Sheila Jackson Lee
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas (Anna Moneymaker/The New York Times via AP, Pool)
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[Rep. Sheila Jackson] Lee’s bill so far has no cosponsors, and it is unlikely to make much progress. But it reflects a broader mindset in the Democratic Party, which used to at least pay lip service to the Second Amendment but lately talks and acts as if it does not exist. After promising to respect the Second Amendment in 2004, 2008, and 2012, the Democrats erased the constitutional provision from their 2016 platform, although they did mention “the rights of responsible gun owners.” The 2020 platform omitted even that phrase.

President Joe Biden does occasionally mention the Second Amendment, which he says he respects. “It’s within our grasp to end our gun violence epidemic and respect the Second Amendment, which is limited,” his campaign website said. How limited?

We know that Biden’s Second Amendment does not cover guns he does not like. He concedes that the federal ban on “assault weapons,” which was part of what he has proudly called “the 1994 Biden Crime Bill” but expired in 2004, had no impact on the lethality of legal firearms. Yet he supports a new and supposedly improved version, including a magazine ban similar to Lee’s and a requirement that current owners of the targeted firearms either surrender them to the government or follow the same tax and registration requirements that apply to machine guns.

During an argument with a Detroit autoworker last year, Biden suggested that the Second Amendment no more protects the right to own “assault weapons” than the First Amendment protects the right to falsely cry “Fire!” in a crowded theater. And although the Supreme Court has described handguns as “the quintessential self-defense weapon,” possession of which for home protection is indisputably protected by the Constitution, Biden thinks shotguns are better for that purpose.

While Biden has not said his preference should be enforced by law, his policy prescriptions might be different if the Court had not ruled so clearly on the issue. His explanation of why he is willing to let people own guns, which focuses on hunting rather than self-defense, does not inspire much confidence that his avowed respect for the Second Amendment is based on a clear understanding of its function.

Proposals like Lee’s help make Biden’s gun control agenda look moderate and reasonable by comparison. But his attitude, like hers, shows that Democrats would be perfectly happy to expurgate the Bill of Rights if only the courts would let them.

— Jacon Sullum in This Draconian Bill Would Turn Millions of Peaceful Gun Owners Into Felons

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  1. All things we already know, now, what do we do about it? Dont say “call my reps”, cuz they’re part of the problem!!

    • It pisses me off to hear “Call your reps.” First of all, my “reps” are the worst kind of Democrats. I’ve written to them scores of times, only to receive the same boilerplate responses that say, “It’s an honor to serve you, blah, blah, blah. Here’s what I’ve done for you since I’ve been in office, blah, blah, blah.”

      They NEVER mention the reason I wrote to them, even when I point out that they have continually failed to answer my questions. It would be refreshing if they’d at least say, “I’m sorry. I don’t agree that your issues are worthy, and I won’t do anything to help you.”

      • Big blabbermouth sheila jackson lee is doing a fine job for her lily white democRat Party Jim Crow Gun Control slave mssters. Why sheila is out front on point setting an example for how all Americans should be. Unarmed, stupid and good for nothing but harvesting votes for the democRat Party.

        America has witnessed centuries of Gun Control and the terror and genocide left in its wake across the globe. Nonetheless those with the sick small minds of a shiela jackson lee just cannot get enough of Gun Control.

        For her never ending deranged desire to disarm and control others the prestigious 2020 democRat Party slave master, democRat Party KKK and jack booted nazi party Gun Control Award goes to their very own douchebag darling shiela jackson lee.

        • Do you really think the people in power behind the DNC are white? You should dig a little deeper before you make that claim.

        • “Do you really think the people in power behind the DNC are white?”

          Who, then?

          “The Joos”?

          Lay ’em out on the table for all to see, who?

        • Geoff, we look white, gotta check our peckers to tell.
          Waving money near us does not work and is liable to snare some of you

          Now them reptiles, if I remember right had blue blood on the TV show.

      • Scott and Rubio from Florida will be a yes.
        Hey Floridians, Rubio is up for election next year, write in Byron Donalds, rep fro SW Florida to replace Rubio!

