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Want to lose your carry license and gun rights for life? It’s easy. Just pull a gun on someone because they aren’t wearing a mask inside a store. That just happened to a 59-year-old Boston man after he went Rager-Kay threatened a maskless younger man — with his gun — in a Walgreen’s parking lot.

Carry licenses don’t come easily in the Bay State. Maybe the gun owner in question thought a concealed carry badge came imbued with special powers. Who knows? But to throw one’s carry license and gun rights away by pretending you’re the mask police seems especially short-sighted and ill-considered.  But then again, carrying a gun isn’t for everyone.

While licensed concealed carriers are among the most law-abiding cohort in society, clearly emotions get the better part of some people.

From the Washington Examiner.

A Boston man has been arrested after police said he pointed a gun at a man in a parking lot for not wearing a face covering inside a store.

Todd Goulston, 59, has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, disorderly conduct, and disturbing the peace for allegedly aiming a gun at a man who did not wear a face mask inside a Walgreens despite a statewide coronavirus mask order, according to the Boston Herald.

Police said that at around 5:20 p.m. on July 3, they responded to a report of two men arguing inside a store over one of them not wearing a mask. The fight spilled into the parking lot where Goulston is accused of grabbing a gun from his car and pointing it at the unidentified 30-year-old maskless man.

Ghoulston’s license to carry a firearm and the firearms he kept in his home were seized by police.

Ghoulston will have a long time to contemplate the silliness of engaging a third party over their personal choices when it comes to wearing masks in public.


Frankly, Ghoulston is lucky the other man didn’t take him up on his offer of gunplay. Many gun owners would do just that if confronted by an unhinged individual threatening them with a firearm over failing to wear a face mask.

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  1. eliminate the 4473. simply ask purchasers if they feel as though everyone should live with a mask on. yes=denied purchase.
    simple. like me.

    • I believe everyone SHOULD wear a mask, I just don’t believe there should be a law requiring it and I will not sacrifice my rights because you don’t like my belief.

      • There is a sucker born every minute. Unless you are wearing a hazmat suit anything less will be ineffective at preventing you from getting the virus.

        You know what scientists and doctors wear who are studying it to keep from getting Coronavirus? I’ll give you a hint, it ain’t a mask.

        If they told you jumping off a bridge would prevent Coronavirus would you also do that?

        • You’re confused. The cloth masks aren’t to protect you from getting COVID.

          They are to protect others from you spreading it via droplets and aerosols from your mouth and nose.

          The gear worn by doctors and nurses is designed to prevent both.

        • “Unless you are wearing a hazmat suit anything less will be ineffective at preventing you from getting the virus…”

          If that were true literally everyone in hospitals and probably the world would have already been infected. How do you tie your shoelaces with this IQ level?

          Masks are like motorcycle helmets. They help. Some are better than others. They’re better than nothing. But they won’t protect from everything.The government in some places makes you wear them. You should anyway. And wearing one doesn’t mean you should do a wheelie in third gear down the highway.

        • It doesn’t take much looking to discover that mask wearing is mainly a form of virtue signalling. Mos of the masks we see people wearing don’t do much at all and are useless after only a couple of wearings. Almost nobody cleans the things anyway. The most effective are the N95 masks which require constant cleaning to be effective. Waling around, as most people do, with an unclean mask means that it is repository for germs and the virus. In short: don’t pee on my leg and then tell me it’s raining.

        • mask do not stop these droplets, if Dr. Feel me up and Hannibal licknuts thinks so, it only takes a water bottle or even a nose spray bottle and a mask to disprove. Good Lord people, stop drinking the covid-coolaid. Think for yourselves.

      • I work in healthcare, and I know that mask wearing is not needed in all situations. And the “masks” people are using are worthless. I use proper masks under the right circumstances and when it’s not required, I don’t, and sending the mask police or even public shaming will just tick people off. Want to do a science experiment? Wear your mask all the time and see if you catch a cold or not.

        • I’m with Matt. I tried masks of all sorts back when I was working with drywall, to keep from breathing in the dust, and the only type that kept my nostrils from becoming frosted within an hour or so was a dual cartridge half face respirator. To be effective, it has to allow full air flow from your breathing, while being completely sealed to your skin (that’s skin, not whiskers). Mostly what these rectangular cloth thingys that most folks are wearing accomplish, is to keep them from spitting on other folks. Which, given the current climate, isn’t a bad thing, I suppose. Most of the designer ones people around here wear consist of two or more layers of printed fabric loosely held to the face that the wearer breathes around, not through.

        • So do you consider your personal medical qualifications to meet or exceed those of the doctors running the CDC?

          What peer-reviewed studies have you conducted to confirm/test your hypothesis?

        • the doctors running the CDC

          You mean the Political HACKS posing as doctors running the CDC?

    • Pulling a gun on somebody for not wearing a mask is about as dumb and as liberal as you can get. You don’t agree with me I’m gonna kill you attitude speaks tons for who you are, that and shouting people down who want to discuss an issue with you based on logic and not how you may feel. We are going to have to figure a way of living with these people but for now my mind is taxed to the limit. God help us all.

      • Pulling a gun on somebody for not wearing a mask is about as dumb and as liberal as you can get. You don’t agree with me I’m gonna kill you attitude speaks tons for who you are,

        Dumbass is lucky his “target” was not armed as well, might have been a whole different story….

    • you’re carrying that gun to save your life…and, perhaps… the lives of others…stray from that parameter and you do so at your own risk…a concept some just can’t seen to grasp….

    • Why would you think that? I know lots of conservative people who think the mask mandate is illegal. Some post on this website.

