Molly Moon's ice cream shop bans police
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Business must be booming these days for a chain of Washington State ice cream shops, because Molly Moon’s had no problem banning uniformed police officers from bringing guns inside their shops. The owner of the chain, Molly Moon Neitzel, claims that armed police officers in her stores make some of her employees feel unsafe. So she’s decided to protect her employees’ feelings by banning cops carrying guns.

Someone might want to point out to Ms. Neitzel that criminals don’t respect laws, much less signs. And given the publicity the ban has gotten, bad guys now know the ice cream shops, along with employees and customers inside pose little risk of meaningful resistance.

In other words, Neitzel’s virtue signaling has served to ring the dinner bell for bad guys looking for people to easily victimize.

But that’s a small price to pay for providing employees a “safe space” in which to work. Neitzel’s shielding her “BIPoC” employees and their delicate snowflake feelings from the potential discomfort that would result from having police officers in their stores.

From WTTH:

[Neitzel] defended her signage in a post online to her customers.

“Community, first and foremost we want to say again that we 100% support Black Lives and the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as divesting funding from the police department,” a note on their Instagram account reads.

The note explains the new signage as a way to protect her employees from confronting police over their firearms: “We do not ever want to put our employees in a confrontational situation of having to ask police officers to leave, especially our BIPoC [Black, Indigenous, People of Color] employees.”

What caused delicate Molly and the fragile flowers who work for her to head down this road? A customer recently gave the shop $500 to serve ice cream treats to nearby police officers who had finished shutting down and clearing out the CHOP/Antifastan “autonomous zone.”

Having all those good guy police officers and their sidearms in Neitzel’s store caused employees to feel uncomfortable and unsafe. The story didn’t mention why employees felt threatened by the mere presence of police officers. Did it have to do with arrest warrants, illegal drug possession or other criminal activity?  Or are her employees simply fragile cop-hating snowflakes uncomfortable being in the presence of real men and women.

Either way, Molly Moon’s ice cream shop has successfully alienated a huge swath of normal Americans who will no longer be patronizing the business.

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    • Her business her rules. Who cares who she wants inside. Lot of little control freaks in the replies. I surely won’t support them. But again, her business her rules. The way it should be.

      • Her business her rules. Who cares who she wants inside. Lot of little control freaks in the replies. I surely won’t support them. But again, her business her rules. The way it should be.

        While I agree, if they need to perform official police business inside their shop, they aren’t going to give a whopping s**t about their retarded sign. And who is the control freak? Perhaps the business owner? And it is in reality NOT her business/her rules. If a person strolls in there and wants a LGBT rainbow colored ice cream, knowing that they made a custom ice cream for someone else, watch what happens. They better make that ice cream, or it will be SCOTUS round 2.

        The owner of the chain, Molly Moon Neitzel, claims that armed police officers in her stores make some of her employees feel unsafe.

        Sounds like the owner needs new employees. If the employees are “upset” about serving some customers, I would get new employees. But that’s just me. But let me guess! Her shop her rules right? I bet you if the owner fired those employees, it would be lawsuit time. “Your shop, your rules” is a fantasy in the modern era.

        • Correct. This is perfectly fine for keeping police from grabbing a milkshake or doing a business check (i.e. going into a shop for a couple minutes to chat with folks and get a break from the heat) but it isn’t going to stop a cop from going in there if he or she sees an assault or any other crime occurring inside requiring police. Businesses that establish themselves as a public accommodation- i.e. by serving the public with open doors- cannot tell the police (or their guns) not to enter on official business.

          Although if the business was reporting a theft or some similar crime I’d have dispatch call them back and have them walk outside to meet. No need to go inside in that case.

      • Not always so. How many times have you seen a shop try to keep someone out for a reason just to have a liberal court step in and tell them you can’t do that. Personally if I were a cop I would say to hell with it I don’t like your crappy ice cream in the first place and from then on as far as I was concerned, to hell withthe place. Maybe the damned place will burn down.

      • Yep, her business, her rules. So, next time they actually need a cop, the cops may choose to obey her sign. These Lefties are so short sighted!

    • I had a CCW in Washington for years, until I moved out of that Liberal bastion to the (somewhat) less Liberal Nevada.

      So unless they have changed the law in the last 6 years her signage DOES NOT have the force of law. It is a suggestion only and especially if you are properly concealed carries no penalty for ignoring. If I did it it would only be to prove a point. generally I do not patronize places with No Guns signs unless I have no other option.

      It would be amusing for police to walk in several times a day and force one of those snowflakes to actually confront the LEO with a gun that they claim to be so frightened of because the only way they could legally require them to leave is for an authorized employee to state, “Leave or face trespass”. The irony there is that if the LEO refused they would have to call a cop (with a gun) to come and escort him out.