      • They are not in office by the CONSENT of the People to make their own subjective assumptions on issues of intense importance. They are Elected to perform by the will and demands of the majority of their constituency. I know most of them seem to have convenient post election amnesia, but there’s a cure for that ailment. Because this is The Law of The Land.

        If you ever really did get a response like you posted here, that’s immediate grounds for re-call. Every serious citizen’ concern, especially in group consensus, political forum, or PAC concern, must absolutely be considered and acted upon. This is the way the system of our Republic was designed to operate.

        Or ELSE!

        If THEY don’t comply (compliance isn’t only one way)

    • I’m guessing if I wrote to my congressmen, they’d either laugh at it or never open it.

      • Mine might care if it involved lions or manatees or a someone wants to eat a dog or horse. Otherwise we voters only matter right at election time.

        • Well, it might feel good for us all to complain about it in these blogs but but that won’t count anymore when ‘they’ make you feel a lot worse the more they get away with stealing our American liberties and values because we DON’T DO ANYTHING about it except mewl and whine and then give up in frustration.

          Of course, once any politicians get into office, they don’t listen to the individual who does that. They know it’s just a little whining and it will go away soon. The only constituents that raise their eybrows might be one of their big campaign doners. Because it’s all about money in the first place. So that’s how you either change their little CCP (Chinese Communist Party) totalitarian minds by amassing all the ‘individual dissent’ into one massive megaphone blast that says:

          “HEY MORON!, THERE ARE MULTIPLE THOUSANDS OF US COMING TOGETHER TO MAKE CERTAIN THAT YOU DON’T GET AWAY WITH VIOLATIONS OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LIBERTIES AND CIVIL RIGHTS BY ALL VOTING FOR YOUR OPPONENT IN THE NEXT ELECTION So your violation of American Principles will cost you big time if you don’t stop it immediately. This really Works. It’s a proven method. It just takes the right campaign strategy for the the particular district

          The only reason that more Rogue Romney Rinos are NOT voting to impeach DJT is because during the last year there was a below radar fund raising effort by Trump supporters but major MSN networks weren’t reporting it. So the TrueTrump Republicans have a strong war chest for future campaigns, And some wealthy doners for some target focused applications.

          Trump’s Campain Supporters in the GOP made it quite clear behind the scenes that any l of these Rino turncoats who will be what they call ‘Primaried’ Which is not actually the final campain for a seat between a republican candidate and a Democratic candidate, but they”ll put in other loyal and libertarian based Republican candidates to take out the RINOs in the primaries.

          THAT’S WHY you are now hearing a different story from all these Republican Representatives who previously exorciated Trump for this false ‘incitement’ nonsense, and who will now NOT vote to convict.

          You have to beat them at their own game. Just complaining to make you feel good won’t cut it. They were laughing all the way to the white house at how stupid we all were wasting all that time with useless and hopless complaining while they got out the ‘Machine’ to get out the votes.

          We all have to ‘Work’ for it to save our country.. There’s no other way.

          That means forming and joining even small group neighborhod community PACs to built voting numbers for focus campaigns to turn all this around, while donating to and supporting legal efforts like:

          Paying attention and keep up onall these new HR’s and Senate Bills they are trying to impose upon us behind our backs. And get proactive in your opposition by passing this info around and growing the general support and trying to educate anyone you talk to aboout what’s really going on here and how important it is to their future even though they don’t seem to care.

          If you are physically or lifestyle constrained, at least donate a few bucks to Right’s protection organization like The Rutherford Foundation, or the NRA-ILA (Institute for Legislative Action) The Futue of Freedom Foundation, and others who initiate lawsuits against these illegal attempts at making totalitarian laws.

          Contact your primary law of the land protectors in your County Sheriff’s office who are Sworn to protect your rights first and foremost because You Elected them to do that, and Only that, against all these UnConstitutional Acts they are trying to pass, including illegal circumvention of 2nd/A protections with administrative fiat enforcement, like the BATFE is trying to do in identifying fire arms that are NON-guns. and initiating illegal confiscations.

          It’s called CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFF, BY rICHARD MACK. (YOU TUBE VIDEO) Contact your Sheriff and ask them if they support this movement and are part of it. This will immediately let you know if she or he is truly Pro 2nd/A, or Not!.