      • You didn’t read the article then. The man accused of assault with a deadly weapon here was the one wearing a mask. He threatened the maskless man with a gun. I think it’s safe to say this was definitely NOT someone taking opposition to mask mandates too far, considering that.

      • You can count me with that group. I staunchly believe the public mask mandates are unconstitutional. It’s arguably understandable for certain professions such as the medical/hospital field, but to walk into a restaurant for a burger, or to buy a shirt, or groceries? Or worse yet, on an outdoor hiking trail or sidewalk? It’s ridonkulous.

        • Tell people you have a “medical exemption.” Most state mandates have such an exemption.

          As per federal HIPPA and ADA privacy rules, “they” are not allowed to ask, and you are not required to tell them what your exemption is for. It’s a $92K fine for a first offense if convicted. Be polite, walk away.

        • wearing a mask is just good manners…and helps to put the minds of others at ease…if you’re not going to do it… at least try to practice social distancing…..

        • and helps to put the minds of others at ease

          That’s assuming I give a damn about how others “feeelz”, if you want to buy into the current CDC/Fauci bullshit (remember, masks were no good early on and a travel ban was not necessary) then go for it but don’t try to shove your herd mentality crap down my throat… I’m not some lemming that’s been brainwashed to believe everything that comes out of the “Xspurts” (X= unknown and a spurt is a drip under pressure) mouths is pure gospel… If I was sick I would not be out in the first place, but since my wife and I both had a mild asymptomatic case already I will NOT be wearing a mask and if some dumb fuck wants to pull a gun on me then he/she/it had better be prepared to shoot or die because I AM armed and do NOT care who you are or why you are pointing a gun at me…

        • I am 70 yrs. old and if I wear a mask then I have about 5 minutes before I begin to black out. I will not wear the damned thing .

        • A few concerns. First you now have employees administering a medical device. Masks with two straps are considered a resperator under osha guidelines. Employees that are required to wear resperators must be checked by a doctor to ensure it does not create unhealthy conditions for said employees. If no hazards are present and employees are wearing a “comfort mask” which is a single strap for particulants it is a voluntary usage by the employees. No training for proper fitting and facial hair can compromise the effectiveness of the mask. Where are the medical waste containers for used masks? Reusing mask are ridiculously even if washed. Every time a mask is washed the fibers stretch and expand. OSHA guidelines are clear and appendix D explains what most people would fall under. Last thing masks should be replaced every few hours due to moisture and debris accumulation.

        • Arizona free, that’s barely scratching the surface. People pass masks around and share them, it’s purely a symbol of compliance these days and far more harmful than good. Even my old man kept a useless dust mask hanging from his rear mirror and kept re-using it over and over as required by one business or another that had it’s head up it’s ass.

          Watched someone on the Mockingbird media lower it to speak, then stick their filthy finger inside the mask when lifting it back up again. Utterly useless and causing more harm than good, and not just to our rights but health too.

      • Because it happened in Boston?
        My brother lives up there in enemy territory and volunteers every election to work in polls because there’s something like 4 or 5 republicans in the whole city.

  2. Shhhhhh! There really ARE some people who should not own a gun! Too bad the nics check doesnt include an IQ test.

    • The 14th amendment, as currently interpreted, would prohibit that. Then again, liberal judges might let it slide just because it means fewer guns in the hands of the public.

    • Your liberal betters actually accuse IQ tests of racism.

      So liberal troll, you are now a racist by your own hand. Off to the gulag with you.

    • obviously another example that liberal arrogance has no bounds…disarming this jerk was the right thing to do….

  3. And Boston is much more strict than other jurisdictions on LTCs.

    This guy is an idiot and he will have some time to contemplate his error.

  4. Good. Stay home and don’t go outside. If you’re are afraid of people who don’t wear a mask.
    Unseen germs are not solved with gun fire.

    • Chris T in KY,

      Unseen germs are not solved with gun fire.

      I have it on good authority that the infamous 0.9 mm caliber is an excellent, tiny platform for shooting those tiny viruses.

      • From micro guns to “Micro Adventures”. Back when cartoons were great. Make Saturday morning great again. Democrats and the government destroy it. video 5 min long.

      • It’s actually even more fun to see people wearing N95s with their nose exposed (I saw that yesterday) or over a hipster beard (saw that earlier this week). People don’t understand the concept.

        • Haz: I wear mine like that on purpose. (At work I wear it properly.) It’s my way of protesting.
          I’m thinking of going with a lace one, next. I like the ones with holes in them. Sometimes I just let it hang off one ear, while I shop. No one has attacked me….yet.

        • Haz, when I have to wear a mask I have to keep my nostrils exposed otherwise my glasses steam up… I hate wearing the mask anyways…

        • I’ve been wearing a scarf, like some kind of old timey bank robber. I’m sure it does nothing to protect me or others, but I wear it to avoid having insane nut jobs pull guns on me. My one regret is that I’m a couple centuries too early to immigrate to that up-and-coming bastion of liberty and freedom: Mars.

          On Mars, masks really mean something.

      • You’re gonna want to do better than an N95 for defense against a virus with high aerosol transmission. It only takes a few thousand virions to cause an infection and a single cough releases around half a million. Five percent of that is still 25K, so you better hope you’ve got a lot of dead air between you and the cougher for that N95 to keep you covered. And that’s assuming you’ve got a perfect seal.

        Of course, odds are you’ve already been exposed and didn’t get sick. The deadliness of this particular disease has been massively overstated, and as a pandemic its official timeline is still much too short to make any sense at all (i.e. it’s been floating around since at least the middle of last year, the WHO just won’t admit it because China has too much power over them and too many CCP officials would lose face over it.) I’m still wearing a mask where it’s expected because I feel it’s polite, and I’m a patient man. But if government officials don’t start acknowledging the total invalidity of their data and lift restrictions soon, even I’m going to run out of patience and join the “do something drastic” camp.

