

      Same deal as the ATF changing the legal status of whatever gun related item they like.

  14. As a child of the 60’s I can tell you that the medicinal use of marijuana is in the “feel no pain” aspect of it under it’s use.

    Use of prescription optoids for legitimate pain control has been demonized because of the abuse factor. Marijuana is the same & not only altering your reality, but killing you also just like tobacco cigarettes. I guess I can be considered a “gun nut” in every step of the way but guns and ANY mind altering substance do not mix.

  15. I know many will disagree with me but drugs and alcohol do not mix with firearms under any circumstances. If you are going to smoke that stuff stay home and be happy but no guns, ever. Its like drinking and driving but with a higher frequency of a deadly outcome.

  16. “Medical” oh please. Pretty much everyone I have seen here in Oklahoma with a “medical” card is using it as a excuse to smoke.

    Not saying that they’re people out there who actually need it but these potheads are what giving the “medical” card a bad name.

  17. Hey! State reps! Piss upwind all you like, but you’re only going to get wet. State level actions don’t affect federal laws. It’ll take Congress or SCOTUS to change them.

  18. F*ck this trend toward legalization. What it’s done is made it so a neighbor’s teen daughter got some drug-pushing asshole to deliver edibles direct to her door without her parents’ knowing and the distribution networks are so ubiquitous that the police can’t even begin to track this stuff down.

    Marijuana isn’t the safe, happy nature weed its proponents like to paint it as. It has been shown that it triggers psychosis in vulnerable users and damages brain development in kids who use it. But the permissive atmosphere leads kids to discount the risk and make parents’ objections seem frivolous to them.

    I’d put anyone who gives marijuana to kids to death, but that’s just me.

  19. Anyone who still buys into that “Reefer Madness” propaganda is a fool. I don’t use the stuff but as a former police officer I have a lot of experience dealing with those who do. I was highly anti marijuana starting out but reality always wins. The fact is that marijuana isn’t a “gateway” drug, it doesn’t make you act crazy and pretty much every so-called “fact” the government propagated over the years is absolutely BS.

    Alcohol is infinitely worse than marijuana. The influence of alcohol is far, far, far, far more dangerous than marijuana could ever possibly be. Drivers under the influence of marijuana act completely different than those under the influence of marijuana. Alcohol not only makes operating a motor vehicle safely very difficult it also makes the person more volitle and prone to anger and violence. You don’t see that with MJ. Drivers under the influence of MJ tend to be docile for lack of a better descriptor. If they become violent or aggressive it’s because they are under the influence of another drug in addition to the MJ, usually alcohol. Drivers under the influence of alcohol tend to make very bad decisions when they are being pulled over, such as attempting to elude. Someone just high on MJ doesn’t usually do such things.

    Now, all of these behaviors on the road also happen when not driving. You almost never have domestic issues with people using MJ but alcohol? All the time. People drink and get crazy while people get stoned and tend to get along better.

    Maintaining marijuana as a schedule 1 drug is ridiculous and a waste of taxpayer money.

  20. I medically retired, after 32 years in L.E., and as a result of my on the job back injury I developed Dystonia (a Parkinson’s like neurological disorder that has distorted my posture, deforming my spine, and causes tremors). As you can imagine, I present a ripe target to those that would take advantage of an obviously disabled person.

    I have found that THC (edible form since I hate smoking) eliminates the tremors. I am fortunate that my State legalized marijuana and I don’t have a medical marijuana card, as that would trigger the revocation of my CCW permit. I do not ‘get stoned’, it doesn’t take that much to eliminate the the tremors. I still train regularly and can still out shoot most. Would you support taking away my ability to defend myself?

    Oh, BTW, I also take prescription medication that is much stronger than marijuana yet doesn’t impact my ability to obtain, or maintain, my CCW permit.


  22. If you think this changes anything, you are a fool.

    You are still a federally prohibited person. You will still need to perjure yourself to complete a form 4473.

    State legality is a great first step, but useless in itself

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