          Simultaneously with the enactment of these new Gun Confiscation laws in blatant violation of the 2nd/A , which are actually a criminal violation as well that they somehow manage not to get prosecuted for, under USCC 18-241-242. I mean they CANNOT even attempt to make any state or local municipal laws (that’s a felony conspiracy) that violate your well established laws under the criminal code–They will begin their ultimate goal of making the Democrdatic Party a dictatorship.

          They will remove the Filibuster and Stack the Courts with user friendly Communist Justices. This will enable them to make enough insulation from any challenges to their power in the forseeable future. EVEN from so-called Democratic elections. They will literally weaponize laws they make without our conset to take our property and make the state in total control.

          So why are They so rabidly anti-freedom and so obsessed with disarming everybody?

          It’s pretty simple.

          They might be evil and mentally deranged, but they’re not stupid. They actually understand that their Leftist socialist version of totalitarian Communism cannot last as long as American Capitalist Free Enterprise under Egalitarian Liberty and Justice for All as the Framer’s first planned it.

          But they know it’s a good scam to get to where they can confiscate and reformat all the wealth distribution in the Country enough to maintain a Statist system of total control and ownership of all the asset value, as long as they can keep the physical dissent to a minimum, when they start taking everything you own, and anything you will ever have in the future.

          Meanwhile, the ruling Oligarchy basks itself in untold wealth and power, for as long as they can. That’s all they care about.

  2. “It’s within our grasp to end our gun violence epidemic…”

    Yuppers. Gun controllers need to just take a page from Covid. Wear a mask to protect others. In this case, a trash bag over the head and ducttape around the neck might just save some lives. Do it for the other people!

    And if it gets claustrophobic in there and you just can’t keep that thing on, pop a couple Xanax, replace your gun-safety mask and relaaaaaax.

    • “It’s within our grasp to end our gun violence epidemic…”

      They could always go with a data driven solution. It’s easy. You begin by noting the difference between the violent criminals and the average Americans trying to live their life in peace. The difference has nothing to do with the presence of firearms. Unfortunately, the Left’s mantra, “I believe in science!” is nothing but a tool used to END a conversation and disparage their opponents. They don’t believe in anything other than expanding their control.

      • If you so much as recognize that demographic data on violent crime exist, you get shouted down as a racist. On the rare occasions when it is necessary for a leftist to do so (i.e. when pretending to engage in scientific inquiry,) one is required to first deliver a goodthink diatribe attributing the difference to “purely economic” factors (or, for “science” that doesn’t need to try so hard to seem unbiased, “systemic racism” will do.)

        So yeah, they’re the party of Science. But it’s Science, the Newspeak word that means “a particular format for propaganda,” not “science, the method of empirical inquiry. “

        • “attributing the difference to “purely economic” factors”

          But if you go down that road, then you have to scientifically examine why there are economic differences between groups. “Because skin color” isn’t valid. Legal black immigrants from Nigeria have a higher household income than average American born families, regardless of skin color. They’re also more likely to have intact families and graduate degrees. What is the family and income situation for Asians in America? (Spoiler alert: it’s better than whites). No wonder the Left says the scientific method is racist. It consistently proves they’re FOS.

      • But data is racist white supremacy. The only answer is feelz, and A LOT of them.

        Seriously though, there is some evidence that cracks are starting to appear in the facade. When they cancel Tom MacDonald we’ll know shit’s getting real. And it will at that point, like Covid in an old folks home, he’s gone viral rapping truth.

        • “Seriously though, there is some evidence that cracks are starting to appear in the facade.”

          I *really* wanna believe that, but I just can’t. Not just yet.

          They’re still at the stage of children who discover touching their genitals, that wide-eyed sense of wonder that have discovered the one, true truth. That nothing can *possibly* be better than that (this)..

          The plane may be clearly on fire, but they are gonna give it everything they have to bring that sucker in for a landing. But with one exception – Crashing it all to hell in a fireball will just be a temporary setback, from their perspective. Gotta break a few eggs to make that tasty Leftist omelette, you know.