        • I just heard on the radio that the Virus/pandemic/crisis will be over on November 3, if Trump loses. I’m not sure about that. The medical “officials” have never had this much power over the economy in history. See them smile when they talk about another shutdown?

        • OK, this is part of why more freedom minded people look bad, a failure on the basics that takes away credibility from the overarching point that is mostly correct.

          An N95 mask filters particulates down to .3 microns at a 95% efficiency. Not good enough on effeciency for ya? Move to P100 or N100 for a boost to 99.97%.

          Now, the virus is smaller than that, true. However the areosol we’re discussing is an areosol made of water, phlegm and other proteins PLUS the virus, which is rapidly dehydrated on a non-smooth surface. These aerosol particles are generally twice the size of the filter’s rating, in the 0.5 to 0.8 micron range or larger. So the virus rides along until the moisture droplet hits the filter where it gets stuck. Then as that moisture evaporates as air moves across the filter the virus becomes physically trapped in the filter due to those protein spikes on the outside of the virus that boost it’s envelope up off the smooth surfaces but entangle in things like the filter material. Once there the particle is subject to further evaporation and, in many cases UV radiation, which destroy the viral envelope and “kill” the viral particle.

          On top of that when someone coughs or sneezes the volume of “infected air” rapidly expands, lowering the areosol concentration very, very quickly. You can’t breath in that volume of air quickly. Within seconds it will take a dozen breaths or more and the areosol is dispering as you do it meaning you need more breaths.

          And you’re breathing this low concentration through a filter that’s taking out 95% or more (realistically far more doe to areosol particulate size) of any virus you would already breath in which is a small percentage of the original amount due to the aforementioned continuous dispersal.

          So yes, a N95 mask when properly used and fitted and combined with other procedures drops the risk of infection in a confined space drastically. This is how ALL particulate filter breathing PPE, other than supplied air systems, function because the poison is in the dose.

          Such a mask would be ineffective against a weaponized dust made entirely of viral particles but that’s not what we’re discussing in terms of a grocery store or the like. It’s also why there’s an argument that “filters” even as basic as a Buff cut down transmission from “non symptomatic” people drastically.

          Further, this is part of why such PPE works against viruses like Ebola which are far smaller than CoV-2, but for situations like an Ebola ward with potential high concentration, a full suit is preferred because that virus can live on and be easily transmitted by contaminated surfaces via bodily fluid contamination.

        • You just can’t resist presenting information that makes people look silly. Such a buzzkill.

          The truth police will come early for people like you.

        • Oh, and also in reference to the truth police.

          When they come for me I’ll be sitting at my desk
          With a gun in my hand, wearing a bullet proof vest
          Singing “My, my, my how the time does fly
          When you know you’re gonna die by the end of the night”

        • “Oh, and also in reference to the truth police.”
          When they come for me I’ll be sitting at my desk
          With a gun in my hand, wearing a bullet proof vest
          Singing “My, my, my how the time does fly
          When you know you’re gonna die by the end of the night” ”

          My, my. Now, you are really being insensitive. You will be caught, and subjected to twice the re-education, along with your head being placed inside a cage where a rat feeds on your nose. Resistance is futile.

        • Actually, I believe COVID will end on January 20, 2021 if Trump loses. Otherwise the liberals will be afraid that conservatives will credit Trump with ending COVID while still in office.

      • I actually wear a hijab and state creepily at liberals until they get uncomfortable. Due to outdoor work I’m tanner then most people so I can pull the Arab look off. Funny you “open minded” liberals seem to panic when you think a Muslim is staring at you.

      • My cloth mask is essentially useless except as camouflage except it is bright red and says across the fron:


        I figure if they can annoy the piss out of me by FORCING me to wear a mask then I should get a little payback.

        • I refuse to wear one unless I have to … like the doctor’s office where my wife is going to physical therapy for a kneecap fracture. That place is a high density co-morbidity environment of medical cases and I’m surprised none of them have spun off the Deep End. The mask is black, glow-in-the-dark, and has a skull’s lower jaw outlined on it, typically worn with my nose out so the glasses don’t fog.
          The virus is real but the masking is little more than FUD hype unless you already have one foot in the grave.

  5. Things are gettin’ GNARLEY! The root of the problem is, food is too easy to get. Up to 50-60 years ago, people like Goulston would have starved to death due to stupidity. I hope the next d*bag to try this draws on another concealed carry. Should be good for a laugh.

    Of course, the government and media hyping this insignificant virus share the blame.

  6. Not enough facts. Police handled it. End of story. I learned at an early age to never point a gun at anything you do not intend to shoot!

  7. There are so many, many things about this … I guess I’ll just comment on one: not everyone should own a gun, much less carry — unless the public in general is allowed to shoot these morons with no repercussions, then yes everyone can have a gun (it’ll allow natural selection to weed these morons out)

    • “…an armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. For me, politeness is the sine qua non of civilization. […] But gunfighting has a strong biological use. We do not have enough things that kill off the weak and stupid these days….” – Robert A. Heinlein, Beyond This Horizon

  8. You took my post Green Mt! 😃Mebbe Ralph can weigh in…a few months ago I’d get a mite peaved at folks not wearing masks. Now I just ignore them. I wear the damn thing for ME. Ken is retarded.

    • Last year people were frightened by those who wore masks. Now people are frightened by those who don’t. Last year, people who tore down monuments were considered vandals. Now they’re considered protesters. Last year criminals were considered dangerous. Now cops are considered criminals.