      Which brings up another point…you can be sued for refusing on religious grounds to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding, but you can’t be sued for refusing to serve a customer just because they happen to be exercising their Second amendment protected rights at the time?

      How is that NOT discrimination and violation of civil rights?

    • just the latest from the land of the crazies…are cops supposed to stay out if the store gets robbed?…maybe they should….

  1. So Molly Moons – don’t call 911 for any reason as you are banned from any police or EMS services due to your racist/political views!

    End of Story

      • They can take their ice cream cones and shove them up their asses. The cops have better things to do than to respond to calls to their establishment – like going to the local Duncan Donuts for a cup of coffee. They probably only have soft serve ice cream – no one there has the balls for hard ice cream.😒

        • Well they aren’t likely to do much else anyway. But even so, the commenter said don’t call 911 for any services, not just police.
          And that’s a no-go. Because again, she is paying for their services.

        • It could be argued, but it wouldn’t be a good argument. Note that it just says they can’t enter armed.

  2. this translates into her drug-dealing clientele get nervous when the police are around. this cuts into the profits..

    • Or, saying it another way, Molly Moon Neitzel has thrown her hat in with the criminal element in her community — she has chosen sides with criminals and will soon enough experience the consequences of that decision.

      Molly Moon Neitzel will soon have a profound understanding of the saying, “Reality is a harsh mistress.”

    • What is more likely true is that molly is using slave labor from south of the border. They fear being deported when they see a uniform.

  3. Fine—place on simple traffic standee in front of this biz

    “This biz no longer protected by any calls to 911/police or fire dept”


  4. What’s their plan when Loony Moon ice cream will be victim of a theft or robbery, or they want someone to be trespassed by the cops? I am certainly not as pro cops as I used to be, mainly due to seeing them doing nothing when people commit serious crimes in front of them, such as arson and assault with weapons during the “protests,” but this is another episode of leftist dementia. These folks keep on reinventing stupidity. If I were a cop in Shitattle, I would gladly not respond any 911 call from Loony Moon ice cream, there is probably too much marijuana in the ice cream anyway.

      • ‘Unexpected wealth sharing’ is the one I like. Also ‘involuntary charitable donation to those who need it more than you do’.

    • Let us not forget that most LEOs were ordered to stand down, meaning their jobs were on the line it they took action, and in most place people who were brought in made it back to the streets before the LEOs had the paperwork done. They were in between a rock and a hard place. But I think everyone of those rioters should have been locked up pending trial and those living in CHAZ/CHOP should have lost their citizenship. Odd how right after the march on the Mayor’s home it was time for CHAZ to go.

    • Babba Wallace,

      What’s their plan when Loony Moon ice cream will be victim of a theft or robbery, or they want someone to be trespassed by the cops?

      Who knows, maybe the local criminals will like Molly Moon’s ice cream so much for pushing back against the cops that they will leave Molly Moon’s ice cream alone. (Seriously, no sarcasm nor snark.)

      Think about a small section of Los Angeles that is a certain gang’s territory — and there is a local business in their territory that kicks-out the police. I would bet $100,000 of my own money that the gang would give strict orders to everyone to NOT rob nor vandalize that business.

      I guess we will see how this plays out.

    • Bubba, the leaders in these cities direct their police toNOT do their job… its not the police – its the liberal prosecutors, city councils, and mayors, oh and governors that cause what you see on the news.

  5. Well good. The cops have one less area to patrol, now.
    Didn’t Seattle just move the 911 service out of the police dept? I guess they’ll just call 911 to request sidewalk chalk artists, (after the crime).

    • When we were looking to get out of Komifornia we looked at Oregon & Washington. Thank GOD we decided on Idaho the Land of the Free! We love this State!

  6. POC has already morphed into BIPoC. Pretty soon they’ll have to change it again because Latinos will wonder why they’re grouped in with Indians (dot, not feather) and Arabs as if they’re the same.

  7. Yay, let’s have more discrimination and “hate”, since they like to call certain skin colors, speech, political views, t-shirts, or choice of accessories as hateful, but I can see through to her hate and discrimination here. Judging large groups of people by their profession, what they look like, clothes they wear, what they have on their hip or belt, as a class rather than on their individual merits… In their self-righteousness and “morality” they are the very thing they hate.

    • The Unspoken,

      In their self-righteousness and “morality” they are the very thing they hate.

      Au contraire mon amis!

      In their minds, whether something is “good” or “bad” is a function of the person carrying out the act. If a “good” person is discriminating against “bad” people, that is totally fine in their eyes.