          They are welded to that thing like nothing else, and when some folks are that fully invested in something, how far they are willing to go can be frightening. For us, and this country.

          Have you heard this one? They are out to cancel classic literature :

          “He Wants to Save Classics From Whiteness. Can the Field Survive?

          Dan-el Padilla Peralta thinks classicists should knock ancient Greece and Rome off their pedestal — even if that means destroying their discipline.”

          The aircraft they are on is no where near Vne (Velocity, never exceed)…

        • Yeah, I’ve read about that. Progressivism is a progressive disease, and any field that lets turdbuckets like that guy continue spreading filth and poison inside is doomed.

          Classical studies is (was) the only humanities-adjacent academic field that hasn’t been killed and used as a dead skin suit by ideological zombies. I don’t even have words for how vile these people are. Zombies would be *better*.

        • Meh. Attacking the classics for “whiteness” is the new “separation of church and [something]”.

          They didn’t go after Christianity because Christianity, though many Christians believe this. They went after Christianity for the values the religion instills which are essentially identical to classic Roman and Greek values in many ways (again something many Christians, being uneducated, will deny), which are very close to Ancient Egyptian values (which not a lot of people will deny because such an assertion offends basically no one).

          The core threads that link them all together are what’s being attacked because those are the basis for Western Civ and those are the things the hard Left must destroy.

          Which is why they went after the latter three as well Christianity. It’s just that no one got butthurt over the other three because no one believes that Zeus for Ra is going to save their soul. It was more of a stretch to attack the antiquities but easier to do in many ways because they were less well defended.

          You see the same thing in Latin departments. Fortunately the absurdity isn’t lost on a lot of people, though they generally are not capable of seeing why they’re under attack. On the one hand they don’t have ultra strong defenses against this but OTOH they also don’t need as strong of a defense because of how absurd the attacks are.

          Now, you might wonder why they don’t go after other religions, like Islam. Well, because in some regards, which the Left chooses to embrace, modern Islam after Al-Ghazali (so we’re talking post ~1150 here) has become antithetical to the West in some ways. That’s something the Left likes and they’re willing to ignore other tenants of Islam, which is Abrahamic as well, because of this. Emphasis the “good” and play down the “bad” from the Left’s point of view.

          From an academic point of view it’s kinda fascinating to watch because it’s so damned effective. Simple, I mean, STUPID simple but very effective. Shit, lots of the people doing it fancy themselves to be intelligent. As if arson takes genius level intellect, LOL. Divide and conquer, how “progressive”.

          The sad thing is the high percentage of people who fall for it. But in that way I guess it’s like martial arts, most of you really high percentage shit is really, really simple.

      • Don’t forget Lysenko’s biological theories which hampered research in the USSR for decades. When they started bioweapons research, they had to secretly ignore Lysenko’s theories because the theories held strong sway all the way to senior Politburo levels.

  3. Following their orchestrated election of the POTUS and the never-ending rule by Executive order we have seen so far the Dems have become suddenly aware that 75 million Americans are for some reason very pissed off at them.

    Now they are starting to truly realize that the purpose and intent of the Second Amendment protection of: “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” was specifically intended to apply in the situation they seem intent on creating at the federal government level and that they personally may be at risk.

    Not surprising they are becoming more vocal about doing away with those protections, especially in regards to the most effective firearms available to the PEOPLE to remedy the problem should it become any more extreme and obvious.

    • This^

      Plus her bill is, IMO, a straw man for this:

      “Proposals like Lee’s help make Biden’s gun control agenda look moderate and reasonable by comparison.”

      “Biden” can remove/reduce the insane parts of Lee’s bill and be a savior / hero.

      I removed the part where Granny gets shot in the face for no reason, and now it reads she’s only beaten unconscious. See how much more reasonable that is?

    • Cliff, you hit the nail on the head. Town Hall (1/19/2021) sums up the 1st Amendment issue in the exact same way: once identified, they will get rid of any right standing in the way of control.

      “The Left MUST suppress free speech: because if there is free speech, then there is dissent. And if there is dissent, then there is no more Left”

  4. “Yet he supports a new and supposedly improved version, including a magazine ban similar to Lee’s and a requirement that current owners of the targeted firearms either surrender them to the government or follow the same tax and registration requirements that apply to machine guns.”