      The world hasn’t gone crazy. It’s gone stupid. STUPID. I’m talking ignoramus stupid. I’m talking Democrat stupid-on-steroids stupid. How-do-these-people-even-dress-themselves-without-help stupid. Man, is that stupid or what?

      • “I’m talking Democrat stupid-on-steroids stupid. ”

        Perhaps, “stupid is as stupid does”, but lately “stupid” is on a winning streak.

      • Tearing down statues and defacing monuments has been going on for years. The communist ambush in Charlottesville was an attack on people legally exercising their rights to protest the removal of a Confederate statue. The communists were unable to legally prevent them from demonstrating or contesting the statue removal so they set up an ambush, accused the non communists of violence and racism and then the statue was forgotten about in the ensuing teeth gnashing and hand wringing and short stroking.

        We’ve been in a communist revolution for a while now. It’s nice of the rest of you to finally catch up.

        • “but how does that explain…[or justify?]…that torchlight parade?….”

          Most likely those “Nazis” were paid by Soros to be there. No one has seen them since, and the Left has made no effort to doxx them even though they were bare faced with plenty of good photographs of the “Nazis”>

        • @The Truth About Charlottesville and @Mister Fleas

          RE: Charlottesville….

          KKK and Nazis have the same right of peaceable assembly and speech we all share under the First Amendment, torches or not. Being violent and physically destructive is not part of the First Amendment. But “hate speech” (whatever that is) is not equal to violence or physical destruction.

          And some very fine people can be on both sides of the issue of whether certain groups and messages should be prohibited.

        • “Hayak would like a word.”


          Can think of worse ways to spend an hour

          Or two.


        • “You just think she was hot with that albino Burmese python.”

          Actually not. Have only seen her in movies, and I was intrigued by her obvious intellect and superior acting skills.

          Also, her eyes are captivating.

        • You just think she was hot with that albino Burmese python.”
          Have only seen her in movies…
          It was a movie…… From Dusk til Dawn…
          Well damn, SHE WAS… til she turned into that demon/vampire thingy…. Hmmm still KINDA hot though….

  9. In some states I think the unmask perp would of been jailed “””Especially if he had a MAGA hat on.
    The left keep telling us how deadly this Chicom virus is, so is it illogical to think it was attempted murder….I mean ya can’t have it both ways. Just sayin’ ……personally I think everyone should make their own choice, if you don’t like it don’t leave your house!

    • quite certain (that means pretty sure) if you post it no one clicks on it.
      it’s your time (and money).

    • Yes, there are two sides to the story and no uninvolved witnesses. But how did the Unmasked Man know that the LTC (License to Carry) holder had a gun? That would be a good guess in Texas, but in MA? The odds of a person having a MA LTC are about ten to one against.

      I don’t know for sure, but I’m thinking that it’s more likely than not that the Man Without a Mask knew that LTC-man had a gun because he saw it, and he saw it because it was brandished.

  10. Local news report has a little more detail. Goulston claimed he has stage four lung cancer so he wears the mask. The other claims a medical condition of his own that prevents him wearing a mask. It is claimed after the store manager tried to break up the argument, the men took it outside. That is where Goulston is claimed to have used his car to block the other man’s car, retrieved his gun and pretended to shoot. Goulston claims he never touched his gun.


    So unless there are witnesses or video yet to be reported on, it’s a “who do you believe?” situation.

    In any case, yes everyone should wear face masks in public but hell no it is not a thing to fight about or arrest people for. Certainly not a good reason to use your car to block another or pull a gun on them … allegedly …

    • In CA, our mandate contains an exemption for those for whom wearing a mask would cause difficulty breathing. I personally know someone who’s been a professional welder by trade for 30+ years, and has never worn a mask since this all started because (he says) his lungs have been affected by all the welding and he needs unrestricted oxygen flow. Nobody bothers him.

      Me? My lungs are fine. I’m having fun with this whole mask nonsense only because it allows me to go into any store of my choice with my privacy intact, paying with cash and foiling the facial recognition cameras (Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Kroger, Vons/Alberstons, CVS, Walgreens, etc, who have all admitted they’ve been doing this to us since as early as 2010).

      • not sure why i need to be upset about that practice. they might trace that propane/ everclear purchase back to me i suppose.
        i searched for groucho glasses/ nose/ mustache mask but could not find. still, it would be an easy mod to add some linen. a hajibi or palestinian head towel could be fun.
        gal on devon has a nylon mask with carnage teeth that scroll led lighting when she talks.

        • “…groucho…mask…” Ok, that right there would be at once both hilarious and defiant. Especially if bunches of folks did it, like flash mobs all over the country and all at once.

      • Illinois has an exemption also: “anyone with a breathing problem/medical issue or cannot tolerate a face covering”. BUT the stores don’t care about that. They kick you out. They will bring your pre-ordered products to your car. They post signs about that.
        I’m thinking it’s more about being sued or losing their liquor license/business license.

        • This past week, I went to the gym and was told that full-fingered gloves are now mandatory per our Governor Newsom’s health order. Since most people wear “fingerless” gloves like I do, about half were turned away, grumbling because the mandate was being freshly enforced and few people were even aware of it.

          Based upon my previous experiences with people telling me incorrect information based upon their erroneous assumptions, I asked the receptionist to please show me a company document clarifying that full gloves are required by the State. She pointed to the printed notice taped to the front door and said “It’s from the Governor”. I read the notice and told her it only stated “gloves” in general. She then pointed to a graphic sign that had been quickly designed and printed by the gym that showed a full-gloved hand and said “it’s the law”.