      The really tricky part is trying to figure out who is “good” and who is “bad”, which can change in a moment’s notice. Apparently, a lot of people these days consider white people to be “bad” unless those white people hate themselves, grovel, and give a bunch of their “excessive wealth” to “disadvantaged” people — who are the “good” people of course.

      • Not so tricky, though. Actions which further the current leftist agenda are “good.” Actions which hinder (or, increasingly, just fail to further) the current leftist agenda are “bad.” One cannot be high enough in the “Progressive stack” to exempt themselves from that. Ask, for example, Clarence Thomas, Tim Scott, or Candace Owens. Everything makes perfect sense and all apparent contradictions vanish if you remember that the issue is never the issue.

  8. For a number of years, I lived outside of the USA, and whenever people did idiotic snowflakesque things, I was proud to tell them, “Americans wouldn’t do that.” I guess I owe some people an apology…

  9. Well, okay, her(?) store, her(?) rules.

    In the spirit of free enterprise and non-coercion of provision of service, as a private business I agree with her(?) right to refuse service to anyone. (So long, of course, as that right extends to all businesses … which we know it doesn’t. But that’s a different discussion, perhaps.)

    That said … signs like this make it real simple for me to figure out which stores I don’t want to patronize. Her(?) choice; my choice, too.

    • No one of consequence,

      In the spirit of free enterprise and non-coercion of provision of service …

      I do not believe that we really have free enterprise and non-coercion of service in the current environment. The ice cream store is altering their business policies because of coercion — and they are exercising coercion of their potential customers.

      Free enterprise and non-coercion means:
      1) Anyone can go buy ice cream as long as they do not directly damage the store.
      2) The ice cream store serves anyone as long as they can pay and do not directly damage the store.

      Alas, that is becoming less and less prevalent in our nation.

      • I see your point; however, both of your bullet points restrict the ability of business owners to choose with whom they do business. That too is coercive.

        • so they can refuse to serve gays…right?
          construction workers?
          etc etc etc
          used to be owner “reserved the right to deny service to anyone”…whatever happened to THAT?

        • No one of consequence,

          In all honesty there is no good answer here without a framework upon which everyone agrees.

          For example: a huge majority of our society (let’s say 85%) could state that it is totally okay, kosher, and legal if a mom murders her newborn baby up to three weeks after birth for whatever reason. When such a mom of a newborn baby comes into my business and tells me that she wants to purchase a nylon stocking from me so that she can use it strangle her two-week old baby, I want the option to refuse her business because it violates my deeply-held core convictions of right-versus-wrong. Quite literally it would make me an accomplice to her murder of her baby in my eyes. The last thing that I want is government compelling me to be an accomplice to murder.

          Thus, coercion is a two-edged sword. It is great if you are the mother who wants to kill your two-week old baby in my example above. It sucks if you have to sell her the instrument to kill her baby. Likewise, coercion is great if you are travelling and simply want to purchase food or lodging from people who hate you and do not want to sell you food and lodging. And it would suck for the people who hate you and do not want to sell you food and lodging. On the other side, allowing people who hate you to refuse to sell you food and lodging is a death sentence once you are far enough away from a location that is willing to sell you food and lodging.

          This is the problem without a universal right-versus wrong framework.

        • @Leigh: It became this way when authoritarians and short-sighted people with good intentions used Jim Crow and similar laws (i.e., GOVERNMENT MANDATED racial discrimination) as reason to impose a different set of restrictions on freedom of association. So instead of (rightfully) removing all government mandates for racial discrimination, they went from one inappropriate government overreach into private freedom of association to a different inappropriate overreach. Perhaps at the time, in the places affected, there was some practical argument for this. But recently we’ve seen how easy it is to abuse these laws to stomp on people that the authorities don’t personally like, effectively doing an end-run around the first amendment in certain cases. But all this supports a more general argument by Ucommon that we don’t really have free markets.

  10. “Seattle Ice Cream Shop Bans Cops Carrying Guns”

    Wow, that was stupid.

    “Gun Free Zone” translates to “Criminals Do As You Like Zone”.

    Wonder if it is a mostly cash business?

    • Some shops “ban” guns, but staff remain armed. An interesting policy because if someone with a CCW ends up shooting someone, it may very well be the business that has to dodge lawsuits as well, since they have deeper pockets to sue for. It won’t matter if the staff or a patron had the DGU, the business will likely have to lawyer up. The fewer chances of that, the better; at the end of the day, a few hundred bucks in a cash register or some product may be cheaper than the lawsuit from the family of a dead thug, or having to replace employees because they died.