    He can F himself and the horse he rode into Washington on.

  5. 75,000 fine or 15 years in prison for non compliance.

    What is compliance?

    Registration and license.

    License means a psych eval of you, possibly your current or ex spouse and two family members or associates to determine if you’re unsuitable for ownership.

    She deserves the MTG treatment if the weasels get power back.

  6. SJL is the woman who thinks we’ve already been to Mars and probably agreed with Hank Johnson that Guam may tip over. I haven’t read very deeply into HR 127, but I did read how they would go about registering “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines. You would have to send them all to the ATF who would engrave them with a separate serial number and a tax stamp would be issued for each item. Were the American people to comply (yeah, right), it would take YEARS to do this and the system would be so overwhelmed, they would never see their “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines again and that is probably by design. They would get “lost” or “damaged beyond repair” This bill dies every year in committee and I believe it will do so again.

    People love to point the UK and Australia as examples of what a great idea this is, but here is what they don’t know and I tried to educate an anti gunner on this who called me a liar/racist. I tried to explain that in those countries, the weapons were already registered so they know who has them, but still there hasn’t been compliance because every once in a while, the governments will offer complete amnesty and host a buy back which tells me if they know who has them they’re either afraid to go after them or they simply lack the resources. We already have way more of these “scary weapons” in citizens’ hands than those countries.

  7. Of course this bill will never, ever see the light of day, but let’s all pretend it will to advance our narrative.

    • He basically said it would go nowhere in the article.

      His concern is the slide away from the 2nd that Dems are almost universally doing.

      Why does pointing that out bother you?

      • …because talk is all it is. As long as we’re vigilant our rights aren’t going away. Especially at the hands of some mind corpse and backbencher.

        • But part of remaining vigilant is paying attention to what these people say even when it’s crazy.

          Because crazy becomes the norm the same way many other things happen: Slowly at first, then all at once. This is a play the Left has pulled off successfully many times now.

          If you don’t keep tabs on these people then you stop paying attention for awhile, look back up and wonder how the hell they took so much ground so quickly.

        • “As long as we’re vigilant our rights aren’t going away.”

          Seriously, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Let me tell you about MY rights, eroded into non existence here in NY. I live in a registration paradise where guns, especially pistols, may be owned only with permission from the state. “Assault weapons” are banned, other than for the agents if the state. Magazines may hold only 10 rounds. I have a duty to retreat when attacked, and defending myself is likely to be interpreted as a crime. Holding a pistol that I don’t own – just holding it in my hand to look at it – is a crime. I can’t own TONS of popular or historical types of firearms because of various (unimportant) design features. When the SAFE act passed, my .22 bolt gun became illegal because of magazine capacity restrictions (this was just BARELY overturned later). Every year, our assembly pushes new restrictions like those very same magazine capacity limits, safe storage laws, insurance laws, tighter firearm type restrictions, registrations, etc.; all it will take is one headline incident for these proposed laws to pass. Hell, I’m not even allowed to get freaking grocery bags in the stores here anymore, and the left hates guns a lot more than they hate groceries.

          Confiscation and infringement with respect to guns, speech, and so much else are now realities in NY and everywhere across our formerly great country. So maybe do some homework, grow up, and don’t say things that are provably false, stupid, and offensive.

          P.s. since you claim “our rights aren’t going away,” it sure sounds like you don’t consider it an infringement when your government orders you to wear a damp, dirty rag over your face when you go out in public; thanks for your “vigilance” buddy.

          • I lived in Syracuse for 17 years 86 thru 97. I was subject to those same laws back then. It may not be an option for you but I moved to Texas to get away from all that crap. Patriots are leaving NY in droves. The downside is that it leaves only those who agree as voters. It may very well be that the only solution is an armed one.

        • In fact, I am actively working on making a move out of the state, likely this summer. I grew up here, and almost my whole family is here, but I just can’t do it anymore. For a while I thought I’d save the move for retirement, but I have too much life to live to let people like Andrew Cuomo (FUAC) control my destiny. We are truly two countries now, and I want to live in America, not the People’s Republic of Amerikastan.