          I sighed at her ignorance (the Governor is an executive and cannot issue laws), and called the manager over. He parroted the same thing to me, and I told him I don’t want to be “that guy” that just likes to argue, but I just wasn’t seeing any evidence that the State was prohibiting my usual fingerless gloves. After a couple more minutes of unsuccessfully trying to deflect my persistence, the manager lowered his voice and admitted that they’re only telling people that precisely because the mandate is vague, and they don’t want a Health Inspector to come in and close them down for non-compliance. I assured him that I certainly don’t want the gym to be shut down, either, but a HO can only issue a citation for non-compliance, and my fingerless gloves are indeed common gym attire. He acquiesced and allowed me to enter the club, where I was the only person not wearing full finger gloves.

          The next day, I counted ten other people working out with the usual fingerless gloves. Sometimes you just have to call people on their bovine excrement.

          Same thing with our mask requirement, too. Both the State and the Club only require masks indoors if you’re unable to maintain 6′ distance from others, but the managers were posting signs all over saying the “law” requires them to be worn at all times.

        • “Both the State and the Club only require masks indoors if you’re unable to maintain 6′ distance from others, but the managers were posting signs all over saying the “law” requires them to be worn at all times.”

          Not seeing a diff between gloves and firearms in this respect. Private property, business rules. If the proprietor doesn’t want fingerless gloves, they have a right to deny entry, same as not wanting firearms on the premises. Richtig?

        • Sam,

          Of course, and generally speaking you’re correct. But my point was that both the State and the gym’s Corporate Offices were saying one thing, while the manager of the particular location was adding his own interpretation by assumption, increasing the requirements for entry, and falsely telling us it’s from the Governor. If someone is straightforward and honest with me, I can deal with it and decide accordingly. But if someone assumes I’m an uninformed sheeple who won’t question a lie, he’ll get a rebuttal from me.

        • “But if someone assumes I’m an uninformed sheeple who won’t question a lie, he’ll get a rebuttal from me.”

          You are not being understanding of the popular game of avoiding personal responsibility. Tsk. Tsk. You need to go back through re-education camp, you hockey puck.

          The regime will be patient with you.

          I hope you like rats.

        • In California, the legislature has given the governors executive orders the full force of law:

          Emergency Powers of the Governor

          Among the relevant provisions of the state Government Code are the following:

          8567. (a) The Governor may make, amend, and rescind orders and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter. The orders and regulations shall have the force and effect of law. Due consideration shall be given to the plans of the federal government in preparing the orders and regulations. The Governor shall cause widespread publicity and notice to be given to all such orders and regulations, or amendments or rescissions thereof.

  11. Who would think irrational behavior would be displayed at the controlled substance soup kitchen they call Walgreens. I’d bet Goul boy was on some stuff.

  12. This is why Democrats are anti-2A: they know they can’t be trusted with guns (as demonstrated by this wacko) and they project that onto everyone else.

  13. Your lack of a mask puts me at risk so I will get in your maskless face and argue hotly for an extended period of time possibly leading to hands on quarreling because, again, your lack of a mask is a threat to me so closing in and expunging bodily fluids seems like the most rational thing to do for my safety.

    • The most rational thing to do is avoid people not wearing a mask.

      This virus is going to go on a long time. There is no guarantee there will ever be an effective vaccine. If not this virus, there will be other sickness and disease.

      The world is a scary and dangerous place and some of the things YOU do like driving a vehicle puts other folks at risk.

      I avoid public as much as possible and I usually DO wear a mask, but It’s not a great idea to get in my face if I’m not wearing one.

    • That reminds me of the road rage guy that is upset you cost him 1.5 seconds of his precious time by cutting in front of him, but he’s more than willing to stop the car and fight.

      • incidents like this occur because people focus on themselves too much…and their inflated sense of self-importance…we’re all in this together,..best not to lose sight of that….

    • Yea, that’s what I don’t get. If they are that worried about the plague, you would think they would just keep their distance. Not start screaming in someone’s face and start fighting. If someone ever did this to me I’d tell them I’ve got AIDS too.

  14. Boston, Mass? They don’t exactly hand out permits to any old person.
    I’m thinking the guy that pulled the gun was a well connected individual that was used to getting special treatment.

    • “Boston, Mass? They don’t exactly hand out permits to any old person.”

      Just outside Boston proper they do, just ask Ralph… 🙂

  15. Just a comment, the virus isn’t ever going away, and I’m not wearing a face mask for the rest of my life.

    • Bingo post of the day! Let’s get everyone wearing masks then cause riots so we cant identify them. Looks like a Democrat tactic to me. Sharia law says we must cover our faces. What then? You are being controlled and conditioned period. The freaking mask wont save you. Touch any surface and wipe your eyes and guess what you got the virus.

      • “I’ll stick with using a mask and taking other precautions until there is a proven vaccine.”

        Why do you suppose there will be one? A vaccine or seasonal flu exists, but it is not nearly 100% effective. how long are you willing to wait, and how much risk (lack of effectiveness) will you accept if a vaccine is developed? We have known about AIDs since 1985; where is the vaccine?

        Have all the grocery stores been shut down? All the delivery system from farm to shelf? Why have we not seen the stores and distribution system result in tens of thousands of virus cases and deaths each week from that system?

        Events are not matching the “guidance”. The enlightened ones are telling us that not only did the virus go on hiatus during the riots, it is also racist to mention that the rioters did not wear masks, nor practice physical distancing, thus cannot be cited as a source of the latest rise in virus cases, hospitalizations, deaths.

        • It’s about 25 years since I last had the flu, which is also the last time I did not get the shot. Had the shot every year since and no flu. Worked around people who it turned out had the flu and I did not get it.