      To each their own, America, private business. 🙂

  11. Well it makes me happy to know that organizations like looney moon’s ice cream are telling thieves robbers and other harmful agents that their place is a soft target. I think businesses who reject cops or legally armed citizens from entering their places business should be robbed and vandalized.

  12. Cops will just have to do like all the rest of us have been told to for years when encountering the odd no guns sign; conceal and STFU about it.

      • I wonder if one could bar armed / uniformed cops from entering but allowing CCW holders to enter a business? I personally don’t trust cops not to start something, get belligerent, confrontational, or shoot at anything that moves because they have blanket immunity and a “respect mah authority” attitude. Cops with CCWs may be allowed to enter, as long as they are off-duty, out of uniform, and their license wasn’t issued as a free pass. If they blend in with everyone else, no one will ever know and it won’t cause any problems.

        Businesses are in the business of making money and with the way cops conduct themselves these days, letting them in at all is bad for business and may scare away customers. Not because the customers “have something to hide” but because cops are literally a force of terror on the American people.

        I don’t recall any songs about *blip* the fire department, or *blip* the EMTs, I’ve yet to even hear about a business blocking them from entering, I wonder why? It may have something to do with the lack of corruption, killing, attitude problem, and trampling of rights in the FD & EMTs. FD and EMTs would likely get discount or even free service if they patronized me.

        Just recently, cops executed another person Andres Guardado, (no criminal history and was holding a security job). He was on his knees, hands behind his head, and he was shot seven times in the back by one cop. Cameras from a local building were then destroyed by the police, the DVR was stolen, memory cards stolen, and the autopsy reports denied to the family and they had to have another done. Conveniently, no one had body cameras.

        Another man was choked to death when cops repeated shoved their batons down his throat. Why? Because the state and its enforcers thought he had an evil drug and may have swallowed it. How dare an adult do what he wishes with his own body? They murdered him, in custody, for it and the only reason it came to light, is because the one good cop I’ve ever read about or heard of Sgt. Javier Esqueda, blew the whistle on the damning video that was kept locked up and hidden for months. He is now in fear of losing his job and more because he dared to rock the boat.

        I don’t give a hoot about virtue signaling or BAME this minority that. Cops have earned every bit of scorn thrown at them and if they want that to change, they need to change themselves. If we really had good cops there wouldn’t be any bad ones, they would be charged, fired, etc. People wouldn’t be in fear of them and their hair crawl every time they see one. The problems are systemic.

        • Only the woke and nitwits like you are unnerved by the police. Even criminals are generally copacetic with the boys in blue when not on the job.

        • Cops are cheap. They only go to eat where they get free or very reduced pricing. But I’ll agree that police corruption is rampant in the whole country. They are mostly revenue agents and aren’t held accountable for wrongdoing.

        • @Tarzan, you tickled a curious thought.

          If we can give a discount to certain classes of people / professions, can we flip it and have a price increase? To me, it’s logical that if I can decrease prices for one person, I should be able to increase them for another.

        • They are both the same… sometimes it gets capitalized, sometimes it doesn’t. I may change over to “Arcling”, or some such so its unique.

        • A business can disallow people from entering for many reasons (in fact, almost any reason except for a few) and could certainly put up a sign saying “no cops, citizen carry fine.” And it may have force for non-official business. But they cannot stop the police from entering on official business.

  13. Gun Free Ice Cream Zone? Who in their right mind would place themselves and their family in a business ran by a douchebagger with sht for brains?

  14. IMHO, this is another example of how our nation will become internally balkanized. Instead of an outright civil war, we’ll see a massive schism in which we’ll have Left-leaning businesses patronized by SJWs and snowflakes, and Right-leaning businesses patronized by Patriots and people of faith. That’s a generalization, but you get the point.

    So…I recommend that the Seattle po-po politely accept the situation and take their ice cream purchases to another shop that will accept them (and their money) with open arms. And if Molly Moon ever gets robbed, it’ll probably be because all the cops were at the other ice cream establishment.

    And WHY!! in God’s good name does everything now have to include a reference to skin color?? The ice cream shop made up the new acronym “BIPoC [Black, Indigenous, People of Color]”? Every day seems to bring another new way to glorify one “race” over another.

    We all bleed the same red, people. Egad.

    • I cant understand why race is some protected classification but gender now means nothing. If someone can pretend their genitals are different why is skin pigment so sacred.

  15. Every time I drive through Seattle (used to visit and play, but no more), it’s like that Buzz Lightyear meme.


    • enuf…You calling the POTUS “excrement” puts your slanderous libelous behind in camp with molly et al. My money says molly would give you a free ice cream cone for lint licking gun grabbing democrats.

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

      • Dearest Debbie,

        You are falling way behind. I’ve called Trump far worse than excrement (which he is) and you have obviously missed it.