    • Reality Check says: “Of course this bill will never, ever see the light of day, but let’s all pretend it will to advance our narrative.”

      Here is the true Reality Check :

      Oh yeah, they’ll never allow you to kill babies, it will never, ever see the light of day….
      Oh yeah, they will never forbid you to go to church, it will never, ever see the light of day….
      Oh yeah, they will never shut down schools for a year, it will never, ever see the light of day….
      Oh yeah, they will never lock you down in your houses, it will never, ever see the light of day….
      Oh yeah, they will never use the FBI for harassing conservatives, it will never, ever see the light of day….
      Oh yeah, they would never vote in a dementia patient as president, it will never, ever see the light of day….

      • You win the Sunday morning interwebz! I’ll send you a round of 9mm as yer prize☺😎😏

      • But all but one of those examples are not laws. They were orders.

        The killing babies one (I’ll assume you mean abortion) did not rule on abortion, but privacy.

        One of our resident lawyers needs to weigh in here.

  8. Lee’s Gun Control Bill Shifts the Conversation, Reveals Democrats’ True Hate for Civilian Gun Rights

    You mean “True Hate for This Country” and everything that it used to stand for.

  9. I think Lee’s bill was floated out there in an attempt to make anything else they propose look like “common sense gun safety” to the casual observer who doesn’t follow gun control legislation tactics. In and of itself, it is the most outrageous thing ever proposed and definitely line in the sand territory.

    Remember, she thought the astronauts left a flag on Mars, while serving on a NASA subcommittee. She should have been stripped from that committee just for stupidity.

    • This lady can’t even get the initials right on her own face-shield.

      Her aides must have hated this bill when they had to type out what she had written in crayon before they cleaned that shit off the walls.

  10. Gun owners know the real goal is to get rid of ALL guns eventually.
    They have to start with something to get their foot in the door.

    • That is the task for Comrade Special Commissar Miner. It his special duty to root out all of the insurrectionists. To follow the conspiracy as far as possible.

  11. We’ll circumcise our enemies with a jagged piece of glass, and then we’ll take our m16’s and shove them up their ass, fck the courts , fck the law.
    Sarah Lee cant even make a loaf of bread.

      • Sorry, but your previous comments on my posts has demonstrated your sheer stupidity. Have anode day.

      • He suggested the Patriots in your monkey masters district should call animal control to remove your monkey master…… that’s what you inbred ghetto dweller

  12. “Transitioining” is a favored buzz word from the Left now days.

    The fact that this moron sits in the Congress is a leading indicator that the country is well along the way of transitioning from a Democracy to a Idiocracy.

  13. The fact that Houston thinks that Sheila Jackson Lee is their best and brightest to represent them in congress leaves no hope for future of that city. On a side note, she should nominate herself for the first congressionally mandated name change for a human as she has two confederate generals in her name.

    • Ah, there are plenty of other reasons there’s no hope for the future of Houston, including the mayor, police chief, and county judge, to name just a few.

      • All of which means that the voters in Houston are the real reason there’s no hope for Houston. (Same story as Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Baltimore, ad nauseam.) If the people who lived there weren’t okay with the stupidity, they wouldn’t keep voting for it.

  14. Now, before we pass judgement, make sure to actually read the bill in its entirety. That way you will see that it is worse than you might imagine in its depth and breadth! It is difficult to imagine its practical enforcement, it ends free ownership of the most common firearms, it guts a supposed right, and it shows willful ignorance on the parts of its creators and supporters. I find it a basic concept that one should become educated on any topic before one shares their opinion, let alone attempt to force sweeping foolish and unconstitutional changes.

  15. It is more like the DemocRats don’t believe in the individual rights. They like to wipe their asses on the constitution.

  16. Don’t get distracted by this garbage legislation. There are a lot of other pieces of legislation floating around while everyone is freaking out about this bill. Hammer your legislators and let them know that those other bills are garbage also and they should not support it. This is especially true for squishy Republicans. The house is in a state where if all of the Republicans band together and a few vulnerable Democrats defect and don’t support the bad bills, they die in the house. This doesn’t happen unless people let their legislator know they will lose support and will face a significant challenge in 2022 for their election.

