New California Law Officially Disarms School Employees

“Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law Saturday that will remove the rights of school administrators to decide whether employees with concealed weapon permits can bring guns on campus,” reports. “State law already prohibited civilians who are not school workers from bringing firearms onto campuses, but a change in the law last year gave school district superintendents power to decide if employees could […]

Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Creating Civil Rights-Free Zones

“In a 1992 case called Burson v. Freeman, the Supreme Court held that the states have a compelling interest in preventing voter fraud and intimidation, an interest they can protect by limiting political speech in the final moments before a vote is cast. Against this constitutional backdrop, a symbolic speech argument—featuring the demonstration of a love of […]

Concealed Carry: Playing the Odds

Hindsight runs 20:20 in my family. My grandfather played first trumpet with a bandleader in the early part of the 20th Century. Had the opportunity to tour with him. My grandmother talked him out of it. So John Phillip Sousa went on to fame and fortune without him. My dad? He was offered 10% of […]

UT Shooting: Everything’s Bigger in Texas

I’m not sure if the media’s grabbed onto this morning’s shooting at the University of Texas library because A) it happened in Texas, B) the U of V shooting has everybody spooked, C) UT has something of a history with shootings, or D) two or more of the above. But latch onto it they did.

Do You Know the Way to the NRA?

As I write this, I’m flying about 31,000 feet over Texas (and boy are my arms tired). I’m on an AirTrans flight first to Atlanta, then on to Charlotte, for the NRA confab. Here’s some bitter irony for you: like every other traveler, I’m completely, utterly disarmed on the flight. No tactical knife. No tactical […]