        Clearly, you need to spend far more hours than you do glued to the interwebs, searching out what you think are insults against your “Dear Leader”.

        Please try harder!

        • Enuf and Debbie are getting into a spat. This is too delicious. Both write inflammatories that rile up the hen house, but in opposition to each other. Imma gonna grab my popcorn…

          Please proceed. (munch, munch)

  16. Seattle? Riot central? Ok, who ya gonna call when they’re busting down your doors and firing up the molotov cocktails? Fu**in idiots!

  17. At least they are consistent. Let’s not pretend that cops are necessarily careful with their weapons, any more than many civilians.

  18. Reminds of time coworkers working a demonstration and went to Starbucks dressed in uniform and ask to use restroom and employees declined. Half hour later protesters put garbage cans through plate glass window and cops just watched.

      • The literacy is lacking in his post but I will translate for others.

        I believe John Chang is trying to say that he and his co workers (probably cops) were supervising a demonstration (code word for riot). A private business declined them use of the building’s restroom facilities, (probably company policy) so John and his gang members decided they would perform some dereliction of duty and refuse to do the job the taxpayers (including that private business) were paying them to do, and allow private property to be destroyed and lives to be endangered. Lives of people that likely have absolute no say in company policy but should be punished because a cop didn’t get his way.

        Demonstrators do not throw trashcans through windows, rioters do.

        He and everyone with him should be fired, but of course, special class. All the more reason to never let them in your establishment for any reason barring court order / warrant. His conduct is sufficient evidence to show just what alignment police have and who’s side they are on; chaotic evil, and criminals.

        • I forget the term for it but it’s a skill some people have; being able to outright add and infer information that isn’t expressly present, kinda filling in the blanks on the fly.

        • He and everyone with him should be fired, but of course, special class.

          And how many of those “protesters”‘ are in jail for destruction of private property? How many other businesses had windows broken, were looted or set on fire that night? Was THAT personal too? Or was it just the standard “stand down” order issued by liberal leaders throughout the country to their police departments?

        • The cops just watched because they were ordered to just watch. Toilets or not, which self respecting cop would let such an obvious crime just slide, if he could do anything about it?

  19. I’d walk in and just stand there while I was on duty. Whats she gonna do and whos she gonna call?

    • (smile)
      If they are robbed just tell her to call her local democrat leader. That she voted for.
      A restaurant owner in, I think south carolina, tried the same thing. And was robbed the first week of his gun ban announcement.

    • The judge(s), the mayor, congressional representative, an attorney, the DA, dare I say the sheriff. Cops are not immune from trespass charges and if they have no warrant or authority to be there and are asked to leave, they better leave. A gun and a badge is not a license to violate the law and if the chief / sheriff (gang leader) won’t remove his enforcers then the city/county is looking at a lawsuit; the business owner, a heafty payout.

      There is also the matter of elections. A sheriff usually wants to be re-elected and if he doesn’t listen to his constituents, they won’t vote for him, or worse, they will fund his opponents campaign or further restrictions on cops. Likewise, the mayor wants to be re-elected, as does the governor. There are options and people to call, you just need to shop around. The cop might not be removed immediately, but in the long run, someone will pay a lot of money for his actions.

  20. So what is to prevent us from open carrying in there? Seems like Molly has painted herself into a corner as she is against armed cops showing up to remove us.

    • They will still show up to remove you even if they are unarmed and if you resist blue thugs, it will be the same as resisting them while armed. They don’t care about criminals, only those who still support the COTUS.

      Your actions are still still trespass. You still inevitably have to leave the establishment and you will be arrested and run through the court system. But, if you want to try it, I won’t stop you.

        • I would like you to point out where I or anyone else in this mini-thread mentioned antifa. You should also elaborate on how my supporting the rule of law is support for antifa.

          Phil LA is advocating both violating the law and the business owner’s private property rights under the assumption that no enforcers of the state will come and stop him. Is that the image you want to paint for John Q public? That gun owners will only obey the law and a business owner’s property rights in as far as there are consequences for not obeying; that at the moment of absence of perceived enforcers, they will turn into their own violent mob?

          You can still have trespassing charges levied against you, as as there is no guarantee the the owner isn’t armed as well, are you going to provoke an armed standoff by refusing to leave private property when told to do so? Your line of thinking is harmful to gun rights, as well as private property rights and the rule of law.

          The business still pays taxes, and still pays police salaries and is entitled to the full protections of those services; even if the members of those services are forbidden from patronizing the establishment. The sign does not prevent the execution of lawful duties, it does not supersede codified law. An exception is made the moment the owner or authorized staff call the police for the removal of an unwanted guest. It’s an explicit grant of permission to enter the property, armed or otherwise in the course of official duties.