          The difficulty for getting the flu shot right each year is there are multiple strains of the virus. They leverage the fact that it is seasonal, watching what it is doing in the Southern Hemisphere to pick the strains to protect against in the Northern Hemisphere when the weather cools for us. Some years they get it very right, some years not so much.

          COVID-19 is, so far, different. Not seasonal and while there are mutations those mutations are so far insignificant. Unless widely different strains are mutated into the wild, a single specific vaccine is very likely. This is how it works for many other viral diseases that have long established vaccines with very high success rates.

          I’ll get the 2020/2021 seasonal flu shot as early as I can and the COVID-19 shot as soon as that’s approved and available.

          Because … you know …. SCIENCE!

        • AIDS is a voluntary infection…and there are proven ways to avoid it….while the general population places it far down the list among their items of concern…

        • “AIDS is a voluntary infection…and there are proven ways to avoid it….while the general population places it far down the list among their items of concern…”

          Irrelevant. There is still no vaccine for AIDS.

          At one time, AIDS as going to infect the entire population of the world; panic all around. Point #2: how long will it take to develop a vaccine, and what happens to the country while we all hide at home and wait…for how long?

          BTW, the “science” says protect the highly vulnerable, let the rest of the population go about their lives. The politicians say we must lock down everyone so as to crater the economy ahead of the November elections.

      • Your going to be waiting the rest of your life then.

        Because although COVID wasn’t created by the left, they sure as shit learned the best way to tank the global economy to further their leftist ambitions was the threat of a global pandemic.

        They’re already lining up the next threat of “pandemic” with a sudden new “swine flu” that just appeared in Mongolia as the “next pandemic”.

        If the left gets its way we’ll be in a state of perpetual pandemic panic for the next century.

    • Same. I’m careful, I don’t get up in anybody’s grill, but masks are hot, uncomfortable, and IMO unnecessary. I have one I got from Scent-Lok I wear if the business insists, but so far the only one who has was my Dr.’s office. I went in there and HE wasn’t wearing one, so fuckit.
      I’d say it’s gone from about 10% here in middle Tennessee to about 30% people wearing them in places like Lowe’s or Tractor Supply, but that’s outside Davidson County. More sheep/Karens/narcs/liberal/spineless people in Nashville, out here where I live people have just gone on about their business. My colleagues in LA can’t believe it, they’re appalled, but they’re still locked up in their apartments and I’m roaming free across my vast woods and fields and feeling fine. I’d wear it if I thought I needed to, or that I might infect someone or *frightened* them, but that’s not the case. To me it’s just more virtue signaling and people wanting to feel superior to us rubes. Like Cuomo, the ageist elder abuser, he’s all cocky now, couple months ago he was on bended knee. Arrogant asshole.

      • Hey, I’m with you totally. I’m glad you are out roaming the woods and fields and feeling fine. Enjoy your life. I was looking forward to retirement next year and living off my IRA and 401K. Been putting it away faithfully for years. Denied myself a lot to do that. I got COVID late last winter. It gave me Cardiomegaly, (enlarged heart) the doctor called me yesterday after seeing the x-rays. Heart attack likely at some point. Medication might help. If not, a heart transplant if I can get it. Not quite the retirement I was looking forward to. Yeah it’s a tough break. Do I think this extended shutdown is the answer? All the masks and the turmoil? There’s a cost to shutting down too. I don’t know. But the Virus isn’t a hoax.

        • Sorry to hear that, the virus attacks folks in many different ways and just because you recover doesn’t mean there isn’t permanent damage.

          Good luck, I hope they get your issues resolved so you can be around for many more years to annoy the grandkids with stories about the good old days.

  16. Ok… lefty pinko Boston objects to one of their dedicated minions enforcing their draconian rules… righty-o…

  17. As stated before. The left is causing crisis after crisis. This in turn causes people to use their guns reacting out of fear and not for a true self-defense situation. Then the sucker goes home and the real crisis begins and SHTF starts. Now you got nothing. Before you pull your gun is it worth losing your 2A rights forever? Pointing a gun at a person is usually an automatic assault charge. Walk away unless you perceive an immediate and deadly threat. Ask yourself is this worth getting prosecuted for?

    • “Ask yourself is this worth getting prosecuted for?”

      Pulling a gun to settle a disagreement is patriotic; fighting for freedom and your rights.

      (See? I’ve been re-calibrated on the issue)

    • The “Left” did not cause the man to get in his car and use it to block the other man from leaving the parking lot.

      This was not a political incident, it was some dude going off his nut excessively and for the wrong reasons, committing crimes while doing so.

      • I don’t agree. Because I’ve visibly watched people I know get brainwashed by the leftist media into a state of panic/frenzy over this and many other situations, and all they do is sit and watch the media or read the media until they’re driven mad.

        These people weren’t always like this. It seemed to start about the time of the last election. They don’t seem to think rationally anymore and are driven to strange and angry behavior if anyone argues with them.

        • These people weren’t always like this. It seemed to start about the time of the last election. They don’t seem to think rationally anymore and are driven to strange and angry behavior if anyone argues with them.

          TDS is a very REAL and dangerous thing…

    • allowing your emotions to get the best of you frequently produces an irrational mindset…we’re all prone to it to some extent…but when you’re carrying a gun that’s a very dangerous behavior to indulge in……

  18. Currents events (Corona, BLM, ANTIFA, et al) have created serious social destabilization which, in turn, has created a lot of intrapersonal destabilization.

    It is time for a whole lot of “trigger discipline.”