  17. The author of the original article by: Anna Moneymaker……omg THEY have NO SHAME….. Filthy, greedy rat faced f c k s

  18. Democrats: “We’re going to criminalize all gun owners, and they will be subject to fines and arrest!”

    Also Democrats: “We’re going to defund police, police are bad!”

  19. Listen up boys and girls. One more time. IT AIN”T ABOUT ENDING GUN VIOLENCE!!!!
    “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. The high licensing fee is revival of the Jim Crowe and Poll Tax Democrat playbook…..and, another step toward licensing/registration/confiscation. Germans used this play with the Jews pre-WWII. and, they played along. Ala why the Libs are calling that play again. If a play call is successful, it gets called until the opposition presents a decisive defense against it. Learn from history….or be doomed to relive it.
    A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
    He only controls the good guys which is his true agenda.
    The bad guy with a gun…..or the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the TERRIBLY DISTRAUGHT FAMILY MEMBER OF A GUN SHOOTING VICTIM…….or the Feelz-Gooder Social Do-Gooder….. or the the “hair-on-fire, we’re-all-gonna-die” contingent……are the politician’s easily manipulated Useful Idiot Tools to achieve his power and control agenda.
    The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible.
    History has repeatedly demonstrated that disarming good people in the name of making bad people harmless only eventually facilitates politicians shooting their own countrymen. History…learn from it or be doomed to relive it.

  20. “has no cosponsors, and it is unlikely to make much progress. But it reflects a broader mindset in the Democratic Party” – because the author says it does?

    • Snakes are not known for good vision. They do have an amazing sense of smell…maybe you’ve spent too much time in close proximity and have become habituated to the reek of totalitarianism that follows the Democratic Party everywhere it goes these days.

  21. I’m sick and tired of the “you can’t yell ‘fire’ in a theater” argument . Let’s treat the 2A the same then. Everywhere I go, the word ‘fire’ is in my vocabulary. I know when to use it appropriately. Let me do the same with my firearms. Let me carry what I want and when I want to.
    No one is advocating for lobotomies to remove the word ‘fire’ from our minds, so quit going after our rights and our property.

    • You are confusing the end game being implemented versus rationale 2A thoughts. “You can’t yell fire in a theatre”…….the Second Amendment is not absolute, there are limits…..ploys are merely the “camel’s nose under the tent” for total gun control confiscation.

    • You are confusing the end game being implemented versus rationale 2A thoughts. “You can’t yell fire in a theatre”…….the Second Amendment is not absolute, there are limits…..ploys are merely the “camel’s nose under the tent” for total gun control confiscation.

    • They’re just plain lying. Even falsely shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater is in fact free speech. Take a better look at Brandenburg v. Ohio.

  22. Waiting on another mass shooter event is my guess.

    Think it’s overdue given past patterns.

    Once that happens, Creepy Joe and the entire Progressive Left will come for our weapons. It will be their entire focus. Unless, of course, idiot gets us into another war.

    Make no mistake about this.

    • “Unless, of course, idiot gets us into another war.”

      Since this is Obama Admin 2.0, there’s unfinished business in “fixing” Syria.



  24. People, remember that there are people leaving the D plantation. Remember that Zuckerberg had to censor the WalkAway movement (i.e. disgruntled ex-leftists leaving the D’s).

    Bring new people to the range (if ammo supplies allow). Make converts where you can.

  25. SJL is clearly terrified of Wuhan flu. Who else wears a mask, eye goggles and a face shield.

    Of course it would be a tragic loss to the nation if this stellar lawmaker of 35 years would to perish.

    I’d read her obituary right along with the comics.

  26. This it what happens when you flee El Kommiefornia. Instead of challenging these laws you cowards fled to New Mexico, Colorado and Vegas back in the days. Now the cowards flee to Arizona, Idaho and Texas. At least I have the Venice boardwalk and zero winter. Wake up cowards and join the fight you should have fought back in El Kommiefornia. Last I checked, Florida, the Dakotas and Montana fall under any federal gun acts the bozos (Congress) pass.

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