        • The Strawman is strong with this one. Did I say that she couldn’t ban the police?

          Yes, she is entitled to same police services as anyone else and the one thing JWT and I agree on is the you are not entitled to dedicated police services. The courts have ruled since the 19th Century that the police aren’t there to protect individuals. Their job is to protect the civil order. She gets that service. Now if someone robs one of her establishments the police are not obligated to intervene. They only need to take the police report. But you can be sure that if something bad happens she will be calling on police to do sonething.

        • You still haven’t answered my question. How is my supporting the rule of law, supporting antifa; which are essentially anarchists and against the rule of law?

    • The fact that you can still be charged with trespassing and the sign does not supersede codified law, I.E, police acting in official capacity. The business still pays taxes and is still entitled to emergency services, including police. They can still enter when granted permission or when acting in the course of duty.

      Police are still police, armed or not, and they can still arrest you for trespassing. They still have mace, tasers, batons, and fists, so if you want to resist, have fun explaining it to the judge.

      Speaking in general: For people who claim to support 2A rights, the rule of law, and private property rights; they sure are quick to violate the property rights of others and act a nuisance at first chance.

  21. Of course, signs like this have no authority behind them. Although, if I was a cop, I can’t imagine a reason I would WANT to go inside. For that matter, as a citizen I don’t want to go anywhere that a gun wearing cop would be unwanted.

  22. Looks like cops get a taste of their own medicine. No carve out for them, special class does not apply, do not pass go, do not collect $200. 🙂

  23. If I were a asesttle cop I would get the word out that anyone who wants a little extra cash Molly’s is the place to go. You have ten minutes to get the job done.

  24. Open up an ice cream shop next door, “Gunpowders ice cream” we only serve armed people. See how long that lasts, it would be sued immediately. Once decided it sets a precedent that the other shop cant ban them. Despite being scewed up logic as one is violation 2A while one supports 2A, in our fucked up 2 tier justice system the victim marxists will win until sued. Lets start suing everyone.

    • The business pays taxes and is still entitled to services; refusing to answer the call would also be seen as retaliatory. The owner would have enough money to open ten businesses after it got done suing the city. Law isn’t supposed to be selectively enforced, even less so for political opinions.

      When emergency services don’t respond because you have the “wrong” political views, the USA will be smothered in a whole new layer of ugly.

      • ” The business pays taxes and is still entitled to services ”

        Yeah, OK, so the response time goes from 3 minutes to 12 minutes. Most robberies are over in less. How would anyone be the wiser?

        • If the response time is less than the average, it can be argued as retaliation. Statistics can be very damning.

        • Me fumbling words again. If the response time is greater than the average (taking more time). However most laymen will get the point.

  25. Eventually, loony ideas start to go full circle and start to eat their own tail. For instance, this sign exists because people are starting to realize that cops should not get special treatment regarding guns. But special treatment for police is a cornerstone of the gun control message.

  26. No guns means no guns. This includes LEOs there is no exception for law enforcement. Say this at a Buffalo Wild Wings, table next to me was a whole table of cops. Everyone had an empty holster, at least these officers acted like adults instead of spoiled children when subjected to the same laws ordinary citizens are required to follow.

    Buffalo Wild Wings also gained a lifetime customer. I do not agree with the no guns policy but they are at least consistent with applying it. I have no issues with business who do this as long as they apply it equally and will patronize them despite the antigun stance.

    • you just desribed a table full of morons. wing outlets blanket the strip malls. they don’t all require disarmament. and they’re targets these days.
      wife. “well at least he died happy, eating his favorite blue cheese teriyakee shikken.”

    • If this happened in the past six weeks these cops are idiots because cops are being targeted.

      I am actually calling BS on this. I doubt that any uniformed LEO would patronize a restaurant that would prohibit duty carry. They would be risking disciplinary action because they left weapons in an unattended vehicle.

  27. i would probably pass on from glee if 16 individuals synchronized fully uniformed (police- ish) robberies at all eight of these locations. regularly. not sure if it would be better with or without firearms but whatevs.
    i firmly see her policy as legitimizing a no response from the municipal defense team.
    want a straw man? i can’t descriminate against who i rent to, but i can deny the tax funded civilian protection agency from patronizing my shop while equipped with the tools of their trade.

  28. Private Property Rights covers a lot of this, at least until an officer has to enter the property for cause and official business. At that point, no signs the owner can come up with would mean a thing.

    • Exactly.

      If someone wanted to go in there and make a statement, standing in full battle rattle like rambo and refuse to leave; they would get a rude surprise when the police step right on in while acting in official duty to arrest a trespasser.