  19. Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind up in here, up in here
    Y’all gon’ make me go all out up in here, up in here
    Y’all gon’ make me act a fool up in here, up in here
    Y’all gon’ make me lose my cool up in here, up in here

  20. Klamath Falls Herald and News: Thursday, February 17th, 2011/Letters To The Editor

    Common sense in gun decisions a good thing

    I read with sober interest the Feb. 9 editorial, “If you want to get a gun for safety, be sure you think things through.” This is sensible, sound, moral advice. People who jump through the hoops, pay the required fees, submit to fingerprinting and a criminal background check, have legitimate reason to obtain a concealed carry permit.

    These are safety-minded autonomous citizens who rightly don’t want to be an unarmed victim being crucially vulnerable to predatory criminals. Too, unlike the murderous Nazi SS Einsatzgruppen, the armed American citizen has no evil desire to shoot people. They collectively hope such never happens considering the ramifications that will surely follow. Again, think things through.

    An outstanding article alluding to this scenario is posted online at JPFO Inc. at http://www.jpfo.org for Feb. 7. Titled, “Why the Gun is Civilization” by Marko Kloos and is well worth the reading.

    Also, another valuable source for the armed citizen is Lethal Force Institute/Police Bookshelf via http://www.ayoob.com. Firearms instructor, gun scribe, writer, and former police captain Massad Ayoob is a qualified authority in this field.

    Finally in many cases, if not the majority, the mere presence of an armed private citizen with their personal firearm aborts criminal activity without a shot being fired.

    And this includes women who rightly protect themselves with a gun. The saying, “nobody ever raped a .38!” is a valid statement. Yes, the taking of a human life is an unnatural act, even in justifiable self-defense. Yet this is certainly preferable to being an unarmed defenseless victim who is dead because they were unprepared. Criminals prefer unarmed victims.

    James A. Farmer, Ashland, Oregon
    Effective October 2016 a resident of Merrill, Oregon in Klamath County.
    Long Live The State of Jefferson!

  21. Some stores face a fine if anyone enters without a mask. Nonetheless having a cow for no mask and pulling a gun is disgusting to say the least. Just because someone has a concealed carry and went huntin’ all their life doesn’t mean squat especially when push comes to shove.
    Learn and I mean learn lawful firearm protocol the easy way or learn it the hard way.

  22. Mask are worthless against the Kung Flu anyway. Our own Government has financed multiple studies over many years that have shown that mask do nothing to spread similar disease. So it’s ironic that that same Government mandates mask and infers that anyone who doesn’t want to wear one is akin to a Serial Killer. While that same Government actually prohibits manufacturers from advertising that their mask are effective in preventing disease. It’s madness promoted by the Media, where some of the dumbest ‘Experts’ on the planet can be found.

  23. So that’s what happened, the Micro Reducer made the pea brained Democratic party, where the f$&@ is Scooby Do when you need him???????????????

  24. As soon as I’m out of a store the mask goes in my pocket. I hate going to any store or business right now. And while exercising I don’t wear a mask because I’m all alone in the great outdoors.

    Maybe in a few years or so we won’t see mask required signs any longer.

  25. Here are the reason for pulling a gun.
    The other person is actively trying to put you in the hospital or the morgue.
    The other person is actively trying to forcibly rob, rape, or kidnap you.
    The other person is actively trying to rob, rape, kidnap, hospitalize or kill a third person within your immediate vicinity.
    The other person is actively attempting to forcibly get into your house, your car or your place of business with the goal of doing 1, 2, or 3.
    If it happen like the younger man stated, then the CCP should be taken for life.
    My right to carry, should not indanger another persons right to shop, with or without a mask.

    • in his mind,.. the other person not wearing a mask was threatening his life…obviously a bit of a reach…but expect it to be part of his defense for his actions…..not sure what he was trying to accomplish by blocking his car in……

  26. Just shows that all people who own guns are not conservative or even logical and sane.

    If it weren’t for MA requiring CC licensees getting training I’d say this was a case for training.

    But Gun training doesn’t make up for 12 years or more of learning little to nothing about how to think (not what to think) and how to form your own opinions and do so correctly.

    • that training needs to include a thorough review of case law…something that often is not included…the simple adage…”When in doubt..don’t”…should really be stressed……

      • Every 2 years I have to take a class to renew my CCW license. The first 4 hours are spend covering law cases, local and recent events on CCW and even HD. It’s really more of a healthy group discussion than a class…we still have to qualify with the guns we want to carry at the shooting range, also fun.

        • Well, thanks for supporting Massachusetts Draconian Anti-2nd Amendment initiatives…Such as STASI Police State Licensing Ponzi Schemes for ALL firearms…Because of the actions of one MA Demo-Nut…Vs all the the rest of the MA residents who are denied/discouraged/infringed upon from exercising THEIR lawful 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights….

  27. Holy shit you guys wouldnt believe the amount of mask-police busybodies up here in the Seattle area. I never wear a mask because i dont want to, im a free man. The number of people that have screamed at me for not wearing a mask or rag over my face is more than i can count on my fingers and toes.

    Doesnt bother me much, i just crack a huge smile on my maskless face and flip them a big juicy middle finger. It’s hilarious how they always have the same reaction: they start taking pictures/recording me on their phone while screaming about how they are “calling the police” haha.

    • Yep. You have an absolute right to endanger everyone you meet as your way of demonstrating your ignorance and lack of concern.

      • Yep. You have an absolute right to endanger everyone you meet as your way of demonstrating your ignorance and lack of concern.

        You actually must HAVE the virus to endanger anyone, as far as your FEEELZ, get over yourself… And the only one demonstrating “ignorance” here is YOU.. oops, can I say that to a person who displays a Vietnamese campaign ribbon and references the last major battle of the war? I’m jealous, mine only has two stars….

        • How do you know you don’t have the virus?