  29. Her business, her rules. Assuming she pays her taxes, she is fully entitled to all of the services the government has to offer. Is it smart? I seriously doubt it, but it’s her call to make, not mine. Welcome to America.

    • so…can refuse to serve gays? blacks? elderly…etc etc etc?
      oh wait…protected “special” classes…forget equality…they have carve-outs…
      USED to be that way….reserve right to refuse service…

        • Unfortunately, some states are slowly adopting legislation to make all members of emergency services a protected class. I forget which ones or if any of it passed, but it’s coming. Teachers, doctors, etc, are also included as well.

          The USA was never supposed to have classes of people or kings. 🙁

        • it is a federal felony to assault a utility worker while working. they gots to do stuff.
          fairly new development.

    • As we all know, the police are not required to protect any specific individual or place of business. Police are merely there to protect civil order. She can go to the station and fill out a police report.

      • Exactly. She may have rightly surmised that armed police in her business provide no benefit, and possibly a hindrance to her business. She might be right. Especially if her business is in a part of town with a very low crime rate and she’s never been victimized.

        • Except that not why she banned the police. She told you why she did. . Stop with the BS.

        • What she wrote doesn’t have anything to do with what her intentions are. But what she wrote was that cops scare her employees, and maybe her patrons. And that doesn’t sound like it’s good for business. Be smarter.

        • You are being obtuse. I doubt very much that her employees start shaking when the cops walk in for ice cream, She is making a political statement. It has nothing to do with her lack of requirement. I believe she has a store close to CHAZ neighborhood which was a high crime area long before anybody heard of George Floyd.

        • Nope. It’s a chain. Several locations. She gets to decide what is best for her business, and I bet she knows it better than you do.

  30. You are looking at the natural progression of defund/abolish the police, more and more liberal owned businesses will take this route and eventually cops won’t be able to get a cup of coffee, a burger or a fukin donut without leaving their gun in the unit setting them up for ambush/assault and making it an even less desirable profession than it has already become….

  31. Same goes for military…right?
    And it is great that they advertise that the clerks have no gun to protect themselves…
    Have at it thieves…
    Hope the cops REALLY take their time if they ever have to respond to this place.

    • exactly. lets say a distribution feeder pops. there’s maybe a half dozen establishments suddenly hemorhaging money all within a few miles of one another. we have unfettered access to our vaults at all but one of them, the outlier restricting admission and requiring 24 hour notice. but for some reason there’s a red frickin’ carpet with barrier man waving our trucks in.
      hey, premiere customer experience and all that. they’ll get picked up. but they’ll always witness multiple drive byes, because they’ll always be last. always. it’s a subtle way to drive home a point. sometimes it gets you a key.

    • If you want to trust the sign and assume the clerk is unarmed, I won’t stand in your way. I don’t believe everything I read.

  32. The attitude of this self-righteous twit is so Seattle. The leftists in this city live in a vast echo chamber in which the words Black Lives Matter reverberate endlessly excusing any outrage.
    Well Molly Moon will soon learn what it is like to live in a city without police. The city Seattle City Council has voted to defund the Seattle Police Department by 50% in a veto proof resolution.
    I would suggest that Molly go out and get an AR-15 now to defend her shop but that would be considered racist.

    • While at a relative’s house I saw a commercial for some show saying some thousands of years ago a tsunami went x miles inside the washington coast. It asked “what if that happened today?” The only thing I could think was… I wonder if that’s far enough to take out seattle?

      • According to a Central Washington University Geology U tube series I watched just the other day the tsunami will have dissipated most of its energy running up the Juan De Fuca straights and down Puget sound before it gets to Seattle so you wont get any joy there.

  33. I can just imagine the the employees calling the police because of a robbery

    “Well we’d like to respond, but you did say it was a gun free zone.”

  34. I WEAR shoes… I FLY on the wings of the liberty jetstream created by my carry pistol.

    Glib I know, but when words mean nothing to half the country it makes for some fun debates with the libtards.

  35. O.K, it’s their store. That said, the following question looms large. In the event of criminal acts, will the proprietors defend themselves and their unarmed customers or will they expect protection from the police?

  36. As long as the business is paying its taxes they must receive all required services, period. That is how it works does not matter what I or officers personally think of them. Anyone suggesting otherwise is completely wrong, as wrong as the leftist nutters many of us rail against. As for a LE on official duty that sign has no meaning or enforcement. If the officer is there in service of an official duty then such signs mean nothing.

    Now if the officer is there on break in uniform then that is different. I am not sure why an officer would bother to spend their hard earned money at a place that clearly does not want them, but that too is up to each individual officer. I will not spend money at any business that tells me firearms are not allowed, my choice. Their right to not want firearms and my right not to go there. Simple.

  37. Sure you bet it is her choice by all means ban cops with guns coming into your business. Just don’t get you panties twisted when cops might be busy or late coming to your business when needed.
    Free country right?
    Isn’t it time for the majority to start pushing back on the minority who are causing all of this?

  38. She gets the same services that are on offer to everyone else, however. She pays taxes, so she gets access to municipal water. She doesn’t get to demand that Seattle pipe in artesian spring water into her business. If that’s what she wants, she needs to make her own arrangements. If she wants Seattle water, she gets Cedar river watershed water like the rest of us.

    Seattle cops carry guns. All the time. There is no option for unarmed police service. So, yes, this is America, but if she’s really serious, then she’s opting out of the police service that’s on offer.

    Her business, her rules. Assuming she pays her taxes, she is fully entitled to all of the services the government has to offer. Is it smart? I seriously doubt it, but it’s her call to make, not mine. Welcome to America.

    • Oops. 1) had JWT’s in there for reference and forgot to remove it and 2) somehow, that was supposed to be a reply and wasn’t, and 3) so edits are a thing of the past, eh?

  39. Riddle me this. If cops are just revenue collectors and don’t prevent any crimes why has crime escalated in cities that have jumped on the defund wagon? I guess it’s just another case of unexpectedly, eh?

  40. Probably won’t matter. Sure, the owner can tell cops not to come in to get an ice cream on a hot day. And if anything I would appreciate the sign as I wouldn’t want to patronize someone’s business if they have such ridiculous views. But if the cops are going in because they have business there- like if a thief ran inside to get away or there’s a fight going on- they’re going in and not disarming.

    So unless it’s the kind of place where it’s likely to be robbed (the reason 7-Elevens and the like tend to give cops free coffee) it’s largely a non-issue. She can turn away paying customers. But cops and their families and friends can also exercise their 1st Amendment rights to try and get as many other people not to go there as possible. Personally I don’t think it would be worth more than a post to a private feed of friends.

  41. Molly Moons ice cream is quite watery and bland asfuck. Tried it once never again threw that overpriced shet in the trash 😂😂😂

    • Can I use that phrase: So now when i see something really incredibly dumb, I can say ” That’s just not stupid, that’s Seattle stupid”. Works for me.

  42. Why is this even an issue? Do you really think any police officers are going to her ice cream shop? Of course not. I still can’t get over the hate for Police on this website. The rate of bad cops nationwide is less than 1%, Just a lot of uninformed and racist views against Police. If you don’t want a negative encounter with Police, quit committing crimes and quit being an asshole. Really that simple.

  43. I’m not going there. Ever. How can I be sure they didn’t decide that me in my Hawaiian Shirt are a threat and put something in my ice cream?

  44. In case of mayhem inside, leave your firearms outside. In reality the sniper will get the shot. Eventually.

  45. When a Bakery declines to provide a product for sexually challenged people it suddenly becomes a crime. No what’s good for the goose is good for everyone else. They appear to be part of the anti-fa/cop/free speech movement, but not willing to come out of the closet.

  46. Oh, for fuck sake, they don’t need the police to protect them. They’re an ice cream shop, they just tell the bad guys “FREEZE !!!!!”

    • Molly Moon really does not want police officers in her ice cream parlor and banning guns is just an excuse to ban them. The police officers should honor her request and simply not go there, for any reason. Seems Molly Moon has been barking at the moon a few times too many!

  47. Judge Approves Petition to Recall Democrat Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan
    A King County, Washington, Superior Court Judge has approved a petition for a recall election for Democrat Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.


    Altho Im NOT a criminal – in any sense of the word – Im surely tempted to go bak and DEMAND ALL THEIR $$$ from them! Why? Like sitting a $100 bill on a table, and walking away… because its now there for the taking! So – TAKE IT!! The business has no moral right to stop u! After all – by “Socialist RIGHT” alone, they INSIST – BY STATED POLICY!! so -Ccriminals… HIT IT!!! HIT IT OFTEN!! HIT IT HARD!!! ITS URS FOR THE TAKING. THEY DONT MIND!!

  49. Yup, I agree, it’s her business and her rules; so, cops simply need to stay out of her business, and that means if and when something bad happens in her store they stay out and let whatever happens happen.

    That is Seattle, what do people expect.

  50. There’s a really simple solution to this. The police have no duty to respond to your calls. Should they ever have an incident there, the police should just decline to respond out of respect for her wishes for no guns in her shop. They won’t go in unarmed, so don’t go at all. Her business, so she can have those view…but play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Wonder how long the business will last when criminals figure out it’s a cop free zone…


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