          You could be pre-symptomatic and in the incubation period or, like typhoid Mary, you could be an asymptomatic carrier.

          There was a reason they put her out on that island.

        • How do you know you don’t have the virus?

          Because I HAD the virus 6 months ago, tested for antibodies along with my RN wife, so unless you can get the shit over and over again, I’m pretty sure I DON’T currently have COVID 19… Maybe you should concern yourself with you and less about me, just go on wearing your little mask like Nazi boy Fauci recommends and I’m sure you’ll have nothing to worry about…

      • Healthy people aren’t a danger to anyone else. Sick people should be staying home because they are a danger to everyone else.

        Quarantining sick people is prudence and common sense; quarantining healthy people is tyranny.

        Rationality is fascinating.

    • you really have to spend a little time in a liberal bastion to grasp that herd-like mindset…if you think they’re different from the rest of us….you’re right…..

  28. Overall this sounds like a perfectly acceptable outcome — and one that ought to happen a lot more often in similar circumstances. I’m not sure that jail is the appropriate remedy, but a plea bargain to a felony conviction and “time served” would often by the ideal outcome.

    Unfortunately I don’t believe any state has adopted a Felony Stupidity statute, but in every state that I can think of Aggravated Assault (sometimes named differently) is a perfectly reasonable felony charge for idiots who draw a gun without provocation and also for almost every idiot who fires on a fleeing vehicle.

    We have a certain part of out culture claiming to support the Second Amendment who automatically support the outrageous, dangerous, and illegal behavior of anyone purporting to be a “good guy with a gun”

  29. Idiots are even driving with their masks now, it’s hilarious. I think a lot of older folks are getting depraved from oxygen as I am seeing less of them out there, but a bigger ratio doing irrational things, such as standing in the middle of the aisle with their shopping cart and getting a massive brain fart that prevents them from doing anything for at least 5 long seconds. There is also less traffic with no schools and as some of these idiots are too afraid to leave their residence, yet I am seeing more accidents on the road, a lot more, and some pretty bad ones in places where unless you have your head up your azz (or a mask causing condensation on your glasses) it shouldn’t happen.

  30. These kinds of stories drive me crazy. The mask issue is purely incidental. He didn’t draw his gun because the other person wasn’t wearing a mask. He drew his gun related to the argument as a result of the other person not wearing a mask. Completely different thing. It still doesn’t sound justified, but the act of clearing leather is linked to the altercation and not the actual lack of mask wearing.

    • Right, he was a 59-year-old man with health issues facing a 30-year-old man.

      We’ll see more details as the investigation proceeds.

  31. Holy shite, what a moron. I HOPE this idiot loses his concealed carry license, and preferably his right to own a gun at all. Only a MORON would pull a gun on someone for not wearing a mask, and, as others on the thread have noted, there are simply some people who (what’s that line from “Full Metal Jacket”?? Oh, yeah . . .) “don’t pack the gear” to be a gun owner. And I would be happy to allow an IQ test as a requirement for gun ownership – if y’all agree that the right to vote requires the same test.

    This idiot had the RIGHT to carry a gun; he simply lacked the ABILITY to do so rationally.

  32. If you want to comply to the mask wearing and medically can not ear a mask, a face shield could help with the spraying of germs.
    I understand, I get pneumonia almost every year and need respiratory help from a doctor 3 or 4 times a year. I may have had the covid19 virus back in Feb, I was hospitalized and fed IV anti-biotics for a week and then had to go back. Believe me, if it wasn’t covid19, I do not want to ever experience It. What I had almost killed me.

    I just stay at home, but even with family, the risk is great.

  33. Its funny. I read the headline and thought . . . Boston.

    I live in the Boston area and people here are INSANE when it comes to masks. Like they are all stressed out walking around.

    People walk on an empty sidewalk alone with their mask on. People drive alone in their cars with masks on.

    Funny thing is we go to NH and people there are unreasonably LAX with masks. I’d say less than half the people in teh grocery store are wearing a mask. Which is a place where it makse sense to wear one.

  34. I hate to inform everyone…But the Massachusetts Demo-Nut “Social Distancing/ Mask vigilantes” are ALL over…There are open fights at supermarkets, stores and food places” everywhere. Just recently my brother related how he was out with his daughter at a Target store. Both were wearing masks, as per order of our Authoritarian GOP Globalist RINO/ Charlie “The Barker” Baker…(Who takes ORDERS from his Demo- Authoritarian General/ Maury Healey…) My 15 yr niece pulled down her mask to smell a sample of a female product…A husband and wife crew of Demo-nut Mask vigilantes zeroed in on my niece and aggressively pursued her…They stopped her and began yelling at her for pulling down her mask. My bro, a Republican, Told the folks to immediately stop talking to his 15 yr old daughter, mind THEIR own *ucking business, and move on…The mask vigilantes continued to create a fracas…The store mgmt and security was called. They asked all parties to please be respectful of one another and ran away….My bro was upset about the incident and said an assault could have occurred…I recommended my bro carry some pepper spray (anti-jerk sauce) in case another situation occurs….

  35. And again, I’d like to thank some of the FUDD folks here for supporting Massachusetts Draconian Anti-2nd Amendment initiatives…Such as STASI Police State Licensing Ponzi Schemes for ALL firearms…Because of the actions of one MA Demo-Nut…Vs all the the rest of the MA residents who are denied/discouraged/infringed upon from exercising THEIR lawful 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights….Thanks for being Pro2@…lol….Nothing like supporting everyones 2nd Amendment freedoms….Some folks here sound like LibTARDs….

  36. FYI, only two states it is illegal to carry while wearing a mask. Illinois and California.

    I confirmed through USCCA.com, and my local legislation. I am in Florida.


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